Should Men Go To Jail When They Fail To Pay Child Support?

April 20, 2015  |  


Over the years there have been reports of celebrities and average citizens alike serving jail time for not paying child support. We might not have much sympathy for celebrities who fail to make payments. But what about men who are working poor? Should those people, mostly men, many Black men, be incarcerated for this infraction?

In their report, The New York Times says “the threat of jail [is] considered an effective incentive for people who are able but unwilling to pay.”

But critics of this policy believe this incentive traps “poor men in a cycle of debt, unemployment and imprisonment.” The cycle is believed to begin with the court order that requires the child support payee to pay an amount they cannot afford. Steep child support payments may never be paid or are paid occasionally but not in the full. As time passes, these payments become an incomprehensible amount of debt.

If the payment is not paid at all or in full, authorities withhold 65 percent of the payee’s paycheck, seize bank accounts and tax refunds, suspend driver and professional licenses and lastly impose jail time.

“Parents who are truly destitute go to jail over and over again for child support debt simply because they’re poor. We see many cases in which the person is released, they’re given three months to pay a large amount of money, and then if they can’t do that they’re tossed right back in the county jail,” says Sarah Geraghty, an attorney with the Southern Center for Human Rights. The group recently filed a lawsuit in Georgia for parents who are incarcerated for failing to pay child support but have no legal representation.

The New York Times says there is no national count of parents who are incarcerated for failing to pay their child support and enforcement to pay varies from state to state. Though, a survey claims in 2009, one in eight inmates in South Carolina was imprisoned for not paying their child support. In 2010, 3,500 parents were been imprisoned in Georgia for this reason, and 1,800 parents were given ankle monitors or jailed in two New Jersey counties during 2013.

It should also be noted, in some states if the parent who receives child support is on public assistance, the parent who pays child support must pay it back. By paying both child support and welfare reimbursement, most child support payees are not able to live above a practical income level. Therefore, those parents lag behind their bills, rent/mortgage or living expenses adding to their dire financial circumstances.

Many believe people should not conceive children they cannot afford, especially when child support plays a dramatic role in co-parenting. But that rule of thumb does not apply to those who have created children during their marriage. It is believed that Walter Scott, who was shot in the back while fleeing former Police Officer Mike Slager, did so because he didn’t want to have to go back to jail over unpaid child support. He has children conceived both with in and out of wedlock.

To read the full New York Times article, click here. Any thoughts on how we should re-regulate this issue?

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  • Roman Melnychuk

    I think we should hire ISIS and destroy the child support agencies and all other agencies that support this system of ZIONIST BARBARISM.. Child support and their supports need to be shot. END WOMEN’S right to destroy good hardworking, men.

  • ac05jn

    “child support” is alimony. if a man is supporting a child, then the child belong in his custody; and that’s how it used to be before the terrorist organization known as “feminism” destroyed the family unit by subsidizing sluts and whores.

    • Niles

      Do what Solomon did in the bible. Say your going to cut the baby in two. The one who truly loves the baby will agree to give it to the other. Because someone who Just wants a pay cheque doesn’t really care for the baby just the money it brings.

      • Niles

        Just a thought. That may seem extreem but you get the point. Because Some mothers kick the kids out when the money stops.

        • Niles

          Or Fathers It doesn’t matter which one Its all about who LOVES the child the most.

          • ac05jn

            who loves the child is certainly an important factor, but the real goal is what is in the best interest of the child.

            **Child abuse is directly associated with serious violent crime. **The lowest risk ratio for physical abuse is one in which the biological parents are married and the family has always been intact. **The vast majority of child physical and sexual abuse is committed in single-parent homes, home usually where the father is not present.

            Children of single mothers, (especially when fathers are completely absent) face a 2 to 10 times greater risk of:
            substance abuse
            health problems
            being abused
            behavioral problems and personality disorders
            criminal behavior
            gang activity
            suicide and running away
            dropping out at all levels of education
            incarceration as youths and adults
            sexually transmitted diseases
            having children outside of relationships
            becoming teenage parents

            Divorce filings
            Women – 85%
            Men – 15%

            “cut the baby in two” a good premise.. we see this when fathers spend hundreds of thousands in court fighting to get their children back. has any woman ever spent that much?

            the way it is now is basically the opposite of how it should be, when people have financial incentive to capture custody.. it’s like a perpetual hostage ransom..:

            if parents don’t want shared custody, then why not have them bid for custody. to be fair, the bid could be a *percentage of their income (rather than a flat amount) into a trust account in the child’s name.
            this is simple, obvious stuff; but the problem is – the system doesn’t really give a fuck about children. government is run by and for corporations. it seems the society for cutting up men (scum) aka feminism, is one such corporation with an abundance of money to burn.

  • tyrex

    Typical comments. most ignored that one side is going to jail and one is is getting assistance for making the same decision..but of course its easy to tell others to be leery when your same “mistakes” will get excused

  • John Foreman

    The support system is corrupt at the core. There is no accountability of how the mother spends the father’s resources to the kid. My mother received decades of support from my father, when I grew up. Most of it went to her damn horse, not a college fund or after school sports for me.

    If any mother cannot show how the father’s money is being used (solely for the child, after divorce) then support should be reduced or denied. Jailing the father, without mother’s accountability of resources or true need is sadly corrupt.

    As the famous music group Outkast would say, “…child is a baby, and not a paycheck” Many women also look to entrap men with kids they never wanted, hoping the man will become something and become that paycheck.

    I’m 35 now, but when I was 22 I made just that mistake… And now I’m finding out 12 years later, I may have a daughter I have never seen, never knew her name, was not included on the birth certificate… but be damn sure the welfare mother want’s my paycheck – after she nearly destroyed my future as a young man many a moon ago.

    • Aster

      In my state it’s reimbursement. I don’t have to say how I spend it. I generally pay bills or buy groceries with it. She never goes without. It’s been two years since I have gotten a dime from my ex.10000 behind and nobody is doing anything.

  • Jackie

    Give the child to the fathers and make women pay child support. Studies prove that men raise more productive kids anyway. Google it before you bash..

    • ac05jn

      i believe the only reason women get custody more is so they can breastfeed… which ends up not happening anyway. “tender years doctrine”

  • Zod Reeve

    Well, men should pay child support when they get equal time with their children. Why should a man send money when his evil ex only let’s him see his child 3 or 4 times a month? Now, if the woman is working, he should NOT have to send money. Let her take care of the kid’s needs when she has them. Equality…you asked for it. THIS COMMENT WAS REMOVED BEFORE BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE.

  • Ian

    Child Support & Custody should be taking out of the courts hands and it should be done by a non-bias federal agency that is truly in the best interest of the kids (and they should take interest of the custodial and especially non-custodial parent for they tend to suffer the most by a huge margin). Lawyers, judges, and mandates should be thrown out… the only mandate that should be allowed is for the best interest of the children (again, well being of both parents also reflects well being on kids).

    As for the question… I may soon go to jail as I have lost my job last week. I have been ordered to pay 50% support (in GROSS) for my 3 kids whom my soon to be ex took them away from me to WA state; I live in California (the legal children’s state, that will now surely changed to WA due to California BIAS inaction). The courts do not care that my ex has kept the kids and that I cannot even afford to visit them or have them visit me (ans so she was awarded 100% time spent with the kids).
    Let’s see… I hand my ex 50% of my gross income; she gets it TAX FREE, I have to pay taxes on that money I give my ex… as well as my own. So I only get about half of my wage AFTER taxes… taxes that are figured on an of more than twice what I got paid.
    My ex also lives in ghetto Lakewood, WA… you can rent a house for the amount I pay for my small studio here in Silicone Valley.

