Young Mother Commits Suicide By Walking Into Oncoming Traffic After Son’s Mysterious Death

August 12, 2014  |  

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A distraught young mother ended her life by walking into oncoming traffic just hours after the mysterious death of her 14-month-old son, Omoyele Gonzales.

According to the Canton Repository, police were called on Thursday around 7:30 pm to Kayelisa Martin’s Ohio residence after relatives said that she was suicidal. At the same time, investigators say that a relative of the 20-year-old mother showed up at a nearby Canton fire station to report that a toddler was dead. By the time officers arrived at the home, Martin was gone.

They reportedly tried to track the grieving mother down, but were later informed that she had “committed suicide by walking in front of a moving vehicle at milepost 115 near Akron-Canton Airport.” She was pronounced dead at the scene.

As for the deceased toddler, the Stark County Coroner’s office conducted an autopsy to determine his cause of death; however, initial reports returned inconclusive.

“Preliminary autopsy findings showed that the child did not die of any trauma,” Stark County coroner P.S. Murthy revealed in a statement.

Canton Police Department Captain Dave Davis say that they’re still trying to piece together exactly what happened.

“At this point, we don’t know when the infant was deceased or where that happened,” Davis said. “We’re still investigating that aspect of it.”

Before the child’s death, investigators say the he and his mother were involved in a car accident. According to reports, Martin was driving a black Nissan Maxima when she lost control of the vehicle. She told officers that the steering wheel began to shake when she attempted to turn into a gas station and she couldn’t stop the car. As a result, the vehicle jumped the curb and struck a fire hydrant before sliding across a yard and hitting some shrubbery and landscaping rocks. The car eventually came to a stop on the lawn of another home. She was cited for not operating a vehicle within reasonable control; however, it remains unclear if this holds any relevance to their deaths.


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  • mlsj78

    Lord, I couldnt imagine. I just hope the baby didnt suffer. RIP to them. I have to say, something is very weird about this story…

  • Junie

    She was devastated by the death of her baby—couldn’t take it. RIP.

  • soisaid

    sounds like she has a lot on her mind. wondering why she didn’t drop the baby off with someone and took care of her owns demons first. whatever she was going through could have been worked out with the help of her family. may God rest their souls. hoping the baby didn’t suffer.

  • rubymf

    I feel like you are right. You can say what you want . But this isn’t the time or place . R.I.P should be enough . You don’t no If her family is reading this .Have some respect .

  • cynthia

    A baby died and a mother took her life the story itself is sad and whatever the circumstances were neither are here so rest in peace and condolences to the family

  • WOW This is so sad. I hope her family is staying strong.
    Rest In Peace

  • SuperV

    What a beautiful young woman…… how incredibly sad

  • Ernestine Hayes

    RIP Baby Boy and Pretty Lady!!!!!!

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  • SunFlower78

    I pray for this young woman’s family especially her mother…to lose your child and grandchild on the same day is something I do want for anyone to experience.
    I pray their strength in the LORD…


  • bana

    this is so sad her and her son were so beautiful, I wonder if the child had any undetected trauma from the car accident….RIP

  • Cha-Cha322

    She probably was really hurting. I lost my first born 5 years ago and I fell into deep depression. I didn’t want to get out of my bed (the last place she was), didn’t want to leave that room let alone leave the house and I wanted to end it all, that moment they pronounced her dead. I felt like I lost my first true love My mom with some prayer had to bring me back from that state of mind. Then I had my identical twins and I lost the oldest one and my second was clinging to her life with only a 10% chance of survival. I felt that pain all over again but worse and my mom did not let me out her sight! She was out of work for nearly three months and when she went back she made sure there was someone to sit with me at all times. I still think about them all the time today. I wouldn’t know where I would be had it not been for my mom and now my daughter (the second twin) is here and although she suffered major complications, she’s here and she puts up a fight everyday. Maybe that’s how that mother felt. Maybe she thought that her son was the only guaranteed Love that she would find in this life.

    • TeeTee Cakes

      God Bless you, your mother and your baby girl sweetheart… Ppl are so judgemental and throwing out every possibility in the book. Only God knows what was going on with her. I have 2 precious children of my own and cant imagine what I would do without them… Ppl so heartless. I cant believe somebody said she got her life back after her baby passed, but thats the life of a person yearning for internet attention… SMDH

    • Marty

      stay strong ..I feel you maybe the only one on here who understood her…may God bless you …you maybe able to help others who have lost lil ones … RIP.. your lil Angels and RIP lil momma and Baby !!! this is truly a sad situation I pray for the Family…And for you Cha !

  • BabyBlue

    Can MN chill on the bad news stories. This is depressing

  • smh

    Well that’s ridiculous. She got her freedom back and then ended her life? There are plenty parents that dream about being childless again. Selfish.

    • Selena McQueen

      What kind of dumb ish is that to say smfh

      • BabyBlue

        So do you just zero in on the comments you disagree with? It’s a few people who said RIP and you haven’t replied to them.

