August Alsina Explains Why He Doesn’t Go Down On Women

April 15, 2014  |  

August Alsina is the New Orleans-bred R&B singer responsible for the hit “I Luv This Sh!t” as well as the remix with Trey Songz and Chris Brown, but one thing we found out the youngin’ doesn’t love is going down on women. Sigh. When the 21 year old stopped by the office late last week to talk about his debut studio album, Testimony, we had to ask him about comments he recently made on The Breakfast Club about not pleasing a woman and all we can say is, it must be the age…

One thing’s for sure is August isn’t one to let others influence him, including the industry, which is why that stance likely won’t be changing soon, nor will his thoughts on other artists in the game who he’s already found out aren’t always who they appear to be (ahem Trey Songz). In our interview, August talked about the beef with his fellow R&B crooner as well as what makes him different as an artist and why he’ll always be the same person he is today. Thoughts?



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  • Tashawnda Price

    Cool. If you’re not doing me, don’t expect me to do you!

  • tesh

    at least he is open and honest about it. So many lying dudes around here and they doing the most, idc if a man doesnt eat it, IDK where they mouth been and these guys dont even mention or probably know what a dental dam is. Ladies act like they just too clear, but have unprotected sex with random guys who been with lord knows what. he is talented, nice looking, has style, has a story which will humble him through it all. Unlike everyone following the kardashians and all these other drama filled celebs. Support a YOUNG, BLACK, MALE who is just being himself like he should be.

  • Uhmbaya Laury

    Omg love this interview he be keeping it 100

  • Antoinette Hines

    Too turnoff!

  • Danielle

    That’s what I’m talking about, a leader and not a follower, people mad cause he don’t eat coodie cat? Really? You should stop if your doing it, I mean really, why would he want to slurp another mans juices up from an organ that bleeds from 2-7.days and doesn’t die? In this world lasciviousness rules and the weak are fascinated and influenced by it. I dig this dude mentality.

  • Likewaterforchoc

    Oddly enough, upon first seeing him, I thought his mouth (physically) was the MOST attractive quality about him.

  • Maggie

    This is a young New Orleans guy thing. When I was younger and in the NO…this was something that black guys were very proud to say that they didn’t do. But I think they all secretly did it lol

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  • wow what a rock style, move on me

  • TheMsmother

    Uh…TMI? LOL


      I know right. I agree with you. Have a Great Day Dear. 🙂

      • TheMsmother

        I don’t post on here anymore, baby, but do you realize that someone has hacked your account? I just had to warn people that some of these posts are not yours. Stop coming on here. It’s not safe.


          I understand Sister. Have a Blessed Mothers’ Day.

  • vcubain

    Why would that come up in a conversation anyway. He also said he didn’t snort coke. Love that he has no tats on his face and gold teefes.

  • discount jeans

    Arrogant fools get nowhere. Grow the hell up youth

  • moneyluv


  • Tiassopinkmommy

    He is a serious jerk. I liked his lil song but after witnessing his personality Im not too interested in anything else he puts out. He aint even been around long enough to be acting all batty. #teamtrey

  • Tiff

    I’m really starting not to like this guy…

  • general

    If u got decent cooch ,he’ll go there……..not every women has decent cooch….he got standards and a little prestige now so he’s got the leverage to feel that way…….thats all…..but as soon as he finds his “dime piece” he’ll be all in that stuff.!!!!

  • mmmdot

    And that’s my point. It really doesn’t matter how much money you have or how fine you are. There is no sufficient excuse for being *THAT* selfish and immature in bed. When you are a ‘man’ who says this, it makes you look like you haven’t been through sex ed in middle school. As a grown man, you should know enough to know enough to know that a v@gina is not dirtier then p@nis and so there is nothing debasing about putting your mouth on one if you’re in the middle of having sex. The same goes for a d!ck. The only reason he is claiming this is because of the stigmas around v@gina’s being dirty. It has nothing to do with leverage. If you want oral you should be willing to give it, and I KNOW this guy expects oral from every woman he sleeps with. It should be the same thing the other way around, otherwise don’t ask for something that you are not willing to give.

    • general

      Baby……I understand where ur coming from…ur thinking about it in the moral sence and im thinking about it in the practical sence…..thats all babe…but I c ur point!!!…but at the end of the day ,its the person with the leverage thats gonna dictate the terms of the encounter anyway…..thats all!!!

