Is Jhene Aiko Really The Next Sade? 10 Musical Comparisons Made That Don’t Make Sense

August 19, 2014  |  
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In today’s day and age, you can’t just be a talented musician without someone looking to compare your talents to someone else. That includes the legends, as well as today’s icons. But sometimes, even when people mean well, some reach quite far when comparing today’s artists to those of the past and present. Here are a few examples of musical comparisons gone left…


Jhene Aiko Being Compared To Sade

I’m a pretty huge Sade fan, and really, I don’t think there is anyone like her musically. This is not to say that she’s the greatest to ever do it, but she carved out her own lane and is one of the few performers who can go on long breaks and still be welcomed back with open arms (and #1 albums) when she returns. So when I heard the comparisons between Sade Adu and Jhene Aiko, I raised an eyebrow. Aiko said that at one point, people classified her and her music as a “younger Sade with urban stories.” And in VIBE she said it’s a comparison she embraces: “That’s great if people think that because she’s amazing. That’s someone I’d love to be in the same lane as.”


TI Being Called The New Tupac

Did anybody else laugh hysterically when they heard this comparison?

Well, as the story goes, TI’s first album after being incarcerated called No Mercy (formerly King Uncaged), according to Tip, was supposed to be the biggest thing since Pac’s All Eyez On Me. As he explained it:

“Just given the enormous success of that project, everyone’s expecting the same results. I just want to meet the expectations, if not surpass them.

This is the most significant return from incarceration that the game has had since then.”

In case you were wondering, the album did well sales wise (and spawned the singles “Get Back Up” with Chris Brown and “Got Your Back” with Keri Hilson), but got mixed reviews from critics, while All Eyez On Me was critically acclaimed and went 10 times platinum.


Ciara Is The Next Aaliyah

In a chat, Timbaland, who worked closely with Aaliyah at the peak of her career before her passing, actually said that Ci Ci is the next Aaliyah. Back in 2009 he made this claim because he felt that the former Princess of Crunk & B kept Aaliyah alive in a way.

“People would say ‘Oh Ciara is the next Aaliyah’ – yes she is. She keeps my girl alive, so when I hear Ciara a tear come out my eye, cause I’m like ‘wow, she ain’t forgotten’.”


Bruno Mars Is The Next Michael Jackson

No, seriously. This happened. The Metro in Canada broke down five reasons why Bruno Mars is the next Michael Jackson, citing their unique vocal capabilities, great songwriting skills and the fact that they came from large families as good enough reasons. Even Mars fans agreed (there are quite a few threads online with people asking, “Are People Still Denying That Bruno Mars Is The Next Michael Jackson?”). Well, even Mars knew that was a terrible comparison:

“It’s not true. It’s very flattering. But there’s only one Michael Jackson, and I’ll be the first one to say that. No one can take his place…I hope I’m the first Bruno Mars.”


Miguel Is The Next Prince

Since he first stepped on the scene dressed like a futuristic robot who later upgraded to a pompadour, folks have been comparing Miguel to Prince. Musically, they’re on two different wavelengths to me. Plus, Miguel even thinks it’s a reach to compare him to Prince, who he calls a major influence.

“It’s cool for people to pick parts of him that they see in me because he is one of my hugest influences. I think it’s cool that you see it if you do, but I would never compare myself to him.”


Leona Lewis Is The Next Mariah Carey

In 2008, Entertainment Weekly asked the question as the title of an article: “Leona Lewis: The Next Mariah Carey?” and Simon Cowell said she had the potential to be right up there with Carey after she won the UK’s “X Factor” in 2006.

”I’m aware that when you make a statement like that, you’ve got to deliver. But I believe in all my heart that she really is that good.”

Yeah, “Bleeding Love” was a mega-hit, but after that, Lewis’ career couldn’t seem to sustain the longevity that Carey’s was able to all these years.


Rick Ross Is The New Notorious BIG

He’s big and he raps. Clearly it didn’t take much for people to compare Rick Ross with Biggie when he first came out. But as time has passed, it’s clear that they have very little in common, aside from getting along well with Diddy. But you couldn’t tell VIBE or The Urban Daily or even Diddy (who called Ross the BIG of the South) that. Ross did admit to being flattered:

“That’s most definitely big, but I want New York City. I’ll never get it twisted, the magic that Notorious B.I.G. created could never be duplicated. That most definitely was my mentor, that’s who music I wrote to the most. Hearing that come from Diddy himself is big and it’s inspiration to keep making hot music.”


