The Game Pens Open Letter To Assistant Lolo: ‘There’s Nothing In The World I Wouldn’t Give Her’

June 4, 2014  |  

Source: IG

In honor of her 25th birthday, The Game took to Instagram with a heartfelt letter to his personal assistant and best friend, Lolo. In the letter, the “Marrying The Game” star praised his stylish sidekick for always being there for him and dispelled rumors that imply their relationship is anything other than a platonic friendship.

His letter reads:

“Her….. Let me tell you a little bit about “Her.” #1 she is the best friend that I have in this world & probably the next. She has done in 3 years what no one has managed to do in all my years on earth & that’s love me unconditionally !!! Some people say it, some come close to actually pulling it off, but no one has successfully been there for me day in & day out no matter the weather, task or support needed….

This girl right here is “MY N*GG*” !!!! Not my WOMAN, not my GIRLFRIEND, NO WE AINT F*CKING & to honestly be able to say that I’ve been to be around a woman this beautiful, fly, dope, smart & all around AMAZING & be able to maintain our friendship says all it needs to say about her character & loyalty to me, my children & my family. There’s not one thing in the WORLD I wouldn’t give her, & although she might know that…. She hasn’t once asked me for anything…. She works her a** off, plays her position & never complains about a f*cking thing & that alone gave her an eternal place in my heart as long as it beats!!!!

I love you with all my heart Lo & you will forever be appreciated as a gift from God to my life at a time when only he knew I needed someone to help redirect my life into a positive light… I’m FOREVER in debt to you & I wish you the most amazing 25th birthday EVER !!!! & since I’m right here, I guarantee it will be everything it’s supposed to be……. As long as I’m alive, you ain’t got to worry bout a mothaf*ckin thing !!!!! #LaFamilia”

Although the letter is clearly an ode to Lolo in honor of her birthday, some suspect that the eleborate birthday tribute was an underhanded shot at the rapper’s ex-fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge. In past episodes of “Marrying The Game,” the couple argued about his willingness to take Lolo almost everywhere he goes.

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  • lioness domain

    Ok, there is nothing wrong with some of the things he said. The fact is friendship when its genuine is a beautiful thing that should be cherished. With that being said some of the things he said could easily be seen as throwing shade! So his mother and children don’t love him unconditionally? The Game comes across in my opinion as a troubled soul, he wants to be the good guy at times. Its wonderful how he gives to others and has his own charity. Its a beautiful thing to see how he interacts with his children. The problem is you can’t claim to be such a good guy when your cheating on your kids mother and possibly laid hands on her! He post things like this whenever him and Tiffany go through something. When their together Tiffany is his best-friend, the love of his life per his words! He acts like a child and its not cute. People should remember that some of the most hated men in history were loved by some. Hitler killed thousands of people but gave to the charities he liked (Although I don’t think The Game is Hitler, I’m just using an example)! The fact is many people live double lives so we can’t judge him based solely on the good that he does! This is also a man who has spit on women, threatened to have something done to a few women and goes off and fights all the time. Again I think its wonderful that he acknowledges his friendship but based on how he generally acts, this was intended to through shade! I hope that he starts to grow up because regardless of whether he and Tiffany get back together or stay apart. He has a daughter and should pray that know one treats Cali that way! He could really be a good role model if he drops the ignorant tough guy act!

  • d

    All I know is that my BFF tells people she is obsessed with my well-being and don’t F with me because you will lose your life. She gets emotional and everything about me and so do I. It’s really rare to find a friend who is everything to you. My friend sends me a text like this every 6 months. Her boyfriend even knows that if he isn’t good to me they will have some real problems but he is a good guy and loves me to so there is no problem. This was so sweet of Game.

  • aimhigh818

    “She has done in 3 years what no one has managed to do in all my years on earth” …That statement alone had enough shade for Tiffany to last all summer!! Although he may appreciate his assistant and want to express that to her some parts were a bit dramatic and did not seem genuine. I like Game and what he does for our community here in LA but a little modesty would go a loooong way!

    • Suchalady

      I agree. That line alone was super shady.

  • honeybee808

    That was really sweet. I really like the Game and I love how expressive he is about his relationship with his kids so I really hope that the domestic violence rumors aren’t true. I do think that something went down though (or too far, idk what), to make them mutually decide not to be around each other at all.

