These Historical Figures Were Black?!

October 22, 2014  |  
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Was Michelle Obama the first black First Lady? Do you know which one of your bills features a black man? You might be surprised at the historical figures you didn’t know were black.

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Betty Boop

They might have drawn Betty Boop white, but her history is black. The character was actually stolen from Cotton Club singer Esther Jones — known by her stage name “Baby Esther” and the baby talk she used when she sang songs like “I Wanna Be Loved By You (Boop- Boop-BeDoo). Her act later “inspired” cartoonist Max Fleischer to create the character Betty Boop and Esther tried to win the rights back to her character until the day she died.

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J. Edgar Hoover

Hitler’s Jewish ancestry isn’t the strangest twist in racial history. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover — the man who plagued the black liberation movement from Marcus Garvey to the Black Panther Party — was known by his peers as a passing black man.

His childhood neighbor writer Gore Vidal famously quoted, “It was always said in my family and around the city that Hoover was mulatto. And that he came from a family that passed.”

And apparently that was a closely-guarded secret. Millie McGhee, author of Secrets Uncovered: J. Edgar Hoover Passing For White, said,

“In the late 1950’s, I was a young girl growing up in rural McComb, Mississippi. A story had been passed down through several generations that the land we lived on was owned by the Hoover family. My grandfather told me that this powerful man, Edgar, was his second cousin, and was passing for white. If we talked about this, he was so powerful he could have us all killed. I grew up terrified about all this.”

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The Medici Family

It’s hard to get through any school lesson about the Italian Renaissance without talking about the Medici family. What history doesn’t like to talk about is that the financial ruler of the western world — Alessandro de Medici, Duke of Penne and Duke of Florence and commonly called “Il Moro” (Italian for Moor — a term commonly used to describe anyone with dark skin) — was born to an African-Italian mother (a servant) and a white father (who would later become Pope Clement VII).

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Jacqueline Onassis

Was Michelle Obama our first African-American First Lady? Or was it Jackie O? Jacqueline Onassis is a member of the van Salee’s family, famous for their “mulatto” heritage.

Jackie O’s ancestor John van Salee De Grasse was the first black American formally educated as a doctor; her socialite father was nicknamed “Black Jack” Bouvier because of his dark complexion.

More fun van Salee facts?: Both actor Humphrey Bogart and journalist Anderson Cooper are descendants of that famous family.

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Anatole Broyard

American writer Anatole Broyard passed as white his entire life. It wasn’t until his daughter, Bliss, published One Drop: My Father’s Hidden Life — A Story of Race and Family Secrets was the truth revealed: The famous New York Times book reviewer was born to light-skinned black parents in New Orleans and started passing once he grew up and moved out of his predominantly black Brooklyn neighborhood.

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Queen Charlotte

This 18th century painter got into hot water when he painted Queen Charlotte’s features a little too realistically. The painting stirred up long-standing rumors about King George III’s wife’s African heritage.

And those rumors turned out to be true. Queen Charlotte was the member of a Portuguese royal family begun by Alfonso III and his lover Madragana “a moor“.

Because this makes Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William technically mixed race, many historians have tried to cast doubt on the nature of Queen Charlotte’s heritage.

But her personal physician has noted her “true mulatto face” and the public report released before Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953 acknowledges the monarchy’s African heritage.

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Alexander Pushkin

The man considered the father of Russian literature was he great-grandson of an Ethiopian prince named Ibrahim Gannibal. Among Pushkin’s more famous unpublished works (left after his death in a duel) is an unfinished novel about his Ethiopian great-grandfather.

Image Source:


The famous classical composer’s mother was a moor. It’s a fact that became popular again after this cast of his African facial features contradicted the “idealized” paintings of the man history likes to re-imagine.

Image Source:

King Tut

The Boy Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt is often depicted as fair skinned. But these images recovered from his tomb (in addition to several other artifacts) have identified him as a black African.

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Santa Claus

Or at least Saint Nicholas (270 – 343 AD), the saint that the legend is based on. Old Saint Nick was born in what’s now considered Turkey (at the time a metropolis for people of African descent).

Image Source:


Hannibal of Carthage — one of the greatest military strategists in history is often depicted with much… narrower features. But these coins depicting Hannibal and his famous army of elephants leave little doubt in the minds of many historians of his African ancestry.

Image Source:

Saint Augustine

No course covering Philosophy 101 is complete without referencing Christian theologian Saint Augustine. What’s less commonly covered is his African origins and birth place of (modern-day) Souk Ahras, Algeria;

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The Author Of The Three Musketeers And The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas was the son of the General Dumas born in 1762 to a white father and an enslaved mother. General Dumas was such a good general that he made his rival — Napoleon Bonaparte — nervous. Thanks to Napoleon’s machinations, the General ended up imprisoned in a dungeon for years — the story that inspired Alexandre to write The Count of Monte Cristo about his father.

Image Source:

The Man On The $10 Bill

For black history buffs, it’s really all about the Hamiltons. Alexander Hamilton isn’t just the man on the $10 bill, he was the United States’ first Secretary of the Treasury.

His mother, Rachel Fawcett Lavain, was said to be of “mixed blood” and his father was the son of a Scottish Duke. Alexander’s older brother was dark-skinned and treated as black. But Alexander was light enough to pass and went on to establish the first national bank in the American colonies, founded the U.S. mint and wrote most of the Federalist Papers.

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Clark Gable

The original “tall, dark and handsome” actor didn’t hide his Black and Native American heritage. And when he saw “colored” and “white” bathrooms on the set of Gone With The Wind, he refused to continue working until all of the cast members were treated equally.

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  • CMaxwell Cooper

    I thought this would be an interesting article until I read it and realized that only a third of the article is accurate, a third of the article is based upon pure rumor and conjecture, and a third of the article is simply inaccurate.
    -The Betty Boop character was based upon Helen Kane, the daughter of immigrants from Ireland and Germany. Although it has been suggested that Helen Kane appropriated the character from Baby Esther, this character imagery was widely used throughout Hollywood in the pre-code era.
    -The rumors about J. Edgar Hoover “passing” were created by figures who supported the American Civil Rights Movement in order to discredit Hoover. Hoover’s genealogy is available online.
    -Alessandro de Medici was of recent African heritage.
    -Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis did have distant African ancestry.
    -Anatole Broyard did have recent black ancestry.
    -Queen Charlotte may have had extremely distant black ancestry, but if so, then so do more than half the members of every royal house in Europe. The tenuous, distant, and hypothetical black ancestry of Queen Charlotte seems irrelevant compared to other, more notable, infusions of black ancestry into European royal lineage.
    -Alexander Pushkin did have black ancestry.
    -It is extremely unlikely Beethovan had recent African ancestry. This rumor arose simply from the fact that Beethovan’s ancestry originates from a region of Belgium which was once ruled by Spain, and Spain was once ruled by the Moors. This is the equivalent of saying that France once ruled French Guinea, so all East Africans must have French ancestry.
    -King Tut most likely had Sub-Saharan African ancestry, as did (and does) everyone in Egypt.
    -Saint Nicholas descended from a Greek family living in a region of Anatolia with significant African interaction. The suggestion that being born in a region with a significant African population means you are African is less than tenuous. By that reasoning, most North Americans are also African Americans.
    -Hannibal may have had very distant Black African ancestry, as most Berbers do, but suggesting he had an appearance similar to the one featured on the pictured coin is inaccurate. Hannibal was the progeny of a Semitic noble family in Carthage. His lineage is well established, extending to the expansion of the Phoenician colonies.
    -Saint Augustine likely had some Black African ancestry, as do most Algerians.
    -Alexander Dumas did have recent African ancestry.
    -Alexander Hamilton’s genealogy has been mapped. He had no recent African ancestry. His ancestry was French and Scottish. This article suggests his brother, James Hamilton Jr., had dark skin and was stigmatized because of it. There is no historical data to suggest this. The Hamilton siblings suffered much of the typical childhood adversity associated with the 18th century. At a young age, James Hamilton Jr. was apprenticed to a carpenter and was dead by the age of 18, with no portraits of him ever having been produced. There is no historical data suggesting he was of “dark complexion” or treated badly because of it. These rumors are based entirely upon mythology with no supporting evidence.
    -Clark Gable’s genealogy has been documented and is available online. He had no recent African ancestry. These rumors arose simply from the fact that he disavowed racism, a fact which should be disappointing in itself- a white, world-famous, movie star disavowed racism, and to discredit him, bigots said “well look at his black hair and tan skin- the reason he disavows racism is because he must secretly be black”. The implication is that the only way a respected white man would defend African Americans is if he is one. Sadly, this insult to both African Americans and whites who disavow racism has continued to be perpetrated by everyone who has continued to disperse this misinformation.
    The saddest thing about this article is that there are many black Africans whose worldwide contributions are not well-recorded or taught in our history books, and this article fails to mention any of them, but focuses rather on commonplace rumor and misinformation.

  • sabelmouse

    interesting!but why is there a pic of aaron burr for hamilton?

  • Stony Stone

    in other words.. One More White Cocksucka Became Rich out of Black Person.. Her Ingenious…

  • Pinky Nixon

    That’s not Esther Jones in the Betty Boop photo, it’s a Russian model named Olya who posed for this shot in 2008.

  • mrscox29

    Plenty more to add to this list including Mozart.

  • peggy schuyler


  • Craig Tovey

    This is so racist! If you were 1/4 Irish and 3/4 French, would you be Irish? If you were 1/8 white and 7/8 Asian, would you be white? But in this article, one drop of black blood makes you black. That is the racist standard from the old South 150 years ago.

  • FionaTheHumanGirl

    Alexandre Dumas’ father was a black Haitian general and his mother was white.

  • Ulla Gundersen

    Blue blood is an expression originating from Spain after the reconquest by the light skinned northern people. The moors, people of darker skin and a mix of original Iberian peoples, other Mediterranean “immigrants” and people of North African ancestry, were conquered by these “blonder” elite of Germanic ancestry who had conquered parts of Spain prior to the moorish influx. (Wikipedia: “Eventually, however, Hispania was reunited under Visigothic rule.” We are talking pre 711 Modern Era.) In people of light skin the veins can be seen as blue through the skin, and as the elite after the Reconquistada was light-skinned, it became synonymous with noble blood.

  • Ulla Gundersen

    Moor is not synonymous with black. North Africa has people that I as a European wouldn’t think of as black. AND a Germanic tribe moved down from the Gothland area, by way of Italy and Spain into the north of Africa more than a thousand years ago. In addition some very ancient “blond” group of people (10.000 years old) originally inhabited the North African coast, so you have people in the Atlas mountains with blond and red hair and blue eyes.
    That said I have never understood why a person of 50/50 black and white parentage should be called black. He/she is just as much white … It is understandable when the skin tone is very dark, but when it comes to the point where you can “pass”, you are more white. And saying that I betray some bias .. I have had Somalian students and ok. they are somewhat dark in skin and black of hair, but so what? In Europe we don’t have this need to cast people into one of these two categories. I’ve visited Morocco, and again I never thought of the people there as black or white.

  • rquez

    Why do people feel the need to whitewash everything? Can’t wait to uncover more lies

  • Batterytrain

    the medici family was entirely black, this article is entirely wrong……….

  • M Tray

    Several of these are misinformation and questionable at best. A lot of these portraits are grasping at straws and finding things that are not there. Santa is a blatant lie (His legend is based on the Norse All-Father Odin and his son Thor). I would recommend taking this with a grain of salt and no more.

  • John B

    I can’t wait for the next exciting article about people we didn’t know were left handed

  • Ray Sossamon

    The best on this list?—Jackie Kennedy? Clark Gable?–Queen Elizabeth? Alexander Hamilton? Very very cool–The family of Betty Boop should go after those that cheated thier “Mama”–Someon could really do this and it would be fair

  • pokenhorn

    Fantasy. Anybody can say anything; this author does.

  • Ivan Johnson

    Links beyond Esther Jones are missing.

  • Gracie Bean

    Betty Boop was not directly based on Esther Jones…. Here is what happened: Helen Kane claimed Betty Boop was based on her likeness. HELEN KANE was the one who tried to sue Max Fleischer. Helen Kane claimed she was one the originated the look and sound. Her case never held up in court because it was found out that HELEN KANE was the one who heard Esther Jones sing in a club so the “baby” singing was not her original idea. Also it was proven that Helen Kane’s look was not her own – but that she may have based it off of Clara Bow.

  • Jess

    The picture on the Alexander Hamilton bit is actually Aaron Burr.

  • Forsberg

    I like how you just randomly make stuff up and present it as fact. Its not fact. Most of it was mindless speculation.. It seems weird that a place that bangs on about cultural appropriation would then try to claim people as theirs

  • Tracy Letmeclearmythroat Flood

    Often, so many white people get defensive when articles like this one show-up. Obama this…maybe some Moorish blood that…Africans have done so much and yet when we try to reclaim the history that has been stolen from us by the Europeans—now everyone wants to say who cares! we are all one!Too bad you didn’t remember that during 400 years of servitude or the post-Jim Crowe years or now during the mass incarceration of black people! One day the world will know the whole truth. Until then…so many will continue to blame Obama as if “we was so happy Massa” prior to 2008! Are you freaking kidding me! Get your head your ass and look at reality bitches! Articles such as this help people of African descent give a history that they don’t teach in school–you know THE TRUTH.

  • JTexas

    One major problem with our thinking in this country is that a person is black if they have ANY black ancestry of any kind, or anything even close. We need to think of people as human beings with or without talents and not even consider there racial history unless it is both relevant and truly predominant. Let’s grow up.

  • UglyTruth

    Bunch of self hating negroes

    • Pamela Jones

      Please explain! Seems to me people of African descent want our true history exposed, even if we had those who would deny it (passing for white). “Self-hating” is a direct consequence of European hatred (of themselves) likely because of their innate inferiority. Just guessing.

  • Old Finn

    So what..Hitler was part Jewish also…

  • Godmars

    Would love to see the research the author did on this, especially with the modern figures.

  • Seth Wilson Imvu

    cool more we know lol

  • Herman Taft

    Where’s Aesop?

  • Angie Jodoin

    that explains betty boops hairstyle.

  • michael pulleine

    what about Cleopatra?

  • Inneresting

    Please fix that first picture. That’s not Ester Jones, that’s a cosplayer doing Betty Boop. Google image Ester Jones and please fix it. Thanks.

  • I am really thrilled to see that one of my favorite actors Clark Gable is listed here! 😀

    I read online a time ago, a comment written by a lady who said her family knew of his family. They knew that he was of African-American heritage…his whole family was. Of course, back in the day, he had to officially pass for White to become the big star he wanted to be, but the pieces fit together, considering that he was Hattie McDaniels’ champion during GWTW. Originally, she wasn’t going to be allowed to attend the Oscars (disrespectful to the extreme!), and Gable basically said, “If she doesn’t go, I don’t go!”.

    Also, if anyone’s ever noticed, El Debarge looks JUST like Clark Gable these days. I used to think it was a light-skinned Black man looking like a classic ‘White’ actor, but it’s actually always been Gable looking like the part Black man he was. Interesting. 😉

  • Bev McIntosh-Johnson

    Now if you would have said Archie Bunker. ……………………….

  • Alexandru M

    Where to even begin.. ?
    Well, lets start with Santa Claus. He is actually based on the Germanic Norse God Odin.. cant get whiter than that.
    As for saint Nicolas, he was Greek by the name Nikolaos of Myra. Not the blackest name I’ve come across. You need to understand that in the long Greek artistic tradition, the Christian Orthodox/Byzantine inconclasm depicts white people with a dark complexion. That doesnt make them black. Just like a jade (green) statue of Buddha doesnt make him Martian. Get it?
    Its not that hard to think, come on people!
    Article author, please post sources for your appalling claims or admit to intellectual fraud.


  • FAKE

    This website is retarded, the article is FAKE

  • lavenderlady

    The above portrait is not Alexander Hamilton, but of Aaron Burr, vice president of the United States who kill Hamilton in a duel.

  • Kim

    The article should be called Historical Figures who you didn’t know were mixed race,IMO

    • Pamela Jones

      Well, in this country they (white people) established the “one drop rule”. In case you missed that history lesson, just one drop of blood from African descendants meant you were indeed “Black”. This was enacted to keep their bloodline “pure”, if you can believe that!

  • Smith Palmer

    The author forgot to mention Bill Clinton. He is 100% black, and I am not kidding.

  • Hoekom Jy My Haat

    What horrible lies to print about people who aren’t alive to fight back.

    • Pamela Jones

      “Fight back”? Wow! I would think they’d be honored, especially since we are so awesome! Despite all the hatred we’ve endured and the erasure of our true history, we’ve survive/thrived.

  • rodger davies

    what about Jesus christ he was black as well.

  • Joe Sikes

    After reading this list, I was hoping for discussion on the points. Many of them are based off of gossip, but I found them interesting still and I’d hope that other people would take this small snippets and not simply accept them, but spur them on to real research and understanding. Instead all I see is hate speech and bickering about our differences. I’m so disappointed with how this thread went, and it could’ve been enlightening. I like to think we are all God’s people, but it seems there are quite a few that are unknowingly buying everything Satan’s selling.

  • Ted Woolley

    They left out Lena Horne, the famous American singer who passed as white in the music & film indusrty, but was of black, native, & European heritage. Early in her career she was a performer at the Cotton Club, In later years she was in Hollywood movies including “Stormy Weather”. The movie “Cotton Club” had a character named Lila Rose Oliver who was based on real-life Lena Horne.

    • Kim

      Lena Horne didn’t pass as White,her family were proud to be black and active members of the NAACP.She was the youngest member of the NAACP at age 3

  • Is this accurate? On the one hand, it totally wouldn’t surprise me considering how much history has been whitewashed. But on the other hand, I can’t find any sources on a lot of them.

    • (Apparently the Beethoven thing is by no means definitive but a distinct possibility.)

  • Audrey Smith

    I found this article fascinating. I am not quite sure everyone of these cases is completely accurate, but still enjoyed reading the information. More like this please.

  • Jennifer Perez

    Most of this stuff is made up internet lore complied together to get you click thru this website 30 times and hopefully accidentally click an add. The picture claiming to be Esther Jones is NOT her, its a modern day picture of someone dressed up to look like Betty Boop.

  • Nell Rose

    Just one discrepancy, a Moor isn’t someone with dark skin, it is in fact an Arab, back then Spain Italy etc was invaded by the Muslims or musselmen as they were called back then, they were Moors.

  • LuciousVanWinkle

    Mixed race people aren’t Black, they’re mixed race… don’t write misleading articles.

  • maddogdelta

    Thank you for including Alexandre Dumas, and the mention of his father, General Dumas. I am in the middle of reading “The Black Count” and it is a great book about a great man.

  • Nathan W

    I thought the “one drop rule” was racist.

  • Nina Davis

    Technically, if someone has African heritage ten or so generations down the line, and it becomes mixed with other ethnicities… doesn’t that make them mixed? Yes, they have African American blood in their family, and that’s great. But you shouldn’t label them “black”. Michelle Obama is our first fully African American First Lady. It’s cool that their races were talked about, but the end result is they are labeled “black” when they in fact are so much more than that.

  • Ashe Seymour

    While I like this article, I’m afraid that picture isn’t actually of Esther Jones.
    It’s a model, her name is Olya, and it was taken in 2008 by a Russian-based studio, Retro Atelier.

  • RightPassage

    If I had an hour for the pages to reload a whole new page I may have looked at more than two pics.

  • Guest

    who cares what colour they all were? In this day and age I would have thought we were above this racial nonsense

  • Josh

    The photo you used for Alexander Hamilton is actually a photo of a painting of Aaron Burr, the man who killed Hamilton. Whoops.

  • cyberlucy1965

    The first one about Betty Boop IS WRONG WRONG WRONG. Betty Boop was NOT created by Max Fleischer. Fleischer simply took credit for her creation because it was one of his employees. She was created by animator Grim Natwick and her inspiration was the WHITE singer Helen Kane. Please do research before posting these articles.

  • America_Woman

    Some of us are of mixed heritage. What is the point of laying it all out? We are human beings. Men and women. I don’t remember God talking about how He treats humans with one skin color THIS way and another skin tone a DIFFERENT way. I’m caucasian. My ancestors came from Ireland. People are people. I have friends that are different shapes, colors and sizes. I love them all. Again, what was the point of this article? – An American. (That is my nationality.)

  • ggold

    The definition of “black” is absurd. Using the American government standards from a long time ago…which were really based on racist values, is not a standard that should be used world wide.
    by this logic one drop of Asian blood or one drop of Caucasian blood would also apply.
    You can see how this would produce meaningless and contradictory results.

  • Bankie_vs_Bankie

    Wow. Did I just read this on Madame Noir?? I’m dizzy. This was some positive, educational and fascinating stuff. Do this again!

  • Nikki Jackson

    This article was perfect…. LOVED IT! very interesting stories here

  • Martin

    Would love to see these photos in school history books without any comment on race. Let the students initiate inquiry about these biracial historical figures.

  • CatM

    Did this genius get all his misinformation from mislabeled Pinterest tags or what?

  • ray

    i’ll president has been in office for almost eight years now, and the hateful dissrepectful people still can’t use the term “PRESIDENT” before his name, didn’t like president Bush (either) one, but use the term before his name, as I’ll president he desrve or respect, don’t like him, hate him, but respect him….

  • MocaPretty

    Indeed interesting facts!

  • kgatle

    Wow, history is fascinating like that. Who knew Beethoven was black?! I tell you many whites are probably disgusted with this fact. However, coming to think of it, no wonder our people founded jazz and virtually every other music genre that flowed from that; music runs in our genes. I guess once a pioneer(being the original human race), always a pioneer. And Jackie Onassis? And de Medici, really?!
    PS: Prince William has just named his daughter Charlotte; this should open a hornet’s nest because the truth will out that she is named after her African ancestor, horror of horrors! I love it! Vive le noir!

  • Punkandglamour

    This whole list makes me depressed at how much of our history has just been stolen from us.

  • PeaceCorps1

    If people do not want to admit to being black why do y’all force it? If they prefer to not be–have it. I am black and proud.

  • How about we just say that basically everybody is mixed race in some way from a dna standpoint and call it day.

  • Abu Nudnik

    Hamilton did not write “most of the Federalist Papers.” They were written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.

  • Eye in the Sky

    President Jimmy Carter has some black blood in his family tree. He had some distant family relation with a black Congressman. Musician Haydn is rumored to possibly have black African blood. Black General Colin Powell is rumored to be related to the political Bush family. Does it indicate that presidents George H. W. Bush and his moron son Dumbya could have some black American blood in them? I dunno. Either way, I don’t think there’s anyone in America today who is purely one race, that is 100% one color alone. I’m not.

  • Ole Buck

    Wow!!!! Who would ever guessed an African King (King Tut) was black!!! Stop the presses.
    Then you expect me to believe an African general (Hannibal) was also black???

  • LogicalLeopard

    Wow….didn’t know that about J Edgar Hoover, Clark Gable, and a host of others!

  • Jim Robins

    Michelle’s not a lady……”she’s” a Dude!

  • DDDDDuane

    The Moors were not “black”….They were descendants of the sea going Phoenicians (modern day Lebanon) who established colonies in North Africa…. Beethoven did not look “black” but J.Edgar Hoover did….

  • Clemensghost

    I am so white I disappear in light snowfall but I’ve been trying to pass for anything else most of my life. Great article. We are all gonna be high yalla soon, and we be speaking Chinese. Ni hao?

  • Elephant in the Room

    Just goes to show that it is truly possible to bury parts of history if you control the media.

  • Layla13

    As someone who is biracial I would be curious to know what defines these individuals as black? This is not old time Louisiana race laws defining one drop as qualifying African American descent?
    Technically anyone can call themselves black, if we all go back far enough to the first humans? If you can pass successfully as Caucasian then how black are you? There was a child on Oprah’s show once looked completely and totally Caucasian, she would need to wear a sign and that was pretty much what her adoptive mother was having her do (she was 1/8th I think? )….if you have to wear a sign? It is getting a bit difficult to define yourself as black to me.

  • precioso chacal

    What a stretch some of these are! first off, just because someone lived in Africa doesn’t necessarily mean he was black (e.g. St. Augustine). The Saint Nicholas / Santa Claus is flimsy at best. (Hey, since William F Buckley was born in Mexico, why, the fella probably was Hispanic!!). The English Royals and Beethoven? Queen Charlotte had a Moor ancestor in the middle ages some 500 yrs before she was born. Beethoven’s ancestry was investigated by the Nazis of all people and they found it all acceptable. Even so, being called a ‘moor’ back then didn’t necessarily mean ‘black’ but rather any muslim living in North Africa. Moor ≠ Black!!

    • shawn Mc

      your speaking rational in a forum of ignorance

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Clark Gable?!!? So… how’d he feel about how blacks were portrayed in Gone With the Wind? *sips*

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  • Kriquette

    Morons the original Betty Boop was a cartoon character and she was a dog!

  • Rebecca Holmes

    Amazing and informative article. A departure from your normal stuff. Great job!

  • USMC71

    Then I will offer you the same opportunity to provide a tangible instrument that provides an objective referent for discriminating between what is historical and what is heretical. My suspicion is that you would not even know how to research that item, much less critique it. (You dadburn, high-falootin’, cotton-baggin’ Yankee!)

  • Gasface Gordon

    I have found this article very interesting. I think that it is very important for children to know that people of colour had important places in history. Its good for their self esteem of black and mixed race children to now that people with who they can relate, contributed to the arts, science and industry.

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  • It Me

    That is not a picture of Baby Esther (who, yes, was black). I have no idea how that picture originally got attached to this story but THAT picture is of a WHITE Russian model named Oyla in a Betty Boop themed photo shoot from only a few years ago.

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  • AmyH

    Not to pick nits, and not that it probably matters, but “moors” were Arab conquerors from the Middle East not African.

  • gary

    The Yahoo insanity continues to rail. Why anyone would them as their homepage is a REAL mystery!

  • Guest

    Somebody should let Wikipedia know about Max Fleischer’s ripoff, as usual, they give the whiteboy version, nowhere is Esther Jones mentioned.

  • Vendetta

    Pres. Obama is the Second black president

    • PeaceCorps1

      If the other ‘black’ president did not claim to be black–then he will not be considered black by me.

  • Vendetta
  • April Lamba

    None of these people are black……… :/

  • Nathan Robinson

    This is really using 12 people with completely unfounded claims to fluff the fact there were few legitimate claims.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Plus the van Salles were more likely Moroccan, Berber is far from black.

  • Charles House

    Betty Boops inspiration was Helen Kane, with a touch of Clara Bow.

    • Elephant in the Room


      • Charles House

        Hmmm, so witty.

  • Ann M

    This article is so full of misinformation is not even funny. Once again, you have misguided Afrocentrists trying to chocolate dip everyone in history. I actually took the time to researched many of these people further after reading this article and there really isn’t proof for the claims made about a lot of them like J. Edgar Hoover, Clark Gable etc. You don’t have to steal from other groups to feel proud of your history. I mean really…

  • Sun Tzu

    What a bunch of crap the majority of the article is! Almost all speculation that is intended to make you think something false. In some of those cases there is some truth but then the majority of them say things like, “some say they came from a mixed relationship”, and it leads you to believe in some garbage that any true historian will tell you is untrue. Liberal crap authors.

  • dude

    Some of these are true, some of these are speculative and some of these are just untrue. The Jackie O one is a STRETCH. Yes, Michelle Obama is still the first black First Lady.

  • James Dickerson

    Alexander Hamilton… white. Clark Gable… white… stop trying to claim these people as african… it just shows how desperate you are to claim others in your own group. If people in your own group are doing great things, then that is great. They will obviously do your group a service. But, you’re trying to associate your group with people who just AREN’T in your group… and that’s just stupid. Atleast half of these people are not black or even close to being black…

  • James Dickerson

    Hannibal… likely of African descent. Alexander Dumas… definitely… J. Edgar Hoover, not even close. He was white. Jackie Kennedy… white. The journalistic integrity of this site is astounding…

  • James Dickerson

    LOL, there’s not a single thing that is even close to being accurate about this article. Jackie Kennedy? J. Edgar Hoover? lol… these people were white. Were always white. Will continue to be white. Do you seriously consider yourself a journalist? I’m going to make a declaration… “Tupac was white!” That doesn’t make it true. Tupac was black. And you, whoever wrote this article, are a dumbass. And it really shows something. Apparently, the people of the white race are people to be admired, since you want to claim them as yours… lol get a life… and learn what “journalism”, “research”, and “facts” actually mean…

  • James Horn

    Before getting too wrapped around the axle, it should be noted that communication across the Sahara is difficult and rather sparse. Communication across the Mediterranean is easy and frequent. Whatever the ancestry of North Africans when they first appear in history, they have since been flooded with Phoenician colonies, Roman rule for about 6 centuries, followed by rule by the Vandals, a Germanic tribe, the Byzantine Empire, and the Arabs. While skin may be dark, that is an adaptation to the strong solar radiation of the area. To say that someone is black because they have an ancestor from North Africa is a stretch.
    Further, to say someone is black because of a great great great grandparent is to play into the hands of bigots who for generations labelled anyone with the slightest hint of black ancestry as black. At what point does black ancestry become so remote that it is irrelevant?

  • geee

    This picture is actually of a Russian woman. She is not black.

  • annoyed rabbit

    the picture of puskin is allessandro medici

  • Stew DeCrabbe

    Seems like you are the one that is crying! Boo hoo hoo! Your ignorance is astounding. You want to cause trouble. Toy think you have rode the high road–go back and objectively read your own post! It takes a real man to admit when you are guilty of what you are blaming others for!

  • Uvo

    When are African-Americans (and the US society at large) going to drop this one-drop rule nonsense and stop referring to near-white, mixed race people as Black?

  • VoudeauxChild

    The Statue of Liberty is black, Gandhi is black, the Man in the Moon is black, everybody famous is black. If it makes the black community feel better about themselves to claim that, then let them.

  • JK

    This is not an interesting article at all. First of all very little of any of this is based on historical fact. Secondly, to be considered “black” you have to have at least one grandparent that is 100% black. To suggest someone is black because they have some african ancestors is ridiculous, this article is just as interesting as if it picked 10 random people and traced all the way back to one african ancestor somewhere. Very boring. Lastly, betty boop was modeled after Helen Kane. What a factaully precarious and uninteresting article.

  • Matt Sharkey

    Way to use references and citations. Your writers are idiots, but that’s OK because your readers are fools.

  • yojoe

    A little propaganda never hurt anybody, even a little white lie doesn’t hurt either.

  • yojoe

    Ya right, George Washington was Black also !!

  • AR

    Very cool article. Facts of this nature should be made into Hollywood big screen movies instead of that other B.S. by Oprah Winfrey.

