‘Psychology Today’ Says Black Women Are the Ugliest?!

May 16, 2011  |  


Ever wake up on a Monday morning, skim the headlines, check your Facebook, and then something so outrageous pops up on someone’s timeline and you can’t help but yelp,”What the cuss?!”?

That was me this morning when I read the news feed for the popular black-women’s advocacy blog, What About Our Daughters when she linked to a Psychology Today article titled, Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?, and thought wow: It’s really open season on black women. For real.

The “scientist” attributes black women’s ‘fugliness’ to being fat, dumb and too manly (we apparently have more testosterone).

Think I’m kidding? No lie.

“Black women are still less physically attractive than non-black women net of BMI and intelligence.  Net of intelligence, black men are significantly more physically attractive than non-black men,” says Satoshi Kanazawa, the evolutionary psychologist who conducted the study.

So, let me get this straight: Black men are hotter than non-black men, and black women are so disgusting that nobody thinks we’re attractive?  I’m not one to wear tin foil hats, but this black- woman bashing is starting to look like a pile on.

I find it in-ter-est-ing that the author of the study is Asian, a group that is increasingly obsessed with looking more European, and taking drastic measures like getting their skin lightened and having their eyelids hacked to look the part.

To be fair, not all men feel this way.  Josepha Cha, a 19-year-old Korean and one of my Facebook friends who runs a group called “Asian Men Black Women Unite” says, “The scientist must [have been] smoking crack when he conducted this useless research.  First of all, physically black women hands down are the most attractive women on the God-given earth. Black women have nice skin, hair,etc…. This is why you see other women of race trying to imitate [them].”

I haven’t even gotten to the worst part of this article, where the good doc says that even though “we’re ugly” we still think we’re all that.

“It is very interesting to note that, even though black women are objectively less physically attractive than other women, black women (and men) subjectively consider themselves to be far more physically attractive than others,”  says Kanazawa.

Will it also be “interesting” if I note that this guy is a douche?

Shame on Psychology Today for being a willing instrument to perpetuate racism.  But I can’t be surprised, can I?  It seems like every other week we hear NFL players saying “they don’t like black girls,” (c)rap songs calling us hoes and Beyotches, and news of how some regions of Africa rape 48 black women per hour.  Per. Hour.  And with no one coming to our defense, it’s just implied that we’re defense-less.  This kind of soul-killing propaganda has got to stop, but I have a feeling it’s going to have to be black women making a concerted effort to work together and say “Enough is enough.”

Editor’s Note: Psychology Today has since removed the link to the study; but we linked to the cached article.

Christelyn D. Karazin is a health writer and the co-author of Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate Mixing Race Culture and Creed (to be released February 2012), and runs a blog, www.beyondblackwhite.com, dedicated to women of color who are interested and or involved in interracial and intercultural relationships. She is also the founder and organizer of “No Wedding, No Womb,” an initiative to find solutions to the 72 percent out-of-wedlock rate in the black community.

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  • busterkeaton

    Nobody is trying to look like black women. Not even black women. Nobody is trying to have super kinky hair that is difficult to style and care for. Nobody is trying to be darker than a mexican. Nobody is trying to have big flat noses and lips bigger than a blow fish. It really depends on which “black woman” you are looking at. There is plenty of attractive ones but they don’t look like the generic “black woman” that is fugly. Look it’s not racist. Shit just ain’t equal across the boards. Like ain’t no body trying to look like a ginger either. Keep it real nobody wants to be too white or too black . BOTH are unattractive.

  • Michael Ratliff

    Some people are just pshut tsurikrufn . I find this very typical of the uneducated “white” men in America. I had a friend when I was a kid, that I could no longer carry a friendship with for reasons of racist speech. I think it all has to do with how we are raised.

    I was raised Pentecostal (Church of G-d Cleveland TN, and COGIC) My dad left the Church of G-d after some very racist ideas came our from the state overseer. We met a pastor in the COGIC and he was more than happy to help my dad become ordained in that organization, to which he was til he died. I was raised with love as the forefront, and though I fail miserably at this, I still remember the lessons that my Norman Saxon father taught me. G-d created everything perfectly, and if that is the case one can NEVER have any kind of racist ideologies. I know I will probably offend someone who is Black, Latino, White, Asian, and other before the day is our, but it isn’t because I am a bigot, or because I am more with one or the other. I would rather give my life over to love, and the cause of love than stand with any one group of hate mongers.
    Since leaving my home, I have converted to Judaism, and devoted myself to study of Torah/Talmud. I still see my father looking at me today, however, and realize I can learn everything there is to learn, I can heal the sick, feed the hungry, bring world peace. I can speak with men, and angels, but, If I have not love, then all of these things are worthless.

