Things We Do For Love: Powerball Winner Spends $9 Mill To Bail Boyfriend Out Of Jail…Twice

August 10, 2015  |  

Source: ABC

You may remember back in February, we were all excited to learn that Marie Holmes, the 26-year-old, single mother of four, had won the Powerball lottery.

Holmes, of North Carolina, decided that she was going to accept her $188 million winnings in one lump sum, meaning she was awarded $127 million. After taxes, she received $88 million. And while Holmes announced that she had plans to pay her tithes and set up college funds for her children, she’s ended up doing something entirely different with her riches.

Shortly after she won the money, Holmes posted $3 million bond for her boyfriend Lamarr McDow. McDow was in jail, facing heroin trafficking charges. McDow was implicated after an investigation unearthed more than 8,000 bags of heroin.

But Holmes found herself behind bars too recently. Last month, police came to her home to arrest McDow who had violated conditions of his parole by missing curfew. When officers searched the house, they found McDow had a .45 caliber pistol and there was less than a half an ounce of the drug and paraphernalia in Holmes’ Brunswick County home.

She then spent an additional $6 million to get McDow out of prison. He was released with a GPS monitoring device.

Two other people in the house were also charged with simple possession. Three children were present at the time of the arrest, McDow said they were his children.

According to WWAY, Holmes and McDow are engaged. And they also reported that Holmes took to the news station’s Facebook page to respond to criticism about the story which has been reported, for the most part, on local news outlets

“What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefitting Y’all how? And no he’s no drug dealer or user but who are Y’all to judge anybody? I will definitely pray for Y’all because it’s much need…they talked about Jesus so I’m not surprised Y’all are talking about me but be blessed though,”

This morning, when I first read the story, I was trying to give Holmes the benefit of the doubt. There are plenty of Black men who are arrested for little to nothing. But 8,000 bags of heroin is not nothing, even if less than an ounce of marijuana is.

While we can certainly question Holmes’ choices in both men and behavior, we really don’t have any right to tell her what to do with her money.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s for people to count other folks’ money. No matter who that person may be. We are generally too concerned with what other people are doing. She is right in that our perception of her squandering money really doesn’t benefit anyone, particularly since it was never ours to begin with. Sadly, that’s what happens with lottery winners. We seek to learn how these lucky people are spending money we wish we had. And a single, Black mother supporting her alleged drug-dealing boyfriend is local news gold. As it gives the average Joe a chance to turn his nose up at the rich.

If Holmes wants to spend up her newfound fortune on a man, in and out of jail, that’s her decision to make. If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9 million dollars to give, we’d likely be bailing our loved ones out of jail too. Truth be told, it’s easy to shake our heads and wag our fingers in disgust and disapproval; but we’ve all done crazy, foolish and even expensive things for love.

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  • Sadly, I have few doubts the emotionally disturbed people who committed this cruel act of human depravity are victims of America’s expanding and shameful *National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect,* aka *Poverty*, that for decades has deprived untold numbers of emotionally abused and neglected young developing children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

    Violence and anti-social behaviors like this often occur when emotionally or physically abused and neglected developing young children mature into frustrated, sometimes suicidal *(NY Times May 18, 2015 – Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers)* teens or adults lacking empathy and compassion, though filled with rage and resentment for being introduced to a life of pain and struggle.

    How much longer will America ignore the expanding sub-culture of immature American teen girls and young women of African descent who selfishly subject their children to *Child Abuse and Neglect,* aka *Poverty,* by building families with too many mouths to feed, clothe and supervise?

    Mouths attached to children who mature into depressed, angry, unpredictable teens and adults resenting their single-mothers and/or irresponsible dads for introducing them to a life of pain and struggle, yet want to blame everyone except their moms and/or dads for depriving them of the opportunity to experience and enjoy a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood with *Safe Streets* to play or travel on.


    If Baltimore Mom of The Year Toya Graham had built a smaller family she could more easily provide for, nurture and supervise, would her young teen son be in The Street attempting to cause grave harm to police officers attempting to protect Ms. Graham’s peaceful neighbors from emotional and physical harm often caused to innocent people by depressed, angry frustrated, sometimes suicidal teens and young men who are peeved for irresponsibly being introduced to a life of struggle and hardship by immature teen girls?

    Search: *Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers* By SABRINA TAVERNISE – MAY 18, 2015

    Quoting the NYT article, *”The suicide rate among black children has nearly doubled since the early 1990s, surpassing the rate for white children, a new study has found.”*

    The tough question ALL Americans face is, “Who is responsible for traumatizing, abusing, neglecting, maltreating children to the point where depressed young kids, *we’re talking elementary school children*, believe their lives are not worth living?”

    Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has repeatedly offered sound advice to all Americans, *”Fix the ghetto!”*

    I’m with Sheriff Clarke. I believe we also need to re-examine society’s child protection and welfare laws.

    This video depicts horrific examples of men who were victims of childhood abuse and neglect, conditioning a young teen to embrace the criminal, anti-social ‘Street Culture’ *Baltimore Mom of The Year* failed to protect her teen son from..


    If Americans sincerely wish to reduce gun violence and/or other anti-social behaviors that often leads to police fear and anxiety, that sometimes leads to police misconduct and/or aggression, the question all concerned, compassionate Americans should seriously be asking ourselves, our elected, civil, social, community and religious leaders is, “What real substantial changes in our society’s attitude and laws need to occur to prevent abuse that often causes young kids to mature into depressed, frustrated, angry teens and adults as a result of experiencing the *emotional and/or physical trauma of an abusive childhood?*”

    If we do not take affirmative action to protect children, “the ghetto” will continue to thrive, fueled by poor parenting, resulting with depressed kids maturing into depressed teens and adults who often vent their angers and frustrations on their peaceful neighbors, instead of the person(s) responsible for introducing them to a life of hardship, pain and struggle.

    *America Needs To Re-Examine Child Welfare & Protection Laws*
    Doctors Ross and Dietz offer insights into how our Early Childhood Development plays a key role in determining the type of individual we mature into.

    Robert K. Ross, MD, President and CEO of The California Endowment, addressed inmates at Ironwood State Prison offering a compelling overview of the role that exposure to childhood trauma plays in the lives of *emotionally troubled* and chronically ill American teens and adults.


    At 2:12:25 in this documentary about Mafia hitman and victim of Early Childhood Trauma/Abuse, Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski, Dr. Park Dietz explains why young Richar�|W�st likely developed into a emotionally disturbed, paranoid, cruel, heartless teen and man who did not give a frig about anyone else, including his wife and kids.



  • Nicholas Ruddoffskki

    The real question is why is a detainee held on drug distribution charges sitting on a $6M bond (because he is black) when rapists, murders and pedophiles have lesser bonds.

  • natt

    I would give it another couple of years and she’ll be completely broke anyway or she will end up in federal prison with the boyfriend and the government will get all the money.

  • Tidus Stuart

    exactly why I don’t buy any tickets.. take your dollar and put it towards a cause.

  • hollyw

    Now here’s the problem I have with MN and stories like this. You state that you have a problem with people counting “other folks’ money”, yet have no qualms with writing an incendiary piece about a woman in a way that you know will draw such criticisms. Idgaf if she got a boob job, nose job, and spent another mil on more lotto tickets; for the record, she actually DID pay her tithes, not that it’s anyone’s business. Gave $700,000 to her church. Didn’t have to give any, but she def paid her 10%. I’m guessing you won’t find that anywhere on this site, though, I suppose…if I’m wrong, please let me know.

  • Sh*t Paper Brand.

    I guess stupid really is as stupid does ,…….

  • God help us!

    She just got arrested for drugs after she won the money, Her boyfriend not husband mind you was dealing heroin! My son is in the drug division of and has to risk his life for these crazy people only to have them set free by a lotto winner! This country is going to hell!

  • “. . . 26-year-old, single mother of four .. . .”

    Yes indeed.

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    Even Forrest Gump knew that life basic.

  • First somebody I don’t care who talk to this woman an help her with her decision making process. Clearly she needs assistance. 9 million blown to get a worthless drug dealer out of jail that’s just retarded. The lawyer an judge who handled the case of her sorry ass drug dealing boy friend clearly took advantage of her an got paid..all that 9 million was not to get him free. If you don’t believe it ask to have the books checked.

  • Junie

    She won’t have a dime left, this is a sign that she plans on spending her money on this guy. I would have bailed him out and if he didn’t get his act right dump him. There would be a Trust Fund Set up for each child and money put away for myself. This guy is gonna leech all that money out of her. So sad.

  • Timeca

    Just crazy!! How about spending that money on buying your disabled child a new electric wheelchair or adding a ramp onto your home so your disable child as easy access to the home. How about paying for a nurse to come in and help take care of your disable child. Now the 3million gone down the drain because he was rearrested. 3 Million could have went into a college fund for the other kids. Just sad!! She is right about one thing its her money and she can do whatever she wants with it!!

  • gay fighter

    this comments are filled with Jealousy……yes she had 110million and she bailed her lover with 6million. who cares what her lover offense was? after everything was for money and now there is money. you people should just mind your businesses

  • tiatam

    Shoot. He may have turned her out so he can get all of her money. If she is dumb (…. and records show, well), she may one day be his biggest customer. If that ain’t already in the works

  • Ann

    As long as he showed up for his court dates, she didn’t lose the money.

  • Steve Kelly

    What a stupid fool……oh well good luck.

  • LaShada Newsome

    I think that people are speaking on her situation because she was lucky enough to have hit the lottery for her and her kids. So why put her kids as well as herself in harms way behind a man that is indulging in all this negative behavior. Even if she do not care about herself and what happens to her she needs to consider her kids. And she the same one that said she has 4 kids and one of them needs round the clock care…so maybe she needs to put her time and energy in her kids and not a man. Because a real man would not ask her to stand that type of bond for them anyway not behind something that can affect her and her kids. So yes it is her money and if she choose to spend all of it on bailing him out of jail that is her business but when it is gone he will be in jail and she will be struggling with her and her kids again…I just hope she do not allow herself to be an example…

  • two_gunz_45ACP

    I don’t care what she does with her money it’s hers however maybe she can do better she is never getting out of that situation he will kill her and her kids plus cheat the entire time I feel for this young dumb broad.

  • two_gunz_45ACP


  • libsrtheh8ters

    Nice try but NO, I definitely wouldn’t bail out a drug dealer. This is WHY poor people are POOR, they are irresponsible & make bad decisions.

    • two_gunz_45ACP

      Poor people are poor also because black families never tell the children how to manage money or purchase property and make good investments. To this day I don’t know anything about my parents life insurance or portfolios which is silly being 40, my 4 are set for life and the oldest has all the information she needs once I split.

  • Ted Wojtasik

    If this guy is engaged to a woman who just landed 88 million dollars, what the hell is he still slinging dope for? I would think he would give it up after scoring a lady worth more than every LA dealer combined. This is either a set up or these are two of the dumbest people on the planet.

  • TheyHateMe

    so wait, in DOUBLE STANDARD AMERIKKA, an African American receives a $6million+ bail for peddling drugs, yet, a white man receives a $1million bail, for ASSASSINATING 9 innocent churchgoing souls…. Something is Wrong AMERIKKA!!!

    • two_gunz_45ACP

      It’s not a color thing bro they know who this guy is and who his girl is surprised it was not 20 or 30 what I am surprised about is you saying Dylan R received bail for capitol murder which in most states you get no bail hearing for murder with special circumstances that SC being death penalty

      • TheyHateMe

        agree..its mind baffling… and depressing to know these double standards are in place

  • bachelorrj

    I have a feeling I’ll be paying her welfare again in a couple of years. This girl from the ghetto gets a once in a lifetime chance to do something good for herself and smokes it up with her POS drug lover boyfriend. I am child free and unmarried and could have done something with a quarter of what she won like go to a prestigious art school and actually make something of myself. I won’t feel sorry for her when she blows it all living the ‘hood life’.

  • Corey James Wallace Sr.

    I’ve worked all my life,raised 3 boys now men,living check to check and this stupid b### is saving some dumb a### street n####… #1daymy#willhit#

  • Roo Raa

    thats 9million dollars less to buy drugs!!……

  • Hr Hamada

    Some people are just Ratched

  • GrandmasterBeavis

    Her cornrow’s cranked too tight.

  • Denise

    At the rate she’s going, that money is gonna be gone REALLY soon. And when it is, everyone who is around now is gonna be gone. Sad.

  • sheryl walton

    Mastermine, Not in her shoes, but does not take a genius to see where this is headed. Most people do look at the good in a situation. When you observe someone who is oblivious which does happen when you are directly involved and can’t see past your emotions. No one wants to see someone get taken advantage of. This is a false sense of security for her.

  • LawProf61

    $6M for BAIL for a drug bust? Good Lord, they release terrorists for less. What the hell????

  • -Nate

    As it’s plain to see , most of the negative comments are by cowardly , fearful of anyone not white teabagger types ~ the article made no mention of welfare etc. yet they keep bringing it up , ignoring the fact that more white folks are on welfare than two of any other ethnic groups combined .

    Yes , the poor girl is clearly ignorant , very different from stupid , we’ll see if she and her kids make it out O.K. , one can only hope .

    FWIW , most lotto winners blow it all and wind up broke and far worse off than before , another fact that no one likes to admit .


  • Mary

    This is disgusting. They have enough money for then lifetimes yet they are selling heroin with children in the house. What does this tell you? They are scum pure and simple and they should lose their children. And before you call me a racist I am a STRONG believer in MLK’ s words that you should be judgement be the color of your skin but the content of your character and that is exactly what I am doing with these two bad people.

  • Cuteypops

    It just goes to show that you can win the lottery and still be stupid.

  • Jan P

    Black, white, I don’t give a @#$% what color she is, she is stupid as hell!

  • Yvonne Watkins

    It’s not about “Ya’ll” worrying about her money, it’s about concerned people worried about the type of person she has around her children. Child Services needs to look into this. For her children’s/child’s sake, she needs to be monitored.

  • Keionna Lee

    I wouldn’t dare waste my money on anyone committing a crime , not even my kids they know the law. I would have put that money towards my kids , church , invested in a few stocks , and bonds, pay off my loans and other debts , brought a house and own a few businesses. With the rest of my funds I would took my kids on a family vacation and save whatever I had left over for a rainy down.

    • two_gunz_45ACP

      Chruch???? Why would you give money to a chruch they already have enough before my wife and I got married I told her she had to leave her church otherwise we were not getting married especially by Creflo Dollar

  • Dave Rave

    She’s a very pretty woman, and now she’s filthy rich. It’s unfortunate she can’t realize she can do much better than what she’s getting

  • Doris Kline

    I never say this… But it really Is none of our business 🙁

  • lrgdst

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a new boyfriend?

  • svfoxhotmail

    It is her money. yes she may end up back on welfare. I have seen it and so has everyone who watches Opera…….sad but true


  • you take the people out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the people no matter how much money they have. It’s in the DNA

  • Mom

    I’m sure people will pounce on me for this but I absolutely HATE all the y’all crap! C’mon! Try to speak somewhat intelligently.

  • Rahman Rasheed

    She only 27 with five kids?? Spend the money on your kids lady! Stop trying to keep a man! He’s going to jail anyway DUMB women!

  • Bruce McCulloch

    Stupid is as Stupid does!

  • SeaHag5150

    No surprise. Typical Blacks.

  • Deb Kerak

    she needs to spend her money on educating herself to speak right.

    • Mom

      I wholeheartedly agree!!

  • mookie

    well i guess that money did not last too long, what about the kids future education? that seemed to be a priority at first but now the priorities changed as they always do in the capitalistic society.

  • Dogchat58


  • phyllis

    somebody that lived with hardship most of their life could have used that money,instead we have people like her who spend that money bailing out a boyfriend who is a heroin addict or sells it to people who are killing themselves with this drug,where is the justice in the world,how about spending it on ST.judes or for abused women with children or the less fortunate,or breast cancer foundation,now that would be justisfied,nobody is telling her how to spend her money,people just get upset when they read shit like this because its a waste of good money that could have gone toward something worthy

  • Sarah ZombieBacon Campbell

    She’s right. It’s her money. Foolishly spent, maybe, but hey, it’s not like she was going to give any of it to me anyway. Besides that 9mil barely put a dent in her 127mil

  • Stefanie

    She should use that money and go take an English class. Good grief!

  • Barbara Keehn

    6 million bail!? I’ve only ever seen murderers with bail that high 6 million? Is it because the court knows she has money?

  • Mike Pressley

    So happy that fate decided to help this poor mutha out. It’s just scary how dumb people can be.

  • Dave

    She hasn’t spent anything yet. As long as he shows up to his court hearings she gets the money back. Does the author not understand how bail works?

  • Maurice Powell

    What’s not mentioned is “you get all the $9 million back when and if the bailed person shows up for court.” This is how the bail bond companies make their profit. They pay the bond and keep the percent you paid them as profit.

  • Earl Duke

    Every day we read about the NEW dumbest , stupidest moron on the planet and HERE is TODAYS example ……..8000 bags of heroin but he’s not a drug dealer ????? LOLOLOL

  • Robin Nault Brenske

    Its true what she does with her money is her business, but being with a man who no doubt is promoting heroin is beyond believe .

  • specialK113

    This dumb “B” is taking stupid to lofty new heights, or depths that cannot be fathomed. She makes Mike Vick look like a genius, and O.J look like a Rhodes scholar.

  • yaegerj

    It is her money to do what she pleases with it. Why is this a story. Mind your business.

  • edan

    If the bail was $9 Million. The bond would be 10%, which would be $900,000. I doubt that puts much of a dent in her total winnings. If the bf doesn’t run, she get’s that back, anyway. I do hope she has a good financial adviser, attorney, and accountant. She will want to do something worthwhile with some of that money down the road.

    • Revmm Al is riding into town to advise her

  • creaseguard

    I think with all the money you should hire a better lawyer because that bond seems excessively high and any good defense lawyer could get that reduced.

  • Anonymous

    It is her money, but at the rate she is spending to get her boyfriend out of jail she will be broke and back on welfare in no time. I sorry no matter how much I loved someone I wouldn’t pay that much money to bail them out of jail and take from my child.

  • Midway C.J

    I don’t care if it’s her money. She has four kids and she should be using that money on to give them a good life and a good education. She’s bailed out a clearly guilty man 2 times and not only that she’s a bad mother for even wanting to make excuses and keep that person in their life and around her children.

    She’s so concerned with how any of this benefits us but criticism is used to benefit others. Keep pissing your money away on a druggy and hanging around those sort of people and that education you want for your children isn’t going to mean anything if they grow up learning to stay with bad company. This woman and her boyfriend are both bad influences.

  • slik6

    unfortunately lottery winning doesn’t come with a play book. You have a woman who has no idea how money works, her blessing with taxes if not properly handled will be deleted within a few years. She needs a smart and honest and very visible accountant and trusted lawyer to advise her. Only advise, not to control her money !! Live off the interest only, not the principal. Get rid of the drug dealer and find a solid environment to live in. Otherwise she will lose it all at the hands of others and herself. Seen this many times. God help her .

  • Sher

    I also live in NC and when I saw her on tv with the idiot beside her flashing the ticket, I had a feeling that she was a ghetto mama who never should have gotten that much money – and I felt sorry for the kids. Turns out that I was right. She doesn’t have the sense she was born with.

    • Must be in the water. I’m sure the retort will be He loves me, I can’t be without him. . Four kids, no father,ghetto trash with money

  • james diorio

    So, taxpayers have been paying this idiot’s bills for quite some time. She’s been getting Subsidized Housing,EBT and Medical and Dental (that’s right…you even paid for her teeth). Now, before she spends all of her lottery winnings how about she pays the tax payers back all the freebies we’ve afforded her and her FOUR kids? I think one million is fair. And, remember when she won she said she was going to give her Church 10 million? Hahaha. I’ll bet that didn’t happen.

  • Phyllistein King

    Amen, Sister, If we don’t stick up for our men no one else will, Be happy, be blessed.

  • VicD

    $80 million couldn’t cure stupid, Y’All…

  • Gheeghi

    You may hate for people to count other folks’ money, but you know you wish somebody would –or else you wouldn’t have written this article. She is a very attractive lady who I thought was going to be smart based off of her interviews right after her win.

  • bandit va

    One word for her……. FOOL

  • seamusoclancy

    so few of us get opportunities like this girl has received, and while 6 or 9 million bucks isn’t a game changer when you have 50+ million in the bank, her decision making in total is questionable at a minimum. 4 kids by 26? “engaged” to someone with guns and go-away-forever quantities of drugs they are dealing? another cautionary tale about the foolish lottery winner developing as we speak…

  • Wayne Dobbins

    I’ll say within the next few months crack mammie will end up rotting in a dumpster with a Nicole Simpson neck gash and no sign of the $cash.

  • Deacon Womack

    Well Bless God…let’s do the math: $88mil-$9mil leaves her quite a bit , my question is “what did the authorities know and when did they know it ?” It seems to me that the system is the beneficiery in all this…besides it’s her money to do with whatever she wishes even if we think it’s :

  • Diceros

    She could use that money to work out her own business

  • Lorraine Pritchard

    What a shame they charge bail at $9 Mill because she won millions. tha’ts the system for You as for Mrs. Holmes she needs Help, you have a pretty face but no brains. or you not useing it.

  • whatever1959

    “If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9 million dollars to give, we’d likely be bailing our loved ones out of jail too.” No, none of my loved ones are in jail/prison.

  • KM

    God, gives some people all the luck in the world. A lot of them just mess it up.

  • mrwma

    She’s not a reader of the King James Bible…she be reading the Rick James bible

  • satch7

    kick backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!come on they do not give killers that kind of bail .the law and bail bonds folks should be investigated. but she cannot waste that kind of money for bs like that. she should know those rednecks are planning a way to steal her money.she needs to move also

  • NoMoreMrNiceGuy


  • lil flower

    Can I call her a dumb– b-tch, without anyone jumping on my a–?

  • Annóy_Líbéráls

    Is anybody surprised?

  • alwaysright

    This man is such a good role model for those children.. I give this woman 5 years and she will be broke !

  • Randall Davis Barfield

    Yes, you’re right, it isn’t our business, but it does remind us of the saying: You can’t fix stupid.

  • Bob Sheridan

    This what happens when you give a ghetto hood rat money. Instead of help building the community she supports a bum. smdh.

  • Livingston Hampton

    It saddens me to see someone like her so young and so freaking stupid! Yes… no one has the right to tell her what to do with her money but guess what? When you make poor decisions like she has by pissing away millions on her loser boyfriend instead of ensuring a future for her kids then people who have common sense and know better have the right to call you out on it. If anything, she should be praying to God asking him to give her a brain and to implant some knowledge and intelligence into it.

  • Ron Bell

    More ignorance. Amazing, he is guilty as hell and you just wasted millions of dollars.

  • maxsdad

    How long before she’s dead?

  • Bill Duke

    Why bother selling drugs at all? His woman has 88 million! If she is willing to spend 9 million to bond him out of jail then, she should be willing to give him anything he wants.

  • Sougoto Gupta

    What did u expect? She’ll end up blowing it all and then get back in line at the unemployment benefits line. Ghetto, trailer trash.

  • Perdure L. Carter Jr.

    It’s one thing to love somebody but its another thing to be a damn fool for somebody.

  • Bad Tag 1

    bails him out, spending 9 mill. is she freakin nuts or what. should of let him set. maybe he might of learned something. but then again can not fix stupid. on both parts. she could of took that 9 mill, MOVED, to another state, bought a nice home, took care of the kids, by taking that 9 mill, putting it in a bank account account for them, for collage, a home, a nice car when they are 18. and then lived a nice life with the rest, by traveling the world, when the kids was not in school. Give them something better then the every day life of bull crap we all live in. But spending 9 mill, on getting a guy out of jail that broke the law, is just down right retarded. makes her to be the biggest idiot around right now. other then the Kim and her sister`s. no one can top them … but then again ……

  • Pinky Boode Strztzwize

    Mind your businesses…you guys re just jealous

  • Crazytrain

    26 with 4 kids and a drug dealing boyfriend. She makes excellent choices. So glad she won the lottery.

  • Rosandra M. Davis

    Well I wouldn’t bail anybody out of jail, if I had more than two nickels.

  • Peter Matuszak

    There’s an old saying that applies here, A fool and his money are soon parted. Ok let me get this straight, stupid wins 88 million, she has drug dealing boyfriend, she throws away 9 million of said 88 million all because of criminal activity, how much was that heroin worth? I doubt it was 9 milion, and depending how much jail time boyfriend gets, was this drug dealing business profitable in any way? Now if that were me, I would have ditched drug dealing boyfriend and started living a normal criminal free life, it’s not like she has to commit crimes anymore she has fricking 88 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!! This isn’t a matter of love, it’s a matter of wanton stupidity and lack of education, I wonder if she even completed grade school before she had her first kid, It’s a shame that the money wasn’t won by someone responsible who would have put it to good use and not wasted it on foolish and criminal behavior, I guess no one told her that poor choices in life will only lead to misery, money can buy a lot of things but to bad that common sense isn’t one of them.

  • alrui

    What a DFN! I hope the BF disappears and she pisses the $ away to a white bail bondsman:-)

  • Gruff McGruff

    Why are people so retarded? With $88 million you could put it in a 30 year treasury and get ~$2.5 million in interest for the next 30 years and get your $88 million back at the end. And she talking about a college fund lol. B*tch buy a bond and you could spend $5000 a day forever and never go broke.

  • StevieD

    I loves these stories. It makes me realized how little I have to do in this world to be ahead. Idiot.

  • Lupe Hernandez

    This just broke my heart to hear about this. Just a couple of months ago I was happy to hear that she won the lottery. I was happy to know that the kids could benefit so much from this. But I had wondered if she would be one of those single moms who would spend her money on a man who hasn’t achieved anything in life (I grew up around women like this).

    But now I see that she is that kind of single mom who came from the hood with the mentality of putting a man like this before the well-being of her family. Regardless of him being the father of her children, he doesn’t sound like he has a good reputation. She spent all that money on someone who broke the law twice. If she stays with him, or if she continues down this road, that money will be gone so fast, and that money she claims she is holding for the kids will be gone too. But that’s if she doesn’t change.

    I’ve seen women like this before, and sadly it’s nothing new. Oh how I wish to stop seeing women worship men who act like menacing babies. I really don’t understand that mentality. Is it love? Is it because they didn’t have a good male figure in their life? I thought I had problems. I wouldn’t trade to be in her shoes although I’m broke and jobless and in debt with student loans. I never was desperate for man to love me, or desperate enough to settle for just any man. I love that about myself. That’s worth having more than 88 million dollars. I hope one day soon she’ll open her eyes. I pray that God will be with those kids.

  • bobo schmedlap

    dead or in jail – same thing! If not, she will be broke and on welfare very soon!

  • Connie Stanley

    While money can take the people out of the hood, it can’t take the hood out of the people…

  • karen

    THIS is the man you are engaged to who will be the father figure for your children???? 9 million dollars on a worthless thug who supplies heroin and probably will sell it to your kids one day. You belong in lockup like him… preferably a mental health facility lockup. Whacked

  • Danny More

    O well. I DGAFF…

  • Justin Porter

    6 million bail wtf?

  • Danny More

    Can we say dumb?

  • tee

    she could’ve bout another boyfriend for less than that LOL…and you wonder how lottery winners go broke in 5 years

  • Sam

    you can take a *** out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of a ****

  • Wynne Tidwell


  • bee

    imo Y’all stupid if’n Y’all believe one word she says

  • geewyzz

    She’s right. It’s her money. Let her enjoy it for another 3 months.

  • tempest411 .

    Oh, dear God. I never thought there were people that deserved large sums of money LESS than the Kardashians/Jenners, but here they are….Literally STRAIGHT out of the ‘hood, not even having to exert the tiny bit of effort to throw together a top selling rap album or anything. Talk about dangerous…All that money will disappear from the face of the Earth, and there will be not a trace of anything to show for it.

  • thepatrioticgirl

    So, a few questions come to mind: Why would the author post the article and then end it by telling us it’s none of our business? And is capitalizing the word “Black” when describing Ms. Holmes the politically correct thing to do now and would she capitalize the word “White” in the same way?

  • Jan Johnson

    Isn’t it amazing how IDIOTS win lotteries and obtain large amounts of cash and people with common sense rarely does!! this female is one I would love to see broke , homeless and hungry and I wouldn’t give her the hair off my chinny-chin-chin!! there is NO word that can describe the stupidity and Ignorance of this female!! the sky should just fall on someone that stupid and they die from the air!! but easy come easy go!! this female don’t have a LICKA_SENSE!! but she do have the right to waste it anyway she want to!!

  • Ann M Flickinger

    honestly, i would have left him sit,if he got himself into it, he can get himself out. don’t mean to be rude or cruel or judgmental. i would have found a place to raise my kids without the boyfriend,their father or not.

  • shawn

    What a fking looser. Take her kids give them a decent guardian. Put the money in trust for them and let her spend her life in and out of prison if that’s the life she wants.

  • Chris Wagner

    Thus proving, no matter how much money you hit her with, you’ll never take the ghetto stench off that ho.

  • Smooth

    You can pick your friends, you can’t pick your family! That woman is straight up stupid!

  • tigerlily

    Bet that winning ticket was purchased with drug money

  • Clark Kent

    LOl!! He must be hung like a Rhino

  • Joe

    Why do people like this win the lottery?, it’s either crackheads, illegal aliens or senior citizens on the verge of eating dog food.

  • rjunge1

    Some people have all the luck. Then you read something like this and just want so smack her on the back of the head to wake her up.

  • KB White

    This woman is an idiot. Yes, it’s her money, but she’s an idiot.

  • onthegreenz

    You cant change stupid. And this raises that bar to a new level .

  • jjjerrycole

    This is heavy, heavy stuff. I’m sure the police will be tailing these people on a regular basis. On the other hand Holmes, and McDow have the capability to divert powers that be with attorneys, detective agencies, and other questionable sources. Instead of seeking rehab it seems they are embarking on the party route including lots of drugs. That will end in an overdose, or more charges eventually. They have it in their power to change their lives forever, for the better, one wonders what is holding them back?
    Somebody is watching this play out in Hollywood. It will make a great screenplay. Fill in the blanks, wouldn’t surprise me if someone is writing the story as I type this. Just waiting, for the ENDING! If I had to guess it will be tragic.

  • Mosco Capone

    She put her criminal boyfriend before her children and their future. That shows you the type of irresponsible parent she is. Sometimes I wonder about God and why he gives people like her a chance in life like that and not someone who will truly appreciate it and do something good with it.

  • Durkheim

    better leave that dude in prison, he is trouble and may put your life in great danger

  • Name

    he’s selling and she’s a millionaire, but that’s society.

  • scott

    My question is, why is this idiot boyfriend dealing drugs when this girlfriend has 88mil?

  • Risky Whiskey

    you can’t make this stuff up….are black women really this incredibly stupid???

  • 2 Sets Of Rules!

    No big deal. We can be assured all the right wing dementia crowd will support her with their “it’s my money and I’ll do what I want with it”, right? Oh wait, she’s black, OOPS! Never mind it’ll be a steady flow of verbal filth. Then they’ll go back to defending Hastert the High School Rapist!

  • Zumbur

    She should be locked up for her terrible use of grammar.

  • SlimveggieLuv

    Something’s not right. If she posted bond twice at the usual 10% rate then she only cough up a misly $900,000. Am I right or am I right??

  • michael145

    Why is the boyfriend still selling drugs if she has 88 million? Maybe she could have given him the 9 million she spent on getting him out of prison before he went to prison and then he wouldn’t have needed to sell drugs. Then again if he’s a drug addict he would have just blew through it. Also, if he’s a drug addict and they live together how much you want to bet she is too? Why can’t normal people win the lottery? Lol.

    • SlimveggieLuv

      They keep saying 9 million it’s not right. She posted bond which is usually 10% of the total bail. Which means she paid a total of only $900,000

  • chinwendu1

    Just too unbelievable 🙁

    What of the children’s future?

  • Kordell70

    This is why I really wish reporters would explain the nuances of bail to people in their articles. Too many people see what they want to see when an article is written this way and then they make ridiculous comments about the lottery winner. First off, if she were to post bond for her boyfriend via a bail bondsman she would only have to pay 10% of the bail, HOWEVER, that money is then lost forever even if the bf shows up to court. This is akin to a service fee paid to the bail bondsman who then vouches for the remainder of the bail. Of course they will then place a lien on assets, etc. The alternative IF you have the money and can pay the ENTIRE $9 million in bail is to do so. Then if the bf shows up to court you get ALL $9,000,000 back. The bail is just a way to help give more insurance that someone will make sure the defendant shows up. So, financially speaking you can put up 10% of the bail and get a bondsman and guarantee a loss of $900,000 or 10% of $9,000,000 whether the bf shows up to court of not; plus possibly lose an additional $8,100,000 if he does not show up as the bail bondsman will put a lien on your assets; OR you can pay the entire $9,000,000 and get back 100% if he shows up (better return than using a bondsman) or lose all $9,000,000 which you would lose if you had a bondsman any way. In any event if you know the defendant will show up then her move is a very sound one. Only better move would be to not pay at all, but if you love someone and its your money, then it is your business.

  • Kadence

    What is an non drug dealer or user doing with 8000 bags of heroin? Also, comparing yourself to Jesus is just tacky.

  • Barbara Hanson

    At the rate she is spending money, she will be broke in about 5 years and then will wonder where the money went. 4 children and she is single?

  • Hans Peter Mayershofer

    Can dumb get any dumber ? This idiot of a mom should have her kids taken away and put in a proper home with intelligent parents. Why doesn’t social services get these kids to safety. The money apparently will not buy this so called mom any common sense. Screw the money and save the kids.

  • Barbara Hanson

    What a dingbat!! Is English her first language?

  • whozit7

    And y’all is getting took to the cleaners. Hell, y’all I’ll be your drug pusher boyfriend for a whole lo less than $9 mill, y’all.

  • Djfjrjdjd

    This gir is stupid!!!!

  • rlspls

    I sincerely will pray for her and most of all for her children, may God bless and protect those little ones.

  • Christine

    Did this girl just compare herself to Jesus? K.

  • Kay A Cecil

    she’ll be flat broke, in jail or dead in a short amount of time with a drug dealing boyfriend..

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  • James Burg

    What she should do is stop stealing white culture and stop straightening her hair. She needs to stop using hair extensions. That is some bullshit. Im sick of black girls trying to act white. She aint fooling no one. She is ghetto. Always was always will.
    Crack aint going to smoke itself.

  • Steven Alexander


  • what

    Jesus giveth, Jesus taketh away (oh, there is no jesus, well shi…….)

  • Steven Alexander

    What is it? First reports said $3,000,000…..then 6… $9Million???? Really hope she gets some financial counseling….shake the crabs off her heels as she climbs out of the barrel….and keep moving….if for no other reason, do it for her children…..

  • Patty

    Sister, think carefully about what you’re doing. I won’t tell you how to spend that money or who to love but listen to your financial planner and put some of that away for safekeeping.

  • Roberto J Rodriguez

    The true definition of stupid….

  • Navajo Mud Toy

    And everyone just thought she was going to waste it on bling and hair weaves…

  • Mario Clemons

    If anyone was unsure as whether the lottery winner was from the south, the myriad of “yalls” in her facebook post should satisfy you with great certainty. The reporter seemed to cringe at having to read such poor grammar.

  • DRT

    Good chance this woman would have to fear for her life… 9mil might be a small price to pay for safety.

