Report: Tyler Perry Is Expecting His First Child

September 22, 2014  |  

Source: Getty

Last week, Tyler Perry turned 45 and celebrated his birthday by throwing himself a star-studded birthday bash that included Stevie Wonder playing the piano. Though that was a highlight of the night, apparently, the most memorable moment came when Perry announced that he’s expecting his first child. An exclusive source who attended the party told our sister site Bossip that Perry didn’t reveal who the mother of the child is, but sources believe it’s Gelila Bekele, a 28-year-old Ethiopian model and philanthropist who openly dated Perry on and off for the past five years.


Let me say, several things ran through my head when I read this. Perry’s work always has such strong Christian themes as the backdrop, so I wondered did he get married and I missed the news? Perhaps.

But I think the more likely answer is that Tyler;s probably going to adopt or have a child through some type of surrogacy situation.

And if I had to guess, I’d assume that Bekele is not the mother of this child.

But I’m sure there will be plenty of updates about this one.

Stay tuned.


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  • DennisCLatham

    Just because he has some church stuff in his productions – doesn’t make it CHRISTIAN ROOTED …. love thy neighbour is mockery – and so is others – but then again – that’s how a lost people are – they find entertainment in things that misguide and mislead people away from GOD and closer to satan

    instead of being ENTERTAINED with helping and serving others – DELIVERING and HEALING OTHERS who are afflicted, in misery or having serious problems –

    casting out demons, delivering, healing and performing MIRACLES, SIGNS and WONDERS ALL IN THE NAME OF CHRIST is REAL and TRUE ENTERTAINMENT.

  • I was just thinking the same thing this is what I was writing on Facebook ” All the Jesus he talking about, I hope he married this woman before that child is born…. shock he is not already married” , so before I post I said let me google if he is married first and then found your post./ LOL

  • squashing all rumors

    Associated Press

    NEW YORK (AP) – Tyler Perry confirms he’s going to be a dad.

    Rumors have circulated that the 45-year-old Perry and girlfriend, Gelila Bekele, were expecting a child. But Perry had not made a public statement.

    When asked about the prospects Friday at the opening night of the New York Film Festival, Perry responded cheerfully.

    “Good, good. We’re good. Very happy. She’s excited, I’m excited so we’re very happy,” Perry told The Associated Press.

    Perry was walking the red carpet for his latest film, “Gone Girl,” based on the best-selling novel.

    Directed by David Fincher, the film also stars Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris and Rosamund Pike.

  • I wish people would lay off of this “Tyler Perry is gay” crap CAUSE IT’S GETTING OLD!!!

    • squashing all rumors

      AGREED…. He is not gay nor has he ever been gay just because he has been through so much in his life …. being molested by men and WOMEN let us not forget that how does that constitute to him being gay… both sides misused him so what we now are going to say he is a lover of animals come on now let the gay rumors die this man is straight and love women and he has made his choice JUST BE HAPPY FOR HIM whatever his decision afterwards…in the end a beautiful baby is about to be brought into this world someone he can now leave all that he has work for

  • Sam Odom

    very smart and very wise man he is

  • And I thought he was gay.

  • Mr.Frasier

    People its time to wake up,cause the bible is right and everything else is wrong.The world sugar coat on this same sex.we all know that Tyler Perry came out himself and stated that he was gay and that he didn’t want to tell any one,cause it would have probably ruin his career.We all know what the bible said about same sex.this is what messing these kids up today and confusing them.

  • khm

    no i dont see that .he would be marred or getting marred ..time will tell.

  • dangeruss

    So who is the father?

    * sips tea *

  • Nate Webb

    I have a question for Tyler Perry. What will Jesus do? Need to get married. Sending a bad message to the unsaved. We need to point out the sin just like we praise those who do good

  • Arlene Woods

    Stop judging people that’s what wrong with the world today. Always judging people clean around your own front door, before you start judging other…I said it and what?…<3

  • Cynthia Daniels

    I am surprised as well this does not add up. Reality now imitating Art in his case, so sad no role models for our young men. Another one bites the dust.

    • dangeruss


  • tiny

    Shame on ALL the idiots that continue to hold people accountable to being “married” and/or “Christian” in order to have a baby. Teen pregnancy with NO RING has been at an all time high … and while the Word still holds it’s truth – times don’t. Get over the fact that PEOPLE HAVE SEX OUT OF WEDLOCK – AS A CHRISTIAN – NOT A CHRISTIAN – NOT IN LOVE – DURING 1 NIGHT STANDS! It’s 2014 PEOPLE – WAKE UP! And if someone wants to have a baby “out of wedlock” – who craes! As long as they can love, protect and provide” for a child – so be it. It’s the ones out there that abuse children that you REALLY need to woryy about!

    • dangeruss


      You know how many fucked kids are raised Christian by married parents.

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  • Shy Glizzy’s Twin

    I guess Tyler found himself a good, lightskin, christian man to start a family with…just like in his movies lol

    • dangeruss

      Who only does missionary cause anything else is the devil

      • Shy Glizzy’s Twin

        Gotta stay focused on that path to redemption. *waits to Tamela Mann to start screaming*

        • dangeruss


  • fannieee1313

    how is tyler perry having a child when just last year on tv the oparh show he sad he didn’t know how to have a relationship with a woman everybody say you was gay

  • Yolanda Varela

    I know for sure, that this Girl did the Six Figure walk. !!!!! LMAF!!!!!!

  • Lee Kaufman

    God Bless the Child. I’m sure he or she will be raised with love !!

  • And Jesus was pleased!

  • ranfan

    Tyler Perry, I swear I better not every hear about you of all people having to pay child support. Madea don’t play that

  • Sherbug

    No shade, but sorry, I’m not buying the “girlfriend”. They don’t have the body language of a couple in love getting ready to have a baby. They look like the couple that went to the prom that really didn’t know each other very well.

    I really cannot believe this is the mother of his child and if so they don’t look like they have ever known each other in the biblical sense. Perhaps she is a surrogate.

    But who knows. Tyler don’t tell so I guess we shouldn’t ask.

    Best wishes to him.

    • dangeruss


  • Mo

    If he is Gay he should just reveal… Hasn’t he heard Gay is cool now… even if u r religious

  • Torri

    This guy is gay. This is just a cover up.

  • 3Storms

    Tyler Perry is so arrogant and in love with the sound of his own name that he’ll no doubt name the kid “Tyler Perry” and have the baby tattooed with “A Tyler Perry Production copyright Tyler Perry”

  • ckatrun

    Ya’ll laugh but then pay to see his movies…so he’s having the last laugh LOL Good luck and congrats Tyler!