  • MikeofAges

    I hate to have to defend J. Edgar Hoover, but he was not particularly anti-black. Likely, he reflexively believed in the color line. But he went out of his way in one of his books to encourage his likely white readers to consider blacks to be Americans and loyal to the country. He was however tendentiously, some would say pathologically, anticommunist. He considered the Civil Rights movement to be communist infiltrated and thought the communists were attempting to exploit black dissatisfactions to their own ends.

    • JK

      You are correct, thanks for making the point. Hoover was an enemy of Martin Luther King primarily because Hoover thought he was a communist.

      • MikeofAges

        I think his willingness to speak of blacks as people and defend their Americaness was his homage to the ancestry he knew he had but would not publicly acknowledge. Certainly, he thought of himself as a white man under that other dictum and legal doctrine, that of having the appearance and reputation of being white. Charles Chesnutt discussed that very idea. It was an operative legal doctrine and court cases were decided on the basis of it. The “one drop” rule came into being later and in some states was not adopted legally until after World War II, when it became it clear that there was going to be a sustained assault on legal segregation both internally within the South and from outside as well.

        The one-drop rules survives as a social convention, but so does the other rule, that of having the appearance and reputation of being white. Or black. Or Hispanic. Or anything else. Both of these doctrines long ago were rendered legally moot following a series of Postwar court precedents and legislative acts. Race, however, remains legally defined for purpose of employment, academic admissions and business and financial preferences and dispreferences, but the standards, although they are codified, do not follow in any formal or exact way either of these rules.

  • Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop

    Mulatto means mut in French (a mut is a mixed dog). It’s an insult to Black people with a multicultural back ground…which is most Black’s in America with slaves for ancestors. I know this article to be factual. Very educational and informative!

    • Guest1

      This article in NO way is factual. Without a doubt at least 1/2 or more of these are simply made up by the author. 100% certain that Hoover, Beethoven, Hannibal, Jackie O and Hamilton have no discernible “black” genetics in them. Its is an attempt, for some reason, to rewrite history and for a probable political reason add that ethnicity to people. Why do we even need to do it, what does it prove or change? Why does the melanin content of your skin even matter? And why does someone who is lily white, but may have some black ancestor make them black? Why does it not work the other way? Hey Bob Marley is 1/2 white… you know that right? So we are now claiming him to be a Caucasian, does it work that way?

  • nope

    I was enjoying this article until an ad started playing with sound, needless to say i won’t be back! lolz

  • graemec

    Good article but that image is from a 2008 shoot in Russia (Retro Atelier)
    Its neither Esther Jones or Helen Kane.
    Esther did not sing I wanna be loved by you.
    Helen copied the baby talking but that song is hers not Esther’s.

  • Marcus Taber

    Well according to this everyone is black, because it seems the threshold for it is under an logical or rational fraction. I must be black because I am 1/100,000 descended from some african somewhere. Stupid article to proclaim someone is black because of some rumor about their 2nd cousin’s once removed husband’s grandfather. Trash website, good to know to stay away from it.

  • None of the Above

    Some of these may be true…. but some are just out and out falsifications….. Hoover was in no way shape or form black or from a mulatto background, his family history is well known. Jackie O? Really a stretch there, just because some one in your family tans well does not mean you are black. The coin shown is NOT of Hannibal at all but rather Tanit the Lunar goddess, a very simple internet search could have sorted that one out… there are coins from that same time showing the real Hannibal, and he is clearly not black! St. Nicholas was a Turk and that accounts for his darker skin. I love Hamiltons “was said to be of mixed blood”… by whom? You whole evidence that the lily white Alexander Hamilton was black is that someone, somewhere at some time in history suggested it? Also please answer a simple question…. at what percent are you black or white? 1%? 10%? 25%? 50%? And when can we put melanin content behind us and all just be 1 race, the human race?

    • X4

      The bust of Beethoven as proof is also silly. Busts exaggerate features. Look at any painting of him during his life, clearly he is not black.

    • Big m a n

      What next? They will be claiming Obama is 1/2 black too!

  • Guest

    so these people are part percentage black. there have been many people over time that are mixed of many different cultures and races, its been quite common, and?

  • Kieran

    I like how this comment section turned into a thing about racism, when in fact, it was meant to show how ignorant we are of famous historians with African heritage.

    Let me tell you something – blacks were wronged. White peoples had no right to enslave not only black peoples, but those of native american, irish, and other descend. Europeans have in the past royally messed things up; but is it a law-abiding citizen’s fault if their ancestor owned slaves when they themselves are not racist? Is it fair that black peoples are still so mistreated in what was intended as a free country? No. Racism between races is ridiculous and very few, if any, humans are “purebred” Italian, Spanish, etc.

    When North America first traded with Africa, it was the Africans that sold North America black slaves, and it was North America that sold Africa white slaves. We have both wronged eachother and no person is entitled to use past actions not performed by themselves and turn it into hatred. It’s stupid. Let’s just admit us as people have seriously messed up in the past, shake hands, and try to improve are future instead of worsening it.

  • Drlyndahp

    If you are a Christian or a Jew, your Holy Bible states that there were only two people crated in the beginning, a man and a woman. It has been pretty well established that the Garden of Eden was on the Continent of Africa. If you believe that, then the likelihood is that Adam and Eve were, for all intense and purposes, black Africans. All life grew and expanded from that point and populations grew out from Africa. So, the reality is, we are ALL of black African decent. I am a devoted, white Christian and I believe that Jesus himself was, likely, very dark skinned considering the area he grew up in and the fact that he had to walk everywhere he went, so he was in the sun a lot. I do not envision him as a fair skinned man with blue eyes as the pictures I saw him looking like when I was a child. I see him more like the image on the Shroud of Turin, heavy features with a large nose and long face, probably very dark skinned. It would not change my faith if I knew he was, in reality, a black man. What he stood for and what he sacrificed for me as a Christian is not diminished in any way by the color of his skin. Remember, skin color is a result of melanin in the skin, if you take the skin off, everyone looks just the same so why does everyone make such an issue over the color of anyone’s skin? Judge them by their character, NOT their skin color. When anyone uses the color of anyone’s skin, including their own, as an excuse or reason for any action or inaction, they are not taking responsibility or placing blame where it does not belong. Until people get that each person is responsible for their own actions regardless of their skin color, not much is going to change. Only ignorant people try to misguide or place blame for anything on the color of someone’s skin as the reason for anything.

  • Hey19

    Sorry, Betty Boop was inspired by flapper Helen Kane, who is white. She filed several lawsuits and won. Get your facts straight, please.

  • Much of this list is obvious to anyone with critical thinking ability.
    Many on this list aren’t “Black” but mixed. If they chose to “be White,” they were White. Who are you to say different?
    That one has Black or African ancestry does not automatically make one Black.
    For instance, Hannibal Barca was a descendant of Phoenicia as Carthage was a flourishing remnant of that Empire. Having been born and reared in North Africa, I’m certain that he had African family members. The world was not so color conscious at that time. Hannibal was a Carthaginian. Hannibal would not have called himself Black, White or Brown.
    King Tut would not have called himself a “Black man.” Such notions would have been foreign to him. He was a God to his people. He was not a color.
    We derive our color based race consciousness from our European heritage. Color based bigotry is a European scourge that developed in the latter part of the last millenia. It was passed on in blood, sweat and tears to the colonies.
    By clinging to it as this author so clearly does, she is carrying forward the scourge. She has freely taken up the identity which had to be beaten into her African ancestors who were brutally enslaved and stripped of their identities. I find it hard to imagine that the original Africans who were forced to come to America would look upon this with pride.
    I find it odd that so many doom themselves in their fight against racism by clinging to false notions of race forced upon them for the very reason of forcing and reinforcing inferiority upon them.
    Black, White, Brown….these are superficial racial terms forced upon the poor and the enslaved by their masters. Now, we cling to them as if they are the very definition of our lives and our souls.
    How ignorant we are.

  • I was surprised that Cleopatra VII wasn’t on this list.

    Perhaps, you did SOME research.

  • Joffre (J.D.) Meyer

    What if you’re only 1/8th Black? Does the “one drop” rule sill stand? I didn’t find out until nine years ago and am in my mid-50’s now. Admittedly, I was living in an all-Black neighborhood at the time and had just finished a five-year stint teaching at an HBCU…lol Now I realize Mom was covering up for sure!

  • ohsnaponu

    PBS actually did a documentary on Jackie O, Bogart, etc. You can still find it online. When she was 1st lady she was approached by a very prestigious group who knew her background and asked her to basically admit it because it would have been a great help in the struggle for civil rights. She refused. The documentary was very very interesting.

  • greywulf1064

    So Hoover was black just because people talked about it in the family? Wow…yeah, that’s solid proof there!

  • Oru

    I’m sorry but why are we as a people labeling every person with a drop of black blood “black”. Let’s stop perpetuating the one drop rule… Its annoying to see articles like this that label every body black and they are not.

  • I tire so much of folks who use the black card
    whenever they find out there is a black ancestor in their family
    history. Suddenly that makes them black. That is definitely a racist
    card if I ever heard one. Obama is a mix of white and Kenyan. But
    no….everyone claims he is black, period. As you stated, we all could
    possibly find that we are a huge mixture of many cultures. I know I am. I
    have done some serious DNA checking and my origins come from Egypt of
    all places. Then we migrated up to Babylonia/Assyria (probably as slaves
    as they took many in war back then), then up to Europe and eventually
    to Scotland. Many of my ancestors are dark haired and blue eyed.

    point is…I am not Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, or European or
    Scottish. I am American who happens to have dark hair (or did anyway
    before time has changed it) and blue eyes and white…ish skin. I am not
    hyphenated in any way. Not Egyptian-American, not Babylonian-American,
    not Scottish-American. Just….American. We need to get over this
    hyphenated thing. Most blacks I have met wouldn’t know Africa if it hit
    them in the face, nor would they want to go there and try and live. If
    people insist they are African-American, then I suggest they go to
    Africa and get citizenship there and live there for a while. THEN, you
    will have the right to call yourself African-American. Until then…shut
    the card trap up.

    Teddy Roosevelt said it well as he addressed
    the Knights of Columbus in NY in 1915. He was speaking to many who had
    immigrated to this country from all over the world. He said:

    “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans,
    I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best
    Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born
    abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all.”

    is just as true of the man who puts “native” before the hyphen as of
    the man who puts German or Irish or English or French before the hyphen.
    Americanism is a matter of the spirit and of the soul. Our allegiance must be purely to the United States. We must unsparingly condemn any man who holds any other allegiance.”

    if he is heartily and singly loyal to this Republic, then no matter
    where he was born, he is just as good an American as any one else.”

    one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of
    preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all,
    would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities,
    an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-
    Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian- Americans, or
    Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at
    heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality than with
    the other citizens of the American Republic.”

    men who do not become Americans and nothing else are hyphenated
    Americans; and there ought to be no room for them in this country. The
    man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his
    actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a
    thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic. He has
    no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels
    his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good

  • Karen

    I think this whole idea is super racist. I never cared one way or other and all you are doing is talking about the color of one’s skin. I immediately recognized the inspiration for Betty Boop without you pointing it out but I am more interested in the inspiration than the fact that she was black. Who cares. Boop boop de ooop.

  • Cap_Curmudgeon

    I’d actually like to read all about them but I swore I would never click to fourteen pages to read 15 names — or whatever the length of the list. Sorry.

    • Right! MN needs to change that. It’s annoying really

  • John marker

    you people are pathetic. The medicis had moorish blood. Moors are not negros. Until recently, there were no negros anywhere in North Africa. Beethoven was not a negro, Jack Bouvier was tan, because he sailed a lot. He was not black, just tan. Queen Charlotte, again with the Moors. King Tut, again, Africans were not negros. Saint Nicholas, really, you think Turks are negros now? Hannibal, another North African. Not negro. St Augustine. Algerian, not Negro. Clark Gable? Well thats just plain stupid. The others may be at most, octaroons. Not exactly negros either.

  • Beth May-Moir

    Anyone else think its funny that I am reading this article on black people and the advertisement on the bottom of the picture is for Secret and it says “No white marks?”

  • scandal1

    most of this is straight bullshit, unsubstantiated and based on trash hearsay.

    black americans are so gotdamn desperate.
    always looking to claim ppl that didn’t identify with them or have a thing to do with them.
    what other race is as pathetic as african americans to do this & go all
    around the world claiming every soul born on the continent &
    elsewhere as “black?”

    black americans, stop being so damn desperate & pathetic.

  • tyke007

    HITLER HAD NO JEWISH ANCESTRY!!! It was assumed he did as his great grandmother worked for a wealthy family in Graz, Austria. She had an affair with the son of the family and fell pregnant with his grandmother. Everyone assumes the family must have been Jewish as they were wealthy!! But the census reports from that time in Graz, show that there were no Jews living there.

  • Daisy

    This is so stupid. Biracial people are no more of one race then they are the other so to completely call them black is offensive they are both equally

  • Jay Lane

    Fantastic article! One of the best you’ve ever featured!

  • Andrea Bain

    Saying someone is “black” when they are of mixed race is just stupid. I hate checking just the Caucasian box on forms that only let you pick one. I am proudly English, Irish, Scottish, Native American and possibly a little bit African American too. Why can’t I just be of mixed race and leave it at that? Saying you “pass” for a pure race is all cosmetic and all vanity. You either are or you aren’t. Quit poisoning our minds with this division of races. We’re all red on the inside.


  • Roderick T. long

    Your picture of Alexander Hamilton is actually a picture of Aaron Burr.

  • Davis Stowell

    Nice article. One correction needs to be made: the picture accompanying the story about Alexander Hamilton is not of Hamilton but, rather, of Aaron Burr.

  • minerva

    John van Salee De Grasse was NOT the first black American formally educated as a doctor: He was the first African American to earn the degree in the US. Other early black MDs were forced to earn their degrees abroad, in Scotland or Germany

  • Marilyn Eustice Halcomb

    This article is very misleading. Already knew by looking at some of these people that they were bladk! They needed a new title besides the misleading one!

  • Terence Clark

    These are all awesome. I do have to note one item, though. Due to symbolic representations of people in ancient Egyptian art specifically using skin colors (including differentiating men and women by skin color) we actually don’t really know what the complexions of various ancient Egyptians were. Certainly there were black Africans in Egypt and they may have even made up a majority. But we don’t actually know for sure either way.

  • stevetdc

    Delusional. Besides, self-esteem doesn’t come from vicarious identification with someone famous who resembles you.

  • missbike

    This is a list every one needs to keep and reference – so why is it a fifty page plus PDF? Don’t you think it’s important enough to share in more serious arenas than Facebook?

  • Jerry Campbell

    if you can pass for white you is white.

  • Katsmaru

    It is not the race that should get the credit. It is the person or persons who used what they have to solve or create something that was beneficial to human kind.

  • Jack

    This is such a lie,ST.Nick isn’t black,there’s hardly any blacks in Turkey maybe some Arab.

  • ⇨★♔DRAMA★SENSEI♔★⇦

    This was actually really interesting!!!

  • Sam

    None of these people are black.

  • Steve

    Only racists are concerned about race.

  • HikerBiker

    Good LORD black people. Stop trying to rewrite history and build on your own. Almost none of these people were black. What kind of jacked up psycho website is this?!

  • GonzoG

    Race is a figment of imagination. We are human.

    Racism is evil based upon a figment of our evil imaginations. Sadly, too many of us are evil humans.

  • Da internet User

    Even first one is not Esther. Its a model named Olya and the photos were taken in 2008….fail…

  • Emilia

    You go, Clark!

  • Guest

    I found this article informative until I read about Saint Nicholas, the Greek Christian priest from Myra, Asia Minor (known as Turkey only in the past few centuries). We know much about him, including the names of his parents and siblings. Unfortunately, this sloppy error casts great doubt about several of the other examples which I initially found of interest.

  • linus

    Sorry, but no. Betty Boop was created as a caricature of Helen Kane.

  • Tina Jones

    When I saw the first pic of Esther Jones, I though, “That looks like Betty Boop!” Good likeness!

  • John Reviewit

    Sir Allan Ramsay painted Queen Charlotte’s portrait and he most certainly did not get into hot water. If the royal family didn’t like it, they would have destroyed it. He was known as one of the most accurate and realistic portrait painter of his day. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find any African features in Charlotte’s face. Even if she did have a drop of African blood, it supposedly was from Alfonso III and his lover Madragana, 500 years before her birth.

  • Nikita

    Yall white folks mad or nah?

  • Marie Shanahan

    Just loved this!! 🙂 We need many, many more articles like this. I hate all of this racism and bigotry all over the media. We are happier when we are living as we should be living, as brothers and sisters. If the world was just one color, it would be the lamest, most BORING place on Earth! xo

  • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens

    Hey, yo’ chilluns!! Ya’ll forgot ta include Snoopy, Lucille Ball, George Lincoln Rockwell, Bull Connors and Jesus Christ!! Was this written after a Bah Mahley style toke par-TAAY? No wonder people laugh at us.

  • Kwame Whittaker

    Very interesting article. Too bad this upset so many people. Oh well, The truth is often an offense but not a crime.

  • essy

    Yeah, cool article, too bad a lot of the info is fabricated. :/ Shame.

  • anon

    Surprisingly enough, the person Betty Boop was also not a dog, as she originally was drawn.

  • Dawn

    This article is ridiculous on many counts. Yes, Betty Boop was black and white. Many people are of Jewish, French, combined with black ancestry. But the overwhelming majority of those listed in this article are completely false.

  • Miles Goodison-Fearon

    I love how this article has brought a lot of backward idiot racists out of their holes to cry foul and spew their stupid bigotry.

  • Miles Goodison-Fearon

    Very nice list but sadly a lot of this will be ignored due to the prevalent bigotry that still exists.

  • SC2

    People are people. Who cares if my great grandmothers father was black. It is what is inside that counts.

  • Kat

    That’s actually a portrait of Aaron Burr, not Alexander Hamilton. Burr was in fact Hamilton’s killer.

    • pubpubpub


  • Cassie Davis

    As a biracial woman, could the writer of this article at least know that the use of the word Mulatto is insulting.

    • pubpubpub

      Maybe it’s not insulting to her. Why do you people have to control everyone? Why do you think you should tell everyone what is and isn’t appropriate?

      • Cassie Davis

        Ha Ha. “You People”? I am so not surprised you said that.

        • pubpubpub

          You see insults in everything anyone says to you because you’re insecure and no one can do anything about that except for you.

  • interesting but criminy those pop up ads were really bad.

  • sorsolonggone

    This article is pure nonsense and much of it based on ignorance: The term “Moor” referred to religion, NOT race. A black Moslem was referred to as a “BlackaMoore”.

  • William Miller

    Next you’ll be saying that Charlize Theron, Mahatma Ghandi, and Kim Il-Jung are black.

  • NoTime4Bimbos

    Being mixed with Black doesn’t make one Black. Duh… Uh, that’s why they called it, “Mixed” or “Bi-racial.”

  • Debbe Hardymon May

    This article is not displaying correctly. All of the pictures are cut off. Refreshing didn’t change it. I can’t even see but half of the picture. This is disappointing. I was looking forward to this article.


    Betty Boo one is false

  • D

    Honestly by that principle the entire western world is mixed..i don’t think there’s a single person in this country that doesn’t have one remote ancestor from a different race..this is not realistic sorry but the royal English family is certainly white..( way too much i will say lol)

  • N

    Cool article but Jackie O was white..

  • Khalid Ross

    Wonderful article but you forgot to mention Dwight D. Eisenhower. His mother was mulatto.

  • ilr1950

    If you research Esther Jones it looks like no one knew very much about her, or know what happened to her. And that’s sad.

  • wombatsheep

    This is nonsense. You can’t prove any of this.

  • wombatsheep

    If you believe this article, you don’t have a college education.

  • Charles Dunn

    I like this article and, but to be clear, you should do your homework. Although the boop-oop-pie-do was most likely stolen from Baby Esther, the cartoon character looks nothing like her.

  • popflier

    Since you brought up Betty Boop…you forgot one more…. Mr. Clean. The man whose likeness was used to create the character was black. I know this because my friends father was that man.

  • popflier

    Since you brought up Betty Boop…you forgot one more…. Mr. Clean. The man whose likeness was used to create the character was black. I know this because my friends father was that man.

  • popflier

    Since you brought up Betty Boop…you forgot one more…. Mr. Clean. The man whose likeness was used to create the character was black. I know this because my friends father was that man.

  • popflier

    Since you brought up Betty Boop…you forgot one more…. Mr. Clean. The man whose likeness was used to create the character was black. I know this because my friends father was that man.

  • Randy

    How is “Black” defined (or how should it be)? If someone is half, or 1/8 or 1/16 “Black” they are a light skinned black. Why not a dark skinned caucasian? Does it make a difference if their white ancestors descended from Irish vs. French vs German? What if they are half Polish and 1/4 American Indian? What about some Asian? We better figure this out because in a couple hundred years everyone’s going to look the same. It will make it real tough on those who are looking for someone to hate.

  • brooke39

    How could Michelle Obama be the first black lady when, there were 7 black presidents before George Washington?

  • Hypnotized Minds

    Black Americans have an inferiority complex and are obsessed with race. Plus black people are the number one supporters of the “one drop rule” and always have been. Racist blacKKK people on a segregated site will disagree with me, but I tell you the truth.

  • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

    I’m torn – do I read these articles with the hope that others will realize that color is not important? Or do I read these articles and get mad that yet another article is emphasizing the racial differences instead of celebrating the uniqueness of each individual?

  • Newscomments

    If being partially of another race indicates that you are of that race is true, which this article obviously claims, then both Barack and Michelle are white. So the title of First Black American President is still up for grabs. LOL!

  • Cpt_Justice

    Hitler was NOT descended from Jews. That’s a rumor that all sorts of people tell: some like to twit neo-Nazis about it – & some Jew-haters tell it to try to blame the Holocaust *on* the Jews!

  • vilseck21

    Just because you have a smidgen of African in your bloodline, it does not make you black. This article should be called “Historical figures with African heritage” Ironically it is the minorities that keep them selves separate and segregated. Once people stop identifying them selves by their skin color, our touting their “heritage” we can move on to bigger and better things.

  • Kuroi67

    Terrific article, especially the item on Clark Gable.
    Mr. Gable also was responsible for expanding Hattie McDaniel’s part in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel won an Oscar, the first for an African-American.

  • Kuroi67

    Terrific article, especially the item on Clark Gable.
    Mr. Gable also was responsible for expanding Hattie McDaniel’s part in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel won an Oscar, the first for an African-American.

  • Kuroi67

    Terrific article, especially the item on Clark Gable.
    Mr. Gable also was responsible for expanding Hattie McDaniel’s part in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel won an Oscar, the first for an African-American.

  • Kuroi67

    Terrific article, especially the item on Clark Gable.
    Mr. Gable also was responsible for expanding Hattie McDaniel’s part in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel won an Oscar, the first for an African-American.

  • Kuroi67

    Terrific article, especially the item on Clark Gable.
    Mr. Gable also was responsible for expanding Hattie McDaniel’s part in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel won an Oscar, the first for an African-American.

  • Kuroi67

    Terrific article, especially the item on Clark Gable.
    Mr. Gable also was responsible for expanding Hattie McDaniel’s part in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel won an Oscar, the first for an African-American.

  • Kuroi67

    Terrific article, especially the item on Clark Gable.
    Mr. Gable also was responsible for expanding Hattie McDaniel’s part in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel won an Oscar, the first for an African-American.

  • Kuroi67

    Terrific article, especially the item on Clark Gable.
    Mr. Gable also was responsible for expanding Hattie McDaniel’s part in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel won an Oscar, the first for an African-American.

  • Kuroi67

    Terrific article, especially the item on Clark Gable.
    Mr. Gable also was responsible for expanding Hattie McDaniel’s part in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel won an Oscar, the first for an African-American.

  • Kuroi67

    Terrific article, especially the item on Clark Gable.
    Mr. Gable also was responsible for expanding Hattie McDaniel’s part in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel won an Oscar, the first for an African-American.

  • guest

    Oh wow! King Tut was black? The pharaoh of Egypt, a country in Africa, was actually black! I never would have guessed that someone from Africa would be black!

  • Wayne Breivogel

    I will give you guys credit where credit is certainly due… one of the few sites on the Internet with conscientious moderators. For that, kudos.

  • Wayne Breivogel

    Did you also know that Beethoven was black, as well as Issac Newton. Who have have guessed!

  • Wayne Breivogel

    I call BS. Twist history all you want…. Betty Boop was NOT black.

  • Jazz101

    Blacks are beautiful people with beautiful bodies. They were wanted in whatever country they migrated to. The people of that country would complain but definitely have sex with them. That is why you have black French, Spanish and so on. And that is why our Jewish led media loves to degrade and ignore blacks. You’d think they learned their lesson with Hitler but you can’t beat a dead horse.

  • Kevin

    Hell we’re all descendants of monkeys. Isn’t evolution amazing?

  • Joseph McGrath

    I am a so called white man, who has four black grandparents. Both my parents had African features and very black skin. Oddly enough, they (my mum and pop) both spoke flawless Swahili as well as Portugese and limited Gaelic. I can pass for white and my nickname is “Blondie”. I am a micro neurologist by trade. I often sub for the local Philharmonic Orchestra. This is very cool to know that I and my fifteen siblings are not alone in our manifest culture. Hurrah for Diversity!! Hurrah!!!

  • ms-v

    I’ve always heard a story that goes something like this: When France FIRST sent the Statue of Liberty over to the USA, she had more “AFRICAN” features. Those in power at the time told France that their Statue of Liberty was UN-acceptable, UN-wanted, & made them take her back home to France. The Artist/Artisans back in France then ‘re-worked’/ remodeled the Statue. The French Craftsmen gave the Statue of Liberty more European or ‘Caucasion’-like features. (her nose & lips were made thinner} Then the French re-sent the Statue back to the United States. Since the people in power at the time were happy with the NEW look of the original Statue, she was accepted the SECOND time that she arrived on US shore, & welcomed with ‘open arms’ as the old-saying goes. And NO, I’m not a ‘hater’ … I am (what is now called) Bi-Racial, ‘Multi-Racial’ or ‘mixed-race’ ~ Back in the day they didn’t have a politically correct term for ‘blended’ or ‘Hybrid’ people like me. We were called condescending, demeaning, slang words like: Mutt, ‘Heinz 57 sauce’, or “Heinz 57” !

  • Dave

    One drop of black blood cannot make someone black. One drop of white blood cannot make a person white.

  • tolazytologin

    Before long, there won’t be any white people left in history if it keeps getting rewritten. I hear tell that King Henry the VIII got a sunburn once, BOOM! black.

  • verdad1963

    interesting, but……………… aside from celebrities of The USA, we have to remember that other nations have a different mind set than the USA, and we think of most of them as “mixed” and not as black, while most of the USA if they find someone’s great grand parent is considered black….. you are black

  • snowthrush

    I just wish that a black man hadn’t invented the first red light traffic signal…I wish it hadn’t been invented at all.

  • DCK

    I’ve never been conferrable with the terms black, white or any other color, it’s just different shades of brown.

  • Mark Davis

    hoover oppressed communist, not blacks.

  • rancid pitts

    Surprised only by the Inclusion of “Hoover”. Who would have Thunk? All others made their successful mark on History. Achievement knows no race.

  • GravitonX

    The cognitive dissonance among the white commenters is not surprising. Some of them are still trying to work out “Obama’s no Black” while calling him the n-word. (Btw, Obama says he’s Black.) The funny thing is that most of this has already been proven, including the Black origin of Ancient Egypt. The other funny thing also is that not all “white” people are white. Being European doesn’t necessarily equate to being “white.” In fact, there are 4 different racial groups in Europe, Mediterranean, Alps, Nordic, Teutonic. Only recently have some attempted to refer to all together as “white.” Whereas on the other hand, Blacks have always referred to themselves as such since the days of K’met (The Land of the Blacks).

  • elsie_eye

    While this was very interesting, the inclusion of people with Moorish heritage as being black is a little misleading. While the Moors are from Africa….they are a mix of Berber and Arab. Jussayin.

  • phillip bunnell

    Only proves what I’ve known for a long time. When you mix black and white together you often get something that is superior to both.

  • ThisGuyThinksYoureFullofIt

    Fake. This is a trolling article.

  • Mr Happy Man

    I believe that Alexandr Pushkin was 1/4 black, not 1/8 black.
    Interestingly, he owned serfs – which were de-facto slaves. Given that Russian serfs were white, this is a the ironic case of a black man owning white slaves while being completely a part of European civilization (as everyone knows that it was totally the opposite in all other cases).

  • fizziks

    Some of these are true (e.g. Anatole Broyard and Pushkin) but most are stretching the facts into outright fantasy land. Most of these rely on someone having some partial North African ancestry. However, the US census categorizes people from North Africa as white, and that is the most realistic categorization considering the phenotype of people from these countries.

    As far as Santa Claus goes, he is a mythical figure who lives at the North Pole. As far as Saint Nicholas, he was a Pontian Greek and to claim that people from what is now Turkey are “black” is idiotic.

  • Rob C

    . Hitler’s Jewish ancestry is a myth. Do some damn research before writing a bull crap article.

  • Barry_O_Barry

    First “things you didn’t know” type article I’ve read in a LOOONG time that had actual stuff I didn’t know!

  • Pingback: Did you know that JFKs wife Jacqueline Onasis was atually a Black Woman?()


    Wow, I certainly got a good laugh from so much false information and photos which prove nothing.
    So a “flat broad nose” automatically equals black then, right?
    And if a black person has a straight narrow nose, are they black anymore? This is stupid.
    Major Clark Gable of the US Air Corps was Dutch, btw.

  • mercedes

    It evident that Eypatians where Afician, our entire heritage has been stolen from black people. And that’s just the plain truth. I just hope that we as a people do our own homework so w can have some sorta self esteem outside of all the horrors they choose to remind of in this short history (HIS-STORY) in America.

  • Norman Lowe

    More mixed race people labelled as ‘black’. It seems the USA still subscribes to the ‘One Drop Rule’ doesn’t it?

  • Alise

    Moor does not equate to black. Instead it was a term for a Muslim. Someone of Moorish descent was Middle Eastern, NOT sub-Saharan African.

  • tjhBob

    Who TF (WTF) cares?

  • Judith Shipstad

    Somebody please tell the writer that paint pigments darken with age. Duh.

  • Judith Shipstad

    Some of this is B.S. For one thing, the Egyptians were not black. Take this article, interesting though it may be, with a grain of salt. No, take the whole salt shaker–somebody needs to inform this P.C. writer that paint pigments darken with age.

