Coupons Anyone? Celebrity Couples Who Live Surprisingly Modest Lives

July 23, 2014 ‐ By Julia Austin

The saying “live below your means” doesn’t only apply to “normal” people—even celebrities do it from time to time. Here are 15 celebrity couples who live surprisingly modest for their bank accounts.

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  • reality

    are you kidding me? LENO MODEST? you know how many cars this guy has? and they ain’t run of the mill wheels either. this guy rolls deep in super cars and expensive classics!

  • Shite


  • rose528

    having 10-15 special cars is not living modestly…re jay leno

  • dave

    Whatever, I saw Jay Leno’s house on MTV cribs. yeah… real modest.

  • Crusty Gronk

    Jay Leno has 500 expensive cars. Don’t give me bullshit, he lives modestly? His cars alone are worth millions and millions.

  • PTBarnumboy

    If Jay Leno is living a modest lifestyle I’m a monkey’s uncle. There are damn few millionaires that live a modest lifestyle.

  • dot

    good for them to look at the future. what if they get out of work?.this way they have Money to live on rather than be homeless. reality is best.!

  • F*k u

    this article is bullsh*t anyway….have you seen Jay Leno’s car collection?

  • Paul Bentley

    Jay Leno got a huge museum of motorcycles & cars so he is a long way from living modestly .Total rubbish & then there is absolute rubbish,take your pick

  • James

    Hand me down clothes. How adorable. Let’s not mention the townhouse in the Village. Please!

  • ddicorcia

    I call BS on the Kardashian!!!!! That family exploits money!

  • Trolley

    Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, they live in a mega million property, just like the poor./s

  • Tre Dza

    Jay Leno really? He has one of the most impressive car collections in the world… I’ve seen him spend $100k on tv once just to take some piece of crap car from the 70’s and make it faster than a Bugatti.

    • mahadragon

      This article is total bunk. Jay Leno has spent millions on his car collection. He doesn’t put all the money he made into a saving account. He puts all his money into his huge garage and his car collection. He has 3 full time mechanics that just go around taking care of his huge car collection. How can that be living modestly?

      And how is Kate Middleton re-wearing her outfits qualify as living modestly?

  • Meowhiss

    I wonder if they ware used clothes .. like the number she is wearing in this picture….

  • SJE

    Wow. Re-wearing outfits. The very idea. And I love how much of this is more about being cheap rather than living modestly.

    • mahadragon

      Ya, the idea that Kate Middleton actually wears a piece of clothing more than once qualifies as living modestly is beyond ridiculous. :)

  • Wimpy

    Modest living? Naw ! Tight wads is more like it.

  • Jean Ann Roney

    Jesus why does EVERYTHING always have to be a RACE issue. Wish we would have listened to John Lennon, that hippie knew what he was talking about for once. “All we are saying is give peace a chance!” Most people make me SICK these days with lets protest this, lets protest that, and I guess I epicly fail for being one of the people that makes me sick by posting here. But Ive had ENOUGH. Grow the heck up people!!

  • DCS

    If you think that a 130-car garage (Jay Leno) is “living simply” you should probably readjust your reality…

  • Carl Perry

    This is absolute BS. Paul McCartney owns not less than six properties, two in England and 4 in the U.S.. Jay Leno owns 2 side by side mansions in LA and one in Massachusetts. Can’t forget that HUGE car collection. None of the rest could reasonably be considered living conservatively.

  • are you kidding

    Jay Leno collects sports cars, as I recall; SJP and Matthew Broadrick might put their kids in hand-me-downs, but they just listed their townhouse for $22M and I don’t think she shops at Macy’s; William and Kate? Who are you kidding? they live off the tax payers in Britain. They just spent millions of tax payer pounds remodeling at Kensington Palace only to move to the country, that’s probably also costing the Brits plenty

    • Dido

      Yep, Jay owns over 100 cars (many of them very valuable) and almost as many motocycles. Sara Jessica is a renowned designer clothes horse. This list is just stupid.

