Mom Bakes Batch Of Vagina Cookies For Second Graders, Acts The Complete Fool When Teacher Refuses To Serve Them

September 25, 2014  |  

One mom is on the fast track to becoming an Internet sensation after her attempt to teach her child’s second grade class about the female anatomy failed miserably.

A woman, who is being referred to as Autumn Lily Speaker on Reddit, blew her lid after daughter’s second-grade teacher refused to serve a batch of vagina cookies that she baked. The bizarre tale was shared by someone who is friends with the teacher and goes by the name JPStudly on the social networking and news site.

As the story goes, the teacher of the class frequently encourages parents to bring snacks for students on Fridays if they behave throughout the week. When it was Autumn’s turn to volunteer, the teacher claims that she walked in with the tray of cookies and said:

“I decided you can use these to teach the kids about the woman’s vagina today.”

Naturally, the teacher informed her that it would be inappropriate for her to serve the baked goods to a class of 7-year-olds. From there, all hell broke loose.

According to the poster, Autumn began yelling at the teacher right in front of the class about how she “should be proud” of her vagina and that she’s “accepting a woman’s role in life.” Autumn eventually stormed off, leaving the vagina pastries in her wake. After snapping from her state of shock, the teacher says she scraped the vagina frosting off of the sugar cookies and served them to the children.

After sending her students home at the end of the school day, the teacher says that she began receiving calls and emails from parents regarding the incident, with one parent even asking why their son learned the word “vagina” today. And then, she received “the mother of all emails” from a disgruntled Autumn, which you can check out below.

In the end, Autumn removed her daughter from the school altogether and enrolled her at a private institution. Autumn “is no longer allowed on district property.” And in case you were wondering, the teacher said that the cookies were actually pretty tasty.

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  • Liquid_Paper

    I bet Jason Biggs from the movie American Pie would have preferred one of them vag cookies versus the apple pie plus the apple pie was so messy – just sayin

  • StarBorne

    This lasy cannot be right in the head

    • StarBorne


  • Oh and this whole story is unsubstantiated bullcrap, designed to make feminists look bad and crazy.

  • I don’t remember anybody using confectionery to instruct me on either human anatomy or the facts of life.

  • Uh oh, another straw feminist ruining equal rights for everyone by being a nutter.

  • empresstala

    @Madamenoire or whoever; why were all my comments removed? nothing i said was derogatory in language or profane. if you don’t want people to express themselves honestly, just take the comment section off your website. i’ve said worse things on other sites through my disqus and those comments never got deleted lol. this site is always posting stories about race issues but when i make the comment “white people” all 7 of my comments were removed. i’m not a racist but i do stereotype, we all do that. i just won’t come to this site anymore smh

  • not buying it

    I call b.s. on this story. Unless there’s a link to a credible news site this is probably a redditor or a 4channer trolling.

    Besides the fact that redditors generally hate feminists and think women who care about women’s rights are just shrieking nutjobs trying to destroy men (lol) there’s not a single public school I know of that allows you to bring in homemade food to serve to kids anymore both for safety reasons and kids having allergies.

  • Tennille Crawford

    Something is truly wrong with that parent

  • Tracy Gibb

    I used to be a preschool teacher and this doesn’t surprise me at all. I could write a book of crazy stories like this one. Parents are CRAZY today. After what I’ve seen and experienced, I always try to support my son’s teachers. There’s not enough money in the world to make dealing with parents worth it.

  • Duncan Elliott

    This one has hoax written all over it.

  • Kathleen

    This is so inappropriate for any school even Autumn’s daughter’s new private school, they will not accept this either!!! I hope her children are safe and she is being monitored, such bad judgement may only be the tip of the iceberg, who knows what else her children are being exposed to.

  • Ajax Jackson

    This… is why we’re going to hell in a handbasket.

  • Donna Watson

    We r gettin’ stupid 2 the point of no return!

  • N.W.A. ☪

    this story sounds fake

  • NotToday

    Looks like mom forgot to take her meds!

