First Look: “MTV’s True Life: I Had My Cousin’s Baby”

December 30, 2015  |  


Since its debut in 1998, MTV’s “True Life” has remained an award-winning success by unveiling the unconventional lives of young people across the United States. Still living up to the hype in its 2016 season, “True Lifes” latest episode: “I Had My Cousin’s Baby” will follow two women who decided to pursue romantic relationships and become pregnant by their cousins.

One of the women featured in the episode is Alexis (pictured above). She is six months pregnant with her cousin Andrew’s baby and while she prepares for motherhood, she is also trying to collect bail for him. As she petitions their family members to help with the fee, Alexis feels hopeless because they cannot ignore the nature of her relationship with Andrew.

While Alexis struggles for her family’s help and approval, another woman named Grace has decided to move across the country to Los Angeles with her husband/cousin Dylan and their two children. Since their marriage has severely fractured their other family relations, the two hope their marriage and family will receive acceptance in the West.

But will it?

Below is the sneak peek of the episode. Be sure to tune in on MTV on December 31, 2015, to catch the full episode.

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    Iranians marry their FIRST COUSINS.

  • akatsukihana

    It is only recently, cousin-cousin relationships became taboo. It was very common in decades ago.

  • December86

    I am DONE!

  • ComeLetsTalk

    Of all the coochies and d*cks in the world you have to keep in the family. Yuck.

  • Masterpieced


  • guest

    Unfortunately, my family can relate to this. My sister and I recently came into the knowledge that our cousin is actually our brother. My father and his niece conceived a child together. We had ALWAYS thought there were inappropriate actions going on but were nevertheless stunned and hurt that this was the outcome. Apparently we were the last to know as the entire family already knew for certain and then when we confronted our dad, it all came out. I don’t care if the adults are consenting or NOT… ALL of these people’s actions are 100000000% S.E.L.F.I.S.H. You want to screw each other until the cows come home, that’s on y’alls nasty a$$e$, but DON’T you dare bring kids into the world knowing how devastating that could be to them. All my cousin’s life he would beg and plead for his mom to tell him who his father was and he got several different stories, but all the while his biological dad was already living with him under his roof. (when my parents split up, he moved in with this same niece) Selfish!!!!!!!

  • Free_Is_Me

    Why is this on TV…These reality shows are nothing but the enemy in our communities.

  • Starr Azzure

    I had to pause for a moment to catch my breath after gasping for air because I vomited. Enough said.

  • Mynx


  • This will be recorded lol. I met a 2nd cousin for the first time when we were in our 20s at a family reunion and we did flirt until we found out my grandpa was his grandmas brother needless to say we were like 🙁 and eww and we had a good laugh about it.


      You keeping it all the way 100. I never had a story like that.

      Also, I can’t wait when 2016 comes about.

      • I always do Truth. I could never be attracted any family member i grew up with but i just thought he was someones friend when i saw him and he thought the same. But there are too many people on this earth to date your relatives.


          I know you do. You woke up like this. I understand where you’re coming from. I can marry an African American person, an Afro-Caribbean person, an Afro-French person, or a black African person, but I’m never attracted to any of my family members at all. I agree with you. MTV’s True Life is known for its controversial episodes.

          Finally, the real Winter temperatures are back where I’m from. 🙂

          • Its hella cold out here too. Stay warm!


              It’s rainy now. It’s 55 where I’m from. That a’int nothing. LOL. 🙂

              Stay warm too Sister.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    In some states 3rd cousins and beyond is legal. That’s still gross to me though.

  • Catherine Banks

    If MTV (or whoever is sponsoring this mess) had a casting call for people who married their dogs, i’m sure there would be plenty of applicants. Some people will admit to and/or do anything to get on realityTV.

  • mmmdot

    Look, there’s a reason there’s an ancient taboo about incest and inbreeding: your kids are more likely to inherit recessive genetic defects and die. And it’s fxcking disgusting. There are way too many people in this world. Have some self control and leave your damn relatives alone. I can’t even imagine what their families are going through…yuck.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    so u can legally marry ur cousin? wow who knew… gross!

  • Almond E. Brown

    Girl, whet??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CDJ

    So… I just knew I was going to click on this story and there was going to be a twist like, “Oh, my cousin cant have kids, so I am CARRYING their baby for them”…but no….ofcourse not…

  • L Drag Vang

    now their kids is what you call pure

  • It doesn’t matter..