      • mmmdot

        I guess we just have to agree to disagree. Because I think his kind of immature and selfish attitude results from sexism and people having a lack of comprehensive sex education in America. Everyone needs to know that v@ginas are as clean as other parts of the body, the reason people often don’t is b/c we don’t learn shxt about our bodies and even when we *DO* know better, there is sexism and the media to reinforce the notion that women’s vaginas naturally smell like fish unless they are douching with Summer’s Eve.

        • general

          Baby…….the kid is new in his career and he’s young…!!!!!!……when he starts messing with some decent cooch he’ll feel different. ….trust me!

  • HotJupiter

    He’s entitled to his own tastes (lol) but he is only 21, he has yet to mature sexually.

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  • Tonie

    Boy bye! You don’t give…you won’t get.

  • Tina

    That no eating mess will get old quick!

  • Guest

    Now he’s cussing out hosts on 106 & Park because they ask questions he doesn’t like. Not cute, dude. Get some media training or something or you won’t be around in 2 or 3 years.


    @Eating kitty, he don’t have to do it, it’s his choice but I tell you what when he get that one he really feelin’ he’ll do it lol.


    According to what I saw in this interview he’s alright by me…..He seems like he sticks to his gun, most artist are like this when they first get into the industry, then when sales start to struggle and they buckle under pressure…that’s when the change occurs, things they said they will never do, they start doing. I hope he stands firm!


    I agree with him about individuality….everybody shouldn’t be the next Beyonce, Whitney, or Mariah. I know music execs try to stick to the script, stick to what works BUT that takes the originality and soul out if the artist and music….Point. Blank. Period!

  • Angel Halo Demeritt

    I’ll never get those 3 minutes back out of my life that I just wasted.

  • Starr_32

    Well he would luv me then because i have turn down plenty of head…keep not a factor to me…

  • shaile

    Wow I guess it takes intellectual minded people to understand that August Alsina CLEARLY said he won’t do that with just anybody…he DIDN’T say he DOESN’T do it.. I would appreciate a man who doesn’t go out doing that to anyone. To say what he probably expects is biased.

  • nicki baby

    he really need to humble himself down real quick…nigga you just got in the game cause all these r&b including trey songz will always be one step ahead..

  • Queen2Cent

    My mouth wouldn’t go nowhere near his package either.

  • Ski Masq Khid

    He is a straight up Virgo all the way! #TeamVirgo!!!

  • Chanel

    This entire interview…Lord help me…he agitates me… 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000%of a turn off.

  • kickash

    i mean im not w/ him so i dont care, i just cant stand dudes that wont go down on you, but expect you to do it to them. he’s probably one of those guys lol

    • bigdawgman

      Dang, I thought the last of those dinos died out in ’92! smdh

  • mmmdot

    Ugh. Seriously? How the fxck do “men” who say shxt like this get anyone to fxck them? Seriously, how selfish can you can get? I know that if a chick said she wasn’t going down on any man, ever, not only would this guy not fxck her, he would probably clown her. Because or@l sex is a basic part of sex and if you’re not giving it then you damn sure don’t deserve it in return. He needs to either shut the fxck up or grow the fxck up. The end.

    • Xzamilio

      Because as much as some of these chicks tell themselves that they want a real man and that they won’t fall for BS, all this brotha has to do is lick his lips and smile and he’ll have 10 of these thirsty groupies Mimi’ing his ding-a-ling like it’s a lollipop laced with molly.

      • mmmdot

        LMAO!!! Too sad and too true. Smh.

    • general

      Hello my “running “friend. ………..its all about leverage…is she a nice looking women,does he have a couple of bucks?????you know!!!……leverage. ..some have it most dont….and when u have it the rules are different. ..thats why some women have men falling all over them fighting to claim a child from them and other women gotta battle to get a guy to just acknowledge a baby….

      • mmmdot

        Yea, and it’s still not a sufficient excuse for being selfish in bed and with or@l sex. Like I said, I’m sure there is no way in hell that he would even mess around with a casual hook up if she wouldn’t give him head. Hell, that’s how a lot of casual hookups start–so there is no excuse. The v@gina is not a dirtier then a p@nis.

  • Lil Boosie

    He has a big head on his shoulders. Humble down youngster, respect is earned not given.

    • nicki baby

      Exactly!! Humble yourself down real quick

  • Rellz Room

    go get the album

  • AnonymousAbdul

    The fact he always speaks slang is annoying, and his songs sound the same. And his clothes looks his too short for his arms. But he still cute, and I still listen to his music. But I see him becoming more confident.