  • Jeffronimo

    Kint Tut and Alexander Hamilton were not black. The slightest bit of actual research would have shown this to be true. Tut was shown in various pigmentations on his thrown and was depicted much lighter than the Nubians to the south of Egypt. His entire lineage is mediterranean. He is also shown as blue in some tomb paintings. Does that make him an alien? The Alexander Hamilton is black paragraph shows how far the author was trying to push the ‘black’ race on certain people. Abraham Lincolns mother was accused of being a ‘bitczh.’ Does that make him part canine? Having native american and black heritage did not make Clark Gable ‘Black’ either. By the authors definition, Barack Obama, Lionel Richie, O.J. SImpson, and the Wayans family are ‘white’. Ridiculous article – no research at all. Article should have been titled “You can write any Stupid crap on the internet and some idiots will believe it is true.”

  • josh358

    As a white-looking person who has some black ancestry, I think it can do us good to recognize the contributions of people of mixed race. But this artlcle would have been much more interesting if it had been
    properly researched: while some of these people are known to be part black, e.g., Dumas, some of the other claims are
    debatable or false. And where’s the interest in that?

  • Gingerbread31

    I am always on this site and I am wondering how I missed this article. It is awesome! The information is new, and brilliant, and I love reading material that brings life to our history instead of shame and death. Beautiful Job and I’m going to share it in every way possible!

  • Pia

    Why my comment about this fake portrait of Alessandro de Medici (who was not at all a mulatto, as his true portraits show) was removed?

    Too difficult to accept facts? How pathetic!

  • Flojd

    What a stupid title & article. 12 out 15 people on that list are “suspected” to have one Black parent….super! Maybe if the author focused more on the great works by some of those he listed, he wouldn’t have wasted everyones time with such drivel.

  • Joe

    I AM DONE with this idiotic article! Jackie black!? A single black (or half black) ancestor that far removed doesn’t make you black! And as far as a cartoon character “modeled” after a black entertainer, that doesn’t make the cartoon character black either!

  • Joe

    I find it impossible to believe Hoover was black. He may have had some black in him, but no where near enough to even call him a mulatto. As far as Hitler’s “Jewish” ancestry goes, that is pure speculation, as his paternal grandfather, who is supposed to be the Jew is unknown with no possibility to identify.

  • Rusty Fender

    Looks like Obama ISN’T the first Black president after all. Some interesting info here.

  • James Kness

    Considering most of the names on this list, we still don’t “know” they were black.

    There are several problems with the assertions in this article. First, what is meant by “black”? Anyone who may have had some sub-Saharan African ancestors at some time in their lineage, even if it was several generations before they were born? Anyone who was born in, or lived in, some part of the vast continent of Africa? As the term “black” has been used in the United States for the past 50 years or so — when it became the term of choice to replace “Negro” — it refers to a descendant of people from the west coast of sub-Sahara Africa. Four of the people on this list could have had, or did have, such an ancestry: J. Edgar Hoover, Anatole Broyard, Alexander Hamilton and Clark Gable. The rest of those mentioned are linked with “Moorish” ancestors, or an “African” origin. This is too vague. Second, what portion of one’s genetic heritage makes one “black”? 1/4th? 1/8? 1/16? 1/32? Just “one drop”? The article’s declarations about race based on possible distant forebears has an ugly aspect to it: it begins to sound like some white supremacist obsessions.

    Two of the weakest assertions: Queen Charlotte and Saint Nicholas. The assertion that Queen Charlotte had some black ancestry comes from one writer: a historian called Mario de Valdes y Cocom. Kate Williams and many other historians are very sceptical about Valdes’s theory. They argue the generational distance between Charlotte and her presumed African forebear is so great as to make the suggestion ridiculous. Furthermore, they say even the evidence that Madragana (The mistress of Alfonso III) was black is thin. (Wikipedia) Saint Nicholas is claimed as black because of his origins in Turkey “at the time a metropolis for people of African descent.” Again, here is the argument that if someone resides, or has resided, in Africa, then they are “black,” which would come as a shock to the peoples of Egypt, Libya, etc. To whatever degree Turkey was a “metropolis” for people who had some connection with some part of Africa, it is decidedly lacking in a black population now, and can be shown to have been so for its entire history. In the Netherlands, the folk figure Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) derived from Saint Nicholas, has a helper, Zwarte Piet, who is definitely black. Could the writer of this article have confused the two figures?

    There is scarcely a shred of evidence about most of the people in this list that could make a persuasive case for their having forebears from Africa that would qualify as “black,” as that term is generally used. Most of the claims made are specious at best. If Clark Gable was “black,” the Ava Gardner was Native American.

    • josh358

      For what it’s worth, Dumas is known to have been part black (sub-Saharan African, if you will).

  • Carol Lee Brown

    I learned the biggest majority of this in school….not the Betty Boop, but the rest were not hidden.

  • spocksays

    no real culture except rap, so let’s make up stuff lol

  • Ignatius Myosurus

    That picture is not Baby Esther (in fact, that picture is not a black woman). It’s a Russian model named Olga dressed up as Betty Boop. Betty Boop is based on a woman named Helen Kane, who sued and lost. Kane may have borrowed at least some of her act from Baby Esther, though.

    Baby Esther was really only known to Cotton Club patrons. I doubt Max Fleischer had ever been in the Cotton Club.

  • arich45

    This article is misleading. It shows a supposed painting of a Medici as Pushton. The so-called cast of Beethoven isn’t Beethoven. The Beethoven as a black moor has never been substantiated. Black racist groups want Beethoven as one of their own because they’re jealous that ALL the great classical composers were white. Period. Try doing some actual research before printing laughable crap like this article. Maria Magdalena wasn’t a daughter of a moor. One question? Does Moor automatically signify being black?

    • josh358

      The term Moor was used historically to describe both North Africans and Sub-Saharan Africans. So you can’t really say. Northwest Africans typically have some Sub-Saharan African admixture but genetic analysis says that they’re mostly descended from a group that reverse migrated from Europe.


  • Todd Homer

    This is a “so what” – “who cares” BS article. Yeah Santa is black because blacks lived in Turkey in 270 AD. ?? What the F>>? Tut Y DNA shows he was Celtic, his mother might have been a true “Black” .. And Obama’s mother is “white”, yet he’s the first “Black” president of the US. What’s wrong with this country?? Do your own research this crap is Racist. Geeez…

  • Alucard_the_last

    You’re stealing history. Why not a list of negative people who were ‘black’?

  • Twaddle, through and through. Unresearched garbage.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Lies and more lies. Hoover was 100% White.


  • Fearthenut

    Probably hiding amongst all those buffalo soldiers or whatever else you make up!!

  • bldob

    I stopped reading once I saw the discredited old saw about “Hitler’s Jewish ancestry.” The author is evidently making stuff up.

  • LB

    You omitted Jesus “of Nazareth.”


    Well, Il Moro wasn’t a Medici , his family was that of the Sforzas; the article leaves out President Harding. According to the biography of his wife Florence, by Sforza – Anthony, there is some evidence of his black antecedents. Many of the individuals mentioned as having black antecedents are problematical.

  • LittleSisterIsWatching

    May have been 1/16 African-American= black now?

  • joelj31

    Never have I been able to understand the seeming obsession now of ‘being black’. I have one Great great grandfather that was Portuguese. Am I Portuguese or because 7 of my other grandfathers were Norwegian I’m Norwegian.
    The ‘one drop’ rule was from the old south for one reason, and one reason only and that was to control slaves. Why keep obsessing about it now, unless for some reason there are some folks that feel the need to hold onto something that gives them some sort of victim status.
    Elizabeth Warren, Native American. Give me a break. Jackie Kennedy, she might be as much black as I am Portuguese.

    • josh358

      Well, yeah, but in all fairness, in my childhood the one drop rule was the norm here — being 1/8 or 1/16 black meant that you were legally black down south (the figure varied from state to state) and were subject to the Jim Crow laws. So being part black wasn’t inconsequential at all.

  • Veteran

    All though genetic testing shows over two thousand years of Scots heritage, I know if you go back far enough, I, like all humans, originated in Africa.

  • sup

    Excellent idea to make note of accomplished people of color. They are an inspiration to everyone.

  • theobvious

    “Hitler’s Jewish ancestry?” You’re crazy.

  • Karina

    Jeez, you better google how Pushkin looked like. That’s not his portrait, that’s Medici.

  • The Esther Jones one isn’t true. 🙁 A white woman named Helen Kane saw Jones’ act and then began copying the ‘baby-style’ booping, and she is what was seen by the creator of the cartoon Betty Boop. Helen Kane filed a lawsuit against the Betty Boop cartoon’s creator for ‘unfair competition’, but it was thrown out when it was shown that Kane only began ‘booping’ after hearing Jones sing. But – the actual character of Betty Boop was based on Kane, not Jones… I would have preferred it to be based on Jones, however. 😉

  • nonyabizzz

    Cool! I understand ole Edgar made a pretty passable Vivian Vance, too:)

  • Tom

    Your “proof” is an image from Twitter!? LOL!

  • Sillynessa

    Imagine that. A few pieces of misinformation spewed and everyone starts a comment war. This is why we are still so racially divided. This is why so many blacks and whites hate one another. Everyone honing in on the color of skin. History has whitened folks? Come on half of the people mentioned her were most likely not white or black!! Black people claim olive skinned as being their own and so do white. It’s so obvious that people don’t want unity..

  • Stacie Meier

    Please confirm your facts, it was Helen Kane not Jones who Betty was based on. How do we know this, because Kane was the one who sings ““I Wanna Be Loved By You (Boop- Boop-BeDoo).” well before Jones and Betty existed in an earlier form before Mrs Jones.
    A simple bit of research would have told you this. The reason Jones could never reclaim it, she didnt invent it, she hearself borrowed it from Mrs Kane. And for people who wish to ague, plase find a recording of Helen singing it.

  • Green Winnebago

    For what it’s worth, Hitler wasn’t actually Jewish…

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  • I’m distressed that in 2014 we’re still reading comments that talk about black or white “blood”, as though there is a difference.

    Best evidence suggests that ALL of us earthlings are descended from Africa.
    No one has different “blood”.

    Isn’t it time we stopped pretending we’re different breeds, like dogs or cats?

    The real headline is: Guess what? We’re ALL black, and not black.

    • josh358

      “Blood” is an obsolete term, but no, DNA testing can tell you where your ancestors came from, so while our blood may be the same our genes differ.

  • xmisterx9

    Partially true.
    The photo is NOT of Esther Jones. It is a photo of a Russian model taken a few years ago.
    Helen Kane stole Esther Jones singing style which then was stolen by Betty Boop animators.
    The look of Betty Boop was taken from Helen Kane though.
    Here is the rest of the story …Although Paramount’s lawyers proved that the “boop” wasn’t originally
    Helen Kane’s, Betty Boop is a caricature of Helen Kane who stole Esther
    Jones’ style and profited from it.
    Bottom line – Paramount stole from both Esther Jones and Helen Kane.

  • t-rav

    what about the blacks from Ferguson, who are their ancestors?

  • CombatVette

    By this logic we are all black since human civilization began in what is now Kenya.

  • quaybon

    President Warren G. Harding definitely had African blood. Widely regarded as one of the worst presidents, the opposite may have been true. Cornell West, in his latest book, references Harding as pioneering anti-lynching laws because of his family background, but the Teapot Dome scandal, which he had nothing to do with (it involved members of his cabinet, and was very minor compared to Watergate or Iran-Contra), which, unfortunately, has become his legacy, along with his womanizing.

  • krusaderrabbit

    So, if you live your entire life and are so white in complexion that everyone thinks you are white, then…you are not black, are you? This article smacks of racism to me.


    That “old” pic of “Betty Boop” allegedly of some Cotton Patch performer? It was taken just a few years ago by some creative Russian photographer using an unknown model.

    While the photo is old-style, the crispness of the lines (arm-folds….other natural contours of the skin / body) is simply too sharp to be an old photograph, IMO

  • Randy Burbach

    So your evidence for Beethoven is derived from a racist stereotype of his features? And Saint Nicholas? guess what? a lot of people of Arabic decent have darker skin. The whole notion of “race,” you are proving, is a quite absurd and extremely fluid cultural construct

    • josh358

      Well, yes to the first, but if “race” were a “cultural construct” it wouldn’t be possible to identify where your ancestors came from with DNA testing. One has to take these politically correct utterances with a grain of salt! (And I say that as someone with some African ancestry himself — I’m not trying to make some kind of racist point, just to be realistic.)

      • Randy Burbach

        Define “race” then. It is an utterly fluid construct.

  • zflynn3

    They forgot the most glaring omission: Jesus of Nazareth.
    Not the blond haired blue eyed guy you see on all the paintings and statues after all.
    Also, just about every Mediterranean coastal European, thanks to the Moor invasions and occupations that lasted a few generations, long enough to change the mostly blond haired and blue eyed into dark skin wavy haired.
    All the red heads in Scotland, Ireland and Europe just south of Scandinavia you can thank the Vikings for that blood line change for all these people since.

  • Junglesiren

    While sure, it’s interesting you can’t be serious in calling some of these people “black”. Come on. I have white in me but I’m not white. It’s a carry-over of the 1 drop rule which was used to oppress us. I mean, Jackie Onassis… that’s stretching it.

    We do seem to get a strange kind of glee out of this stuff.

  • DonColibri

    This was really not much of a problem until about the middle of the 19th century. (except of course in the US where slavery was prevalent). But usually most other cultures were pretty lax about racism. It was considered a “silly” affectation as these stories attest. As the author notes, such things as religion, common language counted far more than skin colour through most of man’s history.

    There may be some questionable claims, St. Nicholaus while born and raised in southern Turkey was of Greek heritage, apparently. But the power and force of vile racism on this planet did not really get going until Darwin published his paper on the “evolution of the species”. Although he never intended it, his works were extended into what was then called “Social Darwinism” by some very disagreeable (but influencial) people. The result was a completely false “science” that taught that the darker races were inferior to the lighter races and closer to their simian relatives. It was at this point only that “race-mixing” and “race treason” began to be severely dealt with, punished and prohibited.

    Again the US experience with slavery (and the social need to keep the African under control) meant that racism was far more brutal and violent than in more civilized countries and why it still exists even today. Even the Nazi race theories, which destroyed so very many millions of innocents, were simply the last “hurrah” of this vile and false “science” of race, today, completely discredited.

    There is a anecdote about the Great King who while riding past a group of his soldiers heard them arguing about what nationality was one of their comrades, a black African. The king reigned in his horse and in a voice of great disdain said: “are you mentally defective? Just look at his uniform! He’s a damn PRUSSIAN just as we all are! Idiots!”

    Compare that attitude of Prussia in 1745 with Nazi Germany in 1945, different times, different standards.

  • Timothy

    Great article! Too many intrusive ads!

  • Arturo

    Just to be clear: if you have africans (even one) in your family, no matter how far back, you’re “black?” Does that mean that if you have a european ancestor you’re white, or is this another one of those things, like “racism,” that only goes one way?

    • josh358

      For much of the 20th century, you were considered black in the United States if you had any known sub-Saharan blood. It’s called the one drop rule and it’s apparently unique to the United States. In recent years, it’s faded rapidly but there are still traces of it, e.g., we call President Obama black rather than mixed. So I think that’s where this article comes from, a cultural background in which to have even a drop of ancestry was to be forced to attend segregated schools, ride in the back of the bus, etc

      • Arturo

        I am not sure I have seen evidence of it fading but thank you for the name of it.

  • Macadamia

    As long as you insist in injecting race into an individuals behavior and performance, you will continue to make everything about race. They say that stupid people don’t know that they are stupid, and blacks pinning everything on skin color proves the point.
    It is not about skin color; it is about behavior and attitude. Maybe if blacks could possibly tone down the criminal behavior (0bama and Holder included), stop teaching their children to HATE police and other races, stop murder in the streets, not have children out of wedlock, and stop living a parasitic lifestyle then things would improve. But until you stop lying, cheating, stealing, raping and murdering at such extreme rates, then you will have the rose.
    My opinion of blacks is based on their behavior in a civilized society.

  • FinalOpinion

    I haven’t seen such swill since I last slopped the hogs. Is this author delirious or what?

  • Whatthe…???

    Santa Claus, based on St. Nicholas, was a Greek bishop. Greeks were born in Turkey, too. Assuming he was black African because he was born in Turkey which, at the time, had a great black African settlement, is like assuming the great Louie Armstrong was white because he played a trumpet during the same time lots of white folks played trumpets.

  • Liadan

    Some these assertions are historically suspect.
    Moors were often another word for Jewish or Arab Semite.
    Many of these people were called black because of they were from Arab countries and dark. Doesn’t make them black.
    Most of these people would be considered ‘black’ because of the ‘one-drop’ rule only. If you go back far enough, we are all black.

    Its interesting speculation, but not very historical.

    (Meanwhile, Native Americans have to prove they are enrolled tribal members or they are denied their heirtage. They have to have nearly 100% blood quantum to qualify and a piece of paper. Natives are only Native if the government says so) Weird

  • OK tell me, what nations did blacks create, and what inventions did they invent??? None. Zero. If it wasn’t for whites, blacks would still be chucking spears, and they still do in Africa. Look at Haiti. When the French were in control of Haiti it was the most wealthiest and prosperous nation in the Caribbean. Now look at it since blacks took over. It is a pig stye.

    Besides, Michelle Obama isn’t even a woman, Michelle is a man by the name of Michael LaVerne, and Barack is a homosexual. The two kids were adopted.

    • josh358

      What nations? How about the historical nations of Africa? Fabled cities like Timbuktu? As to inventions, well, let’s see — stone tools, spears, sewing, clothes, axes, fire, speech — the inventions that made us human. As to Haiti, read something about its history — the French literally raped it of resources. Profitable it may have been under the French, but not wealthy and prosperous — they worked their slaves to death, since it was cheaper to import new ones from Africa. Whatever wealth the slaves produced was siphoned off by a few masters.

  • joey jojo junior shabadoo

    fu–, I hate nigge rs.

  • Shane Miller

    Betty Boop was not modeled after a black woman,there was an actress in the movies she was modeled after, get your fact straight and stop posting lies and propaganda to make yourself feel better.

  • Kabbibbi

    I think Eleanor Roosevelt was Black, because she looks so close to that race back in the days of slavery, where white owners had relationships with black women.

  • Carl

    Russian men, 70%, have this heavy crest over their eyebrow like a Cro-Magnon man. Asian eyes or look like they are confused. Who just woke me up? Some with eyes pointing inward, Others looking like they just had plastic surgery on their eyes to make them look normal. Give me a break.

  • Carl

    Have you noticed that a lot of Russian men look like Cro-Magnon men? Isolated genes Then you have those that have the look of European? Rapes by German Soldiers. That’s why so many German Women were raped by Soviets.

  • Carl

    Majority of Scientists will tell you that all life started in Africa. Let me you give you a little synopsis on how you got here. Whites can not have black babies. Blacks can have Albino kids. Albino kids get together and produce more albino kids but now with a twist After a few thousand of years mingling with other Albinos and Cro-Magnon men, you pop up. What the hell? You’re all ostracized. You head North, driven from your ancestral lands because you’re different. The cold caused you to improvise. or starve. We were rid of you, not knowing you’d come back with revenge.

    • timonsgirl

      You obviously paid no attention in 6th grade science class if you honestly believe the laughable content you just posted. Try educating yourself on the history of humans and of the albinism disorder before you make a fool of yourself in public again.

  • Jessica2248

    Can’t you just imagine God sitting in heaven with his face in his palm, shaking his head over the stupid things that we take to be important. LOL!

  • Carl

    Some are so astounded to the point of denial. Oh no, can’t be true. Not one of the most racist of racists. Who better to keep a low profile than one passing to not attack where they came from. Hitler was part Jew. Didn’t stop him from attacking Jews. i. Most seem to think it’s not possible. Think again. Happened all over the South. You might be a descendant of a Black parent. So, while you’re saying the N word, you might be talking about your ancestry.

    • Jessica2248

      yep, because we do it all the time, lol!

    • timonsgirl

      This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the fact that this article is full of bs. Some of what was written is true. A great deal of it is not.

      It frightens and disgusts me that so many people these days will believe anything the read on the internet without bothering to question it or check the facts out for themselves.

      I couldn’t care less what color my descendants were. What I care about is how lazy and stupid so many people have allowed themselves to become. There is no critical thinking with a good percentage of our population anymore. They just swallow any garbage people like the author of this article toss down their throats because “they read it on the internet so it must be true”.

      The denial doesn’t lie in those of us that are pointing out the inaccurate information in this article. The denial lies in those so lazy and complacent they prefer to believe lies over taking the time and energy to use their brains, educate themselves and search out the truth.

  • aaron armstrong

    Somebody being one tenth black and 9/10ths white does not make them black ffs.

  • All this article really does, is highlight how artificial the concept of race really is. While I’ve always self identified as culturally White American, I remember how the Portuguese part of my family have always talked about the “likelihood” of African ancestry. Even my father’s generation. These were coal miners and day laborers of the Depression era, so the language was usually salty and not always thoughtful in nature.

    All the ones who would likely KNOW, are 2-3 generations dead now, but I sure wish there was a way to find lost family history beyond DNA tests and census records.

  • rose1957

    Add Elvis Presley to that list. His father, Vernon, had black relatives, some of whom still live in Shreveport, LA.

  • George Steven Milliken

    Great article, but this is another reminder of the revisionist history we are taught in school growing up. We need to bring these historical facts into the classroom and start teaching accurate history. We were never taught, at least in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts that D.C. was built by slaves or for that matter the infrastructure of the country can be attributed to slaves. They got paid nothing. This country could not have achieved the status of a world power so quickly if we had to drain the coffers to pay the laborers for their work. I think it is time to do something in the way of reparations. Somehow I feel like we are further away from that conversation than we were 4 years ago. Country seems to going in reverse.

  • ORS

    The image above is not Esther Jones aka “Baby Esther,” the African-American singer of the late 1920s, whose singing style inspired Max Fleischer‘s popular animated character Betty Boop.

    A curious Tumblr user found that image above is actually a photo of a model known only as Olya, taken in 2008 by a Russian-based studio, Retro Atelier.

  • artist_formally_known_as_cWj

    according to ye olde wikipedia:

    Helen Kane was the (white) woman that sued Fleischer. The defense asserted that Kane had gotten the schtick from Esther Jones. That two year battle went on until Fleischer was able to find a film of Jones performing before Kane was claiming. So it was likely Kane that spent her “life” trying to claim boop-boop.

  • N R

    Hitler had no known Jewish ancestry.

  • Mose Allison

    Did you photo shop Betty Boop? Look at her arms and hands (no thumbs). They look backwards to me.

  • k8kinc

    Think you should do more research – especially on Betty Boop…

  • Mike Seigle

    Some of this is more reliable than others, plus not all Africans are Black even in Ancient times. Semitic people are/were darker than Europeans and could in some periods of history be considered Black. In Ancient Egypt, the people were darker than Greeks, but not as dark as Nubian people who lived South of Egypt proper. I guess it all depends on who you consider Black. That said, the article is correct in that may people including famous people are more mixed race than one might imagine.

  • Shirley Taylor

    I thought all blood was red and white and black are colors and not nationalities.

  • KaiEr

    I’ll never understand the need for such nonsense – as if there are not enough great blacks in history, someone needs to create blacks out of white historical figures?

    The only one here they you got “right”, was Alexandre Dumas.

    A lot of these have been attributed by the use of the word “Moor” in history. Educate yourself: Moor is a description based on religion (Muslim), not race. There were Iberian (Spain), Italian (Sicily), and North African Moors. It is a common, current misconception that “Moor” only refers to black African, which does not.

    1) That’s a FAR stretch on the Betty Boop claim. It was a flapper look that originated with the likes of Olive Thomas and Clara Bow in the 1920’s, and was widespread in its popularity. And the idea of the baby talk type of singing being attributed to Ms. Jones was only in that it was used as an example of OTHER baby talk type singing, in a court case where someone else tried to sue. It was common at the time.

    2) Hoover? Black? Seriously? All from one book in which a woman claims someone told her that when she was young? Look, everyone wanted to vilify Hoover; rumors about him

    3) Alessandro de’ Medici – To state it as fact, when it is simply supposition of a few historians, is again a stretch.

    4) Jackie Kennedy – *sigh* A tree has branches, and there is no direct lineage of her to John van Salee De Grasse, he’s simply a branch of that tree. Jefferson had illegitimate children through slaves, and created two branches. Those decedents of his white wife are in no way “black”, simply because they have an “ancestor” who is black. Even the man who instigated this idea, Professor Leo Hershkowitz, has toned down his claims.

    5) Anatole Broyard – His parents were not “light skinned blacks”, they were mixed raced Creole, born into a white European family line. Are we simply using the “one drop” rule of Jim Crowe south as a template for this article’s definition of “black”?

    6) Queen Charlotte – Again, questionable history due to one author’s description of Madragana being “Moor”. Being right in the middle of the Iberian Peninsula, even if we accept the “Moor’ description of her, it would be far more likely that this was an Iberian Moor.

    7) No question as to the ancestry. But he wasn’t an Ethiopian prince. He was Ethiopian, and he was raised in the Emperor’s court, but he was never a prince in Ethiopia or Russia.

    8) There has never been any connection whatsoever to Beethoven being descended from Moors, let alone North African Moors. This came from one “expert” who equated that
    since his ancestors were ¼ Flemish, and since Spain controlled Flanders, and since Spain employed Moors as guards, that somehow Beethoven must have some Moor in his blood. If simply BREATHING around a Moor could change someone’s DNA, I don’t think the connection stands. Especially since his ancestry has been well documented.

    9) There are paintings and statues of him in all different tones. He was North African, and even today they range in colors. Maybe in the future this question can be answered, but does it matter? He was African.

    10) Nicholas was Greek. Simply taking images that show dark skin does not make one black. You have (as with many other images seen here) taken dark or aged paintings of people to use as some sort of “proof” of being black.

    11) Hannibal – I’m a numismatist, and that is nothing more than an image of an African man on a 3rd century BC Etrurian coin (Greek). There are HUNDREDS of coins from the same area, same time period, that show an obvious white man, but none of them have
    names. As it is, there are no known images that can be directly attributed to being Hannibal – However, there are images that depict his brother, nephew, and other non
    black/African family members.

    12) Saint Augustine was born in Algeria, and considered himself a Punic African. Being born there does not make one black, otherwise you wouldn’t have even included Tut in the list.

    13) I thought everyone knew Alexandre Dumas was.

    14) Alexander Hamilton – Wow, were you just throwing darts on this one? “Was said to be of mixed blood”? Who said that? Her father was a French Huguenot trader, John Fawcett and her mother was a British lady named Mary Uppington. The only thing questionable about it was her morality in being married and sleeping with Hamilton’s father.

    15) Clark Gable? You took one report of him voicing his displeasure with segregation and turned it into him having some black in him? Where… show me ANYWHERE that claims he is anything other than Dutch/German.

    • Whitfield McRory Palmer

      When your history is erased in order to perpetuate feelings of inferiority, then you might understand. ANYONE, from the South that has a little color in their skin needs to reevaluate how they feel about people from “other” races.

      • KaiEr

        You have taken my disagreement with the article as my being white? Seriously?

        I’m not in disagreement with you on the fact that people (all people) need to reevaluate how they feel about people of different races. My point was that this article was rife with complete fallacies, and that I felt it was childish to try to turn whites into blacks, simply to make one feel better about their own race… especially when that race is FULL of people who are noteworthy in their own right.

        Using your statement of using this to teach people how they feel about other races… why not include George Zimmerman on this list?

        • Whitfield McRory Palmer

          I made no such inferrance to your race, whatever it is. You can’t just refute something that you claim the writer made up with stuff you make up. Did you bother to fact check your Betty Boop claims? Esther Jones sued regarding her image. If you knew your history, you’d understand the construct of racism emerged right alongside the Abolition movement. Again, back to my original comment.

          • KaiEr

            Yes you did. You said, and I quote, “When your history is erased in order to perpetuate feelings of inferiority, then you might understand”, in other words – “You don’t understand because you are not black” – twist it any way you like, that was your intended meaning.

            I fact checked and listed each and every single one. Esther Jones didn’t sue regarding her image, Helen Kane did. Esther Jones was used as an example of how popular the “baby talk” style of singing was at the time, to refute KANE’S claims of them stealing HER image.

          • KaiEr

            All I am trying to do is point out the complete inaccuracies of this, and the near stupidity of the want to turn people “black”, when they are not, simply to make oneself feel better about being black.

            Again, especially when there is a plethora of great blacks who don’t need to be made up. We could fill volumes on those individuals alone.

            • Whitfield McRory Palmer

              The inaccuracies are not complete. See, you are doing it again, stretching and pulling what you would like to be an arguing point. The fact that there are many great people out there of African descent has nothing to do with these people. This article is more about shattering the perception of white superiority by showing how the notion of white purity is questionable.

              • KaiEr

                What? I’m not stretching ANYTHING. The article itself is. Regardless of what the intent of the article is, in your point or mine, it is rife with fallacy and misinformation. And regardless of the point of the article, using such things to make a point sort of defeats the purpose, or at the very least the point it is trying to make.

                Now, as your claim that this article is trying to shatter the image of white superiority by pointing out flaws in the idea of white purity… Are you serious? An article in an African American forum, written by an African American, for African Americans, is trying to shatter the image that African American’s have of… white superiority… white purity? SERIOUSLY? Don’t even try.

                It is an article in an African American forum, written by an African American, for African Americans, pointing out (incorrectly for the most part) historically significant or prominent whites that people supposedly “didn’t know were black”. It is, bottom line, written as a “feel good” article for African Americans, and using whites to do it. A “look at who we can call our own” article.

                All one needs to do is look at the majority of comments here to understand that.

  • Michael Donovan

    That’s a picture of Aaron Burr, not Alexander Hamilton. The elephant on the back of Hannibal’s coin looks Asiatic.

  • True

    My grandmother passed as white most of her life. There’s a lot of Black people that did that to get better jobs, make more money, be treated better by white people. That’s what you did back then to get ahead if you looked like you were white. If you lived back then and looked like you were white, would you pretend to gain more profitable work? I would. Many people “passed” and it was accepted in the Black world. Many Blacks didn’t LIKE it, but they accepted.

  • nomadfiles

    my bad. this is the original. some images not accurate.

  • Number 14 is not Alexander Hamilton. It’s Aaron Burr — the man who killed Hamilton in a duel.

  • garretso

    Very interesting, especially Hamilton. I don’t believe this is a scholarly journal, so criticizing the author’s research is not appropriate.

  • Bill Herman

    If not totally, 100% black then this is all media hype and BS.

  • Kiaunta Hubbard

    Just reading this. I love how angry the topic of ‘black’ blood makes people. Americans should learn their own history. Anyone with 1/8 or more black ancestry was considered black in this country. ‘Mixed-ancestry’ is a modern term, before that, you were not considered Anglo, just black. Also, the Egyptian paintings look similar to Cushitic people. They don’t fit neatly into the false racial categories that the Germans made up. They are not mixed race people but have their own unique genetic make-up & are the elongated version of other sub-saharan Africans. Their traditional dress looks similar to Ancient Egypt.