  • tacha

    never done nothing that crazy and foolish for love and im not bailing anybody out of jail UNLESS, I know for a fact that they are innocent… period. I’m a single mother of four and cant get child support… really????

  • DRT

    The state got more than 50% of that money. Why is no one asking what they are doing with their share?

  • stephen1949

    You’re absolute right, Sugabelly. I am not really bothered, but I wanted to give her something to think. about before she blows the entire amount of winnings. Probably she won’t listen because she swears he’s not a dealer or a user, and the rest unspoken which would read “I know the brother loves me, and he’ll be there for the long term. Yeah, honey, with your money. Most compassionate people don’t want others to suffer, so we reach out and throw some words of caution her way. You’re right, she can do anything she wants with the money, but to me it speaks volumes about her character that she would spend 3 million on the heroin trafficing boyfriend, but how much on each of her four children, who will support them? It’s the same old sad/black story.

  • DRT

    We should be asking what the state is spending their share on. Maybe it should be education. Radical idea, I know.

  • Kim Mcc

    This woman is incredible. I cant stop thinking about this women. At first I was mad, and now I feel sorry for her. To spend this type of money on a man who for some reason will not marry you , is sad. I would think that this dude would have put a ring on her finger after all the money she has wasted on him. With large amounts of money, come large responsibilities. Why not just get him a lawyer.? This women is very very insecure to say the least!!! Yes, it is her money to spend, but dang!!! I would suggest that she seek mental help immediately. At this point, its not about the money, it’s mental.

  • sunni_daze

    A fool and her money will soon part.

  • thrsalimit

    It is only these types that win the Powerball young ignorant and uneducated

  • disqus_Wz58Qq14ii

    “A fool and their money will soon part”

  • nah,.. thats too much i guess


    Any assistance (if EVER RECEIVED) for her children, from the state, should be DEDUCTED from these funds. The idea (AS YOU PUT IT) . . . . If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9
    million dollars to give, we’d likely be bailing our loved ones out of
    jail too.

    Only FOOLISH FOOLS like this one do foolish things. No man’s (?) should be worth millions in value over that of the WELL FARE of your children. Her children should be removed from her custody.

  • Stargazer

    What she should do is take some of that money and after she’s done paying off her share of the welfare benefits, she should take some classes in how to speak intelligibly!

  • treydawg

    tommy Sotomayor is going to have a field day with this.

  • Robert What?

    Actually we have every right to tell her what to do with her money. But she also has the right to ignore it. It is unfortunate that she decided to play into almost every bad stereotype we can think of.

  • Joe Bognanni

    26 with 4 kids ok where i don’t have an answer i will ask this question was she on welfare? if she was and i say if than why was she allowed to waste our money on tickets?

    • Bea

      No, she worked two jobs to support her kids. One job was at Walmart and one at McDonalds. Less than 1/3 of blacks receive welfare, so, why do you ask, when chances are twice as great that she doesn’t receive welfare?

  • Stacey

    There shouldn’t be a war on drugs to begin with. As soon as officials saw an opening, they began legally robbing her. Of course, no one is going to suspect the obvious, smh.

    • Bea

      Robbing her is right, if it is true. I think this story is a hoax, like the story that Dylann Roof, who killed 9 church members, had a bond set a $1million and has bonded out of jail. That story has been circulating on the internet and I did some research and discovered that story was not true. I did some research on this story, as well, and a prosecutor in NC said that no court records show that this woman paid $9 million in bail…

    • cmi

      Drugs are ILLEGAL!! When something is illegal do not do it, fool, simple as that!! And you are right, there shouldn’t be a war on drugs!! If the stupid asses would NOT use them, there wouldn’t be a war on drugs!! How stupid do you have to be to use something illegal you will get “hooked” on??? Not smart at all!!!

  • oscardgrouch

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t she get the bail money back when he shows up for his court date?

    • cmi


  • asia

    yes it is her “MONEY” she can do whatever she wants with it. “WHO are “WE” to judge. I was hoping that she at least put away for the children’s colleges.

  • Peter Rockwaters

    For all you people coming to her defense, get a grip on reality. “Don’t judge others” and “You’ve never walked in her shoes”…bullcrap! She’s another dummy with money who doesn’t want to let go of her ghetto a$$ boyfriend or lifestyle. You can disagree all you want but it’s only going to push you further into the disconnected world you live in. Her kids are in danger of following her dumb a$$ footsteps. Would I bail out a loved one if I had the money? Love and wisdom are two separate things…hell no I wouldn’t! I grew up in the hood. Seen and done it all. I make no excuses for my wrong doing. And I especially will not make excuses for the actions of others

  • omniscientperson

    Ghetto is as Ghetto does.

  • Sugar Daddy

    Lol, go figure

  • Cornelius Williams

    Where is the State Child Protection Laws in NC. or just like most other states it’s just another dead black person. Drugs in the same house with kids is grounds for removal.

  • WizKareefah

    I understand her bailing a loved one out and I can’t judge her for that. What I don’t understand is how you have all this money and you’re not able to live a clean lifestyle. There’s no need for drugs or paraphernalia. You now have money to pay for rehab. There’s no need for illegal guns, you now have money to obtain a permit. Judging from her Facebook post, She needs to go to college. She has the money to pay for college. Money can’t fix stupid I guess. Great parenting having your kids witness a drug arrest. It’s not like she can’t afford to be away from that lifestyle.

    • Bea

      Some of the biggest drug users are people with money. Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Phillip Hoffman, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix have died from drugs, just to name a few, …The charge was “simple marijuana.” Probably half the country has smoke marijuana and nor have I read where the gun was illegal. Seems, you expect her to be some kind of “angel” when most Americans are not…

      • WizKareefah

        Look at all those dead people you listed. Seems like not being angel paid off, right? IF you have money, uplift yourself and more importantly create a good life for your kids. Pretty simple. Too bad there will always be people who you support that aren’t happy because they have nothing, then they get something and still can’t shake the idiotic behavior. Having money gives you options, she clearly doesn’t want options. Which is a shame when you have kids.

        • Bea

          i guess that is my point. Uplifting yourself to create a good life is not “pretty simple,” or these people I listed would not be dead… You, yourself say that “money can’t fix stupid, I guess,” and then you say that money should fix her “stupid”… I guess what I’m saying is, stop trying to “understand” her and “judging” her (by her facebook page), or condemn her parenting skills, or claim illegals guns and don’t expect her to be an angel, when most Americans are not…Simply, wish this stranger who you know nothing about… the best…

  • Thomas Kenneth Dennis

    hood rat

  • Joe Joseph

    The old saying, ” A fool and their money soon part”

  • Janice McCray

    STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. Just wasting money on a loser!

  • Steve

    I have my own money, but she is a disgrace for bailing out and even being involved with a drug dealer at all. Her responsibilities having 4 kids and subjecting them to this enviroment to begin with is disgusting and money won’t buy them freedom only hardship and an early death, simply will lead them down the path of either OD’ing or being a target for robbery and execution style. She should have left this scum bag while God gave her way out, instead she chose to be stupid. Its not Love at this point, its plain Stupidity.

  • michelle

    umm, noooooo….I would absolutely not be spending my lottery money bailing out a drug dealing boyfriend…..I would take my loot and disappear from everyone….leave all that trash behind…..she is an idiot…..

  • mfandjb

    Just more proof that idiots and their money are soon parted.

  • john

    This s the new Definition of the word dumbass!! T bail a fool out jail twice wtf he o kill someone 9 million nothin to sneeze at. Once again all the wrong people win and get the big money

  • Cornelius Williams

    If this is love I don’t won’t it. The problem with her spending this much money on him, is he will still have to stand trial. What happens then? She will pay thousands for a lawyer and he will still get time. There is a difference in being in love and being a fool. If she won’t to love someone try Jesus and her kids. He would have to say in jail until hell freezes over if I had to bail him out. I don’t care if it’s her money or not.

  • Rob Rahn

    You can take the hood rat out of the hood……

  • marvs357

    Easy come, Easy go. Definition of idiom: “the loss of something that required only a small amount of effort to acquire in the first place.”

  • K Edwards

    what a stupid woman

  • I wonder how long before she’s back on welfare.

  • phillygirl1

    What a lousy mother to put her drug dealing boyfriend before her children. This was her chance to make a better life for her kids and she isn’t taking it. What a waste of money.

  • Tom Turrise

    Just goes to prove, once again, that you can’t fix stupid !

  • Ken

    She’ll be broke soon enough and back working at Mickey D’s and Walmart. Got the world by the balls and letting it go for some drug dealin’ scum.

  • 1Archangel

    LOL, Stupid people will never change. Millions of dollars and she has this loser for a boyfriend.

    I am taking bets that she will be broke and have nothing to show for it before 10 years have passed.

  • American Man

    DUH, you can’t fix stupid, shell be broke soon

  • cj

    hard to believe this moron has this kinda of money

  • bob

    typical hood rat winning the lottery. Beautch will be broke soon. Enjoy welfare and WIC you dummy!!

  • Barry Martin

    No one ever said that money made you smart.

  • Thomas

    This is steeper bail than most murderers get.

  • rbarreto372 .

    Y’all should get y’all head out of yo a$$ and leave that POS before he takes yo and y’all children down.

  • mike

    So it is not the lack of a job or money they are just animals!


  • Tom Johnson

    Some People will never learn
    no matter how many times you buy the books – they still eat them.

  • krystle

    Y”all is not worried about you and your man People are generally concerned about the children they deserve better.

  • jchew823

    Well, it just goes to show that you may have A LOT of money, but it won’t buy you intelligence!!!

    By doing what she did with her money, just shows that she chooses her thug boyfriend over her kids (which is stupid), and that she’s encouraging her boyfriend to do whatever he did to land him in jail the first 2 times…again. Just do she can spend more of her millions to bail him out all over again. What “wonderful” lessons she’s teaching her kids.

    She’s an idiot.

  • Gene

    You can take them out of the ghetto, but….

  • krystle

    I said she would be broke in 2 years. Yes I said it. She should be putting her children first this is pathetic.

  • BumpyRoadsahead

    She is not much different than the majority of lottery winners. Just Google it. Everyone thinks this is the answer to all problems, “if only” when in fact winning big money only magnifies & makes more problems.As with her, she has the same foolish ways & what has changed other than it makes the news how foolish she is as a public interest story. It’s not rocket science as history teaches us of all the rich & famous that have died miserable pitiful lives not controlling their drug or alcohol intake or thinking money is the cure all. The root of all kinds of evil is the love of money….

  • The Revanchist

    If she says Y’all one more time…..

  • boxersmom

    Take those kids away from her. They are obviously in a dangerous situation because of their mother. What mother would bring someone into their home with her kids that was arrested with 8000 bags of heroin? Really??

  • latemodelray

    I could care less what she has done with her new found rich’s …. 6 million dollars to bail someone out is silly. if the bond is that high 99% the time a prison term is in the future save your money and let him start clicking days off his term now

  • rainbow

    Stupid woman

  • Wess Lee

    I’d say the only way those kids see any of it will be if something is to happen to their mother! I guess it’s a good thing that money hasn’t changed her (or is it)?.

  • Tonya

    with all that money …but you still have a boyfriend who deals in drugs….
    love is definitely BLIND…..

  • Tony Minton

    She be dead or broke or both in no time. WTF is she thinking?? I am guessing she has multiple babay daddies with 4 kids a heroin dealer boyfriend and all. I mean reallt..the 1st thing she does is bail out her drug dealing BF??? stupid is as stupid does

  • Antoine Fisher

    she bess dump dat fool and gets a real man i iz dat man

  • Ben

    once they realize she won the powerball they’ll raise it to $87 million

  • ed_wood

    The older I get and the longer Iive, I recognize that there is seldom justice in this world.
    But it is my earnest wish that this worthless bit (ch) get the full force of justice that is due her.. e.g. overdose on her drugs.

  • Jerry Wilkinson

    First thing first this so call Boy -friend of dumbo he not worth 9 million with 8,999,999 n his pocket.second why would u take a lump some when u never had a lot of money before? Third if yr Boyfriend would have been the one to win this money ,you would have never been around him with 4 kids @ 26 yr of age.He been long gone from you with some white hussy lik the kardashiam type bitch.The final we will see you back in the news with a traget story attach to it.or on how the the lottery change my life for the worst .”I wish i never won the money” we will be watching for more headline on the new bobby n whit …

  • Bunny Lefluf

    Shortly after she won the money, Holmes posted $3 million bond for her boyfriend Lamarr McDow. McDow was in jail, facing heroin trafficking charges. McDow was implicated after an investigation unearthed more than 8,000 bags of heroin. <<< a beautiful girl like her.. wasting her time on that loser.. girl you can do better.

  • BayCal2

    Oh, come on! How can you report a story like this and then use several paragraphs worth to try and defend her?! She’s an idiot and a disgrace! No, her money is not mine, nor do I benefit from it. However, anyone with half a brain can look at this story and know she is completely irresponsible and unworthy of her fortune!

  • Eric Matterson

    Over under 10 years for being broke again

    • mizz new money 2u

      Less than that

  • Verner Hornung

    Good example of why we don’t need state lotteries. They are immoral and the state cannot claim the righteousness of its laws, including drug prohibition, if they are running a gambling operation. The lawmakers who voted to start these lotteries up again during the 1980s and the officials who operate them today deserve life prison sentences as much as the heroin dealer in this story does.

  • Telling It Like It Is

    It’s her money and at this rate will be gone soon. But she’ll be “blessed”, because she’ll claim poverty and get on welfare. The amount of money she spent on bail could last a lifetime in the right hands, but as she said, it’s hers and not ours! If it were mine and I was to spend $9 million, I would build shelters for homeless veterans. I can guess how much she’s donated to charity!

    It should be mandatory if someone wins that kind of money that they have to pay back all of the money they originally received from welfare! She won more than enough for that I’m sure!

  • joseph murrieta

    The way things are going in 5yrs she will be kicking herself in the A** and wondering were did all that money go,seems she is one DUMBA** with a big bank account. I would have left his A** in jail,a drug
    dealer is nothing but trouble,she should take her kids and move out of state and leave him behind.

  • Helen R. Robare

    As the old saying goes “you can’t fix stupid”. What a waste of money that could have gone towards giving her kids a much better life and a great education. Instead she spends it on a drug dealing boyfriend. That’s not love…that sheer stupidity!

  • TheDevilMadeHerDoIt

    Just Another Silly Wigga & Jackpot Winner !!!!! just saying

  • asimpleretard

    All hope in humanity lost. That big of a dealer, and people are saying this is a good thing? And people are also saying she has 3 men in her life? That’s what the kids need, a serious drug dealer in their life. How do you get that deep in drugs and not run into selling people too?

  • Danny

    The whole irony of this news story is that the writer says we shouldn’t be concerned with what she does (nor anybody else does) with their money. If that’s the case and you feel so strongly about it then . . . Why the hell did you even write the story in the 1st place??? If you, me, the readers should mind our business then why are you writing this stupid story..My last 2 cents is it SICKENS ME when people of this low-life quality win these ridiculous sums of money then piss it away on wasteful things like this.

  • Frank Bongino

    Sowzzzz How do I getzzz sum of Dat Love connection cash? I could B her next Mac Daddy and showzzz her how to spend Da Cash.
    So Da Moral of the story is Fubup and Movezzz Up….Uh Hu izzzz Dis How it B dun?

  • Give Me The Beef

    I DON’T know how a person like this is rich, she has a gun in the house with drugs and her boyfriend is just a shady, as she is. The kids need to be taking away from that environment, and place somewhere else. How are bad people, like this rich i know it is luck it is either, you have the luck or you don’t.

  • Vincent Hammons

    What Y’all need is an education

  • Charles H Rooney Jr

    What y/’all needs to member is he not a drug dealer or user, he only had 8,000 bags of heroin. WTF?

  • TheRealTruthSerum

    She broke the record for saying “Y’all” the greatest number of times in one paragraph. She’s also in the running for the record for ‘how fast can you piss away your lotto winnings.’ How much you want to bet that even after all she did for him, her guy is running around behind her back?

  • Mark Thompkins

    Don’t you just love how stupid some people are? She will be back on welfare within 10 years.

  • Vincent Hammons

    poor kids should be taken away from this retarded mom before they inherit her stupidity

  • Zazu Whatyougonnado

    There are some rough times coming for this sheboon. She just doesn’t know it yet. She’s not likely to survive them.

  • Bobby Dinkel

    Just proves one thing. No matter what crime you commit enough money can buy you’re freedom. Imagine the people waiting in the wings to take her money. She’s a easy target! None of you here have been trained on how to handle such large sums of money so you have no idea how you would handle 120 million dollars. Now me, I would have put 50K on his commissary and he would have owned the guards, prisoners and had protection, drugs, cigarettes, women, everything.

  • Rodney Havens

    What a loser . she wont have money long

  • earthie48

    Talk about STUCK ON STUPID! This SUPER DUMB ITCH has FORU (4) CHILDREN, and she BLOWS that fortune on a low down DRUG DEALER …. is she kidding us, and informing her CHILDREN that DRUG DEALER, possibly their dad, IS MORE IMPORTANT than their WELL BEING! Lord Jesus, find these kids a half-azz HAPPY HOME, this is heartbreaking, at the core! She deserves to be in jail, not the DRUG DEALER!

  • How can she keep a man like that around her kids?

  • Christinexo

    Not true! My family would not spend anything to get me out of jail and I wouldn’t either. She is going to lose all her money soon.

  • TheDevilMadeHerDoIt

    Idiot Girl For Sure !!!!

  • bigbubbatadsworth

    One thing for sure, you can’t fix stupid.

  • Thomas Michael Kielbasinski

    another stupid airhead!

  • TheDevilMadeHerDoIt

    Silly Wigga A Fool & Her Money Is Soon Parted !!!!! just saying

  • bigbubbatadsworth

    I wouldn’t bail my own mother out of jail, for nine million. She would have to stay in jail, until her trial.

  • bigbubbatadsworth

    Just another reason why poor people, don’t need money. They should stay poor, and stay in the hood, the ghetto, the projects, trailer parks, and in Appalachia. There’s no difference between a hood rat like her, and some drooling meth using white trash, in Appalachia. Those drooling redneck hillbillies in Appalachia, would have done the same thing, if they had the money.

  • Clay Whalen

    Thats sad that money should of went towards her kids and her So they could have a good life and the kids would have money put away for college. But instead she bail her boyfriend out and end up in jail with him. Sad

  • Clinton Baysinger

    be cheaper to get a new boyfriend

  • She’s very pretty, she must be getting high to, birds of a feather.

  • “Money can”t buy you class…..”

  • jazzielady

    stupid is as stupid does – Forrest Gump

  • Cliff Arroyo

    Women will do anything for some sweet thug love….

  • glasser72

    pretty much wrech everything they come they also like to play the “VICTOM” ROLE, SO THEY DONT HAVE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THERE ACTIONS. GET REAL America!

  • GlobalInfantry

    Dumb people like her keep me alive. She’ll eventually die and leave more resources for me.

  • euonce evens

    Too bad she can’t buy herself a brain!!

  • TheINternetTroll

    Why does god give stupid people money…..

  • Edmund


  • MMC56

    A fool and her money are soon parted. Love it! Hilarious! It’s just a shame that the money couldn’t have gone to a worthy cause instead. What a bunch of scumbags.

  • Marx Hausen

    As a young African woman , which I am Afr-Am female, she is very STUPID. She should be trying to produce a better life for herself and her children but she has a low-life ghetto mindset. “A fool and his/her money will soon part” and she will regret her own stupidity when nothing is left. She needs to go to rehab and set up some type of foundation to keep other Blacks out of trouble, but she has real issues. If she is not careful, all the money will be gone and she will end up on welfare, another statistic only DUMBER!!!

  • Thomas Peek

    Common as muck, the woman has no ‘classe’ and the brains of a Rocking Horse, its people like her(and there are millions of them) that have dragged America to its lowest low.

  • simon tills

    Who said that niguh broads are dumb?


  • orion58

    According to the woman, Veronica Wells, who wrote this piece, “we were all excited to learn” this mother of four had won the powerball lottery. I’m just wondering who “we” is. Nothing personal but I don’t give a rat’s anus who won ANY lottery and that certainly includes this one. Unless she promised me a cut if her number came in I don’t give a damn what she won. Who the crap is this Wells woman to presume to speak for us?

  • Lana

    It makes me sad when people like this win money, so much good could have been done with it, instead she’s an idiot for being with a drug dealer and around her kids too !

    • leslie boldy

      people???? monkey and monkeys cannot be house broken… yo al no dat….

  • thee1truth

    Haahaha… Poor Decision Black Lives Matter.
    For 9 Million dollars she could of bought a real man.

  • Douglas Rhodes

    The writer of this article is a moron: Why would she assume that we’d “…be bailing our loved ones out of jail, too…”? Many of us come from families and cultures where we don’t have loved ones in jail. Further, the writer acts as though this woman’s actions are victimless. Doesn’t the writer care about this woman’s children? Appalling and reprehensible! Don’t children’s lives matter?

  • nunya

    Did she really say they talked about Jesus so she’s not surprised yall are talking about her? Jesus didn’t put children in danger. Nor did he not share his gifts with those in need. He prolly prayed for forgiveness for someone that had EIGHT THOUSAND bags of a drug that was killing millions of people. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t turn those 8000 bags into 9 million dollars.
    I’m having the hardest time wrapping my head around all the ignorance that’s breeding in America.

  • Markov Chain

    good, at least the money is circulating!

  • Douglas Rhodes

    Let’s start some pools: 1.) How long before she’s dead?
    2.) How long before she’s bankrupt?
    3.) How long before she’s in prison?
    4.) How long before her boyfriend kills her children?
    5.) Which of the above happens first?

    • bigpinch

      6. How soon will she “have” to apply for AFDC?

  • efesgirl

    “Y’all” better wise up before “y’all” finds herself broke and homeless. She wouldn’t be the first big lottery winner to toss all her money up into the air. *POOF* !

  • Brian Archibald

    It sounds to me that she maybe part drug dealer / user too. She should be like him and be locked up too. She should lose her kids too and NOT get them back.

  • Lisa Morrow

    a FOOL and her money are soon parted

  • tom

    There is an old saying, there is a moron born every minute. She just proved it is true.

  • Hugh Wyatt

    What a fool!

  • death

    just leave the country u clowns , start over some where new get out of your old habits and neighborhood, see you give people free stuff and they still mess up hire a bodyguard if ur scared u dont need a gun dumb felon

  • Christopher De Mott

    She is so beautiful, and she is now rich, I cant understand why she would
    put herself in this situation. She needs to drop this guy and find someone
    that respects her, if he did respect her, after being bailed out the first time
    he wouldn’t of brought drugs and weapons to her house. I really hope i
    do not read another negative story on Ms. Holmes, All though i do not
    mind looking at her beautiful face and that gorgeous smile.

  • Bbold

    You can get a person out of the ghetto but you can get the ghetto out of a person.

  • Chrisap

    It’s sad that this woman is going to most likely lose everything becasue of her drug dealer boyfriend. In less than a year, he has already cost her more than 10% of her prize. The money may be gone within a few years. I hope she has set up the children’s education funds. I hope she has some good friends that will warn her of the risks of marrying the drug dealer. A very sad sad story. She should invest in an education for herself as well!

  • Dean

    nobody should be in this ladies business, What she does with her money is her own business.. all you haters are jealous!!! even i’m a little jealous BUT I’M NOT A HATER………….

    • frances

      Nobody hates her, but she has cast her lot with a criminal and she’s bailed him out more than once. If something doesn’t happen to make her see the light, her own children may be the ones paying the price for her stupidity. I seriously doubt anyone commenting is jealous of her good fortune. It’s possible to be happy for her on one hand that she is wealthy, but quite another to express justifiable disapproval for her poor choices. Everyone agrees that what she does is her business. It’s just too bad that she apparently doesn’t have someone who can advise her financially and who doesn’t have any ulterior motive to do so.

  • Chris Parker

    Latin pigs would refer to this woman as a *bum ditch*. I hope her children can get away from her ASAP.

    The first part of the article, listing all her good intentions, cracked me up….church tithe, college funds for the kiddies (is that a GOOD thing, nowadays? ha)…ah, the best laid plans of mice and men… hahaha

    Sure….give your money to *liars*! (oh, sorry…lewy-yahs) ha

  • joegoldstein

    This story, like so many others, tells me dis yall, we shore do’s live in one f’d -up country.

  • wiliam

    Descendants of apes ! know doubt about it !

  • StinkyKokssukir

    And I beez sho’ he out rapin sum mo’ white girls t’marra! She ain’t be gots no brainz enuhow….
    Thilly Nigrowze

  • Mich0225

    I wonder if she would give me $8000 so I can finish college?

    • joegoldstein

      I would but your white and have no chance of getting a job once your out of school.

      • Mich0225

        I’m not actually. I am an education major in Kansas City. I will have no problem getting a job. I have one waiting on me as soon as I graduate.

        • joegoldstein


  • joe tee

    the bondsman and the state are licking their chops right now

  • nunya

    Sooooo she bailed him out but has he been found guilty? Which means he has to go back to court and will more than likely be sent to prison. Which also means that no amount of money can get you out of your sentence. Which ALSO means that she wasted the money. Yeah, you can’t tell anyone what to do with their money. But you can say she is ignorant.
    I also would like to know if she was on welfare. A lot of single, white or black, mothers receive government funds. But those who contribute to the welfare of others, i.e. our money, have no say in where it goes. But nobody standing in a welfare line waiting on their check has ever said “what y’all need to be worried about is yall money”. Never in the history of ever has that been said.
    And to the so called journalist……I dunno what world you live in but in a smart person’s world 9 million dollars “honestly” would not be spent bailing out a loved one that had EIGHT THOUSAND bags of herion. (If they were “honestly” not guilty) I’d be like…look babe…just chill for a bit and ima get a REALLY good attorney for you. Otherwise, me and my kids are going on vacation. Buh bye.

  • kurtstull

    She knows the father of her children better than any of us, and she knows what her children’s needs are, so I think she is doing what is best for her family, and I do not blame her at all for bailing out her boyfriend. I just hope that he appreciates this chance to start a law abiding life, and to be the best father he can be to his children, and also do right by his girlfriend and marry her. Beyond that, if the taxpayers contributed to the cost of raising her family and paying her bills, then maybe taxpayers wouldn’t be so wrong to suggest that she pay back that money. And ditto for all government beneficiaries who became rich sports figures, music artists, movie and TV stars, etc. Then THAT would earn them respect and leave people with nothing else to say.

    • nunya

      You’re new here, arent you? Let me be the first to say hi! 🙂 Soooo anyway, welcome to Earth. What planet do you come from?

      • kurtstull

        Ork. Nanu nanu.

  • solvermn

    ok the woman’s comment about how I spend my money is my business is correct it is not our business.
    How ever when you spend 3 million to bail out a boyfriend it becomes public business and we can comment. He is not a drug dealer?? but after YOU bail him out he can not even get home on time?? in addition drugs are found in your house. did you bring them in? no? then look to him. but you said he is not a drug user. and you are not a fool either. over 10% of you total take home money spent on a man who dis respects you by not getting home in time to avoid a curfew violation.


    not any of my business….this does not affect me however…she is habitually making poor decisions.

  • mom

    As long as she doesn’t end up taking one dime from the taxpayers for herself or her kids, what she does with her Lotto winnings does not concern me at all.

  • Lisa Waka

    A fool and her money are soon parted….

  • Scatha

    I play the lottery when I have a few extra dollars and when I hear of someone winning I always say to myself I hope they were in NEED and really DESERVED to win it. The fact that after taxes she came out with $88 million, she and her children were set for LIFE. At the rate she is going now, she will end up with no money and perhaps no children. She needs to get her head on straight and realize her children are MORE important than any man, if they if was the kids father. He chose to do wrong. What sort of message is that sending to the kids???

  • AuntieSocial1

    I think people who pay their taxes, work their butts off, buy tickets, and watch other people win, have a right to their opinion. We may not have the right to tell someone how to spend their winnings; however, we have a right to form an opinion of a pompous, idiot who could be doing much more positive things with the money than enabling her drug dealer boyfriend and his addictions. Furthermore, “birds of a feather, flock together…” She may have a makeover, to try to “look” classy; but, class isn’t something you can buy. Furthermore, she holds herself above others, telling people she will pray for them and “they talked about Jesus so I’m not surprised y’all are talking about me.” HUH? lmao Well, at the rate she is going, she will be broke or dead, with company she keeps. If she doesn’t change her ways she will be bailing her kids out of jail too if the money lasts that long. Well, I will pray for her, because obviously SHE needs it.

  • First Last

    Maybe she could use some of the money to take English lessons.

  • Kevin Walters

    Personally, I don’t care what she does with her money, it won’t be hers much longer -there’s a price for stupidity, and it often has unintended consequences

  • Jim

    Here’s a thought….Maybe she can some more of that money and bailout the Ferguson Protesters….like Jay-Z and Bouncie are doing!!!

  • Daniel Barger

    What a moron. She’ll be broke in less than 5 years.

  • Michael Failla

    It just goes to show that while you can take the girl out of the trailer park, you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

    • nunya

      Best comment…..ever.

  • oO

    Yeah, she’s gonna go broke.

  • Jed Reedy

    “not a user or a deal” then what is he? the dumbass friend who just holds it for the dealer/user?

  • Taliesin

    I hope she loses every single penny.

  • Peanutzdad

    What a dummy. She’ll be broke before too awfully long.

    • ChicoEscuela

      Be careful now, she voted for BHO and now wants to vote for the asleep Bernie…..
      So what are you telling us, that ignorant people voted for BHO and will now vote for da Bern?

  • BOZ13

    The question is NOT why would she spend that much money to bail out her fiance’. The question is…WHY would you be dealing drugs when the woman you are about to marry is worth $80 million?

  • brian

    hope she has a good will. Her “boyfriend” with 8,000 bags of heroin is hanging out with some great company and influencers and very friendly people…

  • mitch jones

    who ya think paid for 8,000 bags of heroin?

  • Leftshot

    I couldn’t care less about her spending habits. Endangering the lives of those kids? Now that’s a different matter.

  • rw93003

    A fool and her money are soon parted.

  • Shark Bite

    jesus christ people, it’s bail money, she will get it all back when he goes to court or rearrested. If she used a bail bonds man 10%.

    • Taliesin

      Are you insane? This is normal behavior in 2015?

  • Jeff Morse

    She’s a pretty girl but I heard her speak after winning the lottery. She’s as dumb as a bag of rocks.

    • Taliesin

      It doesn’t take Einstein to say “Quick Pik”

  • Cori Hatchet

    Her money.

    • Taliesin

      You can take the girl out of the ghetto..Her money probably came from Welfare checks.


    Another thug life. they will be penniless before you can say the check in the mail.

  • Taliesin

    Um…no..I wouldn’t spend 3 dollars on my “loved one” to be bailed out of jail…truth be told.

  • can’t change

    Listen people you have it wrong…..It’s in her blood it’s her nature…no one in her family taught her good sense.She has a low self esteem probably dropped out of school..parents never around. God gave her a break from all evil she has encountered. She was given a way out for her and her children.I am not the one to judge either but this is where DHS needs to do their job clearly her children are not safe in their environment.You can take them from the streets and ghetto but you cant take away the streets and ghetto.Take an old car that doesn’t run and paint it. Its still an old car that doesn’t run.I feel so sorry for her and she cant do anything about it but tell us we are wrong. Shes the one who has to live with her choices. She will be broke soon enough.

  • altizar

    She gets the bail money back, IF he doesn’t skip the country. . . Which I doubt either of them will do since I don’t think they’d be able to figure out where the border is . . .


    Oh no. This woman is trash. Her boyfriend be trash too. It’s not about how she spends the money. But she’s spending the money to get a known drug dealer put back on the street. He will still have his connections, even with ankle bracelet. So she is a phony, pathetic excuse for a Christian. She doesn’t even care about the danger she is putting he kids in. I hope she didn’t use a bank and some white thug comes in and steals it all.


    You know the cliche`: “a fool and her money are soon parted”. And as a reward for her loyalty, she’ll be found dead in some back alley while her “friends” make off with her winnings.

  • wendy johnson

    what a shame before GOD!!!!!! SAD SAD SAD!!! She will be broke in 10 months

  • motorfingaz

    Can’t take the ghetto out of the chiyle

  • picnicfun

    Why does someone like this win?

  • Chris

    Lol this armadillo

  • Bonnie L. Lasha Steel

    you can lead a horse to water……..but you can’t fix stupid

  • BReyff

    So sad. Honey, you best drop that loser and find you a real man. Even if he is the father of your children (some or all), if you defend him could possibly lose your children, all your money and maybe your life. God has better for you. If you are engaged and get married, what you had before you marry is yours, so never co-mingle that money. I hope she did buy a house but if she gets caught up in drug deal, gov will take her house and cars. Wonder what her children will think of her when they are older and realize what she has done or perhaps they will go down the same road. I live about 45 minutes from Shallotte NC and it is a nothing tourist town and drugs are rampant. I hope she was smart at first and set up trusts for each one of her children so they might have a decent chance in life. So many stories about people winning lottery and with their poverty mentality they are broke in a few years and many are dead in a few years. And I am really surprised some thug hasn’t weaseled their way into her life for the money – of course this guy is probably staying for the money.

  • Edward R Morrow

    This is no real surprise. Thuggery is a mindset – no amount of money can change that.

  • the single mom of four playing the lotto with her welfare checks – ain’t america great.

  • K B

    Like the old saying goes…Easy come…Easy goes…..

  • Sean Williams

    Is anybody surprised? It’s really easy for us to say what in the hell is wrong with you? But hey its her money, she can do with it as she pleases. But don’t come crying to us when its all gone, and you might actually need it, oh i don’t know, for your kids.

  • Decline of an Empire

    Sadly, this woman will be bankrupt in the not too distant future. Happens to a lot of people that win the lottery. They just don’t understand how to manage wealth.

  • Thelma Mayflower

    Poor kids!

  • Chip

    This lady may have been lucky , but she’s also very, very stupid. She’s obviously connected to a real winner in a mass heroin trafficker. Typically those types of boyfriends are not associating with Beaver Cleaver if you get my drift. The dumbest thing she has done is to have publicly become known as a major lottery winner in her situation. She is now marked …and not in a good way by her boyfriend and his pals by now.

  • ★RokStarR☆

    Who is she going to bail next? Suge Knight? I’m sure she knows him through her so called boyfriend. Hey Suge you have a winner right there if you still need that bail money.

  • robmoore

    I suspect in three or four years, her story will show up in a documentary about lottery winners who throw away all their money and end up broke, again. It just goes to show that luck in winning the lottery needs to be matched by intelligence and a willingness to be cautious.

  • Dee Dunbar


  • Camel22

    87% of the people are thinking the same thing but if they dare write what they think, the moderators immediately will delete the post. The other 13% who don’t feel this way are the black population.

  • Parkknoll

    The girl certainly knows how to pick ’em. No worries about safeguarding or using the unearned wealth wisely. It will soon be gone.

  • Erica Kensho

    A fool and their money……….

  • tom silk

    girl friend turn and run away as fast as you can a herion addict will burn you at any chance. take your money and hide somewhere and find a rich boyfriend.

  • Cory Wells

    i thought the whole purpose of winning the lottery was to better your life.

  • flibbit

    Gee… this’ll end well. NOT! This just goes to show how money can’t buy intelligence.

  • GayleMarie

    What stupidity can do to people when they get a large amount of money in their hands. It has nothing to do with race – All PEOPLE are THAT stupid!!!