    Tuesday I am filing motion to change support order (though i will not be able to pay my support by the time any new child support is arranged). Unfortunately until the new order; I am still legally obligated to give my ex support I no longer have! Courts don’t care; and for this there is a reason why so many men commit suicide here in California due to Child Support & Custody (best interest of the kids, what a farce).

    Should Men Go To Jail When They Fail To Pay Child Support? Only in a fair system where the man was truly a D.B. Unfortunately our system is unfair with corrupted judges… speaking legally speaking as they are bound by certain laws and legal loop holes that they have to orchestrate. Money and Lawyers are what judges hear. Next time in divorce court; pay attention how the people whom self-represent themselves are usually not taking as serious by the judges.

    As for the question… I find it an ignorant, and inappropriate question as every case is different!!!!

  • Bokumetsu Burade

    My ex wife doesn’t have the kids and loves heroin. Yet I’m responsible for 100% of the child support and can only see my kids once a week (which is usually canceled by their grandmother on their mothers side). My rent is cheaper than the child support and I can’t afford to eat or get to work most of the time because of this. They should fix the support system to a proper 50/50 between parents when neither have the kids and support should be charged based on the income after cost of living is removed.

  • Mark Davis

    Dead beat dads. What about dead beat moms? It seems that the women in here (moms) won’t touch that subject. Here’s a real story. A couple was married for 14 years with 2 children, one was his and one was from an affair she had. She started seeing a drug addicted alcoholic behind his back (again) and had him removed from the family home and filed for divorce. He was ordered to pay support for both children and the court would not order a DNA test to prove one child was not his, the judge took her word that both were his. Her boyfriend ended up molesting both children, turned her into an alcoholic and drug user, fortunately he ended up dead from an overdose. She gave up both children, one to her parents and one to the state and I was never notified about this even though the courts in the state knew where I was and where I worked. She never paid a dime in child support and the state never enforced their own law on this matter. The state I am talking about is Massachusetts, the Masshole state.

  • janean

    my ex seen his son ( who is special needs ) about 2 years of his life ( son is now almost 30years old) when his father and I got divorced I understood that he didn’t make a lot of $ so,,,i agreed to a low amount of child support ( $75.00) ,,,he payed about $500.00 is all…..but he got remarried twice after me and he helped support his STEPchildren……I frankly don’t care about the child support he owes,,,,if he doesn’t want to be a part of his sons life,,,o,k,,,fine with me ,,,,and his son,,,,my son has a dad (my second ex husband who did pay support and was in his childrens life fully) and a step father who loves him very much.,,,as far as I am concerened,,,,its the dead beat fathers loss.

  • SOTBP Conference

    Yep they should,the same way that the mother is going with holes in her shoes or neglecting her medical so her child can have, no Excuse for the male not to pay up. Child care is not holding you back nor having to be responsible for the costs or the hours they are open.

  • daone2kno

    Never had to pay child support … should the Judge go to jail for making a Fucked up decision judge what you know about me not what you don’t ….

  • Nick

    I filled for child support in 2013 & I’m still waiting for a court order from the Judge. Yes, I think the non- custodial parent should have pay or go to Jail. Especially when you tried to not get the court system involved & had no other option but to file for child support. Being a single parent is tough & it take 2 people to make a baby. The other parent should be responsible to help take care of the child. Each situation is different. I’m speaking from my experience.

  • Nicole

    It is not a crime to fail to pay child support if you cannot afford it, so one shouldn’t go to jail because they are “truly destitute” as quote in the article says. It is illegal to not pay if you have the money and just chose not to for whatever reason.

    Also, if something happens unexpectedly and money becomes tight, parents can get a support order modified. Most of the scenarios for why paying child support is “unfair” don’t actually exist, and its unfortunate those who can pay don’t and sometimes find ways to get out of it.

  • disqus_qBWsWksUfh

    I think that you should know what type of person you are sleeping with before you start sleeping with them. I have dated people and saw things in them that let me know that they arent parent material so I did what I needed to do to protect me that’s first off. Secondly if a man or lady has other kids that they don’t see or half take care of my question to you what make you and your future kids any different from those. I have talked to a man’s mother and they have told me things about their son that made me say are you serious and he was right there and you know what we were done!! Period!! Sometimes you have to put folks in your life by asking questions and getting nosy. The flip side to that is this too, you do have females that do child support to try and get a man back so when you left you as a man should have went and did what you had to do first. The same court that will lock you up do the same thing to her!! Man need to stand up for what’s right and stop just taking what is givin to them, as the rapper Plies said don’t go to court without a paid lawyer and I feel like you can pay to look good pay to keep your butt out of jail!!!! OR at least I would!! The whole system is a mess and something needs to be done, putting a someone in jail doesnt erase the debt you still have it so whats the point of that?

  • MocaPretty

    Two edge sword here. There are men who REFUSE to pay child support out of spite or just bc they are the definition of DEADBEAT. But then there are some men who simply cannot afford a court appointed amount bc they simply cannot afford to. Bottom line is if you know that you cannot afford a child TAKE THE NECESSARY PRECAUTION TO AVOID PROCREATING that goes to the male and female equally.

  • PBinLosAngeles

    In the United States, virtually every major personal and social pathology can be traced to fatherlessness more than to any other single factor. Violent crime, substance abuse, unwed pregnancy, truancy, suicide, and more, fatherlessness far surpasses both poverty and race as a predictor of social deviance. These problems are alarming enough in themselves; however, what is seldom appreciated is that they are also responsible for a vast expansion in the power and reach
    of the state. The result of four+ decades – no-fault – of unrestrained family law court imposition upon the citizenry is that huge numbers of people – many of them government officials – now have a vested professional, financial, and frequently political interest in encouraging single-mother households. This is why the first thing a family court does when it summons a father on a divorce petition – even if he has done nothing wrong and not agreed to the divorce – is to strip him of custody of his children. While mothers also fall afoul of family courts, fathers are their principal rivals.
    Once the father is eliminated, the state functionally replaces him as protector and provider. By removing the father, the state also creates a host of problems for itself to solve: child poverty,
    child abuse, juvenile crime, and other problems associated with single-parent homes, not to mention child support enforcement.
    Should women/mothers be awarded primary physical custody of minor children in U.S. divorce/custody matters involving such children, 91 percent of the time? No, but they are.
    Should American men be required to pay child support for children that DNA evidence has proven they didn’t father? No, but they are, and in California alone, we have over 8,000 such men.
    Should the American taxpayer be financing child support enforcement when the only definitive, federally funded study ever conducted on the subject showed that – when employed – men pay between 83 and 91 percent of all court ordered child support, and that they do so without intervention of any kind? No, but we are.

  • Bharat Darshan

    Family Law of USA has nothing to do with the “best interests of children.” But it has everything to do with the best interests of all the individuals, agencies, and institutions who are profiting by using children as an excuse to forcibly extract money from non-custodial parents.