  • Amy

    Yea my boyfriend thought he didn’t use to eat p*ssy too.

    • Guestest


    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista


  • On_Point

    He must be gay.

  • Diamond diva

    Who is he to be hatin on my husband trey songz??

  • Wow

    I guess I’m old, I don’t know what he sings, but I’m getting irritated just watching him, his mannerisms, his voice…what happened to real grown men?

    • bigdawgman

      Ah, he’s only 21. Just barely out of boyhood.

  • flameforjustice

    Glad to know he has enough respect for himself and where he puts his face, mouth and tongue.

  • flameforjustice

    First of all it’s nobodies business about what one does in their sex life even if they’re informed of it.


    but that kid is fiiiiiiiiine! and them lips tho lol

    • Guestest

      Yes his lips are just, yum!! Lol

  • c

    I hope it works out I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson said the same thing and then everything went South.

  • leannevi

    I just hope he respects when he doesn’t get it in return.

  • Guest

    So Trey Songz apparently got him in his feelings. And he doesn’t go down on women (I bet he has no problem with a woman going down on him, though). Such a riveting interview!

  • kiki j

    It’s a whole lot of deadly diseases linked to s e x some which can’t be protected by rubbers I bet that don’t stop from having s e x.

  • kiki j

    They still make men that don’t do that? I don’t think I’ve ever met one lol not even at 21! And I’m sure microphone check is a requirement for him so any woman who sleeps with him is selling herself short. That’s a requirement! Otherwise it’s a DO NOT ENTER ZONE. And if his fear is that she isn’t clean down there than he’s stupid for sticking his D down there. He better grow up. The only woman he’ll get that’s cool with that is a woman that’s cool with cleaning out his bank account.

    • nicki baby


  • heaven41286

    Young mentality because if giving is faux pas then receiving would be too…he’ll fall in love someday and be slurping and munching with hearts in his eyes!

  • guest

    He is young and just talking but eating pussi is submissive, probably does more harm than good because it reduces a man’s stature. There was a time when Black men took it as a insult and it’s probably another ploy by the establishment to cause problems in the Black family.

    • Trish Chasity

      That is total BS! Lots of men have the feeling that not reciprocating to women during oral pleasure is silly and wrong. They have no problem getting it

  • Tonyoardee

    Could you love a man that didn’t want any parts of pleasing you orally?

    • kiki j

      No because we wouldn’t even make it far enough to ever speak of those feelings! And I bet he would say the same lol. People put too many restrictions on s e x. I bet If there were less restrictions less people would cheat.

      • coolyfett

        Good point.

      • guest

        Doubt it. My friend says him and his girl get freakier than most and her sex drive his higher than his, but he still finds time to cheat. He likes the variety. Most people that cheat don’t even talk about sex with their partner to even know what the restrictions are. They just make assumptions and go out and cheat. With so many willing participants, why should they resist the temptation. Like you said, there should be less restriction right?

        • mmmdot

          That is just literally all kinds of fxcked up. And there is a difference between having an agreement with your partner to have an open relationship and going out and cheating behind their backs. One of these things is not like the other.

        • kiki j

          That’s why I said LESS people and not MORE. There are many people (men and especially women) who cheat because their partner doesn’t satisfy them. And most aren’t satisfied because of their partner not getting into what they get into. That doesn’t go for the type of people who cheat just because.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Hell no.

  • Imani

    Not impressed *shrugs*, I like that song, it’s catchy, but other than that…. Just… Not impressed. He doesn’t eat the box, cool, but what does that have to do with your music?

  • Mrs.Mason

    He might be feelin the fellas more than the ladies…maybe that is why he is not going down ….

  • bee

    Kudos to him! I don’t understand how someone would just put her or his mouth on just any ol’ vag or peen; not to say it is disgusting or anything, but dang. He’ll probably grow into it .. lol if not, heeey.

  • MzDiva

    He must have had a bad experience with some rank kitty

    • Tiassopinkmommy

      He better get one like Plies said he like. Remember he said he wont one smell like water. LoL

      • Hope Floats


  • I’m Not One To Gossip But….

    I don’t see anything wrong with him not going down on women, I just hope he doesn’t have an issue with a woman not going down on him. Matter of fact, we would be great together, because I can most certainly do without that part of intimacy. (going down on the guy)

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      I dont have a problem going down on my man because I expect him to go down on me because I enjoy it very much just like I am sure he does. Men kill me with that mess.