  • Janet

    I am glad God is the judge and not man people always trying low grade other and have a lot of baggage their self. God bless you Tyler keep up the good work you are a blessing to others. If you want a baby o well its you life not there’s.


  • Dolly

    Tyler will offer his child his love and kindness without being judged. I know the Lord will bless him as so many children are abused, many fathers just walk away.
    . It’s sad that almost all these comments are about his being GAY. If he weren’t successful would you be judging. So I say to you Tyler Perry God Bless you. You’ve given so much already to help the people of your race.

  • Jesse James

    Congratulations Tyler to you and your wife on becoming parents. You are our new favorite actor. I can’t begin to tell you how many tears have rolled down my face watching your movies. They are so loving and meaningful. The lessons, and the way you present them, is just so inspiring. You are a very talented writer, actor and director. You are just phenomenal. Happy belated birthday and enjoy many, many years of being successful in all of your endeavors. May you and your wife have many pleasures and memories of your new addition to your family.

  • Sam

    Very interesting, He has always said he wouldn’t make a good husband because he’s a workaholic but that he would be a great dad. I don’t see a marriage here, I see some sort of parental arrangement. Whatever floats your boat……..

  • Mona

    Its a sad day then you have to carry on this kind of charade just because society has shamed you as a gay man. I wish him the strength and courage to live the life that makes him truly happy.

  • Helen Lindsay

    Stop fronting Tyler, I love you but stop living a lie.

  • gscott10

    Ha ha ha…funny article.

    The author puts all the possibilities out there but leaves the question of surrogacy on the table.

    Seems Tyler is punking everyone…again

  • OkSure

    He hired a womb is my theory.

  • tutttul

    All I can say is “Congratulations TP!” This is happy news and I’m sure Tyler Perry is beyond thrilled and can’t wait for his child to be born.

  • babyj

    you go tyler all kids are a blessing i was hopeing we have one together because i love you
    you are a good role model im glad for you keep the flims coming and i,ll keep watching thanks

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  • Victor Steele

    Ain’t no maybe…it’s a paybe !

  • I too thought Tyler had much sugar in his tank, who cares if he did. He seems like a very nice man and many of us enjoyed his Madea movies. I am LMWA off here – comments below are funny. Who can’t be speaking Anglish ? WHo ain’t be talkin da right write English. Junglesiren below said it perfectly:””Get your truant butt back into class and learn English.”” Yea, can’t believe how some adults slipped through the cracks not learning grammar and some too, not learning basic math and fractions. OK, Tyler – good luck with the new baby. Keep those Madea movies coming too. Loved his Witness Protection one with Doris Roberts and Eugene Levy – good one.

  • bobak behzadi

    amazing man, very intelligent, but part of Oprahs circle. All of them are still in the closet.
    I cant figure out why ? Its so chic and Hollywood to be gay these days, I dont know why they remain in the closet.

    • tiny

      Maybe because it’s none of your business … nor anyone elses. They sure ain’t sitting around thinking about you nor anyone else.

  • Wayne Dooley

    He’s gay..and that’s ok. Many talented high achievers are.

    • tiny

      I guess there are a lot of low achievving straiught people too …huh?

      Bad comment Wayne – bad comment!

      • Wayne Dooley

        You totally misunderstood my point. The point I was making is that sexual orientation has nothing to do with success.

  • Rebamjr

    If he’s having a child I’ll bet on surrogacy. All along I thought he was gay. I adore his work.

  • Songbyrd

    I think its his dogs. Maybe they’re pregnant…..

  • Junglesiren

    He would do the “down-low” brothers a service by coming out. He’s got a big following, most of whom assume he’s gay and I don’t think they care. They love him. This whole Michael Jackson fake-like-you’re-straight thing is sad.

  • Alice Day

    this gay mf having a baby?

  • Pat Bilbo

    Why Rickie Martin and other can have and raise children, and you guy thinks it ok? But now you have something to say about Tyler Perry. No one can please you people are do you just like crying about everything and being ugly.

  • shannie4888

    Honestly though, I wish Tyler Perry the best.

    Hopefully he’ll raise this child with a lot of love and give the child the best environment that he can. He’s definitely been blessed with success to be a good provider to the child and its mother.

  • tonibarb

    He’s 45 and she’s 28? He’s old enough to be her daddy! Is he sure this is his baby?

    • tiny

      And how do you know she is the momma? There you go speculating again …

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  • Ngozi Nwafor

    But I heard Tyler Perry was abused and molested a lot as a child, by men and women too! I think you guys should give him a break. The only thing I don’t like about his life, is his support of homosexuality on one of his tv shows called The haves and have nots…

    • tiny

      That’s a simple fix – don’t watch it!

      • Ngozi Nwafor

        I DON’T Sweetheart! 🙂

  • laladoza

    That dude is gay as the day is long.

  • Arjay

    He’s super-rich and gay like Oprah. They’d rather deny it because they know how the black community hates gays. Better to be praised for your wealth than to be condemned for your sexuality.

    • tiny

      Arjay: You are an idot … period!

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  • Charlotte DiLondon

    Why are you people judging this man? Happiness is due each of us, and I wish him happiness with his expectant new family.

  • BriBri

    Veronica, a simple congratulations, would have been fine. Geesh.

  • Dee

    Since this is only a rumor…..I will leave it at that. I have no idea if he is gay and most of you have no idea, just leave it. Even if he said I am not gay, seems like everyone has already condemn him to being gay just because you personally haven’t seen him with a woman.

  • TC

    Well I’m happy to see he is not gay, now I always wondered, I still like him, but I thought he might be. Marry her now Daddy.


    more babies out of wedlock!!! smdh, and we fools keep praising the stupid

    • tiny

      Well there’s plenty of them around … babies out-of wedlock and fools! Don’t blame Tyler!

  • ron glass

    he had a huge party ?? guarantee, not one white man was invited, not even the waiters

  • Not you

    I see it decided on a African, and not a African American gold digger

  • Penny Robinson

    I thought he was gay! what a shocker! whatever is fine… glad he is happy.

  • Macton

    Just cause he’s having a baby doesn’t mean he isn’t Gay. Gay people want kids too. Smh

  • Jean

    The woman in that pic is a well known transgender ……. so everyone is roll playing . SMH

  • Steddy

    Lord rest his soul but if Michael Jackson can “have” kids, well…………

  • MLM

    What happened to the government lawsuit against him?