  • VictoriaN

    Can take a person out of the ghetto, can’t take the ghetto out of the person.

  • middleageninja

    Blacks…. They can win money, but they can’t buy brains.

  • Joe Strange

    Every time a comment is ‘deleted’ your view of ‘reality’ gets a little smaller… All part of ‘The Plan’?

  • ★RokStarR☆

    Pretty soon that bank account is going to be empty like the dance floor on a Sunday morning. She’s going to be on CNN along with Octo Mom discussing what its like living from rags to riches and back to rags. No human being especially some hobo bum aint worth spending money on for their mistakes. Let that bum live life on learning the hard way. Tired of seeing these bums get hand outs. If she likes handing out money like that then she should travel to all states and hand every bum on the street 1 mill.

  • Mari

    I can promise you I wouldn’t give a loved one 100$ to get out of jail–let alone 9 million. Yes she can be as stupid as she wants with her money but it still irks me that idiots like this are the ones who win that money. I could use that money to pay off debts and take care of my grandparents. But instead it goes to this moron.

  • Bill Lunburgh

    Dat dude must be one mack daddy pimp.

  • Tom Smith

    You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the girl!

    • Edward R Morrow

      Same thing goes for Crackers.

  • azusa

    don’t care how much money this idiot will make she’ll be broke or dead she needs to do is run forest run you dumb MF’er

  • dale

    Answer me one question… Why would a man that has a woman worth over 80 million need to sell drugs?.. Two dummies…

  • Deena JeNiro

    Not even her Husband, only a boyfriend??? Just 2 words for her: FOOLISH & IDIOT!!!

  • Mary Mcfarland

    Sorry…..the author of this article is wrong……yes, the young lady is entitled to spend her money how she wants, but to blow 9 million on your no-good, drug-dealing boyfriend is both stupid and crazy and the author of this article attempts to excuse that reckless behavior by talking about “the things we do for love” is just as stupid.

  • talljohn777

    Good looks and brains do not go hand in hand….

  • Karl Schneider

    so boyfriend gotta deal dope…why?..can’t be for the money..

  • talljohn777

    A fool and her money are soon parted…

  • CJ

    its not about judgement of this person….its the fact that we all hope that when someone wins this amount of money, that somehow good things come out of it. this story makes the rest of us normal joe’s looking to do good, and never getting a lucky break…..sad. I don’t think the author of this story gets it…..

  • Meme

    Lord have mercy. First of all why the hell is their bails so high? Second of all she is an idiot. Typical ratchet hoodrat with good luck. I just cant with some people!

  • angryman

    frankly it makes me sick to see all that money wasted on this steaming pile of drug addict s**t
    there are litterally billions of people all over the world who are so much more deserving

    • FatCheesesteakers

      That money isn’t wasted, it’s going right back to NC courts and law enforcement.

      • Edward R Morrow

        Both of you are equally as stupid as she. Have you no idea of how the bail system works? 70IQ – total of all three.

        • FatCheesesteakers

          Not NC specifically but in other states so I checked. Turns out you are stupid.
          “If a bail agent is forced to forfeit on a bond, the bond amount is paid directly to North Carolina’s free public school system.” N.C. Bail Agents Assoc. President Mark Cartret

          • Edward R Morrow

            And Fat still does not get either post. Ah well.

            Bail agents don’t forfeit on a bond – perps who skip appearances forfeit on Bail bonds. In the case of a forfeit, Bail agents then pay the state the full amount of the Bond and then go after the Bond buyer’s assets to cover the Bond loss.

            Bail bonds are typically had for 10/15% of the face value of the actual bond. Follow now; If the Bond is one million, the purchaser’s payment to the Bondsman is 100/150K (K stands for thousand). In this case; the nominal cost of the Bond would be from 900K to 1350K. Since there was no mention of the bail being defaulted on, that 900k/1350k stays with the Bondsman as payment for services rendered. If the bonds are defaulted on (perp skips), then the face amount of the 9Mill bonds are due and collectable – the Bondsman pays the 9Mill to the State and then goes after the buyer’s assets to recover theat loss.

            However; If Lottery winner was stupid enough to put up the entire bond amount herself (it would save the Bondsman’s cut but lose the opportunity cost) ) and the perp does default, she is still out the entire 9Mill, which the State keeps and disposes of as provided by law.

  • Cory Wells

    god gives you another chance on life with 4 fatherless kids, and this is how you give thanks. pretty sad.

  • JRC

    Is her money . I hope that she does not become part of the problem. instead part of the solution

  • Gaultier Jean-Paul

    What a draconian taxation!! You mean if somebody wins 188million they only walk away with 88 AFTER TAXES!? That’s crazy!! Those taxes are way too high no wonder so many rich Yanks take their moneys and go bank it offshore!! So in the end, only Uncle Sam wins!! Worst country for taxes!!

    • Quantez Williams

      it’s not quite that much. it’s $188m if they draw it out over a lifetime. $127 is the lump sum. I guess they’re deducting all of the interest they would normally owe.

      • Gaultier Jean-Paul

        I am gonna do a research on the IRS taxation system and see how it works then in a couple of days time I will present you with my findings..

    • FatCheesesteakers

      You say Yanks. England has many tax expats living in other countries look at Ringo Starr citizen of Monaco.

      • Quantez Williams

        Ringo Starr lives in Beverly Hills, CA. I saw him pull out of his driveway less than two weeks ago.

        • FatCheesesteakers

          He has houses in Cali, England and Monaco. Taxe laws are about more than owning homes.

          Ringo Moves To Monte Carlo To Avoid Tax Laws

          Former BEATLE Ringo Starr has set up a permanent home in Monte Carlo so he can avoid tax laws in Britain and Los Angeles.

          The rocker still has homes in England and California but he chooses to live in Monte Carlo, Monaco because he gets to make more royalties money there.

          He says, “I live in Monte Carlo with residences in England and LA. I’ve had a house here in LA since 1975 and I love LA. I love America but I love LA.”

          Starr admits he has always fought against paying crippling tax bills: “It’s overrated. I want to do the Willie Nelson thing – you just don’t pay until they catch you and then you do some shows somewhere and it’s all forgiven.”

      • Gaultier Jean-Paul

        I agree.. But the taxes there is NOT so high like in the US… So just imagine if these kinds of heights in taxes were over there?

    • Edward R Morrow

      Your avatar is appropriate. Read the article again, though it is quite doubtful you will figure it out.

      • Gaultier Jean-Paul

        That’s the grand level of your IQ..
        Wont honor you with a worthy response. Walk good, old bell.

  • FatCheesesteakers

    He won’t make $9 mil selling heroin so how about retire, mooch off the cooch and save everyone the trouble?

  • diane

    Geez, even with money, no need to worry about housing, food, children, etc…. this “Black” Woman doesn’t want a better life. Talk about self destructive. She’ll be found dead sooner than later with the life she is choosing. Makes no sense to me what so ever.

  • Sakura

    It’s a sad shame that this low class piece of stupid trash is the one who won the lottery. She doesn’t deserve it, and she belongs in jail right along with her low class piece of stupid trash boyfriend. She has NO CLUE obviously, what right from wrong even is!

    • Quantez Williams

      she deserves it because she bought the winning lottery ticket, dee bag.

      • Nitro1211

        Dude come on….she is an idiot and so is her boyfriend.

        • Quantez Williams

          so what? it’s still her money.

          • Nitro1211

            This is true but as black people it’s makes us look bad…..

            • Quantez Williams

              to whom??

              • Nitro1211

                Have you been paying attention to us in the news…..they always portray us as idiots……if she had open a few businesses and gave people jobs we would never hear about her…think about it

          • Edward R Morrow

            It is not humanly possible for you to be so dull witted.

    • Patrick Covington

      Okay, get over yourself.

      • Edward R Morrow

        Sakura is right – you are too slow to get it.

  • The Final Word

    I hate to state the obvious, but she is one dumb b^tch.

    • Quantez Williams

      that’s some great analysis right there.

      • mrmiami1354

        80 mil now im depressed lol

  • cassieM2000

    In 5 years this women that we all jumped up and down about when she won because she has a disabled child and other kids, and had no job will be broke in 5 years, and that lowlife will be nowhere in sight. What an idiot.

  • mrmiami1354

    Ok but with 80 mil why the hell is he selling drugs anyway if she loves him enough to spend that kind of cash on his bail im sure she gave him some of that 80 mil

  • sven johnson

    calm down people . guaranteed a few of these brothas will be dead within a few months . thats what we need , right ?

  • Patrick Covington

    If the shoe was on the other foot, do any women here in the board think that a man would bail you out of jail if he had that kind of money, if it was the same situation?

    • Justice League

      bingo! we have a winner!!!!!

    • bill moore

      Depends on how good she is in bed.

    • ★RokStarR☆

      I wouldnt put it past if old girl was under the influence when she responded on fb. A guy like him probably helped or has her hook on that dope. Look at Whitney and Bobbi K when they responded to the people around them about their troubled guy friend. They denied and acted as if the people around them where the problem.

  • Allen2013

    She’s stupid. I hope the d*ck was worth it because he’s going to put a hit on you now, negro.

  • Ineeda Mann

    hahahahahahaha……nogga is as nogga does!!! He’ll probably beat her or kill her next and run away with the money. NEW LAW NEEDED: No NOGS can win lottery! It be bad for their culture and shee-it.

  • MarlboroStan

    9 million dollars is 10% of 90 million dollars. So this guy was in jail on a 90 million dollar bail? Are we sure the numbers are right in this article?

  • ★RokStarR☆

    Must have her Masters in Idiotology and a Minor in Common Sense

  • Diana Baskin

    I would not waste 9 million dollars to bail out a boyfriend. I wouldn’t even do it for my husband. A fool and his/her money will soon part. I would rather use it for a more worthy cause. Like feeding the homeless or helping the elderly or some other humane cause.

  • Matt Nen

    IF she ever go broke, I hope they deny her application for government assistance. Though I think she got the looks to be a street-walker, so that’s always an option for her.

  • Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

    at least she’s got a lot left over to have fun with.

  • Brian A. Kirkland

    She has $88 million, after taxes. She’s got another $79 million, and the bail will be returned, unless he disappears, which he should because he’ll never see the light of day again, once he goes to trial. If he doesn’t run, the real nut is going to be when she pays his legal fees. That’s a million or two she’ll never see again.

  • bill moore

    The heroin dealer will be in jail soon enough.

  • Erik Baran

    A fool and her money are soon parted.

  • pettida1

    If you have to spend $9 million on a dreg, do you think it’s worth it? Move your life on…he’s hasn’t come to grips on growing up. Especially twice in the can. Your money, your life.

  • Legend50


  • bill moore

    Well, if her boyfriend shows up for the trial, she gets the money back.

  • stephen1949

    There’s a reason many of these comments are deleted – think about it. So Miss Black Thing wins the lottery and what’s the very first thing she does – throws 9 million dollars in the garbage. Yes, in the garbage. If any of us gave that 9 million to a heroin trafficker that’s exactly what we’d say we did.

    Her “boyfriend” is in love with heroin, not her. How on earth could she be so blind?

    • But is it your money? Why are you bothered what she does with the money? She was never going to give any of it to you, so what is your business what she does with it. It’s HER money. She can spend it on nonsense if she wants to.

      • Patrick Covington

        You’re right, but a spade is still spade.

      • stephen1949

        To Sugabelly and others: The people commenting on this woman and her lottery winnings are on her side. They just don’t want her to make a huge mistake. Maybe they were caught in a similar situation at some point or maybe they’ve learned their lesson from previous relationships, but they don’t want to see her lose and go broke. They want her to keep her money and be able to support herself and her kids in a comfortable way.

  • For Bleep Sake

    “We really don’t have any right to tell her what to do with her money.”

    She’s still an idiot!

  • qonc1

    I don’t care what she spends and on whom – but if she keeps blowing it on that ghetto king she’s hooked up with – he’ll bleed her dry in no time. High-priced lawyers are expensive!

  • Notime2lose

    Hillary Clinton spends millions to keep her out of jail too! When you are crooked that is what you do.

  • Lord Have Mercy

    “A foolish negro and their money will always go separate ways.”~ My late Grandfather

  • Snakebite

    Hahahaha! Serioulsy? “Be blessed.” Sure. She is a single mother of four, he is a single father of three, and a drug dealer. Wow–winning team, there. As for bailing loved ones out of jail? I don’t think so. Don’t go to jail in the first place. Trash is trash, whether its your brother, sister, cousin or uncle. Pay the piper.

  • omegaman

    I see she has a real command of the English language.

  • crissy

    sad….im sure they took advantage of her 8 mil?? really, and he is gonna spend it all , my prediction was correct she had someone in prison…she could have bought her a million free men with all that money and she’s gorgeous

    • Patrick Covington

      Crissy you know what? It’s sad to say this but me and some others had predicted something negative was going to come about this lottery winning situation just because of the way she went about it from the start. To be honest, we were happy for her because you always hear about someone old winning the lottery. You don’t hear about or see too man young people winning that amount of money. When a co-worker sent me the story via text, she was like did we not say something would transpire from this? I was like wow!! This can’t be real. Again though, it’s her money. The decisions that people make in life ultimately shapes their future unless they change. I feel bad that it came to this, but what’s worse is how this will affect the children. I pray that she opens her eyes quickly or reality will set in too late.

  • C. G. Crayton

    This only goes to show how little self esteem some woman have, and their almost obsessive fear of being “alone”. She’s willing to sacrifice her kids well being in order to have a “man”.

  • Shame

    What scuzz! 3 years from now they’ll be bankrupt and still doing crimes & facing jail.

  • Kevin Floyd

    More evidence of a theory I have held for many years: If you took every last penny from every person in this country, and then divide it all into equal portions and redistribute it back to the populace, within 5 years all of the same people that were poor before you started…would be poor again. It isn’t about race, ethnicity, religion or any of the homo-racia-mysygo-islamo-phobia-ism crap. It’s about stupidity, selfishness, and a lack of personal responsibility. Runs through all cultures to some extent, but RAMPANT through others.

  • Afarin Yasna


  • Rick Roll

    Stupid negroes.

    Oh, wait, that doesn’t really narrow it down….

  • Steve Smith

    there should be an IQ test before someone gets that kind of money. Idiot Quotient. She would pass with flying colors and therefore should not get the money

  • Danny

    In my opinion, I wouldn’t waste that kind of money on someone who wasn’t interested in keeping a good life going. if they want to screw up their lives; so be it. They won’t be taking me, my family or children down with them.

    • Lisa Mazeh

      well said. most mothers or fathers that care at all about their children would thinkand act the same way

  • FuzzyFuzz

    Strangely enough, she was robbed of all money outside of her residence….boyfriend could not be reached for comment.

  • Larry Gockley

    The courts will set high bails and collect for non compliance and bail jumping. She’s going to be broke in 2 years if she lives that long as well as her kids (heirs). Sad situation.

  • Elizabeth Wilkins

    She’s absolutely right Y’all, it’s her money to do with as she pleases. Wonder if she got those college funds set up and the tithes to the church? The thing I’m most envious of though is a dude worth 9 mil; he’s gotta be a hell of a lay.

  • displaazz TheMan

    And a one and a two>>>>>>idiot

  • Patrick Covington

    First mistake, letting the world know that you won the lottery. “No one” came to her aid. Why? “No one” stepped up and said hey you, keep your mouth shut.

    Second mistake, if it’s true, bailing out an individual who was incarcerated on drugs charges. Well Miss Holmes, you defended him in your own words, letting everyone know that he’s not a drug dealer or nor does he do drugs. Then why was he locked up? You better have some hard evidence that it was sugar or flour. That ish is for the birds.

    Third mistake: Putting yourself in a situation where society will now criticize you with your kids in the mix of it all. Where are the level headed family members that will reach out to you and say hey girl…..-stop it…-or, are they keeping their mouths shut so that they don’t get cut off so that they can continue to leach off your bank. Money changes “everything”.

  • George W. George

    She needs to be investigated and her kids need to be taken away and put some place with decent people

  • rogerrramjet

    A very good thing there are no intelligence tests to get the lottery.

    But like they said her money her stupidity. Millions and they get back into drug dealing.

    You can take the person out of the trailer….

  • Starlette

    The curse of the Lottery!

  • aar340

    what about this seems right to anyone? shes living off the tax payer….she spends our money to gamble…..she then wins and instead of paying the tax payer back she bails out her criminal boyfriend….and at this rate she will be back stealing from the tax payer again…..I am sorry America but this isn’t a happy story….it actually sickens me….

  • JeromeMac

    When the government sets $3 million as a bail amount, they never expect anyone to pay it. But anyway, I support ending or at least reforming the war on drugs. I don’t care if someone smokes a little marijuana. But thousands of bags of heroin, and they are not a drug dealer? That is a lot of heron for personal use

  • Kanna-Chan

    Idiot woman. A fool and her money are soon parted.

  • Dean

    You can’t fix STUUUUUUPID!!!!

  • Seguro Que Sí…

    A fool and his money are soon departed!

  • vegasmell

    Ah another heart warming lottery story, this is a good one but no where close to my favorite which is the West Virginia contractor who drove around with $500,000 in cash in a storage trunk so he could tip strippers. He woke up (came to) more than once in his Suburban with all of his cash gone. Did I mention that a friend of his daughter died on his front lawn. West by god through and through

  • Lisa Mazeh

    And to the racists posting comments. your ignorance is no better than hers. this is not a black issue. all races do stupid things not just blacks. educate yourselves

  • terri turner

    She’s a complete idiot, and her children should be taken from her home, since she is determined to be with a dirtbag who lives a dangerous and criminal lifestyle. What kind of mother picks a man like that? Exposing them to their bad judgment and they see him get arrested? This kind of thing makes me sick. A dog would parent those kids better.

  • Mahatma Ghandi

    Y’all shouldn’t be judging me just cause I let a drug dealer bring drugs in my house and around my kids. It’s my business if I want to endanger my kids and spend their college money on bail. Y’all should see my new ankle bracelet. My kids be lov’n it. Y’all hold on a sec. I gotta go get my gun away from my young’ins. They playing let’s make a drug deal. Cute, aint they?
    Money can take you out of the ghetto but it can’t take the ghetto out of you.

  • Lisa Mazeh

    The money is the last thing people should be talking about. What about these children? what do we have cps for? It is disgusting that this animal gets to keep her children. BIRTH CONTROL you poor excuse for a parent!!!!!

  • Marilyn Willett

    was there ever a black who did good with their money?????

  • stevie_wander

    Seems to me that black women are either too independent of men, or too dependent on them. They just can’t find a happy medium!

  • Gomer Wumphf

    Being lucky does not imply being not stupid.

  • JDC

    Just another stupid, foolish, ignorant, irresponsible black American. Just proves that you can throw all the money in the world at the shortcomings of blacks and their (lack of) community and nothing will change because the problem lies in their mentality.

  • Biddoguy

    Stupid cow should be shot

  • Grizzly Adam

    A true sign of a total idiot, win $88 million in the lottery and still continue running an unsuccessful drug business.

  • Riot Act Radio

    A fool and their money are soon parted.

  • Debbie Jackson

    This girl needs to go to school, get rid of the drug dealer and move to a state where nobody knows her. She needs to take 1 million and spend it on herself and the kids. The rest should be invested and put in trust funds for her kids. When she marries the drug dealer, which she should not. He will leave her in a year and take half because she is too stupid to get a prenup. She will probably give the rest away to all the new friends that she will have because of her money.

  • aquarius2

    Why am I not surprised? She could have really done something with her life and given her children the kind of life people of all races would envy, instead she chose unwisely. I disagree with the author, I don’t think “most” people would spend that kind of money to bail out a loved for drug charges.

  • Chas Radley

    It’s sad to see witless fools and idiots come into money. I figure this gutter rat will be in the poor house or the cemetery real soon. I feel sorry for children who have to bear the burden of stupid, incompetent and ignorant parenting.

  • Chris Wagie

    Some people literally need to lose everything before they learn simple lessons.

  • Marilyn Willett

    cant take the ghetto out no matter how much money

  • The Truth Ruth

    damn she is STEW PITT

  • anna

    can’t fix stupid,or ignorance …..

  • stevie_wander

    For many people winning the lottery is a disaster. This looks like one those situations.

  • Steve Whalen

    $9 million for bail makes him a very bad boy indeed. Of course she’ll get most of it back if he doesn’t skip. Which for that kind of money, the courts are betting he will.

  • Moe Green

    Like a —— with a welfare check

  • Cyberwarrior

    Well, here’s proof that money cannot buy you happiness…

  • rhh33672

    Y’all? Oh yeah, she’da be a crack head.

  • Ben

    I read most of the comments and am wondering why no one has picked up on what’s going to happen here. Mom and kiddoes’ get passports and fly to a country with no extradition. Boyfriend still faces years in prison so she pays to have him smuggled out to join her while he is out on bail. The bunch of them then live a fairytale life thereafter.

  • John

    That is possibly the dumbest thing ever. I predict a tragic end for this young lady.
    She has the world in her reach, but she doesn’t want to leave the hood. Get a brain before it ruins you.

  • WhiskeyRobinAlpha

    Girl needs to get herself an education

  • alex

    That guy has to be the luckiest crack head of all time.

  • ShamelessInMaine

    She’s going to go out like Whitney’s unfortunate daughter…to much money and a leaching loser boyfriend

  • Angela Ward

    I know it’s non of my business to how and what she does with her money. but where dose the kids come in at? and with drugs in the picture, it’s going to be gone before you know it. then what? I guess we’ll be hearing what she should have done and who she could have helped. see it all the time. Or what about this, she’s homeless and out on the streets with her kids!! I pray that don’t happen, she’s young and foolish with too much money!!!!

  • Panty Sniffer

    black people

    • Angela Ward

      not just Black people. it’s all

    • Patrick Covington

      What do you mean by “black people”?

  • Steve Palmer

    The internet is a horrible thing. We as a race have always been plagued by the insipid opinions of other people but thankfully they were limited in their ability to run their mouths. Now they can instantly do it for, in their hopes, the world to see. And there is less and less chance they will ever realize that they are idiots. The article is wrong from the start and it makes these idiots who accept it without knowing what they are talking about even more wrong. She didn’t pay bail she paid bond. Bond pays for unsentenced inmates to get out of jail prior to trial, and it is just that, a bond. It gets returned minus 10%. So at most she will pay 900K, not 9 million. So that is roughly 1% of her net worth.
    Its a small point that will be lost in a sea of jealousy and judgement. Especially because it might keep you from running your mouths.

    • Patrick Covington

      You seem to know how much she paid for “these” bonds so please provide the board with proof please. If you can’t, then your “words” are just as worthless as the article written, if “none” of it’s not true.

      • Steve Palmer

        Well I can’t provide as irrefutable proof as you did, that you’re an idiot that is. Yet the proof you seek is called the criminal justice system. That is how it works. The money is paid to secure release until trial and if necessary sentencing.
        Your last sentence is a based on a double negative and I can’t make sense out of what you are trying to say. I see from you proliferation of comments however it doesn’t stop you from trying.


    smh wow, when is it any one business what a winner do with their earnings?.. oh, its a Black winner.. oh well never mind.. we all know Blacks wont do right by it, lets wait til she phucks up and expose her.. smh and the AMERIKKKA continues smh

  • Tina Nelson

    You, my dear, are a fool.

  • ShanghaiJill .


  • SpaceTech

    Really $88 million dollars and she still needs to associate with a heroin dealer that was caught with 8000 bags of heroin–if she had any brains she would let him rot in jail and get on with her life.

  • Bajan

    Some people don’t deserve large sums of money like this

  • David Jaskier

    You just can’t put a price on $TUPID!

    • Patrick Covington

      Yes you can. $9 million so far.

  • GG


  • feddup2

    Well, you can move a girl out of the hood, but………

  • UDownWithTPP

    And the Darwin Award of 2015 goes to….

  • Jeff L

    What a pretty young woman. And infinitely stupid. And probably dead within the next few months. Gotta love those bad boys, huh?

  • MJ

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • izzo


  • bomc

    guess he’s got the only big one she needs..she’ll be broke before too long and he’ll still be selling heroin and in jail again

  • Ormar

    Like others that get instant wealth she will be broke shortly.

  • Patrick Covington

    “We all done crazy, foolish and even expensive things for love”. Veronica Wells your ignorance is on display here. Please learn how to write articles, because it seems like you really did not pay attention in any of your English and/or writing classes. The one thing you are right about. Who are “we” to tell another how, what, and who to spend their money on? When the smoke clears and the veil is lifted, reality will display itself and by then it will be too late. Leave her be people please.

    • Steve Palmer

      Dude, why don’t you learn how to fucking write articles? Why don’t you worry about the plank in your own eye instead of the splinter in someone elses? “The one thing you are right about.” That is not a sentence. I considered explaining to you exactly why it is grammatically incorrect so you could see it, but I realized I don’t give a shit. What is more important for you to see is that you are fixated on other peoples mistakes and blunder through pointing them out.

  • rhh33672

    Okay, I felt sorry for her when the story of her winning first came out and was thinking God blessed her. Now she is just plain stupid, wasting money on a criminal when she could have better choices of men. What a crack ho thinking.

  • Neill Bazalar

    she needs to spend good money in going backt to school LOL

  • The Truth Ruth

    he must have golden nuts

  • Stephanie

    One word comes to mind – dumb@ss.

  • Dionne Snorden

    I’m glad she thinking about the future of her children and not this mad very bad choices

  • Eric Wright

    You can’t fix stupid, but you can shoot it, hopefully she has set some trusts up for her children, to take care of them when her stupid a$$ is in jail.

  • vet

    How do you know when someone is a fool? When they act like it!
    This people is a fool! Fools always get separated from their money you can bet she will get separated from her cash.

  • sheryl walton

    Marie Holmes needs to smart up real quick. Thought she said, she was going back to school. Better choices than jail and drugs will save her sanity, money, children’s innocence and possibly her well being.

  • NoMeansNo

    Most of us are not that damn stupid to get mixed up with ghetto trash like this guy in the first place. Since she is, most likely, from the way things are sounding, Ghetto Trash herself, my prediction is she is stone cold broke in less than two years and back on welfare. None of these people involved here have the brains to manage money.

  • slowpo

    This is not helping the stereotype

  • Trig

    like we didnt see this coming after she came out on national TV telling the whole world she won millions … 2 words.. DUMB DUMB!

  • Scott1154

    The police need to protect this woman from that bum, and from herself.

    • calilife4me

      No, they need to protect the kids.

  • JohnParsons22

    26 years old, she’ll be back on welfare and have three more kids by the time she is 30.

    Sad but true.

  • ffhd744

    With all this money still the McDow of a person can’t start up decent life style? A fool is always a fool.
    This lady might soon end up a dead person if she doesn’t start how to decently manage her own lif soon

  • ecp1951

    just about what I would expect! these people are allowed to vote and look what we have in the white house taking our great country down! God help us!

  • Ronald Lewis

    Once i read that heroin was involved f’em, that money will be gone in no time, hope not but they’ll both be dead and the poor children will be split up in group homes…….wooooow! such a pretty sista too! What a waste of a devoted fine women and shyt load of money which could have been invested into something positive, though as the writer said, its her money her choice, pray that shey make good decisions and a happy future…

  • Dee P.

    Well, that worked out well. I was hoping that this single mother would do exactly as she said and take care of her children’s education, instead of spending it on a dope head. Now, I’m sorry as heck that she won the money.

  • ford35a

    This is the reason the word Nagger will never ,ever go away!

    • Ronald Lewis


  • Timmy Wagner

    Is this nicker really worth all that

  • Barrow Leo

    She needs to buy love. For 9million she can get about any man in the world to be there for her “sincerely”. I would leave my wife for this stupid looking lady with three kids if she asked me. I will stroke and leak her good every night per request until I get atleast 5million in my account, then I can start cheating on her. Just saying!

  • cma3585

    88 million can’t buy respect or proper English.

  • bruce

    i sure would not bail a woman out that many drugs. Number one that much drugs that he had is going to be sold and i can bet your bottom dollar them drugs is going to get into the wrong hands of a child and could die. and thease people have kids what are they thinking.

  • Ricialove

    A fool and their money will soon depart. I’ve been that fool once…never again.

  • butterflysandbunnies

    can’t even read the article. One word for her….IDIOT!

  • Michael Peck

    Pretty girl….Yes
    Rich Girl…..Yes
    Soooopid Girl……….Absolutely

  • truthdispenser

    Why is a single mother of four buying lottery tickets in the first place?

    • calilife4me


  • This loser, or her idiot boyfriend, will wipe out that money in no time. Those kids will never go to college. What a shame all that money went to this dimwit.

  • Tom

    You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out of the girl.

  • Don W

    What and I can even get help with my light bill and she believes in god she must be such a good christian

  • Bill

    9 million could have bought here 9 church chicken franchise outlets that employed 15 dollar workers in her town…lol But sure she will still blame “the man” when she go’s broke

  • Derek Williams

    Dumb chick.

  • Frank Cruz

    I really hope she isn’t broke in 5 years

  • uknow

    I have no problem how she spends her money I just ” PRAY ” she put sum up for her kids
    ” EDUCATIONS ” & their well bein this is all I am worried about

    • calilife4me

      If her kids education will be in juvi, she’s covered.

      • uknow

        lol may hav a point

  • Bill

    I hope boyfriend skips on bail and she out 9 million …oh good stories in the future from this crew

  • Dante kaputo

    Why Lord did you not give this money to someone who really needs it? Why, why why? Lord please answer me. There are many starving suffering children who really needs a change. Then there are those without a job and are homeless. Why Lord did this money not end up in a charity somewhere that helps the needy? God please answer this prayer in Yeshua’s name amen.

  • lisa

    The hell i wouldn’t be bailing no one out. If you did something to deserve being in there that’s where you will stay. My money will be going to places more important whether that be investing, savings funds, or paying student loans, etc. A jail wouldn’t be getting one dime. I’m more in shock in 188 million being reduced to 88 million. Although not chump change in the end that’s still a lot to have taken away for taxes.

  • Liz Rennix Grimsley

    Not judging her financial decisions here. I’m wondering how this woman can claim the guy isn’t a drug thug. Stoopid?

  • Facebook Sux

    Yeah, but what about the tithes and the college fund. Did she DO that??? If so, she has done what she said she was going to do, not something entirely different.

  • Steven Smith

    unfortunately with over 80 million at her disposal anything written on here will not likely even register on her-cause she can tell us all to go ef off-she don’t need the welfare no more –
    so anything we say will roll off her drugdealing azz like water off a ducks back

  • David Merrell

    This story makes it sound like she used up all her money to bond this fool out. 9 million out of 88 million is nothing. Especially considering she can park that money in a high interest accound and literally pull in almost 3 million a year in interest alone. This woman is just fine. Also once sentencing and everything are done and over with the bond money is returned minus court costs, fines, and restitution. She will get at least 6 million of that back.

    • lisa

      True but unless you are wrongfully put in jail I don’t care who you are to me I’m not wasting that money on bailing you out. You do the crime, you do the time. No one is worth that especially someone who jus a BF. If he leaves her in the end then she just wasted her time and money on that fool but to each and their own. I have no tolerance for B.S so I tend to be a hard a** on everyone.

    • calilife4me

      1) $9M of $88M is a lot of money; she got it in April. Your type of thinking is why people go broke. 2) You’re confusing bail and bond. Bond is not returned. It’s money paid to a bondsman for a service.

  • Rasheed Khan

    88 million going down the drain. loads of money in the wrong people’s hands.

  • Darin Barba

    Based on her quote alone she will be broke in two months and him back locked up.

  • Salvador Mandujano

    right on mommy

  • Bill

    I miss the English language…Y’all

    • calilife4me


  • sheryl walton

    Big question…will Marie Holmes spent her fortune on men. I’m sure there is a line forming as we post.

    • calilife4me

      She needs to save bail money for her kids; those rugrats are next!

  • John Lowenstein

    Let me put this as nicely and bluntly as I can. This woman is an idiot! Albeit a rich one.

  • sheryl walton

    Marie Holmes has not figured out that this man is loving on her money and not her. Already has her associated with illegal activity. Her children need a positive role model. Marie does not seem to have smarts about her money so yes someone needs to wise her up before there is no honey and no money.

  • The Truth Ruth

    even Donald Trump is pissed

  • Jameisha Gentry

    Damn fool she is.

  • neutral_site

    This is so damned disgusting.

    If I had won such a prize, I’d be filing patents and creating new businesses for people.

    This chick makes me ill.

  • kerry cale

    The cash required for a 6 million dollar bond is 10% or $600,000, so all told she’s out $900,000 not 9 million. Horrible reporting. She’ll be dead within two years.

    • calilife4me

      This isn’t 100% true. Not every bondsman has a 10% fee, sometimes they are 12-15%. Sometimes judges will order a defendant to pay the full amount if you have the ability to do so. If it’s a federal case 20%; it’s situational.

  • The Truth Ruth

    a super dumb azz

  • MissMoxie

    I hope a family court judge makes her set aside money for those kids. She has beauty but no brains.

  • mwallek

    I believe the term is “Schite for Brains.”

  • Pauline Medina

    The power of the D.

  • opainetus

    I bet her kids wont find a cent when the time comes for them to go to college

  • Jenna


  • Flexterr

    bout time someone from da hood is rich now watch the vulutures come and skin her alive.

  • King Doughnuts

    She’ll be broke in five years.

  • John Johnson

    She better send him to a good drug rehab program because he is going to need it. Yea, people do stupid things for love and this is one of them.

  • ★RokStarR☆

    Women always pick the losers and those losers continue to live and thrive freely. Just ask Whitney and Bobbi K. Oh nvm…..

  • The Truth Ruth

    her head need to be shrunk. She should see a head shrink

  • German Rendon

    that’s black stupidity

  • The Truth Ruth


  • EatAllYourFish

    Un-fycking-believable…these people are disgusting savages, great idea to give them money…smh…

  • GuateNY

    You can’t buy intelligence.

  • F IT

    Good keep them both in there

  • Ygar

    the over/under on her being completely broke again is 8 months.

  • ★RokStarR☆

    Its all good here people. When she recieves that bullet, we will all be sittin back sippin lemonade saying “Told you so”. The 4 kids will be parentless as usual and the boyfriend will say he’s not responsible and stick to no snitching as usual.

  • Karl Browne

    Im not asking for perfection… but… when a person posts bail , the money isn’t “spent”… it’s being held by the courts and if the defendant comes for the trial, it is returned.
    And… 8,000 bags of herion? Really nice guy to have around… sheesh.

  • jill

    Here she is with the opportunity to give herself and her children a good life and she is suckered in by a loser druggie. A few more years and she will be back on welfare and he will be living the life with her money and another woman.

  • countusin2 .

    this is one of those women Donald Trump was talking about, LMAO!

  • mike

    money makes people stupid rich.

  • Clay

    don;t be concerned about this. money in the hands of a drug user and dealer doesn’t last. true enough it’s a shame so much money going to waste on dirt bags, and illiterate ones at that, but that’s the hand they were dealt. Lets see how smart they play the hand.

  • Nun Ya

    How does one achieve a 9 million dollar bail?

  • If I had a loved one in jail that had done something horrible enough to have a bail set that high, I wouldn’t be bailing them out, sorry. Unless I knew they were innocent. Which clearly he is not.

    26 with four kids and no husband shows she wasn’t too bright in the first place. Sorry if that offends anyone, but ijs.

    • ★RokStarR☆

      You’re absolutely correct. 100%. 4 times she layed in the sack with possibly 4 different guys unprotected with no promises or anything. Probably dont even know half of the guys last names that bombed one out in her hooch. No morals as you can see by her facebook post and her demeanor.