  • Mary Elizabeth

    This is horrible. As a women I am appalled at the ‘scientific’study. All women are beautiful creations of God. I cant imagine looking at my daughter and feeling like the whole world thinks shes ugly. As a woman I stand with all women of all races against this misogynistic bs. As far as the media standards of beauty there are far to many beautiful black women of all shades for this study to hold any weight.

  • Buff Stud

    I, as a fifty year old, white conservative man, am attracted to women of all races. I feel stereotypes need to be pushed out of all discussions when talking about people. I see many attractive women as attractive women.

    There are most certainly some women I find more attractive than others, but it has NOTHING to do with race, but rather MY preference. The most beautiful woman I have seen in my life is a black woman… the shape of her jeans is burned in my brain…(daydreaming about them now; okay, I’m back)… I often measure other women against her beauty; sorry, I AM a guy after all 😀

    In all seriousness, each woman has their points of beauty and those are the things that should be admired, rather than focusing on what society tells us is beautiful. Fashion designers, modeling agencies, advertisers, even Hollywood have shaped what we see as beauty. We have all been brainwashed to certain levels. Even those that say they don’t follow those norms do, they just don’t realize they are rebellious in nature and do the opposite of what they are being shown; it’s who they are.

    I am short, at a little over 5’6″. Some women, even though I am considerably taller than them, would never consider talking to me, much less dating. They call it “Preference”, I call it unfortunate. However, I have my “preferences” as well, so who am I to judge.


  • Scalar Intelligence

    There is bashing and then there is critique.
    If you think someone or some groups can’t critique you, then you are the one most in need of critique. Bw think they can set their own beauty standards. Back b4 civil rights. Bw had the power over bm, via their alliance with white men. Today bw want to maintain that pre segregation power which is based in racism. Without an external challenge to better yourself, one stagnates. This is why bw look so Gross compared to other women.

  • Queen

    Social Media can sometimes be the advocate for evil and foulness. This article is gaining exposure because MadameNoire felt it was worthy of a rebuttal and has given the story life on social media. In whose opinion are the findings based on, we will never know where they gathered their facts but we know their findings are inaccurate to say the least. It’s their opinion which isn’t worth anything to me and so many others. Black Women are BEAUTIFUL QUEENS , we stand PROUD and eloquent in our varies shades and sizes. To be labeled as Ugly is just FOUL and disrespectful! The authors of this so call research project should post their photos and allow social media to rate them.

  • Barbara Codner

    I think we should care more about what people say about our characters than our looks. I could care less about what anyone thinks of how I look. However, I do care about people labeling me a hood rat, ratchet, etc. When people think you are trashy, they disrespect you.

    • Joe333

      That’s easy for you to say since you are female…..you are attracted to social status over looks. Although you might not realize that
      Which is just as shallow

  • frances

    As far as I’m concerned, he’s another jackass with a title who’s trying to pretend that his own personal opinions rise to the level of serious discourse. He’s another example of why it’s important to define ourselves on our own terms, and to dismiss so-called intellectuals like him with the contempt they deserve. He’s apparently been asleep at the switch because otherwise, he would have noticed the latest fetish with large buttocks, full lips, and the constant obsession with skin tanning that has aged some non-black women prematurely.

  • Shazza Sima

    I swear people are becoming the stupider by the day.. wtf is this crap? I dont think there is such thing as an ugly race.. There is ugly and beauty in all . I’m appalled reading this ..

  • Estella Cohen

    I guess because we are “so ugly” then why are others trying to imitate our skin color,our full lips,our voluptuous breasts and derrieres(butts) , along with our often sassy attitudes?? We think we are “all that” because we don’t believe everything we read in the magazines!!! If “imitation is the must sincere form of flattery” then we’ve always had the right attitude at setting pop culture in America.”If white people(or others) are pleased we are glad.If they are Not, IT DOESN’T MATTER” – Langston Hughes

  • Chicken

    I see it was removed

  • E.F. Coleman

    I would not print or report such lies and causes for dissensions. I and any secure confident Black woman will NEVER ascribe to these untruths.

  • bunnychi75

    Kinda funny that the guy that did this is Japanese, where in Japan, you have some Japanese actually trying to RAP, you see Ganguro girls who tan like crazy to get our skin color, and even some trying to rock ‘fros! Are you freakin’ kidding me!? This dude needs to have several seats!

