Exclusive: Dianna “Miss D” Williams From “Bring It” Talks Tough Love, Racy Moves & How Past In Adult Film Helps Her Mentor

August 13, 2014  |  

Source: Lifetime

Ever since I reported the news that Lifetime was launching a new show about a Hip Hop Majorette dance troupe, I was all here for it.  And even though I thought the premise was a great idea, I had no clue how much I’d actually end up enjoying “Bring It.” I’ve laughed, cried and gotten entirely too crunk watching that show. I binge watch it with my sister and missed it terribly as the network took a break before releasing more episodes. 

It’s not a joke. So imagine my excitement when I saw that Lifetime had not only ordered more episodes of the reality show which started airing on July 23 and will air throughout the end of September. 

If you’ve seen the show you know that in addition to the dedication and hard work these young girls bring to their practices and to the stage, it’s watching their leader, Dianna “Miss D” Williams guide them to first place trophies and console them when they come in second…even if they don’t deserve it. 

I had a chance to speak to Dianna, who I inadvertently called Miss D, repeatedly like she was my coach too earlier this week. We chatted about how she keeps the girls’ dance moves clean, why she makes the parents stay outside during practice, comparisons to Abby Miller and how her past as an adult film star has helped her in mentoring her Dancing Dolls. 

MN: When did you first know you not only wanted to be a dancer but had the ability to teach dance to others?

It wasn’t until my junior or senior year in high school when I was a captain of the auxiliary at my high school. I realized then–I was only fourteen, I graduated from high school when I was 16– and I realized then this is something I can do but I wasn’t really sure if this was really something I wanted to do as a life choice, as a career. But as the years went on, I just kept coming right back to it. In 2001, when I moved back to Jackson, I was offered a job teaching for the city of Jackson, running the entire dance program, meaning putting together all the recitals, all the performances. I had to teach every single class, which kind of prepped me for where I am right now. Teaching kids is difficult, you have to find a way to get them to understand what it is that you’re saying, what it is that you want them to do, especially smaller kids. But I have a lot of patience and I’ve always worked with kids. I worked for the city and their summer youth program, with kids that are as young as 5, all the way up to 12. And then my grandmother has a daycare.

MN: How do you walk the fine line with making sure the moves aren’t too provocative for the Dancing Dolls?

The Baby Dancing Dolls, the slow dance? They’re never going to do it. Never, ever, ever ever, ever. I feel like the age between 5-10, they’re just too young to be dancing like that. When it comes to the older girls, they’re given just a little bit more leeway but not even still. There’s a fine line that I draw with certain things that they are allowed to do and aren’t allowed to do. I basically make conscious decisions because I’m a parent myself ‘Would I want my daughter to dance like this? Would I want my daughter moving this way and that way?’ And because a couple of these kids are teenagers, they’re going try certain things and try to slide things in. And it’s happened. They did something at one competition that I did.not.like. And they didn’t catch it on camera but they got yelled at about it. I just try to make sure that I’m watching closely, very, very closely what it is they’re trying to do. And I make sure I keep my choreography clean.

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  • Perry Lee

    Is it just me, or does every routine seem to be pretty much the same? Not only for this team, but the competitors as well. All I see is a bunch of girls twerking and flinging themselves around like they’re having seizures. Also, why doesn’t the dance teacher DANCE? I think it’s kind of strange how a person can teach dance moves when you’re not demonstrating them from the point of view of the “expert.”

  • Ghost

    Attention Dancing Dolls… Listen up and listen good. These ignorant people are not for you to pay any mind to. These…haters has ruined their own lives thinking that everything was about drugs, and sex. And now because you are all on such a tremendous path to success, because you are all so beautiful and full of priceless value and know it ,because you are on your way to chasing degrees, and living such prosperous lives…they hate on you as the world passes them by. Root yourselves in these massive plans that you have, pay no attention and waste no time in entertaining these ignorant and hating people…you all keep fight, and never give up.DD4L.That’s from me a 19 year old Black Gentlemen. Coach D, you keep up the excellent work,darlin’, love you.