Justin Bieber Is The New Justin Timberlake

Early in Justin Bieber’s career, Usher and Justin Timberlake were battling to take the Biebs under their wing. Of course, Usher would win and become Bieber’s mentor, but for years now, people have said Bieber is the next Timberlake based on sales on the appreciation of pre-pubescent girls. The folks at MTV even went to quite a few critics to have them answer the question, “Is Justin Bieber The Next Justin Timberlake?” back in 2010. They asked again in 2012, and this time, Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, decided to respond. While he said it is an honor for Bieber to be compared to Timberlake, it’s too simple.

“A compliment of that nature is something that we embrace, but at the same time I think it’s the easy comparison. I like to say things no one else will say: They’re both white and both their names are Justin. That’s the thing that everyone thinks but they won’t say out loud. And I think the two of them feel that way.”


Rita Ora Is The New Rihanna

This really wouldn’t be that far off…if people actually knew Rita Ora for the few songs she has and not for the guys she dates or the fact that she steps out of the house in designer threads. Back in 2012 she told The Guardian that Jay Z wanted her to be the next Ri Ri:

“I don’t think there will be a next Rihanna. But I think [Jay Z] definitely sees me as someone who could be as big as Rihanna. She’s a superstar now but they first knew her as a small-island girl – and they want to repeat that success.”

But earlier this year, while talking to The Breakfast Club, she passed on such comparisons.

“I think she is dope. And all these kind of comparisons, it’s kind of pretty flattering … Good thing is, though, I’m doing my own thing, she’s doing her own thing. We don’t need to watch what each other is doing. We just do our own thing.”


“Beyonce Is No Ashanti”

Back in 2003, a writer for the New York Times boldly scoffed at the prospect of Beyoncé’s burgeoning solo career, saying that “She’s No Ashanti.” Yes, both women were hot at the time, but in that piece, the writer said that Ashanti was Bey’s only “mirror-image rival.” All these years later we know that Beyoncé’s career has had more ups than downs and earlier this year, Ashanti spoke about that particular article and past comparisons.

“I remember that [article]. I feel like ‘the critics’ and ‘the media,’ people always put us against each other, but we never had beef. It was always all love. ‘Hey!’ ‘What’s up!’ ‘I like your shoes!’ It was that kind of thing. I think we’re two very different artists. I think we bring our different music to the table and I think there’s room. Again, I didn’t like the fact that people always put us together, but it’s a competitive business. There’s only one number one spot. Both working very, very hard. I was extremely happy just being with Murder, Inc. We had an amazing wave and I loved the music we were doing and it just felt right.”




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  • Tre Tre

    lol i know you lien there is only one aaliyah in a million no one could ever be her sound like her she is just one of a kind ciara is a washed up lame

  • Iceman514

    This entire story is laughable…clearly written by someone who has no clue about music…

  • Get Over Yourself

    Two Words…HELL NO!!!

  • Simone Mackey

    What kind of comparisons are these!?

  • provokethought

    To answer the question….NO.

  • thecelebully

    how is somebody the “new rihanna” lol that’s rude lol

  • thecelebully

    LMAO! the Ashanti one lol

  • what?


    • OSHH

      Saw Sade live, the band for the first time on Solider of Love tour a few years back, been a fan since the age of 10 or so, nothing struggled about her vocals or the world class musicians that comprise Sade. One of the best concerts I have ever attended.

      No Aiko takes the struggle vocal title all on her own here.

  • Lisa

    Really tho!? Sade! Nah.

  • Kiki Wiles

    Just Miguel and Ciara. Rick Ross just wants to be like biggie, like most rappers who want to be like Tupac. Jhene Aiko sounds terrible, Sade actually sounds good.

  • Medlife

    Jhene aioko being the next Sade?!?!!…..blasphemy. That’s an insult to Sade. That woman sings about pain and real situations. I like Jhene but sorry I can only listen to her hippy songs talking about getting faded for so long.

  • dingo_egret

    Jhene is the same as my beautiful Sade….H3LL NO! Not even on the same level. Jhene live is horrible. Can’t hold a note to save her life.