  • Bharat Darshan

    In fact the entire range of gender law, was created as an entitlement for women. Child support in particular. When you know all the details, you will realize that child support is simply a Communistic ‘TRANSFER OF WEALTH’ scheme.

  • Bharat Darshan

    In USA, the concept of ‘no-fault divorce’ is the worst thing. It takes the consent of two persons to have a legal marriage. Whereas one one person can unilaterally apply in the court for divorce. That is unfair. Breaking up a family has been made so easy !!! Who suffers the most? It is the children. They lose access to one parent. Single parent homes are responsible to rising crime rate among the youth population. There is enough statistics to prove this. Still nothing has been done to address this. Everyone is over obsessed with their rights and freedoms that they forget their basic responsibilities towards their societies.

  • Bharat Darshan

    In USA, what factors do courts take into account when deciding who gets custody of the children? Most courts tend to focus on which parent is likely to provide the children a stable environment, and which parent will better foster the child’s relationship with the other parent. With older children, this may mean giving custody to the parent who is best able to foster continuity in education, neighborhood life, religious institutions, and peer relationships. HOWEVER, the stats tell a different story: About 1 in 6 custodial parents were fathers (17.8 percent).

    The poverty rate of custodial mothers in 2009 (30.4 percent) was significantly higher than the poverty rate for custodial fathers (18.8 percent). How do we as a society, explain this?

  • Bharat Darshan


  • agrosuramerica

    One of the major reasons I left the USA. I will NOT now or ever pay child support for children that were stolen from me!!!

  • Bobby G

    How about “Fix” the system, which is grossly broken such that it is “fair” to both the custodial and the non custodial parents ?? How many times can a woman have a child out of wedlock and continue to get “rewarded” with a Child Support check in the mail every month from “x” number of men ??? Additionally, what if this same woman marries another man who is well off financially ?? Now, she is married to a guy who’s essentially paying the bills, providing a home…some have boats, nice cars, etc….and yet, she continues to receive checks in the mail from the “x” number of men she had children with out of wedlock ?? This is not what the system was intended to do. There are too many instances, where the custodial parent, usually the mother, uses the system as a “control” mechanism and/or abuses the system by having “more than enough” to raise the child via marriage or multiple child support checks coming in per month, yet, the non custodial parent, who is often times living a below poverty level existence, is locked up for failing to pay the original “unreasonable” amount that was mandated by the court, who doesn’t take into account any and all variables related to the financial positions of the two parties ! FIX THE SYSTEM SUCH IT IS FAIR FOR ALL and you will see the number of delinquent accounts go down significantly.

  • Linda S Olone


    • Jim Bailey

      Honour HandsOnEqualParenting from conception and he might be persuaded to do his part with the Kids NOT fund You – Onward 🙂 Jim

  • Krystal Grant

    I don’t think they should go to jail for not paying child support BC what is that going to solve…tax payers have to pay for them in jail…the child still don’t get the support they need…some men would rather go to jail then py BC baby mama is a bitty and don’t let the man see there child…and calling them all the time over money….if the mother isnt going to let the father be in the child’s life I don’t think he should he obligated to pay anything…I know someone how pays child support faithfully and don’t get to see his kids and all day everyday she is calling him up wanting more…really…the child needs this…or the child needs that…you just got $300 what did you do with the money…half the time the money doesn’t go on the child…I think that the mother should have to prove where the money went…like rent food cloths stuff like that….instead of in mamas pocket and to get there hair nails and to the club…seen it with my eyes too many times…the person I am referring to said at this point he would rather go to jail then give her one more penny to go out with…

    • MrsVain

      visitation and child support are 2 separate things.

      do you seriously think that if a man cant see his kid he has NO OBLIGATION to pay child support? the mother is paying for food, rent, clothes as well as raising the child he bailed on. he has an obligation to make sure his child has what it needs to survive. he is a loser and a deadbeat dad if he doesnt pay his child support.

      now if he has issues with visitation and the mother of the baby is not allowing him to see him or not letting him spend time with his child…then he needs to get a lawyer and take her to court. if she is bugging him for more money then he needs to tell her that he pays what the court ordered him to pay. if he thinks she is not supporting or taking care of the child, he needs to take her to court.

      if all he does is complain and stop payment and would rather go to jail then support his child then he is a loser.

      • Jim Bailey

        The BEST Support a Dad can give his Children is HandsOnEqualParenting from Conception – BOTH Mum and DAD **EQUALLY** involved with their Kids – Onward 🙂 Jim

    • Jim Bailey

      Partial TRUTH here BEST Honour HandsOnEqualParenting from Conception – Onward 🙂 Jim

  • Mel

    Any parent who does not pay child support should be jailed for abandonment, neglect and endangerment of a child. They should upon release have to wear ankle monitors and be forced to get a job for the county or state that is in charge of them. Forced labor so to speak so that their paychecks can be sent to the child!!! If they don’t show up to work they should be jailed again and the process starts all over!

    • Jim Bailey

      NONSENSE – BEST re-Read my above – Onward 🙂 Jim

    • garyjminter

      The “community service” job you suggest should start immediately, instead of jail, so the mom and kids can get the $ sooner. Jail doesn’t do any good for anybody, except to protect people against violence.

  • Jim Bailey

    One should avoid paying so called Child Support if at all possible – Its a GLOBAL LIE – So called Child Support Never funds Children to be the best they can, it simply DESTROYS the **WHOLE Natural Biological FAMILY** as it is designed to do – BEST Enshrine GLOBAL HandsOnEqualParenting from Conception – Mum CAN’T do DAD’s job and DAD CAN’T do Mum’s job – Fuding ONE to destroy the others input into their Childrens lives is WRONG – Onward 🙂 Jim

    • Selena McQueen

      What the Hell are you talking about

      • Jim Bailey

        Do you want me to use different words – Onward “) Jim

        • MrsVain

          yes please, because the words you used make no sense.

          • Jim Bailey

            Sorry – Take the bull by the horns and learn to understand some of the many expressions of English that float around our World – Onward 🙂 Jim

    • MrsVain

      that doesnt make sense at all….

      while i agree the break down of the marriage and family is a problem. how is NOT paying child support have anything to do with it? when a man bails on his wife and children, how is it that you think he has no obligation to take care of his children? IS it NOT A MANS JOB to support his children physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially? That obligation does not end just because he left his marriage and doesnt live in the house for him. most men will not go so far as to continue to support their children physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually after they leave the family home but they should. At the VERY LEAST they should continue to support their children FINANCIALLY!!! being as they left all the rest up to the mother of the child.