    • charla

      Way to go for a refined gentleman

  • MrPlex

    Why do we admire this man when obviously his life is full of lies. What I take from Tyler Perry is…..You can lie your way to wealth and fame. God doesn’t care if you gay or not…for those who believe in this religious mess. …and you can make millions making black men look bad.

    • tiny

      How the hell did Tyler Perry make YOU look bad?

      OMG – you must really be mad at your momma for that comment! She obviously did not nuture you to be the MAN you should be to blame another man for your shortcomings! Really? WOW!

  • kay3434

    Uh, what?

  • Tigger83

    Why do people automatically assume a man is gay because he:
    doesn’t have his pants hanging/sagging down to the floor; he doesn’t look like
    a gang banger; every other word out of his mouth is NOT a curse word…he actually speaks correct English.
    He doesn’t have 3 and 4 baby mamas or a million side chicks. Sometimes people
    amaze me….within the black community we ask that our black men do better but yet when some do we accuse them of being gay? GTFOH. I mean what do people want? So
    since he’s not HARD…he’s gay? I don’t care if he is or isn’t but that’s why
    there are a lot of single women our here and will stay single b/c they’re dealing
    with thugs and players and not willing to give the NICE guy a chance b/c they’re
    scared of what people will think. Congrats Tyler and will wishes to you.

    • MrPlex

      You lack common sense or maybe just like walking around without common sense. Forget about those stupid stereotypes you mention. A man worth millions (black man at that) and never seen with a girl or girlfriend. A man that makes a living dressing up like a woman.
      You so stupid, I guess if someone points a gun in your face, you would not know they trying to rob or kill you. You would be thinking maybe they want you to see their new gun they got for Christmas…smh Don’t be so stupid.
      Thinking is FREE….Try it sometimes….
      Tyler Perry is gay….I been saying that since the 90s. He is a deceptive homosexual making money off a so called religion that is suppose to despise his lifestyle….The irony…..which shows the silliness of most people — you included.

      • Tigger83

        No. I’m just not judgmental and hateful such as yourself. I’m by far a huge fan of his. Quite frankly I don’t like much of what he has done in film but I do appreciate that this MAN has given people jobs and helped to progress black people careers. What have you done to give back to our community beside bash someone is doing good?

        • MrPlex

          Him building a business is great. Him helping people is great. I said he is GAY. And he needs to come out and say it….that’s all. Stop living a lie……and being judgmental and stating fact is two different things. common sense is not so coming in you….

          • Tigger83

            I’m being judgmental! LOL. Ok. Comical.

            • MrPlex

              No…you have no common sense….forget about being judgmental

              • Tigger83

                You sound like your in pre-school. Your comebacks lack any substance. Go back to the drawing board or rather yet debate class. #Weak.

                • MrPlex


      • Tigger83

        You just perpetuated a stereotype
        in your statement. So since YOU have not personally seen him with a woman..he’s
        automatically gay? Ever thought that the man wants is personal life to be
        PRIVATE? Not everyone wants to broadcast who they are dating. Have you ever
        heard any of Jamie Foxx’s interviews? He’s NEVER been seen out with a woman
        dating as he’s stated the media will not see him with who he is dating b/c that
        is a part of his life he doesn’t want to share. He stated that whomever he is
        currently dating will not be revealed and allowed to go to red carpets and
        other events. This is why he takes his daughter to those events. Every noticed
        that? Do some research before ASSuming ish and coming for people and calling
        them dumb.

      • Tigger83

        Martin Lawrence dressed up as a woman. Is he gay too? Eddie Murrphy did as well…so he’s gay too? Only difference is that Tyler has choosen to keep who he is with private…so he’s gay…umm ok got. It’s fine if he is or he isn’t but it’s quite funny to me because he doesn’t do certain things you perceive a straight person is required to do then he’s gay. LOL.

        • MrPlex

          All those men had lady friends….once again…YOU lack common sense…bro…im don’t with your dumb ass……you not too bright. smh

          • Tigger83

            Because they choose to share those women with the world and media. lol. Are you with Tyler every day? Are you his cousin or something. You only know and see what the media shows you. So since the media is not showing you women..that means he’s gay. Ok. Got it. lol. It’s like that commercial….since it’s on the internet…it has to be true. haha. Foolish people.

            • MrPlex

              bro i am DONE…you lack common sense.

              • Tigger83

                You’ve said that about 5 times. lol. Any other insight to provide?

                • tiny

                  Let him be done – his comments are irrelevant anyway!

    • Zia Paul

      That’s not why people assume he’s gay. lol.

      Before Morris Chestnut announced that he was married with kids, many people believe that he was single for YEARS. No one thought he was gay–he wasn’t sagging, didn’t look like a gang banger, didn’t have three/four baby mamas and millions of side chick, and spoke correctly. Everyone thought he was straight. The same goes for Hill Harper.

      Tyler Perry just has suspect behavior.

      • tiny

        But who cares? And why is it important? At this point, what you think is irrelevant and STILLonly speculation.

        • Zia Paul

          What is your point in responding to me? I was responding to someone false assumptions of why people assume TP is gay. Clearly some care if most of the comment section is filled with questioning the validity of the relationship and if he’s truly straight. Those same people feel it’s important because they feel that they are being lied to for image sake. Speculation doesn’t mean invalid just not proven. Your thoughts on my opinion goes the same for yours.

  • MrPlex

    Tyler Perry is very deceptive…Gay people in general are deceptive — they have to
    Tyler fooled the church community and made millions when all along he was funnier than the Easter Bunny. Now this surrogate baby bullshit. Why do we admire people who live a life full of lies? We must have pathetic lives.

    • Derrick

      There is no lie. It’s just none of our business.

    • tiny

      WOW – you sound angry! Must be one of the HATERS! Get over it! and get on with your own life!

      • MrPlex

        Black people and the truth are like oil and water. I cannot be angry at someone I don’t know. smh I was stating the truth but you couldn’t recognize that if it was sitting on your nose.

        • tiny

          But how do you know it’s the truth? – did truth tell you that personally?

          • MrPlex

            That is the great thing about being one of the most advanced animals on this planet. We have the ability to deduce things and come to an accurate conclusion. If people can build the plane, the car, computer, skyscrappers, missiles, ships, and the micro wave then figuring out Tyler Perry is gay is small potatoes…..smh lol

  • C.R.

    His beard is pregnant?


    Reminds me of Michael Jackson & Debbie Rowe arrangement.

