On Monyetta Shaw Burning Her Tubes For Ne-Yo And The Sacrifices We Make For Men

August 26, 2014  |  

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I’m not sure if you’ve been tuning into “Atlanta Exes,” but I would have to say that the person whose story really tugs at my heartstrings the most is Monyetta Shaw (Torrei is a little too sensitive/petty at times, Tameka is too abrasive with her opinions, Sheree is a little immature and Christina…well, I actually like her too).  The former fiancée of Ne-Yo is still trying to move on from her famous flame while holding on for dear life at the same time…

You see, the former couple still live together with their two children, despite the fact that the singer has already publicly started dating someone new (Shaw claims that their living arrangement is temporary). But she says that at some point she wants to move on and date someone new–it’s just been hard to get out there to start.

When asked by cast member Christina Johnson during yesterday’s episode if she was ready to deal with a new man who might want her to have more kids, Shaw broke down in tears because she revealed that she can no longer have children. While with Ne-Yo, as a family, they made the decision after she had their son Mason (they also have eldest daughter Madilyn, born 11 months before) that because they had a boy and a girl, they weren’t going to have anymore children. With that in mind, Shaw had her tubes burnt by a doctor who until the very moment she did it, asked repeatedly, “Are you sure?” This was all while she was in her late 20s, under the impression that they were going to be together for the rest of their lives. Now that they’re not together anymore, she’s very angry.

“What if I meet the one and he doesn’t have kids? I can’t give you kids. That right there, it gets me. It makes me angry. From that, that’s why I see why some women are bitter.”

This whole scene was very sad. Shaw thought that they were going to be a solid family and that their future was going to be bright, only for Ne-Yo to realize after such a big decision was made that he didn’t want to be with her anymore. And she can’t really get away from him to heal completely because she’s made the decision to continue living in his home.

When I saw this scene play out I thought to myself, ‘why couldn’t they just use birth control?’ That’s such a major decision to make as young parents in their 20s so soon after bringing two kids into the world. I also thought, ‘Why couldn’t he get a vasectomy!?’

Another big thing I thought about after watching this scene was the reality of the crazy sacrifices we make for relationships that men often don’t.

I was just having a conversation with a friend this past weekend. After being committed to a man for four years who she was supposed to become a Mrs. to (seriously, they set a date), she left that relationship immensely hurt because he went back on his word one too many times and took her for granted. She sacrificed quite a bit for her partner (including moving to the other side of the country to be with him) and did very sweet things for her man that he wouldn’t do for her. Now she too is unsure about stepping back into the dating world, worried that she won’t find the man who will appreciate her and all she does, but instead, find more hurt and pain.

The only advice that I could give to her is to do what comes naturally to her. If it’s in her heart to go out of her way for her partner, then she’ll do it. But I told her that she shouldn’t do too much to the point where she feels like she gives and gives and gives, only to feel empty after the fact.

Shaw did just that. Not only did she have Ne-Yo’s children and burn her tubes after the fact, but she also got a tattoo on her body with the singer’s government name (Shaffer Smith) because she was that committed and in love.

We as women all do some very interesting things and make major sacrifices (including forgoing friends and family) for people who we think are as invested in the relationship as we are. The easiest answer would be to say that you should go into relationships with your eyes open, but falling in love is a mutha, right?  Your heart can really have you out here confused with your nose wide open. I’ve been there too.

So I sympathize with Shaw, but I applaud her for sharing her story so that other women know and will think long and hard about what could happen before making such major decisions for love (aka, a man). In a recent chat with NecoleBitchie though, Shaw said that despite all she’d given and lost, she still doesn’t regret anything about her relationship with Ne-Yo and had this advice for others:

“Just love. Love with all your heart. Love yourself first. Because who knows what’s going to happen? Don’t have any regrets and don’t hold back. Even being hurt and going through heartbreak, you still live and you’re living life and you just gotta go into it full throttle. Love yourself first and just be open to love.”