      • Jim Bailey

        Be nice for those that think this way if what you are saying was true – I live in new Zealand and thus can’t really speak for those Dads living off our shores – However if you care to look at my old and new personal Facebook pages you will find many, many Dads from most parts of the world keeping me well informed – There are NO DAD’s that have bailed on their Kids here that I know of – That may well be because they know that they would be chastised by me and many of my mates – The same applies World-Wide – As to leaning on the Scriptures to point out the Man’s Job you BEST examine yourself and your attitude from the very same Scriptures and be a lot more familiar with reality – – Because you cannot see thru the very subtle twists of so called Child Support does not make me wrong but invites YOUR in-depth study of the issue – BEST Be Onward Together with Yashua OUR Messiah and His WHOLE Word, not just the NICE bits that tickle your current theology, secular or otherwise – Jim

  • Bob Zahradka

    Send them to jail. Yeah, that makes a lot of liberal sense. My paycheck has been guaransheed for several years now. I lost my house, was told they could take my truck and my license, leaving me dependant on the bus.They said they could put me in jail. So, make me homeless, unemployed because I work construction and the bus goes nowhere near new sites, then put me in jail. Then how does any of that support my kids. They take 1/3 of my weekly paycheck, which currently pays what I owe monthly AND to pay what I owe in arrears. I can barely pay my bills and rent and eat decently. And after I lost my house, we had major layoffs, so I got behind on my payments.Can I get food stamps or other help? Not a chance. Do I want to support my kids? Of course I do, but I’d like to live, not just survive. Send them to Jail? Yeah, t, it only hat makes a WHOLE lot of sense.

    • MrsVain

      maybe if you were paying child support every month you wouldnt have gotten in this fix. you want to live? not just survive? but you dont seem to care that is all your children are doing….and of course what about the woman who gave birth to your kids? is she living life large? or is she struggling to keep your kids alive, well feed and clothes on their back?

      poor little you. Life SUCKS when you have to be responsible and pay those silly little bills. how boring to only have money to pay your obligations, you dont have any left over to have a party or mess around? how sad that you think your lifes enjoyment COMES before the children you made. you can barely pay your bills and rent and eat decently? well what about your kids. do you care if they can pay their bills and rent and eat decently?

  • father of 2

    as a father who pays support for my 2 daughters this is a little harsh for the men, everyone here in these comments have been bashing the fathers that cant pay. as a person who has sat thru hearings and trials for failure to pay child support because the mother brought it in. i was found not guilty by the way. the judges in most cases will allow you time to find jobs and get back on your feet only if you have the tenacity to do so and prove that to the judge. but yes anytime you change jobs the state takes 90 days to do a new order even if you submit in wriiting the change blammo instant back support. i barely survive to support my kids and ill never complain about that but what i will complain about is the way the support rules are structured. lastly i will say this if your a parent and you are deliberately trying not to support your child or children then yes you need to go to jail. if your trying hard and still not making it they wont just just give you jail time there has to be a history of behavior

    • MrsVain

      i am a mother who has 2 little ones at home. I BARELY survive to support my kids. not only do i struggle to feed them, pay the utilities and house payment, but i also have to raise them everyday. i have to deal with sick kids, school, working then running home and feeding something. my job doesnt end at 5 pm. i go home and clean, do homework, get clothes washes, sooth skin knees, make sure the children are not on the garage roof (that was last night, silly boys, couldnt believe they thought it would be ok to play on the roof), get them in showers and bed.

      dont get me wrong. i love every minute of it and i am not complaining. i just dont understand how a man who leaves his wife and children thinks that it is okay NOT to pay the child support. poor guy, he has to live to right? i am not saying he doesnt have a right to live but HIS CHILDREN should me the main focus. he brought those kids into this world. it is NOT OK just to walk away and NOT SUPPORT THEM.

      as a mother i am doing EVERYTHING and then some for my kids. i go without. i havent had anything new in years because i buy for my kids first. meanwhile their father is running around in partying and buying new trucks, and doesnt have a care in the world. H*ll i could live well too, if i bailed on my family obligations and spent all my money on myself. i am not bashing the MEN THAT PAY child support. only the MEN THAT DONT PAY…because men that dont pay their child support are Pieces of Sh*t. it really doesnt matter what their reasons are. they put themselves first over the needs of their children. and that is WRONG>

      • disqus_qBWsWksUfh

        He was that way before had kids with him not saying that its right but i would be all up in his butt!! I think man know what type of women to have kids with.. They know strong ladys will take care of business and not waste time going back and worth to the court house missing work when we didnt have to go to the court house for them to sleep with us so I understand what you are saying. But let me say this in time he will get his, trust me, my dad was the the same way, today he is living off 1100 a month and doesnt own anything at 55!! So look is laughing !!

      • U8EvenKnwIt

        I was in full agreement with you until you made this ridiculous comment:

        “I just don’t understand how a man who leaves his wife and children….”

        Already at the introduction of your argument, you are illustrating biased thoughts assuming the father left. Completely ignoring a host of other reasons marriages end nowadays. A mother could just as easily be the one to end a marriage and file because she is in love with another man who has more money and wins custody of the kids, house, cars, everything. Then vwala! There goes a father leaving the court empty handed, with a hefty child support order, no home to go to, and has to build his life over from scratch. Think before you speak.

  • Lou Sasole

    If the parent that should be paying support is repeatedly making excuses, getting into trouble, abusing drugs and alcohol, can’t get or keep a job, and keeps making the same stupid mistakes then yes – maybe jail will get them to make changes in their life. If the parent is showing effort, working hard and trying to get through a hard time then no – they should not be thrown in jail. Throwing someone in jail that is making an effort the best they can isn’t helping anyone – but scumbags that simply want a free ride can sit in jail and rot. The whole system needs to be revamped – there are parents that get support that flaunt it on facebook showing everyone the stuff they buy with child support money…. it’s sickening. That money is for the CHILD not for you to get your hair and nails done!

  • Faith

    I think it is not fair for one parent who is paying child support should pay back public assistance. They need to go after the individual who are receiving benefits and make they pay it back. It is crazy. They need to also go after the people who lie to get the benefits and make them pay it back as well.

  • realist

    How about both parents go to jail. She can’t support the kid either.

  • Cuti3 Pi

    I do not think men should be sent to jail because they owe child support. This does nothing for the child and only makes it harder for the man to get a job to support his child.
    Money is not the only way to provide support either. Even though a man is not financially stable doesn’t mean he can’t support his child in other ways. It seems that we are criminalizing the guy who more likely than not made the mistake of getting someone pregnant. But there is no criminal penalty for women who bring children into this world who can’t support them. However This is a whole other debate…I digress.

    • MrsVain

      you are more worried about the man having a hard time getting a job.

      well, babies and little kids cant eat hugs for dinner.

      if a man is going to create a baby, then he needs to figure out how to get financially stable pretty darn quick!!! as soon as you create a child, it is time to MAN UP and put your childrens needs first.

      besides he would never go to jail if he paid his child support on time. and he would never pay child support if he bought condoms before he had sex with someone he wasnt willing to spend his life with. 3.00 box of condoms vs 300,000 child support?

      dont get me wrong, i think the woman should be just as responsible. if she doesnt want kids then she should take precautions. But a man shouldnt relie or believe any woman he is just wanting a booty call from.

  • Lisa547

    No. As far as I know, we have welfare for this very reason. Maybe the man should have his wages garnished, but jail? That’s too far.
    And even then, I feel like men should be able to opt out of fatherhood if the woman is still within the legal timeframe to get an abortion (or the first 16 weeks of pregnancy). I mean, it takes two but only one gets to decide who pays.

    • Cuti3 Pi

      I like your idea of opting out of fatherhood. Maybe some women would think twice before the have unprotected sex knowing I guy can opt out. At the end of the day it’s our bodies and while it takes 2 to create a child, we all know that in most cases the woman is impacted the most by having children.

