“This Is What’s Wrong With The Church Now” Tank Blasts Gay Minister On Instagram

May 13, 2014  |  

We told you Instagram’s Direct Message feature was going to cause some trouble. And though this is certainly not the first example of someone being put on blast, this one says quite a bit. Recently, one third of TGT, singer Tank, took a screenshot of one of his Instagram direct images and posted it on his account for all to see.

It was a man, who Tank says claimed to be a minister, exposing himself in a video. Tank didn’t delete the video or keep it to himself, he took a screen shot and posted this lengthy message on Instagram.


I first apologize for this image to all my fans and anybody who sees this! This man is claiming to be a minister and sends this to my DM!! This is what’s wrong with the church now! Misrepresentation of God and who he really is!! This is the devil operating in our sacred place! We can’t allow this ANYWHERE!! I have no problems with homosexuals BUT I do have a problem with this!! What message were you trying to send a straight man “minister”? I hope ur bishop everybody in ur congregation become aware of your actions! If you’ll send this to a celebrity God only knows what ur sending to kids and etc!! The devil is working and this is what it looks like! I won’t stand by and allow it to happen! I will take this down soon, BUT this serves as a warning to you perverts infiltrating our churches!! You’re not welcome!! I pray that God deals with you swiftly and accordingly!!

If you’ve ever been the recipient of an unsolicited genitalia picture, you know the disgust and violation Tank feels. And we don’t have to tell you that someone who claims to be a  man of God shouldn’t be sending video–not photos–but video of his wang to strangers. That’s wrong on a whole ‘nother level.

But we have to say that Tank took things a bit too far when he made the assumption that just because the man was gay and completely inappropriate, that he was automatically a pedophile. That’s a stretch and an unfair characterization to place on someone without proof. Literally, it’s one of the worst things you can call a person.

I will say he does bring up a good point about the church. Gay, straight or somewhere in between there is no part of the “church” game–or the common decency game–that would make it ok for you to send an unsolicited, unwanted picture of your junk. It’s no bueno. Still, I feel a way about Tank putting this man on blast like this. Was the man wrong? Sure. But Tank doesn’t know what type of scrutiny this man might suffer in this alleged church, if he is indeed outed in this way. Basically, I don’t know if Tank should have taken it upon himself to expose this man in what could potentially be a physically or emotionally damaging situation. Revealing his sexuality to his church members should have been a decision he made on his own, if he ever decided to do so.

What do you think about Tank’s comments? Do you think it was right for him to expose the man?

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  • lol

    Don’t put urself in the newspaper if u dont expect to be read!!!!!!!!

  • Otis Django

    Most of these Pastor’s are not “MEN OF GOD”. Growing up, I remember my dad and all of his friends went to church and were deacons, ushers, in the choir, etc. If the church needed electrical, plumbing work, or the grass cut, they handled it. Neither one of my parents go to church any more.

    Church’s have been infiltrated and taken over by deviants and ungodly people who have not repented and asked for forgiveness. They still engaged in their lewd and disgusting lifestyle.

    This is why MANY BLACK MEN no longer attend church….WE WILL NOT sit and listen to these types of people. This is why we keep our boys and girls away from church and teach them the bible at home. Too many cases of kids getting molested.

  • Shaundra

    The minister shouldn’t have sent nudes to tank or anyone, so a lesson should be learned. However, blasting him like that Is wrong of tank IMO. He could’ve just blocked the guy. And I don’t believe in a god so I think he and all the people posting comments sound dumb in that aspect. You all sin. Not condoning the ministers actions, however.

    • Otis Django

      Yes, you are condoning the ministers actions. Tank did the right thing by exposing this pervert. You might want to cover for those preachers, but decent men and women don’t.

  • Debbie Walker

    Yes, he was right to expose him. This man apparently wasn’t mindful of his position in or with the church when he sent this disgusting unsolicited photo. As a pastor no matter what your sexuality is, you are held to a certain standard. Lots of people want the title, but how many are truly called? Personally, I believe there is real cause for concern. While there may not be any proof that he is a pedphile, his poor judgement has given one cause to wonder what else he may be capable of. Knowledge is power. Shout out to Tank for the courage to do the right thing, even though it may not be the popular choice for some.

  • juju me


  • Vanyell Butterfield

    If the man who sent this lude behind picture didn’t consider that it might go somewhere potentially why should Tank??? This guy made the assumption that Tank would be intrested In that sort of thing and tank shocked his butt… well done Tank, well done!!!

  • LaVerie Williams

    I think you should for
    get it instead of giving it attention….discord it and move on

  • lavon

    This man got exposed for doinf something negatve. Tank did not say he sent it to children but what he did say was that we dont know if he ia sending it. He may be a pedopholer. It really doeant mattee if the preacher didn’t want to be outtes them he should not be sendng it to random folks.

  • Black_Knowledge

    When you send unsolicited di*k pictures to a straight man, all bets are off. You don’t get the right to privacy or do you get the benefit of the doubt. I agree with Tank 100%

  • Shanta Fletcher

    this is one way the lgbt community tries to force their life style on others . No longer should the Church sit back and hush ! I Applaud Tank …. !!!! Madamenoire …. you can’t straddle the fence …. GOD will spew you out of HIS mouth !!!!

  • Rochanda Allen

    I agree with Tank…and really madameNoire??? This guy put himself on blast!! If it wasn’t sent, there wouldn’t be an issue.

  • Louis Anthony McDaniel

    That “minister” put himself on blast by sending the video [Dear Lord 🙁 ]In the first place. “… for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid that shall not be known. ” Matthew 10:26. Although this is a section of a message from The Master to his disciples concerning the truth of his teachings, it can EASILY be applied to this “minister’s” iniquity (and anyone else who plays with the Lord like that). All that I can and MUST do is pray for him and anyone that has listened to him.

  • Amber Snell

    If you send your male junk to another man be prepared for what ever reaction that comes. You’re saying Tank took it to far actually the so called minister went extremely to far. What type of man is he?

  • godsgirltt28

    I think it was right for Tank to echo pose him. Church people are always ready to pass judgement on other while living in the closet so now he can freely stop living a lie maybe Tank did him a favor he should say thank you

  • Truth Hurtz

    This dude looks about 19 or 20. Seriously Tank? I don’t this dude is really a minister and if he is he’s obviously a little disturb. I wonder if he does the same thing to females who send him explicit pictures.

  • funky504

    i think your wrong for this article

  • I TOTALLY agree with Tank for exposing him!! If there was a concern about what the man would face with his congregation or anyone for that matter, he should have thought about it before he sent it. He needs to be sat down from ministry until he gets his life in order. I disagree with MadameNoire for trying to go at Tank.

  • Ridiculous on both counts. Why waste the energy.

  • charisse

    Point blank! The man exposed himself when he sent the picture! Tank was just doing what any straight man would do, put him on blast. And I believe he did in a very tasteful manner…. Thank you Tank for showing us you don’t have to use obscene words to get your point across.

  • Denise Schnackenberg Odier

    If you post something like the minister did, then you deserve to be exposed (pun intended).

  • Zak Green

    plain, simple and too the point ….. IF YOU SEND YOU JUNK THROUGH ANY SOCIAL MEDIA THEN EXCEPT AND EXPECT THE CONSEQUENCES…. this is 2014 nothing digital is safe and “you know this man” If he is a minister he was wrong … If he is gay he is wrong that’s wrong cus It was un solicited.(not asked for ) tank does not say he is a pedo.. but does put that out there that he may be of a deviant nature… etc. so to watch out…

  • Fabian Ellis

    Are you serious? Who cares about what kind of scrutiny this man will face he should have thought about that before exposing himself on a social media network to someone he doesn’t know….he opened that can of worms, not Tank.

  • Oyinade

    Tank did the right thing! Good for him!

  • Princess Jamaica

    from reading the post he didn’t say that the guy was a pedofile he said there’s no telling what he sending to different people including kids and which I agree set please don’t be making it seem like he’s trying to target gays. I think it was very inappropriate for the minister and I feel if he’ll send it to one person he’ll send it to anyone that’s just how to operate and that is how the devil works so I’m going to say once again I don’t think tank was in the wrong. I apologize but I don’t agree with certain things in the article.

  • Wilfred Dennis

    Who’s to say that this isn’t God’s way off Exposing someone’s wrong doings!! God has his own way of doing things. Just because you don’t believe that it isn’t his way doesn’t mean that Tank was wrong. If that Pastor exposed himself then Tank was right for exposing his butt in the Public eye.

  • proverbs31

    I don’t see anything wrong with the way Tank handled this situation. If more people would expose the perverts and pimps in the pulpit, perhaps we could reclaim the church as a place of God, instead of the abomination that man has created.

  • dee

    No it is not for us to expose sin that comment is exactly right. In this day, age, and time no one should be exposing themselves to this capacity to anyone especially via social media. I feel like Tank felt not only disrespected but this is wrong on so many levels. There are a lot of folks who are dealing with their sins and sometimes get caught up in their own feelings and desires. In the church we just gotta do better that’s all. If we don’t want certain things known we have to keep them between us and God. Social media certainly isn’t the place.

  • Octavia T. – St. Louis

    Wrong is wrong. It needs to be exposed. Point, blank, period.

  • AsIs

    Tank is on point. Let us stop being devil’s advocates by trying to defend that vile fellow’s actions.

  • Aariah Collelle Scott

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think Tank did anything wrong. This man violates another human being and you’re worried about how his violation is going to come back and haunt him? Tank didn’t expose him… He exposed himself. Figuratively and literally. I hope his actions leads to his removal from the church. I hope his plain lack of morals and consideration to others leads him to suffer greatly because people have an extremely hard time learning from their actions unless the consequences are severe. If I were a member of his congregation I’d be livid once I found out but I’d be happy to have been given the information necessary to make an informed decision as to whether or not to continue attending that church.

  • Rah’s Love Queen

    Wow, Tank was not wrong in exposing the minister. And the author feels Tank should have allowed the guy to reveal his sexuality to his congregation on his own terms; I think not! Who’s to say that he would have ever let on that he was living an alternative lifestyle?

    What’s done in the dark will always be revealed in the light. I say kudos to Tank.


    I feel Tank absolutely did the right thing if he didnt want it to get out he shouldnt have sent his genitalia through the mail to a complete stranger #DUMBDUMB

  • LoveHim4ever

    Yes he was very right for exposing him. He shouldn’t have sent the pic to Tank and he surely shouldn’t be in anyone’s pulpit or claiming to be a minister of the gospel or representative of God and is homosexual. His perversion has been exposed. Far too many so called ministers do dirt and it’s covered up. Good job Tank. This perversion is rampant in the church and it’s time to stand and let the world know that it will no longer be tolerated.

  • too real

    Yes I feel tank acted accordingly to this. The reason I say this is bc this man wasn’t too concerned about his sexuality being exposed on social media regardless if he sent it publically or privately. He sent this to someone willingly. So there is always a risk. If he wasn’t sure about being exposed he shouldn’t of done this. As far as his esteem goes, and how his church deals with him, he now has to lay in the bed he created. Hopefully, he belongs to church that will cover him, and plead the blood Jesus over him, get him help, and not cast any stones. I’m sure he’s not the only one dealing with this issue in his church.

  • nate

    I’m an ordain minister and the thing that must be understood about this is that if this is a minister than God himself said that he will bring the priests to an open sham. If this had happened between two clergyman than Matt 18:15 would have been the course but tank is not a clergyman so God allowed this priest to be put to open sham. Gay, Perverted or what ever when you have become a minister you have an obligation to up hold righteousness in the eyes of the public as well as God PERIOD. This man was just letting out what he has been hiding for a while. By his action alone he left his self exposed and if it had not been Tank then someone else but it was going to happen you can bet on that.

  • Dani

    He was right… The church has to maintain its standards…..

  • TRP

    Madame Noire, just because they’re are African American joining the cause of White gay men, who after all, are racist (BlackLGBT), I hope you read the post here and see that many, and I mean many, find the actions here reprehensible. Who, posting as a man of God, would do such a thing. This mans actions were totally sneaky and a gross misrepresentation of his title as a minister. This mans actions broke trust and violated another man in numerous ways. Hence, the reason why Tank went there and raised the question that this man can’t be trusted around your children. In some states, like MN, if a man did that to a woman, he could face sexual assault charges. While you’re busy maintaining political correctness, please know, and understand, that TOLERANCE, is a two-way street!!!!!!!!