You can check out the revealing conversation between Shaw and Johnson below:

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  • Dr. Dubya

    Did he ask her to get her tubes ligated? Or was it mutual?

  • imstunned

    Wooooow! My jaw dropped reading this. I feel for her, I really do. Women do sacrifice a whole lot. Personally, I have been in the situation where I allowed someone to trample over my dignity and self-perception/respect because I was just so in love and scared to be alone. What can I say? You live and you learn through the pain. “Experience is a brutal teacher”, they say. It’s just so incredibly sad that she sacrificed something that she can never recover; her ability to [naturally] conceive a child.

  • buhle

    Why why why! Oh God why??? Black women please, women all over the world please DO NOT MAKE LIFE ALTERING DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR BODY FOR A MAN!!!! whether he is your one at that time or to infinity Lord Jesus …ladies never EVER!! A person can suggest something to you but the responsibility that you actually went and did it , is on you! I feel so sorry for Monyetta but damn…what did Neyo do that was equivalent?? What was her thought process?? I’ve been with my guy for 10 yes and I love him like nobody else but I have my boundaries!! Its my body, MY BODY! u were born alone and you will be buried alone. Ladies, don’t do this please! I beg you!

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  • ComeLetsTalk

    Why in the HELL would you do this and your not even married (not to say that marriage is some protection) but damn??? Really?

  • REAList

    Hmmm… Let me see here, what was Monyetta doing (career wise) before meeting Neyo? She was a “model” or aspiring actress, correct? The girl has had two kids by a millionaire… She should cut her losses and try to make as much as she can out of the situation. I don’t think feeling sorry for her is productive. In fact, it’s COUNTER-productive. I wish she and her children well, but I’m tired of women who have “came up” on the backs of their wealthy spouses crying foul when things don’t pan out. It is what it is. If the divorce rate for an average Jane/Joe is 50 percent, WTF do you think it is for celebrities? It’s probably like 95 percent. If I could talk to her, I’d say: “Monyetta, I’m sorry that you’re upset about this, but move on. You have two beautiful children by a wealthy man. You have connections to people that others could only dream of knowing. Reach out to your connects and start living for YOU.” #EndofStory #NoPityPartyHere

  • Ozzy

    How does anyone expect to stay in a relationsgip with a celebrity “forever”. And foregoing friends and family for a relationship is just plain silly. If you are with someone who doesn’t like your family or friends then I doubt they are a good match for you. That is also an indicator of an abusive relationship. Someone who loves you would never ask for that. And as sad as it may be for this girl, it was her own decision to get her tubes burned, very short sighted. And a tattoo with someone’s name? That’s been known to be a horrible idea for decades. This isn’t commitment this is just a blind doing everything for nothing mentality. There are people who just alow themselves to be mistreated. I was there and I got myself out of it before any real damage could be done. One thing is true, you have to love yoirself to know what love is. And if you dont feel it from someone, chances are you never will because people, at this age you are what you are. No more, no less.

  • Doll Phace

    Damn monyetta that’s so sad.

  • ToyaSharee

    I caught this by accident last night. The remote control was too far and I was being lazy. I am not one to think that marriage fixes everything, but I will never understand why these women go to these lengths for these men (especially entertainers) without some kind of legal commitment. Pre-nups aren’t just about money, you can put anything you want to in them that you and you future spouse think could be a conflict and if anyone breaks that contract, it’s lawsuit time. Ain’t enough love in the damn world for me to be burning body parts for a man that has no legal obligation to me.

    Plus I am really having issues with these women having whole shows just because they had sex with or pro-created with a celeb. Hence, the reason I usually don’t watch. I mean would y’all really give two flying figs about Torrei if she and Kevin Hart never met? If I want to see bitter women sit and complain about old d*** that they’re aren’t getting anymore, I’d go to a local hood nail or hair salon. This is not entertaining to me.

