Trans Woman of Color Murdered, Burned & Thrown In The Trash

June 24, 2014  |  


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Sadly, there is yet another chilling and horrific news story coming out of Florida. This time it’s Fort Myers. Yazmin (or Yaz’min) Shancez, a transgender woman, was not only murdered, afterward her body was set on fire and then thrown in a garbage bin at a Budget Truck Rental.

According to, police found Yaz’min’s body in the garbage on Thursday and on Friday identified it as Eddie James Owen, who was 31 years old. Family members told police that Owen identified as a woman and went by Yazmin Shancez. The police have not determined the cause of death and are not investigating the murder as a hate crime.

Shancez started identifying as a woman as early as 2004, according to a police report. At the time Yazmin, who was 20 then, was working as a self employed hair stylist. Sanchez’s father, Harvey Loggins, who continued to refer to Yazmin as his son, though other family members seemed to have completely embraced her transition, had this to say.

“We didn’t hate him for what he was. Still to this day, I love him. I wish he was here right now.”

Loggins said the family placed balloons, flowers and stuff animals at the site where Sanchez was murdered, which was still bloody and charred when he first arrived after hearing the news.

Officer Jay Rodriguez said: “We have no indication at this time to say this was specifically done because it was a male living as a female or anything like that. If you really think about it, a hate crime is killing someone for a specific reason, being black, Hispanic, gay. We’re investigating as we would any other homicide.”

Ross Murray, a spokesman for GLAAD said he didn’t know if the killing was motivated by hate but offered “no on deserves to be violently murdered and set on fire and put behind a dumpster.”

Sadly, Yazmin’s death and the nature of her murder are not unheard of. GLAAD reported that in 2013, 13 of the 18 documented anti LGBTQ homicides were transgender women and 89 percent of the victims were people of color.

“Transgender women, particularly transgender women of color, face the most violence against them. I think that transgender people are still marginalized and stigmatized in our society,” Murray said. “We tend to talk about transgender people in a way that discounts their experience and makes them a butt of a joke or deviant or suspicious and doesn’t take (their) whole life into account.”

Sanchez was the oldest of five children on her father’s side and began identifying as a woman pretty young, Loggins said.

Loggins said he didn’t believe his child had any enemies and was obviously saddened that this happened to his child.

Shannon Adams, a friend of Yazmin’s told that she believes she was murdered because she chose to live as a woman. She said, “All people that are different like that are treated differently.” She also told reporters that when she visited the crime scene on Thursday afternoon the sight of Yazmin’s burt hair extensions on the ground was too much to take.

Sadly, the murder comes two years to the day the Owens family suffered another tragedy.

On June 19, 2012 Sanchez’s 16 year old sister Cha’riah Owens was gunned down in a care with her 23 year old boyfriend outside of an apartment complex. A 3 year old cousin in the backseat survived the shooting and was asleep when police found her.

Adams said “Fort Myers needs to stop, enough killing,” Adams said. “The police try, but they are so overwhelmed. It’s too much.”

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  • Larna Gallier

    In Britain, this would not only be seen as a homicide, but it would probably be marked as a suspected Hate crime. I feel sorry for the family and friends of Yazmin, but even more sorry that Yazmin has died. Though I don’t know the motives behind her death, I can only guess that Yazmin was yet again another victim of people struggling with Yazmin’s gender identity and feeling like she was some sort of threat to societies wellbeing, or treating Yazmin as a none person justifying the person or person’s action of murder. I hope they catch who has ever done this and they pay fully for their crime.

  • Ouo8

    There are a lot of grammatical errors in this article.

  • Dee

    Very sad story, however, a very poorly written article. Please edit and proofread, please.

  • SuperTrooper1420

    There has been a lot of violence against trans women in Baltimore over the last several years too. In fact, one of them was just found dead a week or two ago there, viciously killed. I am always amazed at just how MEAN people can be. It’s very scary.

  • My prayers is with this family.

  • nosrednakal

    Definitely seems like a crime of passion, not a “hate crime” by definition. Only someone that knew her personally would do such evil. I just don’t think it was because of who she was (not that it matters) but some people try to justify such violence by blaming the victim. If she was out and proud of who she was, she was just victimized because the killer was an effn psycho. This person will definitely be caught if she kept her circle small.

  • uniquefashionista

    No matter how people choose to live their lives, NOONE deserves to die in such a horrific way! I agree with what the others said in their comments. People should be able to live their lives the way they see fit. As long as it isn’t affecting others, why should others care? I pray for Yazmin’s family. Hopefully they can get some closure and justice in this horrible crime.

  • WITW

    A very sad situation all around. If she was murdered due to her lifestyle then, I wish people would just let people live! As long as they’re not bothering you then leave them alone. Even if a LGBT person appraoches you, it Doesnt take nothing to say “No, I’m not interested, or Thanks but I’m heterosexual”. No one deserves to die a death such as that. Just imagine how much pain the family is in.

    She also told reporters that when she visited the crime scene on Thursday afternoon the sight of Yazmin’s burt hair extensions on the ground was too much to take…….side-eye…did she really have to go there?!


    Someone was trying to get rid of evidence

  • hollyw

    Horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I fear for the black trans community, Black trans women get it the worst. I remember when it was getting so bad here last summer while Proposition 8 was up that two trans women were murdered that they had held a rally and Laverne Cox came to speak. Good grief, why can’t they just leave people alone…horrible way to die. Burned and thrown away like trash smh.

  • FoundLove

    Prayers to her family!

  • BeautifulPeeple

    So sad!! I hate to speculate, but she could have possible had a boyfriend, then later revealed to him that she was trans.

  • Lottie Samuel

    Praying that God comforts the family during this difficult time!!

  • 1Val

    Tragic story. My condolences to the family.

  • Mrs.Mason

    so sad to hear….I pray they find her killer

    • Rochelle

      This article made my head hurt. So many misspellings and errors. What is wrong with this site? I had to read some things over because they did not make any sense! I understand wanting to get news out first, but come on…at least read the article before you post it.

      • Mya

        Hmmm… I read through it with no problem.