Tariq Nasheed Reveals His “Hidden Colors” In His Support Of R. Kelly

December 23, 2015  |  


Why have a boring ol’ traditional White (man’s) Christmas when you can have a “Ho Ho Hotep” Christmas?

What I mean is, Tariq Nasheed, a.k.a., Mr. Cheesy Mack turned adjunct professor of ancient Black history, arts and antiquities at the University of YouTube, recently accused anyone who thought R. Kelly handled himself badly during his recent interview with Huffington Post‘s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani (and in life in general) with conspiring with White supremacy.

More specifically, the producer of the popular Hidden Colors documentary series tweeted:

I saw that #RKelly interview and the host #CarolineModarressyTehrani was extremely rude, disrespectful and unprofessional

Has the WS sent their “Negro Shaming Committee” from Ebony.com to attack any Black people who disagree with #CaroMT #Rkelly ?

If you see any ppl on #BlackTwitter co-signing that disrespectful host #CaroMT who interviewed #RKelly, they are connected to #EbonyMag

I have no idea how Ebony is connected to White supremacy or what the Negro Shaming Committee is (But for those who do: Are they accepting applications?). But the series of tweets might be an indirect shot at Morehouse professor and CNN commentator Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, who hours before Nasheed’s declaration tweeted, “R. Kelly was rude, condescending, sexist, and flat out disgusting in his @HuffPostLive interview with @CaroMT.”

Naturally, Hill’s statement sparked all sorts of debate on social media. In particular, around the idea that those in the Black community who won’t defend R. Kelly are selective in their outrage and don’t carry the same disdain for celebrated White alleged sex offenders like Woody Allen, Roman Polanski or Jared the Subway guy.

I won’t go too deep down the rabbit’s butthole other than to say that Jared Fogle is in jail and the allegations against Allen, among other White sex offenders, have been called out for years in mainstream (a.k.a., the White man’s) media outlets. And I never understood how the existence of White-on-White violence somehow negates R. Kelly’s own acts of violence against other Black people?

I mean, why would any so-called conscious person champion that as the standard? Personally, I feel that those who think that sexual violence against women is okay because some White men “get away with it” would be more akin to White supremacy’s values and tenants than those who want to end sexual violence in general.

But what I find most interesting about Nasheed’s declaration, in particular, is that it comes from a man who considered White women to be “upscale” and the epitome of all things progressive and wonderful in society while Black women taste like oppression.

More specifically, he once said this on his Internet radio show about his preferences:

No matter what people say about me, you will always see me with a dime. An upscale Black b—h – if I f–k with one. I try to f–k with upscale b—hes of any race I deal with. White b—h, Asian b—h, whatever, she’s going to be upscale. I’m not messing with anybody’s hoodrat because number one: I live in the suburbs. Her little raggedy car is not going to make it to the suburbs. Her transmission will fall out by the time she makes it to the freeway. I’m not coming down to the ‘hood to f–k with her. Sh-t, ’cause in most cases she either lives with her mom or if she got her own spot, she ain’t got no got-damn furniture. What dude wants to leave the suburbs – what dude wants to leave his five-bedroom house – to go make love on a got-damn [wood] palette?

So just to recap, Nasheed:

  • Calls Black women (and other races of women) b—hes
  • Doesn’t live around “hoodrats”
  • Makes disparaging remarks about Blacks who belong to a lower economic status (and who are most vulnerable to White supremacy by the way) than his own
  • And does not practice Black empowerment (refuses to date a Black woman of a lower economic status, if he messes with one at all)

Yeah, nothing sounds anti-Black, White supremacist about that at all…

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  • Kermit Vick

    I talked about the “Wrong” people. I would be surprised if you let it actually post!

  • Me and Me and Me

    I listen to a lot of podcasts, and catch this guy sometimes. If nothing else, his podcast is usually good for a few laughs, and at times, he handles himself well. (He had this debate with Jessie Lee Peterson a while ago, that he handled very well.) In the beginning I tried to take it seriously, but there is so much over-use of the N-word, (for no good reason), focus on “macking” (really?), and too many clowns calling to get suggestions on tightening up their “game” (Is this what grown Black men are supposed to be about nowadays?), that it’s hard to take him and his show and lectures seriously as something that is supposed to be promoting the Black consciousness. In addition, there is far too much worship of bum, whack rappers. I keep hoping that one day I’ll have a listen, and discover that the brother has had an eye-opening moment and that he’s going to use his platform in a more positive manner. However, his primary fan base has far too many of the wrong predatory type of brothers, that any change would instantly cause him his following.

  • Ivan Anderson

    I don’t normally read things on this website, due to previous OPINION pieces which were completely NON-FACTUAL. I decided to check this out, based off what Tariq said about it (otherwise I wouldn’t have known)… And yes, he’s right. This is another BS piece attacking individuals for personal gain (biases). And again, this website is horrible gossip news, strictly for the people who feed off other people’s life’s.

  • okay

    Interesting how guys like this claim to hate white people, but select the lightest skinned, close to white black women they can find. Secretly believing that the white in her makes her better. She wouldn’t exist if not for a white man somewhere in her lineage, so you should go ahead and thank that white man instead of hating him.