  • Wole

    That just shot to the top of the list of things you should NEVER consider doing for a husband, let alone a boyfriend….. Burn your tubes… RSMH

  • bsbfankaren

    I gotta say. I’ve never heard of a tubal ligation referred to as “burning…tubes.” Odd.

  • Nahlonia

    I feel for Monyetta as well making life decision that are risky but on the same note neyo is her baby daddy the way she talk is like she had a hysterectomy her tubes was tied and burnt that can be easily reversed just like a man vasectomy can and I know she have the money hell they have had tubal reversal since 1977 when women have procedure done they need to ask questions like these education is so important for them to properly weigh out their options

  • Nne

    i’m sorry but she can’t even blame Neyo for that. it really saddens me when women are confused about what “love” really means. love isn’t tattooing somebody’s name on your body- and certainly not burning your tubes “for them” so you can sign up to be their sex toy. she didn’t do that “for” Neyo. if she can be honest, she did that for herself. this is what happens when ppl blur the lines of marriage/dating/procreating, it’s usually the woman that ends up burned. please women protect yourselves, keep your boundaries, and don’t settle for less than your man of God, who is supposed to sacrifice and give himself up for you- not tattoo his name on your body or leave you barren. that’s not love, that’s idolatry. love will never require you to mutilate your body unnecessarily. and when you make somebody or something your idol, it will ALWAYS betray you.

  • whyyoumad?

    Women (well, people) do some ridiculously stupid things in the name of “love”. And when it’s ends they place the blame on the other person. When you make a decision to do something for someone or because you love someone, it’s still your decision. That being said: I can’t help but to think that she felt that she didn’t want any more children (for herself). I’m not saying he didn’t have a part to play in it, but there are too many other options other than having your tubes burned. She was done having kids, with or without him. And if she did do it for him, then she should be angry with herself.

    • Dr. Dubya


  • KS

    I felt so sorry for her. And who knows other woman that do crazy things while they are in love. But I want to say do you all think you are push even harder when you are with a celebrity? When you are a regular female that ends up in a high profile relationship who knows what a person really go though in them kind of relationships or even marriages. And what they will deal with when they use to a certain lifestyle.

  • honeybee808

    this was actually very painful to watch – the doctor asked her 8 times! I’ve never been that deeply in love, and i get that she thought they would be forever, but i just cannot fathom making such incredible sacrifices for a fiancee/boyfriend.

    it also made me very angry that neyo would be so disgustingly selfish. from what i hear vasectomies can be undone; why couldn’t she just have taken birth control?



  • kimmie

    Why would she tie her tubes for a man that hadn’t even married her. WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!???

  • Trisha_B

    I wouldn’t even stop eating bacon for a guy, & you got women out here burning their tubes for a guy smh. She should have told him ring 1st, then burning of the tubes will be an option. But why make such a huge decision w/ a man you weren’t w/ that long much less married too?! Smh

    • Nicky

      I wouldn’t even burn my tubes for my husband. When my body decides the natural way (menopause), that is when I will stop having babies. I would just get on birth control.

      • Trisha_B

        Agree! But she should have saw he clearly didn’t want to marry her, so why do this for him?! He won’t commit to you, but you’ll do that commitment for him smh…there are so many options for birth control out there. She should have told him I’m getting on birth control or he could leave.

        Now her chance of really getting married on narrowed down. Baby mama of TWO, plus can’t have anymore kids. Not a lot of men are going to wife that up unfortunately smh

        • Nicky

          Well I believe they were engaged at one point. I believe the problem was she did all the things wives do before actually tying the knot.

          • Trisha_B

            He just gave her that ring to shut her up/hold her over. Once some of these chicks get the diamond ring, they think they are automatically wife. That’s why people be having 5 year engagements. Men looking at it like why do the next step when she giving up everything? He never had the intentions of committing to her, not even after 2 kids smh

            • Ms_Sunshine9898

              D@mn! And you stay dropping the truth lol!