  • OldBoris

    I see that in the original round of comments the site administrators have cleansed this section of all comments that contradicted their own beliefs. I’ll tell you this: Beethoven was in no way related to any Moors; his father was of Dutch descent, his mother’s family worked for a small German state, and early portraits of him show a blonde, light-skinned boy. That is fairly typical for the rest of this article: the willing belief in conspiracy theories and

  • OldBoris

    I see that in the original round of comments the site administrators have cleansed this section of all comments that contradicted their own beliefs. I’ll tell you this: Beethoven was in no way related to any Moors; his father was of Dutch descent, his mother’s family worked for a small German state, and early portraits of him show a blonde, light-skinned boy. That is fairly typical for the rest of this article: the willing belief in conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated, undocumented nonsense just to claim that a few famous people who weren’t black were actually black.

    Have some pride, people! If you want to be proud, be proud of real blacks instead of fabricating origin myths about famous white people.

  • ShutItDown

    Really cool article! But I barely got through it because of being interrupted by all the #$%&ing ads! Give a girl some space to read! The piece is worth it!!

  • Just Passing Through

    Good work! However I doubt being 1/4 or 1/8 black for grandparents makes someone black. The one drop rule is a little rediculous.

  • wmj

    The portrait used for Pushkin in this article is not Alexander Pushkin but is in fact Alessandro de Medici.

  • nomadfiles

    by the one drop rule standard virtually all ancient egyptians were black

    • nomadfiles

      they were certainly all african

  • nomadfiles

    the picture purportedly of pushkin is again allesandro de medici

  • Jessica Williams

    Sorry, but King Tut wasn’t Nubian (Black Africans from the part of Africa below Egypt proper). Nubians would rule Egypt for a bit hundreds and hundreds of years later, but King Tut wasn’t one of them. In fact the image the author of this article used proves that he WASN’T black, since it showed him to have deeply tanned skin, just like countless other works of art and paintings done all across Egypt depicting other Egyptians. Nubians, what we would consider black Africans, are depicted in art in vastly different way.

    The Egyptians of the the time of the pharaohs were not black, any more than the Egyptians of today are.

    • nomadfiles

      tut was as dark as the typical african american. just not as dark as nubians. and he certainly had black facial features.
      ‘The Egyptians of the the time of the pharaohs were not black, any more than the Egyptians of today are’
      nonsense. it was much later in history that they mixed with whites..

    • Whitfield McRory Palmer

      There is a bust of a Black woman in his tomb, more than likely a relative.

  • musings2

    Wonder if anyone caught that the picture supposed to be Alexander Hamilton was actually his rival and killer, Aaron Burr? Hamilton left heirs (I knew one of them who actually looked a lot like him, including the full lips and … well, let’s leave it at that). Perhaps the DNA still tells the tale.

    By the way, in yet another irony like Queen Charlotte, wife of George III — the famous Fairfax family, including Anne who was married to George Washington’s elder half-brother, Lawrence, and who was the first mistress of Mount Vernon, was a mulatto. Her brother’s birth was recorded at Salem, Massachusetts (her own birthplace) as a “Negro” and the family had Caribbean origins as well as British aristocracy. Just think – this was the family that taught George Washington how to behave in society!

  • Cedric Anderson II

    Whats funny is the betty boop is not betty boop its a Portuguese model dressed up like betty boop the real betty boop looks nothing like the cartooon the only thing copied was the singing the boop boop be doop just read you find it.

  • RDavS

    So, Jacki O and so many others were “black” because they had a trace of black ancestry? So then, why isn’t someone “white” if he or she has a trace of white ancestry? Articles like this do nothing but continue to foment the ego-maniacal stupidity of racism. Are we to return to the days when those in power considered even a trace of black ancestry to be some kind of terrible flaw that disqualified a person from being an acceptable human being? Or is it now the reverse: you’re not a “brother” unless you have at least a trace of “black”? Where does that leave the “full blooded” Native American? Isn’t it time we recognize we’re all somewhere on the spectrum of humanity, all various shades of brown – some lighter, some darker, some with a touch of blue, some a touch of red, etc.?

  • Chinua

    There is nothing false about the aforementioned article. Historians like J.A. Rogers, John Hope Franklin, Yosef Ben-Jochannan, John Henrik Clarke, Ivan Van Sertima, Herbert Aptheker, Carter G. Woodson, George G.M. James, Cheikh Anta Diop, and others of the same ilk have been writing, publishing, and lecturing about this information for decades. It’s a know fact Dr. Clarke’s syllabi averaged 24 pages. His students had to have read 15+ books before even thinking about taking one of his classes. Most Caucasians don’t have a clue as to why the word, ‘white’ came into use and the rationale behind it. Additionally, I would say anyone who is a ‘white’ supremacist does not know that the Swatstika is an ancient Hindu symbol of enlightenment (that’s the ‘black’ and brown skinned peoples of India, Pakistan, etcetera). Hate truly runs so deep. Denial IS a disease: dis ease!

    • shy.tack

      It’s kind of misleading to equate “moor” with “black.”

  • cvxxx

    More racism. That is all it is.

  • Thomas Freedom

    Aside from black racists, no one else cares. On the surface, most of these examples look to be fake.

  • anon

    you used a picture of alessandro de medici for Pushkin…please fix it…

  • Sol Rosenberg

    Total, utter nonsense. As soon as I saw Beethoven I knew this whole thing was garbage. Beethoven was called, “black,” because of his hair color, and eye color. So, every white man who has dark hair and brown eyes is black then? I wonder if the Negro College Fund will agree with me when I call to tell them that I now qualify for their assistance.

  • I’m just telling the truth. Actually, black genes are inferior. Have blacks created any nations? No. All nations were created by white people. Have blacks ever invented anything? No. all inventions were created by white people. White people are the nation builders, and culture builders, and the civilization builders. All of the Pharaoh’s were of the white race. Blacks have done nothing for themselves or for others. They are inferior. All they know is crime. 90% of crimes today are committed by blacks. Many blacks agree with me such as Walt Whittman and Pastor James Manning. The bottom line is very simple. You need the white race more than the white race needs you, bro.

    • Pansy Blackwell

      You don’t know your black history too well. Face it, you are one of those dumbass, loser whites.

  • “Hitler’s Jewish ancestry” is purely apocryphal, and I see no greater evidence of J. Edgar Hoover’s Black ancestry. This is dishonest click-bait. Fail.



  • gwalla

    1) Betty Boop isn’t a historical figure. She’s a cartoon character.

    2) Betty Boop isn’t based directly on Esther Jones. She’s a caricature of (white) Helen Kane, who stole her act from Baby Esther.

    3) Kane was the one who sued Fleischer Studios over the use of her image; the Fleischers won by arguing that she hadn’t originated the baby-voice gimmick (so she had no claim to it) or her look (which was similar to Clara Bow). Esther Jones’s manager testified in defense of the Fleischers. Although one African-American newspaper at the time speculated that Jones would have grounds to sue *Kane*, I can’t find anything saying that Jones sued the Fleischers over Betty Boop. Jones did not even testify: she had long since stopped performing and was presumed dead by the time the lawsuit ended.

    4) That photo is not of Esther Jones (or Helen Kane, for that matter). It’s a Russian model named Olya cosplaying as Betty Boop.

  • Kevin Gamble

    My parents had a black and white TV

  • sunlitstormclouds .

    Hoover looks like he could be Eartha Kit’s brother. The face shape is different, but the eyes, wow! Pretty close!

  • Andy Morgan

    A definite SHARE on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere. True history needs to be taught and discussed. It would change the way things are today in the U.S..

  • ofleck

    The photo of Pushkin is actually Medici….. (sheesh!)

  • Ofleck

    The photo of Esther Jones is fake..i.e. not really her. It is actually a Russian model named Olya taken in 2008 (simple internet search will confirm this).

  • Galina V

    The image attributed to Alexander Pushkin is completely wrong. Cannot you actually read the name on the portrait? Also, most literate people in Russia know about Pushkin’s ancestry, this has never been a secret. So, when you claim “you didn’t know”, refer just to yourself please.

  • James Clinton Latshaw

    um…this is a painting of Alessandro Medici. hes Italian. Moor doesnt mean black, it means Muslim. It only later became a word to describe north Africans as a pejorative term. and if you follow the Islamic empire though history you would see that just because a group of people occupy part of a continent doesn’t mean they are the color of the native inhabitants. Political marriages between Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the Middle east took place over thousands of years and multiple empires.

    • Ky

      Actually it literally does mean black, only recently ( and by that I mean that last couple hundred years or so) the word has changed to describe Muslims or Arabs since they took over the territorial place where moors where located. The word was used to describe black African in Europe or on European territory. Here a quick quote from a text. “The origin of the English term, “Moor,” is the Greek word, “μαυρο” or “mavro” which literally means “black, blackened or charred” and has long been used to describe black or very dark things such as, “Mavri Thalassa” which refers to the Black Sea or “mavri spilia” which means “black cave.” Ancient Greeks used the term to describe the complexion of Africans and (even today, some Greeks use “mavro” to refer to Africans, although in a pejorative manner).

      One need not be a linguist to see the word’s evolution from the Greek “mavro” to the Latin word, “mavrvs” (actually, “mavro” in the ablative, singular, masculine Latin form).

      • shy.tack

        Not quite…that term has been used to describe Muslims/Arabs/Berbers since the 7th century, in addition to basically anyone the Europeans deemed darker than them.

  • michmaryb

    Seven billion people in the world and this comes as a surprise to all of you???? I can see in my Italian born mother the Moorish ancestry. The Moorish ancestry in my father who is part black Welsh. We are all mixed race only most people haven’t read the memo. A recent study of thirty thousand black Americans showed they were on an
    average genetically between 37 to 65 percent African, 1 percent native American and the rest Caucasian. That’s a lot of biracial people.

  • johnnieboy

    Who cares? As long as this kind of unsubstantiated BS is out there, race will always be a topic. What’s the purpose? So someone can say this person or that person was black. Let’s give up the theatrics and live our lives.

  • Mark W

    in regards to race, osamaobama and his spouse michael have still yet to be a truely confirmed male. Even though they have him portraying his package. If you care to listen to obama himself referring to michelle as michael go to “youtube” and type in “obama referring to michelle as michael” you will hear from the traitor himself saying michael and i also want to acknowledge your son Jack who is being deployed today. osmaobama, is speaking of Admiral Mullens son Jack.

  • tenorlord

    Helen Kane did the “Boop- Boop-BeDoop” bit earlier, in “A Night In Spain” during her performance of “That’s My Weakness Now”. This was before 1927. Also, Helen Kane introduced “I want to be loved by you” including the Boop- Boop-BeDoop bit. I think the copying was rather the other way around.

    Boop- Boop-BeDoo

    • shy.tack

      Nay. Kane’s own manager testified that they saw that singing style first from Esther Jones at the Cotton Club.

  • There were no black representatives at the time of the starting of America. It is true that America was started as a Christian white country for white people. It was not intended to be multicultural because multicultural doesn’t work, just like diversity doesn’t work. I don’t know what you mean by passing. You might think that the white race will be passing through. However, God has other plans since he established the United States to be the home of the New Jerusalem. The reason that the Jews were not allowed to be a part of the United States of America, and why they were marginalized and despised is because of their destructive qualities. Every European country that they have been in they have destroyed. They attempt to establish communism which is a Jewish form of government. Germany experienced this just before WW II. The Weimar Government was a Jewish led and controlled government. They are the one’s that established all the debauchery in the 1920’s. So much so that Berlin was known as the debauched capital of Europe, if not the world at that time.

    This is sort of like why blacks were not allowed to own or carry fire arms for the first 150 years. They were deemed to dangerous. As it stands right now. Blacks commit the majority of the violent crimes in the U.S., and blacks are 7 1/2 times more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than whites against blacks. This is a known fact.

    We are told how terrible the Michael Brown shooting was, even though it was a hoax. Yet we hide the butchering and murders of Channing Christian and Christopher Neusome, Laura Burke, Eve Carson, Jeffrey Babbitt, Nathan Tappazzato, Justin Freedland, and Brittany Watts. It just doesn’t matter that these white people were butchered, raped, sodomized, and murdered by blacks. We just sweep that right under the rug. what a travesty. Whenever blacks scream about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown two deaths that didn’t happen. They both have been proven to be hoaxes, fakes,

    I always mention the white people that have been murdered for no reason other than they were white. Brittany Watts, for instance, was walking through a parking deck to get to her car to go to lunch. A black security officer walked up to her and just shot her. So what was his reason? In court he told the Judge why. He said that the reason he killed her is because he was taught that white people were evil and needed to be eliminated. Sort of what the New Black Panthers preach, Louis Farrakhan preaches, as well as the professor of African studies at the University of North Carolina preaches. The problem is, you cannot take out God’s people Israel. They are the solution, not the problem. Black people are the problem, and every time they commit a violent crime against God’s people Israel, they are cursed. True Israel are the white Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. These people are getting very pissed off. Remember, the Bible says that one of them will chase after 1,000 of their enemies, and 2 will chase after 10,000 of their enemy. God is going to separate the sheep from the goats. Blacks will eventually go back to Africa.

  • Pingback: Historical figures that you didn't know were Black - Xposure Magazine()

  • Kenneth Trayer

    Already knew the ClarkGable one.

  • Kenneth Trayer

    Funny though, St Nicklaus was from the area that he was dark middle -east Arabic features, not central African brown, he did have a student/helper servant that was a moor, 90% of the rest of the world calls black pete. Apparently both great men scholarly and servant-helpers of the poor, and spreading the good news of Jesus. We in most parts of the America’s are duped. But, with a little effort you can find a lot of the real truth not black or white biased. Just truth.

    • aristopele

      It would be cool to know for sure.

  • lilmissmatched

    Wow. WHITE PEOPLE STEAL EVERYTHING. Then have the nerve to make money off of it. In today’s world that’s called forgery. My hear aches for all those black artists who never received their just due. Ester Jones dies fighting for it. I can;t imagine how she felt seeing Betty Boop everywhere and gaining nothing from her character being stolen.

    • aristopele

      If it is true, I feel her pain!

    • shy.tack

      Esther Jones never sued; google “esther jones betty boop.” The Sinuous article explains what happened.

  • Ky

    I hate that this site doesn’t do any fact checking at all and creates articles based off of hearsay! Bad journalism

  • aleximaq

    I say exhume the body of Hoover and do DNA testing on it…..

    • aristopele

      I’d pay to know for a fact!

  • MoonshinerBob

    Being a “Moor” is not synonymous with being a “black”. Moors could be black, but they also could be other colors as well. For instance, Medieval and early modern Europeans applied the name to Arabs, Berbers, Muslim Europeans and Sub-Saharan Africans. Moors are NOT a distinct nor self defined peoples nor are they, more importantly, a defined racial group. The term Moor originated to mean people from Morocco.

    While this article is interesting, nonetheless I feel I must assign it more to the “wishful thinking” category then to the “settled science” one.


    Just watched gone with the wind the other day had NO idea Clark Gable was black. Wow interesting. Read


    Adam and eve were black too

    • MoonshinerBob

      No, Adam and Eve were the first Jewish peoples. There were already many people on the earth, else Cain would have not been afraid of anyone, and he had to get his wife from somewhere, and he had no sisters at the time. Also, in the Bible, in Luke 3:23-38, Jesus’, ancestry is traced all the way back to Adam.

  • lazarus9058

    this is just pitiful are black people so desperate that they have to steal heritage that isn’t theirs? Most of these claims were disproved years ago. one can only feel sorry for you.

    • BRO TO ALL


  • p3orion

    Michelle obama is black, but hardly a lady.

  • normankelley

    I seriously doubt if J. Edgar Hoover was passing for white. However, if that were that would explain his animus towards blacks: overcompensation.

  • Olive Prouty

    This sort of article demonstrates how ridiculous the whole idea of “race,” is. Defining people along racial lines was an invention of white explorers and actually means nothing from a biological or scientific stand point. If you start saying that anyone with a drop of African blood is “black,” then everyone is black. Human beings originated in Africa.

    • aristopele


    • MoonshinerBob

      Sorry to disappoint you, but not true. The latest research now indicates an Australian origin! Go figure! Just goes to show that even the professional scientists are still not sure about this whole thing, so who are we to be on here arguing the finer points of origins?

      Scientists also say there are definite, genetic differences in the “races”. For instance, between the “negro” (which is to say the sub-Saharan African) and the “Caucasian” (that is, the Euro-centric, or ‘white’ peoples), there is a 50% genetic difference. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? A 50% difference! That is, it sounds impressive until you look into it further and discover that what the scientists are talking about is this; Sub_Saharan African DNA is 1/2% different from Chimpanzees, while Caucasian DNA is 3/4% different from Chimpanzees. Do you hear what they are telling us? They are saying that we are all Chimpanzees with a few mutated DNA splices! Except, (there are always exceptions), the people with Rh Negative blood. Scientist still cannot figure out where that group came from yet. Rh stands for Rhesus Factor, meaning the presence or absence of a particular marker in your blood, if there, you are positive, if not there, you are negative. Where did this factor come from? Rhesus monkeys! Now do you hear what they are telling us? We are all a cross between Chimpanzees and Rhesus monkeys! Except for those pesky Negative factor people… Now these same scientists think that the negative factor people are all descended from Neandertalis, that is, Neanderthals. So now they are telling us that some of us are a cross between Chimpanzees and Rhesus monkeys, while a small percentage of us, (that is, the remaining folks) are a cross between Chimpanzees and Neanderthals! If you delve even further, it gets even more ridiculous!

      I thought they tried that one drop thing already in this country. Louisiana, I believe, with the 1/8th rule? Only then it was being pushed by white racists.

  • Dennis

    “Mulatto”? Really though?

  • jesucristo666

    Let’s see… Hoover was black trying to pass as white? Not true. He was a mulato, which means a mix of the two. In other words, a new race.

    • aristopele

      If anyone said that when Hoover was alive, they’d disappear. Do you know why?

    • Pansy Blackwell

      this article failed to mention, Babe Ruth, may have been racially-mixed. Although he denied this at the time, and for good reasons, perhaps.

  • Riot50000

    Black people who HATE THEMSELVES. Clarence Thomas, Uncle Tom

  • Craig Chambers

    Alexander and his brother did not have the same mother. His brother was the son of one of his dad’s slaves.

  • Craig Chambers

    Care to explain how he was black when he was from Norway??? Several hundred years ago??? Also his real name was Kris Kringle, not Saint Nicholas.

    • aristopele

      Someone has been watching too many movies! LOL

  • Aristotle

    this is all bull manure, these Moors where Arab or Berber, and not black, and many may not have been African, but Moors from Spain. This is super crap.

    • aristopele

      Moors were driven out of Spain. Why?
      Were moorsSpain or were they considered “invaders”?

      • Jordi Torres Serra

        Moors were invaders, as visigoths were invaders, as roman had been invaders before.

        If visigoths were spaniards, the moors are should be considered as that. In fact, there were muslim kingdmos in Spain for almost 800 years. Visigoths just were there for 300 years,

    • BRO TO ALL


  • Ryan Bassich

    almost all of these people have black people that were at least 4-8 generations back, this just highlights very lamely the truth about how racist America was and even the western world including Europe were, basically and unfortunately it showed us that being white meant you could be normal and successful back then. This is purely sensationalism that is maybe 10% accurate. I hope you all at least googled or looked into this hogwash a little more.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    Black is not a race (except to racists who believe in the ‘one-drop rule’), it is a culture. These folks aren’t necessarily “black” .. btw, most white folks (but very few Africans) have Neanderthal blood .. does that make them “Neanderthal”? No, it makes them what they are, white-complected but with Neanderthal blood. The article would have better titled “Historical figures you didn’t know had African genes” … but that would not be as grabbing since I think we all assume that everyone has mixed genes .. there are few ‘blacks’ in America who are half as dark as most of the ebony tribes of Africa.

  • Nick

    The photographs are great, and I agree it’s a good article, but I think it should be said that literally everyone on earth is ultimately of African descent. It’s a little bit misleading (although admittedly useful) to identify certain persons as being surprisingly African, when literally everyone is. It’s a well-established scientific fact that the human species emerged in Africa and populated all other places later, as humanity spread across the globe.

    And with regard to Americans in the 21st century specifically, interbreeding between African slaves and everyone else was so widespread that more or less everyone whose family has been in the US since the time of slavery is partially African and partially European in recent origin. The people we call “black” are merely the people whose phenotypes give what we think of as an “African” appearance, and the people we call “white” are merely those whose phenotypes align with our social construction of “white,” in terms of physiology. Naturally there are cultural elements that stem from occupying a certain socially constructed role (black, or white) that do create a distinct experience of “blackness” or “whiteness” for the people who possess a given phenotype, but that has nothing at all to do with genetics and everything to do with economically-motivated racialism designed to maintain a permanent underclass marked by their skin and features. Nobody wanted their children (or themselves) to fall into this category, and those that could help it did, and did their best to cover up their mixed ancestry, and so we are unable to trace everyone’s six degrees of separation from the Africans in their bloodlines, and most people not from famous or powerful families, black and white, aren’t even aware of their extended family backgrounds anyway.

    So it’s important to be reminded of some specific individuals with traceable African roots, but it’s also important to keep in mind that, even if we have to go a little further back, and even if we’re not American or even “caucasian”, we all have African roots, and the idea that we don’t is pure social construction.

    • BRO TO ALL


  • And Justice For All

    Very much enjoyed this!

  • Solid

    This might of been
    the most significant article
    these bozo’s actually put out this year

  • bikerdogred1

    Who really wrote this story,Lena Dunham.

  • Solid

    They sure did their best
    to make Betty Boop look white all these years

  • NoBama NoMore

    The Hoover story has no basis in fact

  • Michael Di Marco

    Not everything African is “black African” as referenced with King Tut. Look-up the definition of race. Then look-up the definitions of the races. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt are all North Africa.

  • ana totten

    ii give a damn about blacks they are despicable people with no morals so who cares disgusting racist people.

  • wah

    Actually, most of them were white by all normal measures, except for the post Civil War miscegenation rules. Why are you continuing to promote miscegenation, Madame Noire?

  • Headbangerguy

    Hey, don’t forget Snow White. She was definitely Black. The Seven Dwarfs. They were all Hispanics. Every last one of them.

  • washyourtongue

    I think that the one thing we need to look at here is that these people in general were well thought of and conducted themselves according to the culture they were in. I think that today’s problems are more cultural than skin problem though because the culture of so many dark skinned people is crass, we tend to associate our reaction to crassness to the race. If they would just straighten out as a group then I am sure racism would disappear.

    • aristopele

      Please consider having your sibling, spouse, or child read what you just wrote back to you.

  • The dollar bill that the black man is on is the 2 dollar bill, and he was drawn in. There were no black representatives at that time. The United States of America was started by white Christians, Europeans. The country was not intended to be multicultural. It was for white people or Israelites. Blacks are not Hebrew, Israel, or God’s chosen people. Blacks have done nothing to better themselves or the country.

    • aristopele

      “There were no black representatives at that time. ”
      Ahem… You know what the word “passing” means, right? LOL

      “The country was not intended to be multicultural. It was for white people or Israelites.”
      That would explain why Jews were marginalized and despised in the USA. For example, for decades, they would not admit Jews into Ivy League universities.

    • BRO TO ALL


  • editrite

    The picture you used for alexander hamilton is actually Aaron Burr, the man who shot him.

  • Stephen

    Too bad the ads make it so hard to follow this story that it is not worth pursuing. It looks interesting.

  • CCA

    That photo is not the real Esther Jones. That’s a Russian model who took that retro photo in 2006 depicting Betty Boop. Please let your readers know the truth. Thanks!

  • rrosettastone

    I love that this article covers an upside.

  • rrosettastone

    And, with a little digging, you can discover that you cannot be entirely of white ancestry and also be a descendant of George Washington. He had one biological son, who did inherit. And that son certainly wasn’t caucasion.

  • Leo Gessford Jr.

    If they were black, they didnt amount to much. Worthless article.

    • aristopele

      [1] Are you saying that he people named in this article did not accomplish much?
      [2] Are you saying that because they may be black their accomplishments are diminished or do not count?
      Thanks, in advance, for the clarification.

    • Pansy Blackwell

      ‘The Betty Boop caricature was an old-time, HO’.

  • sabrose

    This is article was humorous in its suppositions love the dark tinting of the pictures. Hilarious. This was a comedy piece right?

  • The Bobster

    Hamilton? (Cough!) Bullsh it!

  • Gerry

    What about the real big ones Dinah Shore (who was black but everyone thought she was white) and Lena Horne (who was very light black and people knew she was black but a lot of people never really noticed or cared at the time) – I remember there was a controversy where she was in a movie singing while taking a bubble bath. No one seemed to mind until someone pointed out that she was black then it became a huge scandal.

  • Gerry

    Since the # 1 of this list has been completely demolished (wrong photo, wrong facts) I guess the other ones are equally dubious (except Alexander Dumas which is right). As for St Nicolas (from Asia Minor) and St. Augustine (really from what was part of the old Carthage empire after it was defeated by Rome) all the paintings/icons of them were made centuries after their deaths and were made using models who were from the later times as the basis of their images. And both of these were the global empires of the day, filled with hundreds of ethnic groups. Total speculation one way or another.

  • Walter Person

    I have to wonder how much this guy actually looked in to what he wrote. Adolph Hitler had no Jewish blood. His father changed their last name to Hitler to make it sound more German.

  • James Maxwell

    You can go on youtube and see the “original” Betty Boop Pretty good too sadly
    she did not get the credit she deserved for her original character.

  • Gerry

    Already knew about Alexander Dumas. But a lot of the rest of these aren’t “black” most of the list are only 1/4 or less. Hannibal – from Carthage (actually a Phonecian Colony ) “black” I’ll wait for real evidence. How wide a spectrum do you want to define “blackness” ? King Tut black (that could be tested using DNA after all we do have his bones) – Egyptian artwork doesn’t reflect real depictions of the people they represent.

  • Lynne Snyder

    Stupid article. Doesn’t the ending of racism mean that the color of your skin doesn’t matter. If what you did was great why the need to qualify it?

  • Stonewall_61

    How sad that you feel the need to repeat rumors, speculation and silly stretches of the imagination as fact.

  • In the tomb paintings of King Tut in battle with Nubians, from present day Sudan, you can see that they are darker than he is. So the boy king was probably not sub-Saharan, and in fact the ancient Egyptian ethnicity may not even exist anymore.

  • Tiger Woulds

    You can see that Saint Nic’s features are Caucasian, and may be Berber, but if you trying claim Turks are black, you need to visit Turkey and meet some of the decendents of the ancient Turks, they are very white.

  • Tiger Woulds

    King Tut’s DNA proves he was Caucasian, and he had very fine features not blunt. Ceremonial paintings with blue, green or brown skin were common in Egypt.

  • Billie Holiday

    Beethoven’s mother was a Moor and most likely Spanish and Arab.

  • Billie Holiday

    Ethiopian prince
    Pushkin was Ethiopian, and they are of Israeli or Hebrew decent and Moses married one. They are not considered black even though they are African.

  • Billie Holiday

    Queen Charlotte was a Moor and not black, but yes African. This would be like calling Mel Gibson an Aborigine because he is from Australia.

    • Mr Happy Man

      As homo sapiens came from Africa, it could be claimed that every single one of us is “African-American.”

  • Billie Holiday

    Queen Charlotte
    Queen Charlotte

  • Billie Holiday

    Jacqueline Kennedy’s ancestors were from Kingdom of Morocco, which would mean of Arab or Berber decent. the ignorance here is astounding.

  • Andrew

    North Africa at that time, had been settled by Greeks and Romans, and as well, the ANcient Peoples of that area were Berbers, blond and blue-eyed.

    Africa is a huge continent, NOT all the Peoples were Blacks. Just like in Europe, you can’t say that the French and the Germans, and Russians are the same, just because they’re on the same lad mass.

    • too_real

      Try again, French, Germans and Russians are all WHITE.

      • momcubed

        Eastern Europe was invaded by the mongols which are Asian. This area was also invaded by the Ottoman Empire. Many of the people in Europe are of mixed heritage. So, no, they are not “all WHITE.”

  • Andrew

    In fact, Turkey, was GREEK!
    White European People, NOT African. If there were any Africans, they were few and far between!

  • Shane

    I don’t believe that Hoover was a mixed race guy; that photo has been altered to make him look darker.

  • Tqe Sylverne

    That is not esther jones that was a photo shoot from 2008 of a russian model.

  • Damidwesterner Indamidwest

    So, Billy Dee wasn’t the original ‘Dark Gable’…. 😀

  • E

    Do better research, please!! These are not facts! Site your references/sources. Even the picture of Alexander Hamilton is actually Aaron Burr. Articles like these are only cool if they are accurate. It would be great if all this was true, But when doing genealogy, and making ancestral claims, one has to be accurate. Rumors and speculation don’t count. My family has many African features and we have often wondered if we could be part Black, but have come up with nothing definitive through searching through valid records. If my research was as poor as this writer’s, I would have claimed Black heritage long ago.

  • Tyne

    Once again proves how much whites steal from us and and discredit us.

  • Shadi Pahlavi

    wow it is such a shame that so many out standing people in USA wre black yet whites have gotten all the credit and4 centuries they have fashioned for themselves their phony superiority story —shame on u America –shame on all the racists of the world

  • Shadi Pahlavi

    wow it is such a shame that so many out standing people in USA wre black yet whites have gotten all the credit and4 centuries they have fashioned for themselves their phony superiority story —shame on u America –shame on u world

  • bjohnson93

    Major problem with this article: many of these are completely false. People may not notice because the author doesn’t cite sources. Alexander Hamilton, J Edgar Hoover, Clark Gable, Beethoven all do no have African ancestry. Why can’t we celebrate, you know, actual Black people, instead of claiming white people who are not black, as our own?

  • AoriHanazari

    This was a really interesting read even though the title wasn’t carefully thought out, the pictures sometimes didn’t portray the right people, or that some of these historical “facts” are fairly controversial. Several people have pointed out that MOORS is not synonymous with BLACK. Moors could’ve been black, mixed race, Arab, Muslim, etc., so please don’t use the word as if it were synonymous with black when it isn’t.

  • Josh

    Some of these are a bit of a stretch — the article assumes that all Africans are black, which is not the case. “Moor” in particular was a very vague word that was often used in Europe to apply to Mideast ethnic groups such as Arabs and Berbers. Still, there certainly was a lot of mixing. Not all of the pharaohs were black, but there was a documented Nubian (modern-day Ethiopian) dynasty that lasted quite a while. Writers such as Pushkin and Dumas made no secret about their mixed ancestry; Pushkin was quite proud about the exploits of his great-grandfather. Another writer who should probably be on the list is the Roman playwright Terence, considered both by the audiences of the day and most classicist scholars as writing the most elegant Latin of all of the playwrights.