  • Bill Cosby Junior junior

    We still talking about R-Kelly and the lil 16-17year old giirls he smashed on film? Back in 99? Did yall know one of the teenage girls admitted to initiating a threesome with r kelly and the famous girl on cam before the tape came out?…These weren’t no typical teenagers! They knew exactly what they fast tails wanted!
    I watched the tape… For one she was shaped like a grown woman all the way, was playing with herself, made him eat her groceries and cookies, and sucked him off and let him pee on her! She forfeited being a teenager off that alone.. She been fast!

  • The Juggernaut!!

    When is the “15 Ways a Black Woman can Attract a White Man Without the Attitude” article is coming out?
    I am a Black Man and those pieces are always an enjoyable read to me..
    Keep me posted..

  • Step Daddy

    This bedwench site is funded by White Supremacy, Black Women are the TRUE sellouts

  • Step Daddy

    All this website do is glorify “swirling” & hating on Black Men

  • Step Daddy

    This whole article is a FLAT OUT LIE, this site caters to bedwenches

  • True

    Isn’t this Dr. Umar “Jim Jones” Johnson’s BFF? Who could even take Hidden Colors seriously with them in it? One fcuking strippers in motels on the outskirts of Philly, and an ex-pimp that refers to women as b*tches and h*es. Yes…. please open that school for little black boys and little black girls. You are exactly what we need more of. NOT!

    • Rain Man

      This is the definition of Ad Hominem.

      • True

        No, you just fail to see the correlation. And you obviously don’t see an issue with how Tariq, Umar and R. Kelly’s behaviors adversely affect the black community. But sure… spend your time dropping fallacies 😉

        • Rain Man

          All I see is that you like to make assumptions with little to no actual knowledge of the person or people to whom you are referring. Maybe what I’m witnessing here is projection. The black community definitely doesn’t need more of your drivel.

          -PS. Did anyone else notice I’ve not yet given my opinion on any of those involved in this topic, yet “True” ostensibly has divined my views on the situation?

          • True

            Can you point out any assumptions I’ve made? Looks like #facts to me. Maybe your time would be better spent giving your own opinion (lord, please don’t let it be basic and scripted like I think it’s gonna be). And no need to put my name in air quotes LOL

            • Rain Man

              Your entire response to me pointing out your initial comment was Ad Hominem is an assumption. You assumed that I fail to see some sort of perceived correlation (between what?). You then say that I don’t see an issue with those three men and their behavior. I have to ask, based on what?

              Then in your response to my response you ask what assumptions you’ve made, then proceed, as if this were some sort of parody, to make an assumption about how I’m going to craft my opinion about this whole situation. It’s really quite sad. You’ve put not an ounce of thought into any of this.

              You’ve made a lot of claims in your comments, but you’ve crafted no argument. Only Ad hominem attacks. I’d like you to explain how the alleged actions of Dr. Umar and Tariq invalidate any of the information in the Hidden Colors series.

              Also, how does Tariq’s opinion that the Journalist was unprofessional amount to a defense of R. Kelly’s actions in the past?

              • plonker

                Rain Man, you need to stop responding to ‘True’. When you engage someone who’s running on emotions, with logical argument, it will turn circular. Just leave it. Guys like you, Rain Man, make me proud.

  • I don’t think T. Nasheed was supporting R. Kelly as much as he was challenging the hypocrisy of some black women who pander to White feminists. Most of these same women couldn’t of cared less about R. Kelly a week ago.

    Now, because he walked out of an interview with some disrespectful reporter the world is supposed to stop? It reminds me of the whole street harassment campaign: Feminists using guilt shaming to advance their movement.

    And unfortunately these campaigns are usually at the expense of black men. Yet some black women refuse to see the cycle and criticize any black person who doesn’t play into it. I don’t agree with everything Tariq says but I wouldn’t say he was way off on this one.

  • 4ArthurDent

    Your bullshit article is the joke.

  • Sharrlize

    “it comes from a man who considered White women to be “upscale” and the
    epitome of all things progressive and wonderful in society.” And this from a website that publishes articles with titles like, “Ten ways to get a white man” or “Here is our list of fine white men.” LOL!


    Uh… R. Kelly was acquitted in that sexual abuse case. When was the last time you saw Sean Penn questioned about his abuse of women during an interview, or Bill Clinton questioned about all those women who accused him of sexual harassment and even rape, or Jack Nicholson asked about all the women he abused? Bet you can’t remember. In fact whites like Jack Nicholson are so protected by the media you probably didn’t even know about his long record of female abuse. But R. Kelly (Mike Tyson, Chris Brown, etc.) is just supposed to sit and take it when he knows damn well the interviewer would not have brought up an old case in which he was tried and ACQUITTED if he was white. It’s just like NOW—the National Organization for (White) Women—making all kinds of noise when a black football player slugs a woman but goes into “no snitch” silent mode (until they were called out on it) in the case of a white cop who rapes black women. If that women was interviewing Sean Penn she would have simply drooled throughout the entire interview and threw him a bunch of softball questions. It’s a double standard and if I was R.Kelly I would have walked out of that interview too. In addition the author of this article either has a hearing problem or she just can’t read. She calls Tariq Nasheed “a man who considered White women to be ‘upscale’ and the epitome of all things progressive and wonderful” then she quotes a statement in which he says nothing of the sort. Proving once again that whenever a black man speaks his mind about women, many black women lose their minds.