  • Miraeo

    The devil is a liar!!!! How in the world is the writer of this story, Veronica Wells trying to put it on Tank??? This man put his self on front street once he decided to send this inappropriate picture to someone. Tank did not say the man was sending anything to children, he said “God only knows what ur sending to kids and etc!!” This is a plain and simple case of open disgust with what has been put out there with no remorse (at least not until Tank blasted him) by a man who did not care. And this is how he is representing God. Dang on shame. The Bible says to call the devil out and shame him…this is just what Tank did. I applaud Tank for this….Tisk Tisk Veronica Wells it seems that your the one who needs to be put on blast for displaying a willingness to let this not be exposed!

  • Laurence


  • D-Nice II

    don’t put nothin on the internet you don’t want other people to see. even if it’s “private.”

  • Sher

    No. Tank was right on to expose this person’s antics. The perp should’ve been too embarrassed to send this mess in the first place. Okay since you weren’t, Tank shared it with the world. haha

  • Dj Gucci Roxx

    I agree with Tank.. he addressed him not for being gay but because he’s a perv. Don’t get the 2 mixed up.


    Good shot Tank and thanks for exposing this Devil In Jesus name Amen……..

  • Terria Abdul-Rashid

    I think the man is dead wrong and set himself up for complete failure. Any self respecting so-called man of God would never act out like this. To be a minister andpulll a stunt like this is detremental, disgusting and diabolical. How can you lead a flock one direction when your own life is on a path of confusion, destruction and delusion?

  • LaJuan Brooks

    In my humble opinion this man got just what he deserved.. it you put it out there you have to expect for it to potentially be thrown back on you.. If you’re not prepared for the consequences then leave it be.. and what in the world is the author of this thinking.. how dare he/she make this about Tanks rights and/or wrongs for exposing this pervert!

  • Queen Victoria

    Shutup Madame Noir! So you think Tank took it too far by claiming that this minister may be a pedophile..are we considering the fact that the supposed minister took it too far by exposing himself to an unknown celebrity.
    Lets take a look at most victims of sexual assault, both male and female, especially in the black community, molestation happens quite often, whether its at the hands of an adult over 18, or at the hands of an older relative. To assume that this minister may violate someone under the age of 18 is not a far our assumption….HELLO, HAVE WE FORGOT ABOUT EDDIE LONG?

  • Mercedes

    First of all, everyone knows that there have been ministers, priests, and bishops that have molested children so of course that “ministers” perverted actions go hand in hand. How is Tank wrong for exposing this “minister” when the minister sent the unwanted picture to him? The minister set himself up for that. He’s a fraud and his congregation deserves to know. Quit trying to turn this around to make it seem like Tank is wrong for standing up for what he believes in.

  • Sandra Stephens

    Satan expose our sin everyday. So, I don’t think Tank was wrong for exposing this so call pastor. In Ephesians 5:11 it says “and have nothing to do with the unfruitful actions that darkness produces. Instead, expose them for what they are.” We need more people to take a stand on matters like this and call satan out. Romans 17:16-18, says ” appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.” Why are we more concerned about what type of scrutiny this man might suffer in this alleged church? Who knows how long this so called pastor has been behaving this way, so do you really think he is going to come clean and tell his congregation anytime soon, if ever. They have the right to know what type of man he is. Thank you Tank for putting him on blast and I pray this man’s church will take immediate action and remove him from the pulpit.

  • Christ Soldier

    And the commentary in my opinion is poor. Yes expose him, He may be sending pic to underage minors. Expose him!!!!

  • cynthia

    I add this as well; gay people should also be offended, those who are fighting for acceptance and normalcy always get overshadowed by the freaks and perverts. Stand up and say should two-faced sneakiness doesn’t represent you and that would help your cause.

  • smh

    I guess I don’t really see what was gained from the post. Okay, you put some no-name preacher on blast. And? It’s not like he is somebody important. And the whole thing about sending them to kids would never have come up if some video vixen sent him a pic with her boobs and her behind hanging out so clearly the subtext is homophobic. The only thing gained from it is a another homophobic set of rants from black people. Famous people are sent inappropriate pics all the time. Get over it. This to me was a stunt to get attention.

    • Djflight


  • Ashley Parlor

    I fell that the “pastor” was wrong. Oh he gets a buy because he a pastor on embarrassment? I think not. He should never have sent this inappropriate picture to Tank let alone anyone. And I agree that if he is bold enough to send this to a major public figure in the music industry, Lord who knows what else he is bold enough to do behind closed doors. SMH #TheNerve

  • MSTP

    People calling wrong right kills me!!! Yeah Tank did right!!! And yall know this is one of the reasons why people stay away from GOD AND THE CHURCH because of this. Being GAY IS WRONG.. that’s why so many people DON’T TELL IT… THEY STAY IN THE CLOSET.. BECAUSE THEY KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ITS WRONG… just like a killer who KILLS and run,, just like a thief who STEALS and say he didn’t. Just like a LIAR who lies and say he’s telling the truth… ANYTHING THATS COVERED UP..RUNS. LIES. HIDES IN THE CLOSET IS WRONG… QUIT CALLING WRONG RIGHT.. YALL GONE PAY FOR IT… TANK YOU DID RIGHT… Call me Judging all day long I DONT CARE.!!!

  • Anthony Williams

    I believe tank did what was necessary because it that man is a pastor he have no business exposing his self on someones page he should be spread the word of God and that’s what that is

  • Robert Primeau

    I’m not saying that the minister was right but I kind of feel like it’s an overreaction on Tank’s part. My baggage on this subject? Women get sexually harassed all the time and endlessly endure it, but then it happens to this one empowered man once and he’s going to make a big deal out of it. I know that’s not necessarily fair to Tank if he felt like he was violated by this guy. I’m also not religious so I don’t have an understanding of how getting hit on by a religious official feels. It would feel like a breach of trust if it was your own minister, but does it really feel the same way if it’s coming from some guy on the internet who is just saying he is a minister?

  • Serving Notice

    yes he was right to expose him and for you to even suggest that Tank went too far you just a bigger idot as he is. It’s funny how the media tries to condom the behavior of something that God condemns. Even if gay is right in the eyes of sinners what gives any person the right to expose themselves uninvited to others. Be for real dude, the moment he expose himself he forfeit the right of his privacy. Maybe he should have sent it to you since Tank went overboard in your eyes. Most people defend their own kind. Hummmmm???

  • yassss Tank

    Is this a blog…? Because in true Journalism fashion one doesn’t use “I.” You feel as if Tank was wrong for blasting this guy, but why did the guy send it to him??? He was setting himself up. Tank now has the right to do what ever he pleases with that message (pause), you go Tank!! Preach (pun intended…)

  • jcole

    Yes, it was absolutely appropriate. Once the pic was sent to Tank, it became his property to do what he pleases. He did the right thing. What you do in the dark cones to the light. If more people exercised that level of courage, less people would take liberties. Besides, if he made it a keepsake, it would raise eyebrows. If the preacher is a human having a spiritual experience with his privates, he should keep it PRIVATE.

  • James Williams

    Tank is right all theway. He was right in putting this pervert on blast. He didn’t think about his congregation when he sent this filth. So who cares about the backlask that he might endure? He deserves evrything that comes to him.
    As for saying that he maybe sending this type of filth to kids could very well be true. If he can do this to a celebrity, he will do it to anyone.

  • South_Side_Shay

    Tank didn’t expose this man. The man exposed himself…literally! If this man really is a minister, whatever consequences he suffers from this is his own fault. Tank did the right thing by letting his congregation know that a perpetrator is among them.

  • TCole

    The scripture says, “Have nothing to do
    with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11

    It may seem harsh what Tank did but this is the beginning of the ministers healing and deliverance. Many times it takes exposure to save ones life/soul and others. No one can be helped when things are hidden. I pray that through the exposure he will be delivered from this stronghold in JESUS name. We all should pray and love him and others who are bound, afterward all JESUS came to set the captive FREE and He loves us all……bound and not bound.


  • Udont Knowme

    When he sent that to Tank, it became Tank’s property so he could do whatever he wanted to with it. There is a lot of dirt in the church and these minister’s have been getting away w/it for DECADES which is why people feel the way they do about church, and unfortunately in return deeply afffects the way they feel about God. What’s done in the dark shall come to light… The pastor NEEDS to be scrutinized by his church. They deserve to know what they are submitting to, and decide if that is something that they want to continue to do. He did it to himself– Tank is not to blame AT ALL….

  • sweetc

    I agree what Tank did a 100% and if the guy isnt gay then what is he……what straight guy you know shows his private part to another man…….

    Get it right people….

  • Kristie Twin Wilson

    Tank was totally totally correct…ENOUGH SAID

  • -Rachel

    Great Job, Tank. I’m new to MadameNoire and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I may change my opinion about the site after this reading this article.

  • Sakonya1

    I do not have any problem with Tank putting this fool on blast! How stupid can someone be to do this at all, much less someone who is supposed to be a minister. If you don’t want to be exposed, then don’t expose yourself, especially when it is unsolicited.

  • -Rachel

    Shame on you, MadameNoire

  • Juicy83

    Apparently he wasn’t too scared to send it,so he needs to deal with it. Eventually in a week or less he want be famous anymore lol!!!!

  • Mesha

    He sent a picture of his genitalia via internet!! Enough said! Oh! might I add the picture which he sent was not requested by Tank. Now I’m done!

  • lucky68

    Tank was right to do what he did. If that man can send Tank of pic of his junk who else did or would he send it too. Tank he didn’t care how Tank was going to feel. like the media says”be careful what kind of pictures you send people”, cause it can back viral and that goes to ministers t.

  • Caligirli

    Veronica Wells you are an absolute idiot & I am disgusted by your flip of this story! Madame Noire editor or who ever the hell is in charge there needs to give you the boot or have you do a retraction article to this one where you apologize to the readers and Tank for your stupidity. Your attempting to turn this gross violation committed against another around on the one who was victimized, Tank! What the hell is your problem lady? Maybe you have never been sent one of these foul pics by a pervert but I have so I can imagine for a straight guy the sting is 100 times worse. Tank’s actions were totally appropriate, yours on the other hand in this article are not only inappropriate but disrespectful.

  • Chocolate doll

    I have seen many comments in this post about people pushing agendas. I have seen and heard some people equate gay rights to the civil rights movement (ummm…not). First, this is just my observation and how I feel. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel like the media, co-workers, family and friends are constantly bombarding the lifestyle in my face. For instance, when a person comes out, there is this big congratulatory message sent out across the airwaves telling the world that they are gay. I don’t have a problem with the life that one opts to live. But, for the president and the first lady to stop what they are doing to rejoice and congratulate someone for putting their life on display, is totally unnecessary. The Bible says in the book of Luke 15:10 – “Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth”. It seems that society is glorifying not only the lifestyle that people choose, but the behavior of fornication. Now, before yall go all ham on me, fornication is wrong in both heterosexual and homosexual situations respectively. I would instead love to see the world rejoice over married couples staying together, raising their children in a loving and supportive household. I would like to see the world place more emphasis on people who go out of their way to care for the elderly, the homeless, the sick and disabled. I would like to hear about business owners who are making a difference in their communities. I would love to hear how black people are taking back their neighborhoods by taking our businesses back that we sold to the Chinese, Arabs, and whites. Remember the Black Wall Street? Motown, Jet, Ebony, The candy lady on the corner of your block/street? This is what I would like to hear instead of someone coming out. I am pushing the agenda of WHO CARES????

  • Laurell Bay

    Y’all misinterpreted his text in order to make an article. I should write an article about this article.



  • mamajones

    When this idiot who calls himself a minister sends something on social media, it is no longer a private matter. He did this to himself. And what Tank did was right. The devil is busy and these so called ministers need to have a seat! You are not called to minister this way!! May God have mercy on your soul.

  • Danell Miller

    Hell yes, he was right in doing so!! He gets no pass from me. The God I serve says it’s wrong, but to be tolerant. This isn’t what my Father is asking us to be toerlant with at all!!

  • Chasidy Spann

    If i was tank i would have done the same thing. A man sent me a Dic pic before and i was soooo pissed off! and it was just random!.. so i could imagine how tank felt about this. Its sick, disrespectful, and perverted to just do something random like that. Im glad he did expose him, and hopefully he will get dealt with at his church about his actions especially if he is a minister. If he is sending random dic pics like this, he could be possibly doing other perverted things, and sending pics to anybody and everybody…including kids!