  • Tanya Powell

    Sorry I don’t believe that you can live modestly while living in a mansion

  • t-dogggggg

    honestly this is all about white people and its sad you know because black people have just as much right as white people to live happy and healthy lifes

  • Allison Knowles

    And of course there has to a bloody Kardashian in there …. honestly, is there nowhere to escape from these vapid do-nothing airheads?!!

  • LovelyLabrys

    As for Paul McCartney – He didn’t make Stella ‘choose’ a state school for lower tuition. State Schools don’t charge tuition at all! He chose State School for his political and parenting beliefs. He believes that the Government should provide all students with a quality education, rather than a private system based on money and old money elitist connections. He also wanted her to have a ‘normal’ upbringing surrounded by normal kids, with normal lives, and without the forementioned money and elitism. – just like he had.

    Of course, for security reasons she had to be taken there and back in a security driven car, which she said was ‘embarrassing’ when compared to her friends, but she has kept the same social and political values as an adult.

  • LovelyLabrys

    You may find that William and Kate live within THEIR means, with THEIR money. However, they do not live within OURS. The public paid for a the full refurbishment of their appartments at a cost of millions, only for them to decide that they weren’t going to live their after all, and so we are paying for refurbishment of a completely new mansion elsewhere.

    • marymoon12

      Kensington Apartment was offices previously and didn’t have normal household kitchen or facilities for living
      Partly paid for by William for the things they wanted extra
      This will be a Formal Residence for posterity

  • Feudalserfer

    Leno has a garage full of supercars, worth countless millions.

  • Jaycee

    Absolute crappola…”Leno owns approximately 886 vehicles (769 automobiles and 117 motorcycles).” he is FAMOUS for his UBAH extravagant spending on cars and bikes.

  • anytwat

    bullshit again, jay leno living like a pauper! A pauper with over 100 luxury cars. Good on him.

  • CSM

    Silly piece. Leno lives modestly? The man has more classic cars than he can count!

    DiCaprio: Drives a hybrid because he thinks that makes him look cool.

  • LM

    pah ! hand me down clothes in a 22 million dollar house …hhmmnnn with a closet full to the brim , bigger than a lot of peoples homes – get real

  • Zach9

    Prince William lives modestly? Asinine

  • Aryan ‘Azz’ Stanley

    How is being addicted to using coupons on things you could easily afford to pay full price for “living modestly”??

  • Maile00

    A 1 or 2 million dollar house is hardly modest; neither is couponing when you are spending thousands or millions AKA Kourtney….

  • Jenny

    I really find it hard to believe SJP goes shopping for hand me downs, same with Angelina Jolie. Anyone who believes this crap is nuts. SJP’s kids go to private schools in NYC where the tuition is $25k per kid, per year. And Angelina was just in the news for their wedding at their estate in France or wherever. Yeah, modest living at its best. Keep buying those $12-15 dollar movie tickets so you can be first, and make sure you buy the $10 popcorn and big gulp! LOL!!

    • Dido

      Brad and Angie just bought a luxury yacht as a wedding present to themselves, and they live in a castle in France.

  • elcal

    This article is crap. Marky Mark Suckerface does not live modestly. He lives in a huge gated home in the hills above Palo Alto, some of the nations most expensive real estate. His pal Ozero is there every chance he gets.

  • Crash’n Burn

    Leno investing in rare cars makes more sense than investing in the stock market.

  • Mickey

    Jay Leno “lives off the money his wife makes doing standup”? Are you freaking kidding me? NOBODY living on the proceeds from their standup act lives like they do. I would agree that they do not “live beyond their means”, but only because their “means” are practically unlimited.

    Who writes this crap?

  • Mickey

    Prince William lives below his means? WTF? The man is a helicopter pilot in the military. His means are lower middle-class. The man lives vastly beyond his means.

  • gingersmith

    Oh please with the Leno’s. Leno has 5 garages with cars estimated to be worth over 23 million dollars! He has 5 Bentleys…..

  • jos sf

    Freedom is having exactly what you need, happiness is not needing much.

  • jos sf

    JAY LENO owning hundreds of MASSIVELY expensive cars is not only obsessive, but the opposite of frugal. How odd to include him, maybe to satiate his ego as such an “every man” which he is not

  • Matt Stevenson

    Jay Leno ‘lives modestly’ while owning a hundred vintage cars.