      • Glad you get where I’m coming from. Just didn’t want to seem like I was downing all single moms.

  • kim jackson

    Yes we have ALL made terrible decisions and yes it is HER money…….. but 9 million???? On a man??? It’s very sad especially to have children exposed to that environment. If I were her I would
    move to another city and change my name because every low life will be trying to marry her for money.
    She needs power of attorney over her money. If the shoe was on the other foot I bet he wouldn’t help
    her with 9 million dollars. Her kids deserve better than this.

  • DarthTurner

    I can’t be the only one patiently waiting for that Tommy Sotomayor video about this chick……smfh.

  • James Jerome

    The money should be confiscated for supporting a criminal enterprise, and they both should go to jail.

  • Girliusmaximus

    WHEN this bish ends up broke in the future, she should be banned from any kind of public assistance period. I’ve never read such inherent stupidity in my life. You mad because people are telling you how to spend your money when you aren’t even looking out for your kids? This could have easily been one of those stories of how the authorities raided your crib and one of your kids was shot or killed… Just like that baby who caught that flash grenade to the face. Why do dumb @$$ people win the lottery?

  • Megidoraon

    It’s funny because as i glanced as some of these comments you’re all doing the same pointless thing this page is telling you not to do. i guess to each their own.

    • calilife4me

      Just because the writer is trying to justify this foolishness with the blanket statement:

      “If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9
      million dollars to give, we’d likely be bailing our loved ones out of
      jail too. Truth be told, it’s easy to shake our heads and wag our
      fingers in disgust and disapproval; but we’ve all done crazy, foolish
      and even expensive things for love.”

      doesn’t mean we all agree. This dumb girl paid bail a second time because her boy didn’t have enough self-control to not get in trouble while out on bail the first time. The stupid leading the stupid!

  • Valencia Quetel-Langford

    Disappointed! Hoped for better. I pray the children have their trust fund in place that cannot be touched.

  • Bea

    I’ve been trying to find proof that this woman spent $9 million in bail. That figure seemed excessive, to me. All I could find was a local tv station in Brunswick Co, N.C that said that a local prosecutor heard humors that said that this woman paid $9 million in bail, but that no court documents show that she paid 9 million…

  • steveo

    Me thinks this “windfall” helped fund the expansion of the heroin business.

  • Sandra Winfrey

    I admit in cases like these I count her money for the simple fact of when that last dime is spent then what? Did you improve yourself in marketing for a job that will support you and those 4 children comfortably? Health insurance, life insurance. Because if not, and you have to go for any type of assistance guess where those $$$$ come from?At the rate she is saving her “man” those millions will be gone soon enough .

  • adicted2thahustle

    listen she had 88 million u better bail your man out … r u people kidding me if u had 88 million ?? just think bout that thats more then drake lol I’m sure u can let 9 mil slide and settle for 79 not that big of a deal,, but on another note wtf is this niga still fckin with the streets for ?? smh

    • calilife4me

      Meanwhile, that’s 1/10th of the money given to her. She’ll be broke and in jail soon.

  • calilife4me

    “What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefitting Y’all how?”

    Trick won a taxpayer funded lottery and she’s acting like she earned it. This woman needs to take an English class and better herself for her children. SMH!

    “And no he’s no drug dealer or user but who are Y’all to judge anybody?”

    Yes, yes, he is a drug dealer and a known gang member.

  • Lorenzo Clemons

    Let me be clear, and my mother if she was alive would attest to my comment “if you get arrested and charged for being a criminal, I leave you there!!! If you are family, I will give you a body part, watch your bad children, wash your car, feed you a meal, take you to the air port, but…. go to jail and I will not come visit or bring you cigs. IMO IAJS

  • jack Jackson

    Do any body knows the BAIL BONDS LAWS OF U.S.A—–She did not lose or spend 9 million dollars to bail him out of jail….Keep believing what you read on the INTERNET

    • Diane

      Alright, so she gets a %ed of HER funds back. If he doesn’t jump bail. I just wonder would he had done the same for her. I understand there are guidelines with court procedures..

      • jack Jackson

        Good point, I think she would be in jail, good point

  • Diane

    This some HOT MESS!! Hope she put some security bonds away for her and the kids. Yes she’s right about how she spends HER money. This is a young women that won more money then most ppl will have in there lifetime. More MONEY than this SORRY AZZ boyfriend/baby daddy/fiancee would have SPENT on her naive azz. Danm trifling men be WINNING when it comes to the women who LOVE them…HOW in the hell he’s not GUILTY!! Did he take the fall for somebody else?? I’m confused…anyway hope she can move on, and start a new life WITHOUT dude. Be more selective about the company she has in her life, girlfriend leave town QUICK!! Get a life….all that money spent and they not even MARRIED!! Had I decided to bail his azz out the first time, he would not have been LIVING with me and kids, that’s for sure.

  • “If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9 million dollars to give, we’d likely be bailing our loved ones out of jail too”
    Not I.

  • Peter P

    Ratchet beatch

  • hotmama

    She’s a god dam n fool!!!

  • Gabe Reid

    So tell me MORE about “white privilege” in America? I GUARANTEE that when she pi s ses away every single nickle she will be right back at the welfare office looking for even MORE hand outs! The worst part is she’ll F$%KING get it too! You can take the thug out of the hood but you can NEVER take the hood out of the thug. She will ALWAYS be a POS gangsta thug with no future or integrity. Her children will be the same and the cycle continues….

  • jack Jackson

    This shows you how people believe MISINFORMATION on the internet..TWO WAYS TO DO A BAIL…1st is give the court 9 million dollars when court is finished, YOU GET YOUR 9 MILLION BACK—2nd pay a bail bonds man $900.000 dollars or less , so how did she lose 9 million


    • Gabe Reid

      There isnt a bondsman in the country thats going to make THAT high of a bond for 10% without some SERIOUS collateral.

      • jack Jackson

        every body online is stupid, stupid she has 88 million cash, there are two ways to bail. 1st go to the court, and give them 9 million, and when there are no more court dates you will get your 9 million back, don’t even use a bail bonds company, and save that money, so how did she lose 9 million dollars, think

        • nunya_biz

          If he skips bail or a court appearance, ooopppsssiiieee sorry you have lost your bail???

          • jack Jackson

            If you skip bail or miss a court appearance you go to jail, 1st bail bonds co will revoke your bail, you paid them %10 to 15 percent you will never get that money back any way, and the bail bonds company is on the hook for the other %90 percent…they have about 1 year to find any body who skip bail

            • nunya_biz

              really? I post bail for Mr. X. He skips court and I go to jail for posting his bail? yikes

              I get the whole bail bondsman – but if the bail is posted outright, does your analogy still stand?

        • Gabe Reid

          He was pinched with 8000 bags of heroine…. His “boo” has over 70 MILLION left. And just what do you the the odds are **REALISTICALLY** that he’s going back to court and not leaving the country? I think it is YOU who needs to “think”.

          • jack Jackson

            here way go again…so your smarter than a JUDGE and District attorney just say YES, so I can call you stupid..It’s not what I think It’s what the judge thinks, so if all that stuff you said was true…THERE WOULD BE A NO BAIL

            • Gabe Reid

              Guess what. “Bail” is a constitutional issue genius.


    • jack Jackson

      don’t be stupid…Bail works in 2 ways, 1st put up the 9 million when court is finished you get your 9 million back less court costs, 2nd way pay a bail bonds %10 or less for bail. Every bail bonds co in America will be fighting over this big bail $900.000 no refund that’s a big PAYDAY, so one bail bonds man will $250.000 payday, don’t trust internet information

      • I’m not talking about the bail money, I’m talking about the money period…………..ha ha haha hahahaha HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the stupidity is up to you….. ‘_’

  • Rich

    Who wrote this article? Veronica Wells? Hey Veronica, who are you to tell us what we can think or have an opinion that agrees with you? Everybody who makes a comment is his or her own persona and has a right to make negative comments if they wish. This is America, at least, it is for the time being it is – as the current Administration is trying to change that, as you all know ! My point is writers don’t tell readers how to think about the topic – their job is to write the article and let the reader make of it what he or she feels and has thoughts and ideas about. No restrictions other than keep it clean and no profanity. O.K. Veronica? O.K.
    RTK signing off

  • CEO

    Marie, you need to protect your children and yourself. Let me speak to you as though I am your Mom. You owe NO man anything and I mean that. Things happen for a reason. Don’t be a FOOL, the universe handed you an opportunity to lift yourself up and out of your OLD situation. Stay away from the dirtbags that drag you into the muck. Get yourself into a nice neighborhood with your children and FAR away from the lowlifes that only pull you down with them. Follow through with your plans to ensure your children’s futures via college funds, etc., but even more so provide them with a SAFE living environment AWAY from drugs and guns, etc… I strongly encourage you to go back to school, develop your skills and grow your mind in positive ways. God blessed you, your first responsibility is to your children and yourself, NOT some drug dealing, gun toting dirtbag that will only ever take advantage of you and drag you down. You deserve a BETTER man than that. Wise up before you lose EVERYTHING. When I read your story inthe news, I was really happy for you and I still am, you have a chance to change your children lives and your own for the better, please do! Take Care!!!

  • John Doe

    She’ll be back in the news again—announcing that she’s broke. Both her and her criminal boyfriend are cut from the same cloth. No matter how much money they have they’re too deeply mixed up in their life of crime to completely give it up. Also, some role model she is for her kids with guns and drugs in her home.

  • lanes58 .

    ah thin she’all odda git bak ta skool. Nand maybeh lern ta spel. Na dat she got da moneh nand doent hasta werk nahmo.

  • claudegreiner

    She can spend her money any way she wants, and if that includes spending 9 million of it to bail her deadbeat boyfriend out of jail temporary, so be it.

    I wouldn’t feel that jealous this girl has all this money, she will either blow it on something stupid and we will be reading another one of those lottery rags to riches and back to rags story. Or because her boyfriend is involved with drugs, the drug guys will know she has money because she paid 9 million to bail her no good boyfriend out of jail, someone will try to rob them and she may accidentally become a victim.

    Besides, that much drugs, do you think the boyfriend is going to show up to court.

    • jack Jackson

      O my god, it’s so sad, THINK stop being fooled all the time….there are 2 ways to make bond, 1st she has 88 million dollars cash, you go to the court and give them 9 million cash, and when he is done with his court dates, you get your 9 million dollars back, less some court cost. 2nd is bail bonds man witch you don’t need. This information is all over the U.S.A.

  • Michael R.

    Oh, THIS is gonna be fun to watch!

  • wanda

    The problem is she is a single mom with 4 kids….one of whom had disabilities if I remember correctly. She will now be begging for housing assistance, free medical care, free food, etc. because she blew her money on this man. I’m sorry….if that’s how you choose to spend your money then that is your choice. However, I don’t think she should be entitled to my money any longer in the form of any help or aid. I bust my a** to take care of people who need help and that’s fine. BUT, when you have all the money in the world and blow it frivolously you no longer DESERVE MY money!

    • Gabe Reid


  • NIcklightie

    How many daddies?

  • 87marine

    Isn’t that so reflective of what’s wrong in the black culture? She wins the lottery, and, so far, has given more than 10 % away to a lost cause–to a pure looser-for-life in the first degree. If her diatribe about us worrying over her money–“What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I spend mine ….”–isn’t bad enough, if we chose to forgive boundless stupidity, if we accept her bad choices in life as being simply “a black thaang”,we have the writer of the article, supposedly an unbiased, objective journalist, telling us, “…we really don’t have any right to tell her what to do with her money…If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s for people to count other folks’ money.” Well, Veronica Wells, you are wrong. Ms.. Holmes has demonstrated her gross incompetence in handling her financial matters. In short order, Ms. Holmes will be broke and certainly back on welfare where she undoubtedly was before she won. Four kids at 26 years of age, and let me be so bold as to wager a fairly sum that Ol’ Lamarr McDow is not the father off all four, if he is the father of any of the four. (But that really doesn’t matter one way or the other in black neighborhoods because more than 70% of those households have no father in the home anyway.) Bad enough Ms. Holmes is even connected to a major drug dealer–and folks, if you have 8000 bags of heroine in your possession, you are a dealer. That quantity of drugs is not for “personal use,” and heroine is no equivalent to marijuana–not even close. Lamarr is in big trouble, will be going away for a long time, and it doesn’t even mean crap that Ms. Holmes has all those millions to put money on his books in prison for many years. Consider the four children who Ms. Holmes mothered, then factor in this: “Three children were present at the time of the arrest, McDow said they were his children.” Sad. Very, very sad. Mainly because LaMarr was only doing what he probably saw in his own home growing up. He had no chance at life from the beginning, and that is hard to take. What do you think is the fate of those seven children this affects? This whole tale of woe is just a microcosmic peek at what’s wrong with the black culture, what they have to fix, and what they have been too cowardly to do for over fifty years. It is too easy to blame the white folks for enslaving them and ruining their future. It’s too easy to listen to the likes of Al “Shakedown” Sharpton tell them they are victims, it’s not their fault, they have no responsibility for their current condition, and that the white man owes them. You see it in Ms. Holmes who resents being scrutinized for gross negligence in both her choice of a companion and handling her financial affairs, in LaMarr for falling into the trap of easy money and the rapper lifestyle, and, most surprising of all, even Veronica Wells who is more intent on apologizing for the stupidity of Ms. Holmes, the “bad luck” of LaMarr, and her take is, “If Holmes wants to spend up her newfound fortune on a man, in and out of jail, that’s her decision to make….we’ve all done crazy, foolish and even expensive things for love.” Well, Veronica, I see you too have been bitten by that bad bug going around in black ghettos for more than fifty years, which keeps the black people in poverty, in prison, and out of schools, good jobs, and civilized neighborhoods where it is safe to raise a family. No, Veronica, we have every right to criticize the spending habits of Ms. Holmes if only to hope she someday repays the welfare dollars–with interest–I can only surmise she received for years from us, taxpayers. Apologizing, blaming others, and minimizing black shortcomings by blacks themselves will never overcome the mountain of despair in their culture over the murder rates, crime, imprisoned family members, lack of education, and the general maize of bad habits inherent in it. Pity Ms. Holmes for her stupidity, feel sad for LaMarr for his inevitable fate, but have nothing but contempt for Vanessa for her poorly written, negligent approach to shining light on the problems of the black culture, and life in the ghetto. I can only hope she will do better next time.

  • Tony

    You wish that people who get this kind of money will do GOOD!!! It is obvious this ‘pretty’ woman will end up broke and destitute with this criminal drug addict/dealer!!! She could be so much to so many with this money and make a GREAT live for her children, grand children and great grand children. INSTEAD, she has already shown what will become of her, her kids and the money. Very sad to hear about this. Was hoping for the best with this lady, but it is obvious it will not end well. PRAYERS that she finds God and not this Criminal in the long run!!!!

    • Gabe Reid

      “this ‘pretty’ woman” You CANT be serious?? She’s a n a s t y looking h o o d r a t who belongs riding a zebra on the Serengeti with a bone through her nose….

  • Damon Willis

    They should take her children away from her since she wants to spend all her money on her drug dealer boyfriend. Most women especially black women always trying to help the thug or drug addict it’s ridiculous. Once she runs out of money she going to feel real stupid. To bad it wasn’t someone else who won instead of her.

  • merrylegz

    I dont have any loved ones in jail oh and I’m not black.

  • nouseatall

    Can’t fix stupid with any amount of money ….

  • slippery johnson

    What a loser! You can’t even give away money to some people and have them do the right thing. This guy is a POS and she will just keep wasting it on him until it’s gone. Not a very good mother. Find a good man and move in idiot!!

  • NIcklightie

    Once black trash, always black trash!

  • jack Jackson

    Boy it’s so sad how some working paycheck to paycheck are making on misinformation …She did not spend 9 million on a bail…THERE IS ..2 WAYS TO BAIL…1ST, put up the hole BAIL when all the court stuff is done, you get the entire bail BACK, 2nd way pay a bails bonds man %10 to 15 percent of the bail $900.000 dollars no refund—1st option is better, just put up the 9 MILLION and court is over with you get all your money back, minus court fees, WORST lose $900.000 ON %10 BAIL—–OR PUT UP 9 MILLION AND GET IT ALL BACK and that’s the way it is

  • zeke

    She’ll be dead or penniless within 5 years.

  • Marcus BlackFang Warner

    When you get your hands on a fortune you don’t spend it on some boyfriend or girlfriend thats determined to go to jail and hinder the progress of a better lifestyle you kick him or her to the curb and let them mess their own lives up while you improve the lives of you and your children so they can know something better than drugs and life on the streets

  • Franky Padilla

    i guess its in her best interest to bail out her boyfriend

  • Hank Nguyen

    Question not why she bail her boy friend out, but it how was the money was obtain to buy the lottery tickets?.

  • reatha


  • Matt

    you missed the biggest point, we have been told repeatedly by the media and government, particularly the democrat party, that these poor underprivileged people are stuck in urban blight. They are disadvantaged because of a lack of equality, and racism is holding them down. Well here is a perfect example of what will happen if the government were to make reprimands to the black community for past slavery, nothing. Nothing would change except the amount and level of crime, drugs, and shootings when they all start wanting the others money because they blew through theirs. If you really want to help, giving them large sums money is not the answer. She has enough to get herself, her children, and her entire family out, and start a new clean healthy life without ever having to work again, but she wont, she will wind up dead in a drug related shooting, her children parent-less and wards of the state until they reach age 21, and we will wind up paying for it until they can legally access the money.

  • Zetty Anzarouth

    Not smart at all, she should take care her children and her self.

  • MB

    A dude getting caught with that much SMACK shouldn’t have had any bail in the first place!

  • MHR

    This is NUTS !!!!!!! I’m Black and I heard it many times “I had to sell drugs to get by…..feed my family…” Well now you’ve got 88 MILLION !!!!! What possible reason could you have to sell drugs?????

  • tamara

    What a stupid woman. Only goes to prove love is deaf, dumb, blind AND stupid.

  • Mike McCormick

    this just prove stupid people play the lottery

  • Chris1232


  • Dhjango_Unchained

    What is new? This is the sad case of black women today who can’t seem to stay away from the thugs.

    I was just having this same discussion with my friend. We are both very successful black men but the trend these days is that black women just love guys who frequent the jails. We see it eveyr time we are at a bar and these thugs walk in there like they are God’s gift to women and they get all the attention while we properly dressed successful men are ignored.

    LEAVE THE THUGS ALONE and the black race will move forward.

    Look at Lauren London who is drop dead gorgeous but has a baby by Lil Wayne and is dating a thug rapper named “Nipsey Hustle”. Sanna Lathan was recently rumored to be dating French Montana; So young black women see this and think its ok to date bad boys / thugs.

    • JAI

      Very true.

      A lot of those women in particular never had a respectable male role model around to set any reasonable standard for what a real man is.

      Then others enjoy the drama and self punishment.

  • Johnnie Perry

    She will end up giving it all to that drug person and become homeless, it is correct no one can tell her what to do or how to spend her money but since she doesn’t know how too, it may I suggest you buy a home and pay for it before it is gone and put some of it a fund for her kids that she can’t touch it until they are old enough to attend college if they choose to go which I doubt that will happen

  • Agent Smith

    Dumb and dumber.

  • zibozap

    And this is yet another reason a lot of other races think black people are ancestors of tree monkeys. You have to respect yourself if you want others to respect you. To name a few, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, and .50 cents should be ashamed to make black people look so stupid.

  • Ghetto_scum

    Maybe she should be paying all the welfare back her friends got as free Gibs, only seems fair, they do that in NY state.

  • Lashuan

    What an “IDIOT” just a dumb woman with money and a Cracker for a BF her money is soon to be all gone , and she’ll be back on assistance .

  • Liz Feeser-Regan

    One day when she looks back on this and she is broke she will hate herself for blowing the money that way.

  • Tino82nd

    and will soon be right back on welfare

  • CJW775

    Just wow – she is right, it really is no one’s business how she spends this money but it should be the business of CPS the kind of people she is exposing her children too. What a waste . . .

  • george

    anyone who says Y”all …I couldn’t care less what happens to them…hillbillies and red necks are the lowest form of life on this planet …in my opinion.

  • Rachel Slurr

    One word………..IDIOT!

  • Marie Bigaud

    I am especially sadden because Marie shares my namesake. This is a very beautiful young lady, who doesn’t have a clue! I pray to God that no arm comes to her and that someone in her family intervene and saves her from herself.

  • Nikita L.

    NOT A CHANCE I’d bail out any drug-slangin’ boyfriend, husband, brother …you get the picture. NOT A ONE!!!!! Hopefully she DID do what she said she’d do when she 1st one…especially setting up money for college for dem babies.

  • Bud

    Damn fool with $$$ and will be broke soon.

  • Roger Samuel

    She Will Be Broke In 6 Months To A Year Maybe A Little Longer She Will Be Another Lottery Winner Who Couldn’t Handle The Money And Making Bad Choices

  • C. Samson

    Ha, college fund for the kids. Like they have any hope of ending up there.

  • ettucat

    Sweetie, do you really want that “man” around your children? Whether he is the father, or not, I wouldn’t trust him anywhere near the kids. Really! You can probably BUY yourself someone much better than this loser.

  • vp

    how stupid can one get? 26 mother of 4 engaged to a drug dealer or user-abuser. Wake up woman and smell some crack and use your freaking brain. losers will never change. 9 mil spent on a loser to get him out on bail. Think of those children and their education. don’t raise them to think its ok to have drug dealers-users for a GF or a BF to hang around with or spend their ives with. What a shame!

  • Sabrina Mason

    Definitely her business not mine but DAMN!!! Idiot! Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. Why be bothered with a dude like that? I can’t wrap my head around women like her.

  • Gabe Reid

    Blacks are for the most part, ignorant and pathetic pavement apes who are unable to be civilized regardless of their economic/financial status in society. They embrace a “thug life” mentality because of their inability to just be an “average American” and constantly feel the need to be larger than life, louder then everyone else, and more racist then ANY ethnic group on the planet! Their lack of identity serves ONLY to make them constantly take the victims stance every chance that they get, and lash out at the world because of their own self induced short comings. What a pathetic race and insult to humanity….

    • billofnga

      Why don’t y’all move on out to Ferguson, MO and protest in front of some of those bullets? dumbfukks~!

      • Gabe Reid

        Oh they’re already started. I have a feeling that its going to get real ugly over there now that this latest thug managed to get himself shot for merely shooting at police. Im NOT a big fan of big government or militarized police but believe that, should law enforcement start treating these animals like the terrorists that they are and CLEAN HOUSE there in Ferguson setting an example as to what happens when you terrorize this nation with lawlessness and violence, they’ll think twice next time. Im talking take off the gloves and shoot to kill ANY of those black American terrorists in high volumes and w/o prejudice!

    • spinmaster


      • Gabe Reid

        Read the FIRST six words of my posting genius…. 5 & 6 specifically. Not ALL but “MOST” is an undeniable truth. You and who ever else may lie to themselves all they want. Ive WATCHED it for close to 50 years and its only progressively gotten worse. Like it or not “freeing” them instead of spending the resources to ship them ALL back to Africa was a SERIOUS mistake.

  • Ron Nickerson

    This Bimbo will be busted within a year. Still in jail. And the kids on Food stamps
    and assistance.

  • skoallio

    Her boyfriend be back in jail in no time and she have no money.

  • VetNet

    Without researching, simply based on the article and the language used, I guess Ms. Wells is black.
    She uses this entire article to “justify” and “rationalize” the woman’s behavior and actions. Not once did she mention or ask about the woman’s four children, but chose to “glorify” her “main man” who had 8,000 bags of heroin. Then got busted again, WITH A GUN, with other people in the house not related to either (or she would have mentioned it).
    So Ms. Wells notes what we ALL might do – we don’t now, why would we change? Then comments “Truth be told, shake our heads and wag our finger,,,”.
    Well lady, your nature is showing. And no, I don’t care if all the crack heads kill themselves, but her four children concern me. Obviously it doesn’t bother Ms. Wells, sounds like she just wants to party with the crackheads.

  • marie

    stupid is as stupid does!

  • Vickie Mace

    personally, id like to see the woman take that money, and her children, and just disappear with it. if you cant disappear with 88 million dollars.. then just shoot yourself in the head. at least let the kids have a real life somewhere away from the insanity she apparently wants to live in. shame.

  • Wreck7

    She’s right. It aint nobodys business except hers.

    • areyoukiddingme

      It’s her money. Spend it how she likes. She is still stuck on stupid.

      • Wreck7

        You got that right.

  • Concerned Parent

    Whatever happened to children’s lives matter

  • Jimmy Moron

    Just another pave ape. TNB to the fullest!!

  • shirley smith

    She should have known that they up his bail because they knew of her wealth and she felt for that dumb stuff. Everyone is always looking for a way to cash in on a big stash of dough.

  • Brian

    All the wrong people have money.

  • JT

    No, most of us would not be spending $9,000,000 or even $9 bailing out our relatives from jail, because most of us do not have heroin dealing relatives in jail, or are engaged to drug dealers.
    The funny thing is that Miss Holmes is the typical example of a lottery winner who will no doubt be broke and destitute 10 years from now because she doesn’t have common sense or the intelligence to manage wealth. I’d also go as far to bet that her d-bag fiancé will get her to help him expand his illegal enterprises by funding him with her winnings.
    As I’ve always said; lotteries are just a tax on the stupid…!

  • John Brady

    How many ways can a person spell STUPID?

  • Croid

    hahaha ……. negroe an cash go together like oil an water. if she live long enuf she will dye broke

  • Arnold Sharp

    There are no gods if she was allowed this fortune….

  • Gypsy Bloomer

    She put up the money to bail him out so that she can send him to college.

  • shining.genji

    the 8th Amendment forbids “excessive bail.” $3 million, unless it’s for Bill Gates or Donald Trump, who obviously can afford it, is obviously excessive bail.

  • OldVet72

    She will burn through that money in 5 years and be right back where she started, or worse.

  • Fantasy Maker

    What a stupid b. otch

  • Bill Stein

    Bad decisions.

  • Kenneth Skiles

    What a fine couple- May the money be gone quickly and they be back in the cesspool

  • mdrod1

    What a waste of money!!!!! I laugh at the dope who wrote the article. They make claims of people doing stupid things for love. DON’T SPEAK FOR ME!!!!! I don’t care how this person spends their money, but it could have gone to someone who was more deserving and or honorable. Looks like that money will be gone by the end of the year!!! Money can’t change GHETTO DUMBASS!!!!!

  • nedmorlef

    Hey honey, white male Christian here.Blonde hair,blue eyes, I’ll take care of you and I’ll sign anything that says I can’t have any of your money. Your love shows through. I would die for a woman of such commitment.Contact me.

  • shining.genji

    we all have a right to express our opinions, including what Ms. Holmes should do with her money.

  • Lily

    I used to believe that is a purpose in everything and everything happened for a reason. Universe ( or God) made a freaking mistake when it handed those money to this poor excuse of a woman.

  • Anthony

    I’m sorry, I have to disagree with the article. There is no way in heck I would ever spend $8 million to bail out a loved one. If your bail is more than a $1M your sorry butt probably deserves to be there – Sorry grandma.

  • Janet McGuire

    The Whole thing just pisses me off !!! She doesn’t even deserve to have those children when this is the environment she is raising them in, the lotto money she won will just feed her own causes and those kids will likely not get thru college with any help from her or their dad……its all just plain ridiculous to allow criminals and/or their enablers to have that kind of money or children in their care !!! There is no responsibility or accountability and I for one am tired of having to see it, hear about it and pay taxes to fund programs that ultimately just keep breathing air into these losers !!

  • anton reger

    another african=american making brilliant decisions.

  • ron b

    Why is this an excuse to get all racy? She needs a family that cares and a conservator.

  • Clapback central

    So typical of her likes… I am not surprised.

  • Kathy Howard

    how bout that’s a WEAK COW

  • Chuck

    She’s too effing stupid to understand this clown is gonna skip town and she’s out 9 mil…The ignorant, lefty leaning journalist who writes the article knows she’s an idiot but just cant get herself to slight a sister.

  • nedmorlef

    Hey racists, this happens to whites too. It just doesn’t get press b/c white ppl have no allegiance to each other.

    • Gabe Reid

      Yeah, because white people win 88 mil ALL THE TIME and spend it on drugs, weapons, and bail bonds…. Typical stupid negro….

      • nedmorlef

        I happen to be white dumb a. Money has little to do with the press. White ppl do not stick together like blacks. You get in trouble with the law your white friends will say you deserved it, 88 mil or not.. They won’t save you. They believe a cop before their own mommas….and you know it.Racists POS. And I’m a moderate too. Not liberal,not a nutbag conservative. Both parties lie dumb a.

        • Gabe Reid

          Ahhh… a “wigger”…. Should have known….

  • CeeCee

    It would be okay if she squander her money on herself, but this young woman has four children and if she is spending her time and money on opportunistic drug dealer! There needs to be some concern for her children welfare and safety. It’s so sad it so many women with low self esteem, will let any old piece trash come into their children’s lives and mess up the children’s lives and so then you have generational ineptitude. This loser will spend all her money in less than five years. She will have more children broke and looking for the welfare system to fund her basic needs.
    It just goes to show if they give a dummy money its as though they never had it all, she will be reminiscing on how she had all this money and spent it four seconds flat never thinking of her or her children future. More money, more problems!

  • Guyfromgreenwood

    Obviously no one on here knows the difference between Bail and Bond.
    She posted Bail so she will get all her money back as long as he makes his Court appearances.
    Even if he is found guilty

    • nedmorlef

      maybe. they have ways of keeping that money.

      • Guyfromgreenwood

        If they have ways of keeping the Money all Bondsmen would be out of work

  • richten4

    Well, it’s her money.

  • shawn777bo

    You know what they say about a fool and their money….

  • Posting bail means she gets a big portion of that back assuming he shows up in court. Maybe we should mind our own business and let her decide what to do if he runs and she would then lose the money she put up. She won a lot of money, how she spends it is up to her. JMO

  • Sloan

    Now i do know they walk among us .what a numb brain fool.

  • Big Wit

    Her Boyfriend need to get out the business and do something legit so they both can be safe. 80mil can grow.

  • Don Lockman

    That’s not my heroin, one of my friends must of forgot his 8000 bags of heroin!

  • Dylan O’dea

    88 mil…… Gone in 5 yrs…… Easy Come easy go…..

  • gdougniday

    Just because you win the lottery doesn’t mean that you automatically become intelligent. This woman has been and still is stupid. And you just can’t cure stupid. She will burn through her money as fast as her loving and caring boyfriend can keep going in and out of jail. And, in a year or so, she will be broke and looking for assistance and trying to find her drug selling boyfriend in hopes of getting some help to raise here children. What a disaster this is going to become.

  • komisarka

    What a waste.

  • ellism66

    What a waste.
    Why can’t somebody who really is hurting, needs the money and will put it to good use win the lottery

  • Ms. Pearl

    See this is why Ms. Pearl don’t date thugs no moe. I almost lost my Buick Park Avenue and all my jewelry running behind a no good man. Pawned my jewels and got a title loan on my car to bail him out of jail after he beat me up outside of his baby mama’s house. Never again baby.

  • fedup

    The South was right people…….face it

  • Michael McCormack

    Ah true love is so refreshing isn’t it?

  • Thomas Beach

    Nice to know the money is going for the kids.

  • nedmorlef

    The judicial system of NC is corrupt as hades itself. I hope she gets her money back but, she won’t w/o a fight. Those bail bondesmen are servants of the devil.

    The cops are liars and that’s why he was jailed as dealer. They knew she had money and they wanted it.

    The majority of drug dealers and users have elevated charges b/c the system in NC allows officers to lie. They call any user a dealer to get the family wealth.

    I’m an insider and I know what I’m talking about. NC rapes anyone they can pin a drug charge on…..and that means you may have never done a drug or seen a drug but, if they can tie you to someone that has they will to get your wealth.That includes stealing your home and confiscating your children.Which they will sell to the highest bidder.

    The drug war doesn’t stop kids from getting drugs, doesn’t stop the flow of drugs…it just allows cops to form organized crime rings to steal and sell drugs.

  • C O

    She is right, it is her money to do with as she wishes. So in about 12 months when she gets on welfare, because she spent it all foolishly, can we as Taxpayers then say, hey it is our money and we don’t wish to spend it on you?

  • Old fool

    A fool and her money are soon parted!

  • Robert Brooks

    The woman, or little girl in the mind sense, she has no sense to her life, and that is the reason good brothers cannot get along with a lot of sisters today, Brazil here I come !!

  • Bruce Jr.

    Extremely stupid, non educated Negros. 4 kids, 26 years old. Yall be broke home girl in another couple of months. Back to da chittlins and watermelon and da wa fare. If you hurry, you may be able to buy a condo in Ferguson next to he burnt down dolla store.

  • Pete Cocker

    Sounds like she deserves him.

  • Toni Newton

    I suggest she now take a good chunk of her powerball winnings and have her head examined!

  • Erwin Rommell

    typical owebamma supporting baboon.

  • Justanotherfaceinthecrowc

    “Stupid is as stupid does’..Forest Gump’s Mama

  • Scot

    Wonder how many of those kids are his? They’s both’s gona’s be dead’s That’s money’s eat’s them’s up’s Dogg’s?!

  • User945tz

    You can put a dress on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

  • Jenny95

    I wish she would listen to the people who are telling her she is crazy.

  • Denise Burkhart

    As long as he shows up for court she gets her bail money back,correct?

  • Comsense

    He’s obviously a heroin dealer because of racism. He’s obviously going to spend a lot of time in jail because of racism. She obviously has four out of wedlock children to multiple father’s because of racism. One thing this country has learned over the past six-and-a-half years is that if you have problems in life and have brown skin, nothing is ever a result of decisions you make. It’s because of racism.

  • Miranda McCraw

    Such a shame. I saw her on one of the morning news talk shows and thought she was fairly well-spoken and looked like she was level-headed. I really had high hopes for her.

  • Eric M

    The man beez profilin’ her boyfriend and her…

  • clorene

    I’d say she’d better set up a trust fund for her kids who are going to need it if a drug deal goes wrong and she and her boyfriend end meeting their maker. She should also consider the fact that child protective services may not be too happy about the environment her kids are living in.

  • Raider

    Actually, she hasn’t spent anything. Bail is insurance money to insure that a person will show up for trial. If he shows up for trial, the county or state that she posted the bond money with will have to give her the entire amount back. If she would have gone to a bail bondsman, then the bondsman would have charged her a fee (10% in most states). She will only be spending that money if he jumps bail and cannot be found by the deadline for forfeiture of the bond.

    • one way

      He’s going to jump bail.

      • Raider

        @oneway, Until then, she hasn’t spent the money.

  • Kelly Denk

    Maybe this is telling us the lotto money is the devils money. I mean, it only seems to happen to morons. You know Y’all?

  • Bob

    Anyone wanna wager? In her case it gonna be rags to riches to rags, in 3yrs.

  • Jupiter

    I feel really bad for the young lady. She needs help but I’m afraid she won’t listen because she feels that she’s on top of the world right now. I hope she can escape from all of the bad influences around her for the sake of her children. Money doesn’t not make you a better person, it only magnifies your true character. I truly cannot believe that grown adults are on here making some of these comments…smh. I feel bad for some you that have nothing better to do than hurl horrible insults. I just don’t understand what you get out of it. Hiding behind the internet spewing your nastiness all over the place. Just shameful.