    • Ash

      I know right?? That’s probably why he wrote this article- he’s tired of the Japanese youth in his community turning away from their monocultural ways and becoming inspired by blacks, lol!

  • Nubiandove

    He is likely Gay to think Black Men are the most attractive Man, and Black Women being the counterpart of the Black Man is the least attractive Woman.

  • Nae

    I don’t even care what color that shrink is but these facts remain: Black skin is the toughest skin on planet earth! Ages slower, reacts less to external irritation than it’s lighter counterparts. Hides blemishes better. Ever seen acne on white skin? *pukes* Nah! Black women are too beautiful and age more gracefully than white women. Ask Dr 91020 And why y’all white chicks sitting in the sun all day for a tan, if you didn’t understand the advantages of a darker shade? And as for black girls who bleach? They probably listened to tags like these and lost their self esteem in the light over dark skin stupidity. Dark skin is tough and beats the aging process better! So all ye white folks feeling cool cos y’all think your skin is better, here *pulls bed of hot coals* take a seat!

  • susan slater

    This is an ignorant and arrogant statement made by an ignorant , stupid and arrogant person. The image of beauty today is a made up one of media to sell stuff. Every woman is BEAUTIFUL inside and out .Know that fact- folks.

  • Khepra Dumisani

    I am a Black man and the most beautiful, the strongest, and the most intelligent woman in this world is a Black woman. Black women are the mothers of humanity and no other woman comes close.

  • Otis Hamilton

    i didn’t notice well my queens forever have my respect and full admiration

  • Jason Stacy

    This study is unbelievable: what so-called “science” do they use to derive their results?

    (And besides, according to my research, black women are SUPER hot. My wife will agree with this 😉 )

  • princess

    I just read the title and said to my self there are some very pretty and gorgeous and Intelligent black women. I really did think the article was worth reading

  • John

    Black women come with all different sizes, shapes and features. The women of the countries or peoples of africa all look different and quite a few are Strikingly beautiful. If I thought this had ANY potential to be a valid (not racist) study, I’d be interested to see their research parameters and sources but I’m not. I think this asian man has personal issues with one or more black women, got turned down, is intimidated by strong women, etc…. AND, there is likely some truth in a comment below that this is another shot in the war to divide us. We need to remember, we are All Just People, sovereign individuals, whose value is based on our own merit. While physical attraction is nice, we ARE What We Do, not how we appear. It is up to us to beat the stereotypes ‘they’ try to place on us and work together towards a cooperative tomorrow. If we allow the racist agenda they are trying to force down our throats, while pretending to call for unity, we are ALL going to suffer for it.
    PS: I am SHOCKED that a “scientific” publication would print such BS!

  • fRAktal Reality

    It is interesting that the Peking Monkey-man from Japan question the intelligence of Black women when the materialism that humanity enjoys today is an outcome of the CREATIVE THOUGHT POTENTIAL of the BLACK FEMALE MIND. We are the FIRST among FIRSTS. The Black FEMALE was the FIRST to APPEAR on this planet. “X” is not only the common denominator of gene chromosome pairs, but it is also NATURE’S SIGNATURE expressed through ETERNAL GEOMETRIC INVIOLABLE FORCES.

    Those of ape heritage are unsettled and insecure because their lights are about to go out. Ase!

  • Damian Sanders

    But I can’t be surprised, can I? It seems like every other week we hear NFL players saying “they don’t like black girls,” (c)rap songs calling us hoes and Beyotches, and news of how some regions of Africa rape 48 black women per hour. Per. Hour. And with no one coming to our defense, it’s just implied that we’re defense-less….Through It All She Came Full Circle To Bashing Black Men.

    • Alainna

      I normally just like reading people’s comments, but this caught my eye. She is not bashing black men, she is giving examples to why people perceive that black women are “ugly.” In her defense, it is true that more black men are going for different races when it comes to women. They either go for exotic looking women (or women of different races) and white women. Rarely, do you see black men, especially famous black men, with a back woman. We are demeaned in music while other races are (in my opinion) praised.

  • Ron Simmons

    I guess I will never again subscribe to that now overrated mental analysis apartheid-thinking rag. according to the writer’s last name it may be Japanese. A 60 year old black woman will look much younger than her age. A Japanese woman may look her age. A seventy years old black woman may look like she is in her 50’s, on the other hand, a Japanese woman may look 70 or older. Who get the most wrinkles? Who get the most plastic surgery? As Redd Foxx once said ““Ain’t nothin’ uglier on earth than a 90 year old white woman.”.. Have anyone ever notice that black women always look younger than their counterparts?