    • morpheousx

      Very well said! The notice the cricket sounds? These Negro bed wenches are double agents for the white man, that is why they never attack white men and white people for anything they do! Only the black man and black people! Sell out black women is the reason why the black community is and will always be in its state of affairs.

  • Sian Rose

    conscience is a MF

  • The Ultimate Warrior

    I’ve listened to both sides of the argument in regards to Tariq and Charing and they both have valid points.. As a man I believe you shouldn’t just follow behind one person.. But take different things from different people and then you can form your own opinion on certain matters.. I listen to Tariq from time to time and he has some valid points on our community.. But there are also somethings I don’t necessarily agree with..

    Like when he’s basically calling out the white owned media for not holding white pedophiles accountable like they do R Kelly?? I mean seriously Tariq when has the white owned media ever been fair to black folks??? I know this is going to sound harsh but I don’t care about white pedophiles because white sexual predators are more than likely abusing white people??? I care about our children and R Kelly was/is sexually abusing our children, that’s a fact… So to chastise the white media about a show R-Kelly himself went on knowing full damm well he could be asked about his past isn’t to bright in my opinion..

  • i bet this article was written by a white women…i hope you guys notice on carolines twitter all white reporters are just celebrating and thanking her..im convince that interview was a set up. they would never ask bil clinton about his past or any other white celeb/politician…

    • morpheousx

      Yep! why do you think a white woman interviewed him and not Lamont hill?

  • LadyE

    If you are calling Tariq a clown, you have not seen Hidden Colors. Why does his opinion warrant this type of slander before a new Hidden Colors comes out?

  • MikeOfAllTrades

    Is that the best you can come up with? What a piece of trash article! There’s nothing out there Tariq said that proves he supports R Kelly. You people are so desperate and so pathetic that you’ll reach for anything to slander someone’s reputation. I hope he sues the crap out of yall.

  • brotherhassan

    This article is a perfect example of “yellow journalism” in BLACKFACE. Who are these Negro minions? More to the point: Who owns Madame Noire? They ain’t black I’m sure of that….so this “blackface” blog full of petty Negro Bed Wenches caping for white supremacy is attacking Tariq with things that they OBVIOUSLY never had their legal department review before publishing?(hint: you can be sued for the dishonest parts of this article,) This is why no one takes this site( which I only came over to check this article after Tariq mentioned it on his broadcast)seriously. This is trash.

    • PeoplePlease7

      Black ownership these days is no longer a good litmus test for authenticity as some of “us” are active players in the media agenda which spreads self doubt, hate, gossip and suspicion between Black men and Black women. There are some well balanced writers on here, however, there are also some extremists who intentionally take words out of context and misquote in order to vilify others and prove a point. Fortunately, many here know to read past the headline, click the links and verify the authenticity just as any reader should.

    • morpheousx

      Yep, me too!

      After watching Tariq’s YouTube video, where he mentioned these negro bed wenches, i came over to read the article and its typical bashing by sell out black woman, that are double agents for the white man and slaves to their white masters in and out of the bed room.

  • LadyE

    Anyone that listen Tariq knows he is a comedian! Welcome Tariq Fans! Let’s go H.A.M. on these NBW’s!

    • He did a radio show explaining his views I should have known not to trust this author. Tariq explained that he simply thinks white pedophiles should be put on blast too. Now me personally I get what he is saying but I have nothing at all for R Kelly and any other sick mf.

    • morpheousx

      Yeah, like if there is something wrong with a conscious black person, having a sense of humor! They call him a clown, just because he isn’t running round, speaking in a morbid tone and coming off angry all the time!

      There is nothing wrong with laughing at yourself and your race of people, every now and again.

      There is also nothing wrong with, “laughing” at white supremacy and white supremacists every now and again, too!

      I know in the grand scheme of things, its not a laughing matter but its good for the soul and your metal health to laugh at it and not take it seriously all of the damn time like these “so called” black female feminists

  • Ryan White

    More rhetoric, insults and out of context quotes from Charing Ball? Reminds me of the ridiculous article she wrote when she attacke Dr. Umar Johnson.

  • heyheyno

    I don’t even know this guy.

  • This article is reaching he never said he “supports” R Kelly. You all are searching for anything against this guy. It’s tired. Just say you disagree. I can’t help thinking any effort he may be making to impact black people in a positive way makes him a target in your mind. I don’t agree with everything he says either but I definitely don’t slander him as if he isn’t making an effort to expose a lot of people to scholars and thought that doesn’t get a larger platform.