          • guest

            “I believe the problem was she did all the things wives do before actually tying the knot.”
            I think that is the point Trisha B is trying to make…dont do the thinks wives do before marriage

    • Misss

      The money, the beard/ baby deal, no other explanation

    • ComeLetsTalk

      “I wouldn’t even stop eating bacon for a guy” ROTFL… right!!!

  • Anonymous

    A vasectomy is a far simpler procedure. He was a selfish jackass for not offering to have one.

    • GirlSixx

      She was even dumber for listening to her BF/Fiancee in doing so!! I would have only considered something of this magntiude ONLY for my husband. Her entire relationship has me perplexed, some things are sideye worthy. I still get Beard and Egg Donor vibes in regards to their situation and she will be greatly compensated until them babies are grown, so I have a hard time feeling sorry for her because I truly believe she signed on knowingly and willingly for all of it.

      • OSHH

        As do I, I get the vibe the whole thing was contractual = bearding and babies for a lifestyle and financial arrangement, not love and or romance.

        • brian

          neyo is not gay. people need to stop calling people gay with no proof

          • OSHH

            Right and water aint wet. You can believe whatever you wish but the fact of the matter is you have no proof he is hetero and bio children prrove nothing plenty of gays with bio kids.

            • brian

              well we know women he slept with. Please name one man? ….. that’s what I thought

  • DDT

    Recently I have decided to get my tubes tied or burned as they say. Even at 39 with 1 kid who is over 18 they asked me a million times, made me wait a month and still have to talk to a OBGYN to confirm. Now you know at my age it is not even recommended to continue to have kids, but they still are making me go through these hoops. This was too big of a decision for her to be making at her age. Sorry to say but this makes Ne-yo look like an A**.

    • Misss

      And u can confirm this for me since I wasn’t sure if burn and tie was the same thing or not but can’t the tube tie be reversed ? And sometimes ppl get pregnant again anyway ?

      • Lost Soul

        It is reversible, but according to what I read, the procedure doesn’t always work.

        • Misss

          Thank you

  • CAliQueen

    That’s crazy! I wish she had some wits about herself and her relationship with Neyo before making that decision. Neyo should have had a vasectomy if he didn’t want more kids. I can’t even look at him the same anymore. What a jack@ss! .

  • Mya

    What a crude and unnecessary title. It’s called a tubal ligation. Smh.

    • Roxie

      Whatever. She burned them for this no good negro who doesn’t even have the most basic level of respect for Black women. The title is quite accurate.

      • brian

        why doesn’t neyo have respect for black women? cause he left her?

  • The Elusive Chanteuse

    It’s hard to say but i treat people they way I am treated. Nothing less and certainly nothing more. If i couldn’t see someone doing something for me, then i certainly wouldnt do it for them. Love is unconditional but relationships are about reciprocity. If you’re not getting it, take that love somewhere it can be nurtured. .

  • Rose

    Rumor amongst those in Atl has it that the tubal was part of their “deal” as his beard. Ne-Yo didn’t want her having children with anyone else in the future because he didn’t want his children to have half siblings. In order to keep Ne-Yo’s money without having to go through a court situation she agreed. Either way she should never have agreed to it. If he was so adamant about not having anymore children he should have gotten a vasectomy.

    • Get Over Yourself

      I heard the same as well. She and I are from the same city and I know people that she is in contact with in the ATL. I heard that her and Neyo have done A LOT of freaky stuff and that she is well aware that he is gay and has been around some of this gay friends. She was the type of chick at home that was always looking for a come up, she made it. I hope nothing but the best for her.

      • honeybee808

        wow…*tipping my cup as i sip up all of this tea*

        what kind of freaky ish were those 2 into? she looks so wholesome. but those are always the ones…

        • Get Over Yourself

          Haha!! The person that told me didnt go into details but he did tell me that Neyo had a gay man living in one of his properties that he had, a town house or something. He would go over and visit Moyetta time to time. I remember back in Shreveport, she use to mess with this old white lawyer(I mean too old for her) that bought her a Mercedes. I cant see anyone being attracted to Neyo but she’ll be stable for sure with having those two babies. I wish she didnt burn her tubes but it is what it is.