  • bunnychi75

    Yes, he had every bit of right to put this man on blast! He sent this to Tank with a purpose in mind, but he didn’t realize how Tank would take it. And for him to SAY he’s a minister!? Well, homie just set himself up for that! If he’d sent the pic without the ‘title’, he might’ve flown under the radar! And that’s a big might!

  • Rush Joel

    Who Cares? Publicity is publicity. I have my views on this being I have some indiscretions that I have had to live down. Tank you have male fans… that are homosexual. I am not a big fan of yours but … welcome to the life of a celebrity. Question was it really that bad?

  • DeNise Davis

    No, writer you missed the point. Re-read the statement that Mr. Tank made. He said, “If you’ll send this to a celebrity God only knows what ur sending to kids and etc!!”This was an appropriately done exposure. #ExposeTheseDevils

  • Shelita Wilder

    I think he was right for exposing this.# 1 -he didnt ask for it #2- that is a violation in every form whether it was a male or female. #3- if you didnt want this to get out u shouldnt have sent it. What would of happened had it been leaked and acusations were made about his sexuality. Following Christ is a lifestyle not a joke like this man and so many others play around and try to make it seem. Being homosexual just like participating in other sins is the same a sin but I dont have to like it. Its time to take a stand on nonsense period, if u wont take a stand for something you will fall for anything. We are called to be set apart not to blend in.

  • linda brown

    Tank had no right to expose this man. The man had no right to send him the pic. Two wrongs don’t make a right. What if someone else sent the pic instead of the person in the picture. My son’s ex-wife told everyone who would listen that my son was gay after their break-up. If the person can prove he didn’t send the pic. Tank can be sued for slander. Tank should’ve talked to the man’s church members about the matter. It is not our place to pass God’s judgment upon our fellow man. The man may be suffering from a mental illness. Tank placed the pic on instagram for all to see, including children.

  • De Andrea Dudley

    I agree…Tank did what he was supposed to do. He was lookng for a response fom Tank when HE exposed himself and he got it! Whatever reprecussions follow they are by no means the fault of Tank. This “minister” needs to be accountable for his actions and the Bible declares what’s done in the dark will come to the light. Thank you Tank for not excusing this mess !

  • James Carter IV

    Gay people often make false comparisons. A leading comparison is the civil rights aspect of their argument. I would argue that Gay people have the EXACT same rights as everyone else. They by and large just don’t have the ADDITIONAL right to marry the same sex. The primary reasons for this are, it serves no purpose in a society, and it is not permissible under any major religion.

    As a base, gay people do not pro-create. An argument is made by them that “neither do sterile men and women, and people who choose not to pro-create.” But what they are doing is arguing an EXCEPTION as a rule to support their argument. By in large most unions between a man and a woman are created with a primary purpose of pro-creating.

    Gay in the end is nothing more than a sexual fetish. It’s an abnormality that should not be perceived as anything else. Though it is possible to have great affection for the same sex, if your affection is coupled with sexual desire for the same sex, then you are Gay. If you do not have sexual desires for the same sex then you are not gay.

    • youisajoke


  • Qtown

    HELL YEAH TANK WAS RIGHT!!!! Dude shoulda took all that into consideration when he sent the video!!!

  • Crystal R. Beeler

    Surely this man didn’t think that he could just expose himself to any and everyone and not get caught? Tank was on point. It is a form of sexual harassment.

  • Suga Shrimp

    Tank don’t owe his behind nothing he put his own business public when he sent it to a pubic figure..gay or straight he was out of line and nasty..I would have done the same thing if I was Tank..

  • aadams1029

    I think Tank was absolutely right and obviously this so called minister didnt care about his anonimity enough to keep his nastiness to himself. My feeling is by this act he outed himself. For someone who would send an arbitrary pic to someone not asking for it or even receptive speaks to a type of perversion and voyueristic behavior. Gay or not this was all kinds of wrong and Tanks reaction was mild in my opinion. I would have gone to his bishop with this pic!! Tank is so right the devil is busy and trying to tempt us and destroy our faith.

  • Redbeans

    He bright attention to himself. Tank wouldn’t have had to call attention to this,disgust If it would hv never bn put tete in the first place!!!!!!!

  • ShuggaRay

    Micheal Basiden was wrong for Blaming the church or Body of Christ for the actions of one sick man. Its like saying that all people who drives cars are bad people because folks drive drunk and hurt other people… Real Silly and i guess it was supposed to be an Inflammatory Headlines to get people to read the article..

  • Sichasko

    The headline is misleading and has been manipulated it is clearly stated the issue is the image not his sexuality. It should be titled “Tank blasts creepy minister on instagram”

    • Shelita Wilder

      I agree it should be titled differently for what it really is. Tank did the right thing, maybe the man can get help now. Its obvious that hes lost.

  • Danny Boe Burrell

    Needs to be exposed. Tank did nothing wrong and has a right to his opinion of this clown.

  • Wanda Jordan

    This persons character came into play when he professed to be a minister and sent a sexually explicit picture to a heterosexual man. His decision to send this unwarranted photo and claiming to be a minister is more than enough grounds to question his character. If he would send a photo like this to a man that’s not gay, it makes me wonder what was its (the photo) purpose, was it for his own gratification? Tank and every minister, should feel violated and and offended by this guys actions and whatever happens to him, he brought it on himself.

  • CieCie

    Kudos to Tank – what if one of his children were next to him and saw that?? Totally out of order!

  • Devorah

    This was wrong Tank said no telling who else he did this too he did not say he did that to children but he could have…..I would be angry not sure how I would have handled that either but remember a guy revealed a crush on another guy in public and the straight guy killed him not saying it was right, that could have messed up Tank’s reputation and the insult who want to look at your private you dish it out you should be ready for the repercussions

  • Wake Upson

    Obviously, the writer of this article is partial to “Preachers”, for his or her concern is how he (The Preacher) will be perceived or scrutinized by his congregation and suffer emotional, mental, or physical trauma. WTH??? However, what about Tanks emotional and mental trauma? This is how Tank chose to deal with the traumatic experience and I thank him for it. So many Preachers abuse their position seriously harming people, but the more serious harm comes from “Preacher Groupies” who hide every evil they do making sure nobody finds out. What Tank has done could very well save the life of a church member somewhere who may have been violated or is being violated by some minister now having the courage to speak out. Believe it or not, some people think by protecting Preachers and hiding their “sins” they are sure to go to Heaven. I had a friend who was a Minister. He used to get so much P**sy simply from telling “Christian” females that they were doing God’s work by having sex with him, for it was keeping him from being a victim of the Devil’s continuous attempts at tempting him with unbelieving women. Yes, it worked and it still works today. There should be a number one can call with anonymity about a Minister doing crap like this, and if it is found to be true, the person gets money for it. I bet a lot of stuff will come out about Ministers.

  • Tazzy

    Why is the author of this article more concerned with what damage will be done to the man than what his actions were? I’m confused. You are held to a high regard as a Minister of the Gospel. So you know better…you know what is right and what is wrong. He was wrong for what he did. And he knew just as many of us know….there is a consequence to ALL your actions.

  • lesha3000

    Tank did the right thing…This man definitely should have been exposed especially if he is taking a leadership position in a church..yes expose him

  • Val D

    Nope! not wrong at all….this ‘minister’ put HIMSELF out there when he sent the message

  • Toniatbella

    I think if this were a female claiming to be minister, he would’ve done the same thing and made the same comments so, no he’s not wrong. It’s not a gay/straight issue at this point. This man should be put on blast so he doesn’t do this again.

  • Starr King

    Right on Tank!

  • GG

    Tank saw it, so it must be a public photo right? It wasn’t in this guys house or on his nightstand. EXPOSE him daily and get the word out that this guy is a FRAUD. He is NOT A MINISTER! These are the freaks that love to confuse people of who God really is …

  • Rayveon

    I believe that Tank wasnt wrong about anything! First off being gay is an OBOMINATION to God. Second if your a minster preaching in front of Gods people you shouldnt be exposing yourself in a man or woman DM. You should carry yourself as a man of God. Third he didnt call him a pedofile he said its no telling what he is doing them and its not! If anyone agrees that Tank was wrong your SICK and you need prayer just like the minister..

  • Kristal Epps

    If you don’t want to be outed in this way don’t send unprovoked, salacious messages to someone.

  • killer_queen

    Tank did what was right. The man let the door be opened to question his character. If you’re a man of God, then you’re going to be held to a higher standard. He clearly did not meet the standards of being a minister by a long shot.

  • Thandi

    How is Tank wrong…this man exposed himself on the Internet to someone he does not know and does not know how he will respond. It’s not about his sexuality it’s about him exposing himself. It’s not like Tank asked him to send him that then turned on him. Come on, any backlash he gets from this he asked for it. I would feel violated. If a man came in my home and pulled his pants down without me asking him to I’d call the police but there is no recourse for someone violating me thru Internet. I pray God shows him mercy.

  • Ms Bell

    Reading what the writer of this story wrote made me more upset than the actual story. To turn the situation around to make it seem as though Tank is in the wrong is utterly disgusting. The man outed himself when he hit the send button. He was wrong on every level!

  • Surreal

    This man MADE his decision about revealing his sexuality when he DID what he DID! REALLY, he ABDICATED his choice to Tank! If you CHOOSE that lifestyle, FINE! But to do this and claim to be a man of GOD is shameful. I’m not just saying this from the perspective of him being gay because I was recently shocked by another pastor who was captured and blasted in the raw by a female. Not gonna mention names but it just shows that when you choose to answer the call to preach, you underSTAND that you as held to a higher standard. PEOPLE WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER

  • stefano

    The gay man exposed himself (figuratively and literally). If you don’t want it out in the open, keep it to yourself.

  • Helen Payne

    if this man did not want to be outed then why would he send such perverted pictures through the internet. I am with Tank on this

  • Melissa Simpson

    If you send someone an unwanted message then its your fault if your outed so Tank wasnt wrong at all….

  • Nmr1

    100% agree with Tank. His remark is not about sexuality, it’s about the disrespect that the so called “minister” showed to him, and to himself. The minister made it sexual by exposing himself. Not a very Godly thing to do now is it? Tank was right on point about the Church, too many wolves in sheeps clothing. Anyone nowadays can call themselves a minister, a pastor, a preacher, with absolutely no preparation, experience, and knowledge whatsoever of the responsibility those titles hold. A horrible sign of the times.

  • immar bell

    Hell no, Tank wasn’t wrong. That man violated him so it’s only fair he get violated. I would have taken it a step further and went to the church and put him on blast PERSONALY!!!!

  • Miss Gaston

    I don’t think Tank was wrong at all. He should be exposed for the pervert that he is and whether he is a minister or not is not the issue but that he thought that it was an acceptable thing to do. What if one of Tank’s kids or niece or nephew came across this crap? Bottom line……Tank did just what he should have done, BIG UP TANK!!!!

  • G.O.D

    Tank did the right thing. if dude have the nerves to put it online then Tank has the right to put him on blast. When someone does something like this it is no longer slander & the public has the right to know.

    • js

      exactly, and you know if it was the other way around (Tank exposing himself to some stranger) he would be put on blast. Wrong is wrong…period!

  • Loren C. Jones

    Gay? that’s your business if that’s what you’re into but, WRONG IS WRONG,
    and being gay is not a get out of jail free pass.

  • Rosalyn Perry Williams

    I think Tank was on point. The man exposed himself to a public figure, he deserves to be made a public spectacle. There are consequences to every action (good or bad), sometimes you just don’t know what they are.

  • mslea2002

    It doesn’t matter what religion this man is or sexual preference or even that he sent it to celebrity. Why as a minister would you send inappropriate video to someone. I would be offended if my pastor sent me something like that and yes people do need to be called out. If he’s bold enough to send it then he should be put on blast.

  • lakisha shepard

    God said in the Bible that your sins will be exposed. I do not think that Tank was wrong. That man should not have exposed himself like that. That’s a chance you take when you decide to act inappropriately. If yiy take a chance to expose your privates then be prepared for it to leak out.

    • he got was he deserved…

      I’m starting to think he did it to get attention…I mean what was the reason behind that….

  • TheNonDiva

    Yes the guy was wrong…maybe Tank should grab his coat and chase him down the street lol (maybe I deserve lyrics)

    • SMH!

      HA! thanks for that, now the song is stuck in my head!

  • tired of fake ppl

    I’m glad Tank put him on blast…he deserve what he got…it’s praying time!!

  • Tarrence Avoiceinthewilderness

    Well, homosexuality and pedophilia go together like peas and carrots. So no…he didn’t take it too far.