  • fRAktal Reality

    The most physically attractive women in THIS Universe are found within the GLOBAL AfRAkan race. In fact, the BEST-LOOKING PEOPLE on THIS planet are found within the AfRAkan race–PRIME BASE. Our phenotypes are EXCEPTIONALLY diverse and are the ORIGINAL TEMPLATES from which emerged the recessive STRAIGHT-HAIRED, degenerative, albino–the ultimate modified monkey– whose EXTREME MUTATION occurred within caves across the Asian continent–his original home.

    I do understand that many Black folks are victims of ILLUSION and fall prey to ‘white’ propaganda–especially when it comes to social constructs of beauty.

    I suppose we, BLACKS, are just gonna pretend to be blind to the animal traits/genes that are blatantly OBVIOUS in the DNA, blood type, biology and physiology of the STRAIGHT-HAIRED Neanderthal-Primate who innately possesses a sexual attraction to the vaginas and penises of various domestic and non-domestic animals. It’s no secret that many among the Caucasoid/Asian species are born with tails. Yet, not ONE Black was EVER born with this genetic anomaly. Reputable medical/science journals have documented NUMEROUS cases of the surgical removal of coccyx tails within this group over MANY decades and STILL to date. Blacks do NOT have FUR. Yet, straight-haired modified monkeys of the Caucasus region share the SAME ‘hair’ texture found on the bodies of many animal species. Interestingly, the modified primate is also prone to lice/nit/tick/parasitic bug infestations–like his animal kin. Talk about a walking bio-hazard…

    The SAME iridescent-quality eye colors in Caucasians are also found in canines, felines, owls, etc. It is NOT coincidence that the epidermis of a domestic pig is eerily similar in appearance to ‘white’ skin. It is understandable why Caucasians conducted extensive research and experimentation with the transplantation of ANIMAL cells, ANIMAL tissues and ANIMAL organs for MANY decades. Remember Baby Fea’s baboon heart transplant in 1984?

    Speaking of non-Black females…

    Why do Blacks pretend to not notice that the age-accelerated, straight-haired albino female modified ape (aka Caucasian woman) is particularly unattractive when she has NOT implemented cosmetic enhancements through plastic surgery, body fur removal, hair extensions and make-up sorcery to create glamor and allure. NATURAL BEAUTY is a desired trait and wishful thinking for this group–unless they’re amalgamated with higher quality DNA from indigenous sources. Those Photoshopped magazine ads and front covers ain’t fooling nobody.

  • Ralph Davis

    Not to mention Asian women get more breast implants proportionately than any other ethnicity.

  • James Blacksher Jr.

    To all the black women all over the world, what is going on here is, the person who wrote this article may be a hater, who is trying to play head games on black women. Don’t play into his game, As a matter of fact, laugh at it, because he most likely haven’t took a look at the old women in his race.

  • Jordan

    This was one of the most offensive things I’ve read in a while, probably because I’m black. It carried no factual weight, its a useless, “ugly” opinion. I see that this racist bigot retracted his baseless blog, admitting that it was fiction. Black women are always on the chopping block, and its unfortunate. Perhaps we produce more testosterone because we’ve had to be strong since the beginning of time. Maybe we don’t get to play damsel like “other women”. Also if intelligence is a prerequisite to “pretty” there are more educated black women than men. Lastly, because I don’t have all day where do you think these ever do handsome black men got their looks, their drive, even their Gaul. Black women are beautiful, intelligent, strong, mother’s, father’s, way makers. Now that’s a fact! I just wish black men stood for us me we stand for them.

  • Louis Swan II

    And they are the same ones trying to get the same color by going in Tanning Salons, and laying out in the Sun, trying to get a Tan Brown color. Jealousy and Hate-in will alway’s be among people that generate statements like that. (Psychologist’s) wink emoticon

  • danybx

    Racism white supremacy has long held white women as the standard of beauty, that hasnt changed ..however black men have always been deemedmore masculine and desireable ,hence the hangings and castrations…this isnt anything new…whats new is black men getting a big head over these findings and becoming cocky and believing those lies…they are lies by the way…apparently they are referring to fat, black, obese women..which all black women arw not

  • kimberly.starks

    Black women are some of the most beautiful women in the world! They are often replicated but never duplicated. White women all over the world are injecting themselves with deadly and toxic chemicals to get the beautiful and natural features that belong to the black women i.e. breasts, lips, butts, etc. Our style and grace is unmatched.

