Chad Ochocinco Debuts New Girlfriend, Crystal

April 16, 2014  |  

Source: Instagram

Well, it looks like there’s a new woman in former NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s life. Apparently Chad has been seeing a young lady by the name of Crystal for the past several months. According to Baller Alert, she works as a bartender in Miami.

It’s unclear how serious their relationship is, but judging by their Instagram pages, the couple have taken a few trips together over the course of their courtship. Crystal seems like she could be a decent girl, so hopefully their relationship lasts longer than his last few flings.

Just last fall the former reality star was linked to Miami stylist Kimberly Yohman. However, it appears that whatever they had is over. When a fan inquired about Kimberly under one of Crystal’s “Man Crush Monday” posts dedicated to Chad, she simply responded:

“Why does it matter to you?”

Welp, so much for that.

Check out some flicks of Chad & Crystal together on the next page.

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  • mmmdot

    Can’t stand him in general, but they look good together. Good luck to them.

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  • Yolanda Harris

    Welcome home Chad! All the best!

    • Guestest


  • blackdolphin

    She don’t look nothing like the checkbook stalker….!

  • chanela

    Do these women have the internet? do they know what hapoened to the other chicks? why the HELL is he still able to date someone?

    • Gert


  • uniquefashionista

    Good for Chad. Crystal is a cute girl. It seems with celebrities, they do better with a mate who isn’t in the industry as well. I think normal, everyday, hard-working people keep celebrities grounded. I wish them luck. The less the public eye is in their business, the better off they will be.

  • mays

    i feel better bout my braces 🙂

    • Guestest

      I want braces!! 🙁 haha

  • ilybrklynn

    Can yall just be happy for the man and move on? If you don’t like the guy then…why read? Why waste time commenting?
    Good for you Chad. Hope all goes well.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    hhhhmmmmmm good for him i guess? don’t headbutt her chad

  • Kristen

    Will these people stop trying to prove to us and themselves that they’re “happy”?? We all know they really aren’t..hence all of the problems that they have and how soon they jump into relationships. Smh. Alrighty then.

    • Chaz

      How you know he’s not happy?

  • soisaid

    chad is a cutie….. and he keeps himself in good shape… perfect teeth and all, what a catch!

  • BabyBlue

    According to your last article about him it won’t last. Didn’t he say after six or seven months he gets bored? So, crystal don’t quit your day job.

  • Guestest

    Whaaaat? LOL 🙂

  • positivebeatsnegative

    I hope he gives this a decent go and not his usual 6-months (his words not mine)

  • tikkit30

    He don’t have all the career and fame like he used to,so of course he run back to the sistas!

    • positivebeatsnegative

      (rolling my eyes) He’s been with black women before all his kids are with black women. Chad strikes me as the type that just likes women…period.

      • tipster

        yeah but who did he marry?

        • travie andrews

          a garden tool…

        • D. Rose in the paint

          Evelyn is Puerto Afro-Latina….which is African descent…If you dont see her African features you are blind. But of course you probably have no clue about race and ethnicity

          • kaybee

            That means nothing. Being Afro-Latina and having African features doesn’t mean she is Black and I am sure that is what they are getting at.

            • D. Rose in the paint

              I want you to think about this comment and the level of stupidity and ignorance it has… just said “Being Afro-Latina and having African features doesn’t mean she is Black” …..OMG…dont ever repeat that to someone who is remotely educated… will embarass yourself

              • tremayne parker

                Lol. Good call.

              • Gert

                I’m not an Evelyn fan, but she has been very vocal about her Afro-Latina heritage. I agree!

                • hollyw


              • hollyw

                I see what kaybee is saying. How “wthnic” someone looks should never be the definitive straw on what ethnicity someone is, and that is an element that you introduced to the argument, which it could have stood strong without.

            • hollyw

              It is, but just let him continue to sound as ignorant as his own insistence allows 😉

          • whhhhr

            just like you have no clue d. rose is in nobodies paint lmao

          • hollyw

            Uhhhh… just because you are Puerto Rican doesn’t mean you automatically identify as black Hispanic… but of course, you probably didn’t know that about race and ethnicity, either, ijs…

            • Guest

              Most Puerto Ricans do not identify themselves as Black Hispanic, but they are still part African whether they claim it or not. Most Puerto Ricans are a mixture of African, European and Indian ancestry.

              • Gert

                Right and Evelyn does acknowledge her African descent. Why do folks always have to be so negative when it comes to culture. I am Portuguese, Angolan, Senegalese, Irish and German…(Am I not black)…most black folk are mixed with something if you are born in the US…SMH

              • hollyw

                I’m aware of that, as I’m also aware that a lot of Hispanics from the Caribbean may deny their African heritage. However, my point is, as you said, while most share African genes, not all do, and thus it is also ignorant to assume someone’s part African due to an ethnicity that doesn’t require them to be, and to additionally go off how “African” someone else’s features look, esp. when you’re trying to educate on race and ethnicity. That’s all.

            • D. Rose in the paint

              Its not what you “identify as”….its whats in your bloodline or DNA that determines if you’re Black Hispanic…a lot of them dont even have a clue…but I bet if they took a DNA test, sure enough they would find African DNA/bloodline in them. That island isnt that big. And at one point African slaves largely outnumbered the Tainos who died off from disease….but of course you dont know this because you dont read about race and ethnicity, you just run your mouth without any clue

              • general

                No…….what this is really about is….,if there’s any question of ethnicity ,,they separate themselves from the African American community if they(anyone who can)can……period!!!….our reputation is not the best!!!!..

              • hollyw

                Hahaha “D. Rose”, you want so bad to be the smartest and baddest in here, I’mma just let you finish…but real-talk, any sociologist or anthropologist could’ve pointed out the blatant ignorance in your statement. The faster you own up to it, the more respect your statements will garnish. Until then, stop making sweeping generalizations about an entire population b/c you sound dumb. Good luck!

          • Suchalady

            You need to calm down. Congrats on spouting a known fact about Evelyn. You must be very ignorant yourself, attacking someone that you don’t even know.

          • Suchalady

            You need to calm down. Congrats on spouting a known fact about Evelyn. You must be very ignorant yourself, attacking someone that you don’t even know.

        • positivebeatsnegative

          Again ….Chad strikes me as the type of man that likes women…(all ethnicity) doesn’t matter. By the way I don’t look at Evelyn as anything other than a black woman…shrugs

    • BU

      You took the words right out of my mouth… It’s a shame that the “brotha” almost looks alien next to a sistah that’s even in the same color scheme as himself… Don’t get me wrong; it’s a good look but you have to wonder if it’s under the umbrella of humble pie. Good luck and maybe he’s grown up some.

      • J

        It is under the umbrella…
        The man doesn’t even look right with a sister, that’s why people are commenting!! It’s almost a joke

  • divinnalafeme

    Good for them I hope it lasts. Surprised to see him with a sista though.

    • mznusom1 .

      I was thinking the same thing…LOL

    • Lisa

      He had to find someone dumb enough to take him. For her sake I hope she finds someone decent.