  • troll article LOL

    lol this is just hilarious! especially the people who are taking it seriously LOL

  • Tallulahdahling

    A few of the people in the list were said to have an ancestor who was a “Moor”. But my understanding of what a “Moor” is is a combination of Berber and Arab. Neither of those are considered Negro, although being on the African continent I’m sure some black Africans mixed in with them here and there. Moors have darker skin than Europeans – just as most Arabs and Berbers do, but unless a particular group or family has mixed with black Africans, the Moors don’t really qualify as “black” in the way it’s intended in this article.

  • Naxey

    When did Esther Jones die? I haven’t been able to find too much information on her, but I did read that she was presumed dead in 1934…

  • pedant

    While I appreciate the point this article is trying to make, the way in which it is made is both historically shoddy and intellectually dishonest as to what it means to be ‘black’ today. In that, the way in which the author defines modern ‘blackness’ and then projects it backwards onto historical figures is intentionally disingenuous. Most erroneously, is of-course identifying anyone that had African or Moorish heritage as being black, I mean really? Africa is a diverse continent in which people of all sorts of religions, ethnicities or ‘skin tones’ live, and have lived for thousands of years, is somehow reducible to what it means to be ‘black’ today (one assumes in an American context), while Moorish, a now archaic term, is tarred with the same brush. Yet, the Moor’s once occupied most of Spain (a now supposedly ‘white’ country), to infer that a figure like Beethoven was ‘black’ because of a Moorish mother is facile, not only because the link is tenuous, but because it ignores not only how Beethoven perceived himself, but also how he was perceived by others. And, if one is to take a Neo-colonical perspective there simply is no ‘blackness’ in this case because there was not a perceived or actual power differential based on a falsely constructed idea of ‘race’. To my mind all this distracts from what could have been a far more interesting and moving article. The life of Anatole Broyard is a perfect example precisely because the way he ‘switched’ from being ‘black’ to ‘white’ is so poignant to the modern experience of race in America. Perhaps focusing on such people would be more compelling for people to read about and more interesting. There’s no need to reach back into history and claim figures of the past as ‘black’; its is a distracting, disingenuous and petty exercise, there are plenty (but not enough) interesting, inspirational and powerful black people have existed in our own time!

  • mythbuster

    The writer(s) of this article failed to mention that North Africa has been traditionally European and Middle Eastern White for most of its history. There are many millions of White Africans whose “African” heritage goes back more than a thousand years. Africa is a continent that is inhabited by primarily two races: Black and White, and for most of its history, these two groups were enemies. In addition, the word “Moor” does not translate into “Black”(Race) in Latin, Italian and the other Romance languages. It simply means “dark”. MIddle Easterners and North Africans tended to be darker than Southern Europeans, their rivals since the Punic Wars. It is wholly irresponsible for the writer(s) of the article to hide this truth and exploit this ignorance to placate their Black or Negrophile readers.

  • Suzanne Rice

    Oh please. Queen Charlotte’s supposed “black” ancestor lived hundreds of years before her. The woman was a Moor, which is not automatically synonymous with being black. This story of her being part black has long-since been disproven. Many of these people who are supposedly black are no more black than the man on the moon. This is no different than many years ago, where if you had just the smallest amount of black ancestry you could be treated as fully black, in other words, people were prejudiced against you and you had few legal rights. It was wrong then. Yet articles like this are doing practically the same thing. If someone had a black ancestor way back when, you are calling them black. Like Mrs. Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy was not black. I’m not denying that there are probably famous people who are or were of significant black ancestry who publicly passed for white, such as Carol Channing, but calling someone black who may or may not have had a black ancestor way back when, is quite a stretch.

  • wh@tm@tters

    Wow..that was enlightening

  • Poppa_T

    Good article BUT… that is not a picture of Esther Jones in #1 that is Olya a Russian model and was taken in 2008. The caption is correct just the pic is wrong.

  • Effie Brown

    Most black Americans have caucasian, American Indian or some other DNA mixed in. It makes sense that people who look more white might identify with that part of their heritage. I always liked the movie “Pinky.” It really showed how confusing and strange the whole thing can be. I also think “Imitation of Life” did an excellent job of showing the emotional
    pain involved in being of mixed race and “passing” as white.

  • Conrad Murray

    You could add Elvis on there! Great Grandmother was Native American

  • Louisianan

    Title is a bit misleading. This is just a list of famous/historical people with African ancestry most being waaaay down the line. I have a white great grandfather and I wouldnt day I am white. Furthermore, its nothing to write home about or be proud of as most didn’t acknowledge their ancestry although I’m sure that many of them knew.

  • cordelearts

    I really which they just included all of this in one thread. I had click through articles that could easily been done on one or two pages.

  • Lixer

    I guess if we go by the one-drop rule they are “black”…..but I would say that they have African ancestry rather than racially classifying them as such…It’s one thing to have 14% African ancestry but then have a remaining 86% of whiteness. But I admit that this was definitely a cool interesting read. I would love to see how Hamilton’s brother looked! Sad that race is such a huge issue when we all have a mixture of each other. I also find it interesting how Asians stayed so homogenous for 1000s of years….you rarely hear about the possibility of x,y, and z being part Asian. But then again Mountains kept them nicely separated for a long time…and the middle east always appeared to be a crossroads of all the blacks, whites, and asians mixing together…they all share features associated to each.

  • Marvin Outlaw

    This was sketchy at best…someones great grandma was half black? So they are black because of that? lol

    • BRO TO ALL


      • MoonshinerBob

        Your statement sorta blows that whole, “We all originated in Africa” theory right out of the water.

  • Kathleen Roland

    I really enjoyed the article and reading the comments. I was interested in what people were saying about the photos being inaccurate and other info and family stories. That was until someone told someone to not come on a black site say things they don’t agree with and someone else telling them to worry about your own race. I’ll probably be blasted for this since i’m white. I don’t know if any ancestors are black. Just want to say this was a nice read til those comments. I will still read articles on this site but probably stay away from the comments from now on. I’m not reading any further comments on this so say what you want about me, I won’t see it.

  • Annoyed

    I have to stop reading this article because this website is plagued to the teeth with advertisements. There’s a video playing against my will and my laptop is whirring like it just ran a 5k. Hey website, you like people visiting your site? Maybe make it a little less like Las Vegas.

  • straight to the point

    people didn’t know they were black because they were not, most of the people listed in the article were racially mixed

  • Dave I

    That’s not a picture of Esther Jones, that’s a photo from 2008 of a Model Olya as Betty Boop by Retro Atelier

  • DoinMe

    Uhhh, you guys need to hire a historian or someone who specializes in ancestry because some of these are completely inaccurate. This topic should not be treated as mindless celebrity gossip and should be well researched and fact-checked before throwing it out here.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    i learned a lot…thanks mn!

  • EmmLeeBankz

    I would never class Betty Boop as being black… that just brings us down, the character is a Jew and was actually quite racist towards black people in some of her cartoons. In one they throw stones at a black man at a carnival, in another Betty makes 3 black baby’s perform in a cotton field, and in another Betty forces a black man to get back to work, she even says “YOU GET BACK TO WORK!”.

    The part about Esther trying to win back her rights as Betty Boop is false information, as Esther disappeared and died, and most of the Fleischer Studios cartoons were racist… so they would not use a black woman as inspiration and that is a fact. The truth is that a white woman called Helen stole Baby’s Booping and tried to take it to court but failed, because Esther created the style of singing.

  • Justin Steinmetz

    It’s a little more complicated with Esther Jones; that photo is not of her, but rather of Helen Kane, a white singer, who allegedly stole Esther Jones’ act and then went on to become the inspiration for Betty Boop.

    • Vinnie

      That is not Helen Kane it is a model called OYLA cosplaying Betty Boop. (DO SOME RESEARCH)

      • Justin Steinmetz

        Thanks for the correction, grumpy.

    • aristopele

      If I read the article right, it suggest that the Betty Boop — a cartoon character not a real person! — is based on a black woman.

      I also read somewhere that Norman Rockwell’s Rosie the Riveter is based on a black woman.

  • natacha

    This was powerful

  • André

    They are not black. They are part black. This article is perpetuating the one drop rule. Why are ‘black people’ with partial white lineage called white? The truth is some of us are neither black or white but somewhere in between.

    • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

      I always hate these articles. I think most people who are mixed identify (or are forcibly identified) by how they look and what culture their raised in. If I had a great great grandmother who was Chinese but knew nothing of that culture and was raised in an Irish house, I would consider myself a white irish chick (note: I am a VERY WHITE Irish chick. Sigh…..)

  • Z

    I find this article interesting but Madamenoire, please do your research before posting articles like these because they are misleading…especially the pictures. The picture of Esther Jones is of someone else (lady named Olya). The picture of Alexander Pushkin is actually of Alessandro de’ Medici, found that out by doing a google search of the image.

  • Rock C. Gardner


  • That_girl

    The death mask is not Beethoven… My music professor told us that…

    • BRO TO ALL


  • Denise Carrera

    Being Sicilian and Italian, I know (and I’m proud to) I have black in my bloodline. Sicilians have quite a mix of ethnicities. Many of us, including me, have very curly, dark hair. One of my lighter skinned first cousins actually has an afro. My males cousins have larger bottoms, not fat. And us females are curvier. I have had black men tell me, “you must be a black woman!” LOL! “No comment.”

    • TwinklyStar

      why are you proud to be mixed with black? just wondering

      • Denise Carrera

        My point is that I think we should all be proud of our heritage. If I was any other ethnicity I would feel the same, as should you. Sicilians are a mix of Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Moors, Arabic and Italian. My features clearly reveal my roots.

      • aristopele

        Why not?

    • Pia

      Denise Carrera: actually, the Sicilians haven’t black in their bloodline, no more than any other European populace. Just check any genetic study.

      Moreover, the Moors killed almost all the originary autoctonal folk during Sicily’s invasion. After kicking them out, the Normans called people from all over Europe in order to repopulate the island again. And this is history.

      • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

        Moor is not an ethnicity.

      • BadKitty

        She said “Sicilians have quite a mix of ethnicities,” not “Sicilians have black in their bloodlines.” There’s a huge difference.

  • dale jr.

    The photo for Alexander Pushkin is clearly a painting of Alessandro De Medici who is posted earlier.

    • Mr Happy Man

      Though the author is correct in asserting that Pushkin was part black. I am familiar with this fact as I have read some of his stuff (but anyone who studies Russian eventually reads some Pushkin), so I am familiar with his past. I don’t know why she didn’t get a real picture of him, as it is easy to find.
      Some of this stuff is probably a stretch, though it would be an interesting project to find out the truth to each assertion. Just like it is alleged that the greatest British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, was part American Indian. This could be true as most Americans, white or black, with a long lineage in this country have some Indian ancestor(s) lurking in the background they don’t know about (and Winston was half American).

  • incognegro

    VERY GOOD ARTICLE, keep up the good work!

  • likahlove

    This is alll in the Hidden Colors series. A MUST WATCH!

  • On_Point

    Koons hate their black ancestry so much, if they could kill halfe themselves and end up in a vegetable state just to get the blackness out of them, they would.

  • coloured

    I find this article racist. How the hell are you regarding people as black because they had a black ancestor? A person can be 95% white and people in north America both blacks and whites regard them as black. This all stems from the “one drop policy” Its almost like when Hitler tried to create a pure breed and then everyone else is discarded into a group labelled black

    • aristopele

      Okay, I will take the bait…
      Do you have alternative standards for determining who is black and who is white?

  • hollyw

    When will folks learn that blackness is not 100% definable…

  • This Person

    A shame that even though we live in an age where hiding it isn’t so necessary, no one else wants to point out these interesting tidbits of info.

    • Andy

      It’s a cool article but I wish they had included references because some of these “facts” are just rumors and speculation. Black history aside, despite this article’s claims, Hitler had no known Jewish ancestry.

      • aristopele

        “Hitler had no known Jewish ancestry” If you say so.

        BTW, can you justify/”prove” your assertion? If you challenge/dispute their assertion, you have the burden of sustaining your point! Otherwise, yours is just as useless.

        • Andy

          Nope. I said that none is known in response to an article that cited no evidence. Everything I have read supports my statement. I don’t have to say anything more than that. If you have a reliable source that proves otherwise, go right ahead and show it.

  • faifai

    *Historical Figures You Didn’t Know Were Mostly Mixed-Race

    • hollyw

      You seem to not know the difference between ethnicity and ethnic identity. Learn them before you come on a black site trying to educate, thanks.

      • TwinklyStar

        Learn reality.Many biracial people identify as biracial, not black and look clearly mixed race.The end.

        • hollyw

          Haha “The end”, you really think you dropped that knowledge, don’t you lol smh! Question: how many biracial people are you related to or good enough friends with to have even had a convo on social identity… I’LL WAIT. No I won’t, shut up, you just exposed yourself.

          • TwinklyStar

            I have a biracial daughter and family members stfu

            • hollyw

              CONGRATULATIONS! Want a medal? I have biracial siblings, nieces, and friends, so YOU stfu, with your ignorant “they clearly look mixex race” azz smh! They clearly identify more with their black identity than any other, as 95% of biracial adults in America will tell you, not b/c of their choice or their upbringing, but b/c society overwhelmingly forces that identity onto them. So good luck with your indoctrination lol, it’s totally your right to try to brainwash as much white/”other” racial identity into them for the first 18yrs!

              • TwinklyStar

                stfu! 95 percent my a zz.maybe the ones you know. its much less than that. making up statistics. dumb a r s e

        • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

          My daughter is Irish, Ukrainian & Pacific islander. Because of this mix, everyone thinks she’s Hispanic. It is what is it – she’s gorgeous, regardless!

    • Cherry Coke

      You should worry about your own race.

  • Trousers Pope

    But seriously the picture of Pushkin is Alessandro Medici, the black prince and son of a pope. Other than that cool…

  • verbracity

    MOOR’S are NOT necessarily black, most often they are only arab an ALL arabs are considered aryans

    • Define2

      I thought Aryans were a name that some Indians (red dot) called themselves and that some whites took the name to make themselves sound important.

      • Chris

        The original Aryans came a great distance from the “North,” outside of the Indian region, then pushed the locals further South and took over rule. Although Aryan-Indo languages and religion/philosophy merged during that time becoming the basis of Hinduism and Indian langauges, the off-spring of the natives and invaders(?) were shunned as half-breeds and often banished, becoming the ancestors of “Gypsies.”

        Those same Aryans are highly likely relate to the Moors who originated from North Africa. And as dark as they were, were considered light by the first Indians. Ancient India was one of the earliest regions of the world that African explorers settled and then continued to migrate from.

        • Define2

          Thanks for that info…I always wondered how the word Aryan came about. I never connected the Moors with the word, I have always thought it was connected to India but not Africa…I was never clear on how the white supremacist hijacked the name as it has nothing to do with Europe as far as I know.

        • Thgin Lla Kcuf

          Hence the reason why i heard, that India and even the middle east were also called Africa in ancient times, also when i was a child I heard this on some occasions, because they were really dark in complexion at a certain point in time in history.

    • Define2

      In Jamaica they were…

    • kiki

      Thank you. I skimmed through this article like ummm moors arent all black

    • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

      Moors were the Muslims living in Spain/Portugal. As you said, most likely Arab – darker skinned than the lilly-white Brits, but not racially black.

  • Bob Salomon

    could Jackie be related to Neal deGrasse Tyson?

  • LaneyO

    Great article, however, some of the photos used to not depict the actual people they are referencing, ie. Esther Jones and Alexander Hamilton.

    • Lillith70

      I wondered about Hamilton on the Ten Dollar bill but haven’t seen one lately-just my plastic, it comes and goes easy enough without carrying cash. LOL?

      Something else to search online for.

  • Trini_Angel

    Betty Boop was a dead giveaway. The first day I saw that character, I knew she was black. It was quite unfortunate that she was never compensated. Its also unfortunate that when these persons are portrayed in a movie, they’re cast as white

    • Yvette

      I know right! That seems to be the norm. Perfect example is Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra.

      • Gerry

        Cleopatra was Greek, not black.

        • BRO TO ALL

          bullshit Egypt is africa

          • Invisigoth510

            yes, Egypt is in Africa but at that time Egypt was ruled by the Ptolemies who were Greek

          • Britney Robinson

            Egyptians are not Africoid.

        • Pansy Blackwell

          Cleopatra was Egyptian

          • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

            Cleopatra is considered to be Greek (Macedonian), descending from Ptolemy.

            • Pansy Blackwell

              Yes, that was her background? but, still, doesn’t change the fact, her mother was Egyptian. Some say, African origin. Queen of Sheba, was not white lady. Some more Hollywood lies, and deceptions

              • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

                The identity of Cleopatra’s mother is still up for debate. There is some evidence that she was African. And there is other evidence that she was Ptolemaic. I don’t think it’s a completely settled subject.

        • allie123

          the lies you tell, stop stealing and get your own culture.

    • Pansy Blackwell

      Esther’s image was ruined. Betty Boop imitated an old-time, flapper-girl, ho’.

    • Chris

      It’s also unfortunate that Betty Boop was originally a dog. Which now just sees blatantly disrespectful to the original performer they ripped-off.

      • BadKitty

        The dog came much later.

    • Kevin

      Kind of like Buford Pusser being portrayed as black?

  • The_wonder_boy

    Interesting post, but why couldn’t they just put the whole content on a single page? It was annoying to have to click next every single time. There should be an option to ‘View on one page’. Websites are becoming annoying in the way they try to get more clicks.

    • Lixer

      Yeah that bothered me. I don’t have the fastest, newest computer, so I usually tap out from the clicks and pop up ads after page 2….but this article was so interesting that I just took the 30 minutes to read it LOL…it was hell tho.

    • BadKitty

      It’s all about the advertising.

  • andrekenji

    Having African heritage is one thing, being Black another thing completely different.

    • aristopele

      No kidding? How would you explain that? What is the “cutoff” point?

    • BRO TO ALL


  • Get The Facts Straight

    That is NOT a picture of “Baby” Esther Jones! That is Helen Kane, the white woman who STOLE Baby Esther’s style and was also sued.

    • Thanks for pointing out the fact that the pic is *not* of Esther Jones; since Madame Noire didn’t deem my comment worthy enough to approve, after I also pointed this out.

    • Gurlputurecordon

      That’s not Helen Kane its a woman by the name of Oyla a model who is cosplaying Betty Boop. Madamenoire have posted this fake image multiple times, because she looks black and they wanted to cause some kind of controversy.

    • Lillith70

      I though she looked awfully white. Richer people have been stealing from the less rich and the urban from the rural since Adam and Eve and kids built the first town.

  • You forgot jesus 🙂

    • Child of God

      Jesus isn’t black, black (as race) is man-made. Really sad that you try to put something that is ‘of the world’ onto Jesus. It doesn’t matter what color he was, how he looked, if he had long or short hair. Why do you think that Jesus’s appearance was left out of the bible? because it is irrelevant and doesn’t matter. God knows how people are for he created us; he knew that if jesus’s appearance was revealed people like you would make-up things like “Jesus was black”, “Jesus is white”, “Jesus must’ve been handsome” or “Jesus looked old”. People would fall in love/out of love with his appearance instead of loving and believing in who he actually is; God’s son, our lord and personal saviour, the one who died for all of our sins (this is ALL that matters) God bless.


        Fine, he was not black but his description that WAS NOT left out is”And in the midst of the seven lampstands One like the Son of Man,
        clothed with a garment down to the feet and girded about the chest with a
        golden band. His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow,
        and His eyes like a flame of fire; His feet were like fine brass, as if
        refined in a furnace, and His voice as the sound of many waters” (Revelation 1:13-15) . God bless

        • Chris

          Some translations have him bronze or copper toned, which is even darker than brass. And he wasn’t all that attractive…according to The Bible. And he was a Jewish man that traveled the lands in sunny Afro-Asia or what we know as the Middle East, today. AND he lived in Egypt with his parents as a young child. Egypt, the place his Jewish ancestors migrated from generations prior. Egypt the place where the only thing that truly distinguished Jew from Egyptian was how they lived, not how they looked.

          But I get what Child of God is trying to say. God lowered himself to relate to his children; it doesn’t matter in what form. Jesus came to save all not to segregate.

        • BadKitty

          Other translations describe him as having hair “like lambs’ wool,” rather than “white like wool, white as snow.” Hmm, which translation to believe? I guess people decide whichever one suits their own image of what Jesus may have looked like.

          • shasta89

            several cultures can have hair like lambs wool

            • BadKitty

              True. My point was that it wasn’t always translated as white hair.

      • Pansy Blackwell

        Jesus was Nazarene, according to the NT

      • Kevin

        because they didn’t have a polaroid

      • Pansy Blackwell

        I responded to Msd447 exactly the same. I agree with your whole statement.

  • Are there people out there who thought King Tut, king of Egypt, a country in AFRICA was NOT Black?

    • oscardgrouch

      Ya know. I was like “duh.”

    • Gerry

      Hello there are over 200 different ethnic groups on the continent of Africa, and only about half are “black”. The Egyptian pharaohs/priest caste descended from Asiatic conquerors and did not mix with the sub-saharan blacks. But there are periods known as the Intermediate Periods when blacks did invade and run things. There are in fact hundreds of years in which the kings of Egypt were black. The main race problems stem from a 18th century view that there are 3 races and then trying to push everyone into one or the other. For example the Movie Gandhi came out starring British actor Ben Kingsley. There was outrage that a movie about Gandhi was starring a “white” actor in the role. Problem was Ben Kingsley was born in India and is of “Indian” descent. But a lot of Indians have dark complexion. But a lot are very light. They don’t fit into the Caucasoid/Negroid/Mongoloid racial groups of the past. Neither do American Indians. And many “Hispanics” don’t either. Another simple one for you singer Paula Abdul – Black? wrong she’s Jewish just like Seinfeld.

      • All that talking and all you did was offened and provide inadequate information. “Black” imo is anyone with African ancestory (excluding those who descnd from European colonizers) Never heard that Paula Abdul was Jewish and she very well may be but she’s ALSO Black. You don’t have to be just one ethnicity. And all that Blah blah blah about Egypt, it’s in Africa. So yes, Egyptians are part of the global Black community.

        • John O. Williams

          Your statement makes no sense. Everyone with African ancestry, excluding those who descend from European colonizers, are black? You know you just excluded most black Americans, a group that have on average 25% European DNA. I am obviously black but I have 14.1% European DNA and therefore descended from European colonizers.

        • John O. Williams

          Also, Paula Abdul is black? She is Ashkenazi and Syrian ancestry. By your assertion, everyone who is dark skinned is black. That would include native Americans, South East Asians, and Indians. If you even wish to argue that Paula’s dark features are the result of African ancestors present in Syria, you will have to consider the likelihood that the reason they were there was do to slavery. So based on your other crazy logic, Europeans with black DNA (I presume you mean people with predominately European DNA) don’t deserve to be classified as black but people of Arabic descent with black DNA, who ancestors enslaved blacks at greater numbers than Europeans, do deserved to be considered black?

        • shy.tack

          But what makes the European colonizers different than other colonizers of Africa? Or do you just mean those who haven’t had enough generations to integrate with the “native” populations?

      • orgorg

        There were some Whites ruling northern Africa at times. At least one Cleopatra was directly descended from Alexander the Great. After he conquered Egypt he left his line of kids in the city that was named after him, Alexandria.

        • Chris

          Cleopatra wasn’t a decedent of Alexander the Great, but one of his guards. He was from Macedonia which was part of the Greek Empire, and still it’s own separate country. Alexander conquered countries then had them pledge allegiance to him. So, although his Empire was large, it was comprised of individual countries with individual languages and cultures. Cleopatra’s predecessors were Greek by allegiance. However, her direct lineage was mostly Western Asian as well as Macedonian.

          She was not considered “white” by ancient standards (even in Rome, sometimes negatively referred to by other countries as something akin to “the African Capital of Europe” with it’s own African residents and diverse int’l market) and certainly not by modern ones. And Latin Europe was not considered “white” by Northern European standards of the time. Although she was not African, she was still good and dark.

          • Chris

            Also, contrary to popular belief, Cleopatra was a queen not a pharoah (as it’s so loosely used today to mean anyone who held sole rule). A pharoah was a king and a god. A few woman held the title of King or god. One of them, Hatshepsut took it a step further, declaring
            herself a full king (man) and a god. She wore the garments and participated in ceremonies reserved for
            male leaders.

          • orgorg

            OK Chris, It looks like you have some good understanding of this. But wasn’t there many different Cleopatra’s? At one time, I saw a bust sculpture of one Cleopatra and she was very White looking. Also the Cleopatra who was with Mark Anthony was well fed and very white skin according to a painting that I saw on a DVD.

      • SYSYS

        I’m sorry but dancer/entertainer Paula Abdul is of Syrian decent (both parents) not Jewish. Ben Kingleys was born in England not India, his actual birth place was n Krishna Pandit Bhanji in Snainton, North Riding of Yorkshire. His father, born in Kenya, was of Gujarati Indian (Ismaili Muslim Khoja) descent & his mother is well was a English born model/actress…. Get your facts straight!

        • BadKitty

          Paula Abdul’s mother was Jewish, and descended from Ashkenazi Jews of Russia and the Ukraine, not Syrians. Her Jewish/Hebrew ancestry goes back for generations on both sides of her mother’s family.

      • FEDUPAmerican1

        If this not the most asinine comment on this topic i dont what is, you claim that Egyptians did not mix with black Africans, geeze that is funny considering they themselves were of black skin. You also claim that Egypt was started by Asiatic people, wrong again, the Egyptians themselves tell you were they come from, which is not from the North or the East of Africa, they say themselves they come from the South. Did put that Eurocentric history behind you. Oh and for the record, the first people to inhabbit the Asian continent were black people. Oh and for the record there are black Jews, in Ethiopia and the Lembe of Southern Africa so i just blew your theory out of the water, next.

    • Jessica Williams

      He wasn’t. Not everybody that lives in Africa is black. Just try and tell all of the Arabs living in Morocco, Egypt, Middle East, etc. that they are “black” just because they live in Egypt.

      The Egyptian had very particular ways they depicted those people that were what we would consider black, and it wasn’t what this author used as an example. In fact, her example actually proved the exact “opposite” of her opinion, since it clearly showed King Tut with brown skin, a skin coloring rather more akin to what one would see today on the Arab people and others living in Egypt.

    • Sol Rosenberg

      He isn’t black, and Africa isn’t a black-only continent. Blacks are not depicted in Egyptian art in that manner (With reddish skin). They are shown to be totally black (as night) in order to differentiate themselves from black Africans.

      • Chris

        You’re also looking at murals and figures with thousands of years of wear and intentional damage by European anthropologists/archeologists. The same people/rulers depicted in one scene are depicted in other scenes with varying characteristics. Was everyone in Ancient Egypt deep blue-black, probably not. But as far as all the European invaders of ancient times and explorers of yore were concerned, Africa was very much THE black continent.

        • Sol Rosenberg

          Yes, but DNA doesn’t lie, and intentional damage done to artifacts are an invention by black supremacists. Even the Napoleon story was a racist hoax. The Nubians were there in somewhat close proximity to Ancient Egypt, but they were kept out of Memphis and other places by the Nordic ruling class who built the pyramids. There were eventually Black Pharos, but that only happened just before the fall of Egypt.

  • sanjidude

    Yep…looks like a brutha to me.


    they called it the dark ages because black people (negroes ruled) but guess who else is black …….JESUS CHRIST

    • Msd4407

      Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Napolean Hill, the famous writer of “Think and Grow Rich” were also “Black and Beautiful”!

      • Lillith70

        Semitic race isn’t Hamitic. The descendants of Ishmael are Semitic. The black Muslims of Africa are black and the Arab ones are Arab.

        And noone can own Jesus by race except the universal race of man and by being His sheep. Following his way even? The humblest of the humble, born in a manger not a castle. The opposite of Pride, the universal sin.

      • Pansy Blackwell

        Jesus Christ was Nazarene, and therefore , not African decent. John 14:7 “if you have seen me you have seen the father .” Just like saying, God himself is of an ethnicity, Moses, likewise was not of African descent. Moses was Hebrew. Was not raised in Pharaoh’s house. Moses was raised by his mother, in her household. What Jesus ethnicity is, isn’t important.

    • Gerry

      Ha, got a good laugh out of that one. That time had bee referred to as the Middle ages or Mideval times. That was a period of vast scientific and cultural advancement leading up to the Renaissance (also known as the counter-reformation). Gibbons, who was an Anti-Catholic bigot, coined the term “Dark Ages” because the Catholic Church was so dominant in Europe at every level. Jesus is not black… Jews – which is a term used for the post Assyrian/Babylonian peoples (Israel split into Israel and Judah where the tribes of Judah, the Levites (that lived in the south) Benjamen, and some from Simeon stayed in the Kingdom of Judah. Since most of Israel was taken into captivity and dispersed Judean then later Jew for short became the name. The tribe of Judah dominated. and Historically Judah had 2 wives ( ethnically both wives would be considered Lebanese in today’s terms ) and with Judah being descended from the people of Modern Day Iraq. Jesus who’s biology is clearly Jewish of what would be considered 100% Iraqi-Lebanese origins. Just like Moses. Not black from Africa. Also note that Israel’s children came from 4 different women. and all the surviving descendants (modern Jews) came from tribes were from either of his 2 cousins (Judah, Simeon, Levi) Leah and (Benjamin ) Rachel. The other 2 women were of unknown ethnicity – servants from Egypt. But this is immaterial since none of the “modern (even in Jesus’s time) were part of Israel, nor in the lineage.

      • aristopele

        @Gerrry, Thanks for

        When I read that a
        “white” Jesus and His mother fled to Egypt to escape the wrath of
        King Herod, I wondered why a white child/woman would flee to a place
        where they might not blend with the local populace. My wife helped clear
        it up for me by reminding me that the paintings of a Jesus that we see today
        are merely artists’ “interpretations”.

        Which begs the
        question, were the Jews of Christ’s time white, olive/brown (“Arab”
        looking), black, or a something else? Going back a little further, were
        the children of Abraham white, olive/brown (“Arab” looking), black, or
        something else? Does it really matter?

        Incidentally, the first (?)
        episode of “The Red Tent” mini -series on “Women of the
        Bible” aired at 9:00 PM yesterday (12/7) on Lifetime. I did not catch it
        but I read the book last year and found it very fascinating!

      • BRO TO ALL


      • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

        Petrarch actually first used the term Dark Ages about 400 years before Gibbons.