    From season 1, I’ve always felt they were incompatible. She always seemed to be mothering/nagging him about everything. He, on the other hand, I think needs someone more his speed like his assistant, who wants to be more of his friend than his mother.

    • Mrs.Mason

      SPEAKKKKKKKKKK…..Tiff was wayyyy to controlling and not understanding..

  • I like The Game. He could be throwing shade but at the same time I understand cherishing that kind of loyalty. It does feel over the top but maybe that’s his way of honoring her for what she’s done. Could he do it privately, yes? But maybe he wants to show her openly. I dunno.

  • Michelle Cooke

    He’s a woman-beater. Why are we giving him attention?

    • pyt

      He is? Wow I’m shocked when people give low down women beaters attention. It’s disgusting we live in a society where women are so unappreciated or other women excuse the behavior because the guy’s famous. He’s no man. Real men don’t beat up women or children. His tribute to his assistant takes on a whole new meaning.

      • BabyBlue

        She forgot to say allegedly. No charges were brought against him.

        • Michelle Cooke

          Oh, excuse me. He took his alleged fists, and beat her head into it. He took his alleged feet, and kicked her in the stomach while she was down. He threw his alleged furniture and injured his children. Allegedly.

          • BabyBlue

            Sarcasm makes you sound silly. Smh. I’m not a cop nor do I work in the justice system but, from my knowledge crimes like that put you in jail, charges will be brought and a possible trial if the victim wanted to take it that far. It didn’t happen. What you heard was a story without facts. I personally don’t like to accuse someone with a crime without knowing. Smh icant

  • BeautyQueen

    Yea she’s like a little sister to me…that I bang on the down low. Please.

  • Trisha_B

    Found something out of nothing smh. Him & This girl seem to have a good relationship. She was probably one of the few people there during his issues w/ Tiffany. Nothing wrong w/ a man showing appreciation to his employee/friend. It was a sweet message

    • BabyBlue

      Thank you 10x over. People just need to see things for what they are. She obviously had something that Tiffany couldn’t obviously provide. He sounds appreciative. Just think if she wasn’t around he’ll probably be running around like a chicken with the head cut off. People who are in your life are a blessing or a lesson. I thought it was cute

  • MsNikki

    Friendship like this is HARD to come by…TREASURE IT!

  • TC

    I dont think there is any shade. However there is something to be said when your man feels this way about a woman and he cant say that he ever got that same support from you. No wonder the relationship went south. From watching the show I could see both sides of the issues and they just didnt fit together. I dont think Tiffney would really care if there was supposed to be shade or not. She has a life, he has a life, and they appear to be successfully co-parenting after it all went south so in the end thats all that matters.

  • LoyalT

    If I was his ex-fiancee I wouldn’t care if it was a shot taken or shade.

    • hi-liter

      I would feel some type of way about this if I were Tiffany……ISJ

    • Mrs.Mason

      I AGREE!! The only way it was shade or shots thrown is if there is truth in what he was saying….if Tiff has been all that she could be to him…ie loyal, honesty, communication, all that good stuff…then there is no shade

  • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

    Game is somebody I’m on the fence with because I like him but at the same time he seems shady. As long as he pays her of course she’ll do her job. Not sure if theyre messing around or not though. I think that he low-key was taking shots but does genuinely appreciate his assistant. Maybe she is doing more for him than before in his career. I can believe that because he seems to have gotten more recognition and good press as an independent artist than when he was with Gunit.

    • Me

      He gives more public adoration to his assistant & Khloe kardashian than he EVER gave to the mother of his children. That speaks volumes. How can there not be shade thrown here…? Of course the assistant can love him unconditionally…she’s 25 & he pays her salary. She has no kids with him & she doesn’t care if he cheats with other women since they’re ‘not in a relationship’. (Btw b4 I get accused of ‘hating’, dude admitted he cheated on the trip he took the assistant to in France, but wouldn’t take Tiffney..he said that was whole reason Tiffney couldn’t go).

      I don’t think he ever loved Tiff & she’s seeing the mistake she made by hooking up with someone like that to begin with.

      • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

        I dont think he loved Tiff either. Some guys look for a woman to father their kids who they think will be a good mom but dont really wnat the relationship. Tiff will be taken care of but I cant see them being together until Game is old an dwashed up.