    Damn Southerners.. lol

  • Lambyboo

    This sickens me. This is what happens when America and the world just allows anything to go. There has to be boundaries and values and morals. I don’t blame the families for not supporing this disgusting inappropriate behavior. I feel sorry for the soon to be confused children. When I saw the headline, I thought it was about a person having a baby for this cousin. This is wrong in every way. Gross. Desperation at its finest.

  • marlene79

    Those two white country bumpkins thought they were gonna start a new life in LA With $1000!!! Hahaha they didn’t even research how much rent would be!!! Their car gave out 6 hours from Cali smh. They had to return to Tennessee 2 weeks later. Wow are people really that slow and/or ignorant? Also they thought no one would know they are cousins and yet they are on a national station declaring it to the world. And to think their two daughters have both of their genes

  • MsNisha929

    Ok… I’m convinced common sense ain’t common. I’m disturbed that they were ABLE to find more than one couple to have a show about!!! This is so damn DISTURBING… I don’t know what to say just NO.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Since you don’t hear about it too much in the BC, I just want to know who their people are who scowered the whole U.S. of A. and found one of the very few black ppl who do stuff like this.

    • Rochelle

      At least the teens will be marrying black and keeping the money in the family if they do this. *Kanye Shrug* Interesting.

    • Guest

      They just had to find the two black ones ’cause we want diversity and all instead of building our own.

      People will do ANYTHING for a little slice fame these days.

  • Guestest1

    “Y’all got the same grandma.” Wow, so one of the couples are very close cousins, like first cousins. That’s crazy! And if i was dating my cousin ( something i’d never do!) i wouldn’t be on a show about it. Why they don’t mind people knowing that they are related is crazy to me. Yuck!

  • Kbunny

    this is a hot mess tinder must not work where they are from

  • It it 5:00 o’clock yet?

    They are going to wonder why their babies are deformed and have Down Syndrome. This isn’t Bible times anymore people! There are plenty of people in the world.

    That’s just so yucky.

    • Rochelle

      Maybe they couldn’t find anyone they clicked with.

      • MsNisha929

        Please tell me you are being sarcastic?

        • Rochelle

          You do know it is really hard to click with others. Especially if you are in a small country town and have no transport. But who knows why these people wanted to be with their cousins. It could be a mirage of reason. Dating is so tragic nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised if this became more common. Take this as a lesson that you should raise your children to value partnerships and marriage, so they don’t have to go through so much headache when it comes to dating. Or they might be forced to stick with their kin in more ways than one.

          • marlene79

            Don’t you mean “myriad” lol

            • Rochelle

              opps my bad.

      • It it 5:00 o’clock yet?

        ………. *side eye*

  • Devin Brown

    So we’re really doing this right now? What’s next pedophilia, beastiality causebit doesn’t seem that far off

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Hey why not? We’ve already made everything else normal

    • Not about that life

      Don’t be surprised if that is next on the liberal agenda. I already hear things about them not being able to help themselves and being “born that way.” The ALCU has already gone to bat for NAMBLA.

  • 72% and steadily rising

    So she is trying to bail her cousin out of jail and he happens to be her baby daddy? Jeez.

    • guest

      As if disgracing her family by dating her cousin wasn’t enough, she had to pick the jailbird cousin! At least go with the one that graduated college and has a good job lol

  • Joi Calloway

    If these ain’t the sickest and most twisted mess I’ve seen. Is there no one not related to them where they are from, who they could have conceived with. Damn!

  • Mr. 215

    I’m telling you all, next is pedophilia, they will try and normalize this next too, take a stand now before it’s too late!

  • Mr. 215

    It begins! When they start giving stuff like this airtime which is ridiculous this country is continuing to devolve into nothing. Soon, they will soon will be saying that you shouldn’t shame this behavior, when it should absolutely be shamed and avoided. Shame on MTV for even giving this blasphemy attention. But then again, when they give mentally ill people awards for courage I guess anything is possible.

  • somebody is doing their best to turn y’all out into beast of the lowest level, now they are targeting your teenagers!

    • Annamuffin

      So true, but this is not uncommon prince William married his 3rd cousin…

      • yep but why are they targeting black teenager with this kinder mess when we are only 12% of the population? they already gave you Scandal, Empire now this why you don’t see this targeting whites, Asians, Indians not even Hispanic with this depravity? and where is our so call best the black fraternities and sororities writing letters push back on this mess?

        • Rochelle

          At least the teens will be marrying black and keeping the money in the family if they do this. *Kanye Shrug*

          • well I sincerely hope so, cause I married two black women and if something happen to my wife I will marry me another black women! peace Rochelle.