  • Deidre Tranter

    How she spends her money does end up affecting us in one way or the other. She claimed she was going to put some back for college for her kids. Instead, some alleged drug dealer is let lose to sell to people on the street, which in turn will start robbing / murdering people or prostituting themselves to get the drugs. Her children will be around a known drug dealer and probably end up like him or dead. If she goes to prison for stuff he has done, then those kids will go into foster homes which isn’t always the best thing either. I do pray for her and hope she realizes the future of her children is at stake. She needs to make the choice on which way she wants it to go though.

  • Mary Finn

    A fool and his money are soon parted… There is a reason some remain poor all their lives. There is a story from eastern philosophy about some Gods taking pity on a blind beggar. Krishna puts a huge ruby in the man’s path, he stumbles over it and hurls it away cursing. Krisha comforts the shocked gods by telling them that a party of merchants will find the jewel and become rich by it. “As for him, further down the road is a loaf of bread and a jar of water….”

  • Renee

    I wonder if she would be spending all that money bailing him out if she had actually worked for the money?

  • J

    And blacks wonder why they cant get ahead in life and prosper… Stupid is as stupid does CAN NOT EVOLVE

  • Brian

    a fool and her money will so be parted.

  • Don Davis

    so she has 88 million….why does he need to be selling heroin?? Duhhhhhh…….
    8000 bags….even if he makes $100 on each bag…$800,000. Makes no sense at all….

  • Jt

    Where is #thekidslifematter put the money in the kids fund

  • TheBride

    Money doesn’t cause someone to grow brains. In 5 years she’ll be on welfare.

    • Kathy Johnson


  • larry


  • oj

    Give her enough time and both of them will end up in prison. after they well runs dry they’ll turn to dealing.

  • Jt

    Where is Al Sharpton on this? She has kids and money should be put in a funds before kids repeat this cycle of stupidity and give the kids a chance to be different.

  • Teresa

    Not sure why someone who has that kind of money, has a drug dealing boyfriend. Why do you have to deal drugs? You already have all the money you need.

  • elbis prepsley

    dumb ni*6*6*ers

  • Dorian Mode

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to win. Bet in 3 years she’ll be back on food stamps.

  • MartinNYC

    The white racists are coming from Yahoo btw. That’s their gutter of choice.

  • John Iii

    Darling while you’re passing out cash send me some

  • elbis prepsley


  • Jim Chitwood

    I’m curious where she got the money to play Powerball all the years she lost.

  • DeDe Keene

    everyone sees things differently its what makes the world go round.I don’t pretend to know this woman or her BF,.i do know that we all have the right to follow our hearts.shows that he means far more to her the money.GOOD For her.i pray they find a better life now.together.Money is great,we all gotta have it to survive but it will never be able to give the heartfelt LOVE we need in our lives.

    • one way

      Sure you have the right to follow your heart but you have the responsibility to raise your children in a safe, sane and moral environment. Her rights to follow her heart does not trump the rights of her children. You’re an idiot. A first class idiot that is probably a lot like this woman – jeopardizing everything then slapping someone with a Bible for judging her.

  • oldskoolnyker

    Look at all the white people and their comments..LOOK AT EM!!!!

    • John Iii

      stupid knows no color

  • pjean07

    Only thing to hope for is that she has set money aside for the kids that she can’t touch. But I doubt it..

  • PTBarnumboy

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Jolgar Fasola

    Not just God let her win.

  • LC

    Women always picking the winners… too funny.

  • marcus markus

    sad I thought she would have done better with her winnings… she will be broke in a few years filing for bankruptcy… she should have hire a financial advisor or some type of financial person to help her manage her money …and leave that dead beat boyfriend in jail..

  • John Iii

    She will be broke and in jail herself within 3 years

  • L Lile

    Can’t wait for the ending to this story. I have a feeling it’s going to be sooner than later.

  • Jim Chitwood

    Set up “college” funds for her children? A single mother who hangs out with heroin dealers, then bails them out of jail…yeah those kids are definitely going to college.

  • Teresa

    It seems as though the wrong person won this money.

  • Brenda Singleton

    Well like she said it’s her money to do with what she wants, and unfortunately she want have it for long because she will be getting her man out of jail every time he gets caught with drugs are whatever he is doing. I truly feel sorry for her children who will likely get nothing from their mothers winnings. Family needs to step in declare her incompetent and take over her finances and the care of her children. So sad she has had this wonderful thing to happen and now she will lose it all behind some dope dealing idiot.

  • Windrider_HD

    No… let’s really be honest. I wouldn’t have any close relatives in jail on trafficking charges and if I did I wold shoot them myself. …Y’all.

  • morrow

    I called this when i first seen this gal on the morning news after she won the lottery, she will be completely broke in 2 years and maybe in jail from being caught up with her dope dealing boyfriend.

  • Nasmir Fellows

    Her money to do with what she wants. If she wants to use part or all of it for TP, that’s her choice

    • Mah Grillz

      Which is why she’ll be back on welfare in two years. Shear stupidity.

  • sheryl walton

    Marie Holmes needs some direction. She is defensive not realizing that her well being is at stake. When she is broke and this man is no where around it’s too late to say…I wish I had. Marie needs counseling ASAP. The best thing she can do for herself is not spend her money foolishly and be grateful that sincere thoughts and concerns are for her benefit.

  • Buck Rogers

    One can only hope she goes broke soon.

  • georgiegirls

    I’d be more likely to believe that she paid the 10% that people pay, not the whole 9 million (900,000 sounds a hell of a lot better than 9 million). But it seems like people write these articles without verifying the information prior to publication.

    • one way

      They pay 10 percent because they have something else securing the 90 percent like real property. This is the kind of person, having 88 million in her pocket, probably didn’t bat an eye at the money because she’s obviously ignorant in financial matters and stupid in her choice of lifestyle.

  • Shimey013

    The funny pary will be when he uses her kids to pay off drug debts.. she will regret the day.

  • zanefire zinco

    pay back the welfare money and food stamps u and your drug addict boyfriend stole from us tax payers u low life non working pigs, sit home watch tv eat on the tax payers dime

  • Pansy Blackwell

    “it’s better to give, than to receive.”

  • Kathy Johnson

    Y’all need to spend Y’all money on some education….. Cause Ya’ll need some!

  • Marine Core Soldier

    Must have a really big wanker or sumptin cause she could have got Tyrone out for a mere 50K. Jus Sayin.

  • Samuel Keller

    Just another example of the ingrained problems in black culture. Why does this woman accept that kind of behavior from her man?

  • michele

    i always say the lottery tend to go to people who don’t deserve it or cant handle the responsibility.

  • Dennis Pennington

    This is unbelievable! The woman is 26 and has 4 kids already. It shows that she has laid down for men at an early age and is about to be screwed again. She talks tithes and religion, but the dopey BF is not going to change. Maybe she cannot see this. This woman got lucky and had it made but she will be broke in a short time. That’s because she is still letting men use her. Apparently she cannot break the cycle.

    • Bea

      What are you talking about? 4 kids at 26 is not bad… Loretta Lynn, the famous country singer had 4 kids by the time she was 20…

  • Mike Heuer

    Just a matter of time before the implosion occurs. “What?? Heroin is illegal? What??? Heroin destroys lives, families and communities?? What??? I could have bought a better boyfriend for a fraction of what I spent bailing him out?? Don’t Y’all go judging me! They judged Jesus, too!!!”

  • Blade Brown

    She’s an idiot

  • Ben Taylor

    If this does not convince you of their IQ level nothing will

  • Pansy Blackwell

    “Easy come, easy go.”

  • BF

    How many Y’all’s

  • Heather

    Didn’t these people go to school and learn how to read and write? Geez, of all the people playing the lottery, the winner was this pile of garbage!? What a waste……

  • jt

    Only the negros!!

  • Geno “Jaws” Smith

    money will be gone in less than 3 years

  • I’m Done

    Dumber than dirt. As soon as she loses all the money she’ll be back on welfare with her baby daddy drug dealer back in jail.

  • jz

    Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.

  • spider

    Would have been a better use of the money to just throw it over the enclosure walls at the monkey exhibit at the zoo.

  • javierlee

    That’s probably not accurate. You don’t have to put up all the money for bail, just 10%. I doubt 10% was $9 million. Now if they jump bail, it’s $9 million. But, any way you look at it, seems pretty stupid to make such a bad choice in romantic partners then throw that kind of money away because of it.

  • Mystery47

    And NOW you understand why the Black communities can’t improve themselves. Just look at how this girl’s mind works. By the way, did she ever think to pay back all the welfare and social service money that her family has been collecting for generations? No, of course not.

  • Vincent Venturella

    Prediction….either both or neither will Be Asking…Welcome to McDonald’s fairly soon, or both will be incarcerated serving sentence instead of hamburgers….either way …..loose….loose ! Fark Fail !

  • Maybe she could spend a little on some English lessons. Oh, and have a “Blessed” day!

  • rose blake

    and this is the type of clueless idiots that win the lotto

  • zanefire zinco

    those kids will never see college money

  • Khai Mang

    Are you kidding me? Nobody is trying to tell this woman how to spend her money, but if YOU’RE being honest, you can’t tell me that you don’t think this woman is being foolish and thoroughly irresponsible. And, what about her four children? I noticed that you conveniently left them out of your “apologist” argument. 88 million dollars, and you let some lame-brained jerk of a no good boyfriend bring drugs into your home? To further compound her stupidity, she bails this jackass out of jail so he can continue plying his trade. Then, on top of that, she has the nerve to get ticked off at observers who dare criticize her. She is also a hypocrite; claiming to be a “Christian”! What “Christian” allows drugs to be dealt from his/her home? Nobody needs a crystal ball to see what lies at the end of her Yellow Brick Road!

  • NCC-1701

    Yes, I’m being judgmental. She’s an IDIOT.

  • T.O.

    You do understand if she has a boyfriend, she isnt single right? So why are we referring to her as a single mother? She has a bf, or supposedly a fiancee according to this article. Where is she single again?

  • zanefire zinco

    now thats a real stupid ignorant blk woman, she will b broke or dead soon, after someone kills her for money

  • Mr. Knowitall

    You can take the black folk outta da ghetto, but ya can’t take da ghetto outta da black folk……

  • Marvin Douyon

    Why are you so concerns about what she does with her riches. She can do whatever the F&%^ she wants. I do not see anyone of you writing about what Donald Trump decides to do with his….. No one had any opinion when she was raising 5 kids on her own. Why are you speaking about her now ???

  • oldgrunt

    Let her do what she wants but Get the kids out of that mess or you will never break the cycle , make sure money is put away for the kids that she or the dirt bag involved can not touch it.

  • Homer

    The fact that she has a criminal for a boyfriend shows how stupid she is!!! Her money will be gone in a couple of years!

  • jtrose

    Well, we now know this was not a blessing from God, more likely a blessing from the devil.

  • Longwalker

    ..Girl, you had better get yourself together…forget about that man and concentrate on those children. You are kind, smart, and important!

  • Ed Romero

    I only have one question, is she related to Whitney Houston and Kristina? When she’s dead BROKE and she will be, because most Lottery Big Winners do end up BROKE. I want to make sure that they never get to apply for Welfare or Food Stamps.

  • FranklinsGhost

    Her money will be gone in no time at all just like every other person who gains quick money with little effort

  • Shaggy

    its not really about how she spends her money…its the fact that most normal people wouldnt accept the kind of behavior her boyfriend displays. Most folks would kick a drug dealer to the curb. Now this woman has something to actually lose and yet she isnt smart enough to surround herself with contributing members of society. Yeah so she loves this person and thats what you do for people you love?….ok…..not an issue…..if she loved this person then shed practice real love and get him help….get him as far from that lifestyle as she could….but she didnt. She allowed him to continue with his thug ways with a thug mindset. Just goes to prove you can take the woman out of the ghetto but not the ghetto out of the woman.

  • Clif

    Black people that COMES in to money, do some of that damned craziest things with it. Boyfriend would rot in jail if I had to put up 9 mil for him to get out. Damn lady, you got three kids and wasting that kind of money on lawyers and bondsmen. You are a new fool. And don’t give me that GOD stuff. If you were a servant, you would not have him in your life. So leave GOD out of your screw up life. But you are about one thing, “it’s your money.” Too bad you don’t know how to use it. Dumb!


    It’s my understanding that she put up the whole amount, not going through a bondsman, which means she gets a full refund on the cash when he goes to court. So whats the problem? In all honesty she isnt going to lose a dime.

  • Buck Rogers

    Amazing how some people have all the dumb luck in the world! She should have let that loser rot!

  • how come she won? it only shows lottery is fixed like with mafia who do the drugs too! what a revelation – do not buy these stupid ticksets unles you are a real hiody

  • She Codes

    She’ll be broke soon enough. Most of these lotto winners end up worse off than before they won, unfortunately.

  • aseyesaid

    Really? she has nothing better to do? then she deserves all that’s heading her way! Really?

  • Michael J

    There’s no requirement that one has to have a brain to win a lottery. This lady is dumber than dirt.

  • keepITreal

    A golden opportunity to live clean, for the both of them, really, and they do this bull.

    You’re right. It is your money, but dumbasses with a lot of money are STILL dumbasses.

    Again, clean opportunity to live a wonderful life. Why do stuff that keeps on you on the fringe of the bad side of the law? The ONLY reason to do drug related criminal activity would be to get ahead. Well, you’re financially ahead of 99% of America. Why involve yourself in activity that only leads to jail or death?

    If your boy wants to continue down that path, then you have a decision to make. I don’t love anyone that much to remain one step away from death or jail. Sorry.

  • Rev.Right

    Money and ignorance are a deadly combination.

  • TheWorldisNUTS

    “A fool and her money will soon part ways”

    People…. you can’t fix stupid.

  • No thanks I’m full

    I think I am more outraged at the author of this story for scolding people about looking down on her. She is a stupid, pathetic loser. The sooner she gives away the money, the better off the world will be. People like her deserve what they get.

  • WakeUpAmerica

    What a WASTE of a human life this McDow is!!!

  • Drunk in love they say….I would much rather she had invested in a business or built 100 churches….

    • Water bear

      How about 100 homes for people that need it. Or, 100 homeless shelters. Or 100 soup kitchens.

      • I fully agree….She could have invested in, or done many things….I, like most people have always thought what it would be like to win millions….Apparently most who do, never do the “right” things with the money, and have horror stories…

  • SuzieD1 .

    You all know he is just an unarmed peace loving black man as his defendasaurus wants us to believe.

  • Jack MI

    It’s so heartwarming to read stories about morons and their lotto winnings.

  • Caroline Mcclain

    This woman is wacked. Crazy as a loone. All that money, wasted. She could have put that money away in the bank. No wasted in no good for nothing boyfriend and family. Dumb.

  • ICU

    She needs too get a new tattoo, straight across her forehead, “FOOL”…

  • Bill Smith

    I pick up lottery scatch off tickets out of the trash in Tenn to get prizes kinda like green stamps You would be amazed how many tickets I find in a 5 mile area. Most days I would get over 500 dollars worth of loosers Enough to fill two big trash cans every year I know because I recycle them. What a waste of money, I have never bought I ticket but the kids here in TN get 2 years of school free funded by the lottery

  • Michele Calhoun


  • Eric B.

    She’s redefining dumb ghetto ho. What a waste. By the way, is she trying to say that he’s innocent?

  • DvaeDrne

    I call BS on this story.

    Nobody is pegged for a $3 million bail for any offense and even if they were,
    that money is held and refunded when they show up for court.
    That’s why it’s called a bond and the money isn’t ‘spent’ on bail.

  • Jeffrey Riley

    There are just a LOT of things wrong with all this.

  • Raised Right

    And that is the epitome of a zerobama/DEMONcrat voter!!!!!

  • Rita Lewis

    This is why she will stay broke.

  • Water bear

    This is the problem with huge lotto winnings. Someone gets an enormous amount of money and squanders it. I am not saying they all do, but we have all seen the shows about lotto winners and their sad stories of wasting the money that could have helped so many. The lotto games need to have more winners that win less money. If you had 10 million dollars and 10 people in a state each won a million, wouldn’t that be more helpful to the community than one fool with 10 million? Think of the ramifications if that were compounded. The powerball is frequently over 100 million. A hundred million dollars! No one single person should win that. This lady is going to end up dead. How sad that she can’t see the forest for the dusting of heroin…

  • Daniel Wayne Williams

    Remember this, money can’t buy brains. She will end up like Sharon Stone did in the Movie, Casino. Sad thing is, after it’s all said and done, there won’t be any money left over for the children’s education. WHAT A WASTE!!!!!

  • graybeard47

    This shows you can’t fix stupid!

  • Denise koors

    Hey you “Y’ALL” chick….Stop using God in your comments…….I believe YOU are a druggie along with your boyfriend….

  • Chuck Holder

    She didn’t even know how much 88 million was she couldn’t count that high.

  • Shasta1

    What is the old saying, “throwing good money after bad.”

  • Alan

    Let’s check in on her and the kids every year or so and see how she is doing! I will pray for the children .

    • Gypsy Bloomer

      That’ll be the next reality show !

  • Chuck Holder

    What a waste of money. Girl you should have dumped the loser, grabbed your kids and moved across the US.

  • mudslide

    Dumb broad.

  • animal lover

    I would be a way better husband to the woman and father to the children and I am female. I would even do it for half of what she spent on his bail. 😉

    • Ned Nederlander

      carpet muncher?

  • Ned Nederlander

    Was she using welfare money to pay for lotto tickets

  • Thomas Beckett

    Old saying: A Fool An It’s Money Shall Soon Part.

  • Pepper

    One more ting, at then end of the article he says if we had money we would be bailing someone we love out of trouble. Not in my family. I have NEVER had anyone in jail for ANYTHING in my whole family. We are plain ol’ hardworking middle class folk. No drugs, nor DUI’s. No back child support….
    no kids out of wedlock…..Guess we don’t know how to live right.

  • Tony Creswell

    I wouldn’t think of telling her how to spend her money. Idiots won’t receive good advice anyway. If she spent that much on bail, she paid the full amount. Which means if her thug boyfriend skips out she looses all that money. But, Oh well, easy come easy go. With the kind of boyfriend she has, it won’t take her long to spend all of that money bailing him out of jail.

  • Lorenzo Graziano

    Normally the people who play the lottery do not have money for a reason. Case in point.


    in about another year we will be paying for her and them 5 kids through welfare. you cant cure stupid.

  • Irene

    This is about the dumbest stuff I have ever heard. And to the author of this foolishness, when my brother called and wanted $100 to go towards bail money, I asked him if he did it. He acknowledged that he did and I hung up the phone.

  • Ned Nederlander

    a fool and their lotto money are soon departed

  • b cozzens

    crack lives matter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IUfan37

    You just can’t fix stupid.

  • Jamal’sFriedChicken

    now thats a real ride or die chick

    • Jarich1972

      No, that’s a real stupid chick. You get that much money and GTFO of wherever you are that you still need a gun. I won’t say anything about getting him out of jail the first time but, move then and if he can’t leave that life alone, leave him alone. Your kids should mean so much more than that man.

  • Patrick Waszkiewicz

    You dumb Bit*h,you have a child to care for who is probably going to be raised by the State becaue you are too stupid to care for that person.

  • edfrommoca

    Here we are throwing a buck trying to win some money to pay our bills and can’t win a miserable dollar

  • Sam Ackerman

    Just another example of a stupid POS that can’t manage money.

  • noirevixen

    And I should care about this because…

  • Kevin Krause

    So Glad it went to such a great family:) I mean clearly someone like this should be out on the streets. When she talks about tithing I assume she means giving 10% to her drug dealing boyfriend and friends….but if he gets shot by a white police officer trying to stop a drug deal, that white cop should go to jail forever no bail!!!!

  • prisspot

    She will be completely broke and back on welfare in no time, with absolutely nothing to show for all that money. Sad.

  • Pepper

    She is a loser big time…..Feel very sorry for her children and they should be taken away from her. Lottery winners should be forced….yes, forced to have a trust set up or a financial adviser. Druggie boyfriend and she can’t figure it all out. She won’t have any left or will be murdered, or something. How pathetic.

  • CeeHowUR

    Something isn’t quite adding up in this article. Typically you only pay a % of the bail amount. so either the article is wrong about how much she actually paid, or bail was a ridiculous amount.

  • frodo67

    What do you expect from a race of genetic inferiors?

  • Irisheyes490

    You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. What an idiot.

  • DixieDan

    A fool and their money will soon part. Kiss the money good-bye and get ready to move back to the projects.

    • Bobby Turkalino

      If Lamarr doesn’t end up killing her.

  • Dolothegreat

    Um….I’m going to wag my finger…

  • eng_England

    NINE MILLION DOLLARS bail for a drug arrest? George Zimmerman’s bond for KILLING someone was ONE million.

  • kalexander20 .

    She’ll be broke and/or dead within the next five years. Unfortunately, she’s a product of her environment. No education and surrounds herself with criminal thugs. She doesn’t stand a chance.

  • waybackwhen

    She is in la la land! Does she think bailing him out will make him a better person?
    Just when you think you have heard it all something like this “makes news”!

  • Zydecobro bro

    waste of flesh with a lot of money for now..but not for long

  • luminaughty

    I have to wonder if being a single mom with several kids if it was the tax payers who did most of the supporting before she won the lottery. If that was the case it would kind of be like a slap to the face of the tax payers who likely helped fund her lottery ticket habit. No telling how many times she played before winning but I think its safe to say it was a LOT.

  • If you win the lottery,everyone you know and everyone you have never met is going to ask you for money, for both good and bad reasons. You need to learn to say no to most of them until you decide how you want to spend and save your winnings. Otherwise, you could have nothing left before you know it.

    This may be one of the hardest things you’ll have to do. Rest assured, some people will pressure, threaten, or otherwise try to manipulate you to get their way.

    An easy out can be to say you’ve agreed to discuss everything first with your financial advisor or your parents. Pick one and use it if someone just won’t let up. #mintcofinancial

  • CeeHowUR

    If we played the lottery, then we have every right to criticize how someone else spends their winnings. That’s part of the fun, is dreaming how we would spend it and telling everyone how generous we would be. But when it comes down to it, most likely the greed factor will take over.

  • Sidney Sterling

    Stupid is as stupid does…and she is incredibly stupid!

  • gtgunn

    seriously….do you need any more evidence that the IQ is LOW in this breed….

  • Vicki LaCourciere

    Well alrighty Ms. Holmes !! I certainly would not want to tell anyone how to spend money, but maybe funds for your children could be a first priority. Yes, many people of all races and color get arrested and occasionally falsely convicted. I suppose your BF just has bad luck. I on the other hand will pray that you wake up before you end up in jail again, dead, or losing your kids. I guess money doesn’t make you happy or smart !!


    Really? We don’t have the right to tell her how to spend her
    money? That’s what this is all about you say? Well sorry but I’m having trouble
    seeing it that way. What about the fact that she is exposing her children to
    8,000 BAGS OF HEROINE? That didn’t seem to give you pause at all. What about
    the fact that she is in complete denial about her boyfriend’s chosen “profession”
    including the very real dangers associated with being involved with a man in
    that trade. She has already blown over 10% of her good fortune bailing out this
    “bastion of human virtue” when she could be using the money to better her
    childrens’ futures. Instead she hangs onto this loser who is PUTTING HER
    CHILDRENS’ LIVES IN DANGER. The drug trade is violent and cutthroat and drug
    dealers don’t care who they have to hurt to cash in, yet she continues to
    support a man who is clearly involved in that trade and thus incurs the
    considerable risk associated with it, a risk that is passed on to her and her
    children by virtue of her relationship with him. I won’t argue that her money
    is hers and she has the right to spend it how she chooses as long as it doesn’t
    break the law. However I believe that this is a situation where the state’s
    Child Protection Division needs to take a hard look at this and decide if she
    is endangering her children as it clearly appears she is doing and if so to
    take steps to remove them from that potentially violent, deadly environment
    before one of them pays for their mom’s foolishness with their young life.

    • Bea

      But $3 and $6 million bails? don’t people usually pay 10%, so are we talking about a $30 million dollar bail and a $60 million dollar bail… What did this guy do? Shoot someone? The campus officer who shot the guy in the head while cranking his car to leave posted only a $1 million bail… Something is not right about this story…

  • Alvin Grooms

    If you had 88 Million dollars, why the heck would you have to sell drugs anymore? Isn’t that the reason you play to win so you can start over in life? Like they said, it’s not our place to judge but I hope she realizes soon before it’s too late.

  • disqus_JNr8cF1G9n

    Pretty obvious. when you look at the Rap/HipHop Circuit… Money does not buy Class,Morals,Brains,
    or Common Sense…just one more example of taking someone out of the jungle..etc. etc. etc.

  • alejandro fernandez

    once that checked cleared . i would have gotten in the next plane to . ???

  • gsnarks

    “We’all” count “ya’ll’s money,” because “ya’ll” obviously haven’t the cultural sophistication or financial background to manage it competently. Great wealth in the hands of those unprepared to administer it responsibly is the business of ALL of us who must reap the consequences of “ya’ll’s” financial decisions.

  • Tony

    Once she spends all funds, guess who will be paying for her and her kids existence; you the taxpayer. I have seen this happen to others with no sense.

  • Ginger DesRousseau

    She is a moron.

  • eng_England

    PEOPLE are worth more than money, a FOREIGN concept in America, land of the greedy.

  • feas ant


  • M-Town’s Finest

    6 milli though???!!!! Smh

    • Bea

      I agree. That don’t sound right!!! This whole article is probably a stretch…

  • Jim Bob

    No amount of money can take the hood out of a thug.

  • eng_England

    She LOST $100 million out of $188 million after taxes? What kind of country is this?

  • J L

    And this is why she will be broke in less than a year.

  • paul campbell

    Jesus didn’t bless you with this Winnings…..the Devil did!!! It’s called investments, selling heroin can be one but not the right ONE.

  • brooklynbummer

    Must be love to piss away nine million dollars on a loser who is guaranteed to spend a lot of time behind bars. All the money in the world will not save this jerk.

  • Ronald Klap

    once again its proven you cant fix stupid , what a shame

  • Billy Bob

    She shure’nuff a good ho.

  • average joe

    How sad, she still has a chance to run away far far away.Buy a nice house in the suburbs, disappear, SHE CAN STILL START OVER, its not late not yet,but she wont, soon she will be broke or dead at the hands of her BF. No one is giving this girl any solid advise and its sad.

  • dingodango

    So…You give this woman $88 million dollars…and in a few years..she will be broke again. There is a reason some people are poor. They make poor decisions…over and over and over again.

  • Debra Switkowski

    So…. she’s comparing herself to Jesus? That’s an interesting comeback….

  • xnavygunner

    Can we say, “Moron”?

  • Guest

    What’s the deal with people and drugs? You’d think with all that money the need for drugs disappear, or at least she could pay for treatment to make an addiction a thing of the past. Shame one her for taking a drug dealer over the well being of her 4 children. It’s too bad we cannot manage incompetent parents a bit better.

  • Randy Mason

    Can anyone define:

    extremely shallow


    completely self-centered???????????????????/

  • Bea

    If taxes took the amount from $127 million down to $88 million, then what took the amount down from $188 million to $127 million? Also, if she paid $3 million to post bail, does that mean that the initial bail was set at $30 million and she paid 10%? And the second bail was set at $60 million, since she paid $6 million? Frankly, I don’t believe this story!!!

  • Blah Blah

    This stupid gal will be broke and back on welfare in a year.

  • Terry Hobgood

    “8000 bags of heroin” Nice guy, get him put of jail.

  • doinlaundrynow

    …”but we’ve all done crazy, foolish and even expensive things for love.” No, we haven’t. Not everyone does crazy, foolish, expensive things for love. Don’t lump me in with the dopes in life.

  • Mary Beth Martin Cavanaugh

    She should take the money and pay for a language arts class and learn how to speak proper english……

  • Gary C Stewart

    lottery ticket was bought with illegal drug or welfare money so it should be taken away!

  • grace

    wow!! how stupid. she should have left that state and tried to make a life for her and her kids. she will be on welfare before 12/16. why is it always someone stupid who wins it??

  • 6stringmike

    Jeez how touching. I wanted to shed a tear or two, so I cut into an onion.

  • Roland P

    How does she keep her kids around so much heroin??? Sooner or later an accident is gonna happen. Its not like it would take a large amount to kill a small child…..Social Services…HELLO???

  • big guy

    We were all rooting for her and the good she could have done. Nobody cares about her money or new fame. When you isolate yourself, you will find that you will never beat the devil one on one. Just won’t happen. You need your community, your family, true friends and your church. The only thing you will fight for in the end, will not be your money or possessions, it will be your soul. Such a sad person, she compares herself to Jesus Christ.

  • Bob Begood

    How about 5 to 10 years, take here kids away, sit up federal guarded trust funds for the kids with her money to ensure the kids are OK. After she serves some serious time maybe then she will realize that her and her boyfriend are a large part of the problem!!!!

  • Kev H

    ‘we were all excited to learn…’
    Were we?

  • Thrixdog

    These are the types of people that the state wants to win the Lotto, because in a year they will give all the money back and won’t invest a dime.

  • jxs9

    She’s stupid. And I’ve never had to bail out family or friends because they don’t get arrested. She got lucky. Stop acting like ghetto trash and change for the better. Also based on her quote she needs to set some of that money aside for her education.

  • Tony

    You just can’t fix supid. Pretty sad.

  • hylton j

    Dog have money it buys cheese, ( please google the translation)

  • thatgirl

    She should be worrying more about all those kids at 26 then some drug dealing man. She will be on an episode of the lottery ruined my life.

  • Mydogrules

    She will die broke and/or in prison and probably sooner rather than later.

  • T Robinson

    Like they say “A fool and their money are soon parted”.

    • Mydogrules

      And this is a prime example…..

  • spintreebob

    If a person works hard, 80 hours a week building a new business that employs many people then we have a right to tell the successful person how much he has to give to us, whom he can and can’t employ, and how big the sign is in front of his business. But we have no right to tell the “winner” how to use Lottery money?

  • Roland P

    I hope and pray he jumps bail and we get our money back, some of it anyway. These two Heroin Junkies will be dead soon enough. 8000 bags, and she with a half an ounce of HEROIN and they’re like Jesus and not drug dealers or users??? She seems burned already……Junkie Minds….lol

  • Earth2joel

    Did she pay back the welfare money we gave her? And, yes he is a drug user.

  • Cane

    Millionare or not. Black women sure love thier thugs…And then complain about there not being any good or straight black men available after the s*** hits the fan. By that time; baggage is accumulated, and then she moves another thug in with no intentions of getting or sustaining a legal income; because coincidently she is only attracted to convicted felons, and tell the good guys that do approach her to f*** off.

    • Lucifer999

      That’s a trait common amongst poor women, regardless of color. They love their bad boys. There are a lot of white trash women living in trailer parks that could have done a lot better.

  • john

    Why the rich have money and the poor don’t. I give her maybe 3-6 years until it’s all wasted.

  • Dean Kautzmann

    I have no problem with her wasting…I mean, spending…her Powerball winnings on whatever she wants. I DO have a problem with her endangering her kids by choosing to hang around with criminals or ever coming with an open palm to the community chest and requesting any kind of financial support from the government.

  • notconvincedgranny

    She’s an idiot. What does this teach her kids?

  • dikson

    she is ignorant

  • onlyi

    Girl, all he’s gonna do is drag you down. If he hasn’t already got you hooked on drugs too. In that case the money won’t last long at all and the kids will never get any benefit from it. Please wise up and take care of yourself and your precious children.

  • Bernie38

    Okay, if you don’t want us to take a negative look at 8,000 bags of heroin, then why even print this stupid story? And if “Y’all” don’t want us to criticize this woman, then don’t print crap like this Y’all !

  • Mike Hunt

    he’s probably got a good way to “invest” that money- and she appears to be of like mind to agree. Not even PowerBall can get the hood out of this ghetto princess.

  • liam0530

    How about a responsibility to her children’s future? Will t hey end up like the boyfriend? Probably so, what a said situation.

  • Jeremy Rhett Gillespie

    Money obviously doesn’t improve hood.. that $88,000,000 could be changing lives for the better, instead it went to a stupid lowlife … wonderful

  • bl1957

    This woman is a total idiot y’all.

  • Don Berry

    Lottery: called a tax on the stupid. Here is case in point, I guess.

  • Shaggy

    typical. drug thug lifestyle.

  • Steve

    She probably spent money that she really couldn’t afford to lose on the lottery tickets and she got extremely lucky. Not smart, lucky. She is continuing to show poor judgment by having a relationship with a drug dealer in the same house as her four children. If she continues on this path, she will blow through the money and even worse, find herself in dangerous situations that could jeopardize her health and safety and the health and safety of her children

  • Capt.Steve Thompson

    This just goes to prove the only way out of ignorance is education. Money doesn’t do it. What a waste. And OBTW–was anybody REALLY surprised to read this? . Black Lives Matter? REALLY???


    As others have pointed out, when someone with limited financial experience comes into a large sum of money, it is very common for them to squander it in no time. Even pro athletes who have agents who SHOULD be helping them wind up broke a few years out of the league even after making millions. Watch ESPN’s 30 for 30 “BROKE”. It is not uncommon at all. The National Endowment for Financial Education cites research estimating that 70 percent of people who suddenly receive a large sum of money will lose it within a few years.

  • AOL

    Blacks folks have issues when they are poor and when they have money. She bailed out what he had in his pants. Tommy Sotomayor is correct what he says about sisters is true.

  • Susan Tully

    You can take the black out of the ghetto but not the ghetto out of the black

  • ro

    A wise man once said “stupid is as stupid does”. And do those children have a chance? Not really.

  • flatlander

    I don’t care one bit about the money, but how many people would they have killed the 8000 bags of dope

  • Nicole Wright

    she’s an idiot. I guess certain things comes with age. You have your children around a man that bail was set a 3 million
    dollars. I dnt get it, that D— must be really good. I bet she will be in the news again, lottery winner is now broke and homeless with four kids.

  • svnone3rd .

    A fool and her money are soon parted….

  • disqus_J9dFq2L33n

    wow. they get to win the powerball.

  • Hank Wilson

    Um… can you say idiot?

  • Lewis Wereb


  • Mariana Y.

    what a waste of money, he most likely will be back in jail again. You should take care of your children future instead!

  • Susan Tully

    Dumb as a box of rocks! Please tell me that this is a joke?

  • anonymousbro

    life isn’t fair, folks.

  • its so sad to see this money goes to waste like this

  • Blightness

    This is one of the funniest stories I have ever read.

  • SeriousQ

    She will get those $ millions back, when the Court Proceedings start. As long as she and him honor that. She still has a large chunk of the $88 million. Her children can still be taken care of. Praying for good outcomes all around. 🙂

  • Gregory Murphy

    It’s a bond – intentionally misleading? Probably put up $900K, not $9 Mil. Still a bad idea.

    • The Donald

      No…she was too stupid to use a bondsman.

  • Robert LeClair

    Single mother of four !! Bet none of them have the same last name. What the hell is wrong with these people ? She’ll be broke before you know it !

  • Richard Joiner


  • Sarah Highnote

    Once I can understand. Twice? well, that’s just stupid.

  • RandyS

    Hysterical! Like the trailer park person who won and had zero left in one year! A fool and their money are soon parted.

  • TJim

    I feel sorry for her, she was/is ill prepared for that windfall. When she came out right away and claimed the money, I knew that it was going to be a short ride. There was no prep or planning for the management of such a large sum of money. Unfortunately, I don’t see her having a dollar in another 3 years, but I hope that I’m wrong.