  • mrelectriccity

    Only way i could see this possibly being used in something like Sex Ed or something like that but they are way to young for that.

    But i can see this pic as one of those pickup lines lol with Which Cupcake Are You? written on it lol

  • Moknows

    So she wanted to teach everyone about vagina and to eat them?….
    To reach a bunch of 7 Year olds about the “vag and how to please it” leaves me very concerned for the safety of her child.

    • Moknows

      Sorry for the auto corrects. It was supposed to be
      She wanted to teach them about vaginas by eating them. Wrong on so many levels (That wasn’t an auto correct lol)
      And she wanted to teach a bunch of 7 Year olds.

  • Wanda Griffin

    We should all be proud of good sharing, good hand washing,good table manners,good penmanship,and chewing with our mouth closed, the list is endless. This woman is not bringing anything new to the table just what does not belong on the table. I would not put tacos in my bed, or garden dirt on my laptop. So the levels of deviant behavior here are spread between the teacher and parent. I would have dumped the tray into the trash without a photo op, and made call into child prospective services the woman is in crisis.

  • Mechelle B

    I would never want my child to eat those cookies. Are you kidding me? I can’t believe the teacher still served them to the kids.

  • John Drake Cooper

    Good on you Autumn! Why shouldn’t kids know what a vagina is and what it does. Same goes for penises and anuses. Incidentally the frosting was labia, not vagina.

  • d jannet

    hoping this was a joke but it’s not. What a lunatic !! (the mother)


  • cmakman

    What was the problem? The cookies were safe for all the kids, they obviously were not prepared with nuts or near facilities that does nut processing.

  • Richard Nine


  • NoelxNoel

    Usually I need to pick apart the articles posted here but in this case there isn’t much too say save that the mother was out of her mind. Also I was really worried this article was going to devolve into some stupid point but luckily that didn’t happen.

  • Erica Lynn Parra

    but i cant read the email…..were is it??? lol

  • Maynard Moreland

    I call BS on this story.

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    You americans are weird, in france we give children vagina cookies from a young age, however they have the hairy top zone.

  • Sean Wilson

    OMG!!! Can you believe this parent. What 7 year old needs to know what a Vagina is. How stupid can she be.

  • NormB

    Were they tuna-flavored?

  • Helen

    All I could focus on upon reading this email was the poor usage of grammar!! This woman sucks a big fat vagina.

  • Tom Douglas

    Wow, are we sure she’s not a pedo trying to lure a young boy in? Because if she’s not someone should tell her she’s got her pedo-uniform on.

  • thedra madison

    I’m so glad my children’s school doesn’t allow any homemade food at all. Everything mustbe store bought. I hope she didn’t put vagina in those. The mother was crazy but the teacher was crazier for eating anything from this woman judging her mentality.

  • Simone Mackey

    My goodness………the lady needs her a** whooped and her child taken away by CPS. I would have called the cops after that outburst.

  • Hope Nodrama

    That parent should b ashame of herself acting a fool. That teacher did right not to let her talk about virgina and give virgina cookies to ppl kids. She didn’t get permission from other parents. That teacher know the protocol. That parent was very disrespectful. smdh…….

  • SB

    I almost have no words… But I still have point this out…”lack of disrespect” LOL What an idiot!

  • Henry Whitworth

    Ok, the woman obviously has a mental problem and needs help. But this is pretty lame too; “one parent even asking why their son learned the word “vagina” today.” Is this a word you were going to try to hide from him for some reason?

  • blagos

    The saddest thing of all is that somebody like Autumn has enough money to afford private school for her daughter. This is a failing of capitalism.

  • Ko lrabi

    peanut allergy deaths? Crazy vagina enthusiast Autumn is trusted with cooking snacks for kids. Huge liability issues with that policy. I enjoy eating VJ as much as anyone but VJ cookies could contain or be made on equipment that handles peanuts.

