Why a Man’s Fingers May Determine His Penis Size

July 6, 2011  |  

If size does matter to you and you’ve been peeping at a man’s shoe to clue you in on his length, it seems you might be looking in the wrong place.

According to a new study conducted on 144 Korean men hospitalized to undergo urological surgery (work done on the reproductive system and urinary tract), the ratio of the length of a man’s index finger to that of his ring finger can possibly determine penis size. The lower the ratio, the longer the length. Crazy right? Even though there’s always been the belief in a bigger hand, the bigger the equipment by people sans scientific degrees, this time researchers are saying it’s more in the digits. So supposedly, when the index finger is shorter than the ring finger, this could mean a longer penis size, but not necessarily a wider one. So don’t get too crunk.

The men were measured both during erect stages as well during their flaccid moments after anesthesia (yeah, not too sure how all that was accomplished), and then had their fingers measured as well. Through this study, it’s believed that a lower ratio is directly correlated with the amount of testosterone a man is exposed to while in the womb. The more testosterone, the more a man is endowed with. The less testosterone a man gets and the more estrogen that he receives, the smaller the penis size can be. But before you run in the bar asking to see a man’s hand before you even know his name, remember that the study was performed on Korean men alone. It’s not clear whether the same evaluation would ring true for brothas and any other ethnic group of men. But it never hurts to start glancing for more than a wedding ring on that finger, ladies.

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  • Crystallollar@gmail.com

    I don’t think the size of a guys feet or finger has anything to do with his d**k . Believe me !!! Its either big , lil , or medium or way to big and I’d prefer medium size hell size don’t matter as long as u know how to work it and plus our g-spot isn’t that far up in there !!!! :))

  • ANON

    The problem with these studies has nothing to do with it not applying it to every man. The real problem is that just about EVERY penis “study” is that it’s a correlation study. Correlation studies in this context prove nothing but coincidence and will never find a strong relationship. The penis and growth of the penis doesn’t follow the same reasoning/causes as other body parts, and what dictates things like bone structure and muscle tissue doesn’t apply to the penis at all because it contains neither of these things

  • Wize Sheep

    This site is rather oppressive! First thing I see is a relaxer ad in the "let's be healthy" section. Ladies, naptural is how God made you. If you want to change it up, my 4c hair looks just like a perm after a good press. And birth control pills have been scientifically proven to be a major cause of breast cancer. As a black community, we need to be having our children and raising them well. Stop trying to catch a man with your legs open. Believe me, they come running when they stay closed. 😉


  • Yah Right

    Korean men are built a LITTLE differently…literally lol.

  • Davina

    Eh…I'm with Anna…just pull it out!

    • SuperGirth

      Be careful what you wish for, you just may dislocate your jaw after he pulls it out in awe. lol.

  • I will not be named

    Is 7 inches small,average, above average or big.

    • Sandy


    • ummmmm

      SMALL in my opinion. 8 is average and anything over 9 is big. Just a thought, the average vagina is about 5-6 inches deep…

      • ANON

        Ummmm, the average vagina is not 5-6 inches deep. Seriously do some of you not use google at all before stating things as facts, or look up anything at all (unless it’s that big- in your opinion)

  • Kayla

    Hey at the end of the day it's not about the size of the boat it's about the motion in the ocean.

  • Kory

    They did the research on Korean men?? I was with a group of ppl and the conversation came up about if its true about asians being small and this asian guy stated that he was Chinese and Koreans are the ones with the small size not chinese.

  • kat

    i dont why every1 is getting all mad. this was just an observation. fun little info. SO CHILL

    • JJ

      Observation…white women are better at sex than black women. Fun little info.

  • Anna

    The best way to determine the size of a man's d!ck, is seeing the man's d!ck period. And since this study was done on Korean men… Eh.

    Maybe if this website was MadamAsian, it'd be worth caring about.

  • Laura

    Korean men?? Really? I'm glad you added that line " . It’s not clear whether the same evaluation would ring true for brothas and any other ethnic group of men" But Pubmed article or not this research is a reach.

  • Seriously?? No…..SERIOUSLY????? Feel my remaining brain cells dying….running over to the Wall Street Journal site to do some reading before it's too late!

    • Anna

      The Wall Street Journal? Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal… You'll be dropping more than brain cells if you read that. Try the New York Times, lol.