    • tiny


  • Mr Ripley

    I have seen him in person and I never saw him with any woman at all and I have had my suspicions that he is a confused man sexually. A man whose dresses in women’s clothes to play character all the time has issues in my view. really who even cares if he is having a kid. I can see it now when his son or daughter meet their friends and he or she meets Tyler dressed as Madea Tgey are going ask is that your mom?
    To which Tyler’s kid is going to reply no that’s my Dad

    • tiny

      Obviously you care since you have such an opinion about someone and something you know NOTING about …

      And why does he have to be CONFUSED! There is NOTHING confusing about a bank account with multiple 0000’s in it …

      What’e confusing, if at all, is the MILLIONS of confused people who laughed at him all these years and helped create those 0000’s.

      • DarkChocolate1

        Wearing a dress as a character makes you gay now…?? What about Flip Wilson, Martin Lawrence in Big Momma’s House, Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire and Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie to name a few…Really People…


    see, we gay people can reproduce.

  • Nikay Fowora

    Congrats Mr.Perry!!!!! I know you will be a wonderful dad..

  • S

    Well……I can’t imagine Tyler conceiving a child naturally. I just think that he’s gay. Not because of the Madea character or the fact that he was molested as a child either. For me, I don’t feel that Tyler gives off a masculine vibe at all and I don’t think he’s into women. With all the fame and fortune, I wouldn’t date him AT ALL. Like Michael Jackson, I didn’t think that he was gay, but I couldn’t imagine him having sex AT ALL.

    • tiny

      Well … that’s good because he wouldn’t have asked you to date him AT ALL!

      You should really begin to focus and set you imagination on something more productive …

  • Just saying!!

    Just mentioned this to someone and was asked, “Wait, is HE having the baby, or MADEA??” Lmaoooo yea I want some clarification on that one hahaha.

  • Angela Ward

    I thought he was, you know what

  • Tamika Powell

    I am so happy for you Tyler if this is true. I have been waiting for you to join the world of parenthood. I know you will be a great parent.

    • tiny

      and who said they are getting married?

  • InspectorGadget80

    His marriage won’t last long. She will divorce him in a few years and take half his fortune. That’s how all celebrity marriages works

  • SelenaMillieux

    I am soo jealous,and in love with Tyler Perry,I was suppose to have his biracial babe,oh well I always thought he was a bit on the poof side.

  • Gen

    For the love of God, the man is gay. He is gay, gay, gay. And I hope like men before him that once they have kids, they come out of the closet. They realize they’re living a lie & they don’t want to teach their kids to lie about their lives.

  • zeke

    She is a surrogate because we all know the man is G A Y and while we’re at it, Oprah and Gayle need to stop it too, I’m tired of seeing them roll out Steadman “Graham” every ten years…

    • tiny

      then stop watching …

  • nala

    Madea is going to carry this baby.

  • The Situation

    I wonder if the child will be named in the same ridiculous manner as his shows and movies? Now introducing….Tyler Perry’s ***** Perry!!!

  • Lizzie Beth

    I wanna read an article about him coming out of the closet so sistas can see that just because you talking about the lord doesn’t mean you can’t be gay. I swear this is how lots of black women end up with men on the down low…………..but but but he always talked about how much he loved the lord……………..girl bye!

    • Derrick

      And what the sistas also need to understand is the reason black men remain on the down low is because of the threats and backlash they will receive from their own black community. If there was support, more black men would feel they could come out within a safer environment. But because of this fear more black men stay in the closet and more black women end up with them.

      • Lizzie Beth

        @Derrick I couldn’t agree more. I’m pro gay rights because when we create an environment where people aren’t allowed to be who they are, it not only affects them but indirectly affects everybody in the community. You’d think we would have learned this lesson from our past history of oppressing African Americans and Native Americans but no…..we keep repeating history. When gays and lesbians are allowed to be open in the black community, it will be beneficial to all of us.

  • Janna Paris

    WOW! Tyler Perry is pregnant? Now that’s something I would like to see; him giving birth. Stop with the ‘we-are-pregnant’ crap. There would be zero population growth if men could get pregnant.

  • WZNM

    “Christian themes as a backdrop” along with a lil Chronic smoking too!

  • ellendoowop

    Congratulations, and wishing him all the best and a healthy child. 🙂

  • Sue

    Another no Marriage relationship. What a Country.

    • tiny

      So you’ve been keeping track? WOW! #getalife

  • dangeruss

    so much shade in this article.

  • Lele

    WOW wasn’t expecting that! Lucky girl if it is her



    • tiny

      R U?

  • Private Ladee

    I’m guessin this is also a surrogate for his child… and more to the point because he chose a woman 17 years younger than him cause if they have been dating off and on for 5 years that means that he was 40 when they started dating and she was 23… yeah right Tyler Perry… tryin 2 throw us off… never heard bout her or any woman for that matter that he was suppose to have been dating… friends yes, but dating no…

    • tutttul

      Uh – again MadamNoire is guessing as usual. The Ethiopian model pictured with Tyler

  • Quantez Williams

    The mother is Debbie Rowe.

    • asize12

      Wow! LOL

    • dangeruss


  • Greg McGowan

    I didn’t realize that men could get pregnant. Who’s the father of his child? Maybe he forgot to place that aspirin between his knees when he dated.

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  • Glammapuss West

    I wouldn’t ever have sex with a man who was rumored to have struggled with his sexuality. Period.

    • dangeruss

      How do you know you haven’t already?

      • tiny

        IKR … what she don’t know she don’t know! People say the most STUPID things! And who said he slept with ANYBODY!

        • dangeruss

          EXACTLY! You know how many dudes experiment out of curiousity or a drunk night. She needs to stop.

      • Glammapuss West

        I said “Rumored”. Tyler Perry has openly discussed his homosexuality issues from the past. If a man told me something like that, or if it was “rumored” as I said, maybe you dont understand rumored, or discussed, or suspected to be. Those are men who are off limits to me sexually.

        • dangeruss

          So you’re saying your bisexual?

          • Glammapuss West

            Why are you reading into something I’m not saying. Where did you get that I’m bisexual from? I dont date men who were known to be gay, rumored to be gay, said to be gay, thought to be gay,use to be gay. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT. It seems to me you’re looking to debate. I dont show up to every battle I’m invited too. I said what I said, you dont know me, WTF do you care. Go to a yoga class so you can be less combative.

            • dangeruss

              Girl you seem pressed. Your baby daddy gay?

              • Glammapuss West

                I dont have a baby daddy but yours apparently is.