  • El Duder Rino

    How stupid are black people?

  • Debi Mcgrury

    Guess what? I AM judging! How worthless can you be? Are you really that stupid? I guess so….SAD!

  • peter tr

    god gave it to you but you better donate some of the moneys to the poor otherwise you will lost everything. i have seen a lot of lottery winner end up with nothing left. she will be the same.

  • Rebel_Lady

    You can’t fix stupid, no matter how much money you throw at it. I have news for her–They don’t set that amount of bail unless they have a whole lot of evidence.

  • Pameela

    She’s comparing people talking about her like they talked about Jesus? Lady please! Fools will say anything when they don’t want to be held accountable for their bad behaviors.

  • wayne rogers

    If he shows up for court it won’t cost her a thing

  • Lantz Dennison

    I would bet she bought him a nice car as well. Some people are just stupid that way. Then she really shows her stupid side with ” and no he is no drug dealer or user” RIGHT! He just happened to have 8000 bags of heroin laying around that he was just holding for a friend…..yeah right. Sad that an idiot had to win that much.

  • -Nate

    I see a lot of really ignorant haters on here .

    This IS NOT a ‘ Black Thing ‘ you droolers . -Nate

  • RabidSquirrel


  • Bill

    9 million dollars! HAHAHAH

  • TakiyahDavis1

    Now that’s a shame…..all that money gone to waste……….I guess its true what they say……you can take her out hood but you can’t take the hood out of her……


    Dumb C***

  • Darrell Pinkerton

    Maybe just STUPID. I can’t believe she doesn’t think he is a dope dealer. If she does not wake soon he will be gone with all of her money.

  • Susan Jenkins

    This story should have read: Hi, I just won the lottery and I’m stupid.

  • wayne rogers

    You can take them out of the ghetto but you’ll never get the ghetto out of them

  • ChiCityGirl1

    Smh.. People who would do the right thing with that money will never win it.. She will be broke sooner than later blowing it on nonsense like that.

  • Bill

    LMAO Stupid ngrs

    • Guestest

      Ugh, go back to where you came from with that. Ignorant @ss

  • Travis Reynolds


  • larry wilson

    One word,can you spell stupid.

  • Wayne Dooley

    More proof that money doesn’t change who you really are. Or raise your consciousness and self respect. If you examine her life, you’ll find she has always made irresponsible and illogical decisions. Many celebrities and professional athletes leave their careers in financial ruin, because they have always lead a reckless life due in part to their immaturity and shortsightedness.

  • Scott Dilley

    I might have to go and see this chick. She needs a guy like me in her life to guide her in the right direction.

  • Valencia Quetel-Langford

    Truth be told, my children and I need a home to live in, we about to be evicted and where we live there are no shelters for homeless or …perhaps anyone who could afford to buy us a beautiful solid home may consider doing so. We would sure be grateful.

  • Stargazer

    Now there’s dumb, and then there’s this woman! WOW!

  • wayne rogers

    She should spend some money on a english as a second language course

  • odamaybrownsugar

    Shortly after she won the money, Holmes posted $3 million bond for her boyfriend Lamarr McDow. McDow was in jail, facing heroin trafficking charges. McDow was implicated after an investigation unearthed more than 8,000 bags of heroin. OMG is she from FERGUSON ? LMFAO

  • Gaven

    Money can’t buy you intelligence, which is obvious with her choices in men.

  • taug99

    Black people always find a way to foolishly seperate themselves from money.

  • galpongkid

    Black lives………


  • Hilary F

    I hate to say I saw this coming,this young mother of 3.!!! looked like a weak willed young woman,searching for the guy that will make her feel less insecure,which under the best of circumstances is foolish..there’s a reason for profiling,at the end of the day,this story won’t have a happy ending..and as usual pity the unfortunate babies she bred.

  • howard38

    I have no problem w/bailing a loved one out of jail but I do have a problem w/someone bringing a drug felon around her kids particularly when there is a gun in the house.

  • Chuck Skibo

    No brains needed to vote or win a lottery.

  • Guestest

    What a dumb@ss. If i was in her position, my focus would be my kids and me.. nothing else is more important. Not bailing out some man (who clearly doesn’t care about his own life) when he’s just going to get locked right back up.

  • EmeraldEyes1

    This woman is an idiot! She’s a single mother with 4 children, and that should be her priority instead of spending millions of dollars on her criminal boyfriend. If she had any brains at all she would ditch the boyfriend, move away, and concentrate on her life and providing for her children. She won a huge amount of money, which will mean that she and her daughters will never have to worry about money again, if she’s not stupid. If she keeps on squandering her money like this, she’ll be broke. She’s a young woman, she’s beautiful, but she’s stupid. I hope, at least, that she’s gone to a financial consultant and made arrangements for her daughters to be taken care of. If she wants to wind up broke, that’s her problem, but her daughters should come first.

  • John C

    Well Ms. Holmes…I think people were rooting for you. I’m sure you’re a good person, but you’ll soon find that there are people in this world who aren’t, and will take you for all you’re worth. I hope you find that out while you still have some of your riches left.

  • Brett Burkitt

    The author writes…”While we can certainly question Holmes’ choices in both men and behavior, we really don’t have any right to tell her what to do with her money.” …and I agree. But let’s see how consistent she is with this approach.

  • JV

    It’s called: Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

    • s. cupcake


  • s. cupcake


  • Bitchyfrontdeskclerk

    so sad.. that money should just be spent on her children and that is all.. shame on her..

  • Joe

    This idiot could live off the interest alone better than she ever dreamed, but no she spends it on her dream come true all the dope her money can buy for her and her poor A$$ dumb friends. But she be havin all da fun !!!

  • elel210

    A fool and her money are soon parted.

    -author Thomas Tusser

  • James

    “Y’all” have some money but you sure aren’t wealthy. Enjoy ur cars and jewelry until they get seized by the creditors

  • Kelly

    A fool and her money are soon parted. 😐

  • Tony Mallo

    LOL who is surprised by this news, you cant take rat out of the hood and make them a stand up citizen with money

  • Rosie daRiveter

    Sad another beautiful black women who is a fool.

  • Black lives matter……….

  • Guest

    A lost cause. Will she feel used when she is and her “fiance” are dead from drugs,drug dealers, etc?

  • Bruce

    I just want to thank this woman for confirming my belief that the world is utterly flooded with morons.

  • Jim Kay

    gonna be alot of rich(er) lawyers out there very soon and two broke nyggs

  • Richard Jacobs

    You know what they say about a fool and her money.

  • Gideon Waxfarb

    This is exactly what happens when you just give money to people who didn’t earn it.

  • Silvia Planchett

    This idiot will be broke in a year!

  • Dori Loftus

    She got me so irritated, she is a freaking idiot. For the love of God give the money and the kids to someone who doesn’t have a hole in their head. She makes women, mother’s, the entire human species look bad…..

  • George Penwell

    Wow! Pretty AND stupid. What else could a brotha’ ask for, eh?

  • Dennis V

    Once the cash is gone, she’ll be right back on the government tit….

  • Martin Kubota

    She can afford to drop a few million on her BF. Hopefully he’ll move beyond drug dealing now that he has a sugar mama. But as the say, ” you can take the person out of the ghetto, but can you take the ghetto out of the person?” Hopefully the money will help them move on to a better life An interesting story to watch in the future.

  • Ginny

    That dude would have rotted in jail and I would have found a new man. Then again, I’d never, ever get involved with a drug dealer. They are low life scumbags.

  • Cyclone-power

    You all understand that bail money is not necessarily giving all that money away right? It is just money that the court holds, until the trial is complete. Then the money is returned. If the person who has been bailed out does not show up for trial – then the money is forfeit. If the man shows up for trial she won’t loose anything other than court costs. She is still stupid, but she sure trusts her man.

  • Jason Smith

    You should really reassess what is important in your life. God has blessed you with a windfall of a lifetime (it CHANGES lives). Don’t forge what life was like before.

  • bobfrapples

    hahah! They love the Losers!.. Dumb woman!

  • elcid123

    Its seems its from generation to generation in some Black families.Their women marry criminals and they produce more of the same.How about hooking up with a AA MBA ? No that’s too logical !

    • Lucifer999

      It’s not a black thing, it’s a woman thing. Women love their bad-boys and often make incredibly bad life decisions when it comes to men.

  • Darcseid

    Stupid is as stupid….. STEREOTYPE ANY ONE??

  • George Centeno

    Like Mike Tyson or 50 cents and MC Hammer 5 to 10 years from now she’ll end up in bankruptcy court.. easy income easy go income.

  • Karen

    Well,his magic stick is so powerful,pretty much she give him everything.

  • tyuchic

    it’s called wealth transference, ya’ll. at least she’s doing it with her own money instead of ours, unlike obama. so i say, “go ahead on, girl!”

  • justme

    Marie Holmes needs to learn how to write a statement ……..
    ya’ll ” what kind of word is that …..stupid !!!!!! Matter of time , she will be broke like 50cent ,
    and other celebrities and Wannabes !!!!!!!!! She has NO COMMON SENSE !!!

  • Xzamilloh

    Why is it people like her are always so quick to throw up the Jesus card like that just shields them from criticism? “Be blessed, though…” Nah, YOU be blessed when ya azz ends up broke after blowing through millions of dollars on a bum.

  • Bernard Alfred Stearos

    Not going to be much money here. It is all going to disappear shortly. Boyfriend will need most of it to buy more drugs. How much does 8,000 bags of horse sell for? Feel sorry for her poor children who will be poor when they grow up also.

  • wmasscowgirl

    What a complete MOMO! If she will fall for any stupid story, than I have a bridge for sale.

  • LaVelle

    Please, please, right now, while you still have quite a bit of your winnings still available……think of your children. Put them first. Put a generous amount of the money in a bank for your children. Your money could dwindle very quickly with the way it sounds like things may be going on. A bank account for each of your children could be the wisest investment you may possibly make for now and their future. Don’t let your boyfriend (fiancé or whatever) or anyone blow it for you. You are the responsible one.

  • Stephen Bellinger

    I would not do the same spending she is, but it is HER MONEY.

  • Kyle Reese

    Money talks and it is like she said its her money and shes free to do as she pleases. As far as all these negative comments go you all are just haters because your all broke and biggots who are pathetic attempts at life and contempt with leading a mediocre one. Money is the key to everything go get some, and quit hating because your all scrubs.

  • JaLynn

    The most stupid woman I have ever read about. She has 4 kids that she could think of, and put away for their colleges, and secure their futures. Instead, she will spend millions on a felon and druggie. If I’m not mistaken, it is a felony to be in possession of a weapon while on probation.

  • disqus_Uw9BS8R4IQ

    She’s an idiot! I feel sorry for her children. Money can’t buy brain cells. She will be on welfare within 5 yrs. and we will be supporting her and her children.

  • Sara Kuntski

    Al Sharpton should have a talk with her !
    Maybe she can pay the dead beats taxes..

  • KM

    Yes crazy in love and then there is stupid. Ugh, how about the kids who did not ask to be involved and she is responsible to take care of. Can anyone say even college fund so they stay out of jail?!

  • Anna Merrigan

    if you don’t straighten up honey, you will be poor and homeless within a few years. If you truly love Jesus stop breaking his commandments….love Jesus, pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and council you at this time. Satan is trying to steal what the Lord has bless you with.

  • Elaine Brown

    No amount of money can fix just plain old stupid.

  • Kosher Spice

    Why hasn’t family services come and taken the children away? 8,000 bags of heroin, a gun, and children do not mix.

  • GG

    Interesting…why was the bail so much…was it because she had the money??? You say don’t count her money …but isn’t that what this article’s about. Once again…stupid behavior. Why is she allowing drugs around her children??

  • Alton Paige

    So what she will get the money back if that fool she is tied to don’t run!

  • R Levy

    Let’s see, single, four children, unemployed, and a boy friend who pushes drugs. If the money used to purchase the powerball ticket came out of public welfare or other funds then any member of the public has a right to comment on how this women spends the public’s money. With local, state, and federal legislatures so eager to pass laws why not one that says …if you or anyone in your care are on any form of public assistance then (1) all winnings from any gambling or other venture will automatically be forfeited to the state and/or federal government and (2) you will automatically be disqualified from receiving any further public assistance for a minimum of 12 months.

  • mari

    Y’all she would go back to cheese and crackers in a few years. Maybe back to welfare….judging from her English grammar. Where can you get a decent job with writing skills like hers. Lucky she won the lottery!

  • Augustine Beary

    Well, its her money to spend how she chooses.

  • Keith

    She needs to take any money she has left and leave the country!! These hateful jealous people will do everything to see her come down! And you see how she read that tweet, trying to make black people sound stupid!! Smh Boy I tell you, you never see them doing that kind of stuff to white people!! smh And you see how white people always trying to put down black people? You better wake up black people!!

  • Betty Poo

    A dummy and her money will soon be parted. She’ll be broke in less than two years.

  • EMcD3

    Brilliant. At some point in time when she’s either broke or in prison as the result of her association(s), she’ll realize a different path may have been best for her and her children.

  • MocaPretty

    Our hands should not be in other people’s pocket HOWEVER since the story is on the blog I will comment lol. I guess she think she is doing the right thing by her boo thing or whatever but once I get you out once and you do something to violate and get yourself back in then um my work would be done. Somebody needs to counsel her about her finances bc she is likely to be broke in a few more years. It’s sad. I see why so many ppl said winning the lottery is a gift and a curse…. but shiiiiid I’ll take it! hahahaha

  • whereisthemoney

    She better realize that associating with heroin dealers may get her killed. Then her good fortune and the promising future of her children will go down the drain.

  • akingbelowkings

    thats just pathetic….

  • the Doctor

    Single parent of four kids. How many different daddies? If this boy friend skips bail, she is out a ton of cash. If he shows and goes back for probably 20 more years, she can have another 15 kids while he his dating big bubba.

  • Garfunkle Blowhole

    Easy come easy go!

  • wolverine91068

    i am sure her boyfriend is in control of the money .she doesn’t have a say in how it gets spent.hood rats never do right thing with money.i hope she goes through it quickly because she didn’t deserve the win in the first place.if that’s the type of life she wants for herself then keep doing what your doing because when the money is gone its gone and you only have yourself to blame for how you blew it.i think a more responsible person can see were this is heading for her.too bad she cant see the wrong she is doing.god will make it right with those that squander his gifts.

  • WJ_texas

    OK it said she paid 6 million “To get him out of Prison”. It did not say “Bail him out”. So which Politician did she pay?

  • Gary Harper

    A fool and his(her) money are soon separated.

  • guest

    This should be a lesson to all liberals and socialist. No matter how much money you throw at a person, gutter trash will always be gutter trash.

  • Gary H

    Looks like the real winner of the lottery was the IRS, they won 39 million and never bought a ticket.

  • Larry Flynt

    back on welfare in 5,4,3,2,1 …

  • Por Brown

    This young woman claims to be a Christian. She should start conducting herself as such. The first thing she should consider is getting free from her current boyfriend, and focus on her children.

  • Brian Callihan

    Why don’ y’all just go to Ferguson, MO where all of you black crack heads belong!!

  • Dan Baker

    hell ,her kids can do without so she can keep bailing out a POS criminal

  • gosford

    Does she have the same accountant as Mike Tyson?

  • guest

    she’s got a lot of money.. still. haters

  • James Brown

    There is just no help for some people. Girl, you should have moved on a long time ago. If you woman can’t see beyond, then you two deserve one another. A word to the wise, there is nothing good that’s gonna come out of what you’re doing. Trust in me! You probably say “who the hell I’m I to tell you what to do”. Listen up chickadee, I don’t use drugs (DOPE), but I’ve been around the block a few times. Let me just add, I was born in the day time, but it wasn’t yesterday. Stop!!!!!!!

  • hi

    she needs to spend it on an education..talking about y’all…is that even proper english??

  • Sean Murphy

    I thought she was a decent girl when I saw the interviews when she won. I guess she’s as ghetto as can be. With that sort of money you don’t need to be around the criminal lifestyle anymore. i just don’t get it. Anyway, she’ll be broke or dead before 2020 that’s for sure.

  • hi

    waste of space

  • Liz Simons

    What I find appalling is not how she’s spending HER money. It’s the fact that she’s putting HER children in harms way by associating with a drug dealer. The original story last month said she’s a mother herself. One of the kids is mentally disabled. As a mother you put your child’s well being far ahead of your own wants and needs.

  • cmi

    Sure isn’t any of my business, but it certainly sounds like those millions will be put to good use!! I’m sure that once she spends it all on her beloved crack user friends, she can go back on the government welfare plan!!!

    • Heather

      I think anyone who has ever won more than a million dollars should be banned from welfare for life – if they piss it away and end up broke that’s their problem – they had a chance – they blew it

      • cmi

        I agree with you!

  • Sabreline

    Why is anyone surprised by this? She will be dead broke and back on welfare within 2 years-maybe less.

  • concept99

    You can’t fix stupid. The stupidity is strong on this one. Just go and move out into a better situation. Someone please hit her head.

  • Osai

    Evidently the writer doesn’t know that the person who bails someone out of jail only puts up 10% of the required bail.

    • Jason

      Depends on if it’s a 10% bond or a cash bond, which is the full amount. People who are likely to flee, and more serious crimes, get a cash bond.

      • Osai

        Its 10 % to the Bail Bondsman who then pledges the cash. Don’t you watch the Dog??

  • Sunyside

    You just can’t fix stupid.

  • FedUpInNJ

    Once again proving you don’t have to have any brains to win the lottery or have children… so sad. She will blow all the money on drugs and men she thinks “love” her.

    • guest

      hope she doesn’t.. how about you?

  • Pepper Gregory

    She’ll be working the corners in less than five years. Figured it would turn out this way.

  • Shannon Russell

    I’m sorry but really, this woman is a moron. She’s blowing all this money on a drug dealer/user who is obviously just using her for money, as well. Woman, worry about your kids, take care of yourself and dump the baggage.

  • 071189

    Welfare mom using welfare ,money to buy lottery tickets; nothing new going on here.

  • skinger

    That dude’s penis must be epic.

  • Mike

    $6 million for bond? Sounds like 5.9 million too much!

    • Manny Hundal

      I think they anticipate your financial situation when setting bail. The whole point is that running away would screw you over financially or you can’t afford it and sit in prison. If they new he’s dating a multi-millionaire, a normal size bail wouldn’t be very effective.

  • lrg1971

    I get so sick of my people talking about what isn’t anybody’s business. What happened to the days when if we saw our brother or sister going astray or doing dumb ish that we could pull their coat tail and they actually listen and heed the advice??? Now if you try to offer constructive criticism or advice its “mind your business” or “why you worried about what I’m doing, worry about yourself” or “that’s black folks problem…always in somebody else business”. No us not listening to wisdom is our problem…This individualistic mindset is KILLING us!!!

  • Joe

    Afta all that money honey U shoulda been mighty happy without drugs, I know U be haven to hava lot of da bling too keep up in the hood. U goo home girl with yoo dumb A$$

  • ptbacardi

    she’s such a loser!!! this man don’t deserved it…he’s a criminal stupid!!!!

  • Mike V

    palease today it is mostly trash with cashhh anyway–whatever

  • Bonju Patten

    she should be made to give that money to her kids & her kids should be taken away by social services.

  • ouwooferman

    LMAO could you be more foolish. Stupid is forever.

  • Mark Walker

    What a foolish woman.

  • KSnow927

    It’s a shame she does not have any real guidance, friends or family. Her children will wind up motherless and poor if she does not get help.

  • Heather

    Oh the ignorance – just astounding. I think one of her kids was disabled – makes you wonder if she was using while pregnant.

  • Charles

    Another woman being used by a POS guy who would not do an honest day’s work, if his life depended on it.

  • skinger

    He must be sporting one hellava and magical Johnson.

  • dmobile2go .

    Wait a minute….8000 bags? That doesn’t even sound right. I hope they make this into a movie…I could watch this stuff all day! LOL!

  • guest

    I truly hope she lives a great life with her family and this money and maybe even turns her man away from the drug culture.. it’s not like he needs to hustle anymore.. HATERS!

    • Heather

      He violated parole and they found more heroin in the house so I am guessing he hasnt given up his lifestyle

  • ym

    I hope that will be her last 9 million she spent on him…Otherwise she will just waste her luck…

  • blacksun7

    If your stupid enough to believe everything the media says than you are trully a fool!

  • Cupcake

    she needs an intervention by someone who cares and is able to assist and not just talk her to death

  • Irma

    A fool and his/her money are soon parted.


    These have been very poor life decisions. Druggies, both users and sellers, rarely change until FORCED TO, by whatever means. In the meantime, they will take every dime anyone has got to get more of whatever they see to enjoy. This woman will be dead within a few years if she continues on with this “criminal”. And he is going to jail, if he lives that long. Sad story.

  • guest

    half the money is not gone.. 44 million is half. and she’s dumb… ya guy

  • Mrs Breezy


  • Joe

    1/2 of the money is already be gone, she will probably buy 20 Cadillac’s for her whole family and friends with the rest of what is not spent on future bails to bondsmen and of course crack, new pipes and lighters will leave her broke in a blink of a eye

  • guest

    amazing how many people are calling her stupid.. she won the lottery you didn’t

    • Manny Hundal

      not sure how winning the lottery makes a person not stupid

    • Heather

      I didnt know it took smarts to win the lottery

  • pkincy

    I wonder where he got the money to buy the H?

  • justme

    Thought she would do something good with her money ,,,,,guess not , she’s been in the news
    to much ………..give her 5 years and she will be broke ……
    That worse thing she could’ve won ………..She has drugs in the house with her kids …..
    She’s wasting her money …..soon we will read ……….She’s Broke !
    She’s to young and stupid ……..she should’ve a financial advisor , tax lawyer , CPA ,
    or a trustee to manage that money …..the right way ……

  • Taster’sChoice

    A fool and her money are soon parted. I wonder if he will be around when the money runs out… And it ALWAYS runs out. Especially with these sorts of bad decision makers. C’est la vie!

  • Ahnara

    Ron White was right, you can’t fix stupid

  • Mustang 50yrs

    that’s dumb, should have gotten a real man, not bailing out a loser

  • ameme

    When your stupid and poor its sad but when your really this stupid and very rich its disgusting because idiot’s spend their money on the dumbest things and most useless people ..
    She will be broke and broke down within a year but boyfriend will drive off in a fine car gold tacky chains and a new idiot by his side.. Got to really pity stupid LOL !

  • Mel

    I say she should be focusing on her children and herself..Bailing out B/F from jail seems quite the opposite of positive direction in my opinion..Sad and completely defeating the positive purpose she could be doing with her life with her kids…
    After RE-reading this article..The kids need removed from this household with all of the drug dealing garbage that inhabits it…Again , very sad…

  • SARS

    how to waste 88 million

  • Unruffled

    Just proving that the lottery really is a tax on the stupid…

  • Guest

    No, I would not bail a deadbeat, caught with 8,000 bags of heroin, repeat felon, loser bf even ONCE, let alone TWICE. I’d let him rot in jail, because there’s NO WAY I’d spend that kind of money and expose kids to that hot mess. Maybe YOU would, Veronica Wells, but some of us actually have common sense and self-respect.

  • Jim Tebo

    Beautiful, young, rich, and just plain stupid, “he ain’t no drug dealer ” guess not, what was he doing with 8,000 bags of heroin. This mother could be doing so much good with her money, making a future for her children, but what is she doing, bailing some low life out of jail, twice. It is her money and when she gets back on welfare she will be happy then

  • Martin Carmichael

    There is only one saying that comes to mind at this time it is, a fool and his money will soon part.

    Need I say more??

  • Sturgeon General

    she evidently didn’t qualify for a bail bondsman

  • n71i .

    The commissioner must’ve known who his girlfriend was. Those bonds seem inflated.

  • Joe

    Her man will probably marry her then O.D. the dumb A$$ lady and try to inherit all the cash but get caught for forgetting to plan it out well…

  • jeff

    why is this news. Does anybody think that once a moron obtains money that they are no longer a moron??? You cant fix stupid with any amount of money!!

  • laura

    It’s to bad that having this post all over the internet now the CPS hasn’t stepped in and taken her kids.

  • Thais Anne Lumpp-Lamkie

    Can’t fix stupid.

  • Linda

    Winning millions doesn’t change who you are, you have to want to change regardless of whether you are rich or poor. Apparently, she’s happy with herself, the money is irrelevant.

  • gambllere

    fisrt off, she needs to have her tubes tied, then get another boyfriend or girlfriend and get the hell out of where she is ……. with that money, a shrink might also be in order

  • George Spalding

    Her money will be gone within 2 years if she’s stupid enough to be with this guy. He and his buddies will “share” the wealth no doubt.

  • guest

    who cares. she can spend her money however she wants, and you can happily judge her for it.
    She’s rich and she’ll probably own enough land and make enough money in interest that she’ll never have to work again.. jealous haters.

  • Christine Green

    Stupid is was stupid does!!!!! No surprise here!!!!

  • Jim Burke

    This is going to end bad. She is a prime target for all kinds of nefarious activity. The kids probably going down as well.

  • Name

    Girl bye. He is either selling or using or both. Waste your money on a loser.

    I refuse to take any woman with 4 kids and no husband
    seriously. I play and believe me my man who has a degree and been at the same job for 20 plus years will get some.

  • Gary

    Straighten up & fly right, from now on! For your kids! Just don’t blame “whitey” if you screw up after this. Bad move already by springing that thug out a jail.

  • Tim

    you can take a girl out of the projects … but you can’t take the projects out of the girl …

  • kim taylor

    she will be broke in a year and back on welfare!!

  • Joe

    She sure doesn’t have any type of edumacation (spelled education) or even common sense Wow what a idiot !!!!!!! She be smoking a lot of crack for as long as the cash lasts, Then back to the welfare line to wait for her issue of food stamps also. I should set up post at her front door with a sack of dope for the moron to spend all that money…Probably too late for that evidently she already has all the dope dealers living with her……..She B, N-Rich now

  • Trish

    I can’t fix the stupid part of this woman…but with a little education, she might learn how to save and invest money. I shake my head wondering how to pay for my daughter, a straight A student, to go to college and this dumbshit is wasting 9million no a felon. Maybe you should have to take a test to see if you have the brains to play the lotto.

  • Sturgeon General

    so sad that such a fine looking woman is hung up on a criminal like that, I guess you can never really escape your own environment.

    • Kosher Spice

      Would it be less sad if she weren’t fine looking? What someone looks like should not define their importance.

      • Sturgeon General

        you are right of course, but I think in our society the better looks often lead to the better opportunities.

  • uatu13

    Sounds about right. Pretty pathetic.

  • laura

    All I got to say is what a dumb as. You spend that kinda of money to bail out a loser and risk having your kids taken away. For him. Dumb As.. I guess that money didn’t teach you anything…

  • Reese

    Many times as women, we do foolish things for men who are not deserving or would not do the same for us. We give unnecessarily and lose focus on those who matter. It’s a shame she is given such a great opportunity and wasting it.

  • theguythatstolepeeweesbike

    black lives matter

  • Wont be long, every cent will be history… and drugs goes together like Obama and honesty! One always does the other in.

  • TheFather

    Hope you feel the same way when all her money is gone and she is back on welfare. She should be blocked from ever getting anything from the Government. Mark my words all of her money WILL be gone.

  • dmobile2go .

    It’s like a train wreck and I wasn’t disappointed! LOL! I feel so dirty now! LOL!

  • Jennylind Lisa Cunningham-Gibb

    This is so sad, why can you just realize that God gave you a new lease on life and to take care of your children and mother…She will end up spending all that money out not investing it to make a profit or nothing like that. How the hell can you be so dumb. Get some professional advice. This is why a lot of people with a good head don’t be fortunate enough to win things like this…….sigh..

  • StaceyLavueManhattan

    These bonds seem to be farce. They’re too high for his crimes. And she is just not getting the message. OUCH!

  • Kev K

    Author wrote:
    “If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s for people to count other folks’ money. No matter who that person may be.”

    And then writes an article about how someone spends their money. lol

  • Geradeaus

    They’re engaged? Hope she gets a prenup! And a will leaving whatever is left to her kids in a trust.

  • Jen

    Oh good, another dipshit millionaire, just what this country needs.

  • mulberry1

    She’s right. It’s none of our business. However, her refusal to listen to the feedback is a sure sign she will lose this money fairly quickly. People may need to ignore what she is doing, but it doesn’t mean what they are saying to her is wrong. You can be defensive, or you can try to learn. Whatever. In the end it’s her choice. (as they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink)

  • Klo

    So, the kids get what???

    • Sturgeon General

      a daddy ?

      • Klo

        Sad, sad story for those kids.

  • Dennis Mullen

    She is right..I did look at some earlier pics of her and she has spent some money on herself which is fine…. Doesn’t she get the bail money back if the bf shows up for court?

    The real crime is she hit for $188m and she only brought home $88m. She will one day apply for public assistance after she blows all that money on stupid stuff like church and her relatives. I rest assure you they all have their hands out…

  • Wendell Radford

    I had a girlfriend like this. She can pull off the whole, “I’m struggling, but god will help me” vibe when she knows your watching, but at the root, she’s trash. Nothing more, nothing less…. I guarantee, she will have nothing to show for the money in 5 years and hope her children don’t find out about it when she’s older and why they can’t go to college.

  • -Nate

    Sadly she’s clearly shown she’s not to bright twice : taking the smaller amount of $ in the first place then bailing out her obviously druggie boy friend and LYING about him .

    8,000 dime bag means DRUG DEALER , no ifs and nor buts .

    Too bad really .


  • flabbybuns

    No amount of money can fix stupid. I have a fear we are going to see an article about her (or this guy) becoming deceased, since they are obviously surrounded by a criminal element.

  • icemilkcoffee

    Since the boyfriend has not skipped bail, she has not ‘spent’ $9million. If she posted the bail herself, she got every cent of it back when her boyfriend showed up for the trial.

  • Joe Turcotte

    Why are so many women attracted to such losers?

    • Kosher Spice

      I think we are more easily manipulated. This guy is a con, and he’s conning her as well.

  • Gidget Hrobowski

    I am not even going to read this article, it sounds too damn depressing, but I will comment. There is no way in hell I’d use my money to bail someone out of jail. She just made me glad I am not involved with anyone. I guess she must be on drugs, too. Po thang.

  • teacookies

    You just can’t fix stupid. I’ll pray for her because by the time that boyfriend is done she won’t have a pot to **** in or a window to throw it out of.

  • Ramona Silvestri

    To be educated on several important subjects in life is so important. When you are in your twenties and have the means to get a college degree that is all that should matter. She is in a perfect place to get a business and finance education. I knew day one when I saw this story of this winner her first investment move should have been to relocate to a more progressive environment. Like California or Vermont but to stay with all the people she was raised with could be her doom. She could lose everything if she is not careful and her kids should be the highest priority safety and education first!

  • Billboy35

    Reason you should never take the lump sum….

  • E_Eriksen

    “tithes and college funds…”

    just ANOTHER lying criminal maggot….

  • Get to Work People

    Too bad the bail wasn’t $88 million…

  • star*

    She needs to put that money to good use and get herself some therapy. Why would a beautiful woman ,or any woman for that matter, put herself and her children in danger for a pathetic drug dealer/user. She obviously doesn’t think very much about herself. I hope she gets the help she needs and moves on from that loser!!

  • alexa

    She’s a loser. Someone will kill her to get their hands on her money.

  • Robert Beavers

    This is ignorant nonsense. Notwithistanding the exorbitantly high bail for the alleged crimes, This woman did not pay 3 and 6 million dollars to bail out her boyfriend. At most she had to come out of pocket for a total of $900,000, as just 10% of the posted bail amount is needed to bail out..

  • disgustedwithlibs1

    How did she live before the win? If she was on welfare the state should get that money. She didn’t work so who’s money bought the ticket in the first place.

    • Omar Ervin

      shut up

  • Yolonda Hoefner

    you can take the girl out the ghetto but not the ghetto out the girl this is what happens when people dont no their worth she says she has Jesus well she need to listen to him that was a bad choice

  • Sick Tired

    This chick must love the “D” that much. How else could this “retad” spend that kind of money to bail out some low life stupid neega!

    • Omar Ervin

      you mean “retard” instead of retad, you retard.

      • Sick Tired

        Notice the quotations I put around the word… but you wouldn’t know what that means you idiot!

  • pete

    Like putting lipstick on a pig…

  • bianca hunt

    Money doesn’t buy you any of life’s tools you didn’t already possess. I just hope she does the right thing for her children and set something aside no one can touch.

  • TeaScum

    “If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9 million dollars to give, we’d likely be bailing our loved ones out of jail too.” Uh, actually most of us don’t have scumbags in jail on multi million dollar bails. You clueless idiot

  • Barry Harden

    He’ll get his hands on that money and have a white girl on the side and Marie Holmes would be none the wiser or drugged out of her mind to notice.
    We’ll hear about their downfall in a future article.

  • maxx1676

    She won $188 million winnings.. she was awarded $127 million in 1 lump sum…. (What happened to the 61 million difference)…. And after taxes, she received $88 million ?

    • Andrew Schliewe

      The lump sum is always less than the amount for the 30 year annunity which is the one that is always publicized. The lottery commission only needs to put about 100 Million into the annuity which should earn enough over the 30 yrs to pay out the 188.

      • maxx1676

        Thank you for the reply Andrew, that makes sense .

  • quack quack motherfucker

    It’s the same story as you see with so many athletes. Giving someone who makes bad decisions money usually isn’t going to lead them to change their ways, they just end up with the money to do more of the same.

  • blueyes48

    Horse Pucky. I wouldn’t spend a damn dime to bail out Jiminy Cricket if he was dealing. Or if he was doing anything else illegal. I wouldn’t put myself and my family in jeopardy like that.

  • kim taylor


  • aly

    The stupid, it hurts….Where’s a bad cop when you actually need one….yep i said it..

  • Guest

    She does get the bail money back minus whatever the bondsman fee (if she used a bondsman) is as long as he shows up to court. If he skips she is out the money until he appears. It is referred to in the article as spent but it is really on hold until trial whenever that happens. I don’t consider it a wise move because they set high bail for people they think are flight risks generally.

  • Omar Ervin

    Money is not a blessing, Living another day is

  • Tony

    It will be the attorneys that end up rich after all is said and done.

  • Andy Boley

    The way this woman is spending her instant riches she will just be another statistic of people who won big but ended up blowing it all within years!

  • Daniel Jung

    This is why you see so may people including pro athletes go bankrupt after 3 years. THEY DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF INVESTMENT. They only see short term and not long term.

  • Get to Work People

    WHAT AN IDIOT!!! What a total idiot.

  • Nunya

    People who are in possession of 8,000 bags of heroin are either researchers or trafficking. I’m going to err on the side of caution and say he’s probably not in research. If this woman thinks otherwise, she’s deluding herself. Likewise, my second guess is this money isn’t going to last very much longer for the trash that’s handling it.

  • Etaerio Etaerio

    That’s what America created: Lost women who need a zero to feel like they somebody. He wouldn’t spend a dime of that money to bail her behind out. But, she need her STRONG BLACK BROTHA. She’s keeping hope alive. Who cares if that’s your baby daddy. What about the kids???!!!???

  • Kevin Davis

    Textbook example of throwing good money after bad.

  • Donnie Jones

    She’s the epitome of the word nigg##

  • Joseph Von Zipper

    I keep telling people they arent bred for smarts…

  • Lacey W

    She will have burned through all that money in less than five years.
    OR she will allow HIM to do so.
    Watch for the story here.