  • JMan245

    This woman is probably “empowering” herself by being a weird helicopter mom, who is also a stay at home mom, while her “he doesn’t satisfy me because he works 70 hours a week to support the family” husband probably is too exhausted to even know what’s going on. Not to mention, she’s probably out getting it on the side, being she’s so comfortable with her fah-gina and all…

  • Guest

    While this woman’s behavior was appalling and her follow up email was flat out ridiculous, I must commend her on an impressive frosting job. Is she a professional cake decorator?

  • Phil Moskowitz

    Great.. So what am I going to do with all these c*nt burgers?

  • Apikoros

    Is this actually an “article” about a Reddit thread? LMAO, we’re through the looking glass here people. I imagine somewhere on the streets of Portland, some hipster is handing out broadsides relating this likely non-event.

  • dfgsdfg

    I’m calling bullshit on this “story”.

  • FromUR2UB

    She had no business trying to impose that on other people’s children. It wasn’t her place to teach them anatomy, and even if she were their teacher, she should have sought parental permission first.

  • Beechie

    this is stupid… on the teachers part. just give the kids the damn cookies and tell em it was flowers or seashells or something

  • Amber

    This woman is ridiculous and should be sued lol! How dare she get mad because a teacher is trying to do the right thing? I would have told her to take several seats!

  • Kittish

    “inform people about the vagina and how to please it.” Um…no. Just no. Not for second grade kids. And, had I been that teacher, those cookies would have gone into the trash. There’s no way of knowing what was in them. And it’s not safe to assume that this woman would not have done something that would be harmful to her own child, clearly she’s not exactly what I would call stable.

  • *_* Why is she trying to feed puss cakes to these kids??? I CAN’T … I’d be mad as hell if I walked in and saw my baby eating a P-Cake. Ain’t no telling what she put in em. What’s the damn recipe? Lord Have Mercy

  • Shay_my_comp

    Clearly this is someone with mental health issues, no pun intended but really? Our kids are already over-sexed, growing up to fast and subjected to endless BS. Have several seats in a very hard chair…. #SillyHo

  • Basil Malik

    On the other hand, seeing how 2nd graders wouldnt equate the cup cakes to a vigina.. they could have let the kids eat them without the lesson.. BUt we adults are so smart just the mere linkage of the two, a cupcake and a vagina mentally made it impossible for the kids to have a dessert the were probably looking forward to. All the adults were asses in this case. #themoreyouknow

  • nokomarie

    I feel so sorry for her daughter. Mom is a loon. But this made me laugh.
    I want the one on the lower right.

  • Fitz Bailey

    Is that one cookie on it’s period? Too much.

  • Orange Crush

    Damn. Her children don’t stand a chance.

  • mmmdot

    Da fuq?!?!

  • provokethought

    Just what are “vagina” cookies????

  • NopeNotGoing

    I’m yelling “Whyyyyy?” like Nettie in The Color Purple.

  • JB

    Think of what would have happened, if this were a father, bringing cookies in the shape of male anatomy, suggesting the same thing. Hint: There would be jail time involved.

  • Awakened µ

    I thought they’re vulvae, not vaginas.

  • weasel

    SO MANY PEOPLE need to freakin’ learn the freakin’ difference between “VAGINA” and “VULVA” *facepalm* #AnatomyFAIL.

    • zafoquat

      xD well done.. well done

  • Max Doobie


  • aeris bueller

    just like 99% of the feminists I encounter on the internet if they were to behave in reality the way they do online

  • sass

    This letter started poorly and somehow got worse and worse. It’s so horrible I can’t even believe it’s real. Jesus wept.

  • JDub314

    The teacher still ate them lol

  • Petey Wheatstraw

    “We as women should stand together and inform people about the vagina and how to please it.”…I concur.

  • That_girl

    Crazy parent…I’m done

  • musiiq

    I’m just… I don’t understand… What kind of… I need wine for this.

  • Jayda Brown

    This is all sorts of wrong, I’m too speechless.

  • Caramel Empress

    Smh a differnt type of CRAZY!

  • Trisha_B

    She put her daughter in a private institution? Does she really think they will be more open minded? Lol

    • Dawn

      She doesn’t sound like she can afford a private institution.