  • Coco

    It shouldn’t be anything to gossip about he in Hollywood and what happens there will soon come out r at least if they can’t get the real then they will make a juicy story to keep up mess, but at the end of the day he has GOD to answer to and so does whom ever!!! I happy Our Black Stars have strong minds!! Love You Tye! Keep up the good work!!

  • MsBxq

    Tyler Perry is gay? Is that what I’m hearing? How come I didn’t know that? And is tyler the father of this child? So, she’s a surrogate, unless he’s bi and such. But, I had the impression that Tyler was a Christian man, and that this out-of-wedlock birth would go against his religious beliefs. I guess that doesn’t apply to men with his status and wealth. What would Big Momma have to say about the unwed father? I guess this is the norm in his culture.

    • tiny

      smh … gonna put you on the list!

  • Lala Palooza

    I’m a huge fan of Tyler’s story! Glad he’s found a cutie to have a baby with!!! That will be a big tall Madea- loving baby!!!! (:

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  • Trini_Angel

    Well congrats either way!!

  • Linda M McCuff

    There are times when even Christians miss it and fall into situations that raise the eyebrows of religious decorum. But Tyler Perry has always been real about his life. And someone who operates with that kind of integrity doesn’t suddenly become shady. Even his artistic flavor reflects his life filled experience. I trust that he will be forthcoming concerning even this matter when he feels the time is right. One thing for certain he never claimed to be more than he was, and I always appreciated that about my brother. So I would like to congratulate him on the upcoming birth of his first child. He’ll make a fantastic father.

    • bubbleyes72

      Amen, best comment left thus far, it is amazing how quick we are to judge others as if we are perfect! What ever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say NOTHING!

      • tonibarb

        Look up what the Bible says about judging and hit me back.

        • tiny

          We just gonna write “i-g-n-o-r-a-n-t” across your forehead. Not because you are referencing the Word – but because you are hanging on to this idea that is is not relevant right now … AND you still haven’t listed your last sin(s). I bet you are sinning right now as you read this.

      • Juwar74

        don’t say “anything”. Grammar, black people, grammar…

        • bubbleyes72

          Nothing is the word I wanted to use, NEXT!

    • TJR

      Very well said @Linda m McCuff! God’s blessings to you!

  • Mary R Thurman

    everyone needs someone,,, so what if he marries or has a baby,, he is a grown man and can take care of a wife and a child if he wants to,,, i hope he has found someone to care for and she cares for him.. . great news a baby is the greatest news ever..

  • Intergalactic Byotch

    I thought he was secretly gay lol

    • tiny

      … join the crowd of other ignoramous!

    • dangeruss

      LOL @ Secretly. Did you know water is secretly wet?

  • Kenj

    Yes he’s a Christian , however he has ALWAYS said that he will NEVER get married because he is scared of Divorce because he has worked so hard and no one will be able to take it !


  • angela fumi

    OMG…. I thought he was GAY! Though i’m not convinced if truly he’s expecting a child.

    • tiny

      How can you be so ignorant – since when did being GAY mean you can’t have a child! Shame society thinks the only way to procreate is to screw! You can be impregnated with a turkey baster! GROW UP PEOPLE!

      • dangeruss


      • Juwar74

        Only weird ppl would even consider being impregnated by a turkey baster or any other method that is not natural.

  • Honey Limp

    What is wrong with you people? Do you live with him? Who knows if he is gay or not? Who cares? If he is that’s between him and God. Why can’t we just be happy for him and call it a day, if it’s true. Do you think he’s gay because dresses up like a woman. Well what about Martin and Eddie and Jamie, are they gay. Why can’t we just be happy when people have good things that happen in their life instead of negativity. SMH

    • dangeruss

      and the tyler perry stans show up

  • Congrats Tyler!! I hope you have a healthy, happy, big juicy, baby girl!! God Bless

  • Takieaa ReyFaun

    I am happy for him.

  • Helen Lindsay

    Tyler, your gay okay. Stop fronting.

  • Ramona

    From what I have read about Mr. Perry he seems to be a very nice and giving person. I am happy to see that he will be receiving a wonderful gift from God as I believe all children are. At least he can afford his and not depend on the Welfare System to support it while the mama’s out twerking.

  • David Foss

    The first!! Congratulation!!

  • Sonji Dixon

    I heard somewhere that he would love to be a dad but would never marry. And besides, I thought Tyler P. was gay?



    • tutttul

      Truth be told most of those posting vile and insulting comments are consumed with jealousy – so let them have their 5 sec of hate. Tyler Perry lives a beautiful life of success, joy and extreme well-earned wealth and couldn’t care less what haters think or say. Wow – Stevie Wonder playing the piano at the birthday bash! You go TP – congratulatio on the baby news and happy happy birthday!

      • tolani

        Jealous of a gay dude?
        Jealous because he has wealth. Anyone jealous of someone because of materialistic thangs is stupid because their treasures should be in heaven
        I am not rich, but married very well. My husband is very well off. I live very comfortably.
        I have noooo reason to hate a gay drag queen like perry, sorry!!

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  • Guest

    If that’s true! Congratulations! Tyler Perry & Gelila Bekele

  • Nancy Keidel-Kennedy

    that was my first thought too when I read it……

  • CAliQueen

    I scrolled I read I laughed lol y’all funny. But all jokes aside whether he’s gay or straight I wish him the best and pray for a happy healthy pregnancy to whom ever is carrying his child.

  • Kevyn

    Tyler Is A Private Man. So, Because He Keeps His Personal Life Personal He’s Gay? If You Haven’t Noticed A LOT Of Relationships End Because Of The Spot Light. Reggie Bush Dumped Kim K Because She Was ALWAYS In The Spotlight. Maybe He’s Being Smart And Not Exposing Her To That And Maybe That’s How She Prefers It.

    • CAliQueen

      Yeah maybe!

  • Kimberly Reese

    I am happy for Tyler because he always Wanted kids and He have a Nursey in his house and I wish he could of been me like the Tyrone Davis Song.

  • tee

    Tyler I wish you the best and if you are having a child I hope him/her is healthy….If I was 10 or 15 years younger I would have been your baby mama….Love you Tyler

  • Donna West-White

    Shut up, Madam Noire! Congratulations Mr. Perry!!! I am so happy and I know you know How to ignore all of the gossip about you and your beautiful woman! Again, Congratulations to you and all of the many blessings to you and your family to come!!!