    Unwed mother balling out her drug dealing boyfriend, TWICE.
    She was given a golden ticket and has chosen to go back to the gutter.

  • Toosmart2bfooled

    I felt so compelled to voice my opinion. I could literally put my foot in her ass for being beyond stupid. When she won all this money, I was part of the folks who prayed that she and her kids, be safe. And have longevity in wealth. Now, after hearing the dumb chit she has allowed, I take it all back. All except the part of the kiddies. I still wish them well going forward. W.T.F was she thinking? and she had the extreme nerve, to bail out that f**king loser. And $9,000.000.00 at that. G.T.F.O.H.W.T.D.S. I would have left his rotten ass in jail. What f**king man is worth that amount of $$$. If we hear that she is broke within the next 5 years. It’ll serve her right. She doesn’t deserve the money. Especially if she is going to do dumb chit with it. Just to think, of all the other people who would donate the amount this dumb itch, bailed her dope dealer busted bum ass boyfriend with. Stupid dumb b**ch!!!

  • Darren Weldon

    I bet the local defense attorneys are licking their lips cause they just found a gold mine of guaranteed income until the well dries up if they land her as a client cause you know the both of them will keep getting arrested.

  • Purplerooster

    And she’ll be the first to run to welfare when her money runs out!!! Idiot.

  • John Millward

    She should get rid of the jerk off boyfriend,

  • Will

    What an imbecile.

  • Don J Evans

    Yes Veronica dear but when the money is gone then she will go back on welfare spending our money on more lottery tickets. Then what will you have to say?

  • teedoffatobama

    once she’s squander ALL of her money then we;ll see her somewhere on skid row or probably in jail at the taxpayer’s expense.What she oughta do (and it’s her money) is find a skilled brain surgeon and have a transplant done because it’s obvious her’s ain’t working!!!

  • Jack Horgan

    Wow, she’s very good-looking. If she only didn’t have the four anchors hanging off her she could probably land an educated White man with a job.

    • Lele215

      Because that’s a goal?

  • Reina

    Lady…. let him stay in jail. He is wasting your money. Put money into his canteen so he can deal with life in Jail. But beyond that let him do his time and raise your children in the mean while…. somewhere outside of that neighborhood.

  • Magic John

    The faster she spends it, the quicker he’ll be stuck in jail, and kept there, on future charges.

  • Andrew Schliewe

    Sorry but the math don’t add up. She got $88M, she’s 26 yrs old. That means that 88M has to last about 60 years. or roughly $1.5M a year. With just the 2 bonds, she’s spent 9M or 6 years worth of her lottery winnings in about 6 months. At this rate, she’ll be broke in less than 5 years, instead of living very comfortably for the rest of her life.

  • Jeffrey

    just a thugette who will be broke before she knows it.

  • FLB

    “What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I
    spend mine this is benefitting Y’all how?

    Because when you’re broke again and back on the system, you’ll be using our money again.

    And no he’s no drug dealer or
    user but who are Y’all to judge anybody?

    So those 8000 bags of heroin were for personal use? Great so when you OD on all that, you’ll be dead and your kids will be wards of the state (i.e. using OUR money again) because I’m fairly sure there is no will or living trust so whatever you’ve not already blown will be used up on legal fees to determine where your kids go.

    next time your boyfriend goes to jail, leave his there so he can think about the danger he is putting you and your kids in.

  • Harry Deal

    Oh great..another Black Heroin Trafficker back on the streets….

  • Ronald Dunlap Sr.

    Stupid. . . Stupid. . . Stupid. . . Stupid. . . Stupid. . . Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT judging this fool!. . . Stupid. . . Stupid. . . Stupid Does anyone see where I am going with this? . . . Stupid. . . Stupid. . .

  • david

    Fools and their money…

  • hugehefna

    So if this werent a person of color it would be business as usual…. i guess it is unusualto see black folks be able to bail themselves out without a bail bondsmen. If this were a wealthy person it wouldn’t even register… just business as usual. U dont have to be a saint to win the lottery. Unfortunately the media is focused on any negative u do as a minority. #LookInTheMirror

  • 5170

    Got to be the dumbest beatch I ever heard of…..blowin all that money for a freegin looser black dope head. She can kiss all that dough goodby in 3 or 4 years. Jesus and allah together couldn’t save anyone that f*****g stupid.

  • I just hope the State of North Carolina doesn’t give them welfare when the money is all gone! I can tell by the way she writes that she’s just another uneducated psycho, in love with another uneducated psycho. They deserve each other. Lol

  • livemichaeln

    Nope. Sorry. I have never done stupid, idiotic things ‘for love’. My wife and I have been married for 13 years, been together for 17 years, we have never had to bail one or the other out of jail for even a nickel. This woman Holmes is dumb as a box of rocks. The money will be gone within weeks.

  • Fred Garvin

    It won’t be long,before this ghetto hoe will be financially destitute…to where she’ll be slurping duke chutes to pay the rent,in da hood,yo.


    Of course, we always give money to idiots not people that deserve it. Just once I want to see a lottery “winner” donate to the needy (instead of spending their winnings on bail).

  • Nasty

    Maybe one of his dealers will rob beat and then murder her…so stupid.

  • Dewed

    So he’s learned he can do whatever he wants, and she’ll bail him out. She’ll be bailing everyone out and be broke again.

  • Chris Stearns

    The only good news is that this pig will be cut off the Free Stuff Gravy train. She should have to pay back every nickel she took from the government.

  • JimG

    One of I’m sure many bad decisions that will leave her and her family broke and broken in less than five years.

  • Susan Sarel

    You know rich or not, WTF is she doing with this kind of slezebag. Obviously a drug dealer, drug user, thief and whatnot. Unless, she is a user herself. Doesnt look it, but ths creep will dran her of all her money and esteem and not take as long as you might think.

  • Neil.Verea

    Poker anyone???

  • Joseph Dee

    4 bastard kids, a heroin pusher for a boyfriend and now lots of money…why do I think this will end badly?

  • Barry Reinitz

    I dont give a crap how she spends her money but it does concern me she has small children in a house with drugs in it. Bad parenting affects rich and poor but is still bad parenting

  • Bella

    Far be it for me to tell someone how to spend their money but she may as well have flushed those mill down the toilet along with the shet it was used for to bail out

  • john

    Invest a couple of hundred thousand on rehab before you end up dead.

  • Barbara Streeter

    Well folks, it’s not our circus, not our monkeys. So let’s all mind our own business and go buy a lottery ticket and hope we win.

  • Carla Saunders

    I don’t care how she spends her money, but I DO care that she has children in a home full of heroin. Take her kids away and don’t let her money buy them back.

  • Bobby Lee

    well I would understand it if the guy needed to deal drugs to survive but they are millionaires now. Obviously, he is doing it for fun and treat it as a hobby. That is just so wrong. Give the man life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    • aly

      “needed to deal drugs to survive”…umm, one could go about getting one of those things called a “job” like billions of other people do to “survive”

  • LaughingMonkey

    You can’t fix stupid, no matter how much money you throw at it.

    This is true for women like her (who taught her how to speak/write – Good God!), the War on Drugs, Education in America, Welfare/Food Stamps/et. al. Unfortunately, the country will never learn.

  • Yachter

    Beautiful, young, rich and incredibly naive, not to mention terminally stupid. That guy will skip town almost immediately.

  • Lee Hart

    Undeserving Fool!!!

  • Jackie Verkerk

    Wow what a stupid uneducated woman !!!!! Really ? Money or not he sure is not worth having around your children . Wow 8,000 bags of Heroin is very impressive what a good guy to set a good example . Oh let’s question this behavior ! She must be a user also & if not she sure is also worthless to think this is a good man ! She has the opportunity to have more than a good life for herself & her children she should open her eyes real fast before she back to whatever she was doing before !!!!!!!!! VERY SAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BichonLover

    The boyfriend will undoubtedly “shoot up” what money she has left. Ya can’t fix stupid!

    • TrillLA

      I dont think anyone can shoot up 80 million dollars worth of heroin


    If her boyfriend found out she had the money to bail him out and she did not he would kill her and by telling everyone she has the money she will be targeted the best thing to do was take the money and RUN!

  • Food Crtitic

    What an idiot!!! Some women never learn when it comes to these types of men….idiot.

  • Kimmode K

    A fool and her money are soon parted, especially if her boyfriend skips bail.

  • Cheryl


  • Kay W

    Its such a shame that this woman was blessed with that amount of money and to have someone in her life that is slowly but surely going to cause her to loss it all. She needs to let him go and focus on her children. She needs to use that money to better herself and build a better future for her children. I hope that she sees it before its too late that this man means her and her children no good.

  • Nasty

    People on welfare or section 8 or food stamps as well as illegals should not be allowed to play the lottery. That money is given to them to support their families, not gamble and illegals work off the books and don’t always pay taxes. We shouldn’t reward people who are breaking the law…smh

  • silverdragon8448

    Where can I find a stupid woman like that.

    • TrillLA

      north carolina

    • Chaz

      I just busted out laughing at this. LMAO

  • paul

    Letting him sit in jail is the best thing for him.

  • happyfred

    ..can’t fix being stupid…..

  • excelsciors .

    Stupid is what stupid does. Unless this one changes her view on life and priorities. All this woman will do is have her money spent or stolen and once again broke. I certainly will not feel sorry for her if she loses it all. So many people out there unemployed and cannot even pay bills. And this lady is blowing millions on a drug abusing fool.

  • sherphair

    Hey, if the judicial system reaps a nice portion of the $6 mil, all the better. Can be used for the brothers and sisters of the hood who are jailed. Costs big bucks to support the derelicts locked up.

  • GThing

    a fool and her money will soon part ……what the hell did he do to get a 9 million dollar bail? He must have a pretty big stick!

  • Belcher2015

    This disgust me, she should have known he was going to do it again, and she should have known better and spent this money on her kids, not on her drugged up boyfriend. Kids are way more important. You can see who is more important to her, its defintely not her kids.

  • John

    While every guy would love to have a woman that would go this far for them. She is a very dumb woman who needs a different boyfriend who is not a career criminal. Also for the boyfriend who accept the bail out for this much, you are a piece of crap for letting her.

  • Amanda

    Unbelievable, what a difference that money could make in the hands of someone grateful and knows what good to do with it. Sad sad sad.

  • rod rodman

    pathetic commentary on the sub human “race”

  • Caro

    How does someone like this deserve to win the lottery? She is enabling a drug dealer and she’ll keep enabling him because she is clearly a person with no morals or she wouldn’t be associating with him in the first place! Basically her lottery winnings will help some drug dealer kill other people’s children…I hope she loses all her money FAST and I am sorry she won in the first place! Talk about being ungrateful to the universe!

    • TrillLA

      Deserve? its a game that she happened to win. thats it

  • Charles E. Allen

    Well, first off, having all that money does not make you smarter. That is obvious in this case. The lottery officials usually tell the winners to contact a tax lawyer, and a financial adviser to help with handling your winnings. I am sure she has never heard of either. Well, maybe a public defender, but that is about it. Another thing is you can take the people our of the ghetto, but you cannot take the ghetto out of the people. She has that mind set, and that is what will eventually do her in. I just pray that the kids do not suffer much through what is about to happen in their lives now. I am sure they will though, and that is the real tragedy.

  • E_Eriksen

    more contributors to the society of maggots…

  • Thomas Van Hove

    What an IDIOT……………PERIOD…………….

  • paul

    A fool and their money.

  • guy

    She will be in there with him an broke an back on welfare.

  • Kayla

    if i won that kind of money….that would be a sign saying hey…change your lifestyle you have the money to do better with your life now.

  • Brian_Reinhardt

    What a role model she is for her soon to be poor again kids…

  • Brother Mouzone

    This chick here…Did she buy all the Escalades from the local Cadillac dealer too?


    the first thing I would do if I was ghetto rich, stupid and black would be to buy a big pink long stretch Mercedes with wild chariot looking wheels and rims, plush furry interior, and put those up and down shocks in too, probably cost a couple million but money well spent since you could then drive around the ghetto as the ghetto princess and throw dollar bills out the window. now that w/b black smart!

  • Tauriel

    She will marry this thug, and she will die of a drug overdose shortly after..

  • Lele215

    Just a question. Did she post $900000 or the whole $9 million? Just wondering. It’s not my business but that $9 million could have gone to towards hiring the type of attorney or law firm with the connections to get her boo a short sentence and probation. Anyway, it’s her money and who am I to tell her how she should spend her coins.

  • disqus_mcNbCYslzC

    I have a daughter I love more than anything on earth. If the police busted her with 8,000 bags of heroine, she could stay in jail and become a lipstick lesbian for all I care. I don’t uphold anyone in wrongdoing. This woman is a complete idiot, evidenced by the fact that she has 3 children for a man who has spent his time in and out of jail and had no interest in marrying her before she won the lottery.
    This is why when politicians mention wealth redistribution, some people cringe. Some people shouldn’t have a lot of money for a reason, and that includes lottery winners and anyone else who has money and does really stupid things with it.

  • 5170

    Man that dumb broad will be broke in less than 4 years….a single woman with 4 kids finding a good man no matter how much dough she’s got is like looking for a needle in a hay stack……those losers will take her to the cleaners…..jesus and allah together can’t save anyone that stupid…..

  • Michelle Doherty

    Another IDIOT throwing money @ a criminal black moron! Ihave @ least 5 charities that illelp inner city kids, such as St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, the Cadets Drumb & Bugle Corps who deserve the money & willelp black children rather than this P.O.S.

  • Kman L

    She’ll be broke in less than 2 years

  • GozieBoy

    Dead or broke or dead broke in 12 months.

  • Arthur

    Just can’t fix stupid. doing drugs is like drinking booze out of the Holy Grail…She should have dumped his worthless a-s-s, and moved on…If you care about being with someone and their kids, U don’t do dope, or keep being one…

  • wabbitsan

    What an ijit.

  • Tauriel

    Give it another year.. or less.. she will have spent every dime bailing her loser drug dealer boyfriend out of jail…She does not deserve the money and her kids will likely never see any of it for college or anything else.. Pig.

  • al cal

    she is putting her child at rick. and when you are rich you have new responsibilities trust fund helping family being a part of a community. helping a man with a gun and heavy drugs is a road to nowhere

  • Jamie Cross

    You just can’t take the stupid out of people. It is sad that idiots like this are the ones who win and blow lottery funds. This is a woman who God gave her money to steward and she has proven that she is not a responsible recipient and steward of God’s money. It is a real shame.

  • Dandanthe Realestateman

    That would buy them a lot of crack!

  • Todd Twopapers

    She’s dumb as a block of crack smack.

  • WJ_texas

    Oh my ,they found a gun. They should have taken ALL the money back.

  • Sukha

    Congratulations Ms. Harlow.Winning all that money could be so LOVE-LY.
    How about paying the government back for all the aid you received?

    • TrillLA

      screw the government

    • Paul

      well I think she paid $$$ back and then some through her one time tax bill. I am not so concerned about her paying back the government as much as paying the society that agreed to have a system in place to help her and her family in their hour of need… and the only way she can pay back society is by raising 4 exemplary citizens (her children).. that is the debt she is obligated to pay!

    • TrillLA

      39 million isnt enough for the government? how selfish are they?

  • nikki94541

    I am sorry she is going to go through this like water. She is not a smart woman and poor blacks that lack morals will never rise and she is right it is her money. If you have no morals and ethics then you cannot achieve moving from the hood and the poor choice in men does not help. WOW….. so sad that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. 8000 bags of heroin if that does not say trouble. He needs to stay in jail….

  • Cal Ven

    To Holmes: “Y’all” (meaning you Ms. Holmes) are very STUPID. No judging…just fact!

  • dFunkt jEstr

    What a beautiful woman, who unfortunately is a complete idiot

  • Bill_Fan


  • Kaiju

    So you can break any laws as long as you pay for it? She should buy herself an education. The woman can’t speak or write.

  • Stagin’

    This proves the theory that generally speaking – Poor people make poor decisions. Give them money and they still make poor decisions.

    • Lele215

      Really. Rich people don’t make bad financial decisions? Are we pretending that the financial crisis of 2008 did not happen? There were no poor people on the boards of Lehmans, Goldman Sachs or AIG.

      • Stagin’

        Try using wikipedia to help you get through your reading comprehension problems.

  • Matt

    black people are hilarious

  • Bering2020

    Why do you have to sell drugs if your girlfriend is rich.

  • Fed Gov’t

    Beauty is only skin deep. The sad part of this is that we have so many of these so called “single mothers” that have chosen this role to get lifetime support from the government. She should pay back the authorities for all the freebees that she and her relatives have received. Also, for all her friends that are doing the same thing. She’s a moral idiot, and in the old days we would call fer a _hore.

  • Interested american

    What is that saying… a fool and his money are soon parted?

  • jice

    Lady, are you crazy? You wasted 9 million dollars on that idiot? Did you forget you already have 4 children, and that money could have fed and educated them. He will be nothing but a bum for all his life, because he knows he has a “sugar-momma” who take care of him forever. You must really be in the dark about raising your children. I feel sorry for you and your children. I bet within a few years you will be broke, and your bum of a boyfriend will still be a bum.

  • Cal Ven

    What a stupid idiot. It is so sad that this person get a win fall so many of us will be grateful for. She should have dumped her criminal boyfriend. Sadly, there are so many stupid people in America. A vast majority of them vote for Democrats!

  • sillypeeps

    She should have dumped that loser before she got her money!
    She will be dead broke or just dead in a year, if she keeps hanging around trash like her “boyfriend”.
    He is going to prison for a long time!

  • Mayleene

    Stupid is as stupid does….

  • miketeachkc

    You can’t fix stupid. The way that POS BOY friend of hers is going, she’ll be broke in no time, and he’ll still be a POS.



  • Jamal

    what an awesome story! Just sayin….;-)

  • denise

    I would let him stay in jail. Because if a woman is willing for you to be in her life and you still deal up with drugs, then he need to be locked up. And the mom keeps on she is not going to have her kids because of stupidity.

  • marvelv212 .

    That’s not love. IT’s American.

  • Sea Dog

    She needs to cut her friends and family loose. Get away. If I won $135 million in the lottery, I’d do two things the next day: 1) set up an estate plan where a good chunk goes to my kids in an irrevocable trust; 2) as soon as that’s done, get the F out of the country where friends and family can’t reach. I’d be gone for at least a year or so, then I’d come back.

    • Mah Grillz

      I’m guessin you’re not black.

  • B747-8i

    Well, at least she didn’t use the plural of “Y’all”. You know… “All Y’all”.

  • tom

    Wow. And black people wonder why the rest of us feel the way we do about them.

  • frank

    Losers are that way for a reason. It’ll all be gone in 5 years. Stupid, sad, but very predictable.

  • DonC

    “If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9 million dollars to give, we’d likely be bailing our loved ones out of jail too.”

    Ummmm… I would not. I learned this word when I was growing up, and I apply it well…


  • lulee

    God takes care of drunks and fools….

  • Djon Moore

    ! black chick look for love in the streets. Are all kids by the same man? When the money is gone so will he. A lone again and broke Damn just dumb. Don’t pray for us pray your kids that is who will lost in the end. So so sad

  • Donnie Jones

    The girl is the stupidest bihh to Ever WALK THE FACE OF THIS PLANET. Her mistake was not moving away and leaving the past behind. I would never bail my lady out spending that kind of money. It’s not about judging or counting her money it’s just the fact that your foolish. It’s women like her that make black women look bad. Sorry but I don’t pay for love and thats what she’s doing.

  • DonC

    “But I LOVVVVVVEEE Him!!!”


  • Dr. Nefarious

    are the poor stupid because they’re poor or are they poor because they stupid????/

    • Mah Grillz

      stupid is as stupid does

    • Dr. Nefarious

      I forgot who first asked that…

  • Happy2day9

    No I doubt that I’d spend that much money bailing out a criminal n matter who he/she was Now that she has bailed out the boyfriend he will enjoy spending the money on all his other girlfriends and kids! This is one dumb dummy

  • tom winn

    where did she get the money to buy the lotto ticket? if she was on any welfare programs, whether it was to feed her children or help pay her rent, the entire proceeds should have been seized by the gov’t as theirs. if she could afford to purchase a ticket, she had $2, a least, too much money. those on welfare of any sort should not have an extra penny to waste of any “luxury” item. all welfare recipients should be banned from any game of chance.

  • Vebatim

    I’m glad she did it clearly she has no idea or how to manage the new fortune. Once money is all gone, everything will be just like a dream to her. Nothing is gained nothing is lost. She had nothing before she would have nothing later.

  • Donnie Jones

    Her mistake was not moving away and leaving the past behind. I would never bail my lady out spending that kind of money. It’s not about judging or counting her money it’s just the fact that your foolish. It’s women like her that make black women look bad. Sorry but I pay for love and thats what she’s doing.

  • charles

    Holmes, of North Carolina, decided that she was going to accept her $188 million winnings in one lump sum, meaning she was awarded $127 million. After taxes, she received $88 million, 9 million went to bail for her fiance she still has 80 million what’s the problem. I think the problem is she won 188,000,000, why did they take 100,000,000 of her money in taxes?

    • Mah Grillz

      No kidding. THAT IS THE REAL CRIME.

  • Debo

    what a waste of money

  • toemasie .

    Pay to play. That’s how the judicial system works. Kudos to her for figuring it out. Her lawyer paid off the judge. Both her judge and the lawyer took advantage of her power ball win. She could have bought his way out with way less.

  • Charlie

    He must be hung like a horse.

  • prometheus59650

    No “we” wouldn’t.

    No one in my family would I spend $900 on to get out of jail, much less $9M.

    The author can get all prissy and omniscient with someone else.

  • Granny G

    Where does this kind of ignorance come from? If she is on heroin, it curtains for her at ANY given time.

  • JusSayin

    SHE’s A Fuggin IDIOT!… this is why we gotta go to the burbs to win any lotto now, even tho its needed in the hood…SMFH… A WiseMan once said “should’ve neva gave you niggas money!”

  • loverofcats

    Her name and S.S. # need to be flagged in red just in case she ‘needs’ to sponge off the government down the road.

  • stop crying

    I really thought she would be a success story.

  • doc wise

    whether she blows it or saves it and spends it wisely, it has no effect on me either way. it’s her money, and she can do what she wants. is it a shame that she can’t find more creative outlets for this cash? of course. set up a non profit….take care of animals…scholarship programs..a food bank….those would all be nice. but if she wants to bail everyone in jail out and then lend them all a million dollars each that’s her choice. so lay off her

  • truthbeatold

    power ball winner: “You want be to spend $9 million to bail you out?”
    boyfriend: “No baby girl, I’m telling you to INVEST $9 million. Get me out the pen and I can flip that $9 million into 30, 40 , 50 million on the street.”
    power ball winner: “Ok then. When you put it that way.”

  • djamer

    It is NOT about what she IS doing with her money, it IS about was she IS NOT doing with it; i.e. helping the many, many less fortunate and far more DESERVING people of her community or any other. . .etc. . .

  • #dontbreakthelaw

    “here are plenty of Black men who are arrested for little to nothing.” Name one.

    • Mah Grillz

      Uhhhh, I’m thinking, hmmmmmm, nope – can’t think of any.

  • peg4x4

    Her money, her choice. Not what I would do..

  • anony5

    Oh now that’s a shocker. A black female, 26, with 4 kids (probably none with the same father) is with a drug dealer that was in prison. Now that’s just so shocking, I can’t believe it. I don’t care what you do with your money, it’s not like you EARNED It. LOL
    If he was caught with all that heroin, he will be in jail for life anyway once he finally goes to court. At least this dummy is finally giving BACK to the system by using her millions for that. So thank you. It’s about time, you gave back, you dumb, stupid ho. AND by the way, people who don’t do heroin, don’t just have it around or in their house. I know I don’t do drugs, and I don’t just have them in my house, I wouldn’t even know where to obtain them. Someone in that household does it.

  • dwddoc

    Money doesn’t change animals from being animals.

  • Barokoo

    So did she buy her ticket with her welfare or drug money? I am 100 percent sure she sold drugs too, just a rich low life, I bet she be dead in 2 years

  • Mah Grillz

    Some things to ponder.
    #1 You’ll never see her give anything to charity. Groids never give to charity.
    #2 When she squanders all that money in a couple of years, will she expect welfare, EBT, and HUD again?
    #3 That 70 IQ average for blacks – hers is barely 56. Just enough to keep her inner organs from failing.

  • Mike Hardy

    black lives matter…..with 88 mil….

  • Onanger

    Y’all do realize that as long as he shows up for his court dates, she gets all the money back?

  • Bill White

    A fool and their money are soon departed.

  • Balewa

    That is love?

  • Popeye D. Saylorman

    PrOOF!! You can’t buy common sense!

  • Joshua S

    F-n idiot!

  • BigB

    Money doesn’t stop stupidity, it makes it worse…………..

  • MayFong

    Well she started a bail bond company with her money. No story there. LOL

  • Barb Lackey

    This “”boyfriend” will milk her until she’s broke.

  • William Later

    $88 million at 4% return is $3.4 million per year without touching the original $88!

  • Fay

    Gotta cut him loose. Take care of you children and yourself and enjoy your life.

  • Carmine Ruggerio

    The fact she is only 26, has four children, and is bailing out her BOYFRIEND, tells you all you need to know about the crumbling minority communities.

  • New Millenia

    Ain’t no d*ck in this world worth 9 million $$$$ !!!!!!!!!

    • abqhsmom

      True that!! It’s all about the “D” with this girl. LOL

    • Mah Grillz

      Ain’t no p@ssy worth that either.

  • Fukdisworld

    No I would not spend 6-9 million bailing out loved ones who sell hard drugs like heroin. Because I would never be in that situation. And if I did have a loved one that was doing that, I’d let them sit in jail if they had a reasonable sentence. (Because that will probably be best for them, make them realize that they wont get away with everything) The reason why it’s so easy to criticize this lady for how she spends her money is because she fooled everyone at the start making it seem like she was a good person and that this money wouldn’t be blown away on stupid shit. That and the fact that she did nothing to earn this money. That pisses a lot of people off, and rightly so. I’m sure few people are ok with trust fund babies blowing all their money that was given to them, so it’s the same when it comes to lotto winners.

  • Steve Jones

    She didn’t spend 9 million dollars. She put up 9 million dollars which she will get back as long as the guy goes to court. Still really dumb to do.

  • Sean

    Umm… I think 88 million is enough money to buy a decent, non-heroin trafficking, boyfriend.

  • Antonio Genovese

    Yeah “y’all”….lol….let her dumba$$ spend the money y’all say she has. Yall silly white people. We black folk know how to prioritize our money. Yall so dumb. Don’t you know yall suppose to bail out the drug dealing boyfriends. Yall silly.

  • shehawk3

    Let’s see how many times she can say Ya’ll.
    Bailing her loser boyfriend out of jail twice instead of using that money to better her and her childrens’ lives shows where her priorities are. She was blessed with winning the lottery and is clearly blowing it. How sad.

    • Nick August

      here’s another scenario – someone else bought the ticket and had her claim it for whatever reasons … i’m grabbing at anything that would explain why she would risk 12 million dollars on bail money – just on bail money – yikes!

  • Darrell Pinkerton

    Can she spell the word STUPID or DUMB A—

    • Nick August

      Y’all just hatin’ … oops

  • nauticaperson

    Good money gone bad, wasted on someone who is burden to the society. She might need double that money to educate him first and teach him right from wrong.

  • randyo99

    Be a MOM! Sadly she will be broke and back on assistance once the lawyers for her boyfriend get their part.

  • whodis?


  • Shawn Jordan

    This dumb a$$ will be broke in two years tops and back on welfare inside of two months after she has spent the rest of the money.

  • Gil Holland

    was she on welfare? last I checked if your on public assistance your using taxpayers money and correct me if I am mistaken here, the dude in jail cost taxpayers 10’s of million’s being a HUGE drug trafficker. the FACT he lost that much means someone else MORE THAN LIKELY while everyone is patting themselves on the back snuck in the motherlode of a hundred times more than he had. further, the lottery is generating so much cash when are we going to get to see the inner working’s of that on say, A&E or Discovery.. when are they going to dedicate a reality show to lottery? follow a few workers and regular patrons as well as store’s.. seriously, this is a prequel to what is about to go down.. stricter rules on lottery use and no more EBT buying of tickets etc etc etc etc.. so bad on so many levels yet the clearest picture here is this.. 8,000 bags gone, girlfriend HUGE cash sum, supplier does not come to collect? that alone says Bullshit!

  • Joann Ochoa


  • charles

    you people are downing this young lady instead of trying to give her some advice. a lot of you talking would have done the same thing she did.

    • Nick August

      no – most of us here don’t have any need for a bail bond … obviously something you are familiar with tho – got parole yet?

      • charles

        no I do not need it I never needed it only about 10% of my population may need it when you racist honkies set us up. I have been lucky not to get setup.

  • Barb Lackey

    #BLACKLIVESMATTER! And they obviously cost a lot of money.

    • Nick August

      somebody has to pay for all that fake hair they glue to their head while they repeat stuff like “keep it real” …

  • Bob White

    A groid and her money are soon parted.

  • Kevin Douglas

    One million would have found her a new boyfriend. She’ll be broke and in jail as well before too long.

    • Barb Lackey

      Look what happened to Whitney Houston sticking with her “man”.

      • Nick August

        now now – in all fairness – she was a jersey girl too – they grow ’em rough in newark …

    • Nick August

      thank you – for $12 million – she would have gotten breakfast in bed and a mani/pedi from this boyfriend – not a call from the po po asking to be bailed out … again !!

  • babette

    Some people should never have money.

  • Carl Mayo

    the definition of codependency

    • Nick August


  • avalon74

    For everyone saying she blew $9 million. She gets the money back provided he shows up in court for trial. If he skips town, then it was dumb move.

    • William Later

      Winning $88 million and keeping a boyfriend that a judge required $6 million bond is already dumber than dumb!!!!

    • Barb Lackey

      It wasn’t his money so what does he care. She bailed him out TWICE!!

      • Nick August

        my only question is where do i find a woman as dumb as this stump WANTING to throw away money? c’mon santa claus –

    • Nick August

      total of $12 million darling – and i’d have his on lockdown house arrest if it was me putting up bail

  • Wayne Sims

    black lives matter………….

    • Nick August

      the bail bonds men/women love ’em – they get a commish off the bail – what’s 10% of 12 mill ?

  • ArrPeeGeefan .

    What a terrible mother. Focus on your kids instead of criminals! Someone CLEARLY has dependence issues.

  • S Cano

    Wow. Sad. Just pathetic.

  • MsCreative1

    OMG! SMH!

  • Red Hot Skillet Licker

    Just shows that no amount of money can fix stupid.

  • Mark Mockler

    I can’t understand how such an obviously intelligent and well spoken woman could possibly involve herself in such a situation.

    • Barb Lackey

      Intelligent and well spoken? 4-6 kids by time she was 26? She was a welfare case before she bought her winning ticket. She’s dumb and rich.

  • watagump1 .

    Now she can afford condoms.

    • Mah Grillz

      Now she can afford to rip out her ovaries.

  • daisy jones

    What kind of website has the internet taken me to now?

  • Michael

    she’s an idiot, sorry.

  • angry american

    Sad when a lowlife like this wins the money there other people who if they won that money would do some good for themselves and others. she will be broke and either dead or in jail herself within 10 years is my predicition

  • Samtheman

    Typical loser I’ve seen this in other people just throw it all away over nothing. She will be used until it’s all gone. She would be smart to find a good man but that’s too boring.

  • Duke

    She bails boyfriend out so she can become the unwed mother of five.

  • hanznfranz

    fools and their money.

  • Mario Andretti

    To the posters – jealous much?

  • Jus Reflectin

    He should be given a speedy trial, found guilty and sentenced back to prison where she can’t use money to get him out.

  • Kiaunta Hubbard

    A fool and their money…

  • Enoughsaid2020

    A fool and their money, will soon depart!

  • Mary Warner

    “…Marie Holmes, the 26-year-old, single mother of four” . . . and you threw away millions for a boyfriend?

  • Mah Grillz

    Definitely the daughter of Prez. Obola.

  • Ashtoreth

    About a million bucks an inch…

  • Jose Gutierrez

    I don’t care what she does with her money. But in a few months, will we have to pay for her to collect welfare because she squandered her money? She does have kids! That is my big concern.

  • daddayduck

    Now, y’all , no need to think I’m unintelligent and not educated, y’all,,It took years of college and hard work to win that money, y’all. Now , y’all have a nice day–ya hear !

  • She definitely has a good heart, but she is dumb because what are the chances this relationship will last forever…..that money sure could last her a lifetime…I just think that the relationship won’t last that long anyways….also, he will probably be indicted for his heroin charges, so he will end up in jail anyways, so what a waste of money.

  • RubberQuackie

    Chill people, she paid enough taxes to get welfare for life.

  • Brian

    I hope they all O.D.

  • Sam Lehman

    if it is bail money , not fines , she will get it all back when he shows up for his court apperaance

  • Wayne Jones

    This nizzer has about as much sense as a pole turtle !!! Typical though…

  • Hevndwlr

    She’s gonna be a broke joke in the end.

  • Emu Cat


  • Sense and Sensibility

    Hmm…. the Facebook rant makes me think she should invest her millions in education! She clearly lacks intellect and is in need of a solid education based on her written communications and life decisions. It seems that she is pretending to be a religious woman with morals. Personally, I feel morals and a proper Christian foundation is missing if she thinks it is ok to have four children at 26-years-old without a husband at the present time or before she started pushing out kids like a machine. Why was she not married when the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th child was born?

    She should also consider investing her millions in psychotherapy for her children and for herself. The disturbing lifestyle she is living with Mr. Heroin Dealer/User is unhealthy and extremely dangerous! Her children will be detrimentally affected by her ignorant, immoral and hasty decisions. (Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina are examples.)

    She should consider investing her millions in financial advising services because she is clueless to the fact that squandering millions without a continuous income will end miserably! She is 26-years-old and living modestly on 88 million (minus 9 million on stupidity) will be risky if she does not have a solid plan to work, receive hefty interest and have returns on good investments. Unless she anticipates living a short life, she will need to make that money last for 40, 50 or 60 years if she lives to be 66, 76 or 86.

  • gil

    mother nature really needs to start thinning the herd

  • Daniel

    Or you could end the war on drugs

  • JPinNC

    Why is the author trying to make the article an ABC Afterschool special? No I would not be bailing a significant other out of jail for $9 million dollars. 8,000 bags of heroin could kill a lot of people, including her own children. What a waste. If the woman had more self esteem she’d cut that man loose.

  • petermarks

    If she doesn’t get him to show up for his court date, she’ll be out the entire $9 million. At least he’s wearing an ankle bracelet. She better get an ankle bracelet to place on him to protect her investment in him and her money. Why is she shacking up with a heroin dealer? She can get any man she wants. Why him when there are a lot of other men who are smarter and don’t deal drugs. This is one stupid woman who thinks she’s in love with him, when in fact she likes having sex with him and that’s all she likes about him. Different strokes for different folks, and these folks are downright stupid.

  • Lydia D York

    She’ll be dead within a year, at this rate.

  • jesse

    he is black he will get away with it.they are both just fool,s thinking they are kool but got just don’t carry that stuff around and say O I don’t sale or do it.just shows how much your brain is fryed…

  • Travis Eiden

    She’s right…It’s totally her choice to be ghetto ratchet if she likes-

  • balute

    I guess she was on Welfare before she won the lottery. I guess she’ll be on welfare again, maybe next year.