    • Lillith70

      Jesus was a Jew but i have heard that he appears to angels as an angel and to people as a man-have no clue where I read that but it rocks. Why not appear as a certain race to a racially sensitive person? Revelations has him as white as light itself and eyes of red fire? I doubt He cares what shade of brown, deep dark brow to just barely peachish.

      The light or darkness of our hearts has to so with night and day not race. We all have dark thought and light driving it out if we so seek?

      What universal force seeks to divide us in order to enslave us? Satan and communism, both avowed to.

    • Kevin

      Dude you need to read a history book if you think that’s what the dark ages means. Someone may be able to pass as white or black. But a person can’t pull ideas out of their butts, and pass as educated.

    • Pansy Blackwell

      Satan made you post a statement like that. Jesus is Nazarene, and therefore, a Hebrew, and not African decent. And, besides, black people are not God’s “Chosen.”

  • not a clone

    the victor writes the history….wow , i am AMAZED

    • hollyw

      Right. And they about to come out with another Moses story with Christian Bale playing Moses…and Sigourney Weaver as his Egyptian mother… –___–

    • Lillith70

      And who is the victor now, when the internet cannot b controlled by the thought police of PC, nor the Commies or socialists or other godless utopia seekers? The religion based utopias fell and Russian the most powerful of Communist countries failed and broke up. people still try to own th minds and hearts of people and a people if they can.

  • HotJupiter

    Now THIS is an article worthy of flipping through multiple pages! Nice, more like this please 🙂

  • T.

    I just got a newfound respect for Clark Gable! And Humphrey Bogart had a couple of Black co-stars who were equals in his movies: Sam the Piano Man in “Casablanca” was his business partner.

  • Heh

    So we dont have enough ‘blacks’ to recognise? Why we gotta be reaching for those who wld rather have it remain hidden?

    • Alicia

      I think you have to consider the time that these people were born. Racism was 10x worse back then especially within entertainment and it was easier for black people who were half white to get ahead by just “passing” to be white in order to fit in

  • Shaena Richardson

    Great Article… I learned a lot of interesting facts..I was most shocked by Santa

    • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

      Technically, St. Nicholas was Turkish. At the time there were a fair amount of Africans around the area, but there’s no real evidence he was black. Most “white” Europeans considered anyone of mediterranean or African line to be “black”.

  • Maile00

    Interesting! I knew there was something I loved about Clark Gable!!!

    • Pansy Blackwell

      in the movie GWTW, I noticed the “closeness” between Gable and McDaniel

  • Marozia

    Peter Ustinov is part black. His grandmother’s sister was a lady-in-waiting to Haile Selassie’s queen in Ethiopia.

    • ZiadKKhan


    • iMarcusCicero

      That seems highly unlikely that the grandmother of someone born in 1921 would have served someone born in 1921.

      • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

        I’m not sure of the validity of this claim, but grandmotherly women very often served as ladies for infant royalty.

  • Marozia

    This is a fantastic article.

  • kiya

    That is not Esther Jones that is a pic of a model known as Olya, taken in 2008 by a Russian-based studio, Retro Atelier.

    • Dee


    • Jenewby of

      I was just about to say that.

    • Nick

      I came here to post the same thing. I can’t believe the author didn’t realize that. All I had to do was google “Esther Jones” and it was one of the first links.

  • SMH

    Hard stares for that J. Edgar one. I’m shocked, because he put Black ppl through some STUFF in his day. and I mean S T U F F. SMH.

    • denialisamuther

      That’s why he did denial! Didn’t want to face his blackness…He figured if he lived “white ” he was white-you have black men dark as a spade doing that now…I can look at Hoover and see black, I said it years ago, so not surprising its been confirmed

      • TheTruth

        Uncle Ruckus!

  • lenita

    If he didn’t hide it then where is the proof?

    • hollyw

      Girl, I just spent 20min searching for it, and it is nowhere but on black sites…I wanted it to be true though lol smh.

  • the.sun.will.come.out.tomorrow

    Wonderful! I just saw on TV that they are airing a documentary about King Tut and what he “supposedly” looked like.

    They are trying to say that he had all types of afflictions (broken knees, clubbed foot, etc,).

    Theses are excellent tidbits in the article that you wrote MadameNoire!

    • lenita

      They proved that he had them.

    • shyy

      Do you know what network this will be on? I love history! And i really want to see this. (Yeah I’m pressed) Lol

      • the.sun.will.come.out.tomorrow

        Lol! No worries. The article said the channel is BBC One and the documentary is titled “Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered”

        I think it comes on on 10-26-14.

    • yamini

      Yes, do to inbreeding. His parents were supposedly brother & sister.

    • musings2

      The reality is that many Egyptian royal lines were Cushite, many of the wives, etc., I tend to think of those dynasties over the centuries as mixed race, and they even included Europeans (even before Cleopatra). I would say this proves that such societies can be very successful.

  • septbeauty

    This article gave me chills. It’s amazing how controversial a race/skin color can be that some people tried to hide it or denied it. Thank you for those who never denied it. Crazy though that even though the ones who didn’t try to hide had it hidden for them smh.

    • The Elusive Chanteuse

      you know as much as i would want to shade someone who hid their race, i feel like during that time it simply wasnt save to be openly black. its not really “safe” being black now, sheesh

      • Cinnamon7

        Me too!!! I had to read a few times!!! So powerful and inspiring!!!

    • candee

      yes i was thinking the same thing… is it really that bad for some ppl to admit they have some black in them smh

  • LoneWolf

    This is the best article you all have done in a while. More of this please.

    • Ce1999

      I was thinking that too. I didn’t mind clicking through the pages even.

      • Rosebayrose

        Lol that was me too. This time all the clicking didn’t bother me.

  • MuscleMansWoman

    Cool article!

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      • Guest

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        • Cap_Curmudgeon

          I KNOW what you’re doing. You’re sh*tting in your hat, then you’re punching it and pulling it down over your ears.

          • Cyrstal5963

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          • David Harscheid


            • Cap_Curmudgeon

              I’m not sure to whom you’re replying but it isn’t I who said anything about either man. At least, I do not see it, here. Sorry for your distress, anyway..

          • Clyde Freeman

            What the hell are you talking about?

            • Cap_Curmudgeon

              You would understand this if you were older. It’s an expression meaning reacting to a situation in a totally inappropriate or ineffectual manner.

    • Rosebayrose

      We need more articles like this. This one was really interesting.

      • MuscleMansWoman

        I agree. It was a good read.

      • Ky

        we do not need any more false articles like this spreading information that is either unconfirmed or just not true. The author of this should do some research along with the readers. smdh.

        • cds

          What are you afraid of?

          • Cool Hand Luke

            It’s not fear to call it like it is. The Beethoven claim is not substantiated. There are plenty of books on the subject, and none are conclusive one way or another. It would have been more accurate to say he may have been of african decent. My personal belief, after the study I’ve put into the subject, is that Beethoven did have moorish blood. That said, since this is speculation and not fact, it should be put forth as speculation. Accurate history is important. The King Tut claim is also dubious. Egypt was a real melting pot of black african, mesopotamian and assyrians. So King Tut was probably more “multi-ethnic” than pure sub-saharan african.

            The irony is that Many “white” people in america have a good bit of native american and african blood in them. If you’re white, and your ancestors were in america before the great immigrant years of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, you can be pretty certain that you’re part native american, and probably part african. Most “black” people in america have both european and native american blood in them. Most latinos have european and native american/mexican blood. That’s why racism is so ridiculous, the racist more than likely is prejudiced against his or her own racial make up.

            • thetruthissimple

              we know what ‘race’ King Tut and Egyptians were by the staggering amount of shattered noses and lips. WE ARE WAKING UP to the “white’ lies and ya’ll are sooooooo mad!!! This is just the beginning of the KARMIC DEBT of European peoples!! Our debt is almost paid for …its ya”ll turn now

              • Brian McInnis


              • Kip Archibaud

                Who cares whom Is made up of what? Haven’t black and white contributed to so much in America. Lets’ not be divided but come together as one people. Take time out and listen to Curtis Mayfield and some Marvin Gaye…

                • Lillith70

                  Seeking brotherhood of mankind is the only way. Anarchy is not only socialist/communist tool but the Devil’s.

                  We are more divided now than anytime than just before the Civil War. Must we spill blood as they did then before we are worn down and humbled enough to work for peace?

                  • Gordon

                    Barack Obama, the great Divider.

                    • will201966

                      You probably have black blood in you.

                    • tweets2u

                      blood is red,

                    • will201966

                      Blood is clear until it is exposed to air.

                    • Justin Otheruser

                      That is absolutely inaccurate.

                    • will201966

                      I stand corrected. It is either bright red or dull red.

                    • Steve

                      Pretty much..ever have a blood draw into a vacuum tube?

                    • The Police

                      It’s actually green until it is exposed to light

                    • Actually the myth was that blood was blue until exposed to oxygen but blood is always red,. specifically, dark red. It can appear blue when viewing through our veins underneath the skin.

                    • will201966

                      You are a little slow, I corrected myself a week ago.

                    • Nope, not slow, just didn’t see your correction. Glad you’re no longer walking around with false information.

                    • baguio23

                      There is light red & dark red blood. Oxygenated blood is darker, I think.

                    • Ulla Gundersen

                      Blue blood is an expression originating from Spain after the reconquest by the light skinned northern people. The moors, people of darker skin and a mix of original Iberian peoples, other Mediterranean “immigrants” and people of North African ancestry, were conquered by these “blonder” elite of Germanic ancestry who had conquered parts of Spain prior to the moorish influx. (Wikipedia: “Eventually, however, Hispania was reunited under Visigothic rule.” We are talking pre 711 Modern Era.) In people of light skin the veins can be seen as blue through the skin, and as the elite after the Reconquistada was light-skinned, it became synonymous with noble blood.

                    • Stella

                      I think you mean “Blood is BLUE until it hits OXYGEN.”

                    • USMC71


                    • will201966

                      I will have mine on wheat, American cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.

                    • LOL

                      BLOOD IS BLUE.

                    • xxdiscoxxheaven

                      Blood is ALWAYS a shade of red.

                    • Over Drive

                      And nine retards actually agreed. This is how myths like this article are passed among the black community.

                    • Sivapriya

                      No, it’s not.

                    • Todd Blankenship

                      no its not i saw you corrected that but that level of stupid needs to be pointed out to you again

                    • yeehaw

                      @tweets2u:disqus…Please tell that to the majority of people who live in the South!!

                    • mike

                      i can guarantee you i have no monkey blood in my body.

                    • will201966

                      Life started in Africa, you got it little mikey. What we did not give you was a big wiener.

                    • reeaaallllyyyyyy?

                      so if life started in africa are you suggesting EVERYONE else is more evolved than those of african descent?

                    • bunny2bad

                      I can guarantee you do if you are a evolutionist it is it the back bone of their theory. and possible yours.

                    • Mills

                      Why do you assume that Gordon certainly can’t be Black? All Black people don’t love on Obama simply because he’s Black. I’m Black and absolutely can’t stand this “great Divider”.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      How has Obama a devider, you honestly think if it was not Obama as the first black president but some one else things would not6 be the same as it is now. What you and people like you who make such asinine statements like yours dont understand. Black people knew what would happen if he won and we knew this country was not as far as it claimed when it came to race. So basically the only thing Obama did was run and win.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Black people are the most manipulated people in the U.S.A. They can’t think past race once race is inserted into a conversation. They are the number one murders of themselves and only unite when race is involved.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Again how has Obama devided anyone? And you are wrong the most manipulated people in this country are old white males or middle aged white males, its the go too of all republicans since Nixon, and the passage of the Civil Rights Bill. You guys are so afraid of anyone not white, that the mere mention of non-whites makes you all quake in your boots, or crap your pants. Again answer my question how is Obama a devider what has he done to devide anyone, besides run and win?

                    • Nobama

                      Can’t you even spell correctly? It’s Divider, dummy. Go back to school and get that GED that you missed out on and then you can talk and type correctly….. LOL

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      and you still have not said how he has divided this country, so whose the dummy? Oh news flash for you some of the most brilliant men that has ever lived were bad spellers or made a lot of typos. so come on dummy explain how he has divided the country.

                    • He is a Democrat.

                      The purpose of the GOP and DNC is to divide the country.

                      The citizenry is more easily manipulated in this way.

                      If you are a Democrat or a Republican, you are a moron. You are divided. Thanks to you, America is conquered.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      the only moron here is you, all i asked was how has Obama divided anyone, he ran in the system that was created long before he was born.

                    • Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop

                      There isn’t a like button so I’ll say it…I like your comments FedupAmerican1.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      thank you, i hate when people make comments like thsi person did, but never gives any examples.

                    • David Harscheid

                      No examples — you’re right. Another example: check out USMC71 below.
                      Proves your point.

                    • USMC71

                      Check out Obama’s immediate responses to matters of justice involving Blacks and Whites going back to the Black professor arrested by a White police officer for disturbing the peace. The Duke rape case is another. Travon Martin is another. The Ferguson case is another. In each case Obama has made it a case of race and issued his proclamations before even the initial investigations were complete..all in keeping with his sycophant Rahm Emmanuel’s counsel – plagiarized from Winston Churchill – to “not let a good crisis go to waste” (i.e., by exploiting it for political currency).

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      In each case it was about race, so why tap dance around the issue. Just because you want to a moron and stick your head in the sand does not mean Obama should or any one else. If Traveon Martin had been white Zimmerman would not have followed him, if Gates had been white the police would not have thought twice about him. If Brown had been white, the police would not have said a word about him and his friends walking down the street. Rather you want to admit it or not, when it comes to race, there are laws for black people and there are laws for white people. Want an example, Cliven Bundy, how many black men do you know that can call for armed people to aim guns are law enforcement?

                    • USMC71

                      I still don’t feel sorry for you. It might interest you to know that a lot of White people died in a small skirmish called The Civil War and a lot of Black people benefited from that.

                      You’re welcome.

                      Do you think you have suffered as the Jews? Do you see Jewish walking around pummeling individual old people and women in a “Knockout Game”? Do you see Jews rioting when they don’t get handouts? No. They work and better themselves instead of tossing a race card into every facile argument.

                      Same with Asians. I have known many who have come to America -especially as refugees following the unpopular VN War, only to have their vehicles pelted with eggs by ignorant White people. They didn’t riot. They just settled in, acculturated, learned how to speak normal English, sent their kids to school and made them do their homework before going to bed.

                      Liberals, White and Black, voted in the Democrats that made you feel victims and you are playing their card well, the very party that denied Blacks’ civil rights until enacted under force by a Republican legislature (and a prejudiced, racist LBJ who portended that “Now the [Blacks] will be voting Democrat the next 200 years.”

                      You made your bed and now you are complaining about having to sleep in it. Some things only character can fix. (See also Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell and Mia Love.

                    • will201966

                      That was just white folks wanting to kill one another. There was nothing civil about it.

                    • USMC71

                      You will never make it in life with an attitude that besmirches every circumstance of your dissatisfaction with yourself as the fault of people with a different skin pigment. You need to read and accept responsibility for your own life and cease making excuses for a bedraggled inner-city ghetto culture that cannot adapt to life and votes people into office who will continue to keep you on the New Plantation of dependency. It is YOUR choice. I will never feel sorry for people -white or black – who live a meager existence materially, psychologically, intellectually and spiritually all because it is easier to exist as a consumer of other peoples’ labor and resources.
                      I was raised in an orphanage after my dad went to prison and never used my being raised from childhood apart from my family as an excuse to blame others.
                      Get over your whining and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps!

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      It might concern you, that a whole helluva lot of Africans died on the way to the New World and during slavery to make this Nation a rich one. Those white people who died in the Civil War were simply putting a down payement on correcting the evil their ancestors participated in, and a down payment on what their decendents would do after the Civil War. So if any thanks should be given out, it should be white folks like you who seems to think that your ancestors were innocent. Your welcome by the way, from each and every one of my ancestors and their decendents.

                    • USMC71

                      Be sure to thank your ancestors who sold your other ancestors into slavery, while you are doling out thanks.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      More Africans died going through Ottoman Turkey, hell more whites were slaves to Ottomans than blacks sent to America, how rich is that place?

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      You are full of shiat, and there is a big difference between Ottoman Turks and the USA, whose founding documents say that all men are created equal, a big difference. I so hate when people like you use that idiotic line. As if what America did was no worse than what anyone else did. You fools dont have a handle on history. And i doubt far more Whites died at the hands of Turks then black Africans did on their way here and after they got here.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      Yes, and they are, but it goes without saying that slavery has been a part of human history since our beginning, the US has not. It would therefore take time eradicate a practice which superseded the creation of the nation that sees it as egregious.
                      Many whites came to the new world as indentured slaves to another.
                      Just a humourous aside: “You fools dont have a handle on history. And i doubt far more Whites
                      died at the hands of Turks then black Africans did on their way here and
                      after they got here.”
                      LOL. Look it up, and secondly don’t give me interjections after bashing me for “not having a handle” on something.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Do me a big favor, research indentured servitude and come back here and tell me how it was just like slavery? I have forgotten more history then you will ever know. And for you to make factual claim on how many Africans died at the hands of the Turks only shows you dont know what the hell you are talking about. Not one bit.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      You are owned, and there is no purchased amount with indentured servitude, so there’s a chance given the economics of it that you can treat indentured slaves worse that bought and sold slaves.
                      Well get a better memory and try to keep up. Secondly, have you done any research or are you just a regurgitater and call it “history”.

                      Secondly I didn’t make any claim on number, just that more whites were enslaved (and certainly blacks) by Ottoman Turks than were brought to the new world. Even the mere proximity despite all the other evidence suggests this.

                    • Nico

                      Most white people in America didn’t own slaves. After slavery was abolished in the mid 19th century, we had our largest waves of European immigration. One side of my family came from Ireland in the 1920’s. My father’s side came from Italy in 1903. This is a common story in immigration because of the sizes of the waves during the 20th century. So tell me, why should all whites be held accountable for slavery in the United States in the 1800’s. Just because of a person’s skin color they’re expected to feel guilty and responsible and owe something to people of another skin color? I seriously don’t see the logic in this. My family never owned slaves. Most people’s families never ever did either.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Because all whites in America have benefited from a system of economic oppression, civil rights oppression of non-whites to ignore this is to ignore the majority of American history. Have you ever asked yourself, why no other people’s immigrated to America during that wave of immigration, because of racism, that is why. You can ignore the facts, but the facts speak for themselves.

                    • reeaaallllyyyyyy?

                      i guess it is fine to comment on the issue but when he ONLY comments on those issues it tends to look like he is playing favorites which he obviously is. he has not once talked about a white attacked by blacks or a white beaten or killed by cops. and by the way cops kill more white than blacks EVERY year

                    • oscarwms

                      It seems quite obvious to me why cops killing whites is not reported. It just does not make for good news on the media. Then we don’t want people to know that whites are just as violent as blacks or worse. We don’t want the white back lash against police because whites have the money and power to do something about it. Cops are suppose to be there to protect white society from black folk. But since they are killing whites who is going to protect the whites from themselves.

                    • will201966

                      You people have always been racists and bigots since the founding of this not united states of American.

                    • USMC71

                      “United States of America”

                    • will201966

                      To you maybe but not to other minorities in this country.

                    • USMC71

                      Yeah, the White sons and fathers that fought to free slaves were all racists. That line works with ignorant kids in middle school but you are expected to do some reading outside of class, too. (DO you read?)

                    • will201966

                      They fought because they hated one another.

                    • USMC71

                      That is startling ignorance on a massive scale.

                    • will201966

                      And they still do.

                    • will201966

                      It was already a case of race, dumbo.

                    • USMC71

                      Of course, ANYTIME there’s a smidgen of difference in skin tone there is an immediate race card to be played – no matter how stark and wide chasm between worldviews.

                    • USMC71

                      Yeah, that was Obama’s take, too….everything is about race.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      There are far more than a handful and you’d have to be a complete moron not to know. He was a community organizer before politics. That is the definition of divider.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      So i am a moron because i asked for facts, which you have not given any. What is the USA if not a community and how is being a community organizing dividing anyone? No the only moron here is, you are just so ignorant that you dont realize it.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      Yes most of all for not knowing what a community organizer does. It would be nice and beneficial if they taught poor Americans how to spend better or economize their wages, that would be good community work. But they don’t do that, they organize segment A of a population to go against segment B and make demands by force. It is very Athenian in the worst sort of way.
                      The only thing they organize is tribalism. No sense of community is being created.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      Lol you are intentionally making it look like Community Organizers actually organize a community, like informing people how to spend better, or improve certain skills. They do no such thing, it is organizing section A of a community to bloc together and get as much from B as they can, until B moves away.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      and that is your opinion, and you are entitled to you.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      It’s not my opinion it is the basic job description of a community organizer.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      no its your opinion, and like they say, :Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      Community organizers are a lot like an a-hole, as well, they expel the mess and leave it for someone else to clean up.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Kind of like republicans.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      In what sense? They’re usually voted in after decades long Democrat control has bankrupted a large city or region…?

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Oh really so explain to me again, how a democrat left the largest budget surplus in USA history and republican came in and created the largest recession in US history, and democrat came in a cleaned up said republican mess? Then you have the state of Wiss., teh State of Kansas both states had a democrat governor with no deficit, but republican comes in and creates the largest deficit in the states histories. Again its easy to cherry pick information if you want to create narative, but when the math really counts your argument is complete BULL CRAP.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      I would love to! So, even agrees Bill Clinton was a masterful politician, but what they didn’t want him to have was control of the treasury. What benefited the nation’s surplus was a division of treasury control, with many scandals and split voting/hung governments, and lastly the all important .com and tech booms.
                      GW did not “create” this recession, the recession stemmed from Democrat policies of coercing and forcing lower lending standards for housing, hence subprime mortgages, to people to boost housing numbers. When this housing bubble burst it permeated into the financial markets and from there sprout to the global economy. Barrack actually was one of the many that threatened suing lenders to lower their standards. The biggest names have to be Dodd and Frank, who of course created the “solution” with their bill.

                      For Wisconsin I looked at it, and the difference is people have no clue what the definition of shortfall is, and it is no where near synonymous with deficit.

                      In Kansas the deficit started with Kathleen Sebelius, she never settled it because Barrack tapped her for HHS. So it actually began with her after the recession, then came Mark Perkinson who obviously didn’t fix it, and now there’s Brownback. Or are you suggesting that Perkinson completely fixed that?

                    • reeaaallllyyyyyy?

                      well when he specifically focuses and talks about doing things for certain segments of the population that divides people. he the the president. he is supposed to work for every american. not african american boys. not illegal aliens. AMERICANS. all of them.

                    • Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop

                      Wow, you sound like a true American. Your words… “America is conquered” Hmmm, who is America conquered by? Do you live in America? If so, maybe you might think about moving to Iran or some place you will feel more at home and free.

                    • Ebony

                      Who conquered America?

                    • USMC71

                      The Liberal Left is doing that now.

                    • Ebony

                      Uhhh ok

                    • USMC71

                      Just because we are better in some areas than other nations does not mean we should accept mediocrity. That is a morally relativistic sliding scale of virtue – i.e., we are virtuous compared to Pakistan, et al.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      Those who wish to see nation states dissolved.

                    • will201966

                      Dave seek some mental because all the bullshit you just said was exactly that bullshit.

                    • will201966

                      Sick mind.

                    • reeaaallllyyyyyy?


                    • Stew DeCrabbe

                      Pay no attention to that misinformed idiot. He is just trying to slam out great President, that brought us back from the abyss of the George W. Bush administration! The market fell to 7000, unemployment was at 18%, The dollar had fallen, all over the World and we were stuck in a false war with Iran that we had no business in, that cost us 5000 US lives and tens of thousands of civilian lives. A war that was so wrong, that Bush and Cheney are known as war Criminals, around the World. He can’t admit that he backed a complete loser, so he tries to throw up a phoney smokescreen— and out and out lie about our President. Some people never can accept that they are wrong. These are the people that have nothing else t do with their miserable life, that to throw out lies! Don’t play into his silly game!

                    • USMC71

                      I serve our military full time, Princess. Don’t pretend to lecture someone who reads outside the mainstream media.The military you inject into the discussion hates Obama, too: just witness the types of receptions George Bush received versus those your Prince received. I don’t give a rat’s nose what “the rest of the world” thinks about the USA – which is exactly why Obama is a failure: he has no moral bearing or compass to make his won decisions but is a mere puppet of the Left’s Plantation Owners.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      I see the ignorant rhetoric has made it’s way to the soapbox.

                    • USMC71

                      Do you not see the Blacks in cities across the nation that mock Obama for his pretenses top get elected and his utter failure to work with a Congress to even produce a single budget during his first term and the first half of his second? As for Obama being Black, he certainly acts much like the White liberal fat cats Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, the Clintons, et al.
                      I saw a photoshop of Obama with a White complexion and I did not like him any better that way, either.

                    • Laan Smaillwi

                      Some people like him, some people don’t. Divided, see? Divided.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      so that means your mind that because some like him and some dont, he is a divider? i dont like brussell sprouts does that mean brussell sprouts is a divider?

                    • Laan Smaillwi

                      Nobody likes brussels sprouts. Some people pretend to like them just to appear more mature and sophisticated but in fact everybody hates the evil little green brassicas.

                    • Mike Pellet

                      When obammy says stuff like if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.

                      When obammy’s wife says things like “black girls rock”.

                      When obammy talks about hate crimes when a white hurts a black person. And then does nothing about the “knockout game” in which blacks assault (usually older) white people for sport.

                      When obammy goes to Al Sharpton (one of the worst racists in the country) for consultation.

                      That’s how he divides the country. His lies, and total lack of diplomatic skills, and economic failures are crushing this country, but that wasn’t your question.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Actually the knock out game was not rampant as ignorant folks like you think, and it was not only happening to white people, but black people as well and yes it is true white kids were doing teh knock out game as well, to other white people and black people as well. thats not a hate crime, that is assault. But then again you have nothing but your hate, that is why you come at me with some BS. And if Trevyon was his son, he would look like Obama, its called being empathetic, you do know what that word means, dont you. If you dont, the internet does have a dictionary on it.

                    • kizz

                      Looks like someone should take their own advice. Whack Job much?

                    • thomasbone63

                      This is no grammar study, you understood what he had to say. If you have nothing to contribute, then you shut the fuk up.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      If you don’t like freedom of speech there’s always Liberia.

                    • thomasbone63

                      That had nothing to do with freedom of speech, that was just showing your stupidity.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Do you even understand what freedom of speech is? You don’t have a right to not be offended you moron.

                    • thomasbone63

                      I will get down to your level “Your mother is a moron”

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      How is that my level, I haven’t insulted any innocent people who aren’t involved in this conversation. You’re a pathetic loser who can’t even begin to debate or defend your opinions. Sorry but telling people to shut the f up, playing the race card, and hurling”yo momma” insults isn’t going to work. You’ve lost the conversation/debate/argument we had below, and you have to accept that sometimes you just might be wrong. Being black isn’t an excuse for your ignorance so stop insulting all of that black American who aren’t morons like yourself. Now how about you address the replies I sent you on your playing of the race card, and ignorance to real American and world history.

                    • Stew DeCrabbe

                      I went back and read your post and i found your comments just as insulting as any of the others—so, get off your high horse and quit the “holier than thou” attitude!

                    • will201966

                      Playing the dozens, damn, you went deep.

                    • thomasbone63

                      I’m from old school. When the idiot started name calling all bets was off. I wanted to get his attention and I did.

                    • mike

                      you cannot offend blacks. they are stupid.

                    • bunny2bad

                      What you said is on indictment against your own white people, you see intelligent people think and act intelligent, ( That”s how it should be ) but they demonstrated that they too are stupid, they voted for a stupid black man to be their leader. You see the majority needed for Obama to win was white people, Now after you have done the maths. you will have to explain who was stupid, the blacks or the whites. I will await your rationalization but not with bated breath.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Actually moron fgreedom of speech means he has every right to be offended, that is why they call it “Freedom of Speech”

                    • Mindless Gits

                      If you don’t like blacks speaking their minds, there’s always Poland or Austria.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      So can you prove or offer evidence that says I don’t like anyone speaking their minds? I’m the one that’s been attacked for speaking against the majority on this site, not the other way around. I don’t mind black Americans exposing how ignorant, and racist they are…..

                    • bunny2bad

                      Ignorance and racism that you suffer from is contagious.

                    • Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop

                      Love it! I agree with you telling Nobama to STFU! I second that!

                    • olvia

                      that’s also incorrect, the correct word you SHOULD have used is ” speak “. and you’re welcome

                    • will201966

                      You knew what was meant, dummy.

                    • Stew DeCrabbe

                      The ONLY divider in the US, is and always is–The white man! He divided the races AND the sexes! I am a white woman and it is TRUE!

                    • David Harscheid

                      NOBAMA: You ain’t so smart either. “talk correctly” Spoken with either spelling the word divider sounds the same. (I teach speech.)

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      So i am dummy because i had a typo, guess spelling Nazi, Eistein was a bad speller also, is he also a dummy? Again how has Obama divided anyone, can you explain that dummy?

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Because he lies and uses race as a political division. He is currently race baiting the 2nd amendment along with most of the news media. How can you not see that? Look at every time Obama has opened his mouth about a race baited topic in the media, he instantly assumes racism. He’s even admitted in one of his books he would do this and sees nothing wrong with it. The whole “crack a few eggs” approach embraced in communist circles around the world.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      When something is true, you only make it worse by ignoring it, that is the problem with this country now. People dont want to acknowledge the dirt Europeans did to get this country, when people liek you try to ignore all of American history you make the problems worse. Even know with what is going on in the Middle East and Israel, we dont acknowledge hwo Israel stole the land from Palistinians, also people like you wont acknowledge what we did to the Iranian people in the 50s to cause them to hate our government. You are a idiot you come with know objective facts, everything you say is all subjective and is based on nothing but your personal feelings and any time you want to have a history debate, i am here and waiting. So bring it.

                    • momcubed

                      Israel did not steal the land from the Palistinians. They bought the land legally as they began to migrate back to the Middle East. Palistine was part of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and then was a British Colony. There was not a Palistinian state.

                    • bunny2bad

                      Where the hell did you get your history from? Its either you are stupid or just plain ignorant. or both. I refuse to call you a moron, it would have no meaning, because that’s who you are,

                    • momcubed

                      See my response to FEDUPAmerican1.

                    • USMC71

                      Please document when Palestine was ever regarded as a “state” by the UN.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      No they did not, they stole land and you can tell that fairy tale to some one else, because this guy aint buying it. They stole land from people who were lving there before them, in fact they are squatters.

                    • momcubed

                      bunny2bad, What is with the name calling? Good grief. I thought I was having a discussion with adults. I learned history from reading historical documents, text books, and my very liberal college history professor. I am a college graduate. Do a little research and you will see that the Jews began buying land after the English took Palestine over from the Ottoman Turks. They bought the land, in area that was deemed worthless, from Arabs. Do a little research before you go flying off the handle.