    • badgyrl_310

      Agreed. I think its sad that so called adults are online picking on these kids and criticizing their looks and bodies. These girls are beautiful and talented and deserve encouragement, not hatred.

  • Moccahontas

    I love this show kudos to lifetime an ms D keep it comin..best reality show I’ve watched an one day hope to visit at a city near me along with some of their swag gear!

  • MegaTroy Grifitti

    I’m confused because Miss D in her interview says she’s very careful about the type of dancing and moves the young girls in her troupe perform. ?????? I’ve watched the show 3 times (just finished watching the DD compete against the Divas of Olive Branch. I couldn’t even finish watching. It was disgusting how vulgar and provocative our young black girls are presenting themselves. THIS !! is not dancing. Our young ladies these days act, dress and dance like strippers and the young men treat them like pimps. Miss D (in my opinion) contradicts herself in many ways.


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  • Bkforman

    I absolutely adore this show. I think Miss Dianna is a wonderfully committed person. Kudos to her and these great parents. This is the best show!!!

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  • AfroCaribbeanGyal

    i rather my child watch this then “KKWK” BS! at least they would know hard works pay off, mastering a talent is talent, get an education, stay in school and stay focus. Instead of partying with grown men (rappers) with a genital (male) cake for a 17 year old…

    • AfroCaribbeanGyal

      Madamenoire can “approve” people to post racist remarks and ignorant comments but have to “approve” my comments #thisAintForBlackwoman

      • B Cooper

        I comment via Disqus, maybe they decide when comments go to moderation and not MN. Like you I have had several comments in moderation without cussing or sniping and some are still there! LOL

  • Gabie Aldrich

    I LOVE me some Miss D! Last nights show was GREAT!! The Moms crack me up! (&JJ too)They all strive for their girls to have lives that they deserve! And I am Going to miss Kayla next year she’s such a talent! The coach from Miami was a hot mess and I hope she doesn’t come back acting like a jerk.. Such a GREAT SHOW!! Get rid of dance moms and show more cities for Bring It!

  • byamymeansnessa

    DD4L!! I love Mrs D. and the community of family, love, and support is evident. I wish I had experienced that kind of tough love and sisterhood when I was a teen, I would probably be a lot stronger & resilient. I enjoy observing southern black culture & hope the show allows people to see black girls who speak with southern drawls, wear headwraps & bonnets without labeling them as “ghetto” but as energetic, determined, and supportive students/artists. I love the dimension & spectrum of personalities within the show of black women/girls from Christiyana’s shyness to Selena’s obnoxiousness. Also I get a little teary-eyed seeing Camryn, Sunjai, & now Kayla’s dad in the background. I too, was suffering from Bring It withdrawal but I’m glad the show is a hit. I hope the entire DD family gains many blessings & opportunities from this show.

  • Kristen

    I love this show. If I were a teen I’d ask my mom to put me in a dance studio like this lol. Yes Ms D has a past but the positive things she is doing for the girls completely overrides that.

    Her studios and other community groups like this is what we need in the Black community.. more unity and sense of worth. DD4L!!

    • What are the positive things she is doing?

      • BabyBlue

        From what I’ve gathered is she shows hard work, losing a competition doesn’t make you a failure, “never let them see you sweat” not even your worst enemy, school is important, to be confident. Know matter what you do in life you give it your all. Based on previous comments you say you’ve watched after each competition MS D has commentary and words of encouragement. I guess we’re not watching the same show.

        • All that’s well and good all I am saying is as a man I wouldn’t won’t my daughter out there shaking and gyrating half naked for the hold world to see cause we can do better than that. Now that’s just me!!!!!!!

          • Speaking…

            Well that’s YOU… They are no different from a school drill team to me. If you don’t want your daughter dancing FINE. I’d rather have my daughter dancing there instead of in the club gyrating and attracting all of the thirsty men that attend… Dang. I can’t find that list of ppl who asked for your opinion either. Uplift the next person for trying to better themselves. Smh… Crab

            • BabyBlue

              I don’t know you but I love your comment.