  • Tyneshia

    Ebony Magazine is trash.. js

  • Ralph Scriptic Long

    WOW…… I was just a little upset that he ‘neglected’ to mention the so-called jews at ANY point throughout his trilogy of Hidden Colors….now this?!

    • Fresh87

      What color are jews?

  • Tariq makes some great points and some black twitter feminists make some great points.
    But for the most part, both “sides” with large platforms tend to err towards egotistical ranting which is why you see petty flying both ways.
    This article, is somewhat disingenuous because Tariq never said he supported R. Kelly…the tweet stated that anyone supporting the JOURNALIST’S tactics is affiliated with white supremacy…p.s. Ebony mag is owned by white folks.

    Not saying I support that tweet, but you should read it for what it says, not what you want it to say.

    Things get lost in translation and then you get articles like these further perpetuating this divide thats distracting us from what needs to get done.

    • hollyw

      Demanding that black men stand behind black women instead of pedophiles, and stop referring to them as “b_tches” is not “egotistical ranting.”. It’s disingenuous for any black men who stands against oppression to ignore black women’s struggles in society, so what needs to be done is clearly, some black men to enlighten themselves. In a way, this entire discussion is just absurd lol. This shite is obvious and long been a problem, yet you think black women are seriously going to continue sitting back and ignoring it without calling people out, lest they get labeled as “Black feminists”.

      • Egotistical ranting on both “sides”. (maybe reread my words? idk).
        Never said I agreed with or am defending what Tariq is alleged to have said in the past, because I don’t know his work like that. I’m speaking within the context of the R.Kelly interview and Tariq’s tweets about the journalist interviewing him and her tactics.

        And i’m speaking about black twitter feminists with large platforms that write for ebony mag. They bring up a lot of important issues that affect us as black women but a lot of times their tactics reek of egotism vanity and counterproductive bullying. I know a lot of unknown black women who are actually doing work within their communities to empower black women economically, and I don’t see them devolving to this type of behavior even when bringing up our abuse and asking our men to support us.

        A lot of the problem here is that people see/read what they want to read/see in order to vilify (probably a symptom of misplaced anger and lifetimes of oppression, so I understand)…and blow things out of context to support the madness and continue divisiveness. Perhaps we should do more within our communities so we don’t get distracted by simplemindedness and intellectual laziness as exemplified by this article.

        • hollyw


          Or, perhaps we can just hold our community accountable and stop excusing the misogyny within for once. Then, we won’t have to label every woman who demands respect or refuses to support misogynistic or pedophilic members of our community as “feminists vilifying”, but brave beings who are doing what is long been called for. It is possible to do that AND be a pillar of your community, you realize..? I clearly disagree with your perspective, as I can’t see how any black woman can NOT be rightfully incensed or tired of this rhetoric, or the constant focus on *how* we should approach talk of our own oppression by our own brothers; however, much success, sistah.

          • I’m not labeling ‘feminists vilifying’ I’m speaking about self-proclaimed black twitter feminists…who call themselves black feminists who write for Ebony mag…the folks Tariq is talking about as minions for WS.

            Again, you’re taking my words out of context.

            And please point to me where I alluded to “excusing” Tariq’s misogyny within the context of his points on the R.Kelly interview (the only subject I’ve been talking about).

            Perhaps I’m not incessed by his rhetoric because I don’t pay attention to him. There’s plenty misogynists to deal with and confront IRL for me to tune into his radio shows and constantly comment. That’s me though, do you.

            I chose to comment here becaue I’m tired of black online publications promoting intellectual dishonesty and yellow journalism.


            Happy Kwanzaa!

            • Will Smalls

              Teach me like a child. The interview I saw said R kelly came to speak about his album. That he agreed to take question from twitter. Some people on twitter asked about his sexual allegations he filmed available for anyone to see and part of his history as a public figure. What does white supermacy of ebony mag have to do with it. Even if questions came from white supermicist. the question are not rude they are easily awnsered “I have never been convicted of a sex crime” moving on. or Yes I like to pee on children, I did got away with it. and come for me in the streets if you don;t like it. Why cant we get away from ideology and just call things in plain english why cant this millionaire answer questions of his fans who are confused..I like his music. I don’t like his child-porn. Why not get a fund together to find the man in that video why did he not deny relation with that child and others? If Im paying for album I want to know.

              • Tariq said anyone cosigning with the journalist’s tactics is affiliated with Ebony mag and therefore white supremacy (ebony is owned by white people Tariq seems to argue often that they writers they hire especially the self proclaimed black feminists are ‘agents’/negro minions used to keep us down by distracting us and don’t do any real work to uplift black women).

                I agree with you, I don’t understand why R. Kelly can’t just answer the questions directly and I can see why the journalist would get frustrated with his deflection (seems like he has a guilty conscience to me). Also, the man must be delusional to think he wouldn’t get pressed on his past pedophilia and sexual deviance. It tells me that he’s been supported/excused for too much actively but more so passively by folks turning a blind-eye. I think it’s pretty obvious R. Kelly is a dangerous slimeball and has gotten away with disgusting crimes, his deflection definitely doesn’t DISPROVE it and anyone claiming the fact that he was never convicted as “proof” of his innocence is clearly unaware or being BLATANTLY ignorant about how our justice system works (only works if you have power $$$ and influence).