    • jazzman341

      Then why don’t you have a picture, along with the following commenter?

      • E.F. Coleman

        you have a picture of Rihanna, and Beyonce, women don’t have to prove their worth to you. Your pic says a lot.

      • kimberly.starks

        Because I only signed up to comment on this particular post. I am not a regular on here. And I don’t just post my picture up on sites I am not a regular on.

        • Buff Stud

          I can’t blame anyone for not posting a real name or pic online. I use to, but my child and I were attacked in a store by some @$$#@T that recognized me and did not agree with my post. He had been a sex offender, released from prison, and being treated for psychological disorders. Very scary event.

  • Not Playin Witchu Piggy

    Trolls gonna troll

  • dollarbill4life

    World full of unhappy people of all races. Work on yourself, be happy, be healthy, stop tearing down others.

    • E.F. Coleman

      A confident and self assured black woman would never believe these lies told daily to tear us down. We know our worth and it is not just about looks but using our brains.

      • dollarbill4life

        I don’t buy into the negative hype against sistas, but many of the sistas I come across in NYC do have foul dispositions. That doesn’t warrant generalizations and broad brushes, however. The problem with women in America is an American one, not a race-based one.

        • E.F. Coleman

          Exactly generalization about all people are wrong, we’ve all heard stereotypes about black men, lazy, crooks, thugs, deadbeat dads, women beaters, don’t work, love all white women, etc. You would not want that to describe you unless you are those things. Then don’t say “sistas” in NYC have foul dispositions. I’m sure there are some who do not fit that generalization. Thank you.

      • Buff Stud

        I only give advice that I would follow myself, and my advice is, never allow others to judge your worth; create and know your value; if you are lacking for your own standards, step up your game till you are happy with yourself.

  • I’m sorry that garbage ever saw electronic ink. The very idea is preposterous.

    The truth is that Psychology Today is run by hucksters for hucksters. There is no vetting process.

    Any self-promoting huckster is allowed a column, and the more sensationalized the better. Because that means more web traffic and then ad revenue.

    They post garbage on ADHD all the time, for the same reason.

    Personally, I don’t share the links. because it only encourages the jerks.

  • Another person

    Thats ok leave them to black men.This is only a way to foster interacial relations. We can clearly look in the society and see Psychology does not heal the mentality of the world so it has failed as a art of study and has no validity too make such claim. Stop letting these damn devils rattle you.

  • Om Namah Shivaiya

    This attack on the black woman is an attack on the Divine..the mothers and creators of civilization…the system has to do this in order to complete the goal of disconnecting humanity from the divine

  • woodyblack

    The ironic thing to me, is that the “black” woman that posted the article, mad about the study is such an ADVOCATE AGAINST black family relationships.

  • Those jap-bastards molest their women and girls on a large scale!

  • I see some slanty-eyed guk wrote the article!

    • Shazza Sima

      racists… much? why couldn’t you express your anger in a much reserved way?

      • You know, WE, AA’s are always being told how to respond, how to act, what to say and how to say it by people that do not have our best interest at heart, so if I am RACIST, believe I got good reason to be!

  • Brittany

    Sounds like jealousy if you ask me… Maybe a sister turned him down… Maybe he can’t sexually handle a black woman because asian men have the smallest physical attributes on the planet…

    • Shazza Sima


  • woodyblack

    If you take the time to analyze what is going on here; its more of the “Great Society” which was designed to undermine the black family. What better way to destroy the black family than to give black man a reason to think they are most attractive, while at the same time telling black women that they are least attractive? This is designed to separate us.

  • We’re ugly but everyone wants to be like us. Haaaaaa!

    • AT

      You think so? Who? Black women are having an identity crisis. They wear a TON of weave, and a pound of makeup. I feel sorry for the men that meets a black women at a lounge or club – am I seeing the real you, or the Nicki Minaj version. Black women are apprehensive about showing there skin without makeup, and the natural, unprocessed hair. BTW, I’m a black man. Black women has a sense of entitlement, that’s why majority of them are not married, and without child.

      • Antonio Norwood

        She’s referring to butt injections, popping/twerking, tanning, etc. things that either come naturally or is apart of their environment. Smh you sound sexist, if you were a girl, you’d be a feminist. Marriage is what ruins a relationship imo, they usually end in a divorce which typically brings out the worse in people.