  • GodIsNotDead

    Umm really??? He does all this preaching in his movies and to others to live right and do right but he has a baby out of wedlock?!? I have lost all respect for him and the god he preaches/teaches about surely must be himself. Money sure changes people who think they are on the same level of God. TP is not sovereign, and he needs to stop playing these games being a fake Christian. How can he witness to others about God and his righteousness when he is not demonstrating God and his righteousness in his own life. IJS.

    • Cookie

      Ummmmm really yourself. You really need to stop judging.. This article was nothing but speculation..NO FACTS, and you are ready to hang this man from a tree. He never said he was on the same level as God nor does he give off that impression. I certainly hope you are not calling yourself a “real” Christian with all that judging and condemning you are doing…about someone you don’t and something you know nothing about….Ughhh get over yourself.

      • tolani

        But as christians, we are supposed to judge one another. If you think we are not then you have surely been.reading the wrong bible.
        It seems you have taken a few words and taken them out context. We are supposed to correct each other as christians. It’s called righteous judgement.
        Tyler perry is a ‘christian’ in the spot.light. (By his fruit, I do not believe he is a true christian) He is supposed to set an example. He is setting a very baaaad example.

      • tolani


      • tolani

        But as christians we are instructed to judge one another. It’s called righteous judgement and correction. As Tyler perry is a ‘christian’ in the spot light, he is supposed to be setting an example!
        So called christians that tell.other people not to judge have certainly not read their bibles properly.

        • tonibarb

          That’s right! As long as we are in right standing with God, we have the authority to correct the sinners.

          • tiny

            So we should have nailed you to the cross instead? Sounds like a good idea!

        • tutttul

          Really – you are hilarious! “Judge not lest ye be judged” – however you really came to pick a fight right? Oh well – if you’re incapable of setting an “example” for yourself or your own house there’s little to see here. Few can recall Tyler Perry “preaching” anything and he’s also never claimed “role model” status. You’re right about one thing though – money sure does change people – and mostly it’s the people without it.

          • tiny

            I agree – they’re called HATERS! Most HATERS judge from a position of powerrlessness.

          • Tolani

            Please Girrrrl. Instead of listening to.false preachers such as to jokes and Joel ostensibly all day, pick up.your bible it.
            The same verse you.are.talking about is talking about hypocritical judgement!!! Stop.randomly quoting verses and taking them.out.of context!!!
            We are supposed to.judge and correct.each other.
            Don’t get mad at me about that, take it.up with God, it’s his word!!!

            • tutttul

              Actually it’s all relative isn’t it? Your opinion – my opinion – everyone’s “two cents” is absolutely irrelevant because Tyler Perry is happily anticipating the birth of his child whom he will undoubtedly extravagantly love and provide for. I remember reading awhile back Mr. Perry has a chapel on-site on his production lot (that rivals 20th Century Fox as one of the largest in the world) – and he begins each day in prayer thanking God for blessing him to become one of the wealthest and most productive producer in U.S. history. Rumor has it Mr. Perry heard the voice of God telling him to keep going and promising to bless him when he did – and literally overnight Mr. Perry went from homelessness to more blessings than he has “room to receive”.

              Keep up the mean-spirited judgment of another’s personal relationship with God if it makes you feel better about yourself – but pick up a dictionary while you’re at it.
              p.s. Always a big mistake using a small mind to contemplate the works of God.

          • Tolani

            *t.d jokes and Joel.osteen

        • La Shaundrea Harris

          Thank you!! Finally someone on this thread speaking TRUTH!!

      • Blessed

        Cookie how is GodIsNotDead judging? The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:16 You can tell or identify them by the fruit, that is, by the way they act.NLT. If your a christian you should not be congratulating him. He has these christian plays laying hands on TD Fake so yes we can call him out. I pray he get right with God.

    • Honeybee

      He”s always been fake Christian.

      • tiny

        Hollyweird is full of them – but doesn’t stop someone from having a baby!


      GODISNOTDEAD, UMMM, PLEASE DON’T judge, Tyler. You don’t know if this story is true or not. Most people who say they are Christians are fake. Don’t Judge Tyler. You don’t know him.

      • tonibarb

        Look up who can judge besides God and come back to me.

        • tiny

          Come back to you for what – you ain’t that important! IF and only IF you are without sin, then you can cast a stone AND speak again … but until then … shhhh! Now go look that up in the Word and get back to us!

      • tiny

        YUP – like the FAKE Christians on this thread proclaiming Holy righteousness! Wish theyd recall and confess for us how many times they’ve sinned … I don’t know them, but I’d bet they did … recently too! BLASPHEMY – CAST THEM TO HELL RIGHT NOW!

    • tutttul

      Exactly who gave you the rightto point your finger at another’s relationship with God? Perhaps it’s the 21st century tendency to be smugly self-righteous but hollow and hypocritical because you certainly have no idea whatsoever of the depth of another’s spiritual connection with God – and most definitely are not privy to who – or what – is pleasing or displeasing to the Heavenly Father.
      Worry for your own house.

    • tiny

      So … when was the last time you sinned? or fell short from the Glory of God? I’m just curious. Last I checked, “Christians aren’t suppose to judge either …. ” – so there you have it – you sinned 2 says ago! Guess you’ll wind up the same place you think he will huh?

  • Jeff Scott

    The man is living his life, doesn’t ask for anything from anybody. If he is happy, I hope we can all be happy for him.

    • Patrica Russell

      amen every man need some body to carey there name con. tyler i am happy for u an your baby mother

  • Mary

    Him and the lady mentioned has not been seen together for a while. From the pics I have seen of her on Instagram she doesn’t look pregnant and she recently was at the UN speaking .
    He is very private, He don’t like to put his life out there. The interview he did with Oprah she asked him if he was engaged. He told her, “Don’t believe the blogs or research from them.” He does want children but I highly doubt he would tell it at a birthday party knowing mostly everyone there would tell everyone.

    Who knows, but if anything he wants a child but don’t believe he would be a good husband. Sad, I think he would be.

  • yanni54

    I love it when any of these famous people can keep their private lives private away from all of the judges, and the wondering nosy busy bodies and the ones who A$$UME what is going on in these people’s lives! Congrats Tyler. I know your mom would have loved this and she raised you to be a good dad!!!

    • Tigger83


    • tonibarb

      I don’t think that his mom would have loved this at all. He’s not married to the lil girl who’s young enough to be his daughter.

  • first time reader

    Proofread and edit this article, please.

    • Annalytical

      Ha! I’ve become so accustomed to the horrific editing that I didn’t even notice the errors until you mentioned them. That’s a shame!!