    • Denise Tett

      You are so ignorant, it’s disgusting!!!!

      • Tarrence Avoiceinthewilderness

        I’m ignorant? You obviously have no idea or clue of the history of the LGBT movement and its motivations. I don’t care about what the world says is popular. Sexual immorality is what it is. I have been guilty of it in my past (nothing gay, but even heterosexual fornication is wicked). I know of its poisons. The fact that people can’t clearly see what is wrong with such abnormal behavior is proof of the darkness that this world walks in. It is proof that what the Bible says about the condition of the hearts of men…that we are totally depraved. This is the reason that Christ had to come into the world. We are unable to save ourselves from the coming judgement for our sins. Those who place their faith in the atoning work of the cross are justified and free from experiencing the wrath of God, and free from the bondage of sins…i.e. sexual immorality. I implore you to not just write me off as ignorant, but to seek the truth of God, repent, and turn from your sin loving ways.

    • djflight

      The ignorance out of your mouth Is astounding!

  • Spollard

    I’m gay and don’t feel no type of way. I’ve been with my wife on n off for ten years and I’m rolling with Tank. That grown man can expose what ever disrespect that is brought his way. Get Em Tank4

  • Vanessa Thomas

    Oh well Tank did they right thing. If you are brave to send your private parts to some man you don’t know, you should expect the repercussions of your decision to send some mess like that. Way to go Tank!

  • DaLight

    The moment he sent a ****-pic to a public figure he lost all right to private life. He should know better and do better not just as a man of the cloth but a a self respecting human being period.

  • The Heartbreak Kid

    Yo a Faggy!!

  • fuzzydred

    Ummm, how about if you don’t want to be outed, don’t send obscene pictures of yourself to anybody. Point blank. Period. He obviously doesn’t care what the church feels.

    • tommy_one

      Maybe he represents “The Church of Perverts”, has anyone found out or stated the name of his congregation? There’s a lot of cults that find God dancing with Rattlesnakes.

  • tommy_one

    The worst part is when people use “ur” instead of your or you’re. It’s hard to take seriously an adult using poor grammar to make a point. It adds validity to the fact that “poor” is a mentality.

  • Dee Grant

    Yes he should have exsposed him! People are so afraid of the possible risk of standing up for whats right. Keeping things hush hush is part of the problem, and why stories like this are so shocking. The devil dont deserve a pass in my opinion!

    • Troy Eichelberger II

      Hes evil because hes gay?

      • js

        I don’t think she meant it in that way, but I’m just writing on how I perceived her message. Tank exposing the man was right bc he stood up for himself…It could’ve been anyone…


    Whatever MN! No disrespect but he deserved to be exposed. His congregation SHOULD know what he is doing and maybe just maybe this is how God chose to do it. Stop the political correctness ok! I would have found out who his church was and sent it directly there!


      Correction: Where his church was. Quit typing at work lol 🙂

  • BabyBlue

    What you do in the dark comes to the light. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the first time this person sent his mess to other men.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    homosexuality is wrong

    • Asphalt

      Please do explain/justify your reasons for why you believe such a thing?

      Oh yes… 1) Religion.

      How silly of me to suspect that it was due to anything anything other than…

      • youisajoke

        You don’t religion to tell you that. It could be the mere fact that men and women are biologically and physically designed for each other, could be that…

  • Elise

    Yes. Tank was violated. He showed no compassion to Tank. We all reap what we sow.

  • ams52990

    I do not believe that this should be put back on Tank, I mean really. He has to know there was a possibility that he would exposed and I can probably bet my bottom dollar that this wasn’t his first time doing something of this nature. And for people not knowing if he is gay or not, I’m sure the congregation already knows, but his crass behavior may be something new.

  • Jules

    LMAO That’s what you get when you follow a MAN JUST LIKE YOU, around as if he’s some type of saint! Churches are business and many of them are scams! The fact that most of you negroes are still praising white jesus is beyond me!
    Christianity was NOT developed for our benefit! Read the damn bible and you’ll see what I mean… Most ppl don’t read it they just skim through it smh

    • Chey

      Where did you find that Christianity was not developed for our benefit in the bible? I’d like to examine those verses for myself…

  • KayJay

    Personally, I think when you send unsolicited obscene pictures, you get what you get. However, I do think it is peculiar that the author states they, “feel a way”/some type of way about this man being put on blast because of the potential scrutiny that may follow – yet, they [the author] made the decision to re-post the picture – for all to see – which will certainly on contribute to the scrutiny. How concerned are you really? How about you be consistent. #JustAnObservation

    • Tasha

      I agree with you 100%! Why would the author repost if she was so offended? That sounds like an idiot move.

    • vwells1

      I understand. Which is why I made sure to block out his face and remove his Instagram name.

  • Yolanda Harris

    First of all, can a person who would send a video like that be believed when he claims to be a minister?Tank took what this man said and did and used it as an excuse to bash the church.
    Second, there are sick, evil, and CRAZY people in the music industry too. Should we take what one artist does and say “This is what’s wrong with the music industry”?
    Of course not. Tank should have deleted the message, blocked the person if that’s possible, and moved on with his life.
    It ain’t that serious.

  • Ajua

    Hell yes!!!! Tank did the right thing outing this down low freak!

  • dennisspain@ymail.com

    I applaud Tank for his straightforward rebuke of this man, minister or not, this act is reprehensible and should be confronted. I agree with Tank that God will deal with this perverse man.

  • me

    He should not have even reposted that … SMH. Social media is too much. That’s why I can’t be bothered.

  • Elle

    I think what’s wrong with the church is Christians thinking it’s okay to judge others and their actions. I don’t excuse the minister of doing what he did, it was completely wrong, but to say God is going to be dealing with him swiftly sounds like he’s saying God will be disciplining the man. (But hey. maybe I misinterpreted him). God is about love and he knows we will sin, we sin numerous times a day including ministers, priests and all in between. For someone to sit there and shame someone, instead of at least trying to help him, is very unfortunate. I would recommend reading Luke 15:11-32 – Parable of the Prodigal Son and pay attention to the older son’s part of the story. My favourite quote from Mother Teresa is “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

    • Asphalt


      I found that particular remark to be highly offensive and inappropriate. Who on earth is he to determine the extent of how God should reprimand this Man? – albeit what he did was very distasteful.

      I respect that everybody is, essentially, entitled to their own opinions however Christians are consistently judging others and will continue to do so as if they have a formal right; they even judge one and other “inside” the Church.

      I am in no right to judge Tank but I do wonder what type of practicing Christian he is anyway? I wonder just how much God approves of his hyper- s*xual lyrics and objectification of Women?

    • odb

      This comment is for Elle and Asphalt. Tank didnt state that God will discipline the poster. Tank stated he prays God will deal with. I intepreted it as God helping him

    • Stacy D. Smith

      You do realize that you just made a judgment of your own, yes?

    • crob1234

      God is our father and yes he is love but he also chastises those he loves..that man is professing to be a man of god which means he is walking in his image. Now I don’t see nowhere in the bible god laid down with man. So let’s be clear on that. We ate being taugh homosexuality is OK. Bit its really not of god. Come on people stop sugar coating it. I don’t have a thing against gays because I was taught to love and not judge and pray for people and let god have the final day. But I will not denounce the word of god and what it says and what I believe to be true.

      • LaCette Nicole

        Operative words —- “what you BELIEVE to be true”

    • Troy Eichelberger II

      dbl like

    • Chey

      Sounds to me like you’re the one judging…Christians don’t have to keep their mouths shut b/c your ego will get hurt.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    The fact that this man is ostensibly homosexual means we’re about to do a bunch of handwringing about homophobia and how Tank was wrong to expose him. Wait for it…

  • Asphalt

    Well, in all honesty, if it should come to pass that this Man truly is a “Minister” then even I, as a Gay Man, do not condone his crass behavior.

    However, I must say, what on earth was Tank trying to achieve in terms of exposing him the way he did? I am almost certain that this isn’t the first time Tank has been subjected to such imagery by a “fan” (Male and Female) and hasn’t participated in such acts with others himself but because this Man is “apparently” based within the Church, all of a sudden his opinions differed and he had a change of heart?

    1) I wonder what he would have done if it were a “Female Minister” of whom had sent him a video of her fondling with “herself” – would he have felt that too was a “Misrepresentation of God” and proceeded to expose her also?

    Nonetheless, here is my essential theory:

    Q: What on earth was this “Minister” thinking by soliciting himself to a “Heteros*xual [Male] Celebrity”? What was he trying to achieve exactly? Why would this “Minister” just ‘randomly’ send Tank such a thing knowing that there’s a chance he could very well be caught and, per say, exposed?

    A: There’s more to the story than meets the eye.

  • odb

    This comment is directed the the author of this article. At which point did you arrive at the conclusion that Tank was associating homosexuals with pedophiles? Cime on…

    • vwells1

      The part where Tank said…”If you’ll send this to a celebrity God only knows what ur sending to kids and etc!!”

      • Chya

        I’m pretty sure he said that because he thinks perverts send pictures to random people, whether they’re straight or gay…at least, that’s how I read it.

        • SunFlower78

          I agree, I did as well, I think the assumption was still reaching a bit (in regards to the author)…In other words…if you do this type of behavior to a celebrity where you know there is an overwhelming chance that it will be exposed…then there is no telling what they are capable of doing in private.
          It was his behavior not his sexuality that was in question. I think Tank made that perfectly clear in his explanation.

          • Declare

            I agree SunFlower78′

          • Yokima Whittaker

            What I don’t get is what was this minister trying to prove by exposing himself to another man especially when he’s not sure of the mans sexuality? To me that shows that he doesn’t respect himself.

            • Yokima Whittaker

              Tank was violated and had every right to expose the man point blank. The bible clearly says that you will know them by their fruits. So now his followers will be made aware of this minister.

      • Esther M. Noel

        He also said etc.

  • Emsy

    Tank was perfectly within his rights to do this and I do hope tht he doesnt succumb to any form of pressure nd apologizes or any such thing. This man ‘outed’ his darn self when he decided to share his thang on social media with a straight man whom he has nno acquaintance with.

    • Xzamilio

      What pressure? Because the only ones trying to invoke some persecution are you guys. You’ll find that many of us who are gay are on Tank’s side. We don’t all condone people showing dingaling pics to straight men, you know, nor will we try to make Tank the bad person.

  • Troy Eichelberger II

    wait its 2014 and educated black folk are still Christian?
    does not equate.

    • Hope

      Can I like this twice

    • david

      Yes we are.

    • glowChester

      Yeah Troy. Educated doesnt equate intelligence. Then there is the cognitive dissonance factor. Its real

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Because intelligence and faith are diametrically opposed to one another?

      • Stacy D. Smith

        They AREN’T, in case that wasn’t clear.

      • Troy Eichelberger II

        said education bruh. Still a good comment tho

        • Stacy D. Smith

          I’m not sure that changes my point. The words “educated” and “intelligent” can be interchanged and my point remains the same. What exactly is the explicit contradiction between being educated and being Christian?

          • Troy Eichelberger II

            no they can not!

            • Stacy D. Smith

              Presumably, you mean that the words “educated” and “intelligent” cannot be interchanged. I’m not sure why that’s your focal point though. Neither term changes my point. By the way, I’m still waiting on the explicit contradiction between being educated and Christian. Take your time responding.

              • Troy Eichelberger II

                im off in 15 mins u gon have to wait but here our culture, our spirituality trumps the bible by at least 20,000 years. Its history plain and simple. we dont know our history. African spirituality supersedes most religious doctrines present today. Christianity was forced upon us it was never ours.

        • Steve Norris

          He didn’t say God wasn’t real his comment was about Christianity not God…

      • Xzamilio

        Of course not… but you find that when intelligent people have a faith, they rationalize theirs a lot differently than the average person. When you have those who reject scientific facts about life and our universe in lieu of a few chapters in Genesis written thousands of years ago, yeah, we have a problem

    • JerkJackson

      Oh Snap! *sits back and pops the popcorn*

    • Asphalt

      Oh yes, they are still “followers” of Christianity. However, given the extent of how much the majority of them oppress, suppress & persecute others for who they are/what they believe in, instead of omitting the fair & honest love of which Jesus Christ taught, you would never believe it…

      • Troy Eichelberger II

        Im tryna tell you. IF Christians acted as Christians and followed teh teachings of JEsus the world would be that much better of a place. there would be no issue.

        • Asphalt


          However, that will never happen unfortunately.