        • Gina Marie

          No she seems to zero in on comments that are disgusting and stupid, we all should make people like this feel bad. They’re the kind that make like hard for the rest of us. How can you even dispute what she said. Saying that having your child die is getting your freedom back is not only dumb it’s f’n evil. I hope the person who wrote it doesn’t have kids because they clearly aren’t fit to raise a house plant let alone a human being.

          • Selena McQueen

            Thank u

          • nujuju

            cos the chick gets mad people for wondering why the mom would kill her baby and talking about it in a friggin COMMENT section !!!!reading the facts….thats what it looks like and she attempted it before and she acts like they are heartless and horrible..idiot..they are just feeling bad and hoping another parent doesnt go through this noone was even bashing the mom just thinking she did it and this crazy lady goes off worse then she did on this jerk who actually said something pretty horrible. hahah actually thats crazy too shes trolling this section coming back to comments she doesnt like hourly hahaha..

        • Selena McQueen

          I do what I please but that was just an extremely ignorant comment

      • Legend

        SMH is a idiot to type that bs. You are a freakin moron

      • smh

        The kind that got you to reply to me. Hey boo, I have been dreaming of this day. How are you?

    • Keylah Sykes

      I honestly can’t believe what I just read. The people of this world are so crazy and disturbed. Childless again? What kinda sick mess is that?

  • Trini_Angel

    This is so tragic…..RIP

  • 1Val

    So much pain! RIP to mother and child. My condolences to the family.

  • KT

    Rest in peace to both of them. How tragic.

  • Jeanie Mindurbizznezz Lee


  • Trisha_B

    She probably was going thru something. May have killed her baby

    • Selena McQueen

      Why u always so negative smfh you have issues

      • Trisha_B

        How is it negative? She most likely was going thru something. Mental illness, depression. Someone doesn’t just walk in front of a car & leave their dead baby in the home. The baby’s death is a mystery. 14 month olds usually don’t die of SIDS. so something obviously happened to the kid that made her want to take her own life. What’s wrong w/ pointing that out? Isn’t that the point of the comment section? Everything is not always peachy. If that’s what you want, you might want to leave the e-world

        • Selena McQueen

          It clearly states they were in a car accident the baby could’ve died because of the accident and any mother who loses a young child especially one whose is young themselves would feel suicidal. I just don’t understand why u couldn’t have just said a simple RIP our kept it moving. Don’t be heartless

          • Trisha_B

            So making an observation is heartless smh ok. If you wanted to say a simple RIP, you could have done so instead of replying back to me. But you didn’t, so why do I ?

            • Selena McQueen


          • Blackqueen1201

            It’s not your job to put someone in their place on the web … You need to relax

            • Selena McQueen

              I can do what I want thank u

          • christy

            No …that was before all of this and they dont know if its related like maybe she tried to kill them both before!!!!!..he didn’t die from the car accident that is not what they think or say …he had no trauma it states …so maybe she fed him something or he died another way.. the car accident had nothing to do with the kids death .You have the issues not reading what is there..yeah maybe she didnt do it but he didnt die from a car accident they just think its odd that happened and now this!

            • Selena McQueen

              Lol u sound angry

        • Bunny

          First off your wrong up until the age of 5 a child can pass from SIDS..

          • Trisha_B

            I didn’t say NEVER. I said it doesn’t usually happen. It’s rare. Don’t see it much in infants over 6-7 months smh

        • Blackqueen1201

          I don’t think your comment was negative at all . This is your opinion , apart of me thought the same thing … That’s the beauty of the mind

          • Trisha_B

            Thank you. A lot of people on here don’t have a mind of their own. They just go along w/ the majority, & when you don’t it’s a problem smh

        • Vivian Johnson

          this is the comment section instead of coming on this page an stating things you know nothing about go god bless him go to robin williams page an push that to the left or better yet look up lindsey no say lohan an give her some advice she clearly needs it i dont responsed to chick heads but like you said THIS IS THE COMMENT SECTION

          • Trisha_B

            If you want to try to tell me what to do, at least make sure you make some type of sense smh

            • christy

              hahaahhaha no doubt i wasn’t sure if she was agreeing or arguing what a chick head hahahahahah…if these morons could read it clearly says no trauma kid was posioned maybe ate something or swallowed crap on his own or something else ,who knows ..90% of the time if not more.. it is a family member parent bf husband ect its totally normal and people should be looking at the person who was raising and taking care of him..god that isnt being negative its being smart !!! You rule people out that way ..god. they dumb don’t even waste your time T.

        • Justine Tynka Giles

          the autopsy came back.inconclusive and showed the baby did NOT die of any violent trama so YES u ARE thinking negative

    • Brittany

      did you even read the story??

      • Selena McQueen

        No she talking out her rear end

      • Trisha_B

        Yes I read the story. But there wasn’t any answers so I came up w/ a conclusion from the info we got. How many stories recently have we heard of parents killing their babies? Too many. If it was truly an accident then I apologize to the family. But there are no clear answers.