  • Wanda Jewett


  • FromUR2UB

    Ok, Tyler. You’re not getting younger. Never gonna marry anybody?

    • tiny

      For what? marriage is overrated … and most (not all) ends in divorce – especially with celebrities!

      • FromUR2UB

        Having kids out of wedlock is overrated , too…though, only by people who have kids out of wedlock.

        Answer this: if marriage is really not that important, then how did the children of a Hollywood couple who’ve lived somewhat unconventionally during the kids’ entire lives, come to deem marriage as important? The parents weren‘t able to change those kids‘ minds. Children seem to get a sense of security from their parents being married. It may be a false sense of security, but one just the same.

  • bryanro

    steps into the DownLow effortlessly… cowardice the source…poor kid

  • xavier

    I hope he did it to her good. i was worried he was gay

    • Ebony Arnold

      LOL DEAD

    • Helen Lindsay

      Too Gay.

  • Mel

    For the right price, I would have his baby too. Congratulations!

  • Jackie Easterwood

    So why are you even posting anything if all you have is speculation about who the mother “might” be, or if it is probably an adopted child. You really don’t KNOW anything for sure so why start posting things.

  • mmmdot

    Hmmm, I know this is wrong but I really did think he was gay. I guess not. Either way, the [suspected] mother his child is really gorgeous. Congrats to the both of them.

    • BChoc

      He is!!!

    • derrik

      you don’t have to be straight to make a baby, you know.

      • mmmdot

        I never said anyone had to be straight to make a baby. Thanks.

        • tiny

          No but you “thought it” … out of the mouth comes what’s in the mind & heart!

          • mmmdot


      • tiny

        Hello! Say that again! I can’t STAND stoopid and ignorant people … who make themselves known – or should I say be heard!

  • Angelia Graham

    If it’s true, then congrats to you and yours Mr. Perry.

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  • All Purpose Al

    Hopefully, the child will not be allowed to watch any of Perry’s movies or TV shows.

    • blogdiz

      Dead !!

    • mmmdot


    • MsSincerity

      Child Abuse…lol

    • BChoc

      Eggs Act Lee

      • Joan

        Good play on words!

  • vrai

    Congratulations, a new life is to celebrated regardless. I never saw him as a Christian though…..

    • Judy Smith Tate

      YOU ARE RIGHT CONGRATULATION, REGARDLESS….stop judging he not the only one without being married he is human……..

      • Emily

        I don’t see the judging.

    • tiny

      What the hell does that mean … and what does a Christian “look like” – since you never “saw” him as one? ???? … “splain Lucy!

  • Sadie Likeitornotyougottalovei

    Congrats!!! “Tyla” would be a pretty name for a girl.

    • tonibarb


    • tutttul

      That’s a beautiful name!

  • Cassia A Hill

    LOL the writer said “I wondered did he get married and I miss the news”? LOL

  • A Thomas

    So who is the father?

    • Christan-Joy Demeritt


    • Ebony Arnold


    • OnyxPearl

      Matthew Knowles…

      • MostOutrageous

        LMAO! you might be right. Ol’ Boy been having kids left and right lately!

      • moniqhar

        LMAO!! Best response!!!

      • asize12

        DEAD!!!!! LMAO!

      • Just saying!!


      • shannie4888

        LMAO….funny as hell….and you probably right.

    • moniqhar

      LMAO!!! Best comment!!

    • Bully84

      Dead. Oprah

    • Mystery Lady

      The guy (Jay) on Iyanla Fix My Life with the 35 kids…….this makes #35.

    • SelenaMillieux

      Obammer is

      • traytah

        No selena mucus. You don’t spell correctly, EVER!!!

  • honeybee808

    i agree with all the speculation all over this post…this reminds me of ricky martin’s situation just before he came out. congrats to him!

    • jackie canada

      Exactly, and he said that he dated plenty of women but has always known that he was gay!

  • Hope Nodrama

    Awwwwwww CONGRATS Tyler Perry on ur new lil blessing. God bless u and the mother of ur baby.

    • co co

      you know what Mr. Tyler Perry deserves the best and I am so Happy for him
      way to go Mr. Tyler Perry

    • tonibarb

      God Bless!? He’s not married to the girl, who is young enough to be his daughter, so God can’t bless this. Tyler know this.

      • Hope Nodrama

        Children are blessings. God make no mistakes so who are you to judge anybody? Nobody perfect in this world.

      • tiny

        How do you know what Tyler knows?

      • T.J.

        What do u call a 40 yo man with a 20 yo girl? A lucky man. LOL

  • Rochelle

    What!!?? for the longest time I though Tyler Perry had sugar in his tank? *Confused*

    • Hope Nodrama

      Me too. I guess i was wrong.

    • -A

      People with sugar in the bank can and still do have kids.

    • Ardelia

      So did I, but I love him…good luck to him

    • jackie canada

      Haven’t you ever heard of surrogacy? I’m sorry but Tyler has never been linked to anyone. Yes he takes pics every now with a woman no one knows but I’m not buying it. In the pic they don’t even look like they are a

      • Honeybee

        Exactly. Hes not with her. Shes just a beard. These morally bankrupt people dusgust me.

        • sanana

          Being gay doesn’t make him morally bankrupt. Wow.

          • Miss M

            What he ND his partner do is moral less sorry!

            • traytah

              You learn to write a proper sentence, miss m.

        • Tori

          Well the “morally bankrupt” individual was the deacon who molested him from church. People who judge others instead of focusing on their own imperfections I say are the ones who are “morally bankrupt.”^^^

          • tiny

            Exactly! People are so shallow! Who give a DAMN who what how when – just be happy for people for a change!

          • Shelley Matzelt Samples

            All I can say is that is going to be one well-raised kid.

          • Carol Ann Vallery

            Tori, Amen to THAT!!!

          • Charlotte DiLondon

            Thank you for that Tori. I mentioned on here myself, how Tyler told his story of being molested by an adult male, when he was a child. People never think before they speak, they try to be cute, but it stinks……………………………………………

      • Genia W-m

        And neither was Luther Vandross, whom I admired so much. I read where he never wanted to embarrass his religious mother. He lived a very decent and private life too.

        • breakemoff43

          decent? Lol…

          • mary_schneider2014

            Start working from your home and have an extra 12k a month… We’ll give you the training and you’ll be set to go… >

        • Carol Ann Vallery

          I read that Luther was in love but he never said if it were male or female. But he was a very talented and fine man!!! Missed too.

      • blondie

        Last year he said he had a lady whop had a miscarriage.