          Also, that is why I am moreso “Spiritual” than than a product of the man- made & institutionalized form of service entitled “Religion” that has been used and abused, for centuries, to degrade, disparage & dehumanize people. I believe in God and Jesus Christ as well as the teachings of the latter but I am also a Gay ‘Black’ male; rich in many of God’s blessings.

          However, that is such a thing of which many “Christians” cannot discern, comprehend nor understand. Thus remember of course, according to them [including the prime “Prophets of the Bible: Pastors”], I need “saving” and am going to “Burn in Hell”. ; – )

        • Chey

          If EVERYONE followed the teachings of Christ the world would be a much better place. That’s real.

    • Deirdra Johnson

      Yep. Intelligent AND a believer in Jesus Christ.

      • Troy Eichelberger II

        Education does not equal Intelligence. Christianity is has been used as a tool for segregation and the pushing of inferiority complexes on the negro for years.

        When you sit down and realize how big God’s scope is, its truly marvelous. From the stars to the atoms His creation and that same time you realize the creator who knowingly created us would not place limits on what/who we are.
        Have your faith in JC I’m not questioning it, you should.

        • Deirdra Johnson

          Where did I say anything about education?

          • Xzamilio

            You implied it. Don’t try dancing around it now.

            • Deirdra Johnson

              I implied nothing. Thanks for jumping in a conversation that does not concern you. Unless you and Tony Eichelberger II are the same person.

              • Xzamilio

                Last I checked, the button under your comments says “Reply”, not “Reply, but only if you’re Tony[it’s Troy] Eichelberger II”

                • Deirdra Johnson

                  You stuck your nose in something that did not concern you. Period.

                  • Xzamilio

                    This is the internet… you want your own business, log off and get some.

                    • Deirdra Johnson

                      Internet or not. Rules of etiquette still apply. Kick rocks! Big ones!

                    • Xzamilio

                      Girl. take your rules and kick rocks…. Big ones!! You don’t run NOTHING

                    • Deirdra Johnson

                      Am I supposed to be scared because you bolded and typed your double negative in capital letters? LMBO

                    • Xzamilio

                      You don’t have to do anything… you’re the one that keeps replying, acting like you’re so much better. Well, be the classy woman you’re trying to come off as and stop replying to me. Better, yet, I’ll be the bigger person and end it here… and then I’ll exercise restraint and not comment back to you when you reply… because I know you will. You can’t help it… the black Christian woman rarely has self-control and poise.

                    • Deirdra Johnson

                      “The black Christian woman.” Sterotyping much? LMBO

                    • Deirdra Johnson

                      Ooooh I am getting a kick out of this!

              • Kayla Kennedy

                Xzamillio is a troll.

        • Christian4life

          Christianity doesnt place limits on who or what we are. Christianity places limits on what can be destructive to who or what are and can become. I agree with the stmts that if we Christians followed what was prescribed for us that the world would be a better place. But we CHOOSE to take of this world. And end up falling short and going against God. That doesnt mean we lack intelligence. That means we are weak and human. Jesus died for our sins because although we have the ability to not fall we CHOOSE to do so. That’s what makes God great. He forgives our sins and sent His Son to atone for them. We dont lack intelligence; we lack will power. What’s unintelligent about believing in a Savior who strongly promoted love and told us to love one another?

    • Britney Robinson

      There are scientist and doctors who believe in God. You can be smart and believe in God. Why do people who don’t believe in God bash people who do? Then accuses EVERY person who believes in God bashing them for not believing in God? I could care less if you don’t believe in God that is your right. But I do, so please don’t insult me because I do. You have your beliefs and I have mine.

      • Troy Eichelberger II

        does God not exist outside of the Christian context? I beileve in God wholeheartedly. you tried to place me in a category and dont even know where I stand, you just assumed, shame because its right there in my comment.

        • Britney Robinson

          No it isn’t. Re-read your comments. You sounded like an anesthetist not someone who believes in God.

          • Asphalt

            As somebody who has been following the thread and contributed myself, please locate me to the exact whereabouts of where you felt that he “sounded” like an “atheist”? He also stated that he believed in Jesus Christ and his teachings; atheists do not believe in Spiritual figures.

            Boko Haram [an Islamic Extremist & Terrorist organization] also believe in God and have justified their reasoning’s of the kidnapping two dozen Nigerian adolescent females as a means of following God’s will so yes, God can be used outside of the Christian context or any context for that matter.

            • Britney Robinson

              It might be in another part of the thread I did not read. I only went off of one comment and I replied to that one comment. Not ALL of the comments.

              • Troy Eichelberger II

                that one comment I clearly state my belief in God your not reading.

                • Britney Robinson

                  wait its 2014 and educated black folk are still Christian?
                  does not equate.

                  Um where does it say that in this comment? The comment I replied to? Also don’t insult me by saying I can’t read, I’ve been reading since I was three. I have been a avid library volunteer and can read a 300 page book in a few hours.

          • Troy Eichelberger II

            you meant I sound atheist becuz I dont believe in Jesus ,like you. At no point do I discredit or question the Creators existence. Jesus did not create the world, God did.

            • Britney Robinson

              I didn’t say you said any of that now did I? You are the one who writes vaguely. Maybe you should explain yourself more in your comments instead of bashing people.

              • Troy Eichelberger II

                were on two diff’t comments nvm
                you’re still guilty of assumption

        • Denise Tett

          You are right on so many levels but you should not think negative about the word “agenda” , because we all have one. Health, wealth, love, etc. Gay, lesbians, bisexual should have an agenda to be treated equally in this world, just like women and minorities are constantly fighting to keep the constitutional rights reserved for us as human beings. Like you, with the exception of our sexuality, I am a spiritual person who believes in the respect of all God’s creation and I try to live in the spirit of Jesus Christ life of giving love and healing, not judgement. I read your text and I understood it, as well, I also understood Tank. People are leaving the church because they can be hypocrites at home, and unfortunately, Christians don’t respect any other beliefs except their own and tend to Cherry Pick the Bible when it’s convenient. Sad, because it defies everything Jesus stood up for.

          • Christian4life

            Why says Christians dont respect others beliefs? I respects others and their beliefs. I just dont agree their beliefs. Just like others may not agree with mine. Tomorrow, my kids have a play date with my friend’s children. She is Muslim. We maintain a great friendship without disrespecting our different beliefs. I have visited mosques in Male, Maldives and the Shinto temple in Narita, Japan. Best friends growing up included a Muslim and Hindu (Edison, NJ- large Indian and Hindu population). I show great respect. Do you?

            • Denise Tett

              Yes I do. And I apologize if I offended you personally, but my comment was not meant to include those who didn’t fit into that box. But you are a rare breed in the Christian faith, if you don’t believe that your friends of other faiths are not going to dwell in Hell for not pledging their sinful life to Jesus Christ because they believe it’s the only way you can see Heaven. I applause you for your comprehension of the scripture, and I apologize once again for the vagueness of my comment towards anyone who is different. God bless!!!

    • Steve Norris

      I’m with you on that one Troy…

    • Tazzy

      Yes, they are. *raising hand* LOL

  • ILive4Truth

    This “minister” made his bed and now he must lay in it. I am now a Tank fan but I now know that now with the media’s push of the gay agenda, he will soon have to apologize

    • WHY

      I hope that he doesn’t. Every bit of this is wrong. Why apologize? I surely wouldn’t, and I would not allow the gay agenda push me into doing it either. Wrong is wrong no matter how you try to cover it up and make it look pretty.

      • Asphalt

        I am eager to hear your ideology of what the “Gay agenda” is also?

        On the other hand, would this incident still be wrong if it the perpetrator wasn’t a “Minister”? I’m curious…

        • Declare

          yes he would still be wrong. See that problem is that no body want to expose people like this until someone gets hurts. Tank was right and that’s that.

        • WHY

          As I said before, “Wrong is wrong no matter how you try to cover it up and make it look pretty”. I care less about who this person is. What he did was disgusting and wrong. As you can see, this man sent an explicit picture to Tank when Tank obviously doesn’t want to live that life style. This perpetrator had no business of doing what he did.
          I have my personal views about gay people. With that aside, I still treat them with the same respect and dignity that I would want. What I don’t agree with is how this is displayed in the media where everyone can see it, especially young child. People may want acceptance for certain things. However, you can’t enforce your beliefs on others. I am just going to leave it at that.

          • kay

            AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!

          • eakira

            yet christians are allowed to do that same thing right?

      • Ms. Howard

        I believe Tank was justified in outing him to the world. He should of thought of the consequences before sending an inappropriate video to a stranger.

        • dont feel bad for this dude…

          took the words out of my mouth…

      • Good for you Tank!


    • Troy Eichelberger II

      Gay agenda? Not gay myself but Im under the impression that one couldn’t help but be gay if they were gay. It about acceptance we went through same mess no?
      Its a civil rights issue the only agenda is equality.

      • Chey

        Thank you. That’s one of the craziest things i’ve ever heard.

      • youisajoke

        It’s not a civil rights issue, and don’t even compare it to blacks. And yes, there is an agenda.

        • Xzamilio

          The “Additional right”? You need to explain how it’s an “Additional right”?

          • youisajoke

            We all can marry the opposite sex. Gays want the additional right to marry the same sex. Not hard to get.

            • Xzamilio

              So… if gay marriage is legalized nationwide, only gay people will be able to marry those of the same sex? Is that the nugget of ignorance you are laying out for me? So, we should marry someone of the opposite sex because it appeases you, even though it is none of your business? So if gay marriage is legalized, two straight dudes couldn’t get married if they wanted to? Just us gay dudes, huh?

              Sigh… we are just doomed to stay an ignorant race.

              • ugo

                for 2 straight dudes to marry each oda means they r gay, they r nt straight

                • DeacB

                  Gay Agenda” here it goes, I won’t tolerate the fact you won’t “tolerate” me so I call you intolerant. Now, I want to take what the Christian religion is suppose to take as sacred ( although MANY don’t) and pervert it by doing something that religion speaks against. I’m all for human rights and all that, but don’t call it a “Christian marriage” when Christianity obviously speaks against it. Gay rights activists call Christians intolerant for protecting what we believe. There trying to force us to change our doctrine. How is that right? If there is any intolerance it’s on both ends. Let it be that “civil union”….

                  • Xzamilio

                    I agree… your religion and your church should not be forced to accept homosexuality or even be pressured into doing so, just like Christians should remember that this is a secular nation and your god doesn’t dictate marriage in this country… which is why many people of many faiths, or none whatsoever, can marry and still be called a marriage under the law.

                    Christians don’t own marriage… deal with it.

                    • DeacB

                      We may not “own” marriage but when the government is forcing Christian priests to do it… what do you call that? This nation is secular when it’s beneficial to them. Reread my quotations I said “Christian marriage” any other marriage or union is not my concern.

                    • Xzamilio

                      Name ONE Christian pastor, priest, parishioner, church or any of the like in America that has been forced to marry a gay couple. Because Churches have the distinct right to marry and not marry whomever they desire, and the government cannot dictate to them otherwise.

                      And there is no “may”… you DON’T, end of story.

                  • MEME

                    Christians don’t have to recognize gay marriage if they don’t want to. And gay activists aren’t forcing Christians to. That is why courthouses exist. The law can recognize a marriage even if the church doesn’t.

                    • DeacB

                      So when the federal government told priests if they refused to marry gay couples they would lose their tax benefit and be sued for discrimination that wasn’t coercion?? If that isn’t coercion I don’t know what is.

                • Xzamilio

                  Why? You don’t get to change the criteria because it doesn’t suit your argument? What is it with two people of the same sex marrying that gives gay people an additional right that would not be available to two heterosexual people of the same sex? After all, the argument is that we all have the same right to marry someone of the opposite sex, and if same sex marriage is legalized nationwide, how would straight people not have the right to marry someone of the same sex?

                  So what “additional right” do we have?

              • youisajoke

                Are you slow? I never stated that, but nice try putting words into my mouth. And wouldn’t it be nice if gays were just trolling marriage, but no.

                • Xzamilio

                  Are you slow? Because that’s exactly what you are saying. You said we have the right to marry the opposite sex but we as gays want the “additional” right to marry the same sex… as though only we as gays would have the option of marrying the same sex. THIS is why I cannot stand black people.

                  • youisajoke

                    Riddle me this…If it’s so normal then why are men and women biologically and physically designed for each other? And yes gays can marry the opposite sex as well.