        • carameldoll85

          i dont think your comment was negative, i was thinking the same thing especially since the article says the baby didnt die from any trauma, which a car accident would cause. I guess we wont really know though since the autopsy is inconclusive and the mother has died as well. Very tragic.

    • Ugh.

      Ur an idiot! Yea she was goin thru something, SHE LOST HER CHILD!

      • christayyy

        YAH TO WHAT??!?!?!?maybe she killed him you moron !!! MAYBE NOT but if u dont look at the person whos with the kid you are a complete idiot!!
        ah well ya proved that already

    • tippy

      I feel that she was going through something as well, postpartum depression. I don’t think the car accident was indeed an accident, it’s being reported that it happened the same day. I believe it was a failed murder-suicide attempt.

      • Trisha_B

        That’s what I was thinking as well. There are holes in the story. Like why didn’t they go to the hospital after the accident? Why wasn’t 911 called when they noticed the baby was unresponsive? Why would she just leave the house before confirmation on what happened to her baby? This was all within a couple of hours. If this was a day or so after her son passed, I would understand her committing suicide due to not having her baby there. But within hours? Without an autopsy to tell you what happened?

      • truth

        exactly….these other idiots can’t see the suspicious crap all around this…

        oh yah her baby died so she killed herself…wouldnt you atleast wait like most do to know why or get revenge cos clearly this isnt normal? no she didnt maybe cos she already knows WHY ..and attempted a car accident earlier that day and got her baby no help…god..these people..oh ya she was going through stuff alright..the murder of her kid…

    • Guestest

      I hate to agree with this but maybe she did. You know, when parents go crazy and kill their child they sometime kill themselves afterwards. Smh

      • Trisha_B

        I hate having to think of that, but it’s becoming so common to hear stories of mothers/fathers hurting their children due to depression or some other mental illness. Something really has to get done

        • Stacie

          And she wasnt brave enough to kill herself by her own hands hence the car accident and walking out in traffic. Something happened before the car accident.

          • Seriously?!

            This is a response to almost the entire thread of comments going up…what all of you are failing to realize is that there is a family mourning the loss of a baby and his mother. This woman was someone’s baby, and you are all sitting here making assumptions and placing your unnecessary assumptions out there for the world to read. Imagine if this occurred in your family: would you want to read the trash that has been posted? Let this family grieve in peace without calling their daughter/sister/friend a murderer. Instead of speaking from assumptions, be respectful or leave this family alone. How would you like to have this amount of insensitivity poured out to you if your child and grandchild died? As a mother, I would go insane if something happened to my children, and unless you are heartless, then you would know that a mother’s love is deeper than any other love out there. Unexpected death does not bring rationality or peace; it ravages your soul and affects you in ways that no one can understand. Stop speculating about this poor woman and her child; allow her family to mourn in peace; and take heed to the advice your mother once told you: if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

            • kdejf

              blah blah they feel bad you dont kno wtf these people feel..they are just wondering who killed the innocent baby who couldnt defend himself and reading the writing on the wall about an accident earlier that day ect…and if she did murder her kid she is one people can point that out if they want too but i didnt see people saying that they still feel bad maybe she was depressed ect..noone was even as blatant as this they just had to be after pointing out CLEARLY ITs THE ONLY THING MAKING sENCE WITH EVERYTHING WE KNOW ATM! get a grip

            • Stacie

              I wasn’t responding to a condolences announcement at the funeral home . I was reading a news article. Who said I didn’t feel bad that this event even happened? Because I didn’t put it in my comment. I felt the article left a lot of questions. I feel worse for the person that she walked out in front of. That’s not what they planned that day. This will not only affect the driver it will affect the drivers family. Every one is feeling sorry for the mother but what about the driver? They had no choice. So miss me with trying to scold me. You have a forum to express your opinion and I have the same to express mine.

    • Justine Tynka Giles

      if I lost my daughter I have nothing to live for anymore … and the autopsy shows the baby did.not die from any violent trauma so wtf are u talking about…maybe because she’s not white huh

      • Trisha_B

        No, wtf are you talking about?…the proof of no violent trauma just shows that the car accident wasn’t the cause of his death…there are more than 1 way to die…if you lost your daughter, wouldn’t you want to know how she passed? Or you just going to leave this earth w/ no answers…& wtf does race have to do w/ this?! Smh go somewhere

  • Jetoi

    I lost my only child so I understand as well. My condolences go out to her family.

  • Mya

    R.I.P to her and that sweet baby. Two years ago i lost my little boy, so i understand her pain all too well.

    • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

      I am so sorry for your loss.

    • MadBrooke


    • Latte JigsawHoffman

      Sorry for your loss…you and the family of the above deceased are in my prayers.

    • Wifed Up

      So sorry for your loss. May God give you peace of mind.