    • GirlSixx

      I wholeheartedly believe this!!!

    • Misss

      This what I needed to hear the REAL REAL! She wanted these checks sooooo bad, this bad SMH. Sounds so much like him VERY suspect. Talented but very feminine and suspect.

  • starapple

    For me, this is not about being married or not, as he could have divorced her, and she would still be in the same situation. The message here is that such an irreversible decision is one that you make for yourself, not for a man.

    • always right

      I totally agree with you, so many women think just because they’re marred they are in a position of permanence when that is usually (these days) so not the case. Marriages end all the time. These two could have been married and Neyo could have still left her after he decided that marriage wasn’t his thing and she would be in the exact same position. Last time I checked marriage does not equal forever.

    • hollyw

      …so here’s the thing…what if she did make this decision for herself, with just taking him into consideration..? She could still regret it…I think it’s a bad decision, overall, burning/cutting tubes or having hysterectomies/vesectomies beforehand. There are soooo many other viable options! Get a 5yr DUI for crying out loud, so at least then you can re-commit to the decision each time w/a helluva lot less traumatic procedure than a tube burning!

      • Eri Cad

        I agree she could have gotten the IUD. I wouldn’t have gotten my tubes burned, tied or my reproductive system in any way altered for a man whether we were married and remained so or not. I can’t help but wonder what kind of man would even be on board with such a decision. Getting your tubes burned is an invasive procedure. What man would want his woman put at risk like that just so they couldn’t have anymore kids?!?! No man I would want to be with. Than when all is said and done he didn’t even respect her, the relationship or the family they built together to break up with her in person..he does it via text.. That negro ain’t s**t. She can still do invitro or surrogacy. This isn’t just women making piss poor decisions many men will abandon their own kids for a new relationship. It’s just sad.

  • guest1

    ^Black Women please learn this and pass it on to your daughters, sisters, family and friends. ^
    no wedding no womb
    no wedding no womb
    no wedding no womb

    • Chaz

      All thats well and good. Even if they would have gotten married, he still would have left. And she still wouldnt have been able to have kids afterwards. She should have been thinking this decision all the way through. As much as it may hurt to think about him leaving, thats what you gotta do sometimes. I feel forer though. Because she finally does meet someone and thy get married, she wont be able to reproduce.

      • Nicky

        Yea that is true that if they would of gotten married, he still could of left but he would of had to think twice while looking at his bank account. As a wife you have more rights. If you are faced with a prenup, it is up to you (with the help of a lawyer) to negotiate.

        • Miss Sisie

          Right! And after those kids turn 18, she’s out on her a$$! She’s not a wife, so there’s no talk of alimony or splitting assets and royalties. So sad. A couple thousand bucks a month (until you remarry or die) doesn’t heal a broken heart, but it can help compensate for what you’ve given to the relationship.

          • Miss Sisie

            In this case, I’m willing to bet that the divorce courts would definitely make Neyo pay her for sacrificing her fertility. But now she gets nothing. That marriage license that young-minded people belittle can really make a difference.

      • jam

        Let’s talk real talk. To sacrifice like that for a boyfriend is crazy. Again real talk, too many women are sacrificing their future chances at marriage, financial upward mobility, etc. by having out of wedlock kids. Heck, they are sacrificing their figure for men who dont want to marry them nor provide for them. Please…NO WEDDING NO WOMB

      • hollyw

        I know tons of doctors who won’t even perform that surgery until a certain age… not that I’d prefer a doctor dictating her womb over her not-husband, but with soooo many other options available, you just know she had to be doing this mostly to appease him…

    • Misss

      Love it. Preach.