                    • Stew DeCrabbe

                      I suggest you do the same! The Jews were relocated there in 1948! The land was TAKEN from the Arabs! No way you can change that fact!

                    • feenix219

                      Land that was in shambles and NOT being used, other then a couple Arab squatters! Smh. You have no sense of history, troll.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Even the Romans called the most of what was Judeah Palistine, but hey you dont believe me, find a map pre-1948 that says Israel, that should solve this.

                    • momcubed

                      The Romans conquered the Jews. The Jews were there before the Romans. What the Romans named the occupied land does not change the fact that both Arabs and Jews have a legitimate claim to the land.

                    • Stew DeCrabbe

                      When you lose land in a War that has a thousand years ago, you cant come back and claim it. If they did, A Native American owns the land your house is on!!! The Jews were RELOCATED to that land, THAT BELONGED TO THE PALISTINIAN ARABS. the Arabs were run off the land and given to the JEWS–they never fought for it–it was awarded to them, by people that had no business doing so. READ A BOOK< INSTEAD OF WATCHING FOX NEWS!

                    • USMC71

                      There has NEVER been a Palestinian state. They were squatters left there as bargaining chips.

                    • USMC71

                      Read up on what happened in Jerusalem in 68-70 AD,

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Dont need to read up on anything, unlike you i know history. Oh and i dont play moving the gold post, you said there was no such place as Palistine i simply mentioned that Rome called the area Palistine and it was called that up until 1948, those are the facts.

                    • USMC71

                      How about offering me, then, what diagnostic instruments you would employ to separate fact from fiction in a historical narrative?

                    • USMC71

                      Since you are an accomplished ‘historian,’ please enlighten us as to how you would determine the difference between revisionist history and factual history in separate books offering conflicting observations or conclusions about an event (or none) in the past.
                      I am ready to offer the same instrumental means as soon as you do: my response is already at hand.

                    • Stew DeCrabbe

                      Yes they did steal the land too! It was taken from the Arabs in 19948, as a place to relocate the Jews that were imprisoned in the camps! How little you know!

                    • momcubed

                      There has been a continous Jewish area since the diaspora. In 1800 Ottoman Palestine had a population of 250,000 and in 1900 it had a population of 500,000. The region was sparsely populated up until the turn of the twentieth century when Jews from all over the world slowly began to buy undesired land from Arab landlords. The Ottomans went so far as to limit the sale of arable land to Jews. The Jews took land that was thought to be unfarmable and turned it into arable land. The British then came up with the British Mandate for Palestine. The British, empowered by the League of Nations, was resposible for determining boundaries after the Ottomans were defeated in World War I. The land was divided 75% to the Muslims in the area and formed the country Jordan (then known as Transjordan.) 25% was allocated for a Jewish homeland. The French Mandate was responsible for creating the countries of Syria and Lebanon. When Jews around the world heard of the establishment of a Jewish homeland by the League of Nations in 1917, immigration increased rapidly. I would encourage you to look up The Balfour Declaration as well. There had never been an establishment of an Arab Palestinian state. The countries of Transjordan, Syria, and Egypt actively encouraged their citizens to move to the area to be set aside for the Jewish homeland in order to limit Jews the ability to establish their own state. Once the Jewish state was establish in the latter part of the 1940s, those countries refused to allow those peoples to immigrate back into those countries and this is the orgin of the Palestinian refugee problem. I am not writing this to be hateful or rude, just to present facts in order to eliminate ignorance on this subject.

                    • feenix219

                      Very good post, a rare voice of reason.

                    • Jose Quishpe

                      Yes, Obama this, Obama that. Just accept the fact that Barack Obama is the best president our country’s had. The facts don’t lie. Republicans do, and they know it. And race does not count.

                    • Stew DeCrabbe

                      AMEN JOSE!!!!

                    • USMC71

                      Wait until your food stamps run out and you have to start looking for work.

                    • reeaaallllyyyyyy?

                      Please list the wonderful things he has done for us all?

                    • tweets2u

                      u will find out soon enough.

                    • will201966

                      Where are the white women?

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      So basically you dont know, you just heard a right wing nut case say it, so it must be true. You are a complete idiot.

                    • bunny2bad

                      He had the audacity to challenge and defeat the two white hope and convince white people to vote for him, and they did, so after examining both contenders, they saw that they had fallen short of what was needed to get America moving ahead, they all saw what the white genius Georgie Bush did. he ignore the information given by the Clinton administration national advisor,to Ms Rice who lied to Congress. and Bush Ignore the information given to him directly by Bill Clinton in his final briefing before leaving office, that the greatest threat to the United States was Al Qaeda, But Bush and his crones had already decided at the historic St Louis Republican meeting while Clinton was in Office and George had received the right wing endorsement, in what is known as the St Louis manifesto that they would invade Irac, to keep the Russians from accessing the Oilfield in on agreement signed between Putin and Saddam for Russia to develop the Oil field when the UN sanction was lifted. YOU did not know about these things, did you? no you did’ was fixated on how to keep the black guys down, losing so much sleep, and going bald to boot.

                    • USMC71

                      Is this the same Clinton that refused to take possession of Osama Bin Laden when he was offered up by Pakistan during the 90’s?

                    • will201966

                      They can’t give you one reason how they think President Obama is a divider. The one that are saying this don’t even know a black person.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      Every chance he gets. Actually if it wasn’t for your öld white GOP fogies you wouldn’t have a civil rights bill or have had slavery abolished.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      All hale the mighty white man, you are the very deffinition of a fool. If it was not for old black men, this country would not be as wealthy as it is now. Seeing how America skipped all the growing pains of begining economy. But then again you are a white man so you feel its due to you. Still have not given one example of how he has divided anyone and i doubt you will.

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      *Hail* but anyways. Old black men? I’m sorry but Medicaid and Social Security does not make America great.
                      This has to be the most asinine thing I’ve read in months if not a full year: “Seeing how America skipped all the growing pains of begining economy.” Huge derp and a half.

                      My god weighing in on police issues only to do with black people, and worst of all insinuating guilt before the evidence has even been gathered. The pie is always all over his face when it does and Zimmerman and Darren Wilson were cleared. It brings joy to my heart when their tribal dividing tactics backfire.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      What, you are happy that two socio pathic men got off on murder, dude you are the problem. You are exactly what alot of black men claim, a sociopathic white genocidal maniac. But hey by your reckoning, OJ Simpson got off, so he must have been innocent, is that right?

                    • Nathan Robinson

                      I’m sorry I had no idea you were a certified psychiatrist. Secondly, both were justifiable homicide garnered from testimony, physical and forensic evidence, and protocols. The one that just happened was unjustified, and the cop was rightly charged.
                      OJ is a celebrity, they get off with things you, I, or that funny looking guy you passed on the street could never hope to. It’s not an apples to apples comparison there.

                    • thomasbone63

                      White people are the ones who killed thousands of Jews, hung thousands of Blacks, destroyed thousands of Native Americans besides stealing their land, so don’t dare talk about manipulated people in the U.S.A.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      P.S. I’m come from a Germanic and Ashkenazi ancestry. None of my American ancestors owned slaves, but they did get to die in wars to supposedly end slavery, plus they got to watch the cities they built in the U.S.A over ran and destroyed by your people during the “great migration” only to have the U.S. government walk all over them, take their property, change their street names, tell them they can’t speak their native language, and then send them off to another war to fight in their motherland and return to be outcast for generations. You don’t know that history because my people don’t use it as a crutch…

                    • BRO TO ALL


                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Prove how I’ve been a bigot. What by giving all people of all races the same equal treatment? Speak with a different TONGUE? We both speak English and you still can’t comprehend what I’m telling these fools. Are you suggesting all white people are responsible for the actions of a few? In that case black people owe the world! Matter fact black people are convinced they’re the first on the planet. Means they were the first to do bad. I can mention all of the slavery, murder, genocide, etc black people have been involved with on this planet, so does every black person bare the guilt of these deeds? Stop being a victim…

                    • will201966

                      Jesus was black.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      I’m no a Christian but all scientific evidence proves your claim to be wrong and a story promoted by white atheist, and racist/ignorant black Americans. Lay out why Jesus was black, I’ll explain to you why you’re wrong. P.S. I’d feel the same about Jesus, or as I call him ‘Yeshua’ no matter what race he was, can you say the same thing?

                    • Username

                      Ok let me say this to you first. You are an Idiot. Second I love how white people are so quick the throw out the phrase racist black, and yet do not know the definition of the word. You have yet to say anything that could be proven, only things that have been said buy venom spewing nut. Either show some actual facts or stop trolling

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      So first you insult me…. You have offered no arguments against anything I’ve written only name calling and false accusations. You are a very weak minded person and have no real abilities to debate the topic at hand. Now go back into your bubble where people will pat you on the head and tell you how great you are….

                    • reeaaallllyyyyyy?

                      Are you another black people “can’t be racist” lunatics?

                    • bunny2bad

                      The Canaanite woman, the daughter inlaw of Judah whom he got pregnant was a descendant of Canaan who was the son of Ham, who was Father of the black race through his son Cush, Judah was a progenitor of Jesus Christ. Miriam and her brother Aron was punished by God for attacking Moses wife because she was black. As far as I am concern Jesus Christ was a Jew, but not with the color of Jewish Ashkenazim.. Jews who lived in Europe became white from inter marrying with Europeans. compare to the Sheppardi who remain in the middle east and resemble their cousins the Arabs. and who is discriminated against in Israel by their Ashkenazim brothers because of their darker color.

                    • Stew DeCrabbe

                      Why does it matter?? If he was green, with antenna, He was still Christ and we need to follow his message of love!

                    • bunny2bad

                      It is you white people who develop the evolutionist idea into a fact that there is no God, and that people both black and white evolved from monkey in Africa and as the white decendants of said monkeys start to walk upright they migrate to Europe

                    • reeaaallllyyyyyy?

                      So when was the world created? Do you also believe in magic?

                    • Stew DeCrabbe

                      NO, not all white people are responsible for slavery. Even blacks helped capture slaves, to bring to America–but you have to admit that slavery is wrong. Its a black spot on America. It is not or never was right! But we need to make things better, between the races and stop fighting! When both sides can admit that there is more than enough blame to go around. We need to find the common ground that we ALL are Americans and we ALL have the SAME rights! NO ONE IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER! We all need to listen to the other person and learn from them. whether it is race of sex or religion, we must learn to accept each other and QUIT BLAMING PEOPLE FOR THE SINS OF OUR FATHERS! But we must also take responsibility for the way we treat each other, today. This has been a very mean spirited discussion. Instead of placing blame–we need to find common ground. I can see that this infighting is getting worse,each year. We are all Americans and if we dont start acting like that, we are doomed to be taKen over!

                    • Stew DeCrabbe

                      People like him will NEVER admit that they are wrong!

                    • You don’t know squat about history! Your German ancestors learned their genocidal ways in Africa eliminating the Herero and Namaqua peoples.
                      Ashkenazim have creates a color based hierarchy in Israel with them on the top and Ethiopean Jews on the bottom

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Cry me a river?

                    • tweets2u

                      yes you all whine and cry over everything, kill each other on the streets everyday and abort all your children,etc.etc.etc.

                    • will201966

                      Where are all the white women?

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Who? Who is you all?

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      she does not know.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Do you? What is it that you know?

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      I know enough to keep my mouth shut and learn when some one speaking about something i dont understand or have not learned. But you want some examples, i know Egypt was not a civilization created by Asiatics, or Caucasions, i know the first people who walked this earth were not white, did not have long blonde hair and blue eyes. I know that there are black jews, i know that one time what we call Southern Middle East was ruled by blacks from Ethiopia, Punt or Cush, and i know the people of that area do indeed have black ancestry in them. But what i dont know and i am starting to figure out is this, one should never feed trolls like you.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      gee thats funny, because i am sure the first woman to receive a legal abortion here in America was a white woman. Oh and tweets2u guess what abortions are nothing new, they were going on long before there was a America, long before.

                    • Stew DeCrabbe


                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      no the idiot here would be you.

                    • USMC71

                      “Thousands of Blacks” were not hung…except, perhaps, in Africa where their fellow Africans captured and sold them into slavery.

                    • Define2

                      Over 4,000 were hung…where have you been?

                    • USMC71

                      Give me multiple sources…and not from Wikipedia. (I have not been in a PC-driven Government classroom, I can tell you.)

                    • Define2

                      Look it up yourself…

                    • The Truth Personified

                      Its a proven fact that more White people kill White people, Asian kill Asians and so on an so forth. That is not a good argument. However, the better argument is that if a Black person kills another Black person, or anyone else they are arrested. But when a Black person is killed by a person of another race, chances are that person is not arrested. Better argument and proven by facts.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      That’s a complete lie, when a black person is killed by a white person who was defending themselves against that black person it is race baited and needs national media coverage. Out of all races in the U.S. black people commit the most violent crimes not only against themselves but against other races, that’s a fact. Black people are more likely to commit a crime against someone outside of their race higher then any other race and poverty plays no role in this violence and criminal behavior.

                    • nubiagirl

                      You are misinformed. In the US, whites commit more crimes than any other race. This just does not get as much media coverage,so we don’t know it. And unfortunately Blacks commit more crimes against other Blacks than against whites. In addition, no white person who has killed a Black person has ever been executed for his crime, whereas plenty of Blacks who have killed whites, or who have been accused of it (whether guilty or innocent) have been executed for it.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Please read all of this and consider what I’m saying/writing. Whites make up the majority, yet more black people commit VIOLENT crimes. Yes a people who make up 60 to 70 % of the nations have more petty criminal charges, but when it comes to theft, sexual assault. and violent crime black people reign supreme. Yes all races tend to commit most of their crimes such as theft, sexual assault, and violent crimes against people of their own race. BUT! It is black American who cross that racial line more then all other races in the U.S.. THOSE ARE FACTS BACKED UP WITH NUMBERS! You’ll find far more blacks targeting people outside their race then Hispanics, native Americans, Whites, and Asians. I don’t tell the truth to degrade black people, I’m telling the truth because someone needs to. Black America needs to snap out of it. Sure all races of America has embraced a horrible culture at some level, but black people are spear heading the trash culture. Black people are being used by people who want to weaken all of the U.S. population. A people heavily influenced by drums and rhythm constantly playing music full of degrading, violent, lustful, evil lyrics. First thing black America should do is stop watching BET, “Realty TV” shows with trashy black people, and reject “thug culture”…. If I was a evil white racist I wouldn’t tell you that, I’d keep voting republicans and watch your people commit suicide through abortions and a broken culture.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      you have not said one factual thing, not one. so what are we suppose to look up?

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      You have not proven anything I’ve said/typed to not be true. What is it that you can’t admit, or accept? Don’t pester me, come out and expose your bias and denial.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Because you have not said anything factual, so how i am going to disprove what cannot be proven as facts? So you tell me where shall i start, in the land that ignorant people like you reside in?

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Sounds like a bull crap excuse, and deflection to me. Have fun in your own world….

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      as i said say something factual and i will be more than happy to debate you. Thats all you got to do, say something factual. should not be to hard.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      If what I’ve said isn’t facts you should be able to easily prove me wrong and win the debate. Just keep lying to yourself then…

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      I meant to write democrat and not republican in my last reply not that it makes much difference anymore….I fixed that error..

                    • Nikita

                      Yup, blks arent “more violent” only more targeted by authority.

                    • bunny2bad

                      In the history of the united states of America no one was ever given the death sentence for lynching a black man. In many case when a black was to be lynch in the South there would be a special train running from Atlanta like a picnic. after the Killing, white people would have their picture taken because the hanging corpse. you are Americans know your history, I am a Jamaican Canadian and know yours.

                    • Define2

                      Look how extreme the crime had to be before they are punished. Tie a human being on the back of a truck and rip his body to pieces while he is still alive. Monstrous…

                    • Define2

                      They are not always defending themselves. They lie and claim they are in fear of their life too…everyone automatically believes them because they are white. The only witness is dead.

                    • thomasbone63

                      Because people like you continue to throw race in black peoples face.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      LOL! You’re pathetic.

                    • Jim

                      You are insane. White people were able to hate their black slaves and have sex with them at the same time. They then went to church to condemn adultery and fornication. You are one of the most naive people on this planet. Remember a white person killing six to ten million other White people in the Halocaust? You are stupid beyond all the people in your trailer park! lolo***l. And I’m WHITE!! lolol

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      White slaves were raped all the time in Africa, and when the Moors invaded Europe with help from black/Negroid soldiers so what’s your point? Hey you owe me because your people raped and enslaved mine! Matter of fact when my people immigrated into the U.S. they never owned any slaves, but got to die in wars that freed the slaves. Then my people had their neighborhoods destroyed in the great migration. Remember when my Germanic American people had to stop using their language, have their property stolen and then have southern blacks poured into their communities bringing crime and a warped culture? P.S. It’s spelled “holocaust”, not “halocaust”. White people were killed in the Holocaust, and white people died fighting to end the Holocaust. I know because some of my ancestors died because of the Holocaust. You’re a white guilt, self loathing moron, try looking into some real world history or simply kill yourself.

                    • Flawed~Perfection

                      why are you even here?

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Because I can, and you have to deal with that. I think you just hate that I’m making you face the truth and not play the role of a victim…

                    • Flawed~Perfection

                      lol..ok…keep on believing

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Nothing to say about my other reply to you huh? LOL!

                    • Flawed~Perfection

                      LOL.. it’s just that don’t give a crap…clearly I moved on…2days ago hun 🙂 nite

                    • tweets2u

                      How about the Irish, they actually were the first slaves here, you do not hear them cry about it.

                    • Define2

                      They were indentured servants. They worked to pay off their passage to America and then they were free and able to participate in the American dream without racism just like any other white person. What is there to complain about?

                    • reeaaallllyyyyyy?

                      did you just say without racism? im glad you walked in their shoes and know what they dealt with. they suffered tons of racism you dolt.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      I will take over from where she stopped and trust me you had better come with facts, not some illogical bullpucky. Lets dance tinkerball.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      You’ll get your feelings hurt, or just deny all you don’t want to admit.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Well come on hurt my feelings, but some how i think you will be the one whose feelings will be hurt, or you will be the one dennying, not me because i live in a little land i like to call reality.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      P.S. it’s “Tinkerbell”, not Tinkerball….. Fine, let me make an a ss out of you.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      what truth, you have not said one factuall statement?

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Says you, have you proved me to be wrong in any of my comments?…Nope. Just because you don’t want to accept reality doesn’t mean it’s no longer real.

                    • Flawed~Perfection


                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Answer me this time! They erased my reply. I’ll make another, and another, and another if I must. First off I’m not Jewish. With that said good job exposing how much of a ignorant bigot you are. Why should anyone care about your cries of being a victim if you can’t do the same for others? You can’t have sympathy for others outside your race? How about some black guilt for what your people did to white people in their native European lands when black Africans teamed up with Arab and Berber Muslims, and Sephardic Jews(Moors)? Or some guilt for the whites who never owned slaves and even have ancestors who died fighting to end slavery? As you wrote you don’t care about what happened to Jews decades ago so why care what happened to blacks in America decades, or hundreds of years ago? Matter of fact lets worry about today and that means focusing on all the black on white hate crimes, and violent crimes committed by black Americans. Poverty is no excuse seeming you’ll say more white people are on welfare then black people yet violent crimes aren’t as high in lower income white neighborhoods. The past can’t be a excuse, shouldn’t black people understand why racism and hate crimes are bad? So YES lets stop dwelling on the past and be honest about the present!

                    • Derrick Thompson

                      News flash for you. You keep referring to the Moors as Sephardic Jews. The Moors were Black! The word Moor is latin for dark skin. This isn’t even in dispute anymore as everything from artifacts, writings of the day IE Othello and other findings of the era clearly show beyond any doubt that the Moors were and are Black.

                    • tweets2u

                      NO WAY, YOUR RACE IS COMPILED OF HATE.

                    • Flawed~Perfection


                    • Flawed~Perfection


                    • Steve


                    • reeaaallllyyyyyy?

                      do you think you are owed something? move on. nobody owes you anything just like nobody owes me anything. your life is only what YOU make it. dont complain or blame others

                    • KeepitOneHunnid:)

                      reeeeeelllllyyyyyy???….hoe this post is 2months old……GET YOUR LIFE YOU BORED PUNTA……ALL LATE AND SHIT..LMAO….SHUT THE HELL UP..LOL

                    • reeaaallllyyyyyy?

                      ignorant ghetto trash bag hoorat

                    • KeepitOneHunnid:)

                      LIKE WISE WET BACK:)

                    • will201966

                      They were probably asking, where are all the white women?

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Why would they ask that when they were torturing, enslaving, and raping the white women?..What you mentioned is a line from some black male who was on a ship full of white men correct? It’s a reasonable question from a tribal black African. They always brought women when they migrated and explored on foot in case they found a better location. They couldn’t comprehend the ease and mode of travel the white Europeans ship riders had. Even the ancestors of the Hawaiians,/Samoans who traveled by sea on primitive rafts brought so many women per men when voyaging and exploring. White Europeans had the ability, and luxury of traveling great distances by ship, or caravan with knowledge that odds where highly likely that they would and could return to Europe.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Hey Idiot do you know the Moore was shorten from Blackamore, so they were Negros.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      So you believe it was evil black males who commit the raping, stealing, and enslavement committed by the Moors? So black people owe white Europeans for what the Moors did, thanks…..

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Yep u sure are a idiot, and i bet you will say i am not racist. But more important i want to debate your historical facts, so come on spout those ignorant facts that you were spouting the other day so i can tear you up. As far as blacks owing whites anything, i would say whites like you have been paid in full several hundred times over.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Yelp so blacks owe whites for raping white children and women, enslaving white people, stealing from white people, and teaching white people their evil black ways……. It’s time you check your black privilege in this world and make up for the evil of your black ancestors you black devil…..

                    • phylysophys

                      I agree!!

                    • phylysophys

                      if you want to end racism, stop making
                      everything about race. – Morgan Freeman

                    • will201966

                      You must be afraid of black people.

                    • thomasbone63

                      You are so fuked up. You racist bastard have no idea about (as you say) black people. Talk about things you know.

                    • Every race is the number one murderer of their race. Black on black crime just gets more attention. But you usually see whites killing whites, Hispanics killing other Hispanics, etc…think about it.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      When it comes to violent crimes, and theft committed by one race onto another race black on white crime has the highest rate. 13% of the population has the highest rate of crimes committed against a people outside of their race. Many of these crimes are hate crimes, but these charges are never pursued.

                    • BadKitty

                      Way to generalize.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Can you prove me wrong? I know you can’t but please feel free to try…

                    • BadKitty

                      I didn’t say you were “wrong.” I said you were generalizing.
                      You threw in a statistic (which, according to the FBI Crime Report, is 14%, not 13%) and then made a huge sweeping generalization about hate crimes, without any supporting evidence.

                    • bunny2bad

                      What has been your contribution to this problem, Now that you have finally gotten this observation off your conscience, are you now at peace. or do you still hate them.? remember you have on option. you can exterminate us or enslave us, you have been doing so for centuries, the thought have never wondered far from your mind, like the final solution, wish you luck.

                    • Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop

                      You think you know so much about Black people and what Black people do. Get some real education about the true history that was stolen and why Black people think and feel as they do before you make idiodic, asinine comments about things you know nothing about.

                    • will201966

                      You sure think that you know a lot about black folks.

                    • will201966

                      You people kill more than we do. You go to elementary schools and movie theaters and blast everything in sight. Sandy Hook and Aurora, Colo.

                    • man of war

                      Maybe you are not aware are just stupid every race is the number one killer of it’s own, not just black but white, yellow, green, orange, purple whatever race you see are imagine kills more of there own than another race. Propaganda and ignorance lead people like you to believe differently.

                    • Mills

                      Thank for the simple truth. One only has to have eyes to see and ears to hear. My fellow Blacks are a constant disappointment.

                    • Nobama

                      The one and only worst Black President ever….. 8 Years of lies, freebies and more taxes to help pay for the freebies.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      so you have nothing you ignorant mornonic exenophobe thanks for playing.

                    • Hypnotized Minds

                      Name calling? LOL!

                    • NoTime4Bimbos

                      Now, “pray tell” tell us all why you decided to bring up our POTUS? Please learn to read and comprehend, “Michelle Obama Still The First Black First Lady?, etc. Now what on earth does that have to do with Obama? Huh? Give it a rest. We can tell that you hate that he’s in office (twice by the way). Now get over it. Move on. Stay on topic. Not a darn thing that you (or anyone else) can do about it. It’s history. Case closed.

                    • kizz

                      So sad how your people’s mind work. So, so, so, SAD!

                    • thomasbone63

                      Whether you like it or not the President will go down as one of the greatest Presidents in history.

                    • Historian2

                      Obama is not the first black president! Remember the one drop of Negro blood rule idiot? Taft, Jackson, etc. Also, Lincoln’s mother was of Ethiopian descent!

                    • Git Picker


                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      you have not asked anything so how can i answer?

                    • bunny2bad

                      Beating two powerful white guys in the process, replacing one white guy who wasted trillions of dollars and thousand of American soldiers dead and wounded, plus allied soldiers and thousands of innocent Ira c people, which in turn bread ISIS.And in the process of bringing the USA and the rest of world down to its knees, with the entire republican party swear to do every thing in their power even to destroy the country in the process of making his life hell on earth. demonstrating the extreme range of hate for the color of his skin. so much for the superiority of the white race.

                    • USMC71

                      …and with only 12% of the population (i.e., African American/Black)?

                    • NoTime4Bimbos

                      Oh boy here we go again. Let it rest already. It’s gotten beyond boring. Now it’s just plain ignorant and irritating.

                    • thomasbone63

                      Hey Gordon, why is the President such a great divider? Could it be because he’s a powerful black man? Is this why you fear blacks with power? Tell me Gordon, what’s your problem?

                    • tweets2u

                      He is a skinny little biracial person.that takes
                      vacations and plays golf.

                    • thomasbone63

                      Tweets2u, are you telling me you never take vacation? You silly twit. When he’s on vacation he’s still on the job. The follows him 24/7. Don’t come on a public site sounding so simple and ignorant The skinny little biracial person has more brains in his tiny toe then you have in your whole existence.

                    • will201966

                      You need some black dik.

                    • RonnL

                      Ha how ridiculous. Barack Obama’s mother is white , father is black. Yet somehow white racist and black racist on both sides say he is just black. Whose doing the dividing Obama or the racially biased?

                    • tracy

                      Obamas mother was not 100% percent white , she had African dna which has been proven. But his dad was 100% black African. People need to remember that black and African is not the same thing. Even though black includeds African. Black has become and ethnic group.

                    • will201966

                      Obama can’t make make you racist, you got that from your parents. Please tell me when this country was ever united.

                    • will201966

                      So I guess President Obama made you a racist and bigot.

                    • will201966

                      What has he divided? You probably don’t even know a black person.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      Why is that because he won?

                  • roblamberti1

                    What are you babbling about?

                  • Raven Rayne Winter

                    Yes, because more violence on top of the already existing violence seems to be a great solution. ~smh~

                  • Joel Marcos Gallegos

                    Anarchism and communism are two different political ideologies. Also, many Black and anti-colonial revolutionaries were Communists.

                • hollyw

                  Don’t come on here patronizing. Let’s you stop being threatened every time black people acknowledge and find pride in the black ancestry and culture that wasn’t completely obliterated by the white people who forcefully brought them over here. If you actually knew any of the artists’ music you just tried using to squash this dialogue, you’d see how ignorant your comment is.

                • cubanflowers

                  who cares.?….. AMERICANS do….. and i have noticed that whenever somebody goes.. a black person did this or that… MANY pink americans… *and those who love them* try the best to debunk the information….

                  americans are comfortable only with acknowledging .. the sports and music contributions of the blacks… . oh.. and martin luther king… nothing more….

                  i hope you enjoyed listening to the music contributions of marvin and curtis…..

                  be blessed

                • Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop

                  Wow, how are you calling yourself a black community leader and you think ignoring educational facts and listening to music is a solution? Black historical contributions and history has been stolen and covered up for years and the exposing of those facts should be told to everyone. How about telling people while reading and researching this information, do it while listening to Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye. Wouldn’t that make better sense? As for …who cares? You should!

                • USMC71

                  …and Elvis.

                • Angela Ellen-Sotf

                  I agree but we must be paid we are owed. then we can work towards that undivided WORLD you are talking about. YALL GOT BAILOUTS!!!

                • Nathan Robinson

                  It’s far too late for that, divide and conquer politics.

                • kinge

                  Diversity is only needed when the black man is winning, the other way around it is called LAW. Think about it.

                • ALRIGHT NOW,,,TWO DEEP BROTHERS…….

                • Nelson1111

                  It is important because there is so much denial that any mixing took place historically in any “white” person’s background. We do need to get over it but this is how you do it. Other countries and regions have been through this process and it takes a few hundred years of discussion. Look up Spain’s pureza de sangre in the 1500’s.

                • Mills

                  Heh-heh, in other words let’s change the subject? Nice try.

              • aaron armstrong

                You are both a racist and someone that does not understand Karma at all.

                • Alucard_the_last

                  You must mean “You are both racist…”. Don’t throw around karma too much either. Your people have terrible karma. You are 13% of the population yet commit 60% of all murders and also lead in rape, armed robbery, drug dealing and street crime. Why do you think with all the aid and welfare out there and you are still at the bottom. Africans move here and make it without welfare and within one generation. You’re just a lazy, immoral race and you will never progress until you adopt a moral lifestyle and take PERSONAL reasonability for your actions rather then just blaming whites for all of your ills. Michael Brown is in hell and none of your religious leaders will even address his soul.

                  • Guest

                    Wow! Super hater. Statistics can be manipulated to say anything you want them to, and you’re an expert manipulator. African Americans are not at the bottom, they are not lazy or immoral. They are wonderful people with a rich heritage who should be honored and appreciated. My own experience has taught me this but you walk around in the dark with your eyes closed, totally incapable of seeing what is all around you. This article doesn’t blame anyone for anything. You are just clueless.

              • Lillith70

                Who will the socialists kill first if they take over? You have been played. See the Vernon Jarrett 1979 article.

                Affirmative action hasn’t produced much if the country is poised for a race war.

                It needs be done away with and made for need and merit which benefits our country as a whole. Kids of merit and poor parents–that covers many poor.

                Otherwise, why not put your energy into building up your own community into a cooperative positive work force that business will love to tap?

              • sadoul1

                …. I thought we were One? Whatever happened to that notion? We can’t step into the future, if you keep hangin on to the past.