  • Jeanette

    Jay Leno has an airplane hangar full of luxury vehicles.

  • KittenChow

    Jay Leno has millions invested in automobiles…this is not journalism – most of these entertainers are Penthouse Bolsheviks.

  • jackpollack

    I like your “humble” bungalos that cost one or two million dollars. You really struggled to find these” modestly” living celebs.

  • Hannah in Oz

    Jay Leno lives frugally???? What, apart from the 300 cars he owns?? Good grief.

  • FredHead

    Who does your research? Jay Leno has the largest individual collection of automobiles in the US.

  • HenryLoose

    Denzel Washington not only lives modestly, he is very charitable. For instance, without publicity or blowing his own horn, he gave $7 million to his alma mater, Fordham University in New York City.

  • Chris MacKechnie

    Jay Leno lives in a house the size of a cruise ship and owns more exotic cars than anyone else on earth. If they are on this list, I wonder how much the author made up on the others.

  • mrkerryh

    Jay Leno and Wife Mavis Leno formerly of The Tonight Show living off his stand up comedy and banking his tonight show OF Millions Literally Millions Yearly for several decades ????????? Bull Loney ! baloney Humm excuse me for Emphasizing Baloney ! cough cough hack hack hoey haach hoey !!! He owns a fleet of rare motor vehicles costing Millions of dollars ! Spit ! spit !!! spit !
    The ruddy cost of just one of his many many cars Now just one would place anyone into a celebrity house Hock Hock Hack Hack spittooee !!!!!!

  • Manny Reznick

    This is so egregious as to be insulting tot he readers. These celebrities do one thing and they’re characterized as living modest lives. What bunk. Leno has about 40 million worth of cars he keeps in a special garage that has elevators to move his collection around.

  • Mabemrys

    Oops! NOT because he wanted to save money.

  • Mabemrys

    McCartney chose state education for his kids because he wanted to save money but because he does not believe in private education. As for lower tuition, there are no tuition fees to attend state schools, they are paid for from national and local taxes.

  • tanka

    this is ridiculous – if they are living frugally, i will take their life anyday.

  • Selena

    Well, Lauren Conrad and her bf (probably) live in that area because the boyfriend attends Law School, so it’s convenient.

  • Andy Craig-Burns

    if leo were to swan around in a private jet it would make a mockery of having a hybrid car. Yes I know they are like a must have toy for the hollywood set, and they probably have a nice Bentley or large Merc as well

  • Richard Gibbons

    The Royals, William and Kate, do not live modestly, they’ve just had a $5million makeover done on their ‘apartment’ which is in fact part of a grand palace.

  • escalera

    Leno was a working automobile mechanic before and during his early stand up career and has grown his car collection as a fun investment over time also creating “Jay’s garage” as a great youtube channel for people who happen to be into cars. Maybe a better title for this piece could have been celebrities who don’t lose all their money being by being stupid or drug addicted.

  • Jack

    So, rewearing outfits qualifies as ‘living modestly’? Jay Leno and his wife choose to live only off of the millions he makes in standup and that’s modest? This was good for a laugh

  • l

    this list is bullshit they are saying the kardashians are frugal lmao…

  • Dallas_Guy

    Also, there is no such thing as a “modest” condo in Westwood. Small, maybe.

  • Dallas_Guy

    “Modest” might be a bit, er, modest. They do have a house in Beverly Hills, although admittedly, it’s “modest” by Beverly Hills standards. And he commuted through the same canyon I did when I lived there, except going the other way. I’ve seen him in everything from a open-wheel racer, to an immaculate 1950s Imperial to a Model-T (which he was having trouble controlling). He may have that all from standup, since he’s reputed to be working all the time. And the car collection is a savings plan of sorts worth millions. But keeping it up must be hideously expensive.

  • Buttweet

    The Royals..are you kidding me? Jay Leno?…how much has he spent on his car collection. This has to be the stupidist article ever.

  • Fella

    The Kardashians????? Really?

  • Andy Stack

    It’s funny that they put Jay Leno as living modestly. Apparently he must not have shown them his garage, which is big as a mansion, full of rare and expensive cars. Seems pretty modest to me, LOL!