      • Keisha

        This has to be a surrogate, because Tyler is GAY. Sorry ladies. Sorry to anyone out there holding out for Tyler to be the strong straight man they’ve been looking for. Even my gay friends say he’s gay and they know a gay man when they see one. Okay! *snap snap*

        • Carol Ann Vallery

          I DON’T agree with you on that! I think Tyler is a very selective and private man, and who could blame him with all the vultures out there. He has admitted in interviews that he wants children but not marriage because with his busy schedule a woman would be too demanding. If he were on the DL, but didn’t come out then where would your proof be???

          • Juwar74

            A woman would be too demanding??? And not a newborn baby? Give me a break, the man is in the closet.

          • Rod Milton

            Nah…dude probably gay. If he’s not gay then he’s probably bi. Any man that can dress in women’s clothes on a consistent basis have to be suspect. No straight man is going to put on women’s clothes and make movies catering to women day in and day out. Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy did it for like 1 or 2 movies (Big Mama’s House & Norbit, Nutty Professor, etc), but they were in body suits.
            I’m sorry, but when my 80+ year old religious grandmother predicting dude gay…dude probably is. Not that it matters. To be honest, as many gay men flock the church. Like Chris Rock said “black folks have no right to talk about gays, every church has a gay choir director…” These gay rumors been circulating around TP for the longest. In all honesty, I haven’t seen these many gay rumors circulating around one man since Luther Vandross.

            • joebatch

              One question,Ever heard of Milton Berle or Flip Wilson? Anyway what difference if he is gay or not have to with us living our own lives? OK so it was 2 questions. There is a n old saying ‘ if I take 6 days to mind my business and 1 day to stay out of everyone else’s that should keep me quite busy’.

            • Charlotte DiLondon

              You have so much jab about him being gay, think about what you would do if you had half a billion dollars………………………………………….

            • traytah

              He say you is. Now you gone.

          • guest

            He could have kept that lie…..that doesn’t even sound right in theory. A woman is too demanding vs a newborn. sheesh

        • traytah

          How you know this?

      • Charlotte DiLondon

        He was linked to Tyra Banks at one time.

    • Honeybee

      Gay men are now paying women to breed for them. I dont know what kind of low moral woman agrees to this craziness but its happening.

      • Mr Good Taste

        Straight couples pay women to bear their children, too. #InCaseYouDidntKnow

        • Emily

          I think the difference is the “beard” status.

      • Private Ladee

        Why do she has to be of low morals… he is the one paying money, so he is the one with the low morals… stop blamin the dam woman all the time and excusing the man… she doing it for the money and that’s her biz… she is no different than any other surrogate…

        • phantum

          Please learn proper English grammar before you post another comment.

          • Sarah

            @phantum. Thank you. I shuddered when I read that totally butchered comment.

          • co co

            Thank U well said

        • tonibarb


        • Junglesiren

          Get your truant butt back into class and learn English.

        • Brenda

          you’re absolute right she is no different from any other prostitute oops I mean surrogate. She’s getting paid to render a service.

        • traytah

          Why Private Ladee? You don’t know if she is doing anything for money.

    • Genia W-m

      Clay Aiken has a son with his best female friend. They’re raising the boy together.

      • breakemoff43


      • Miss M

        That poor confused kid! Wake up people, we were not designed to sleep with the same sex! No matter how much the world tries to sugar coat it, it is and always will be wrong!

        • tiny

          … and so is rape, murder, and all the other 490 sins – so why focus on “same sex”? Can you name your last sin?

          • Carol Ann Vallery

            Can you name yours? For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We were born in sin and shaped in iniquity.

        • traytah

          No m & m, you go away and do something productive.

    • Charlotte DiLondon

      Rochelle, Perry admitted to being molested as a small boy, but he is not gay. This thing happens to many young boys, I am glad Tyler could move forward and put that tragedy behind, and lead a productive life.

      • Sherbug

        And just how do you know he is not gay. Are you a personal friend. Amazing how people think because they read something, that makes it true. We don’t know what Tyler’s sexual orientation is. We don’t ask and he don’t tell.

        • Juwar74

          He “doesn’t” tell.

        • Charlotte DiLondon

          Tyler said he is NOT gay himself, on an interview with Oprah. I think he should/would know if he’s not gay, don’t you? Did read that statement anywhere, I saw him say it myself. I never come on this page to leave a comment, unless I know what the Hell I am talking about. I don’t even know why I took the time to answer your stupid question, oh! well………………

    • kimi_is_pissed

      Me too! When I saw the headline I thought “Who’s the OTHER Daddy?” lol

      • tiny

        SMH … stoooooopid!

        • kimi_is_pissed

          Not at all. I’d be happy for TP becoming a father regardless of the sex of his partner. I just thought he was openly gay. Had no idea there was a woman in the picture.

          • traytah

            Your thinking is wrong and ignorant. You don’t know anything nor is it any of your business.

            • kimi_is_pissed

              Hmmm…I’m pretty sure that I’m not the ignorant one. Especially since I obviously think that marriage and parenthood is an awesome thing for EVERYONE regardless of orientation. I didn’t pass a single judgment on TP, but it sure seems like you might be homophobic if it offends you that I thought he was gay. Never claimed to know that for a fact.

              • traytah

                No, you don’t know anything.

                • kimi_is_pissed

                  LOL. Touchy. Touchy. SOMEBODY is taking this personally. It’s OK. That closet will get too stuffy for you one day too 😉 Tootles!

                  • traytah

                    It is only stuffy and has an atrocious odor when you are in there. Go away.

                    • kimi_is_pissed

                      Haha! LOL

    • tiny

      Grow up!

    • tiny

      That’s what happens when you “think” …

  • DaisyDuke

    Well… you know what… GOOD FOR HIM and congrats!!!

    Hey, who am I to ask questions. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    I just hope he is a great father to the child.

  • jo welch

    Gelila is pregnant

  • sue

    Congrats Mr. TP.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Gtfoh Tyler…for reals!?!

  • VibezFlow

    Um, Sway…how?

  • Jazzy Creole Stylist

    Lawdy Lawd Lawd! I am from New Orleans La, born & raised & That’s ALL im gon say about it!… PA-LEASE keep us updated on this one!

    • Marq Lewis

      hahaha… busting a gut over here..LOL

      • mary_schneider2014

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    • Sensual A

      How in the world did Tyler Perry figure out how to get Madea pregnant??

      • Just saying!!

        Lmfaoooooooo there it is!

    • Bill

      Really could give a rats behind… I don’t support the stereotypical bs he produces…..