                    • Xzamilio

                      “Designed” is loaded terminology that I won’t entertain, but I will say this: if you want to make that ignorant counter then you clearly have no interest in trying to learn exactly what you are trying to invoke by saying that. Because I can tell you now, and any gay woman will tell you the same: the parts fit just fine. We can achieve sexual pleasure like straight people; and guess what? It’s the same crap straight people do in the privacy of their bedrooms.

                      Why is it that so many of these arguments center around sex? It’s like a sickness with you people. Why would we want to marry the opposite sex when we are not attracted to the opposite sex? You clearly don’t care about the institution of marriage and are simply holding some bigoted stance that wishes to keep gays from being married. Well, tough… because we don’t live in your world and more and more bans are being struck down.

                    • youisajoke

                      Are you slow? The anus is not a sexual organ. And a major reason why you can’t reproduce is because the male body is designed for a female. Have you ever read a human biology or anatomy book? I’m not centering it around sex, i’m centering around the fact that you are literally biologically and physically equipped for a female. I’m not even arguing about gay marriage, but it’s funny how when voted, it’s not passed. That isn’t my main issue with them though.

                    • Xzamilio

                      Since when are the rights of others subject to a vote? This is not Tyranny of the Majority, and if you want to be a lackey to your biology, then you be my guest. I’m still confused as to why you are so enamored with what we do in our private lives…

                    • youisajoke

                      You guys don’t make it private. The way you are isn’t private either. Straights engaging in anal sex and etc, still doesn’t veer from the fact men and women are biologically and physically designed for each other. And yes, if you pick up any science book it will tell you the anus is not a sexual organ.

                    • Xzamilio

                      Neither is the mouth, but it doesn’t stop half of the straight male population from wanting to get their knob slobbed on… we don’t make our sexuality private, and nor should we. But I don’t see any of us going to public square and bringing our bedrooms out there for all to see. You can keep making the same appeals to nature you want, but you’ve just demonstrated that you are indeed a bigot and I’ve entertained your nonsense long enough.

                      Enjoy knowing that you are going to live in a country where gays have the same rights as you and don’t have to hide who they are because it makes you uncomfortable.

        • MEME

          Now this is such a stupid comment. Civil Rights goes far beyond race, it also covers gender, religion, and in this case sexual orientation. The Gay Marriage issue goes far beyond just a wedding ceremony, we are talking about rights that are given to heterosexual couples such as being able to have joint bank accounts, medical benefits(spouse are immediate family and have the final say if something were to happen to the other spouse), the bequeath assets of the will. Much more perplex than what you think it is.

          • youisajoke

            Want a cookie? It’s not a civil right.

            • MEME

              Yes it is very much a Civil Right. Civil Rights and the Bill of Rights protects the Gays!

              • youisajoke

                No it doesn’t. And wouldn’t it be nice if gays just rolled marriage, but no.

                • MEME

                  Actually it does, Civil Rights by definition means the rights of citizens to social and political freedom of equality. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects the LGBT community from discrimination.

                  • youisajoke

                    No, not really. But people are trying to pretend that it is.

        • Good for you Tank!

          I am Black my design, not by choice and it truly is an agenda to bully people into acceptance and passivity.

      • Peace Kearse

        If its a civil rights issue then it now creeps into a legal matter. The man in the video sent him a video revealing his genitalia. This now becomes less about his sexual orientation and more about legal boundaries. This could be viewed in a court of law as either sexual harassment, indecent exposure, or ironically enough a hate crime (because of the intentions behind it). Equality doesn’t give you the right to express your sexuality in any way you please publicly. Once he received that message it was his property and he could do whatever with it. I honestly have no real problem with gay marriage other than its unbiblical. Just like with two straight people who get married without having a relationship with Christ. It’s not that I hate them for it, no I love them but I’ve realized that a true relationship with Christ comes from true repentance. It is the most important thing in everything we do in life. Our marriage as believers are meant to glorify God in every way, and although we fall short of that often, our honest desire is what sustains it. It isn’t about us. Why would I not share the one thing I love the most in this world with anyone? Following Christ isn’t only accepting the things you like, It’s accepting all things with complete faith that they are good and right. With that being said I think the focus on the homosexual community is way to heavy, and we use the verses we like to condemn them, just as they use the verses they like to condemn us. The bible isn’t one part its and entire text. We can’t just accept what we want, that doesn’t demonstrate a genuine love for Christ. I don’t expect many people practicing homosexuality to understand that, so I share with them if they are willing to allow me. But as for my fellow brothers and sisters, I expect you all to know. Context, History, Situations. These are all biblical clues that we overlook. Please study properly and stop using one verse for all circumstances smh. Peace

        • Troy Eichelberger II

          I was just speaking in general about the gay agenda. What he did was completely off the wall and I really didnt even want to comment on it as it speaks for itself.
          You speak as a true Christian . As demonstrated here and elsewhere the church is not what it used to be and any type of revelation or reform is improbable? unlikely?

      • trp

        Troy, there is a gay agenda. As stated in my post, the majority of gay white men are indeed racist. If they weren’t, why are there multiple LGBT organizations, Black, Hispanic and Asian to name a few. If being gay was all about inclusiveness, as so many gay people like to champion, then there wouldn’t be a need for an LGBT organization to be identified by their ethnicity. I have gay friends and I respect them, and its’ reciprocated. My issue is what I stated and the following. African Americans as a whole have never truly enjoyed a family structure like every other ethnic group in this country. From the beginning our families were torn apart, mothers from sons, fathers from daughters. Fast forward to today, and you see the absence of fathers and a family structure within the African American community. Slavery has a big role in this. When you add gangs, drugs and prisons, there goes more fathers by the wayside. Does being gay help our situation? I don’t think so. I bet many would argue how gay people can make great parents, and I don’t doubt that. However, in the African American community, we need to get things right before we embrace an alternative way of parenting. Gay parenting may work in the white community, but it will never work in the African American community.

        • Troy Eichelberger II

          you have a point except where does the reconstruction of our community begin? Is it me/us the up and coming generation? I asked myself this the other day because lets be honest I just love women in general and can see myself with anyone of any background but am I obliged to start a black family? It sounded terrible to me when I posed it too myself. Love is love right? And what difference would it make if a had black or multiracial family ?
          If married outside of my hue I might as well just be gay right?
          Im seeking clarity for my dilemma. I’m conflicted I want to do as i please but at the same time fortify us as a people again in this nation

    • Asphalt

      1) What exactly is the “Gay agenda” and how exactly will it be “Pushed”?

      2) What if I were to argue that both yourself and Tank as well as many other “Christians” on this page are “pushing” the “Christian agenda” upon us, how would that make you feel and how would you counteract that?

      2) You are now a “fan of Tank” based on the fact that he happened to publicly expose someone?

      • Nae True

        Hold on… are you saying that you dont understand “Gay Agenda”?? Meaning…promotion of the lifestyle that noone can disagree with! Kinda how you attacked his comment
        Somebody can choose to live there life how they want but does that mean everyone has to want that lifestyle. You mention Christians, I AM ONE… AND YESS SOME CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUSLY Try to Push their CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE ON OTHERS… But some want to be Jewish, or Muslim isn’t that Okay Too? I don’t believe Tank or the person on this link wants ppl to be discriminated against or mistreated! But the idea that he should apologies, would mean he said something wrong, and He didn’t! If you are grouping perverted acts like messaging a stranger pic & or Video of fondling himself and/exposing himself…with being gay..thats your JUDGEMENT!!!o_O

        • Asphalt

          1) Yes, I am highly aware of what people, such as yourself, connote as the “Gay agenda” – my point was in reference to the writer of this comment who said that the Media is going to use the “Gay agenda” to “Push” Tank to apologize for his remarks. I fail to understand how on earth he/she came to that conclusion?

          2) I never argued that Tank “should” apologize either. In my opinion, he shouldn’t and, most probably, will not have to however I do disagree with the way in which he sought to expose this man as well as elements of how he articulated his reasoning’s for doing so in his statement.

          • ugo

            he cnt be wrong, because d man didnt seek his permission to send him d pic knowing he is nt gay, so he has d right to expose him however he wnts

    • Melissa Simpson

      you know it…it makes me sick the way they push gay agenda on others…to each his own but if I dont believe in it just leave me alone

      • Xzamilio

        How exactly do you push a “gay agenda” on somebody? It’s 2014, simps… if you don’t know how sexuality works by now, you have no sense. Sorry, but you can push and prod and sashay all you want, but you can’t make someone gay or even contemplate it if they weren’t before.

        • youisajoke

          They are promoting this stuff even on children’s tv. And yes there is and agenda.

          • Xzamilio

            What “stuff”? That it is okay to be who you are? That if you’re gay, there’s nothing wrong with you? Name one show that teaches kids to be gay… name one.

            • youisajoke

              Not teach ids to be gay, but promotes it.

              • Xzamilio

                What does that even mean? You say this crap like it’s a mantra, but you never prove it, you never demonstrate it, you just say it. So how is being gay “promoted” to kids and what shows “promote” it? Because I had a lot of heterosexual TV and culture growing up, and yet, I still came out gay, so exactly how powerful is this supposed gay TV?

                • youisajoke

                  Hmm let’s see through Disney Channel and etc. I never said it will make kids gay but will give them the wrong impression.

                  • Xzamilio

                    Disney Channel and etc. I thought so!!!

                    So No, you DON’T have any examples

                    • youisajoke

                      You still here? Disney has had commercials on there channel and through that tv show Good Luck Charlie. And there is a cartoon out called SheZow. I could give more examples, If you want. Not everyone has to agree.

                    • Xzamilio

                      How did Good Luck Charlie promote homosexuality to children by having a same sex couple on? What does SheZow have to do with homosexuality and why are you bringing up a 2007 show that apparently you suddenly decided to care about now? God, why are so many people on this board so freaking ignorant?

                      Yes, give more examples… better ones.

                    • youisajoke

                      Shezow isn’t a 2007 show, so I don’t know what you are talking about. As far as good Luck Charlie, it’s bad to promote that, children deserve a mother and a father. There is no good reason to purposely deny them of either or. And look around you the media promotes it everyday.

                    • Xzamilio

                      That’s your hangup, not mine or anyone else’s. Children need parents that love and nurture them, and considering the black community is the leading demographic with single unwed mothers, it sounds like we should be trying to deal with THAT instead of worrying about gay people living normal lives.

                    • youisajoke

                      Living normal lives? Do you seriously believe that none of these children grow up wanting to have a mother or father? How selfish to purposely deny a child of a a mother or father out of one’s selfish wants. That’s not living a normal life. Sick you would say that. Yes, children need people to love and nurture them, but they also need their parents. Motherhood and Fatherhood are both important. It funny how you bring up single unwed mother, because they don’t have fathers and you see something wrong with that, but see don’t wrong with your kind purposely denying a child of a father. What’s the difference? You’re hypocritical. Why should a child have to give up that?

                    • Xzamilio

                      No, actually, I don’t see anything wrong with unwed single mothers, but that’s how your argument works; if kids can’t do well unless they have mothers AND fathers, why aren’t you out preaching against single parents? You don’t seem to understand your lack of consistency and how you only seem to focus on gay people…. you are the epitome of a bigot. Like I said, whatever issues you have with gay people, work those out, because they have nothing to do with us

                    • youisajoke

                      It’s funny though because most single parents don’t purposely set up for their child not to have a mother or father. And how come you didn’t answer directly? Again, why should a child be purposely denied of a mother or father? And do you seriously believe that none of these children grow up wishing they had a mom or dad? Why should children give that up to fulfill an selfish individual’s desires? Can you answer that? Nothing “bigoted”about it. I love you can’t answer any of this. It’s selfish plain and simple.

                    • Xzamilio

                      I don’t answer any those “questions” because they are loaded nonsense.

                      “Again, why should a child be purposely denied of a mother or father? And do you seriously believe that none of these children grow up wishing they had a mom or dad? Why should children give that up to fulfill an selfish individual’s desires? Can you answer that?”

                      There is not one scientific study that shows that gender-based parenting plays any role in the child’s upbringing and social, physical or mental growth. Instead of asking these questions on Madam Noire as if you don’t have internet, why don’t you troll the internet like you did to look for shows that “promote gayness to kids”

                      Where is your data? Your facts to back up these children missing out on having moms and dads and gay parents ruining them?

                      Here, I’ll help: Google “Science Daily: Do Kids Need a Mother and Father?

                    • youisajoke

                      but what about kids that wish they had their mother/father in their lives? you have the red herring argument. how pathetic. would you say this to a child who felt that way?