  • Ptolomy Jones

    david grohl bought a new Aston Martin-this is BS

  • Gio Taylor

    Jay Leno has a car collection of over 120 cars, including a Bugatti (over a million dollars), so that’s hardly “living modestly.”

    Also, SJP and Broderick are ridiculous for giving their kids hand-me-downs.

  • Nova Man

    Jay Leno put almost all of his money in the bank? I don’t think so. He has millions of dollars worth of vintage cars in a huge garage.

  • LucasCorso

    Wow. Royals who “actually do their own grocery shopping.” How common of them. Do they actually wipe their own a**es too? God, I hate the world.

    • MissAnneThrope007

      Indeed. And they only do their own shopping when conveniently placed journalists are there to photograph them – but the British tax payer foots their grocery bill. We also paid over a million pounds to have their London pad re-decorated while many people were struggling to find the money to feed their families, or pay their rent. They are leeches.

      • captaindash

        They bring in so much money to England it’s ridiculous. Tax money spent on them is worth it to the economy. It’s a whole industry. The amount of people who visit England because of Buckingham Palace etc is incredible. Personally I don’t get the fascination with royalty in the very least, but others do and it’s a cash cow. They aren’t leeches, they are a sponsored tourism attraction.

        • MissAnneThrope007

          This is a complete fallacy. Information obtained from Republic shows that: “The estimated total annual cost of the monarchy to taxpayers is £202.4m, around five times the official figure published by the royal household. The official figure excludes a number of costs, including round-the-clock security, lavish royal visits and lost revenue from the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall. Civil List expenditure has increased by 94 per cent in real terms over the last two decades. £202.4m is equivalent to 9,560 nurses, 8,200 police officers and more than the total annual Ministry of Defence spending on food. The total cost is also equivalent to a number of high profile government cuts, including cuts to the Sure Start programme. The British monarchy is 112 times as expensive as the Irish president and more than twice as expensive as the French semi-presidential system. Britain’s royal family is the most expensive in Europe at more than double the cost of the Dutch monarchy. Taxpayers are kept in the dark about the exact cost of the monarchy, due to the royal household’s exemption from the Freedom of Information Act and widespread misunderstanding about the nature of the royal family’s finances”

          And with regard to the hackneyed old argument that they increase tourism, even ‘Visit Britain’ – our national tourist agency – finds not jot of evidence to support this. Again from Republic: “Chester Zoo, Stonehenge and the Roman Baths are all more successful tourist attractions than Windsor Castle, which is the only occupied royal residence to attract visitors in large numbers. If Windsor Castle was included in the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) list of top attractions it would come in at number 24. Tourists come here for our world class museums, beautiful scenery, fantastic shopping and captivating history – not because they might catch a glimpse of Prince Andrew. And In a republic, royal properties such as Buckingham Palace would be open all year round, so visitors that do want to explore our royal heritage would have even more opportunity to do so.”

          So I stand by my original claim. They are leeches, but they are leeches that have successfully manipulated and controlled an ill informed public.

  • OneMercilessMing

    Headline correction: “Celebrity Couples Who Live Surprisingly Modestly” OR, alternatively: “Celebrity Couples Who Live Surprisingly Modest Lives”. WHERE are the editors?

    • Guliver

      The only sensible post in the whole website

  • lulu luanne

    Angelina Jolie does that too. Her and Brad’s kids wear hand me downs all the time. You’d think the two biggest stars in the world would live extravagantly, but I’ve seen pictures of their home in California, and their kitchen looks amazingly like mine and many others. Nice, but not ostentatious. Their kids even have the same kid sized table and chair set that my own children have, and it only cost about $300, if you just have 4 chairs.

  • lalisa

    their definition of living frugally and mine are not on the same planet no less the same page

  • Sheppard1

    an article that is not surprisingly, moronic and false..

  • MadBrooke


  • Bentley

    Jay has over $50 million in collector cars. I doubt that he made it just doing stand up.

  • a simple citizen

    How low has the’ firm fallen’…..waity katie and wimpo on a list of ‘celebrity couples’ AND leaving beneath their means……ludicrous on every level….what a load of total and absolute crap.