      • Rochelle

        Prince William did not marry his cousin. Kate is a commoner (unrelated to the royal family). If you remember they made a big deal out of this when they were married. Queen Elizabeth married and had 5 children with her 1st cousin.

        • Annamuffin

          Actually he did, Kate is a distant cousin look it up…

          • but they don’t do it for the same cheap reason these regular people do it for these regular people do it for lust only, the upper crust, Royalty and aristocratic people do it to maintain WEALTH AND POWER and they do all kinds of test to make sure they are not too closely related, again they don’t do it for lust they do it to maintain power and wealth and that’s precisely why they run the whole world cause they are wise enough to keep the wealth among them!

            • Masterpieced

              That does not make it less SICK.

              • amen you are right about that however these people do things for a reason and not necessary for entertainment, and the question in my mind is, of all things, why are they making a show like this for our young people to see, and I am thinking they want our young people to feel that it’s all right to have s3xual relationship with your relatives to further screw them up, thus screwing up the whole race so they will never be able to compete with and challenge their offspring.

        • but Kate comes from a well to do commoner family, Kate is not no low class average girl who happen to meet and marry a Prince she was far from that, she was vetted very well before he was allowed to marry her, and I said allowed to marry her.

          • Rochelle

            I said commoner, not low class. “Commoner” means non related, not low class. Of course Kate comes from money. So I don’t know why you wrote what you just wrote. Puzzling really.

            • sorry I didn’t know you knew because the British system is much different than our system.

  • Guest


  • yoda

    Jesus take the wheel please. This is out of hand. I’ve seen stories where siblings that never knew each other ended up dating but these idiots know they are related! Especially the ones who share a frigging grandmother! Disgusting. This is some true, lower class bumpkin BS.

    • Nicole

      some lower class country bumpkin West Virginia type BS

  • yoslen

    I wanna guess that her mama is white and she probably didnt grow up around the black side and that grandmama they share, she probably recently met and she aint never met her daddy who is probably also in jail because aint no way my daddy/uncles/aunt going to be semi ok with no parts of this relationship. 1st cousins may as well be siblings.

  • c

    I thought they were like extremely distance cousins like 18 times removed, but they share a grandmother I’m done. WTF

    • Guestest1

      Me too! wow!

  • Lissa329

    My head hurts.

  • cryssi

    Ummmmm…..stop telling people that you two are cousins, like really stop it.

    It’s too late to undo it, but what couple goes around saying this.

    • K_

      yes!!! really!! talking about you going to LA hoping people will accept you why are you even telling people yall are cousins

      • lucygoosey

        lol, LA dont like this stuff either, i dont care how “hippy-dippy, tree-hugging,lala land, and west hollywoodish we are -this is not cool. they need to stop telling folks and get some birth control.

  • Ram2015

    I feel sorry for the families and the children that will come from this relationships. Everything is public knowledge these days. From serious family issues, what you wore to the gym, and even the last time you went to the bathroom are constantly posted on social media and turned into “reality shows”. The young lady in the article though has a lot of issues from being impregnated by her cousin and the fact that he is in jail or prison already. She has a lot to consider before brining this child into the world.

    • with sprinkles

      Can you imagine how much these children will be taunted and ridiculed by others? Also, I keep seeing people comment “this is common” but asking myself how common is it really if MTV is exploiting their stories on tv for ratings.

  • Th3luvbo@t

    Gross. I ain’t got no words for this foolishness

    • Lambyboo

      Makes my skin crawl.

  • Eagle09

    Yikes!!!!!!..end of

    • Duante Amorculo

      MTV followed The Challenge: Bloodlines with True Life: Bloodlines

    • Keith Pullman

      End of days? Really? Is that a religious thing? If so, have you read Genesis? How do you think Adam and Eve’s sons and daughters populated the planet? Or Noah’s family? Abraham was married to his half sister.

      • Eagle09

        Lol…clearly you have 2 much time on ur hands…im entitled to my opinion…The end…

        • Tormenta

          No you are entitled to opinion that does not make a difference

          • Eagle09

            Wow..never thought I’d run into inbreds on here…ROTFL…i can’t even take this disagreement seriously AT ALL..Thats kool hunny..your right..its perfectly normal to lay with your cousin……now skip along and go blow bubbles ……Lmbo…lol…

        • Keith Pullman

          I make time to support marriage equality for all adults.

  • Guest

    “Below is the sneak peek of the episode. Be sure to tune in on MTV on December 31, 2015, to catch the full episode.”–Why? This is frowned upon for a very good reason–genetics!