                    • youisajoke

                      But what about kids that wish they had their mother or father in their lives? you have the red herring argument. how pathetic, Would you say this to a child who felt that way?

                      here’s some info on fatherhood…google “The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children”

                    • Xzamilio

                      I have a red herring argument? You are purposely bringing up a book that has nothing to do with same sex parenting. This is why I am done talking to you… because now you are intentionally being dishonest and that is why your side has lost the war. Find something else to waste your time focusing on instead of same sex families.

                    • youisajoke

                      Lost what war? wtf? Yeah, it does. If anything you bring up live science which is not even a credible source. The importance of fatherhood is relevant. And you’re pathetic for not answering simple questions, you purposely did that. And mainly that Do you seriously believe that none of these kids grow up wishing they had a mom/dad? You can’t even answer simple question like that, but only ignore them and pretend.

                    • Xzamilio

                      Have you seriously even talked to these kids are you just projecting your own crappy upbringing on to them? Because you didn’t have a father growing up? You have yet to provide any evidence that children of same sex families are deprived of anything… just you saying that must be the case. I don’t have to answer any questions based on pure conjecture and bigoted opinions.

                      Do you have any research or scientific data that backs up your assertion that children do better with only a mother and father? Do you have any surveys or research from children of same sex couples that they wished they had a parent of each sex growing up?

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      No, my dear no war has been lost. And no wonder the majority of Americans don’t believe mom or dads are disposable. Go back to watching your pornos on Manhunt and the others. Smh, I wonder if even your own family….nevermind lol.

                    • Xzamilio

                      Oh, yeah…. it has. And it was a stupid war at that. You can hurl all the personal attacks and insults you want because I know that is indicative of a small mind with nothing of value to add to the conversation.

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      Personal attacks? when did I personally attack you, son? Just go back to what you do best…watching your flicks and obsessing over them. How embarrassing. I know your family probably went ghost. I can literally see your comments omg.

                    • Xzamilio

                      Everyone can “literally” see my comments, genius. You stupidly ask “Personal attacks” and then bring up my family again

                      You cannot be this stupid.

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      Ummm your activity is private according to your account, but I can still see your comments. So somebody is lying…

                    • Xzamilio

                      What? How do you see someone’s comments if their account is private and why are you even going through my comments? You can’t get any more “personal” than that and then you bring up my family… still not making personal attacks?

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      To see what kind of troll you are.

                    • Xzamilio

                      Noted… so you have nothing and are making personal attacks and lying to boot. Should have known… nothing your side can do but lie and ignore facts.

                      But since you can see my comment activity, copy and paste some of my comments from other websites

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      I have nothing? lol. What facts? Please do expound. Right now you are full of it.

                    • Xzamilio

                      I’m still waiting on those copied and pasted comments of mine that you apparently can see. And NO, you have nothing.

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      Why do you want me to copy and paste some of your comments. You don’t have anything.

                    • Xzamilio

                      But you can see my comment activity, right? So copy and paste the ones from other sites, then

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      Actually, I agree with youisajoke, if they are so full of “nonsense”, then why can’t you answer them? They are legitimate questions.

                    • Xzamilio

                      Of course you agree with him.. because you think they are “legitimate questions”. Well, “legitimate questions” have a legitimate basis from which they are asked, so where is the evidence that warrants these “legitimate questions”?

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      They are just questions. You do realize that, right? Xzamilio, just because you can’t answer them and avoiding them doesn’t mean they aren’t legitimate. Questions like these are common. I wholeheartedly agree with him. It’s seriously hard to believe that absolutely none of these kids don’t grow up wanting their mother, father or whatever, especially when you see kids that didn’t have that in their lives all the time wishing they had their parent that was missing. Just saw a sad documentary on kids without fathers on ViceNews, but according to your logic they don’t really want their fathers to be in their lives. Nobody is saying all children are like that, but definitely many and you seem to be callous to the fact.

                    • Xzamilio

                      You see, that’s the problem. There’s a difference between what you believe is true, and what you have evidence for… and you don’t have evidence for anything you or @youisajoke asserts. And nice try with the “absolutely” crap… there are no such things as absolutes, and I can say that with evidence otherwise.

                      Explain to me how a documentary about kids without fathers pertains to same sex couples. It would appear your problem is with gay women and single mothers. My logic says nothing but that kids benefit better with parents that love them and will provide for them.

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      Do you know the definition of a question? Question-“a sentence in an interrogative form, addressed to someone in order to get information in reply.”
                      A question isn’t an to show evidence. A question is question. Maybe you would get evidence if you just answered. It’s called QUESTIONING. A documentary with kids without fathers does pertain to it, because for example, kids with two female parents don’t have fathers obviously. It’s the same in both situation. No male figure. I’m just using an example.

                    • Xzamilio

                      No… you said it was a “legitimate” question. How about this: When did you stop turning tricks for money?

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      I do when it comes to two men, I could give one for that to. I was just giving an example. It’s the same thing because no father is present. Hard to understand?

                      “When did you stop turning tricks for money? Is THAT a legitimate question?” That is off topic. Asking questions about it is legitimate, you just don’t want to answer.

                      He asked questions like, “Do you seriously believe that none of these kids don’t grow up wishing they had their mother or father?” and “Why should a child be purposely denied of a mother or father?” Why? Questions like these pertain to the subject. answer them then, all of them to be exact not just those.

                    • Xzamilio

                      You don’t want to understand same sex households, which is why you ask these questions on Madame Noire instead of people who are trained and have evidence to back up their statistics on same sex households and how children of same sex couples fare just as well as children of opposite sex couples. Or do you not see bans on same sex marriage being struck down nationwide as baseless and unconstitutional? If you really care to find those answers, look into studies from the American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and other organizations that have shut people like you up in open court when you spout this hurtful and hateful nonsense against gay parents.

                      I don’t know if some of those kids grow up wishing they had a mother and/or father… and neither do you because you haven’t asked any of them. Those children have two parents that love and care for them…your insistence on their anatomy being different from each other is YOUR hangup, not theirs or anyone else’s. There…. your questions are answered. Now move on.

                      I like how you didn’t answer the question I posed… are YOU avoiding, now?

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      What does same sex marriage have anything to do with what we are talking about? As the user youisajoke explained there is not that much research on this. Why go off so little? And you didn’t answer all of the questions.

                    • Xzamilio

                      What are you talking about? I have been talking about same sex marriage from the start… it’s you all that brought up kids, not me. I have no kids and don’t want any, but since you want to bring up kids, then let’s bring up kids. Let’s start with the high rate of single mothers in the black community. Don’t THOSE kids deserve both parents and shouldn’t we penalize those families since kids need a father? What about kids that are born only because their mothers want a payday from a man with money? What about THEIR desires? This is why you’re bigoted individuals… you seem to take this moral hypocrisy with gay parents that you don’t apply to other facets of society where the child’s “desire” is secondary.

                      And why is it that you only apply this “selfish desire” argument to gay couples with children? I’m still waiting on this evidence that children from same sex households fare worse or feel they are “missing something”

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      Yes, those kids deserve both their parents as well. All children do. Nothing bigoted about it.

                    • Xzamilio

                      Oh, yeah, it is bigoted… and narrow minded. Present your evidence that children of same sex couples are worse off than straight couples… not what you feel, not what you think or believe, but actual evidence. Your house must be PACKED, what with you adopting all of those kids in the foster care system that were given away by their parents… because after all, ALL children deserve a mother and father, so you and your husband must be busy caring for all of those kids.

                      But I digress… I don’t even have to guess what your answer to this question is, but I’ll ask it anyway… are you a Christian?

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      I never said they are off worse. I just asked your to answer questions as well, and you still didn’t answer them all. To repeat youisajoke, why should children not have their mother or their to please an adult’s desires? and etc. And yes, there is no reason to purposely do that.

                    • Xzamilio

                      An adult’s desire? That’s why I didn’t answer that question, because it’s dumb. What exactly is the adult’s desire… to care for a child and nurture it? To be a parent? This is exactly why I said your logic is inconsistent because it ignores single parents and focuses on households where there actually ARE two parents. And I’ll take your ignoring the question I posed to mean you ARE a Christian.

                      I’m done here. You’re just repeating the same nonsense as the dude before, so you can have the last word. The black community can just fall by the wayside and be a victim of its own ignorance.

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      Are you slow? that other dude said this days ago…..because most single parents do not purposely set up for their child not to have their mother or father, so there you go. And I’m a Christian? no, I’m not religious. And yes, an adult’s selfish desire instead of a child’s, which is selfish.

                    • Xzamilio

                      “And to think of it, not only that most of these biased studies were done outside the country.”

                      Which ones?

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      I never said anything about turning kids gay. But as I said, why go off so little? Why when there isn’t that much research? Most of these studies where done in places like Australia and etc, but that isn’t the main point.

                    • Xzamilio

                      I didn’t ask you where, I asked you what studies you were talking about? Because even though I cannot post links here, I can show you multiple studies that show children of same sex couple fare just as well as children of opposite sex households. And as it is, their main issue growing up is having to deal with bigoted people like you who try to tell them something is wrong with their family.

                      But since you went down under, what studies in Australia are you talking about?

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      Bigoted like me? Please. Try again.

                    • Xzamilio

                      So that’s you defense? Because there’s not a lot of research — even though the research that does exist points to overwhelmingly positive upbringings — children should not be raised by same sex parents? Even though children who have been cast by their straight parents then find homes with gay adoptive parents? Since when did we have a right to choose our parents? The only ones being selfish are the ones who think their bigoted opinions should dictate the lives of others.

                    • Kayla Kennedy

                      Why said I was talking about adoption specifically? And yes it selfish. It’s ironic to dictate the live of child, which they are doing. You’re right, it is wrong for them to do that. And points to overwhelmingly upbringings? smh You’re right we don’t yet to choose our parents, which makes that even worse the fact it’s done on purpose.

                    • youisajoke

                      They are not nonsense questions. You are just avoiding them. how insensitive. Stop pretending that none of these kids feel this way. You’re awful.

                    • youisajoke

                      And sciencedaily isn’t a credible source, even the APA states that there isn’t much research in it.

                    • Xzamilio

                      Did you talk to these kids? Do you have any research to back up what you assert?

                    • youisajoke

                      Can you even answer all of the initial questions? Instead of answering with questions? You are avoiding them and deflecting.

                    • Xzamilio

                      I’m not deflecting anything.. you are. You’re asking questions based an assertion you have yet to demonstrate is the case… where is your research?

                    • you’sajoke

                      Xzamilio, I’m sorry this crazed psychopath is messing with you. I made this person angry about a week ago on a subject similar to this on b0ssip. They obviously got upset, made an account name exactly like mine (I have an apostrophe in my name, they do not), and is writing outrageous things pretending to be me. This person actually taunted me for about 14 hours. They literally continued messaging me until 3 in the morning until they got the last word in. I’m on your side by the way. If I could figure out how to block them I would.

      • Juicy83

        Majority of the gay community sit in high positions. For example
        The actor on grays anatomy or ER was fired from his show for sharing his opinion about gay couples. Something in that nature,but I remember seeing it on the news. Once the media gets a hold to it, they have a field day with it . A lot of CEO are gay an when you offend the gay community trust & believe they coming for blood lol…….

        • Brittany Thomas

          He was fired for calling a straight man a gay slur… it wasn’t an opinion it was meant to harm. And how in the world do YOU know the sexuality of any CEO?

    • LexS

      I hope he doesn’t because he did nothing wrong. People who act like this, gay or straight, need to be called out on this!

      Let me be clear – the so-called “Gay Agenda” isn’t for people to have the right for gay people to perform unwanted sexual advances on others. It is so that gay people can freely express their love for each other WITHOUT persecution, the same way that straight people can today. That’s it.

      This…this putting out a such a video to a person who never asked for it is NOT the “Gay Agenda”…this behavior would sicken a gay person as well!

  • cynicaloptmst81

    Nope. This man was dead wrong. He exposed himself so Tank had every right to expose him. I don’t believe he’s saying that all gays are pedophiles. It’s the perverted sneaky nature of what he did that calls his character into question. He didn’t solicit a gay man, he solicited a straight man in a sneaky perverted manner while calling himself a “minister”. I wouldn’t want this “minister” around my children either. God only knows what he’s doing behind closed doors or with others if he conducts himself in this manner. Kudos to Tank and I hope this man’s church takes swift action.