  • Lindsey Edwards

    I pray for her and the children for she did not have to lie but her life seems to be set up around lies in where even her boyfriend can not get away from his old lifestyle, this is very sickening for she never really thought about her soul and salvation!

  • Patrick Zim

    You can take the rat outta the hood but you cannot take the hood out of the rat. She was all peaches and cream on her interview but when she got pissed off all the ghetto came out in full force. She will be broke in less than five years. Be brought up on charges for not paying her taxes. Probably will be found with a ton of dope in her ghetto mansion while she is still mucking around with this dope dealer. 8000 bags but he ain’t no dealer. We will probably find out that she is still getting welfare for her multiple daddy’s babies in the end even though she is rich. In the end she will get interviewed and somehow state that her downfall was because of racist white people. Praise Jesus.

  • gil

    one day America will wake up and realize there are VERY deep differences between reality and what some people would have you believe

  • ButtonsPressingThem1337Like

    It would be quite tragic if this trouble maker boy friend murder’s her out of greed.

  • kari

    People are stupid.

  • Chris

    Oh, and it’s going to be even funnier when in two weeks he bails on her for some other IDIOT he manipulates!!!

  • Granny G

    I have no pity for this kind of stupidity. After that money is gone, Mr Jailbird will fly like an eagle with all them nice clothing that her dumb butt is buying. Why get on national TV and tell this. He may kick her butt real good when the money is done.

  • realblue10

    dude must be dicking her down real good…to the point that she no longer has common sense.

  • Bobby Nelson

    What did Forest Gump say? Stupid is a Stupid does?

  • Marion Foster

    No one said common sense comes with a windfall of wealth.

  • Kidmarc


  • William E. Kusnerik

    They’ll both be dead in a year or two, most likely from drug overdoses. Hopefully someone take the kids away from these two morons before that happens! Money can fix STUPID!

  • CORavensFan

    You just can’t fix stupid.

  • vet2be1973

    For that amount of money, she could have ensured that her children and her grandchildren would be set for life. Instead, she will continue throwing good money after bad on a loser criminal thug. Won’t be long before he either kills her and her kids, or she wastes the rest of her money on him and on other useless things.

  • Jared Smith

    you can take the ho out of the hood but you cant take the hood out of the ho

  • Fed Up

    these are the kind of people i hope never win all this money….

  • Abbytabb

    She could probably stand to use a little of that money to get an education for herself and for her children.

  • medocadvikian

    There is no cure for STUPID! Too bad money doesn’t buy brains.

  • Jhon Siders

    That girl is a idiot he will skip town and you will loose that money of course blacks will be blacks money does not make them civil or smart !!

  • Zarbor

    I don’t get all the hate in these post. Why do we care how she spends her money. Its hers. Actually, many should be happy that she is spending it since she will be another one of those big contributors to the economy. I ain’t mad at her. Let her be. If she doesn’t figure it out, she’ll be right back where she started when she bought that lottery ticket. Why does that bother anyone?

    If anyone that we should feel for, its those who have no say/choice in these matters..the kids. No amount of money can help bad parenting. Not sure if she is one. Pray for the kids since they reap the consequences of the parent(s) poor decisions.

    • Abbytabb

      Bond money doesn’t go into “the economy.” If he is exonerated or put into prison, the money may be returned to her. If he completely skips out next time, instead of laying up in her house doing drugs, the money will be retained by the court, and will eventually go toward training for law enforcement personnel. So, if that happens, yes, some of it will make it back into the “general economy” but for a very specific purpose.

      • Zarbor

        She won more than 9 million genius. At this rate she will be broke real soon. Guess where the rest of that money may be going with the ex-con? I could care less what she does with the money and many of you should not care so much either.

        • Abbytabb

          Your post, “genius,” indicated that people should be happy because all that money was going back into the economy. I could not care less what she does with her money, it is certainly no skin off my nose either way, but I was simply pointing out that money spent bonding criminals out of jail does not go “back into the economy,” as you so glibly seem to believe.

        • Abbytabb

          Gee “genius,” I don’t really care how much money she won. My point was that any money paid in to court for bonds doesn’t go “into the economy” as you seemed to indicate in your post. I could NOT care less about what she does with her money, but she has put herself out there and she is in the news, so people are commenting. So what?

    • Mah Grillz

      You don’t get how a woman can be so stupid as spend 9 million on a loser. Hmmmm. Doesn’t say much about your intelligence.

      • Zarbor

        What part of “all the hate” don’t you understand? Seems like reading and comprehension are worlds away from your brain. Dude, stop calling people stupid before you look in the mirror.

        • Mah Grillz

          Hate? Moron, define hate. All I see is people pointing out how stupid this chimp is. Most are frustrated at the pure stupidity of the black, and especially black women. Hate? Hardly. Dumbass.

  • MasterMind

    The question is “Why is bail so high?”

    • JPinNC

      8000 bags of heroin? gun possession?

      • Abbytabb

        AND he probably has a record a mile long. But he isn’t a drug dealer. At least according to HER.

    • mineisbigger

      I was wondering the same thing

  • GN

    Yeah, he’s not dragging her down or anything.

  • She can spend it anyway she wants. It is her money. I predict though she’ll be broke in a few years.

  • sarah shields

    There fact that she is spending millions on her loser boyfriend should cost her custody of her children!!!!

  • Kidmarc


    • Wendy R.

      I would bet money that they have never bothered to vote in their lives.

      • Abbytabb

        I’ll bet money that they voted in the last 2 presidential elections. Several times, in fact.

  • metalbender

    Talk about a stupid C**t.

  • Sharon

    I don’t care what she does with her money, but this just goes to show that you can’t buy intelligence or class.

  • mineisbigger

    The state charging 9 million for bail should be the REAL story.

  • Ted

    She may have been a winner with the lottery, but her kids are the big loser with her.

  • Telling It Like It Is

    You can’t fix stupid…..

  • Chris

    Only one thing really comes to mind on this one!! IDIOT!!!!!

  • Ted

    Aww, what a beautiful and romantic story. Little black trash girl gets lottery win, able to spring drug addict loser boyfriend out of the pokey with new found winnings. A drug trust even set up for the kids so they can learn how to become professional trash too. How touching…

  • 9jabravo

    Get rid of him, and find a new honest, educated and hardworking man. The end.

  • charles

    This girl dumb as bag o’rocks….duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • ron

    Not too bright…

  • RubberQuackie

    Sounded so humble in the beginning…I guess she’s just another victim of the lottery and ends up in worst shape than before.

  • Jen Page

    Well, technically, we can tell her how to spend her money. It’s up to her whether she listens to reasonable advice or not. What happened to the college funds? Moving into a better neighborhood? Going to a better school or even finishing college? Is your boyfriend really worth the future and lives of your children? I have zero empathy for her, but only for those poor kids who have her as a mother. They deserve better!

  • Ghetto is as ghetto does. That money will be gone in five years.

  • Barron

    She needs a man in her life that will NOT endanger her or her children. A man that will positively grow and push her to grow as well.

  • Patrick_54

    Hmmm! the journalist is black. That explains the article!

  • watagump1 .

    The 4 baby daddies will come knocken.

  • steven ponder

    Yet another reason to be EWB (embarrassed while black). You stupid ignoramus. “We” continue to make stupid spectacles of ourselves. Why did this (village) idiot announce to the world that she won the lottery in the 1st place?! Absolute idiocy.

  • Jasmine

    I am pretty sure that with bail…if the person goes to court, then you get the money back (unless she used a bails bondsman) aside from that…she definitely needs some education in financial literacy….as do all of us in the US of A.

  • Bill T

    No matter how many millions you win in the lottery, you just can’t buy class!

  • smartguy100

    Hey moron idiot bimbo, you could have gotten several non criminal boyfriends with that kind of money. The loser will spend all your money and still end up in prison.

  • watagump1 .

    We were all excited, speak for yourself.

  • robert

    There is no cure for STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!

  • Riot50000

    About time a Black woman bailed out a black man, instead of sucking all Blood out of him and leaving him to die or go to Jail.

  • Bluebird64

    I don’t care if she blows every last penny….my concern is her children. She is exposing them to drugs and drug dealing?!! She can keep the money but maybe she needs her children taken away?!!

  • Albert Elson

    With all of this publicity over her new riches, I am surprised some thugs have not invaded her home kidnapping her and forcing her to withdraw her money and give it to them

  • Mellisa Bronson

    She may a lottery winner, but she’s still a loser. “Things We Do for Love?” This article sure sugar-coats her actions. “If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9 million dollars to give, we’d likely be bailing our loved ones out of jail too.” REALLY??? Shouldn’t those kids be on the top of the list for loved ones, not some drug dealing criminal boyfriend? She’ll be broke and back on welfare in no time and he’ll be in prison. Sad, because she really could have turned life around for her kids.


    And this kids, is why giving to most poor people is a waste of time and tax dollars. Make someone earn a dollar and they will value it. Throw money at them and they act stupid. Stupid is why most people (not all) remain poor in America. It isn’t racism, it isn’t corporate greed, it isn’t the 1%. It’s just stupid – stupid choices stupid behavior. Exhibit A is above.

  • Let’s see. She has eighty-eight million dollars, nice. If it were me what I would do is:
    (1) Pay off all my debts.
    (2) Put one million in a trust account for each of my five children.
    (3) Place one-hundred thousand dollars in an education account for each of my children.
    (4) Find the “perfect” home where I plan to live the rest of my life and purchase it.
    (5) Purchase a new vehicle for my wife and I.
    (6) Give my parents, brother, sister, in-laws and sister in-law each one hundred thousand dollars.
    (7) Place one hundred thousand dollars into a scholarship fund to be awarded to an at need kid each year (ten thousand dollars) from the high school that I attended.
    (8) Take ninety percent of all the remaining money and meet with an educated and reputable accountant / financial planner with the following instructions: I need one-hundred and twenty five thousand dollars a year for the rest of my life (I am 47) – how can I get there.
    (9) Look at the ten percent that is left and furnish my home, purchase some nice gifts for my children, take a decent vacation, find a reasonably decent used boat, purchase a Royal Enfield Musket v-twin, purchase five season tickets for the next two years for the Lions, Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings, purchase seven season passes to Cedar Point and purchase a nice old (late 50’s – 60’s) station wagon for “cruising” with the chicklets.
    (10) Live happily ever after in my new home with a moat to keep out the riff-raff (er, family / friends that I haven’t seen in years).

  • CatholicCitizen

    SHES’S A MORON!!!!Period.

  • Guest

    To an extent it IS other people’s business, because children are involved. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less.

  • mrhyde

    College funds ? somehow I doubt that happens.

  • Cornelia Harris

    sorry to say sister girl but youre messing up and you are right that your money but once its gone they wont be any where to be found trust me on that baby girl but look out for your childrens please such a sad story

  • Spropro

    There even stupid and ignorant when there rich!! what a waste!!

    • Lydia D York

      Who can take you seriously when you have no concept of correct grammar?! Here: Let this “stupid and ignorant” person correct you: What you meant to say (asshole) is ‘they’re even stupid and ignorant when they’re rich…’ You’re welcome.

  • Ice.blue102

    Can’t help but wonder why didn’t God just let somebody else win? Somebody who will make good use of the money to get herself and her children out of that pit? Oh well…

    • Wendy R.

      LOL @ God rigging the powerball lottery.

  • Eduardo Savoa

    What a misguided and badly written article. We shouldn’t be concerned with how she throws away her money, but we should be concerned if she’s supporting a drug dealer. She’s a loser and her children are going to pay the ultimate price. Instead of doing something constructive with her fortune she’s squandering it away on a hoodlum and the idiot who wrote this piece said that we shouldn’t be concerned.

    Her inane statement that if we had 9 million dollars to burn we would be likely to bail out loved ones too, is presumptuous and foolish. I don’t have any friends or relatives in jail; therefore, it doesn’t apply to me, or ,I have to assume, to the majority of respectful citizens. It’s obvious that the writer of this article does have relatives in jail so she’s in the same league as this loser Holmes.

  • wally

    Hopefully she will find time to take a “fresher-upper” class in public speaking! Also, 8,000 bags of heroin…… probably for mathematics class(home schooling at the highest level)

  • sasquatcho

    I guess black lives matter to someone

  • Jasmine

    When you have never had money or an education, then all of a sudden money flies into your lap then it will go away quickly. Happens every time.

  • Brittney

    MadameNoire, LOVE your writing! By the way, I can’t judge this girl. She’s a ride or die bh, that’s all I see. It is her money, she has a lot of it and she can do what she wants with it. And yeah, like anyone would, I do hope she doesn’t squander it all on big expensive STUFF, because face it, that’s the worse thing you can do with this sort of monetary opportunity. Our people are laughed at because we “don’t know what to do with money”. I’d get myself out of debt and buy a business asap. Yeah I said it, but in the end, it’s her money not mine. I wish her all the luck and blessings with the new money and fame…and that man of hers.

  • Cherotree

    You can’t fix stupid! This fool will be broke, or dead, in probably less than 5 years. So sad; but mostly for her children!

    • Ot Tap

      No you can not and that you are!!!

      • Cherotree

        You still here posting, inbred. You are really making yourself look more ignorant with each post. You are just like your loser ancestors who had the butts kicked 150 years ago and now their descendants, like you, are whining because they are butt hurt because everyone wants nothing to to with your “hair-tage”. Now go and brush your tooth!

  • yourmomsidol

    grammar is your friend

    • Isaac Hedinger

      Apparently her sworn enemy.

  • Joe

    “If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9
    million dollars to give, we’d likely be bailing our loved ones out of
    jail too”

    With possession of 8K oz of heroin? I highly doubt it. Highly.

  • matt martinez

    What. An. Idiot.

  • Tony G.

    you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear, and another is, a fool and his money are soon parted. And she should spend some of that money on a tutor to learn how to speak english

  • Ice.blue102

    What a waste!


    You can’t fix stupid!

  • ron nixon

    Unwed mother of four, arrest record, boyfriend trafficking heroin. This ‘winner’ will probably leave a path of ruined lives behind her before the moneys done. I can’t understand why the writer of this story is defending her. Because of Holmes ‘good intentions’ to set up college funds for her kids?? I just hope the kids live so long!

    And no, I’m not jealous of Holmes winnings- I’m sick to my stomach that its in such incapable hands. Nor do I have any relatives or friends who need bailing out. What crowd do you hang with, Ms. Wells?

  • morivrules

    A fool and their money will soon be parted..I give it a year.

  • Darkforceb

    I wasn’t excited about her winning, she barely could take care of her children and should not have wasted the little money she had gambling. She is straight up ghetto, and her BF is a thug. How do people like this get so lucky?

  • Isaac Hedinger

    Mind blown. Already spent 10 percent of a vast fortune on bailing out a complete loser. Of course she can say, “Don’t worry about how I spend my money”, but HOLY SH$T lady…

  • Lindy

    No, I wouldn’t be bailing anyone out of jail, especially my loved ones if they committed a crime. If they are stupid enough to break the law, then they will do the time that comes with doing so. As for a boyfriend, heck no. I would leave that fool faster then the speed of light.

  • kaystar

    No, no, no, no, speak for yourself – I would never bail a loved one or anyone else out of jail if it’s going to be in the millions. If it takes that much to bail them out, they must be in there for something really heinous and they are probably where they need to be. And this poor child – What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefitting Y’all how?” Daughter, please think with the brain God gave you. You and you children are set for life. Do you know how that would make me feel? And here you are getting a felon out of prison not once but twice. He is going to run through that money like water in a rushing stream and there you will be – right back where you started before the money. If you can’t see what’s going on with your life, ask somebody and harken to good advice!

  • Patrick Land

    She will disappear and he will get the money

  • Greg Sherman

    if he shows up for trial don’t they get most of that back? now she has money to get a good lawyer

  • Revelation1911

    Just goes to show money can’t buy good sense. This dumb hoe will be back on the taxpayers dime in a couple years. And whining that she needs and is entitled to help. Just reading her reply shows she is stupid and ignorant and you can’t fix that.

  • Dave

    Dumb and delusional.

  • mistaeric .

    Oh she is definitely in my top 5 of the DUMBEST B I T C H OF THE 2015 AWARD!!

  • Dandy Doodle

    She is addicted to drugs. No way anyone sober would spend that much money on that loser. My guess is she will be broke in a year and her kids will have ZERO. The boyfriend will be LONG GONE!

  • i got this

    well 8000 bags?? Deff a drug dealer sweetheart and a broke Crappy one at that!!lol

  • They will continue to come after her and her family just because she said FU and spent the money to get him. She would be wise to put a lawyer on retainer and be prepared to move out of state as soon as she decides to sue them for harassment simply because she and he are now targets.

  • Drea

    I am sure most of the commentators here are broke….
    don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!

  • i got this

    well 8000 bags?? Deff a drug dealer sweetheart and a broke shy one at that!!lol

  • LouieLouie

    it must be true love

  • Mike Davis

    Just imagine the thug drug dealers thinking up plans to bust down her door late one night.

  • tulsabubba

    if smart people spend money smart, then…..


  • travler

    She can do what she wants with her money, but the welfare she has been receiving is partly my money. She is rich with money, but poor when it comes to brains. Within a few months she will be at the welfare office signing back up on welfare. Some people can’t be helped. They have a welfare mentality and always will have.

  • “. . . 26-year-old, single mother of four .. . .”

    Yes indeed.

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    Even Forrest Gump knew that life basic.

  • Dan

    can you spell S-T-U-P-I-D.

  • ned

    that’s some funny shizzle right there!

  • Bud

    GET A NEW BOYFRIEND GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you got you a loser.

  • hux

    you can’t fix stupid


    are we suppose to have sympathy for her stupidity? the girl is not a bad looking girl, but yet, she keeps the pos boyfriend around, great parenting skills there.

  • I guess bailing out ‘El Chapo’ is an unquestionable thing to do these days…. She is someone that will take the initiative and “Just DO it” – as Nike and her thug- Boyfriend will tell her to.

  • Mike Davis

    We all are missing the sad part of this video showing the reporter having to keep reading from her phone the words of her simple report.

  • Carl

    Sweetie it’s not y’all money it’s your money. I wouldn’t worry about praying for us….pray for yourself! I had some hope for you originally as it was apparent someone had done a makeover for you but I see now that you will end up like so many high paid athletes….with no nickels to rub together. Do yourself and your children a favor and lose the riff raff druggie boyfriends. Get a professional to help you make the money last. This is your wake up call. There may not be another one.

  • Nina Ryden

    Where are her children? In this house with him and his fellow users and sellers. She will be crying when the trash starts shooting at each other and one or all the kids get shot or killed. You just can’t fix stupid!

  • pat

    disgusting person. how is there a God who would allow her to win that powerball??

  • Matt Davidson


  • Charlie

    And he’ll blow the rest

  • disqus_rh61KtQq3S

    First, I was not excited that she won, second, nothing in this article surprises me. Your next article telling us that she’s broke will not come as a surprise, either.

  • Joseph Thomas

    6000 bags of heroin can ruin alot of people’s lives. But this article states,
    Who are we to judge!

  • Thomas Sullivan

    Need to get away from the bad influences, get yourself educated, and move on to new and reliable relationships.

  • TJ

    My question is, why does everyone care what she does with her money? If she wants to blow it one weekend on a huge luxury party, not your deal lol… We way worry to much about others.

    • Obsidiana

      It’s not so much the money as the loser she bailed out who was tied 8,000 bags of heroin. But I guess that’s okay to some people apparently. I suppose this guy is doing a public service by thinning out the gene pool huh?

  • Herewe Goagain

    Leave him in jail and walk away, sweetheart.

  • vet2be1973

    And no, if I had a loved one that was trafficking heroin, I’d let them rot in prison, where they belong.

    • Obsidiana

      Exactly they aren’t worth it.

  • Fred Ahoorai

    I agree with the 2016 date !!!!
    once you have money, there will be so many “FRIENDS, IN NEED”” that you didn’t know existed !!!
    specially with druggy people ??? money will be gone in no time, or she will be dead and money will go up somebodies lungs….but then again, not our money!! there are planty of “over night richies” that blow their monies on stupid things…..learn how to invest wisely.

  • Drea

    geesh…this world would be a much better place if people would mind their own business….IT IS HER MONEY!!!!

  • var1328

    As Jesus was quoted “You can take the trash out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the trash.” Amen.

  • badnigel

    she has millions of dollars and the boyfriend is still deal in heroin. Living the life, no matter what it cost. Those kids have about as much a chance of having college funds set up for them as the church does of getting its cut. Ghetto hood rot.

  • Jayson V

    you can take some people out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto life out of them, what a loser!

  • King Dingaling

    Stupid a$$ b itch made b itch

  • guest

    What a WASTE! If you are not use of having money this is what you do. BROKE before Xmas 2015.Least the criminal system is making money.

  • Joseph Thomas

    How did the boyfriend get the money to buy 6000 bags of heroin?

  • miamahboy

    That man must be well-endowed and know to please a woman!!
    Talk a bout a highly-paid gigolo!!

  • GodBlessTheUSA

    $88 million buys a lot of Popeye’s ..

    • Obsidiana

      And a lot of heroin too apparently.

  • skylar

    we DO have a right to be concerned about someone who is breaking the law by possessing heroin, whether it’s for personal use or with intent to distribute. If he’s dealing, he’s endangering others. If it’s for personal use, he has a heck of a drug problem.

    On the other hand, we greatly appreciate her investment in community services so keep on investing.

  • Joel Trevino

    Why is this even news?

    • Obsidiana

      Because she bailed out a heroin dealer.

  • gabergen

    First thing you do when winning the lotto move away as far as necessary. In doing so you don’t give any of the bad elements in your life a way of contacting you. I don’t imagine she does not do heroine. Which is cheap and very addictive and very euphoric.

  • Why?

    She’s a real piece of work, eh?

    She’ll be broke within ten years.

  • usabear13

    I am wondering what this guy legal history is

    to brake curfew and have a gun in the house and a small amount of drugs

    and get a 9 mill bail his history has to be really bad

    I am sorry to say but if I would be running the other way

    especially if someone had a gun around my kids

  • Gary Dunn

    stupity in action…

  • Jerry Bell

    I will be praying for You Maam, because God isn’t the author of confusion. If there are drugs in the house and You get arrested, then there definitely is a drug problem and if it wasn’t. your boyfriend wouldn’t have been arrested twice. What are you going to do when you spend all your money on your boyfriend bailing Him out of jail? The way your boyfriend is, he is going to take you down with him. If you were a Christian you wouldn’t be in this situation because You would be seeking God for guidance. To be having someone in your house using drugs around your children, is not a real boyfriend. You are just being used and you must care more about yourself than your children to be doing this. You need to take your money and your children and get away from him before You find yourself serving 20-30 years behind bars because you are an accomplice allowing him in your house with those drugs. Then, your money won’t mean nothing because You can’t spend in being in prison. For you to forsake God by picking your boyfriend over God, you also made a big mistake. If you aren’t behind bars soon I will be surprised. You don’t promise God something and not do it. You thought God had your back, but He don’t. That stopped when you allowed that boyfriend in your house knowing that he is evil using drugs. And when you run out of money if you aren’t being beaten yet you will be then, when he needs some more to get drugs. You have definitely set yourself up for failure and you have yourself to blame. I just feel for the children. You don’t deserve to have them being in a drug environment. May God have his way with you and your boyfriend before it’s too late for the children.

  • Sarah M. Woolsey

    I wouldn’t bail anyone out of jail whether I had 9 million or not. She’ll have 0 soon if she keeps spending it on her loser of a boyfriend. Lawyers love clients with money and those billable hours add up quickly.

  • Darryl

    She played the Lotto. Her boyfriend is playing her.

  • Mark Braun

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Nine million to bail out her junkie/dealer “fiancé?” I can see the wedding registry already: a set of sterling silverware: all spoons…

  • Walker Aguila

    Dave Chappell – Reparations was dead on point…y’all…

  • thenicklemansbrother

    If she put up 100% of the bail money she will get it back if he shows up in court. If she paid a bail bondsman, What was the bail amount ? The story is lacking. But what can one expect from MADAME NOIRE

  • D S

    Did she happen to win using welfare dollars to buy that ticket? Then the money belongs to the state and she never should have collected

  • Taylor Bob

    Now thats what you call one stupid a** b****! $88million, lied from the beginning about her righteous plans. Disgusting.

  • Frank Lee

    Negro culture

  • will201966

    Sounds like she is a loser too for sticking with this dud.

  • BarneyQ

    HO ain’t gonna have NO money in NO time.. beech be getting welfare soon !

  • Felix

    I m a black man, this is what Jews call us “Liquid Cash” Black people with money…

  • disqus_cWBw65dIjT

    Marie Holms is hot, her man is a drug dealer…..shame the kids will be put through this tragedy.

  • Vincent Rugani

    Money doesn’t buy happiness or love So sad 8,000 bags of heroin. No he is no drug dealer.Set up a college funds for her children why that dumb.Her boyfriend will make her lose her kids.

  • Linnster

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Gaines Bruce

    Sad, but it does not look like it will be too long before folks can quit worrying over how she is going to spend her money. At this rate, she’ll be broke and back on welfare in no time. That is if she is still alive.

  • Hypestyles

    No, not all of us would be bailing out folks right and left with money even if we did win the lottery. Dead wrong on that count, sweetheart.

  • Waffle

    You simply cannot make this stuff up.

  • George Ohler

    wow, who cares, a couple of trillionairs just lost billions on a nuke deal, there jewish nuke facturies are not happy the u.s. goverment took away there dollars for no nukes. go trump.

  • Tim Canter

    Folks dont worry. Her boyfriend agreed to pay her back.

  • Dizzle56

    Her money so she can clearly do whatever she wants…but I do not see her avoiding the lottery curse we have seen so so many times. Hope those college funds are set up….

  • Jeffe

    “If someone gives you a million dollars, best you become a millionaire quickly, so you get to keep the money.” Jim Rohn

  • LeonDegrelle

    “he’s no drug dealer”. he was found with 8000 bags of heroin. yep, i’m sure he’s just gonna use all that heroin himself. just blacks being black

  • rottiforyou

    Give her another month or 2 and she will be broke, because of the moron she is with, but hey that’s how these people act, and then she will be right back on the corner just to feed her kids. Monkey see, Monkey do.

  • RETUSAF1995

    If she had a guy like me in 10 years she would still have money. She should cut this knucklehead loose before she ends up dead in a bad drug deal. She’s going to end up broke, richer people have.

  • cati

    Go ahead and spend it all you idiot! Then I wont have to hear about her stupidity anymore.

  • shibadude

    What an idiot. I can see bankruptcy early next year for her.

  • Vonda Conway

    I look like that emoji who has her hand slapped up again her forehead. Like why do idiots like this get to win the lottery!

  • Don William Zarella

    8,000 bags of heroin that he is a dealer and we know that sellers are most likely users too. But it is her money she will be broke in no time after his friends take some of it. As for the bail I thought you got it back after court, but I also know if you violate your bail it does not get return. She is hooking up her cart to a user that will just take her for the money until it is gone

  • Horace Kent

    Author, if you want to pick and choose what we can talk about concerning this lady, then what gives you the right to talk about about her at all?

  • bella

    with 8,000 bags of heroin that’s how they probably got all the money to buy all the lotto tickets in the first place. takes money to make money. so actually it was bad money that invested in more bad money. sounds like her lottery fortune is going to be cursed.

  • Dfasilatator

    She pretty well said it all.YA’LL. Under educated.lack of ANY sense at all YA’LL.And when the money is gone.She will blame YA’LL.Again.That pretty well said it all YA’LL. What a Idiot!!!

  • vaderslith


  • Daps

    she is stupid…. really and only reason why she is getting mad…. is because she and her fiancé is guilty…… if I had children… and I bailed him out the first time at 3 mil…. then had to bail him out again for missing curfew and there was drugs in the house for a second time… what the heck she is really stupid to think we are stupid her boyfriend is a drug dealer… there is no way in hell are you going to have that much in your house or around your kids or family if you were not associated with selling drugs…. # people are not stupid….

  • leerobinson

    This story shows how dumb some people can be. I doubt she will have the money very long and probably will end up in jail because of her boyfriend.

  • suznengrace

    with that kind of cash she could go anywhere in the world and find a decent man…

  • therealguy

    Y’all think this be news? SMH

  • William Later

    $6 million bond?
    They do not give that kind of bond for murder.
    What did this boyfriend do?
    In any case no one needs to hang out with someone like that.

  • hawksrock

    Just think of the good that could have been done if that money had been given to someone with a couple braincells. That person could have paid for themselves to be comfortable, given their kids a great education and start in life AND done a lot to help the community. Instead it was given to this lowlife and her scumbag, drug dealing boyfriend. That money will be wasted on blow and keeping their loser butts out of jail. What a waste.

  • Luann Johnson

    Where is CPS? Money is not going to save those poor children. They are surrounded by guns and drugs…She is not going to change!!! She will be dead before broke.

  • dogjam

    8000 bags of heroin? and he’s not a user or dealer? I’ve never met a heroin collector before. Sad! give yourself and those children a fresh start. I love my family but if one of them had that much heroin then sorry but you’re sitting.

  • Tommy100

    If I was her and I had all that money, I would use it to flee all this oppression and hightail it back to Africa.

  • Tim Canter

    Just goes to show, having won that kind of money, does not make you any smarter. Honey, grab both ears and pull your head out of your a$$. She will be back on welfare before you know it. Aint nobody got time for dat!!!!!

  • rowdy rider

    I sure wish she’d cut me in for about 150 thou. I could use it to improve my business.

  • Eric Fenton

    I’m calling it right now…………she’ll be broke within 5 years. What a moron.

  • dfh

    Within 5 years and she plays the lottery odds of success; she is playing right now, we’ll be seeing her in bankruptcy court. I am not counting your money,nor do I care what you do with it, but it looks like someone very close to you is….

  • Lordd_G

    They’re right; it’s not our business how she spends her soon-to-be-gone money.

    Everyone just note how “a fool and their money are quickly parted” and carry on, people…

  • scot mardis

    What the tax payers would like- is for her to repay all of welfare money she has received from the tax payers for children she had she couldnt afford- all 4 plus interests. The church did not support you and your children.

  • Missy12524 .

    I’m sorry that she made such bad decisions! I agree that she should concentrate on her kids, and tell this one to take a hike! He’s going to get HER into big trouble, and is a danger to her children! Why doesn’t she see that? Is she so co-dependent with this boy-man that she can’t think clearly?

  • Michael Chavez

    I don’t know how smart she is bailing the drug dealer out. But one thing is for certain. She is drop dead gorgeous.

  • nosoboundn

    I’m done with this site and your writing!!! You posted that you graduated from a very respectable higher institution, but you’re writing is atrocious!!!! My 14-year old knows better than to start a sentence with words like ‘And’ and ‘But’. The comma splicing and ending sentences in prepositions are another story altogether. You’re putting commas all over the place and ending sentences with words like ‘with’ ‘too’, and I can’t believe you actually ended a sentence with the word ‘is’ – elementary grammar . Also, when citing a quote and the English within that quote is questionable, you’re to use the term [sic] which I doubt you know what that means considering your writing and grammatical mistakes.

    This site can be so informative and such a powerhouse for the African-American community, but (see the comma goes before the but) until you correct your writing and 5th – 7th grade grammar, I’m done with this site. Your words are an extension and indicative of the person you portray to the public. If you do not learn how to write effectively, how can this site be taken seriously?

  • mylove4life

    Boy is she an idiot… fools and there money will soon part…

  • Vicki S

    so she’s still gonna be on welfare??????

  • ally

    she istthis female is a dumb broad.She needs to get out the ghetto. Twice in her home drugs..they’ll take her home next time. black hoes are dumb. U take your money. kids. bye..Somewhere nice. college elsewhere if she were to be a nurse. Find a nice man.9mil. total. he must had lots of drugs or past criinal history. What if it were his ticket actually not hers. Is he a new bf.or old bf. men come a coalling when women have money. Drug dealers need a person to cover his spending. So.Does he work.

  • vet2be1973

    What an idiot. Soon we’ll be reading about how her boyfriend murdered her and her kids.

  • Colden Hills

    “we’ve all done crazy, foolish and even expensive things for love” Can’t recall when I’ve spent $9 million to bail out my fiance for heroin trafficking….

  • Allen Benge

    In the words of Judge Judy, you, ma’am , are a fool. You need to face facts, your boyfriend IS a dope dealer, or he would not have been in jail. I live hand to mouth, and you just throw nine million bucks down the crapper. What happens when your bf goes through all your money and finds someone else? You could have sent all your kids through college and graduate school.

  • skulldruggery

    this is why a low life hoodrat dont deserve sh!t.

  • Mat

    Breaking News: America keeps Billionaires who caused Trillion Dollar 2008 Market Collapse Out of Jail for $800 Million Obama Bank Bailout

  • “He’s not a drug dealer or user”

    Police find 40 bags of heroin …

  • jrdnk

    it’s not like she used/lost the money. She gets it back if he doesn’t jump bail.

  • This is her life and her business….She has to live it the way she see’s fit. Keep your noise out and tend to your own life.

  • Funniest thing I’ve read all day

  • Sandra Bush

    It’s her money, use it as you may. But stupid way……. Stupid!!! Doesn’t your children come first, not some druggie boyfriend!!!!

  • amboyclippers01


  • phil

    You can take the rat out of the hood, but can’t take the hood out of the rat!

  • Jim

    Didn’t she ever hear about Make A Wish Foundation!!!

  • JayB1

    Money, or no money,shes dumber than a box of rocks! Hooking up with a total drug using loser. I am always very happy for someone that wins the lottery that really needs it to make their life better, but this one doesnt appreciate the fact her life, and that of her childrens, could be a 180 degree difference IF she managed it right. Bailing out a POS boyfriend TWICE just wreaks of TOTAL STUPIDITY! Sure am happy she ISNT my daughter.

  • America’s Race to the Bottom

    Money doesn’t fix stupid or addiction.

  • retirednavyvetdon

    What the F warrents those kinds of Bonds 3 and 6 million, someone is adjusting Bonds to get what they can from this slow woman to say the least, because when they had told me 3 million I would have laughed in their faces, I never hear of these kinds of bonds WTF, no wonder allot of the Blacks feel like their getting screwed….because THEY ARE

    • Colden Hills

      The DA knows his resources and asks for bail accordingly. If they set bail at $50k (usual amount for trafficking) with his resources and the time he’s looking at, they wouldn’t think twice about absconding. $9 million is a lot of reasons to make sure that he stays and hopefully she keeps an eye on him to make sure he stays in town and behaves himself.

  • G

    “What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefitting Y’all how? And no he’s no drug dealer or user but who are Y’all to judge anybody? I will definitely pray for Y’all because it’s much need…they talked about Jesus so I’m not surprised Y’all are talking about me but be blessed though,”
    Talking about proper IQ level

  • Terrance Lintner

    Proving once again that if all the world’s money were equally distributed then in just 5 years the same people that had been rich would be rich again.

  • Debbie Redington

    Uh no, if I got to spend that much to get my beaufrind out of lock up, he can stay there & I’ll find me a free man that wants to help me spend 8 million of it somewhere fun!

  • atilla jones

    Uneducated & rich & clueless makes for this girl being broke in a few years.

  • Obsidiana

    I hope she goes broke before the year Is out LMAO!

  • Aaron Smith

    3 million dollars for heroine? That celebrity who admitted to choppin his neighbors only got 300,000 dollar bail. WTF?