    No one needs to see this “groundbreaking” episode of kissing cousins–something that’s been going on since the beginning of time.

    This is exploitation at its finest. Pure and simple.

    • “This is exploitation at its finest. Pure and simple” and programing and brainwashing and sadly it’s going to work and what is strange to me is not a word in opposition to this from our talented tenth the black educated elites, fraternity brother and sororities sister!

      • Guest

        There’s no opposition because incest is already legal in several states. Marriage between cousins is not uncommon in certain neck of the woods.

        • ok you can say this legal or not I will tell you what let them promote this behavior to the “J” ish teenager and see what happens!

          • Guest

            Jewish people do this too. There is a reason why it was made legal–especially in the conservative states. Do some research. This is not new.

            • I didn’t say they didn’t do it [my god], I am saying nobody will ever have the balls to publicize it on them.

              • Guest

                We know they do it, but they’re orthodox so of course they wouldn’t be the demographic that would watch a show like this. So publicizing it on them wouldn’t make sense.

      • Tormenta

        Its within their freewill, you are not to judge if people are persistent on it. God gave us freewill, all you can do is stay away if you think it hurts them and you. Should never jeopardise your humanity with other people

        • true but as a parent and grandparent I must voice my opinion, sound the alarm etc. as one of my sons told me one time when he realized I was intentionally being silent on a issue like some parent do I said I was going to let them make a mistake and learn from it but when he realize what I had done he said to me “dad if you know something it’s your job to say something and it’s up to us the take it or leave it alone but you need to say something because that’s your job”.

        • NICOLE LEWIS

          How can you tell someone they can’t judge and you’re doing the same thing to the poster?


        Where does it stop? Next you’ll be hearing people think it’s okay to go with non homosapiens just because they pay taxes.

        • funny but true, a women in New England with a chimpanzee went to court and ask the judge to grant here Chimpanzee legal right and the reason the judge denied her request is because the judge said the Chimpanzee did not have the capacity to understand legal procedurals LOL true, I think it was last year.

    • hollyw

      LMBO i said the same thing, especially after I heard they’re accents. Was like, “Really..? Did they BOTH have to be from the South smdh!”

  • Mila

    This is just gross and weird. I’m starting to see this become more common than it should be and I’m actually really confused as to WHY smh

    • Nicole

      “….I told ya’ll straight up, ya’ll got the same grandma…” Lol, what?

      • d

        Kevin Gates and his wife

      • Almond E. Brown

        I just HOLLERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmaoooooooo

      • K. LaNiece


      • Guest

        I pray that someone snatches up the young biracial girl, cause it look like the other black cousin is scheming on her now. Next thing you know she’ll have a whole bunch of oow kids by her trifling cousins. Someone in her white or black family needs to open her eyes and QUICK.

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      More common? This was the norm in the past and is still very much prevalent in the Muslim community

      • Rochelle

        People are really closed minded and need to read a book. Marrying your first cousin is legal in like 75% of US states.It is nothing new.Not all the children come out retared or with deformities. Now would I do it. Hell no, but it is nothing new. The queen of England is married to her 1st cousin. They called Princess Kate a “commoner” because she was not related or a cousin to William or the royal family. Nothing new and I can understand it to a certain degree. If you marry within the family you are almost guaranteed to share the same core values. Plus you will already know the other’s family. LOL. As for the couples, it’s simple.No one will know you are cousins unless you tell them. Problemed solved.

        • xxdiscoxxheaven

          Same lol I don’t have cousins but I know I’D NEVER. The kids do have a higher propensity for genetic disease. I understand why the royal families and wealthy were known for it. Have to keep the bloodline ‘pure” and the money in the family

          • mmmdot

            Yea, “pure bred” inbreeding and incest, lol. Smh.

            • xxdiscoxxheaven

              It’s true. There was an old European family, the Hasburgs, who routinely practiced inbreeding and many of the kids came out retarded, deaf, deformed, and very ill. It’s not uncommon in any respect. Still gross though in today’s time

              • mmmdot

                Exactly. Makes me retch. There are more than enough people in this world to mate with. Leave your family members alone.

                • that’s right, you are spot on point which makes me wonder about a person mind set who would try to condone marrying your close family SMH.

              • you are exactly right regardless of what mans law say or don’t say it’s not a wise idea to marry your first, second or third cousin for the very reason you mention and because natural law supersede mans law.

                • Wuhu14

                  Genetically, having a baby with a second cousin is just like having a baby with a some person you meet on the street. I can’t find any information on how these cousins are actually related.