    • Selena McQueen

      As a female I should feel crazy saying this. That’s like u being with someone you get pregnant and he doesn’t want the baby you’re gonna get an abortion. That’s ridiculous a woman can’t opt out of being a parent this is straight blasphemy

      • Lisa547

        But women CAN opt out of being parents. That’s why we have Roe vs. Wade. It’s men who can’t opt out.

        • Cuti3 Pi

          I was just telling a friend nee really need to be more careful because once conception occurs, they really have no control over the matter.

  • Susan Bear

    The same should apply to women, my brother’s wife left him for another man. My brother got primary custody because he wanted the children more and social workers determined he would be the parent. She was supposed to pay $25/week for two kids; she missed a lot of these payments.

    My bigger concern is too many people having children they don’t want or can’t afford. The corporations who only want more consumers, and the religious industry who want more people to give more money to them.

    • Selena McQueen

      If he goes to court a warrant would be put out for her just like any man trust me women are not exempt and they are actually harsher on women then men side they birthed these babies

  • Selena McQueen

    The judge would never make child support more then the person can pay because they still have to live it’s called the poverty level and they can’t send them below that which is why it’s a certain percentage of their income. And also I understand things happen and the man may not want to have a baby but you should’ve realized that before having sex. And just because you didn’t want the baby don’t mean you get to just abandon it

    • Lisa

      I beg to differ. Before I met my husband (who had 6 children) he worked two jobs, one was purely to pay child support. I saw pay stubs that showed that he brought home $7.00, $5.00, hell one check was for $.80 cents. He had to work two jobs or he would be some homeless bum. Believe me, they don’t care about the poverty level. And I agree, I didn’t want children is not a “get out of child support” card. Should’ve thought about that before you laid down with her.

      • Selena McQueen

        Ok but dude had 6 kids he lucky he had that much left that’s the problem if he was there for them all he would be spending way more so sorry sis I don’t feel bad at all he need a 3rd job

        • Lisa

          Oh it wasn’t a problem. That’s why he got the 2nd job. And he did spend way more. One of his kids mothers received over $600 a month in support however his sons would call him and say they’re hungry cause there’s no food in the house or can they come over to take a bath cause the water’s cut off. So he goes and buys them food, gave the mother (who was re-married mind you) half on their water bill so his kids would have running water in the house. Kids want to go on their Senior trip and get class rings, so he comes out of pocket for that too. So you see he did over and above and still does, and they’re grown now. So he’s not the typical “dead beat” you speak of.

      • MrsVain

        maybe your husband should have thought about that BEFORE he had 6 children. maybe your husband should not have left his children in the first place. what about the woman who have to work 2 jobs just to feed and shelter their kids. they are doing what needs to be done while man like your husband whine about having to pay child support

        i dont know the whole story. but if he bailed on his wife and kids. he is wrong. if he had 6 kids and then walked away, he is wrong. you cant sit there and tell me that he was paying child support FAITHFULLY every month, he GOT BEHIND ON HIS CHILD support and THAT IS WHY HE NEEDED to work 2 jobs….

        maybe your husband needs a vasectomy since he cant pay for the children he brought into this world already and needs to stop having kids. i pray he is watching more tv now.

        • Selena McQueen


        • Lisa

          Once again, I know that the stereotype is dead beat black men, and bitter black women (commenting here) but he is not one of those men. First, I agree that he should have thought harder before fathering 6 children, but unfortunately that’s the stupid stuff some men do. Secondly, he left his wife because he was deployed for 9 months in IRAQ and came home and she was 4 months pregnant. Thirdly, this situation, she never worked 2 jobs, barely would work one. Fourthly, he doesn’t whine about paying support, he gets pissed when he knows his kids aren’t being taken care of by that support because they are still lacking basics (food, clothing) at home. Fifthly, bailing on a cheating spouse is not wrong. If he cheated on me, I’d be out in a heartbeat. And yes, he has paid his child support faithfully, every month. His first job is that of a police chief in a small town, his second job is a sheriffs deputy in our town so that wouldn’t look good for him to not pay his child support and end up with a warrant, now would it. And Lastly, he has had a vasectomy, after our daughter was born; and again, he can pay for the children he brought into this world (stop assuming all men are dead beats, makes you all look bitter) but he’s getting old and so am I and more kids is not in the cards. Oh yeah, and the tv thing, your prayers worked on that one. He loves netflix. Lol.

          • MrsVain

            honey, i didnt know your husband was black. and it doesnt matter what color he or she is. if they are not doing their responsiblity then that man sucks. PERIOD

            any man, any color who has 6 kids and IS NOT TAKING CARE OF THEM is a loser. you want to be with that kind of man, again dont matter what color he is, then you are too. IF YOUR MAN is taken care of his 6 kids, then this is not about you. seriously? what are you b*tchin for then? no body said a dang thing about brow beating your black man. it is for ANY man that doesnt pay child support.

            if you have issues with your husband ex wife then you should take it up with her or take her to court. if your husband REALLY thinks she is not supporting or taking care of the children, why is he not reporting her and getting a lawyer. WHat kind of man only gets pissed when he knows his kids arent being taken care of and are lacking basic needs but doesnt do anything about it? ANd why are you all up in this business?

            my assumption came from your post. you all sad cuz he has to work 2 jobs to pay child support.

            ALL i have been saying is that if A MAN HAS CHILDREN THEN HE SUPPORTS THEM. If the court has ordered him to pay child support then he is OBLIGATED to pay child support. Again it doesnt matter what color he is. If he is not paying child support then he is a LOSER!!

            • Lisa

              Mrs. Vain, I saw a previous post and now I understand. You are doing it by yourself with no help from your children’s father. I get that. Have friends and family who’ve gone through and still go through the same thing. I have a cousin whose ex husband quit his job and worked under the table fixing cars for 15 years. She was finally able to get this joker in court and the judge told him not only does he owe $40,000 in back support but if he didn’t pay $2,000 in 48 hrs, he was going to jail, and if he missed another payment, he would go to jail. In cases like that, I say lock his trifling behind up.

              And no it does not matter what color a man is, if he doesn’t take care of his kids he is a POS. Again, not the case with my husband HE PAID/PAYS CHILD SUPPORT, ON TIME EVERY TIME (thought the caps might help). And I am not bi4ching, you see, 4 of the 6 children he paid child support for are now grown (2 college graduates, 1 employed, 1 in college) though kids may grow up, they never leave your pockets until they truly carve their own way in life. The last two he still pays support for, ON TIME, EVERY TIME. I am talking about a situation that happened with his ex-wife when his kids were younger. She was not like you stated you are. She did not handle her business when it came to taking care of the kids. And as for my relationship with his ex, I don’t have one. Not because I don’t like her, or she didn’t like me. There was never really a reason to have a relationship past speaking on the phone. When it came to the kids, she spoke to my husband because that’s who she needed to speak with. As for getting pissed and not getting a lawyer, it was cheaper just to get the kids and bring them to our home (you mentioned your kids father is “balling” out with trucks and things instead of taking care of the kids). I say take him to court. Make him take care of his kids.

              Again, I’m not sad because my husband had to pay child support, that’s what he was suppose to do and that was years ago for his oldest kids and he no longer works two jobs. He works one now, makes a little more and still PAYS CHILD SUPPORT ON TIME EVERY TIME for his two younger children. NO LOSER HERE (again, thought the caps might help). Also, assumptions are bad. Lol.