          • BabyBlue

            Well if your daughter ain’t gyrating on a drill team I’m sure she’ll be gyrating at a school dance, prom, house party, parking lot “gathering”, football game, basketball game, homecoming….so Whatcha gonna do then??

  • As a man I wouldn’t want my daughter on that show.

    • StraightShooter

      Just wondering. Why not?

      • Too racy, too tempting too seductive for a young girl I wouldn’t want men drooling at my daughter and scheming on how to exploit, seduce and bring my young daughter down before she is old enough and mentally strong enough to protect herself from the males and females wolves.

        • StraightShooter

          Perhaps you should watch the show a couple times. All of the girls are focused on dancing and are very intelligent. They all have really involved parents also.

          • I do watch the show every week with my wife I don’t doubt what you say about these young girl but perhaps I as a man, a father see something different than you. “They all have really involved parents also” mother- where are the fathers?

            • Gabie Aldrich

              The fathers are right on the bleachers with the mothers during the competitions.. Watch season 1 again you will see the fathers…

              • So they say still I wonder what type of fathers they are!

                • Gabie Aldrich

                  Great fathers! You don’t see them as much as the moms because They are working to keep a roof over their head.. And dance shoes on their feet.

            • Dee

              A few of the main girls’ fathers are there and supportive

        • iamnataliemarie

          I TOTALLY agree. They constantly do moves that seem more like lap dances. And it’s uncomfortable for me to see young ladies exploited that way. And I’m a girl with no children.

          • true very true! I would like to see where these young girls are 10 years from now after the wolves, exploiters, and predators get finish with them. Sad such good looking innocent young girls being expose, used and ruin by their parents, dance instructor and the TV producers.

      • StrawberryBug

        Seriously? have you not seen this show? Those girls dance way too provocative!

        • StraightShooter

          I watch the show all the time. Sometimes things are right on the line, but I don’t think the line is ever crossed. It’s something positive for the girls to focus on instead of boys and trouble.

          • “It’s something positive for the girls to focus on instead of boys and trouble” and something to attract the wrong type of men [the wolves] and the baby makers before she is mature enough to handle it.

            • BabyBlue

              Your really talking out of the side of your neck. Storing an empty pot. If you don’t like it. DONT WATCH

              • I like watching someone else daughter shake and gyrate half naked but I don’t want anyone watching “my” daughter half naked shaking and gyrating!

                • Howell Godfrey

                  So your the perf that you dont want looking at your daughter…hmmmm…better warn the neighbors

  • BabyBlue

    I love the show. But, I enjoy the moms as well.

    • StrawberryBug

      Seriously? You like the moms on this show? They act like ghetto hood rats! To each its own I guess…………

      • yep they act just like what they are!

      • byanymeansnessa

        I hear constantly see & hear people say that but I have to disagree but I guess it depends on whether you define “ghetto” as a location, look, mindset, or lifestyle? I think the women are country but definitely not hoodrats. Being from the DC area, I picture a “hoodrat” as being financially dependent on the govt., striding down the street with a baby on their hip with two or three other kids, jobless & not pursuing one, poor money management, and certainly not invested in the future of their children or community. I see the mother’s on the show as hard-working, (Rittany), co-parenting (Selena), married (Mimi). I don’t know the financial status of the women but they definitely seem working-/middle- class and obviously go hard for the educational, recreational, and developmental pursuits of their children. I look at the red wigs, Southern accents, & strong personalities as their culture. Either way, I don’t think being “ghetto” is a reason to look upon someone favorably or unfavorable.

      • StraightShooter

        Really you should focus on the content of the message and not the way it is delivered. These parents may not be up to your standards, but they love their children, are actively involved in their children’s lives, and sacrifice a lot for their children. You are hateful.

      • BabyBlue

        What I enjoy is seeing mothers who work full time jobs still have time to support their daughters. That’s what I enjoy. Their at practice from beginning to end. So you daaamn right it’s to each its own…..I guess