                • momcubed

                  You are right. There are good moral people in every race. There are evil immoral people in every race. It is time to stop generalizing. Every race and ethnicity has been invaded, placed in bondage, and descriminated against. It is called man’s inhumanity to man. We all need to stop playing the victim and be proactive in the betterment of all of our communities. We all need to encourage the development of hard work and personal responsibility in our young people. We need to stop playing to the lowest common denominator, respect all human life, and stop blaming people for things that happened before they were even born or had nothing to do with.

              • Alucard_the_last

                Maybe you can explain why Haiti, with millions in aid, is still in ruins and they are still living in tents, years after their earthquake meanwhile, Japan had a larger earth quake, a tsunami and a nuclear meltdown and WITHOUT AID, is now back to being a functional city. You people are inferior to true civilization. This is NOT sports or vomiting up rap ‘music’. Another thing, don’t hate whites too much. We are the ones keeping you miserable people alive.

                • Chantilli Morris

                  You really could use a dose of culture, and I mean world culture. Please, just travel. Do so with a pair of unbiased eyes and an open heart. Ignorance is also what lays waste to civilization. Don’t be apart of the collective harbinger that has the chance to kill America. Another thing, God is the one keeping me alive. I don’t live on the generosity of anyone other than Him. Everything else is hard work. I avoid welfare so people like you can’t throw that at me. You can also toss in the incredible strain on the US economy.

                  • ConsSthLady

                    The incredible strain on the US economy is caused by the idiots in Washington, D.C. and their out-of-control spending and giving away untold millions to other countries.

                    • FEDUPAmerican1

                      You must be talking about that 00000000.000002 percent we give aide, not talking about the trillions wasted on war machines and looking fo rthe next enemy/

                • ConsSthLady

                  Actually, there are more white people on welfare than blacks. Black people are NOT an inferior race. That’s an evolutionary idea. The whole premise of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was based in the belief that blacks are inferior so they must be less evolved. Nonsense! Intelligence has nothing to do with skin color. I know some really stupid white folks! (I’m white) (Suggested reading: “Darwin’s Plantation: Evolution’s Racist Roots,” by A. Charles Ware and Ken Ham, available on Amazon for a penny.) Personally, I think the first man, Adam, may have been black.

                  • FOL

                    Correct. Collective human DNA samples have been traced all the way back to the “cradle of civilization” region where people would have been anywhere from black to dark middle eastern and Indian in skin color (melanin content).

                    • kbsamurai

                      Race is a societal construct and not a biological one. We are all the same species and we are all most likely Africans (based on what is known, there is some evidence that some who left Africa earlier may still have a bit of Neanderthal DNA in them, 1-2% maybe).

                  • kbsamurai

                    You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not an evolutionary idea, it’s an idea that existed long before Darwin. Darwin’s theory was NOT based on the belief that blacks are inferior. Don’t be so stupid yourself and take your opinion from ad hominem attacks written by creationist extremists like Ken Ham. Of course if you are silly enough to think the story of Adam is real, well there probably isn’t much hope for you.

                    • OneAmericanAmongMany

                      Actually, the book “Origin of the Species” DOES have several paragraphs that indicate Darwin believed blacks were inferior and not as evolved as whites. Read the book for yourself and see.

                  • Newscomments

                    Actually, according to the U.S.Dept.of Commerce, the percentage of Whites and Blacks on welfare are relatively close with Blacks at 39.8% and whites at 38.8%. But there are approximately 11.4 million Americans on welfare (about 4.1% of the pop.). In my opinion many of these people don’t deserve to be on welfare and are just on Welfare because it pays better than minimum wage jobs and there is therefore no incentive to do better for themselves. Heck, why not? That way they can stay at home and play video games, have babies and support their baby daddies. For them it is the “American Dream”.

                  • Katbex2

                    All scientific evidence suggests the human race began in Africa so until proven otherwise I am going to say it is safe to say the first humans were Black. But anyway race is a social construct there is not enough of a genetic difference between humans to place them in categories of race. The only thing race suggests is where your ancestors most likely came from and even then it is dubious at best especially in the melting pot that is North America. I am extremely pale because my ancestors were from Northern Europe and they needed to have lighter skin in order to keep heat in during the harsh winters. Basically that they were crazy enough to live in one of the harshest climates in the world. I’m continuing the tradition by being crazy enough to live in Northern Canada.

              • Robert Colontonio


              • FOL

                To what do you refer with “its ya”ll turn now”?

                Also, how does the number of “shattered noses and lips” among Egyptian mummies indicate race? I’m ignorant to this part of the science.


                • kbsamurai

                  Perhaps they mean statures. It wasn’t uncommon for later rulers to deface monuments of earlier rulers. Monuments back then served highly political roles as there was no newspapers, radios, tvs, etc. it was a form of mass media for them. So those with an agenda have probably put their own incorrect spin on this.

              • MEGAHOMBRE


              • vilseck21

                this makes no sence

              • אַריעל פּרינצעסין


              • Pat Taylor

                True. Photos show all the smashed noses and lips on the statues in above the Sahara Africa. May I suggest the Pyramids?

              • Yodada

                The word BLACK in old english was the same as the word BLEACH (BLAECK), and truly means burning, gleaming, or turning white. The N word that is such a NoNo is actually more true. Similarly to say you are AFRICAN refers to the the roman general, Scipio Africanus, conqueror of the Cartheginians.

              • tweets2u

                screw u.

              • Meh

                Show me the hand unstained by the blood of empire…

              • USMC71

                So, may I ask, what debt were Blacks repaying in their being oppressed earlier by Europeans?

              • Sun Tzu

                Hey look, another dumb black person. That’s why we try to keep you people in school.

              • Nathan Robinson

                You realize Napoleon didn’t shoot them, right?

              • Sivapriya

                The noses are more easily worn than any other part of these statues due to the nature of their structure. Many ancient statues lose their noses, including those in India, on ancient Hindu temples. This is a simple matter of physics. I know white history is filled with lies, but this is not one of them.

            • Don Bosco

              Actually it’s unsubstantiated speculation that Beethoven was white, using your own criteria.

            • Chris

              “That’s why racism is so ridiculous, the racist more than likely is prejudiced against his or her own racial make up.” This is a wonderful sentiment & people should denounce racism.

              However, “many ‘white’ people in america have a good bit of native american” is a fairy story that European Americans like to tell themselves to feel better about the truth. The truth is those pre-1800s Euro-Americans were busy trying to kill off the Native Americans through the spread of disease, failed chattel slavery, war & pure genocide. Too busy to make happy little families together. The great majority of children of European Immigrants & Natives were the result of rape. They were then raised by their Tribal Nations. Likewise with Africans, during the centuries they were enslaved in the Americas & Islands. The off-spring of violent unions were raised by African relatives. Children with noticeable European parentage may have been treated better, but they were still a sub-set of human & kept in servitude.

              Native Americans & Africans were more likely to procreate with each other & procreate willing. Yet, Afro-Americans to this day are greatly denied their Native heritage. Meanwhile, Euro-Americans are to be taken at their word. Yes, South America, & to some extent, the Caribbean Islands are a melting pot of Afro-Natives mixed with European & even Asian. Yes, there are people in North America who are called/identify as “white” who have Native or African heritage (the latter of which they’re not as enthusiastic to claim). However, it is those who are classified as black/brown/African American/Native American/Latino American or come out of those “communites” that are the most likely to have a multi-continental heritage.

              tl;dr Can someone please explain to me – if many “white” people are African or Native, why are the Cenus numbers <15% and <1% respectively? While, some how, Germans supposedly make up the biggest portion of U.S. Americans. I'm pretty sure the African slaves outnumbered their oppressors & there can't have been that many defectors after WWII.

              • barthomew

                It was particularly the Protestants in American that did everything they could to prevent intermarriage with Native Americans and blacks. Note that there was not this viciousness in Canada. Caucasian British conquered the people who lived there with only about 2000 military or Mounties; that’s because they did not take the approach of slaughter and segregation.
                In Iowa, Protestants wanted to force out the Native Americans and did so, contrary to the wishes of Catholic Archbishop Mathias Loras and pioneer priest Samuel Mazzuchelli.

                • Katbex2

                  I don’t know where your getting your information from but the British didn’t conquer the Natives in Canada with 200 military and they definitely didn’t use Mounties who did not exist at the time. Canada has its own set of racial issues. The British were too busy fighting the French in Canada to worry about the Natives. When that cooled down their was massive forced assimilation of the Natives and the occasional outbreaks of complete and utter genocide like what happened on the east coast. Not to mention the giving of pox infected blankets in less of an outright attack.

              • GravitonX

                The vote doesn’t lie. There are far more Blacks in America than white Americans care to acknowledge. Not only did President Obama win by staggering numbers his first time elected, but despite a massive defection of white voters, he won by staggering numbers when re-elected. Whites have grossly overstated their numbers, mainly out of fear of becoming a minority. It’s obvious.

                • Cpt_Justice

                  Are you seriously suggesting that ONLY Blacks voted for him the 2nd time?

                • Nobama

                  BS. Your race class is now #2 in the minorities. The Hispanic race has passed you by. And with your Black Leader signing EOs with no regard to the US Consitution, after 5.1Mil get citizenship your black race is now fearful of losing the low income jobs that blacks can’t even do a good job at. Move over for the Obama Hispanics, they are going to be far more of a hit on you than whites ever were.

                  • Peter

                    Hispanic is not a race.

            • Toobadood

              That’s not Beethoven’s death mask. Check your facts, lady.

              • judith111


            • Marie Evans

              Cool hand Luke,

              I think the article is counting them as black by the definition of the law which claims if you have a drop of black blood in you, you are black. I would think unless you are a new arrival we are a melting pot in America and has been for years.

              I admit that history isn’t my strong point however, what I remember from my readings from college, racism wasn’t like it is today. It was more about class and status.

              If they didn’t eat with someone it had more to do with their status and/or their family occupation than their race.

              • Katbex2

                Don’t be so hard on yourself you seem to have a solid understanding of history which is more then I can say for most people. Slavery itself evolved from serfdom which was basically a way for the rich to enslave the poor people regardless of colour. Most of the time it was white people enslaving white people, black people enslaving black people etc. It wasn’t really until colonization got up and running that it really became about race.

            • Marie Evans

              Cool hand Luke,

              I think the article is counting them as black by the definition of the law which claims if you have a drop of black blood in you, you are black. I would think unless you are a new arrival we are a melting pot in America and has been for years.

              I admit that history isn’t my strong point however, what I remember from my readings from college, racism wasn’t like it is today. It was more about class and status.

              If they didn’t eat with someone it had more to do with their status and/or their family occupation than their race.

            • Marie Evans

              Cool hand Luke,

              I think the article is counting them as black by the definition of the law which claims if you have a drop of black blood in you, you are black. I would think unless you are a new arrival we are a melting pot in America and has been for years.

              I admit that history isn’t my strong point however, what I remember from my readings from college, racism wasn’t like it is today. It was more about class and status.

              If they didn’t eat with someone it had more to do with their status and/or their family occupation than their race.

            • Marie Evans

              Cool hand Luke,

              I think the article is counting them as black by the definition of the law which claims if you have a drop of black blood in you, you are black. I would think unless you are a new arrival we are a melting pot in America and has been for years.

              I admit that history isn’t my strong point however, what I remember from my readings from college, racism wasn’t like it is today. It was more about class and status.

              If they didn’t eat with someone it had more to do with their status and/or their family occupation than their race.

            • Marie Evans

              Cool hand Luke,

              I think the article is counting them as black by the definition of the law which claims if you have a drop of black blood in you, you are black. I would think unless you are a new arrival we are a melting pot in America and has been for years.

              I admit that history isn’t my strong point however, what I remember from my readings from college, racism wasn’t like it is today. It was more about class and status.

              If they didn’t eat with someone it had more to do with their status and/or their family occupation than their race.

            • Marie Evans

              Cool hand Luke,

              I think the article is counting them as black by the definition of the law which claims if you have a drop of black blood in you, you are black. I would think unless you are a new arrival we are a melting pot in America and has been for years.

              I admit that history isn’t my strong point however, what I remember from my readings from college, racism wasn’t like it is today. It was more about class and status.

              If they didn’t eat with someone it had more to do with their status and/or their family occupation than their race.

            • Marie Evans

              Cool hand Luke,

              I think the article is counting them as black by the definition of the law which claims if you have a drop of black blood in you, you are black. I would think unless you are a new arrival we are a melting pot in America and has been for years.

              I admit that history isn’t my strong point however, what I remember from my readings from college, racism wasn’t like it is today. It was more about class and status.

              If they didn’t eat with someone it had more to do with their status and/or their family occupation than their race.

            • Marie Evans

              Cool hand Luke,

              I think the article is counting them as black by the definition of the law which claims if you have a drop of black blood in you, you are black. I would think unless you are a new arrival we are a melting pot in America and has been for years.

              I admit that history isn’t my strong point however, what I remember from my readings from college, racism wasn’t like it is today. It was more about class and status.

              If they didn’t eat with someone it had more to do with their status and/or their family occupation than their race.

            • DDDALA

              The death mask here is actually a copy of the life mask done in 1812. His death mask showed him after an illness that left him looking like a skeleton.

            • Judith Shipstad

              When the “mixed blood” is that far back, it’s no longer practical or even correct to say that the present-day descendant is mixed. This article is ridiculous.

            • EJ1

              Sorry I didn’t read further. I definitely agree with this comment.

            • GravitonX

              The claim about King Tut is as dubious as your dissonance makes it. Most popular depictions of Tut do not show is skin color, only his facial features, which some falsely ascribe to being purely European. The fact of the matter is that Black Africans around the continent have those features. The false ascription of one phenotype of African as the “pure” African is as absurd as claiming that Hitler and Heidi Klum are not both Germans. I digress. But, here we have depictions of King Tut in what cannot be confused as not being his natural skin color, which is dark brown. It doesn’t take much logic to draw the necessary conclusion that King Tut would be considered Black by most modern standards or race.

            • judith111

              Moors are not Sub-Saharan Africans (Negroids). They consisted, largely, of North African tribes known as Berbers. These are dark-skinned Caucasians.

            • FEDUPAmerican1

              Actually because of Eurocentrist and people like you, we will never know the true geneology of Bethoven. Now as far as King Tut, we can say he was dark Sub Sharhan African because that is how those who saw him dipicted him. Now as far as your assertions of the color of the populace of Ancient Egypt before Greeks, Roman and latter Arab invassions, we can say without a doubt, that most assuredly there were no Blond hair Blue Eyed people walking around there at the time of Tut. Now if you research as you say you did, then you would know white skin is relatively recent, like 6000 to 7000 years old.

            • Amani Seika Chan kemit

              I agree, people are taking these informations without even taking the time to evaluate or study them only because it fit with their affect and anger over history… proof is the alexander pusgkin stuff as the guy on the painting is Alexander of Medicis duke then prince of florence (yes he was of mixed blood but my point here is over the inaccuracy of these “truth” and the risk of being a sheep.)

            • tracy

              Actually there have been studies showing that black Americans have mostly only European dna the native American dna is virtually non-existent

            • knowingoneify

              OMG! First off, there is documentation from the peers of these people at the time, including Beethoven, King Tut describe these historical figures as they saw them with their own eyes. Beethoven is described as extremely dark complexioned. King Tut was BLACK AFRICAN. I know how white people try very hard to make Egypt white – but, the fact of the matter is – it wasn’t and isn’t. Your summarization of the make up of the various peoples is wrong. Black Africans have been here in the AMERICAS for thousands of years. The so called American Indians MOST DEFINITETLY have African blood. The people that came across the land bridge between east europe and canada/washington were already a mixture of AFRICAN, then they met and intermingled with the AFRICANS that were already here. You definition of racism and that a racist is prejudiced against his/her own is also extremely naive. You don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about.

            • HMMMMIJS

              Oprah said years ago everyone has a little black in them, i agree with you. Its sad but i think most people DONT want to know what they are mixed with!

            • Cap_Curmudgeon

              I think there’s way too much emphasis on trying to make it somehow “special” to be of African descent. I suppose I’m happy enough about being descended from mostly Irish people but there’s nothing special about me for that reason. The Irish are a happy lot and I suspect that alcohol has something to do with it.

              I don’t know too much about Chinese or Arabs or nearly anybody else, but American Blacks have had nearly two centuries to bring themselves into the mainstream and many have decided it isn’t worth the trouble.

              Nobody can buy their kids’ Christmas presents in a store called “We Be Toys,” but by the way some of them talk, such a store would do well in their neighborhoods.

            • Exactly and well stated. I tire so much of folks who use the black card whenever they find out there is a black ancestor in their family history. Suddenly that makes them black. That is definitely a racist card if I ever heard one. Obama is a mix of white and Kenyan. But no….everyone claims he is black, period. As you stated, we all could possibly find that we are a huge mixture of many cultures. I know I am. I have done some serious DNA checking and my origins come from Egypt of all places. Then we migrated up to Babylonia/Assyria (probably as slaves as they took many in war back then), then up to Europe and eventually to Scotland. Many of my ancestors are dark haired and blue eyed.

              The point is…I am not Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, or European or Scottish. I am American who happens to have dark hair (or did anyway before time has changed it) and blue eyes and white…ish skin. I am not hyphenated in any way. Not Egyptian-American, not Babylonian-American, not Scottish-American. Just….American. We need to get over this hyphenated thing. Most blacks I have met wouldn’t know Africa if it hit them in the face, nor would they want to go there and try and live. If people insist they are African-American, then I suggest they go to Africa and get citizenship there and live there for a while. THEN, you will have the right to call yourself African-American. Until then…shut the card trap up.

              Teddy Roosevelt said it well as he addressed the Knights of Columbus in NY in 1915. He was speaking to many who had immigrated to this country from all over the world. He said:

              “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans,
              I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best
              Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born
              abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all.”

              is just as true of the man who puts “native” before the hyphen as of
              the man who puts German or Irish or English or French before the hyphen.
              Americanism is a matter of the spirit and of the soul. Our allegiance must be purely to the United States. We must unsparingly condemn any man who holds any other allegiance.”

              if he is heartily and singly loyal to this Republic, then no matter
              where he was born, he is just as good an American as any one else.”

              one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of
              preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all,
              would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities,
              an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-
              Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian- Americans, or
              Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at
              heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality than with
              the other citizens of the American Republic.”

              men who do not become Americans and nothing else are hyphenated
              Americans; and there ought to be no room for them in this country. The
              man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his
              actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a
              thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic. He has
              no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels
              his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good

            • datdudemike

              135 white people or self hating black must of givin you up votes

            • Sun Tzu

              You are an idiot. Most “whites” as you say, back then would never touch a black and if they did they were often treated like one. You are such an idiot for that comment. Moron!

            • INTERESTING……………

            • MizzQuinzel

              On point!

            • tahitia

              The statement re: “agood many of native americans have african blood running thru their veins” I find 2 b 100%. I have asked the ? 4 many yrs, If AA r so bad n the eye of the whites and many other nationalities then why do they trust us w/some of the most valuable assets: their kids, to prepare their food, they get served by AA’s @ food estab., they eat where AA r the majority n the bus.? They trust AA’s w/their lives, w/ AA drivers, pilots etc and so much more. They trust AA’s 2 clean their homes, etc.

          • timonsgirl

            You know what we’re afraid of? That people like the author of this article can publish any bs rumor and people believe it.

            The first pic is not of Esther Jones and is only a few years old.

            Beethoven was not a Moor. There is no evidence of any black blood on either side of his family. Those were nothing but ancient rumors that nobody has ever found a trace of evidence supporting.

            The “proof” that King Tut was black stated in the article are ridiculous. The jury is still out on that one but he had very European features.

            St. Nicolas was not black, he was Mediterranean. He was portrayed in paintings as much darker skinned than he actually was because of racial prejudices at the time – and artists attempts to distinguish the difference between those that were considered pure whites and those that were considered beneath them.

            Hannibal did not look like that image in the coin. That coin was created about a 1,000 years after his death and in no way resembles the images of him that were created in his time. His ancestry can be traced to the Lebanese.

            St Augustine was of Berber descent which can be traced to Eurasian origins.

            Clark Gable is listed as German and Irish on genealogy websites and the only reference that I could find to him have black heritage is this article.

            It seems the author of this article did no research or fact checking at all and just posted a bunch of unsubstantiated rumors and “stuff they heard somewhere”.

            What scares many of us is how easily so many people accept everything they read on the internet as fact.

            • rockanejel

              You are on the right track with Hannibal. Also Clark Gable was well known for his empathy and beliefs regarding segregation. I think that the incident that happenen with the set of GWTW, was what caused this confusion. Black, white, or native American, he was a great man and actor. As are all of the aforementioned celebrities.

            • Timothy

              What you say is fact can also be the product of misinformation. The fact is that history writers will deceive people with unfounded “truths” knowing their gullibility to believe what is written. To be treated more favorably people can and do deny their ancestry. Also Those in power have always rewritten history in their favor to enhance their greatness. You have no proof that your proof is accurate either. It was written by someone else.

            • MoonshinerBob

              I read it on the internet, so it must be true!

          • joey jojo junior shabadoo

            you nigge rs becoming fascists dictators like you nature dictates.

          • arich45

            What are YOU afraid of?

          • ikihi

            this article was just more liberal racist non-sense. the essence of this article is white people = bad…

          • Raven Rayne Winter

            Maybe they are afraid that people will think they are being educated when in reality they are just believing in things that are not true. You can lead a horse to water but you can”t make them drink, especially when they are full of toilet water.

        • don juan

          be more specific

          • Ky

            What would you like me to be more specific about? The fact the the Article states 15 historical figures you didn’t know where black. A lot of the information she uses is hearsay and rumors, The author Meg Butler, does not take the time to do any research as a journalist. She is not backing anything up with actual fact yet presenting as fact.

            • Cece D

              what do you know to discredit anything she is writing? the way some of the people are mentioned, it sounds as if there was really no dispute about their heritage. But even if there is, what do you know? instead of criticizing her reporting, give us your info. Ill wait. . .

              • rockanejel

                This is the fault of the writer for not providing a bibliography or listing of sources for this article. No one here is responsible to provide verification here but the writer herself. It is irresponsible and unprofessional as a media writer to not provide your sources. The beef people are having is not racial, it is the questionable truthfulness of the article. If these stories are true, then there needs to a source or bibliography to document the authenticity of the article.

        • Lisa Miller

          KY…you just can’t wrap your small mind around the fact that some of the most precious and prized people in history have black blood in their veins. It hurts that much???? Stay in denial and ignorant…if it makes you feel better and superior.

          • Ky

            women have you fell and hit your head? i’m implying that the author didnt do any research when writing the articles this is not her first article where fact and fiction was mixed together to attract readers. In fact after doing my own research it seems as though what she has here is simply copied and pasted from other misinformed sites (blogs). some of what she has here is true. But #1 Betty Boop is completely incorrect, #7 isn’t a picture of Alexander Pushkin. # 10 is highly debatable. The ancient inhabitants there were Hattians, where is scholars believed belong to the Caucasian group. these people where documented to have lived there around 2530 BCE.
            read the Battle of Kadesh. it was quite mixed after the Egyptians fought them. all I’m saying is she needs more sources. And i am Black, there is no such thing as a pure race, but to overly apply the one drop rule is highly inconsiderate to another ethnicity. All these people would be black by the drop rule standard. There is no denial or superiority i have read more than enough of her articles and have found that she has mis-quoted or written completely inaccurate information. That is my point it is not about race its about good Journalism! People always turn it into a race thing jeeze!

            • What YOU do or don’t believe is fact doesn’t make it not factual. You don’t have to like it. As a matter of fact I’m GLAD you don’t like it. That will make it 10 times as painful for you when you finally ARE confronted with the fact that all of it is true. You’ll be looking like that fool who wanted to force all the Black people out of his town and then on national TV found out through DNA testing that he is genetically 60% of African genetic lineage. Egg on face game proper.

              • Zangop

                There’s no curiosity or empathy in your response. Maybe you should evaluate how you engage with people.

              • FOL

                “Guest” said that he/he IS black. You missed that part.

            • kjohio

              And Jesus has blond hair and blue eyes? So in other words you are saying that history has never whitened people. I am SURE Santa claus was a red cheeked white man with a white beard. And not only that since Alexander Hamilton was born in a place that has mostly inhabitants that are of African descent it is sooo far fetched to believe he might be part black right? My Great great grand uncle who was black married a woman who was also black. I have his picture which was given to me by a white woman who says he is her great great grand father and she knows that his wife was black because her MTDNA points to Africa. My new found cousin is Scandinavian white.
              Anyway our ancestors son was white looking enough to pass, and he ended up immigrating to baltimore from the Bahamas and met and married Mary Hooper the Mayor of Baltimore’s daughter and from then all of the rich socialites who descended from them look completely white and probably do not know. So you cannot tell me that it cannot happen. It is a proven fact that more than 25% of white’s in America have black in them. FACT. So mentioning a very few of them is impossible? So unless she wrote the book, Tow headed Carol Channing would have been harder to imagine being part black than Clark Gable? Mae West is also rumored to have been part black. If one would look at black women in her day (films) they would see she acted very much like them. She was one of a kind because she was not all white. No other white actress acted like her. She acted authentically. That was very hard. I have seen films of black people dancing in 20’s and 30’s and white people copying the same dances and unless you see them back to back you would never see how badly white people were doing them. Not to be funny, just factual. Sometimes you have to make a call, without evidence. If a man had a very wide nose it can not be a caucasian feature. Egypt is in Africa btw the way. OMG Africans cannot be black can they? Anwar Sadat was white huh? meh…

            • rockangel

              I agree with you. Verify, verify, VERIFY! All writers must present or be able to present their specific resources and bibliographies so that the reader can follow up and determine if they agree with the writer’s sources and opinions. For all those who are hating on Ky here, you are misinterpreting what is being said here. It isn’t about the race issues, it’s about the truth. And for that matter, articles like these are segregating blacks and whites. Why not have an article that says All these people are amazing and have interesting heritages? Instead of categorizing them as blacks mistaken for whites? The premise sounds biased whether it is about blacks who look whites who look black. What does it matter? Why should we be suprised either way? Great people come in all shapes, sizes and races. The author is irresponsibly putting out unsubstantiated information. She should have included her sources and bibliography like a professional would.

            • olivia ackman

              thank you for sharing and i agree with you,, since i just read this ” article ” i to have begun to cross reference info.,. again i agree with you,, dont be gullible people.. research ,, and remember even the ” facts” aren’t facts after thousands of years only speculation and partial truths. anyone can bend stats to prove or disprove information. act intelligent,, and use common sense.

          • Rockanejel

            The question Ky is presenting is not racial. It’s about verification and authentication. Which the journalist has irresponsibly not provided to her readers. This is the problem about how racial tensions come about when people are getting emotional about the wrong things. Everything is not about race unless people make it so.

          • Matt

            Lisa, no one cares if someone famous has some black blood in their veins, but saying that someone that is like 25 percent African is “black,” is even more ridiculous than saying that Obama is white. Obama has 50 percent white blood, so does that mean he could go on a list of “celebrities you didn’t know were white?”

        • Anabelle Whitepaws

          You cannot be serious! Why don’t YOU do some research… real research and not just reading one article because, of course, articles and stories are most often tilted to the author’s intent.

        • pablo arista

          You’re totally right. The myth of Hitler having jewish roots is just that…a myth. I’ve read books on the subject and there is no factual evidence to support this view.

        • Alucard_the_last

          Agreed. When blacks can’t steal goods, they steal history. Why would all these figures be black yet the worlds worst and most undeveloped places earth always black (including America’s wonderful inner cities). It makes no sense to travel the world, build civilization and then go back to some dung hut and live a Neolithic life. If you are not thinking critically, then you are not thinking. It take more than some internet article to make a point.

          • Guest

            You don’t think critically. You are too prejudiced to do so. Go look in the mirror.

          • olivia ackman

            why would one steal something that can be changed by the next victors?

        • EJ1

          What research have you done to disprove this article?

        • jacyn

          What makes you say that it is false?

        • queen

          I think you are ignorant and just don’t want to believe the truth. The media portrays white people as being the dominate race and undermines what black people are capable of. White people have been stealing things from black people for centuries. Look at our music for example. White people have stolen that and now are calling it their own. Also curves, big lips, big butts, and everything else. They are the biggest thieves and liars and stealers for centuries..white people stealing Native American’s land, gold from Africa..etc but they act like African Americans are the criminals…and news flash..Egypt is in Africa.

        • Khalid Ross

          All of these are confirmed and true. The problem is that you can not accept that miscegenation has been a common practice for many, many centuries. There is no such thing as a pure race of people, so please get that through your thick-headed skull!

        • Bwapiwo

          Some things may shock you because your entire education may have taught you that black people have not contributed anything to modern civilization. I am sure you’re angry because you can’t live with the fact that some great people can have black heritage because it’s contrary to everything you’ve been taught. It’s normal, my friend. You’re just getting out of Plato’s cave. This bright light will hurt your eyes, but it will pass. While we’re at it, I am confirming that the Dumas family have black heritage. The first Dumas was born on a plantation in Latiboliere, St Domingue (Haiti) to a French man and an enslaved African woman. He later moved to France. At least, this is confirmed.

        • Mandahlyn J. B. Hilltop

          This is a fact I know personally to be true! You really need to get over it! Just because you can’t accept the truth, never fix your fingers to type about something you know nothing about, especially something that you haven’t researched yourself. Your statement proves you’re lacking true knowledge on this subject.

        • USMC71

          I am sure there are historians who disagree with some of these – there always are – but you would do well to do the historian’s job of providing alternative documentation or clarifying false assumptions in the article.

        • Steven Lemon

          You obviously have done some research that you choose not to share. Wuzzup wid dat?

        • Clyde Freeman

          I think you are the one who should do some research. The person who did this did theirs how about you doing yours?

      • linacostaa


    • Guest

      Unfortunately, it’s full of inaccuracies. For starters—-

      Betty boop is based on Helen Kane (white) who based her routine and singing style on Esther Jones (black). And that picture the author posted is not Esther (Baby Esther) Jones. It’s some model.

      • Ray Pointer

        Yes. First of all, it’s been proven that this photograph is recent, of a Russian model. Second, Esther Jones had apparently died by the time of the 1934 Helen Kane Trial. Had she been alive, she’d have been the Star Witness in the case. The proof in her position as originator was a Double System sound film of her that demonstrated her use of the baby talk syllables that were key the the fame of Helen Kane. BETTY BOOP was clearly a deliberate caricature of Helen Kane, substantiated by an ad in Film Daily that showed images of both Miss Kane and Betty Boop. But being a public figure, Miss Kane was clearly a subject to be imitated and caricatured, especially since Paramount owned certain rights to her image before they dropped her contract.

    • Charles Adams

      This stuff is interesting as hell. There have been so much mixing throughout the generations in America people have no idea who their ancestors were.

    • ikihi

      this article was just more liberal racist non-sense. the essence of this article is white people = bad