      • zafoquat

        Her husband could have married a dumb chick.. Happens all the time


    Seriously, their second graders, this women is definitely mental.

  • Really? Learn about the vagina as a 7 year old?! I would be upset too if my son came home saying “I ate a vagina today and it was pretty tasty!” Absolutely not. That lady is crazy!!!!

  • Teacher 1
    Parent 0

  • applesauce585

    WTF is wrong with people?????? This bish just trying to ride the ladder of 15 minutes of fame at the expense of her 7 year old daughter….smh

  • Chandra Wright

    Ha ha ha. She bat ssh crazy!!!

  • Sante

    The mother is obviously mentally ill. I pray she gets some help before she embarrasses her daughter more than she already has — or physically harms anyone. The teacher should’ve thought twice about still serving the students those cookies, too.

  • This can’t be a real story. How could she even think this was remotely appropriate?

  • Nicole S

    WTF?!?!?!?!?!? Was this on nut-job island? I have a very strong feeling this parent either neglected to take her medication or took something that she has no business taking. Either way pretty sad that a classroom full of 7 year olds had to be subjected to this spectacle. SMH.

  • Asia

    I have no problem with children learning about the human anatomy but vagina cookies for 2nd graders is beyond inappropriate. She can’t just walk in a class full of children and give them a lesson on the human body w/o parental consent! What disturbs me the most is how she feels that the 2nd grade is the appropriate place to “inform people about the vagina and how to please it” and how she told the teacher “I hope you end up with abusive husband that beats on you every night”. This woman is disturbed.

  • Liza

    Is this mom crazy?! Cootie coo cookies to second graders, really lady?! Them cootie coo cookies should be served at an adult store or at a bachelorette party, not in elementary schools. She got the nerve to spazz out at the teacher, l feel bad for her kids for having her as a mother, sheesh!

    • zafoquat

      Having them in a 2nd grade class isn’t an issue. The issue would be, no timely warning to parents it would be part of the curriculum so they could choose to opt out, and the parent attempting to force a particular rhetoric onto the teacher.

      Kid’s are never too young for a biology lesson on their bodies. The one thing that crazy lady had right, is don’t be afraid or ashamed. She just went about it like a total asshat.

  • Rainlion

    hmmmm sounds like someone was off her meds that day… pity the kids got dragged into her internal drama

    • I literally will always love you for those words… thank you… thank you forever.

  • frances

    I firmly believe that some folks actually practice at being stupid. What did this dimwit expect to happen? I would hate to be one of her kids, because she was dumb to make these cookies, and even dumber to act like a fool when they were refused. On the other hand, I got a good laugh. I almost spit out my water laughing.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    someone’s retarded

    • zafoquat

      someone is intolerant.. and is that possessive s.. I think it is.. so that retard belongs to someone? Slavery!.. And you’re colored! I would think you would have more taste!

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        first of all i don’t use the word retarded to describe people with developmental disabilities i use the word retarded to describe someone like u…so ur just as retarded as the retarded b*t*ch who made the coochie cookies for the children…gtfoh with ur dumb azz!

        • Phil

          Not that I condone what he said but you didn’t help your case any with the type response you made. I think you both need to cool it and grow up some.

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            i don’t have a case…i have an opinion & i really don’t give a d*mn who agrees with it or not

  • Shy Glizzy’s Twin

    “Vagina for you, vagina for you, vagina for everyone”. Kandi needs to add this to her freak line.

    • Addicted2RealityRubbish


  • Shawnna Ramsey

    LMBO! She was upset about the “lack of disrespect” she received.

    • She should have been. If she would have shown up to MY class with that bs she would have been shown disrespect GALORE!

    • Tee

      lol…I was wondering if I was the only one that caught that!!! lol “lack of disrespect” poor ting!!! ummm did she want “more” disrespect?? lol we need to pray for her like ummmm right now so let’s go…lol… giddy up!!!

    • betsb

      That was my favorite part too!!

  • SoulRepose

    Meth. Not even once.