      • Chrissy

        ugh I hate people like you. Box all black women in one box. Not all of us wear weave and a bunch of makeup. All of my girlfriends are either natural or have relaxers with a ton of their own hair. like all women we wear makeup to enhance what we already have not to hide our faces. I really dislike black men like you… not all men but the ones who share your opinion.

        • E.F. Coleman

          And want an excuse to date and give their money to white women.

      • Karen Love

        Like white women don’t wear weaves or make-up! Dude, where have you been? Have you not seen the Khardasians???????

      • Glynis M. H. Goolsby

        So I possibly understand a portion of this but I must say…I am a married black mother of 3 who all came from my husband years after we got married. I rarely wear makeup and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had a weave in my entire life. Yet I’m still turning heads daily and my husband seems to be more into me now than ever. I never ask for a handout but I do have standards. Now how do the black women of the world like me fit into your description?? I’m just wondering. I was intrigued to inquire of you based on the comment you have given.

        • Buff Stud

          Your husband is lucky to have such a beautiful woman; lucky man indeed.

      • Ralph Davis

        Most of you make the mistake of categorizing all of a gender or racial identity and lumping them together with common traits! ALL of no one has the propensity for the things you state. SOME do some don’t!

        • Mary Elizabeth


      • Ron Simmons

        If I was single, I will no doubt continue to look for the first black woman I can find. I love black women. I find the black woman as the most attractive woman on the face of the earth.

        • Rennita Allen

          Thank you and we still love our beautiful black men!

      • André DePriest

        Shame on you brotha! I am in a relationship with a beautiful black Queen. She is extremely intelligent, charismatic and kind. Furthermore, I know a plethora of beautiful black woman who exude class, beauty and sophistication. You may want to look internally. Do you hate yourself?

      • Mary Elizabeth

        Maybe because the world makes them feel as if they arent good enough. Gtfo with that. A lot of white women and other races surgically altering themselves to have what most black women are born with.

    • Mary Elizabeth

      Not everyone thinks the way that asshat who call himself a scientist thinks. Too many beautiful black women in this world for that to be true. All races have their more attractive and les attractive ppl.

  • Ahmed Diagne

    Black women Are the most beautiful people in the world.Hands Down.

    • Antonio Norwood

      All people are beautiful, people’s perceptions are ugly.

      • Ssq Sqs

        There we go, we got a winner!

  • Cls37x0

    Psychology has recently been demoted from a formal science to loosely compiled gibberish.. so, whateva..

    • Antonio Norwood

      This isn’t psychology, but gibberish yes.

  • Umm Ashaad

    So these Asians want to be white and white women are stealing everything from our hair, lips and buttocks to rap music. LOL, go figure…..

    • Ssq Sqs

      Iono about that, most white women that steals from black women looks pretty trashy in the media. I mean name one that isn’t lol. Not hating on black women but when white women supposedly “steals” from them, they’re not exactly role models.

  • Dee

    it’s not racist. it’s cultural. for example, asian women think white guys have huge noses. so, big deal. it’s what one’s used to. people are people. attractiveness is relative. the major web dating sites do, however, place black women in a lower level of attractiveness. so maybe people need to ask them about their computer model?

    • Ash

      And why is an ENTIRE race of women being put down as “unattractive”? Are we just going to ignore Halle Berry, Beyonce and Naomi Campbell? There are a PLETHORA of beautiful black (and half-black) women in this world who look miles better than women of other races. And there are women in other races who look miles better than some black women.

      Every single race has their beauties and uglies. It’s absolutely asinine to dictate an entire race is ugly and all other races are better looking.

    • msrollin01

      If it is relative, it should be sited as science

      • msrollin01

        I meant to say, “it should not be cited as science”

  • phuckinigga

    Ugly nigs is ugly.

    • Ralph Davis

      Ugly is ugly, why do you have to make a racist statement out of it douche bag.

  • ABlackWoman with Brains

    Uh… you’re really hypocritical, you claim black women are wrongfully accused in the survey, yet you show zero character yourself when you criticize the main researcher for being Asian. Not a very appealing stand

    • Junie

      She wasn’t criticizing him for being Asian. She simply pointed out that a lot of Asians are altering themselves to look more European (from skin bleaching to Eyelid surgery) so of course he would think that White women are more attractive than Black women.

      • Ssq Sqs

        Which she is VERY wrong on that as well. Koreans alter their image quite often based on statistics, HOWEVER this does not hold true for the “Asians” as a whole. Basing an entire community of Asians off of Korea’s statistics is just dumb.

        • Junie


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