                People say you have to separate the art from the artist but I disagree. I guess my question to you is, if he straight up admitted his behavior would you still buy his album? Sure he’s talented but I personally can’t support his music knowing that his mindset is behind the artistry.

                I just wish this article focused more on R. Kelly instead of tearing down Tariq Nasheed. R. Kelly is the criminal here not Nasheed…that’s why to me this article reeks of dishonesty and yellow journalism as if the writer has a beef…I mean this article could’ve been used to dissect R. Kelly’s behavior and could’ve been much more productive but instead here we are discussing Tariq and his writing style. It’s a missed opportunity.

            • hollyw

              You keep confusing my disagreeing with you with me misunderstanding you. I understand you perfectly; just disagree. I paraphrased your comment b/c I see your dislike of big-name black women/women’s orgs/publications and individual black women as one in the same. I honestly don’t get why you even keep trying to separate the two. It’s like the Black male argument that the cause of contention b/w black men and women isn’t their problematic relations, but outside sources “stirring the pot”. It’s absurd, undermines black women’s intelligence, and only serves to redirect the convo, so if that as not your intent, then I apologize, but I don’t know for whatever reason you’d site magazines when there are ample independent-minded black women in this very forum who have spoken for themselves, myself included.

              I don’t care/know about this guy, either; the overall convo was on a larger issue in the community, and that is what I was addressing. I don’t care if this article had come from Whitey Daily; I personally saw no yellow journalism, and either way, it’s an ongoing struggle w/in the Black community that will keep coming up until it’s resolved and so when it is revealed from one of our members, THAT is my chief concern. However, we can agree to disagree on what the priorities should be, sistah. Happy Holidays

  • Alex

    Any advice for white women with black guy friends who occasionally try to argue along this line of hotep nonsense? Should I call them out on it or leave that to their black female friends and relatives?

    • hollyw

      Lmbo @ “#1 Becky”!!

  • H Town Psych

    The author made several claims and then used quotes that did not support those claims. Those tweets look like criticism toward the interviewer–not support of Kelly’s deeds. The author really lost me on the part about white women being upscale. That segment didn’t say that at all.

  • Hershell Tidwell

    I’m definitely a fan of the “Hidden Colors”, but I don’t ever 100% with anyone on every topic. R. Kelly is s a despicable, predatory human being. I’m not here to defend or disparage Tariq. I will say that I found Dr. Claud Anderson, Jason Black, Professor Black Truth, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Umar Johnson (his knowledge on special ed) because I work with young been in the community, Dr. Frances Cress Welding and many others.

    I’m educated and worldly enough to know when I hear something of value and overlook any ridiculous information. I don’t take everything he days then regurgitate it whenever I head something I disagree with.

    Let’s be honest, there is a lot of ego in the so-called conscious community. Personally I believe in the words of Dr. Claud Anderson of economic empowerment and having a code of conduct (which I’m sure is subjective to many). We love to argue over and over about many things that isn’t going to help the community as a whole.

    Anyway, this is getting too long. Maybe I’ll vine back later. Plus, I’m on my phone and the typos will be present.

    • this is EXACTLY what im saying no one looks good
      our people are still dying
      why are we distracting ourselves?

  • GlobalPlacement

    Poorly written article.

    Just a few things that stood out to me:

    -Author claimed that this Tariq Nasheed said ‘R.Kelly defenders support white supremacy’ then went on to give examples of tweets made by said Tariq without white supremacy even being mentioned.

    -The comment that quoted Tariq saying he only dated upscale women mention that he only date upscale women, no matter what race she will have to be upscale. I can’t find a part in that quote were Tariq Nasheed stated that white women are upscale.

    -Black empowerment is not dating Black women in the ghetto.

    • H Town Psych

      Yeah. The author made several claims and then used quotes that did not support those claims. Those tweets look like criticism toward the interviewer–not support of Kelly’s deeds. The author really lost me on the part about white women being upscale. That segment didn’t say that at all.

    • hollyw

      So basically, you don’t know how to paraphrase..? And you conveniently left out all derogatory, misogynistic language lol. Boy, bye.

      • GlobalPlacement

        You’re complaining about misogynistic words yet you call me a boy when odds are I’m not a minor?

        • hollyw


          It’s literally just a common phrase used, that had nothing to do with anything except gender and dismissing things, like say misogyny and stupidity, e.g. “Bye, Felicia/Philippe”. Poor attempt at redirection. Good day and happy holidays.

  • gregoryabutler

    Fun fact – Tariq “King Flex” Nasheed used to be homeless

    Odd that he’s judging other people based on their socioeconomic status now

  • Sa Man

    I find it funny reading these comments and this article, why do you slander each other instead of having an open forum instead of going back and forth. Where are the sources of this man calling or holding white women to a higher standard over black women? I understand that some people have there disagreements with this guy but there is important information outside of the “controversial statements” just like this magazine. Saying that people shouldn’t listen to this guy can be viewed as being disingenuous. For example, all professor in life aren’t always going to be right in exact, but you definitely have to be a smart enough person to distinguish what Is truth and what is false. I value everyone’s opinion enough to try to get where you people are coming from, so yea leave your perspectives.