    • SunFlower78

      I agree, I don’t like how the article tried to put this back on Tank for a play of words…This man was dead wrong, PERIOD!

      • BabyBlue

        I agree

      • Declare

        I agree

      • Trish Fields

        TOTALLY AGREE, thumbs down to Madaime Noire for trying to be politically correct to save their image. Way to go Tank!!!

        • SunFlower78

          His comment was not about his sexuality per say but his behavior and his intentions…smh
          These is nothing to be politically correct about a man, sending graphics images to anyone on social media.

    • JS

      I wish I could like your comment more than once! I completely agree. Tank did not equate gays to pedophiles but merely called his entire character into question based on the way perverted way the minister approached him.

      • SunFlower78


    • Bri

      You said it all!! I agree!!

    • Angela Anderson

      I agree, this man is as wrong and two left shoes. Tank should have put him on blast. I only hope he doesn’t turn around and apologize for anything he said. You how folk do, a certain group gets offended and wants an apology. Let it be what it is! That so called minister need salvation and deliverance.

      • Louis Anthony McDaniel

        He was as wrong as a pair of boot cut Girbaud jeans.

    • delany

      i agree.. tank was right in this situation… since this guy did this, then this is his way of letting his church and others no about his ways…

    • arieschic

      Yes I agree 100%. Tank did what many other so called heterosexual men should do when they approach by someone with a title such as the gentleman.

    • Cheron

      Its not for us to expose sin, God will do that in time. The only person who is perfect is Jesus, therefore, he can expose everyone’s dirty laundry if he wanted to, but instead he gives people an opportunity to come to him with a repentant heart. Perhaps Tank should have taken the opportunity to minister to him if he felt so strongly about it. There’s a right and a wrong way to handle things and this wasn’t the appropriate route. How would Tank feel if his sins were on display for the entire world. I’m pretty sure everyone has broken a commandment or two, or all. IJS

      • SassC

        The Bible says shine the light on the devil and that’s what he did… It also said don’t be a partaker of another men sin! He did right and there is no need for him to minster to him he said he was a minister which means he’s in leadership at someone’s church and he needs to be put on blast so he can be sat down and seek God for deliverance

        • marvice

          @SassC oooops! Benediction! Amen

        • vee

          I agree

        • SunFlower78

          Thank you!

        • Mary

          Speak on it!!

        • disqus_ApdHvDcdNP

          Your Are SOooooooo!!!!! Right!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!

        • Shanta Fletcher

          amen !!!

        • BandBoy

          Yass!! Sass Yass!!

      • cynicaloptmst81

        …and you know this is not God’s way of exposing it because…

        Right. You don’t know that. 🙂

        But what we know for sure is that God allowed the exposure for a purpose. That is for certain. Remember, believers are God’s vessels in the earth. He uses us to fulfill His will. I personally believe this is one of these times.

        • khines

          SAY THAT AGAIN!!!

        • Doug Pendleton

          Bingo!!!!! You hit the nail on the head. Folks out here making these pastors and ministers into Demi-Gods an that is the problem now, He thought he could get away with it because he as status in the church.

        • SunFlower78

          AMEN! The problem with generations is that we would not expose sin…and countless people were hurt because of it. The bible NEVER said that sins are not be exposed.

          I don’t know where people get that foolishness from

        • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

          Preach!!! I also feel that even if that man was not in church he should be exposed. Everyone doesn’t like that even if it was a women. I love my wife so if someone is disrespectful and you say something and they do it again well that is the seed you planted!! GOD BLESS

      • SharNay

        Uhhhh… i disagree. Lets be real and tell the truth. Jesus in more than any occassion put the Pharisees on blast.. even turning the church tables over and calling them hyporcrites. Call a spade a spade. This is wrong and morally incorrect in the eyes of God and man. Sin needs to be exposed an dealt with ESPECIALLY in the House of God.
        There are two roads here…. he really could have ministered to him, privately converse and let him know. I totally agree with that… ot he,could have been exposed. There is no right or wrong solution in thos equation, just 2 different ways to handle it.
        In my opinion, dealing with sin isnt hiding it… its by exposing the truth… publically or privately. He publically sent it on a public SOCIAL networking site… He chose his risks and got burned.

      • marvice

        It’s called Open Rebuke!

      • dee

        I totally disagree with you.

      • DeacB

        The FIRST voice of reason. I agree. This was a missed opportunity. Everybody quoting scriptures but what about Gal 6:1 or matt 18:15-17. Who are we to expose sin before due time? There are steps to take before public exposure. THAT’S BIBLE

        • Doug Pendleton

          Dude sinned and got put on blast and if Tank would not have said nothing this guy would be out doing it again. You can quote all the scripture you want this minister is a fraud. He put it out there on the forefront and got burned. The big dummy.

          • DeacB

            So we put on blast all sins then right? If you sin then you should get put on blast? A fraud? That may be very true, but this could also be his struggle. IN NO WAY AM I DEFENDING HIM THOUGH. But I see no love of Christ here. I just see a lot of stone casting. Tank, could’ve 1. Reported him. 2. Told the police if he felt that way about it. Or many other avenues….

            • Shanta Fletcher

              you sound hideous and stupid … Are you gay ?

        • Sher

          It was due time when he sent the pic of his (thing-thing).

          • DeacB

            Who did he really offend besides God and Tank? Us?? Who are we?? This did more damage to the Church than good. Due time?? Says who? Tank? Did he pray on it or try uplift this brother who obviously has an issue. Everybody’s quick to EXPOSE. We can’t pick and choose the rules to follow. Tank did not suggest this guy repeatedly sent pics to him. Only after multiple attempts do we publicly rebuke.

            • SpiritualReaction

              You know, Tank’s intent is really between him and the Lord. What I am positive of is that this minister was warned many times by the Lord, long before he was exposed. He’s headed toward destruction, and God always wants us back toward him.
              What I also know, is that a sin that remains unexposed is a LOT more powerful, a lot more seductive, and lot more likely to remain in it’s place. Regardless of Tank’s intent, he did that man a favor. Who cares what we think of him? Fear God. First and always. Man’s opinion changes like the seasons, but FEAR GOD. What does God think of you?
              He’s now been isolated. Who will he have to turn to but God? In the natural & the spiritual, every action has a reaction, & his own actions caused this exposure. It didn’t have to be Tank, it could have been anyone; it was coming regardless. But it did him a favor. Now he has no choice but to deal with that sin, or submit to it. But a halfway life; God said He’d vomit you out of His mouth.
              I pray that God reveal Himself to him like never before. To all of us.

              • DeacB

                I’m not suggesting this man may not have needed exposure in order for change to occur. I agree with you SpiritualReaction which is exactly what you gave. What had upset me (which by the way really shouldn’t have as much as it did) was the condemnation by the people. I should’ve expected it. There wasn’t one ounce of judgment nor condemnation from you of this fallen brother. I just had compassion because “we” really are capable of anything. It’s just this whole thing on “homosexuality” as the worst thing possible really strikes a nerve. Sin is sin and we all need Christ as our Savior.

        • Acog4ever

          DeacB, I want to know how you know this isn’t due time? Scripture says Therefore judge nothing before the time, it doesn’t say not to expose it. For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was
          anything kept secret, but that it should come into the open. I am just curious as to why people think his behavior should not be made known.

        • Victoria Smith

          This is to me an obvious situation of “comfort” for the so called pastor. I think this was the right time to expose him. GOD allowed the exposure for a reason. This man has probably done this more times than he should’ve and that’s why he was comfortable enough to attempt it with tank. Tank was the vessel in which GOD chose to use for the exposure. As we all know GOD works in mysterious ways and why ask why. Good job Tank. People really need to stop and think for a moment. If GOD uses people as his vessels, then why not this be one of those times?…ijs

        • Xavier Yepremian Wilks

          Dude did this on INSTAGRAM!! By defenition he LITERALLY EXPOSED…HIMSELF!!!! Freaking idiots!!

      • Doug Pendleton

        Nope he did the right thing calling this guy out. Just because this cat was a minister he does not mean he deserves a special pass.

      • Dmax Lomax

        Maybe God is the one that had tank see this and make the man see that what he is doing or had done is improper. Sometimes God gives you more than a shove in the right direction, especially if you are not paying attention to what he is trying to show or tell you. This may be what is needed to get this sick person on the right track. God Bless Us All.

      • Rosa Warner-Jones

        You are exactly right. God will expose our sins. However, think about it this way. Let’s just say you have a secret and no one knows but you. Let’s say you tell that secret to your bff. It’s not a secret anymore. You’ve exposed your secret to someone. If you can’ keep your secret, how do you expect your bff or ANYBODY to keep your secret? It’s the same as this situation. If this “minister” was in the “closet” about is sexuality, he walked out of that proverbial closet when he sent that pic to Tank…*shrug*

      • Sher

        Excuse me but the man put it out there himself… he took a picture of him(self) and sent it… not caring about the consequence. It is, a christian’s job to expose the devil incarnate! He wanted to expose himself so now he’s exposed.

      • Good for you Tank!

        Where does it say that in the bible?! I’ve the biblefrom cover to cover several times and I’ve never seen it; why “because it is not there”! King David’s sin adultery and murder of Bathsheba’s husband Uriah was exposed by God through the Prophet Nathan in 2 Samuel 12 . God spared his life because he confessed but he had to suffer co sequences of the child that he conceived with Bathsheba died. 1Timothy 3 tells the qualifications of a Pastor
        Living Bible (TLB)

        3 It is a true saying that if a man wants to be a pastor[a] he has a good ambition. 2 For a pastor must be a good man whose life cannot be spoken against. He must have only one wife, and he must be hard working and thoughtful, orderly, and full of good deeds. He must enjoy having guests in his home and must be a good Bible teacher. 3 He must not be a drinker or quarrelsome, but he must be gentle and kind and not be one who loves money. 4 He must have a well-behaved family, with children who obey quickly and quietly. 5 For if a man can’t make his own little family behave, how can he help the whole church. 6 The pastor must not be a new Christian because he might be proud of being chosen so soon, and pride comes before a fall. (Satan’s downfall is an example.) 7 Also, he must be well spoken of by people outside the church—those who aren’t Christians—so that Satan can’t trap him with many accusations and leave him without freedom to lead his flock.
        Then Romans 1: 18-32 talks about the God’s Wrath Against Sinful Humanity

        18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

        21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

        24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie,and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

        26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

        28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death,they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

      • Lakey

        This was how God wanted to reveal his sins. Our sins are not always revealed in a manner we like. This is no fantasy movie. God reveled him for what he is and there are pictures for proof in the case he was convincing enough to his congregation about his innocence.

      • Guest

        You sound like the freak who sent the picture???

      • Xavier Yepremian Wilks

        Tank should Minister to MINISTER???

      • Shanta Fletcher

        yes it is for us to expose sin ….. it’s called shining the light into the darkness !

      • Joseph Walker

        I respectfully disagree with you on this one. Who is to say God wasnt acting thru Tank to expose this guy for his acts. I grew up as a Southern Methodist and since I became an adult ive learned that i do not need a mediator between God and I. Hence being that i am fed up with what is happening in the churches these days. I do not need The vulnerable flesh of a pastor to tell me who God is. Ive chosen not to attend church and serve God in my own way and not put my faith in man. This nothing against those of you who do go to church , but only an insight to the way I think of church these days. Ive attended Dr. Freeman’s church in the DMV and i attended Creflo Dollar’s church is College Park, Ga. Coming from a church of 50 to almost a church of 3000+ The word is no different. What works for you is just. Food for thought. Nothing more nothing less. Just my opinion on the matter. Stay blessed.

        • Love

          What’s done in the dark will come to light.

    • Niknup71

      I agree, the man brought it on himself

    • South_Side_Shay

      I completely agree cynicaloptmst81. If he is a master his church will know what they’re dealing with. But even if he’s lying and isn’t a minister, this alerts the people who he associates with, to what type of person they have in their social circle.

    • Dani

      I agree with you….

    • BrittanyW.


    • Mr. Bellamy

      I’m just cosigning on this like most sane people seem to be doing. Tank made a very valid point. If this person was bold enough to send video of himself to a public figure, then what other boundaries might a person like that cross? With all of the malfeasance that’s coming to light within churches these days, especially concerning predatory behavior with children, that just happens to be the first thing that comes to mind. If the brother didn’t want to get put out there, he probably shouldn’t have put himself out there. Karma.

    • Denise Tett

      Because they are always passing judgment on other people, even though the Bible tells them not to.