                  • akatsukihana

                    Exactly, the shared DNA between second cousins is like 1-6%

              • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

                even the rothschilds and the hiltons too

        • Annamuffin

          So true…

          • no but I think she is mistaken either way marrying a close relative is not a good idea whether it’s legal or not and I don’t think the Queen married her first cousin.

        • CDJ

          For me, its the issue that you were raised together, know each other as family, and somehow mentally and emotionally you were able to change that into a romantic love. I just think that says something about the people. How does that happen? I think that speaks to your core values and beliefs, and boundaries…which would have to be dysfunctional. If you didn’t know the person was your cousin, cause you two didn’t know each other…ok. A fourth, fifth or 6th cousin, I may give you a pass….but otherwise…you got problems…

          • guest

            I have cousins that are “related” through marriage that have dated and it still creeps me out. I don’t see how blood cousins could do this.

          • K. LaNiece

            I was raised by my sisters dad and I wouldn’t date anyone in the family because were raised together. No blood relation, but I wouldn’t even consider dating or marrying one of them.

          • “I just think that says something about the people. How does that happen? I think that speaks to your core values and beliefs, and boundaries…which would have to be dysfunctional.” YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT and person like that has descended to the level of a beast!

        • mmmdot

          Yea, and that’s how some of the white European royal families ended up experiencing an increasing amount of fatal birth defects, physical deformities, mental retardation, personality disorders, hemophilia, impotence, and sterility…it’s all the good stuff that comes from numerous generations of inbreeding and incest.


            Hello Sister.

            That is another piece of evidence on why white supremacists are never superior to anyone on this Earth.

          • you are right again and I question anyone values, principles and core belief who would try to make this behavior or the practice of marrying a close relative right or normal.

          • yelpforhelp

            That was thought to purify the line.

            • mmmdot

              Lol. Yep, pure (in)breeding. Blergh.

        • cryssi

          You just melted my brain like butter…..I’m lost now

        • “Marrying your first cousin is legal in like 75% of US states” Rochelle I don’t think that’s right, I think it’s more like your third cousin because marrying your first cousin is a too close of a relative it’s a good chance you will have health and mental problems with your offsprings, either way just because it’s no laws on the books against it don’t mean it’s a good idea to do it because it’s not. sometime you must use good judgement and common sense regardless of what mans law allow because natural law will always supersede mans law and what you are referring to is mans law, come on now. “No one will know you are cousins unless you tell them.” come on now are we beast what about the potential problems with your offsprings? Man!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Rochelle

            Burning, I see reading comprehension is not your strong suite. As I said in my post, I wouldnt do it. I dont agree with it, but it is nothing new. Im just surprised that people dont know how common this is. And please please, you say you are 50 plus but keep writing “I think” you dont have to think. With the internet you can know for sure.
            I posted the link but it got deleted. Marriage to your 1st cousin is legal in 50% of states. Put it in google. You are welcome. That said I’m not sure you should be one talking about values and morals. You were just arguing in another forum that a man should not be shamed for not washing between his cheeks and having doodoo stripes in his draws. You also said a little domestic violence should not break up a relationship. That a woman or man should forgive a partner for hitting them becuase to you “a lot of relationships wouldn’t work if we didnt forgive a little domestic violence.” Yeah I remember. You should be one to talk.

        • Miss

          Actually the term ‘commoner’ is a derogatory word used to describe working class people. They called her that because her family are middle class and not part of the aristocracy.

          • Rochelle

            Kate is from a very wealthy family. They called her that because she is not related. Please get your facts right. You are wrong.

        • Just Me!

          Retardation and deformity are not the only medical risks involved. As another commenter stated, they (obviously) have higher probability of genetic disease and disorder, but also their immune system is oft f*cked. In Nature, the notion that “opposites attract” is actually not from sociological perspective (where it is actually similarities & shared interests that attract), but from a physiological one.

        • AnaRoW

          It’s less than 50% of states that allow first cousin marriages. Prince Phillip is Elizabeth’s third cousin.

          That’s what I can’t figure out, why that one chick wants people in LA to accept her and her husband as married cousins. Why do they need to know?

      • Ohemaa

        *Asian community, people often confuse the two.

      • akatsukihana

        I don’t see the what the big fuss is, cousin-cousin relationships were and in some societies still the norm. You are not siblings, at the most you share 12.5% of genes for first cousins, and that percent becomes halved for every degree of cousinship. We need to read more and be more cognisant of the world and history.

    • Keith Pullman

      Gross and weird? I wonder what people would say about your love life. If you have one.