  • Dearly

    Big deal. Leno has a huge car collection and house to go with it. Not impressed.

  • griselda

    It’s live modestly, not modest. Seriously – if you want to be a journalist, take some grammar lessons.

  • Labradorsrule

    Jay Leno DOES NOT live modestly! He owns HUNDREDS of expensive cars! That is not modestly! This is crap!

    • Tinwoods

      Take a deep breath, Labradoodle. There are probably one or two things else wrong with the world that might just be worth getting all worked up about. This is not one of those.

      • Labradorsrule

        Hey Tincan, I’ll decide what I want to get upset about and YOU can decide what you’ll get upset about. People living in squalor while others have hundreds of cars IS something to get worked up about.

        • captaindash

          If he lives off just the standup money, then he’s a working man. Period. Apparently he’s a total workaholic and is constantly doing side stand up jobs for cash. He came up from scratch through the clubs and built a following. None of it was handed to him, so no, him having a boatload of cars ISN’T something to get worked up about just because others don’t have any money. (and this is from a Jay Leno hater after hearing Letterman’s stories and after what he did to Conan)

        • Trolley

          They should get off of their lazy @sses!

          • EdgyLefty

            Your response is typically stupid, ignorant, and heartless. Are you white, far right etc? An excellent guess I think.

            “Living in squalor” includes millions of people worldwide who are far from ‘lazy”; rather are in situations far beyond their control.

            You presented yourself as a heartless person. I want you to think about that.

            Do not expect a response. I do wish you well though. :-)

  • Andrew Page

    Jay Leno owns a MASSIVE garage of collectable cars and has a custom installed 18th century steam engine. Not exactly modest.

    Don’t believe me? Check out “Modern Marvels” Season 16, episode 16(Steam) where he shows it off and his two steam powered automobiles.

    Still, props to him for lovingly preserving important pieces of history and having shared them with the public on an educational program. His piece was the best part of that show.

    • Tinwoods

      Every person on the planet is aware of Leno’s vast car and motorcycle collection.

  • disqus_nzJoIXznaL

    Yes Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick live a modest life in their $15 million dollar townhouse on Charles Street in NYC. Are you kidding???

  • Stephen Chu

    hand me down. Ya but handed down from who? Hand me down doesnt necessarily mean low quality or inexpensive.

  • mark baren

    these articles are so much bs… example, leno has a auto collection that is probably worth close to a $ 100,000,000… and they were not gifts

    • Joe

      lol thats exactly what I was thinking!

    • Progressive Republican

      Plus, Leno’s stand-up income was somewhere between $10 million and $15 million/yr. I could live off the interest and never touch the principle!

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  • HawaiiRules

    So the second one is Reotardo DeCraprio–lives Modestly and Green?–he rented a $650 million yacht–the Topaz, almost 500 foot–just so he and 20 of his buddies would have a good party place for the World Cup–that’s Modestly and Green?. This article is a total bunch of lies–what did you get this to help these people’s PR? Total scam—FAIL.

    • mabemrys

      I bet he made them split the rental, though.

  • HawaiiRules

    BS on Parker and Broderick–she routinely does the twins in identical designer outfits–don’t think they’re hand me downs. And take a gander at what she wore to the metropolitan museum charity event–seriously look it up–like royalty way OVER THE TOP–in fact, probably puts the royal family to shame. Nothing wrong with that, it’s their money, spend it how you choose–but don’t lie and say how “modestly” they live–just like regular folks, kids only wear hand me downs–BS….BS!

    • Tinwoods

      Calm down, poor person. These articles are like professional wrestling. Not meant to be truthful or real, but still entertaining.

    • Germaine Stafford

      Two ugly Zionists teaming up and poor-mouthing like fat slob Hillary revealing in her latest loser book ‘Hard Choices’ that she and Bill were BROKE when they left the White House. NOBODY. WAS. FOOLED……!!!!!!!!!

  • J Blair

    Parker and Broderick are Jewish – of course they won’t shell out for new clothes for the kids. Its like the Jew kid who asked his dad for $40. The dad replies: “30 dollas? for whats you want 20 dollas foa?”

    • Michael R. Johnston

      But you aren’t racist.