  • lockstress

    Please educate yourself writer. Listen a fawking SADE cd and then come back when you got some sense.

    • Lost Soul

      You think she should be compared to Jhene Aiko?

  • Theodore Pendergrass

    Sade is in a class of her own.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Beyonce is no Ashanti indeed…hilarious lol

  • C J Jordan

    If they compared Beyoncé to tina turner then I wouldn’t be mad at that. I see tina in Beyoncé s whole stage presence.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Now it’s “Ashanti is definitely no Beyoncé “

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    It may be just me but I don’t see the big deal about big’ s and pac’s music. Maybe cuz I can’t relate to it. Some songs are nice and I like them but … Imo I think they’re extremely overrated

    • C J Jordan

      I guess it’s just u. Big and PAC ain’t for everybody. I respect your opinion

      • Aaliyah Noelle

        Yeah it is just me probably. But maybe because also they were before my time. I think I was like 4 when they died

        • C J Jordan

          Oohhh! That makes a lot of sense.

        • Theodore Pendergrass

          Listen too ” Me against the World” , I think that was one his more calmer CD’s.

          • Aaliyah Noelle

            I will soon as I get home.
            Is that the one with keep ya head up? Cuz that’s one of my favorite songs ever

            • Theodore Pendergrass

              That’s on his first album “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.”

  • dyshr

    T. I. The next Tupac? Cut the jokes!!!

    • C J Jordan

      I know right. I almost choked to death on that comparison lol. The only thing they got in common is a jail record. That’s disrespectful to a legend.

      • coco

        it really is though i think i almost choke too t.i wish he prayed if there was another word desperately lol wants to be 2pac none of his albums, song voice, anything will ever be as good as 2pac. Sorry Tip

  • nycplayboy78

    Hmmmm…So who is the new Tina Turner, Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker? Oh that’s right they have TALENT and LONGEVITY……

    • Aaliyah Noelle


    • Theodore Pendergrass


  • Misss

    Somebody smoking dope if they think Bruno Mars anything like MJ SMH, And neither Beyonce or Ashani have more than 2 or 3 real classic songs in their catalog.

    • Taylor

      You gotta be joking about beyonce right

      • Misss

        No. I love Beyonce but let’s be real what classic songs does she have, that are timeless ? I count maybe 3 one being love on top. Her songs are not timeless.

        • Guestest

          Bey my girl and i agree with you..

  • prettyredbone

    Jhene is no where near sade vocally, but she has some good lyrics

    • NVAdamzz

      She does. I think Jhene Aiko is an amazing songwriter but she’s lacking vocally.

  • Chanda

    To compare anyone to Sade is reaching. I hate when I watch Sade videos on youtube and Beyonce’s name is mentioned.

    • C J Jordan

      Right, Sade is in a lane all by herself

  • Suga Bear

    The next person to compare Jhene to Sade is getting punched in the fûcking face!

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    No need to clown to newer artist because they’re being compared

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  • C J Jordan

    Unbelievable lmao. Tip and 2pac no way in hell. Ciara and aaliyah possibly. She has Aaliyah’s whole swag. Biggie and ross that was just blasphemous. The most comical was jhene’ aiko and Sade. I spit my drink out on that one.

  • lulubear

    some of these are straight comical

    • nycplayboy78

      LuLu you ain’t never lied…LAWD!!!!

  • cryssi

    Jhene Aiko is just Amerie some odd years later lol…

    • Jayne

      Yes! That’s exactly what I was thinking but I couldn’t remember the name..

    • Chanda

      Amerie sounds like Coko from SWV.

      • Violet_High

        Have you lost your mind???

      • alex

        I loove Jhene Aiko….but she aint no Coko…really?

    • prettyredbone
    • OSHH

      Amerie’s first and second albums trump anything I have heard by Aiko and they have two totally different sounds.
      Amerie goes in the vein of a lighterweight Mary J/Teedra Moses, heavy precussion and horns(go-go)and Aiko like watered down lounge music but not as good as more established artists of that genre like an Esthero, that Sade comparison is disrespectful and absurd.

    • Taylor

      Amerie can sing jhene is a pretty girl who hums a good tune

      • Philly stand UP

        “Pretty girl who Hums a good tune”

      • Lisa

        I’m with you on this one.