  • hi-liter

    Although it was stupid of her to decorate a cookie like a va-JJ I bet those kids wouldn’t have known what the heyull they were eating other than a cookie.

    • Nia

      Yea, I don’t think they would have known! Kids are so innocent. LOL @ the little boy learning a new word. He probably went home and asked, “Mom, what’s a va gina?”

  • Trini_Angel

    In the original pic, one of the ‘cookies’ even seem to be on its period. This mother has got to be daft -_-

    • Quest

      I know and what did the sprinkles represent, Herpes!?

  • 1Val

    Best laugh of the day!!!

  • Lissa329

    The fact that even after the blow up, the teacher still served the treats bothers me. If she painted vaginas on top of the cupcakes and came up with some bs logic as what the teacher should teach, there’s no telling what was in them. Those things would have been in the trash.

    • OnTheOtherHand…

      I agree that I do feel some kind of way about the teacher still serving the cookies, but Autumn’s own daughter was also in that class. Why would she hurt her own child as well as those she called herself trying to “teach”?

      • Ajavee

        Beacause Autum Lily is selfish and only thinking of herself. What she did was distasteful and tacky. Now her poor daughter will be scared because of mommy trying to prove a point. Selfish parent.

        Autumn Lily

      • People kill their children out of “love”. I wouldn’t trust someone trying to serve Puss-Cakes to children

        • MissInformed

          Puss Cakes?? Haaaaa

      • Hope Nodrama

        Autumn didn’t show respect for other parents. What she do and say around her child other parents might not. It was very distasteful to bring such thing to second graders. They not in high school. The teacher scraped off the graphic on the cookies so i don’t see the big deal of her serving the cookies but i’m glad she put that woman in her place.

  • T. T.

    DAMN THAT! I still wouldn’t have served those cookies to the children. If that heffa was that unstable, irate & bold to carry on like that in front of small children then there’s no telling what she’s capable of. She could’ve put anything in those cookies to make them sick. Crazy Heffa! *in my Rickey Smiley voice*

    • SunFlower78

      Seriously, I wouldn’t trust nothing being cooked or baked out of her kitchen…

      • blagos

        I was going to say this too. Given the nature of the cookies and Autumn’s behavior,, who knows what was in those cookies. You could not pay me enough money to eat one.

    • Trisha_B

      First thing I thought! I would have trashed them cookies smh

    • Principal

      My thoughts exactly WHAT is wrong with the TEACHER for serving the produce of an unstable woman???!!!!! Arsenic or feces could have been blebded into it—IS THE TEACHER CRAZY ALSO!!!???

    • Basil Malik

      I didnt think about it that way though. lol… maybe Im assuming she wouldnt harm her on child.

    • JustSteph

      THANK YOU! I would had never given those cookies to the kids.. say what?

  • A_Tay

    Lol imagine the kids going home telling their parents they ate vagina cookies ar school! That would’ve been a whole nother issue

  • Just saying!!

    Okay I’m sorry but this is f**king HILARIOUS!! Lmfaoooooooooo

    • MrsSanders

      Okay! Lol. That letter was ATROCIOUS!!! Idk who told that fool that she was smart, but she tried so hard to sound intelligent. Too bad she failed.

    • Ross Peeler

      It won’t be quite as funny once you become an adult.

      • Miesha

        No its still funny

  • thatguy0101

    WTF?!?! Who does stuff like this??

    • Ajavee

      An unreasonable person with no thought process.

      • SunFlower78

        Exactly, it’s a shame to be a fool and not know it

    • SunFlower78

      A Fool! I’m speechless on this one, the mother actually had the nerve to get upset about her cookies not being served to 2nd graders (7 and 8 year old) really!

    • empresstala

      white people.

      • Ko lrabi

        rascist much?

        • empresstala

          let’s be honest here, only a white person would do something like this. it’s not racist, it’s facts. a black woman would never bake vagina cookies and take them to a school, that just aint in our DNA to be that shameless lol

          • Phil

            Let’s be honest? Really? I’ve seen some pretty stupid acts on all sides of the race card. So pointing out one side as worse than another is being racist. There are idiots of all races.