              • MrsVain

                well then your husband was one of the good guys. and nothing i wrote applied to him.

                And since nothing applied to him, why are you saying that men who dont pay shouldnt go to jail? i think all men regardless of color and age should be held responsible for fathering a child. PERIOD.

                i am happy things are going well for you now.

                • Lisa

                  I don’t think a man who falls behind should go to jail, as long as he picks back up and pays. Just as I don’t think a mother who loses her job and can no longer provide for her child the way she used to should go to jail. I do, however think that these men who duck and dodge, getting paid under the table and continuing to have amnesia about the children they helped create should get a little trip to jail to wake them up, not a permanent trip, because that would defeat the purpose. But he should lose enough freedom to the point that he’ll do what he needs to do to not go back. But the system seems to lump them all together.Those that want to do right but have some financial issue and the dude that just don’t care.

                  And thank you, I consider myself blessed. I truly hope that any issues you may have with the situation with your children’s father are turned around for the better. Sometimes it takes men a little longer to “get it”. I think guys get caught up in the thinking of I’m giving my money to their mama. Children are not just a “mama” thang. If you had a hand in creating them, they’re your responsibility, period.

                  My younger brother got on FB one time and tried to clown his daughter’s mother about the fact that he paid a lump sum of child support and the following week, she moved into a better house. That’s what’s shes supposed to do. If she we and got all fly with clothes, hair and nails, you’d have something to say. She provides better shelter, and you got something to say. It’s As long as she’s doing what’s best for her child, it don’t matter if you feel salty. You’ll get over it.

    • Aguywhogotscrewed

      Selena, you obviously have never been in this situation, I was told by a judge to go find a second job / go give blood or do anything short of stealing to get the money and if i did not he would throw me in jail and the fact that my full time job at the time left me with nothing to live on and forced me to borrow money from family just to pay rent on the cheapest efficiency apartment in my area made no difference to the judge or the prosecution and I had never been behind for several years until I was downsized thanks to Obamacare forcing my employer to cut jobs and eventually drove the company into bankruptcy

      • Selena McQueen

        Sure haven’t but I’m speaking on what I know and my daughter’s father is a complete deadbeat but the judge ordered to pay $30 a week because anything more then that he would fall below poverty level. Sooooooooooo like I’m said I’m speaking on what I know

    • justesse

      ignorance is a bliss.

      • Selena McQueen

        Never ignorant I’m going thru it so please!! this is what the judge told me so go call her ignorant

        • kyre

          Oh yeah? I’m on child support, I was living in west Virginia for one year I and my ex wife(wholives with her mom and never had a job) had two children. I was on probation, while on probation we divorced I was forced to leave the state seeing that I could not stay there any longer at her mother’s this left me homeless. I then had my probation transferred to where my mother lived who took me in. She filled out paper stating that I was working when she knew I had to leave my job due to and interstate probation transfer, naturally that left me unemployed. the were under the impression that I was working making 1,630 dollars a year. So they ordered me to pay 325 dollars a month. She falsified information and should be punished for it. She lives with her mother who babysits the children, and for this she refuses to work. Her mother has a 250,000 dollar life insurance saving in which 80,000 goes to my ex when she leaves the earth. So who’s the real deadbeat I or her? I have a felony and still haven’t been able to find work and its been two years I pay my child support with school refunds every 3 months but that is not enough. My ex also receives 450 dollars a month in food stamps and free Medicaid for the children. She also doesn’t have to pay rent, electric, or any utilities because her mom covers it all. Sounds like she was looking for a free ride. I always took care of my children when we were together I was the only one who ever worked.

  • candy cane

    I know there are some females that use their child/children as a pawn to keep the father close but for the women who put their children first, if they had to get child support enforcement involved in the first place, that tells me that the father wasn’t contributing or was doing ‘just enough’. A child has two parents and unless one is deceased or in jail, BOTH parents need to contribute to the child (rent, utilities, food, clothing, etc.). Mother or father, if they purposefully don’t contribute to the child that they helped create, don’t pass GO and don’t collect $200 GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL!!

    • Lisa

      You mentioned parents who are in jail…did you know that child support continues to accrue even when they’re in jail? I’ve seen men come out of prison to a waiting bench warrant for failure to pay child support. Then, you ask this man who’s been locked up to find a job, very difficult with a record. And most are being required to pay based off of the income they previously had which of course since they were in prison, they no longer have. I’m not excusing them from supporting their child. As soon as possible, they need to be making a way to take care of their children but the system is not set up in their favor. I mean, how in the world does a woman get on welfare because she’s not working and can’t afford to take care of her children and the man has to pay it back. That’s the craziest thing ever. Women are not held to the same standards at all, and some are trifling.

      • Selena McQueen

        Because the state and tax payers shouldn’t have to pick up the negligent parents slack that’s completely understandable and reasonable

        • Lisa

          But the negligent parent would be the one on welfare correct? Not the non-custodial parent who’s paying child support. He’s doing his part and hers too. It would be the mother or custodial parent who is not. Him paying child support and paying her Welfare support back to the state is not understandable or reasonable. Where is the custodial parent’s responsibility? Why would she not be required to pay back the welfare support once she’s back on her feet? That logic is why the system needs to be re-hauled badly.

      • MrsVain

        Then MAYBE the man SHOULD HAVE BEEN PAYING HIS CHILD SUPPORT BEFORE he even got put in jail in the FIRST PLACE, huh.

        i mean really!?!?! the baby or child still needs to eat and needs clothes even if his loser father is in jail. IF the man doesnt want to be in jail then pay the child support BEFORE it gets to that point. its not like they are putting these guys in jail the first time they didnt pay. Come on now…..really. Its called BEING RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABILITY.

        its not trifling if the woman is the person taking care of and raising the children. when she is actually supporting the children and not just partying her life away. the type of woman who get on welfare and then dont support their kids or dont get a job and just want a free ride are criminals and need to be turned in.

        • Lisa

          Of course a man should pay his support and of course he shouldn’t be stupid enough to get locked up but my point is the system works against them. Once a black man has a record, it’s going to be very difficult for them to just ‘find’ a job when they get out. And again, child support continues to accrue (as it should) when their in jail but because they’re in jail and don’t pay, they have a bench warrant waiting on them as soon as they step foot out of jail; which could potentially place them back in jail; it’s just a cycle and the child suffers because there’s no money coming in from one party. And god forbid the woman is trifling, child suffers even more because neither party is doing what they are required to do. And it’s not trifling if a woman is taking care of and raising her children, but there are trifling women, just as there are trifling men.

          • MrsVain

            so if they KNOW it is a possibility to be put in jail for not paying child support and it might become this vicious cycle because when they are in jail, they get a bench warrant for non payment, dont you think it would be BETTER just to do the responsible thing and make payments. it is NOT the responsibility of the MAN (black, brown white, who cares) to make sure he lives his life well?

            if he doesnt want a record, then dont do anything to get your a$$ in jail. YEP it is THAT EASY. quit crying about poor little man, it so hard to find a job….everyone has trouble finding a job. But if you dont let yourself get there in the first place, then you have nothing to worry about.

            • Lisa

              Easier said than done for some.

    • Jackie

      Why don’t women realize before having sex that they don’t wont to have a baby? Oh yeah, they can get an abortion, which poor women do at the highest rates. You can’t expect a man to be more intelligent than a woman. We are equal.