  • Christina K

    I think Tariq has something of value to offer to his people but he’s at times abrasive and closed off to real discussion and action. Hidden Colors was a great watch: informative even but his talk show is often hard to swallow. He heavily attacks black women (black men as well) that disagree with him. There’s no compromise. And to top it off, he has a wife and kids five entire shades lighter than him but goes on about self-hate and appreciating our melanin. Try having kids that actually look like YOU, bruh. 🙂 /shade

    • Have you seen his daughter? She is darker than him.

      • hollyw

        Good fugging grief, this is what brainwashing looks like. So his wife and other kids are hella light, so you tote the ONE child he had out of wedlock when he was broke and had nothing lol. He constantly refers to women as non-humans, so you tote the rare talks where he can at least say “females” instead of b_tches. Get over it, not everyone’s a fan. Take your faux black saviour with you.

        • But he still claims her though and is in her life. Don’t be jealous because you were wrong and no man is ever my savior so take your simple a$$ on.

          • hollyw

            ..?? Wrong about what lol? My point is YOU are wrong and brainwashed, but by all means, continue to revert to ad hominem attacks b/c you cannot construct a valid argument, lol good day.

            • Will Smalls

              Logic is not a common sense . You can give someone all the A+B=C progression of logic in this so called conversation, but someone is going to bring up well negative numbers also exist. And fractions. and thats just assumptions based on “facts out of context”. Nobody gets through a fan once their invested in someones else ideaology. ITs why social media relies on sound bites actual “tweets” instead of long essay or collection of data. Its all short catchy phrases easily consumed repeated and spit back out like slogan on license plate #ImWoke.#Thots.#BasicB$%






              its the diatribe of trolls and #StickyKeysGangstas who quick to get in their fellings and let us know how small they are

    • realblue10


    • Stop Lying

      So producing the best selling black history of all time is not “real action”? It’s funny how people will complain about blacks being portrayed negatively in the media and then when somebody actually puts together a highly regarded documentary where blacks are not cooning it’s regarded as “not real action”. Please post a link to any work you have done for the black community since you seem to have these inflated ideas of what real action is. Surely you must have done something considerable given your stringent standards.

  • hollyw

    Woooooow! Really, ninja?? From “Hidden Colors”, the acclaimed film on racism in America!

    Smh misogynoir strikes again. So basically, racism. And if black woman still think Kelz is a little black girl ped0phile, we’re “self-hating” lol smh.

    Let me go UNfollow this fool’s documentary’s Facebook page…

    • Indy Syder

      Y’all throw words around like a baseball in the World Series.

      • hollyw

        And yours are often meaningless. Goodbye, troll

        • Indy Syder

          Sure they are in your limited imagination. Y’all b****es just wanna complain left and right about $h**. Even children don’t act as immature as you all, and they don’t whine like you sorry @** b****es on here. Just like the black men y’all cry about, you all aren’t any better and just as pathetic.

  • Yodie

    Dezzi! Honey, You really believe his views are empowering? First, this is a conversation, not an attack, so please take it as such. I’m seriously asking if you believe that calling black women-(scratch that)-any woman a derogatory name is somehow empowering? If so, who does it empower? How? What about defending an artist with proven sexually predatory proclivities against women? Does it empower women, or does it simply justify the behavior of their abuser? When he blames white supremacy as a means of deflection, doesn’t that make the artist the victim? Was “Chocolate Factory” that great of an album? I’m just curious. I’m just trying to understand your lack of human empathy.

    • Guest

      Why are you guys trying to reason with/communicate with these shills? They are clearly mentally ill followers of this person who have drunk the koolaid and harbor a deep seeded hate of black women. Just let them type and prove the author of this article right.

  • Yodie

    He is the type of person who NEEDS to be defined by
    possessions and class status because he has no identity otherwise. His views on
    women only display his vast insecurities. Meaning, he can only value a woman
    for her looks because he’s too emotionally inept to cultivate anything deeper.
    He pretends to publicly uphold contemptible social views, not because he
    believes them, but social media has given him a platform to do so. He is
    entitled, repressed, and has an infantile need for attention. For some people,
    negative attention is better than no attention at all. No worries though! In
    ten years, he’ll be another “internet personality” on a where-are-they-now
    segment, expressing his shame and regret for the vitriolic rhetoric he was
    momentarily known for spewing.

  • Dezzi

    You obviously know what you wanna know about him. First his wife IS black & he does NOT put down black women the way that you suggest. If you wanna hate a black man for hating black women then hate Tommy Sotomayor, he absolutely HATES BW & call them “Dirty Black Bytches” on his Yootube channels but not Tariq. He is ALL ABOUT black empowerment which is why he directed & produced Hidden Colors 1,2 & 3 which are critically acclaimed w/5 stars which every black person should see. We should all know OUR history instead of relying on “Them” to teach us,

    • Dezzi

      Before saying something negative about someone by jumping on bandwagons and being followers, just watch some of his vids j/s

      • PeoplePlease7

        Any thoughts on Nasheed’s comments regarding Kelly?