    • MayBaby

      Not only “no wedding, no womb”…red flags = run like the wind. There are red flags in every relationship gone bad and we can’t continue to ignore them for the sake of “love”.
      But I feel for her. God bless her. Maybe she can go through invetro (spelling) if she MARRIES a man who wants more children.

  • Chaz

    Once she revealed that info, I felt sad for her. I mean, its a sad situaion period. The things you do when your in love. smh

  • Kim_Karsmashian

    I was a crazy NE-YO fan until I saw this….this as a woman is a big decision and he stole that from her. It is his loss. She is beautiful and educated. She will find someone. Ne-yo just lost a fan. Who does that?

    • sideye…..

      He didn’t steal it from her. If she had ANY doubts, she shouldn’t have done it. In a relationship, there is ALWAYS a possibility of a breakup. It’s even easier to do without papers (marriage). I don’t feel sorry for her. It was ultimately HER decision. I don’t feel sorry for anyone that makes a major decision (that affects them for the most part) for someone else that they are not directly responsible for (their children), not even myself.

      • Trisha_B

        Gotta agree! How do you make someone dictate what you should w/ your body? Smh

      • Kim_Karsmashian

        You are entitled to your opinion. As am I. Women do some crazy things for love…

        • sideye…..

          True… but it doesn’t make it anyone else’s fault but their own. Love is a feeling, not an excuse.

    • sherina Jenkins

      AdShe didn’t have to get her tubes tied or get his name tattooed on her. Does he have her name tattooed on him? Why didn’t he get a vasectomy? Why are you all mad at NE-YO? Isn’t this woman an adult? Adults are accountable for their actions. She did this AND HAD TWO CHILDREN AND HE DIDN’T HAVE TO PUT A RING ON IT!!! She made very poor decisions and NE-YO is wrong? By the way…I’m not a NE-YO fan, I can’t tell you the name of one of his songs or album….I’m not a male apologist. I am a fan of the truth and common sense….2 of the fastest things that go out of the window when we think we’re in love with a man….AND THAT MAN ISN’T DOING HALF OF WHAT YOU DOING FOR HIM. It’s not his fault. I feel as women we’re desperate for a man, marriage, love, relationship, etc. Love yourself ladies!!!!!

      • Kim_Karsmashian

        You make valid points hun 🙂

  • Coco black

    NeYo is a prime pig!!! What kind of man demands that from a woman?!?! She was damn but man!!!

    This is why I don’t brothers…yeah before you all say they aren’t all like that!! I don’t care…stopped dating them for numerous reasons and happier for it.

    I would of told him to go f**k himself

    • wow

      I married out our race and have no regrets. Repeat MARRIED not a baby mama.

      • No Swirl

        Good for you! I MARRIED in our race (aka a black man) and I have no regrets either. Repeat MARRIED not a baby mama. 😉

    • Trisha_B

      What does you dating outside your race have to do w/ this post?! Smh

    • Kim_Karsmashian

      I stopped dating black men a long time ago as well. I just cannot with them. The culture is different when dating white men. I feel that they are more appreciative of their women. My guy is a gem and doesn’t give two craps who dislikes our union. We get crap from black men but it doesn’t matter! Team Swirl all the way over here 🙂

  • IsitFridayyet?

    Like the author of this article, I too thank Monyetta for sharing her story. I have a feeling that her story may truly help women who may be losing themselves in their relationships to men who don’t truly love them. It takes courage to reveal a lapse in judgment and I hope that Monyetta finds a man who will cherish her and her children.

  • Tudbee

    I was hoping you guys would do a re-cap of the show……at least last night’s episode. I felt really sad for her Monyetta. To think she made all that sacrifice only to have her dreams shattered is heart wrenching. Now she’s just another babymama. No wonder she hasnt moved out/on, she’s probably still hanging on and hoping. Hence her holding on to the engagement ring. Plus I dont even like the idea of doing anything permanent to my body unless its medically necessary. I never thought anything of tubes-tying till I saw a movie in which the woman lost her family and years later, she met a new guy but couldn’t have kids because she’d tied her tubes. Nobody prays for tragedy but things happen and circumstances change.
    Thank God for Mirena and/or paraguard.