    • kyre

      And what does this prove? First off jobs are not guaranteed. Employers have a right not to hire.Also what happens if the father is a felon? You and I both know that hinders his chances by far. My mother did not put my dad on child support and this helped her stay focused, strong, and willing and able to do it alone. She earned a double masters degree and now makes 60 thousand dollars a year as a directer at a school. My dad had 4 other baby mothers collecting child support where are they now that child support is over? Still in the same situation they were in prior. This only create’s laziness. If you don’t want black people sitting down collecting welfare, then why should women sit down and collect a check? Get your butt up and work in took two to. tango.

  • Herm Cain

    This is one of those equal rights topics I can guarantee if the roles are reversed females will find some justification as to why they shouldn’t be locked up for the same scenario black women have to stop running to the judge for every situation when these white people most of the time will make the situation worse

    • Selena McQueen

      But women are being locked up too if they aren’t paying child support so ummm New argument

  • Justsaying

    This is only unfair to those men who are trying. But what most people are forgetting is that every pregnancy is NOT from a one night stand or like of. And every man who claims they can’t pay child support is poor. I knew people who were in a relationship for years with a man who had degrees and a great job. In some cases the female wanted to get rid of the baby BUT the father insisted that he didn’t want that and would be there. And as soon as the baby gets here, and that “baby responsibility” kicks in they run. Leaving the mother to deal with it on her on. Some men will switch their jobs or work under the table. I remember this one guy actually had pull with the H.R and they would “illegal” ignore the wage attachment notices. I’m sharing this because its sooo easy to want to think that everybody who is having kids is irresponsible, poor, or trying to solidify their relationship with a kid. And that is NOT the case. Some people just never realize who their dating, or married too, until real life comes knocking at the door.

    • Jackie

      Do you know women who up and left the father? Do you know women who didn’t work on purpose and only wanted to live off of the father who she divorced? Do you know women who have shacked up with other men and won’t marry them just to receive benefits from their ex-husband? All women aren’t great. We should go on long paragraphs about them also.

  • GymJunkie43

    This is a huge problem in the black community and I wonder why our leaders and Churches aren’t encouraging being proactive. Being reactive and attacking deadbeat dads isn’t working. Women need to listen and be realistic. “I want to have a family one day” does not mean “I want a baby with you right now”. Just because a man lays down with you doesn’t mean he wants a child with you. Popping up pregnant will never solidify a relationship. Men need to accept that the previously mentioned Disney and Tyler Perry watching, delusional women exist, and wrap it up!
    I’ve personally heard guys complain that a girl thought it was ok to get pregnant after knowing each other for 9-12 weeks. Ok, learn your lesson. Wrap it up. The key is to be proactive so that you don’t have a bunch of kids all over the place.

  • Bri

    Yes, I do and I think it should be automatic. I

  • Vdub2014

    Absolutely. It should be considered child abandonment and anytime $$ surfaces it should be garnished. I don’t like the idea of putting 100% of the financial responsibility on just one parent. That is a very large burden to carry. Additionally men or women shouldn’t be afraid to go into court and hammer out the details once the relationship ends. Some men are being dinged in court even though they show receipts of supporting their child because there was no support order in place.

  • hollyw

    “Should Men Go To Jail When They Fail To Pay Child Support”

    Smh MN trying to start stuff again! How bout if you a deadbeat parent, male or female, you pay up or get locked up! Case closed!

  • jjac401

    Absolutely! My children’s father deliberately quite a job and worked under the table to avoid paying anything.

    There should be stiff consequences!

    • U8EvenKnwIt

      I agree under these circumstances. But you are just one case out of thousands. You can’t look at everything from your situation but take in the consideration for others that are trying but can’t get a job because they are going to jail, going to jail because they are behind on child support, behind on child support because they can’t get a job, can’t get a job because they are going to jail, going to jail because they are behind on child support, behind on child support because they can’t get a job, can’t get a job because they are going to jail.

      When you find an exit loop hole in that cycle then let me know so I can inform all the jailed fathers.

    • Matt

      Did he put a gun to your head and force you to have that baby?

  • patjay

    A court order is just that…an order, by a judge who is the human embodiment of the law. Example: Speed limit signs are posted…if you are observed breaking that law, you pay a fine. You get a divorce, or have taxpayers providing for your children …you pay. No free rides.

    • Tim Harb

      They are not talking about free rides. You really need to look more into the issue than the stigma that goes with it.

  • mmmdot

    “The idea of misandry in a patriarchal culture is a preposterous one. Nearly all of the examples of misandry…are actually things that benefit men as a class, even if individual men sometimes believe they have suffered harm. While it is popular to complain about women being awarded custody of children, on a larger scale, it preserves male power in other arenas, allowing men to explain away the “wage gap.” Males might have higher rates of successful suicide attempts – though, clearly, it is the personally unaffected who are able to spend their time complaining about this particular disadvantage – but that also stems from a number of other privileges that men enjoy: greater access to firearms and the license to often act selfishly without concern for their dependents. Chivalry, what little exists, remains a double-edged sword for women while it costs men nothing as a class, whether they engage in its trivialities or not. ” – Richard Leader, “Misandry: From the Dictionary of Fools”

    • MrsVain

      am i the only one thinking WTF???!!?!?!

    • Kath

      mmmdot (am a say girl, hehehe- not sure what sex you are) am a need to follow you on something. You are awfully insightful! Always looking forward to your posts.

    • Kath

      Like that you don’t plagiarize either, you give credit where its due.

    • Zod Reeve

      That quote is a joke. You whiners have it so easy that you’re blind to what you have. If chivalry IS dead, it’s buried next to lady-like. You can’t be chivalrous to the undeserving. (THIS WAS REMOVED BECAUSE IT HIT A NERVE).

  • Amber

    I’ve never liked the idea of any type of delinquent payment equaling jail time creating what is essentially a debtors prison. This child support issue is especially complicated and I think the whole systems needs some reform.

    • Vdub2014

      But what if the other parent that is supporting the child chooses to also not pay? Then you have a child being punished for the acts of two people. It isn’t fair to the person who is doing the right thing to not get any type of support. Don’t you think?

      • Tim Harb

        They get state assistance if they cannot afford to. The thing they are talking about is how courts put too much support on an individual to have a livable wage and then creates a cycle of where they are never out of the system. This happens to people who eve try to pay. It also happens to people when they cannot find a job and the state still throws them in even though they have proof they are trying to pay. Most states say jail is only for if they are not trying but judges throw them in anyways and because it is a contempt of court charge a lot of states waive rights of the accussed.

      • ciscoNoDrink

        Your argument is tantamount to white people screaming what about black on black crime. Running from the police should not equal a death penalty and not paying child support should not equal jail. Garnishments, lawsuits and liens are the only effective means of collecting child support. Sending people to jail only makes taxes go up due to the cost of housing, securing and feeding non violent criminals.

        • Vdub2014

          Not at all. Let me break it down so you’re more comfortable to understand the drama a single mother or father faces. You rent a car in your name & it’s locked in to your credit card. You travel for work and ask your best friend to take care of the car while gone. They drive it, put gas, change the tires but don’t pay like they said they would. Your card gets charged instead & it overdraws your balance. You try to turn the car back in but your friend ignores you. Now you’re in debt paying off for something thats a shared expense. You would have them thrown into jail for not handling their obligation & having you carry the burden. We’re talking thousands of dollars where you can barely get by. Still sympathetic for these absentee parents leaving the financial burden on others??