        • heyheyno

          Right cause that’s what the article is about.

        • he didnt make any comments regarding kelly…why is it so hard for people to read?
          his gripe is with the journalist

          • PeoplePlease7

            Respectfully, I meant his comments on the whole kelly situation which was outlined (poorly) in the article and taken out of context like many news articles these days.

          • hollyw

            That’s precisely the point. It’s called redirection.

            • Karlin D Carney

              If you want to know what he think on his youtube he goes into length about R Kelly, etc.

              • hollyw

                If it was anything worthwhile, i.e. “R. Kelly is a child s3xual exploiter”, you would’ve just said so, or better yet, he would’ve prefaced his whole tirade and prioritized black girls and women before going off about how R. Kelly was “attacked”. I have no desire to experience further superficiality from this man and add to his “likes” or views, thanks. Good day.

    • Christina K

      It’s cool that he has a black wife- though I will note he purposely chose the most high-yellow redbone he could find, to produce lighter children. Whether intentional or not, it says a lot for this self-proclaimed leader to choose women who reflect the European standard of beauty and he HAS criticized black women, esp. those who he considers to be less than. That’s not empowerment. Is he redeemable? Yes. He’s done some good work and is very intelligent- but the conscious community has to be inclusive if we’ll ever truly unify. He and his band of woman-hating drones can be utterly off-putting. And I’m no feminist. I love the black man. You’re ours.

      • Go to his Facebook page in the back is his teenage daughter who is a beautiful, dark sistah. I do not agree with his support of R Kelly but I do not think Tariq discriminates when it comes to women. He wants “dimes” it doesn’t matter the complexion. He is about status yes but leave that color struck crap to insecure females.

        • hollyw

          We will leave the reference of women as “dimes”, “b_tches”, and “females” to insecure men, as well. You can have him.

          • Your a$$ is a female though correct? Because you damn sure are not a lady. And yeah you’re acting like you got four legs instead of two. So he called it right.

            • hollyw

              Haahaaa! No, you fatherless child, I’m a WOMAN (you know, a female HUMAN??) but I wouldn’t expect your ignorant self to even know the difference or the implications, so you can go back to your mother with four legs who took pity on you and chose to not abort, while leaving us adult women and men to discuss amongst ourselves. Try not to get lost on your way, and good day 🙂

              • Another assumption all you got is insults and lies nope unfortunately they were married before I made it here. That’s why no one respects you feminist h0es because you don’t do shyt but judge and insult ppl. Raggedy a$$ probably haven’t done shyt for anyone since birth foh done!

      • Lola

        you can’t be redeemed if you find no fault in your actions. so how is taariq redeemable???

      • 4ArthurDent

        You see black women this person is so color struck that you lighter sisters are not black enough for her to be considered a real black woman. Watch who you lock arms with because many of these “sisters” are the most hate filled bitter people on earth.

      • BR

        His 1st child is very brown…stop reaching. Tariq Nasheed ain’t never claimed to be somebody’s leader! You sound real dumb!

      • Step Daddy

        Stop being a hater

    • StraightShooter

      How do you say all this when the author only quoted what Tariq said?

      • hollyw

        They brainwashed. Truly tragic, cuz I’m still trying to figure out how this even turned into a war when everything was literally quoted from this man’s mouth lol. You see how the Black community is so starved for leadership that often, they will hang on to charlatans for dear life…

    • JustSaying

      My boyfriend follows him here and there and I called him telling him about this article. He said he is married to a black woman with 2 kids and he’s not sure if that excerpt is from this late night skit he used to do but he is not a self hating BM. I’ve listened to some of his content and I don’t agree 100% but at times he has good albeit interestingly valid points.

      • okay

        Please, you are another shill. Your “leader” has taught you about propaganda and enlisted you to defend him at all costs under many handles. 1 Tariq Stan = 25+ online handles/personalities. That other black woman hater does the same thing.

    • hollyw

      So are your saying the excerpt above, where he refers to women as “upscale b_tches”, is completely fabricated..? Did you even read the article?

    • Step Daddy

      Tommy mostly date Black Women tho lmfao he just tells BlackWomen the awful truth about themselves because Black Women take ZERO accountability for their actions. They are like special needs children

  • CookieheadJenkins

    Tariq Nasheed is trash!!! Just another supposedly “conscious” fraudster perpetrating for the almighty dollar. Tariq drives a Bentley while the people who donate to him drive Kia’s…Black folks please stop feeding into the negativity this punk spews daily on his Youtube channel. If you want to find knowledge go check ZaZa Ali, Laila Africa, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, Suzar…David Paulides even Professor Griff etc…Tariq and Tommy Sotomayer represent everything WRONG in the black community.

