Idris Elba Clears Up Any Confusion About His “Package”

August 10, 2014  |  

Imagine how many women’s days were made when recent pics went viral of what appears to be a very obvious bulge in actor Idris Elba’s pants while working on his latest project.

Elba was filming “A Hundred Streets” when the paps caught some very misleading photos of what appeared to be the British actor’s “equipment” while on set.

He tweeted Saturday:

“The good news is i got a sh**load of followers. The bad news is, that is a mic wire. #egowentintospaceshipmodethough.”

“Calvin Klein called my mobile, they want me in their next campaign. Foot long john’s Coming Winter 2014.”

We still love you Idris, mic wire or not. A girl can dream, can’t she?

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  • TeeTee Cakes

    #lies… mic wires? Really though??? OKAY =)

  • Hannah Evans

    Ladies don’t forget Idris has a thriller coming out this September starring Taraji P. Henson called ” No Good Deed”. Let us support this tall hunk of deep chocolate.

    • Courtney Banks

      I already saw the trailer , with him all up in that shower. I’m def gonna see it.

      • Hannah Evans

        Girl!!!! i know right lol when I saw that clip I was like wait …. Idris in the shower OH SNAP! I love him he is so masculine and chocolate and delightful. Girl Yesss!!! Idris, Blair Underwood, Lance Gross, and NFL player Aaron Ross my fave chocolate men EVER!

    • Kath

      Don’t even go there. Am already in that Theatre and they haven’t written that ish yet!

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  • Prr Kitty

    Thirsty or not this man is just…

  • Prr Kitty

    Thirsty or not this man is just…

  • You can tell it’s a little mic pack in his pocket. *sigh*
    He is so handsome and clearly has a sense of humor.
    Idris stop playing with my emotions and propose to me okay?! I’m tired of these games Boo Boo

  • Courtney Banks

    Doesn’t mean he isn’t packing tho IJS. ( I know I sound thirsty, I don’t care that man is FOINE)

  • FromUR2UB

    What are they making mic wires out of these days?

  • Ms.Kim

    No need for the explanation…I’m good with the visual!

  • MaxBangayvef

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  • Dannie

    Why would he lie about wearing a wire? I think he’s telling the truth, lol.

  • khadijah

    He is lying . That is the real thing. Nobody puts a wire down the front of their pants. My husband is strapped just like that. He is lying.

  • moniqhar

    Stop Being Nasty…*in my mr brown vice* Lol anyway that would be some ER D*** right there

  • Max Zetta

    Glad I do not have to wear a mic wire… That thing looks heavy.

    • hollyw

      Yeah, especially if they tying it to yo pęnis now…wherever they do that at, nowadays… -__▪

  • bella7

    He’s lying!!! He got a pic of him in linen pants with no underwear wet!!!! He’s packing!!

    • KenHay

      I know right?

      • khadijah

        I saw the same photo. A white linen outfit. He’s lying.

  • BabyBlue

    He still fine

  • missjones

    At first glance, at thought maybe he staged it. It just didnt seem 2 be the real “TWANG” . Could’ve been though. Anyways, It was cool of him 2 let us know. He could’ve played along.

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