    • MrsVain

      Why does the person who decided to walk away from their get get a free pass. the parent that is raising the child is struggling and the child is suffering but the one who walked away and REFUSES to support his kids is free to do what he wants?

      how is that fair? the problem is NOT the system. the PROBLEM is men (and yes, women too) who WALK away from their obligations so they can YOLO. The PROBLEM is that too many people think about themselves FIRST instead of doing the right thing by the child.

      if YOU DONT WANT children, there are many many ways to prevent having children. there is even FREE services so tell me again, what is so complicated? if you create a child, YOU ARE OBLIGATED to support that child.

      • Kyre

        Wrong. The parent is with the child is also not working. What happened to independent women. If I have to make a person do what they should be doing then I for one don’t want his money. Next if my baby’s dad is in prison what good to me is here there? Now I get nothing. This plan is simply a plan to get black father in prison plain and simple. Most mother lie on the application anyway.

        • Aster

          What about the dads who failed to pay for two years and are hiding money? I am not receiving anything anyway. Maybe sometime in jail will convince him to stop being dishonest? What would you do instead if jail time?

          • Linda Lori

            My husband owes me almost 300k in past due alimony and child support. Putting him in a lock up jail means I won’t get the pittance he now sends but a work release prison allows him to go to work and he still pays but loses all of his other freedoms.

  • shootin themselves in da foot

    I have no sympathy for these guys at all. Instead of settling down with one woman and starting a family, they’re rather cause chaos. And then they have the nerve to want to cry about child support. You going to pay for all laying……

    • GymJunkie43

      I blame both parties. Women need to stop having children by every Donkey, who smiles in their face. My friend is a child support lawyer and he said there are just as many baby mommas with a bunch of different baby daddies as vice versa. Problem is when you force a man into fatherhood, he sees that kid like a monthly bill, its harder to establish a connection. So just like a monthly bill, he will send what money he feels like sending.

      • Angela

        I agree. It is just as much as the woman’s fault as it is the man. Some of these women trap these men especially if the man come in on a lot of money, have babies by them just to make a living off child support. On the other hand, the man need to protect themselves. Just because most men think she is pretty, have a nice body, or of another race, that does not mean men, you should lay down with them.

      • MrsVain

        how about those women who were married to the man. and he decided he wanted some strange on the side. and now the woman is divorced and the father is not paying child support because he is too busy with his NEW woman?

        Besides if a REAL MAN does not want to have a baby with a woman, he know he can get a box of condoms for 3.00 at the local gas station. why is the man crying that the girl got pregnant. HE IS JUST AS responsible as the woman. QUIT CRYING AND MAN UP!!!

    • Cold War

      not all guys go about laying around, some are married and the marriage didnt work out, It’s not always the man’s fault…

    • Jackie

      What if they tried to settle down, but the woman didn’t want to settle down? What if the woman just took the kids away from the man? How can women lay and not have to pay for 18 years by getting an abortion, but a man has no say. And you feel like you have a right to be harsh? If men didn’t have compassion for women, you all would be enslaved. However, you aren’t because men do care. Why don’t you?

      • U8EvenKnwIt

        Obviously she is a stupid black woman with that ignorant mindset. They all speak like that.

  • Always_right

    I think they should go to jail

    • James Alexander

      You are a jerk!! So, you think that a father who is having 60% of his check deducted to child support, but isn’t paying the whole amount in full should go to jail?!!? That he should be jailed and taken from his kids, even though he is making an attempt to pay?!!? Get the f*** outta here!!! Then the ex gets nothing and the father falls further behind while he is incarcerated!!! Get f*****g real!!!!

  • Stronghold

    As a mother, if I chose not to feed, clothes, House,etc. my Kids, I may face charges or jail time. So, why should fathers and mothers who are delinquent in child Support get a pass. Also, the average payment is far from Stereo. The average Court ordered Pymt is $400+.The average received is $300+. And I have a Few ”working Poor” relatives – being Poor doesnt stop them from having Kids by multiple men or women.

    • GymJunkie43

      But that’s the whole issue women aren’t thinking through. If you haven’t received money in a couple years and you have the man sent to Jail. A black man who’s gone to Jail will have a hard time getting and keeping a job. So then what money do you get?

      • MrsVain

        then maybe he should have paid child support in the first place. or better yet not had the baby he created at all if he couldnt support it.

        what does the man going to jail and having a hard time getting a job have to do with the needs of a child? does the baby STILL not need to eat, clothes, shelter just because his “dad” went to jail?

    • MocaPretty

      You have a point there

    • ciscoNoDrink

      You cannot drink water from a rock and you cannot collect child support from a person in Jail. The policy is stupid, punitive and it hurts the kids the most because they do not have two parents to look after them. There are other ways to collect payment from debtors, Jail should only be for murderers and rapist.

      You should be banned from the internet for your ignorance. No matter how bad the problems our community, running to White Daddy has never solved our issues, it has only made bad situations worse.

    • I was just saying the same to a fb group of men saying jail time is not right and wanting CS reform to change it. Why are they making these men out to be victims?? Aren’t the parent who is left with ALL the responsibility and the poor kids who go without the real victims? It’s child neglect if we did what they did.

    • Jackie

      As a primary caregiver if you couldn’t afford to pay for your kids, you could get on welfare. Maybe there should be a welfare for child support.

    • Nathan D. Crumpler

      This is a stupid argument. If some one doesn’t pay child support, throwing them in jail isn’t going to change their ability to pay. Whereas, throwing an unfit parent in jail and taking the child to foster care stops the parent from doing further harm to the child.

      • Aster

        In my situation, he is hiding and getting paid underneath the table. I am sure others are doing the same. What should be done in those situations?

        • Nathan D. Crumpler

          If you throw him in jail, he’s still not going to pay his child support. There should be another means to get the money out of him, but locking some one up should be reserved for violent crimes.

          • Linda Lori

            Not true if he goes to a work release program. He still goes to work but the rest of the time he is locked up.

            • Nathan D. Crumpler

              Not every one can get into the work release program. Also, I doubt there are employers chopping at the bit to hire some one who’s still in prison. Prison should be reserved for violent criminals, not people who don’t pay taxes, parking tickets, or child support.

            • Nathan D. Crumpler

              Prison should be reserved to violent criminal. I think it’s ridiculous that people got to prison for unpaid taxes, drug possession or, child support.

    • Remo

      As a mother if you chose not to feed, clothe, house, etc. your children you will be given handouts, charity, welfare, food stamps, WIC, and goo-gobs of free money. No one will jail you and there isn’t a single instance of jail you can point too on the the internet as no judge would deprive a child of her mother no matter how awful she is. This is a bold faced lie. With the economy the way it is the child support system is is designed to put men in jail to benefit large for profit prisons but you won’t see that because you want your thirty pieces of silver and to hell with anyone who gets in the way of your handout and free money. Yes – I wish the state would take away the children of a person who thinks this way and maybe force her to work as as a slave or a prostitute or in some other monstrous job so she knows just what she is advocating for men.

  • Kath

    If its deliberate; absolutely.

    • Angie

      I AGREE 100%