    • AlyMack1125

      I just looked at his Twitter. I wanted to see if I was following him so that I could un-follow him. All of his tweets are so hateful and ignorant; I can just about imagine what ignorance he displays on Youtube.

    • GlobalPlacement

      I just looked up Tariq Nasheed. He’s a New York Times Best seller. Book purchases do not count as donations.

      • hollyw

        Sooo you don’t know who he is lol..? He is the creator od ” Hidden Colors”, the acclaimed documentary on racism in America.

    • george

      you sound like a total fool cookiehead and the chumps above you are blowing air up their own asz all the stellar people you mention just about work with King Flex

    • BR

      You sound dumb as f*ck!

    • wyndero griffin

      Are u aware that Dr. Francis cress welling is a full supporter of Tariq and is starring in one of his movies?

  • Courtney Banks

    Black men like Tariq and Tommy are two sides of the same fake, enlightened black woman hating coin. Time and time again every-time a tragedy befalls a black man, there is a call to action to defend him from the black community, Even when his victims are black women. But those same women are left out to dry. The only difference is men like that hide their misogynistic and dehumanizing opinions as being “woke”.
    Now is he allowed to support Kelly. Yes.. But to take issue with those who choose not too, speaks volumes. He could have continued his silent support and kept it at that.

    • themeowster

      Is he like that Rob Hill guy? I mean, in terms of being some random dude who dishes out cliché advice to women and suddenly becomes some wise prophet?

      I hate Rob Hill btw lol

      • CookieheadJenkins

        Dont know who Rob is, but if you utube that clown Tariq Nasheed, you will see he’s nothing more than a joke. But people aka Zombies with small brains,w and who lack knowledge love this guy…They like to be able to logon and have their thoughts controlled, by self-hating slime…

        • themeowster

          I gave it two minutes on his youtube page right now before clicking the X. He just talks to hear his own voice and says nothing of value. How is this human being even popular? Is it among dudes who hate women?

          • a

            He’s popular for the same reason Donald Trump is.. People are dumb

          • GoldenGirl;)

            More like the hatred for black women…..that WOULD be it!

            • GlobalPlacement

              Do you have any proof of Tariq Nasheed hatred for Black women? I didn’t see any in this article.

              • GoldenGirl;)

                I know who he is….l have watched some of he’s video’s on YouTube, that’s why l said THAT!

                • GlobalPlacement

                  any proof for your claim?

              • hollyw

                …? Did you read any of the excerpts lol? He can’t even refer to us as women or human beings!! “Upscale b-tches”?? Girl, bye!

                • GlobalPlacement

                  So what? Men are called ni88as, dudes, mothafuck@s, etc.

                  • hollyw


                    The MOST illogical argument ever, and now it is clear why this man is your saviour and nothing more is to be argued lol smh. Continue to refer to yourself, your mother, and brothers as b_tches and h0es, though, sir, as you feel that empowers you guys. Good day.

              • 42tribes

                Ive watched about 25 of his videos and he does not hate black women. It’s pretty obvious if you watch his vids.

      • Courtney Banks

        I have no idea who that is.. But from the way you’re describing it. Probably.. The black men who routinely insult and degrade black women under the guise of “advice” and “empowerment”.. Same ish just a different day. lol

        • themeowster

          I just perused that guy’s youtube page and he’s different from Rob Hill. Hill calls himself “a heart healer.” When I still had instagram, friends of mine would constantly post his looooooong quoted “nuggets” of wisdom about love and it always sounded so corny! He plays to the lowest common denominator, like if I told a simple-minded person, “Love is like a river. You have to let it flow in order for it to grow; otherwise you have a lake and a lake can’t be anything more than a pool of water,” and the person thought I was a genius for that nonsense lol

          • Courtney Banks

            LMAO! I can’t stand people like that.

      • Stop Lying

        Please show me where Tariq has said he hates black women. I’ll give $5,000 to anyone reading this who can provide me with one link where he disparages black women as a whole. I’ll wait but I guarantee none of you, including the writer, can provide any links.

        • themeowster

          I had never heard of this clown til I read this stupid article so calm down.

        • steverl22

          They can’t and won’t. It very easy to jump on the hate train instead of doing the research yourself.

        • hollyw

          It’s not our job to provide you anything. Good day and good luck.

        • Step Daddy

          this website is full of crap

    • Yodie

      ****lays a $20 on the alter, shouts all the way back to the church pew*****

    • PeoplePlease7

      Great points. Fortunately we are getting hip to these treasonous pseudo conscious clowns masquerading as philosophers and relationship experts. I just encourage others to stop buying their books, albums and clicking on their videos.

      There are true progressive thinkers (Bro Polight,Boyce Watkins, Pro Griff) who are worth our time. Still my brethren collectively need to be more vocal about addresing these imbeciles and calling them out.

      • blogdiz

        “treasonous pseudo conscious clowns masquerading as philosophers and relationship experts ” LOL

    • BR

      If it’s true what you say, what did Tariq say to defend R. Kelly?

    • theghost917

      How’d you manage to put Tariq and Tommy in the same conversation

  • themeowster

    LOL who is this clown?!