      • J Blair

        yes, I am racist.

    • glassa

      Antisemitism lives.

      • J Blair

        thankfully – it means there may still be hope for the world

        • glassa

          For you to be thankful for hatred for Jews is bizarre. The old Nazi attitudes are among us. That’s not a good thing. I honestly hope I’ve misunderstood what you
          intended to say.

  • johnsnare

    Who cares.?

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  • CB3

    Don’t forget Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella also live way below their means

  • DinaLineth

    …because black people ball till they fall

  • FromUR2UB

    What does it mean that no blacks are featured in this article? Whatever the reason, it saddens me.

    Anyway, I would looooove to not spend money. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t even want to buy groceries or gas. I just want to keep my money! After I calculated how much I would throw away in a year buying lunch everyday, I began packing my lunches. But, if I was going to make my kids wear hand-me-downs, I would make sure I was buying my clothes at a thrift store too. Just seems kind of wrong, otherwise.

  • Phara

    This is a website geared towards black woman right? Cause I thought missed something with an article that does not show even one black face. And there are plenty of black celebs that live simplistic lifestyles without all the fanfare but once again MN decided that showing us rich white folk would be better than showcasing our own, smdh.

    • Chelsea M

      Who are they?

      • PHARA

        Alfre Woodard, Tyra Banks, Lupita Nyongo, Kendrick Lamar, Denzel Washington just too name a few, but there are plenty more out there, ill keep researching tho!

        • Fella

          I sat next to Alfre Woodard on the plane in “COACH” I clearly remembered looking at her as if she should have been in First class and not sitting next to me. Her response was it was too expensive.

          • kath marie

            Alfre Woodard is a very classy woman!

      • Alice House


        • justsaynotosocialism

          JFC – that is the most nonsensical comment yet.

    • sarasefree

      all you have to do is let MN know your list of black frugal celebs if there’s any out there, am sure they would be happy to do an article on that. hmmmm i wonder who are they.

      • Phara

        Why should i have to present my list, I’m not paid to do their research or their jobs, they are, and because of that they should thoroughly research their topics, not cut and paste from and old Daily Finance Article.

    • mrkerryh

      Too Bad Piranah >Fish Face< White rule ! The World The COLORED serve us !!! the way God made it this way curse of Ham !!!

  • Misss

    I knew this list would be all white celebs sadly enough.

    • hate you

      Thats because black celebs try to live like ballers, and/or they are broke and on drugs!! So there you go racist!!!

    • Devvie

      There are a lot of anti-white articles. A friend of mine from southeast Washington said that even her Pastor gives anti-white sermons and the town (DC) is segregated by the black population in that area. Other areas are normal with a nice mix of people from different cultural backgrounds. Ironically Reverend Wright grew up in a very upper middle class, racially mixed town in Pennsylvania where there was a lot less racism then the rest of the country. He was very well liked and didn’t have any issues with “whites”. He based his church on Black Liberation Theology. But he preached a lot more like Louis Farrahkan, with a lot of attacks against the jews and whites. It made him popular, but he’s like the Fox News of preachers, spreading bullsh*t and misinformation. My friend said it’s all the preachers like that Reverend Wright in Chicago where she grew up in SE D.C. It’s a shame because it’s not doing anybody any good. This site, like BET likes to use anti-white mocking and rhetoric. I’m not sure how that’s helpful to anybody. The same goes for white, Hispanic, Asian, and other ethnic communities who hang on to bigotry. As for the article, I know Sarah Jessica Parker grew up poor in New Jersey as one of 7 kids. I still doubt the vintage clothing her kids wear is cheap.

      • Sally

        I know black preachers in DC at the height of the civil rights movement in the mid-sixties encouraged young black women to procreate with or without ‘benefit of clergy’ to over populate the white man. Here we are now, with a black President employing totalitarian policies of both parties keep everyone—black, white, celebrity and nobody—BROKE because our open borders serve to dismantle our country into becoming a coupon-waving dystopia!

    • mrkerryh

      Oh piss off Miss Envious Look at us and Weep !!!!!

    • greyfox

      Give it a rest. A racist behind every bush.


  • Chelsea M

    I love it!