            • empresstala

              i’m just saying what i feel. white people do things like this lol u just got to accept the facts. they think the worst of us too so don’t defend them and their stupidity

              • QuitMakingEverythingARaceIssue

                From one black woman to another…you’re an idiot. Your comment is more ridiculous and ignorant than the actions of the fool who wanted to serve 7 year-olds vagina cookies.

                • empresstala

                  if i’m an idiot, why did you take the time to reply to my comment?

                  • T.J.

                    Go empresstala!

                • T.J.

                  I’m team empresstala. She’s right on point idk why ya coming at her like that. Shut your stupid mouth up

          • carriemack

            And THIS is why racism still exists! The only racism I ever come across is always directed toward white people, not FROM them. The most innocent comment can be construed as racism. Which, is why whites bend over backwards to kiss other people’s butts and make sure we don’t accidentally offend them. The next time you want to cry racism, look in a freakin mirror.

            • enlightenment

              “This is why racism still exists!” Um, so Black people continue get the short end of the stick when it comes to corporate America, the court system, academia, and other realms of disenfranchisement because one measly little poster made a prejudiced comment on the Internet?

              …Fix it Jesus!

              • Phil

                Those things do not mean she has free reign to be a racist herself. You don’t put a fire out by throwing napalm on it.

                • enlightenment

                  I never said she had free reign to be prejudiced, but to make the claim that racism continues to persist because of one bigoted comment is fallacy at it’s finest!

            • Who’s that lady

              This is a black womans site, its open to all races, BUT this is a place where we as black women express ourselves, and the honest truth is we were all thinking that. Stop being so sensitive.

              • ladybug

                I wasnt thinking “only white ppl.” But I was chanting in my head “please don’t let her be black…please don’t let her be black!” Lol

                • empresstala


              • empresstala

                i agree

          • nancy

            To empresstala and mouthy ko Irabi the lady is white. My child is in that class.

      • zafoquat

        Did you read that letter? ESL written all over it…

        Granted everyone in America is privileged with an fair and equal opportunity to grow up stupid and uneducated… I am sure there are some nice fat little white Americans someplace that write just like a first generation immigrant. (whom probably knows more about American History then you do just to pass their citizenship test)

        • empresstala

          wtf are u talking about? stay on subject please LoL

          • Phil

            He is trying to make a stupid comment about the fact the woman can’t spell to save her life nor can she string a complete thought together without it turning into a train wreck. Sure she is an idiot but that doesn’t mean all Americans or white people are idiots. You both need to stop talking like that. I think the world needs to leave those kinds of attitudes in the past and move on.

            • empresstala

              i’m not being racist lol but it’s a white woman for sure, i would put money on it

      • MungaBoom

        Well, thanks for making a non-race issue raciest! Congrats, you are your own worst enemy! Keep the stereotypes alive!

    • Ross Peeler


      • Max Newman

        I guess the conservative mom would have just brought an assault rifle and shot the place up huh?

        • zafoquat

          Correct… No poorly written letter of angsty goodness.. just lots of dead bodies and people saying.. “If only all the 2nd graders were armed.. this wouldn’t have happened”

        • Leigh


      • Phil

        My god why does there always have to be an idiot yelling “Damn Republicans” or “Damn Liberals” or the like when something happens? Seriously….

  • Addicted2RealityRubbish

    Shameful.mother acts a fool. Who would? Vag cookies? 2nd Grade Class? #DEAD

    • IllyPhilly


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  • DarkBrown

    The teacher was not in the wrong. You need parents permission to tell kids about things like that. Who does the mother think she is

    • Wesley Long

      Even if that weren’t the case, it is not a parent’s role to set the agenda for the classroom. If you want to do that, run for a position on the school board.

    • Hope Nodrama



  • Lexi


    • hanalei

      That’s what I thought what do you even say to that. Talk about unstable, well she did it for them left the school and took her daughter with her.

  • guest

    Ridiculous to the sublime…… 🙁