    By the way, Christina is my favorite so far. She’s level headed, the voice of reason and beautiful. Though I thought it was demeaning that she was asking Cee lo for permission to start dating. I guess she’s afraid he’d stop supporting her. Torrei is downright ugly……in character. She’s loud and mean in the name of keeping it real. Telling Tameka to lie in a coffin and kill herself, saying thats why she lost custody of her kids and would never get them back is the height of meanness. I’d never look at her the same again or feel empathetic towards her for the way her ex treated her.

    • belle

      I completely agree. I was so disgusted by Torrei, and I lost all sympathy I felt for her. In fact, I am now #teamKevin.

      • T. T.

        Truth be told I think the reason Kevin wasn’t against Torrei joining the show is so that we would be able to see the person she truly is. I so used to be team Torrei but now that I’ve seen her in her relaxed element I don’t like her as much as I did in the beginning.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        all she’s doing is making people see why kevin rolled out…she’s a lot!

  • soisaid

    she just wasn’t thinking at the time. for a life changing decision like that, smarter ones get something in writting in case the man backs out (or leaves). planning to be together with your family is both men and womens dreams but things don’t always go as planned and its always nice to have a back up plan, up front or in your left hand.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    i feel so bad for her…& the thing is he’ll probably have more children in the future with some other random chic or his future wife & if she meets the childless man of her dreams then what?!? women need to think smarter don’t make permanent decisions with temporary people & even if they were married still…u never know what the future holds they have reliable forms of birth control unless u know for sure u don’t want anymore kids ever…never make that choice because of what he wants…if he’s so sure he done making babies let him get a vasectomy then.

    • Misss

      Yup he will continue to have children. Bad, bad, bad decision. That decision is still tough w/ a husband but its a def NO with some gay boyfriend (Neyo has always been questionable) . Im sorry. Think smarter is right. Im very limited with these men I learned my lesson with lightweight stuff ike gifts and money. Men do not operate like women, they have big egos. You can go to the moon that will not stop a m,aa man from doing exactly what he wants at that moment. IUD works she could have gotten a 10 year one and eliminated all of this. Neyo will have more children , too bad for her. A tattoo? Permanent birth control for a man thats NOT your husband she seems naive.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        ur absolutely right…especially about that gay boyfriend part lol

      • ComeLetsTalk

        soooo naive. Exactly, why not an IUD, Depo? I don’t get it.

    • Treacle234

      Why feel bad for her, she made a choice out of her own free will. She is playing victim now but she had a choice.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        because i choose too

    • Jeez

      Who cares tho? Really? She already has 2 kids. She doesn’t need anymore. If she meets a man with no kids, he’ll just have to accept his as her own or adopt. Why is everyone acting like the only way to have a child is to birth one?? Heck, with neyo child support, she can afford a surrogate. Getting your tubes burned/tied/whatever is NOT the end of the world. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN HAVING CHILDREN LADIES.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        who are u to determine what she needs…u said all that to say what? if she wants to be sad about getting her tubes tied that’s her prerogative

      • Ozzy

        I agree, theres absolutely no need for anyone to be having kids from everyone they think is the “one”.

    • Melanie Aurora Golden

      Girl, did your prediction come true or what? here it is a year later and he’s MARRIED and the chick is pregnant! SMH Girl…

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        Wow…i forgot about this…smh he’s a real jerk

  • T. T.

    I absolutely felt for her when she told her story. I figure if you aren’t willing to reciprocate for me what I’m willing to do for you then I won’t do it.

    • hi-liter

      So much for my nieve arse. In the teaser last week, I thought she may have signed something saying she wouldn’t have anymore children, but dayum I didn’t even fathom it was to this magnitude. Just WOW!