  • prettyredbone

    I like Alsinas songs but I dont think hes all that talented vocally, if he wasnt fine I dont think he would be whats “hot” right now.

    • Dill_Doe

      This ^

  • Gia

    IDK! I don’t believe this! When I was in college in nola almost every guy I dated (from new orleans) went down below with no questions asked! And yes, I was a wild one, I’m not going to front or lie. I had strict parents and liked the freedom! Anyways! Have you seen the way the women dance in nola?! Some men too! They are some freaky deeky people! It’s also easy to find out the gossip at small schools.

  • polax

    half of yall chicks act like suckin D is a major task but if a dude dont wanna eat your sweaty box its a problem? the irony

    • Dill_Doe

      This ^^

  • Guest


  • guest

    Why he got to tear down Trey. They sound alike, talk alike, say the same things, thought great minds think alike.

    • Radiance Diabolito

      Because he’s trying to make a name for himself right now. He’s basically a nobody in the industry right now (as far as stardom is concerned) and what better way to get some lime light? How about a public beef with a well known star like Trey Songs!!! This isn’t surprising at all. *yawns*

  • Brittany

    I enjoy his music and down to earth spirit. Personally I think he’s incredibly handsome but a few muscles wouldn’t hurt. Lol I also agree the term “Thot” is ridiculous and so annoying because half of you can’t even use an ebonic term correctly.

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  • iReezy

    Love this guy! I love his style, his sound/music, his individuality, his confidence, shiiiiiiiit just him. Lol plus he’s fine af (imo) and that lil NOLA accent…baybee! I can’t stress how much his confidence keeps me as a fan – I love security in a man. Idk, I know I don’t know him but he comes across so genuine and humble, his music is relatable, I’ve seen him live and he puts on a great show, very engaging with the crowd and soooooo thankful to be in is current position. This interview only strengthened my admiration for him. I want to see him thrive. To go off what he said, and in the words of Oscar Wilde, be yourself, everybody else is already taken. With his views, demeanor, and outlook, he should be able to go far.


    He seems like a cool kat

  • lovechild

    There should be a movement to do away with the word thot, nevermind bossy.

    • NVAdamzz

      Man…Let’s do it. Like for real.


      I love that word for some reason

    • BabyBlue

      I’d ride in that train

    • Latoya Needsnobody Terry

      Let’s not forget the terms “bad b***h”

    • Tiassopinkmommy

      I dont here many people in the south using it anyhow so we on board with you. LoL

  • Essence Williams

    Wish him nothing but the best of luck

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    who care what this dude will or won’t do?

    • BabyBlue

      You may not but some hormonal girls do.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        I don’t get it…that’s between him & whatever chic is dumb enough to let him stick it without licking it lmao…

        • BabyBlue

          If you don’t get it then let it go. It’s probably not meant for you to understand

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            It’s gone it ain’t serious at all

            • BabyBlue

              Good. Because I don’t understand why girls cry and fall out either

          • Phara’s Chile

            You’re being rude for no reason, shut up and let her state her opinions. Did you get that?

            • BabyBlue

              If you thought my comment was rude then maybe you should stop reading it in a rude tone. I never said she couldn’t state her opinion. Now what you can do is go to the nearest arena and sit in every seat. I said what I said and she said what she said. The soup has been cooked. I don’t need you to stir the pot. Did you understand that? ✌

              • Emsy

                Girl ur comebacks always give me such life. (im not supporting conflict, but u got tht sass!) lol
                Now lemme go av a seat, preferably not in an Arena. lol

                • BabyBlue

                  Lol thank you. I don’t like conflict either but, d@mn. Telling me to shut up crosses the line.

              • Cookie

                D A M N!!!!! I am shutting down my computer for the rest of the evening. I don’t need to read anything else. You said that. You get a standing ovation.

                • BabyBlue

                  Haha thanks

              • biglittlemason3


                • BabyBlue


  • NVAdamzz

    It sounds like he’s just saying that he’s selective of whose box he eats which is a good thing because oral is very intimate. But what I don’t understand is people who claim they don’t perform oral on “just anybody” but will bust it open/stick their pęnis in “just anybody”. It’s all a part of sęx so if you don’t feel comfortable enough with someone to do it all the way, perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it with that person at all.

    • k

      I was thinking the same thing. I will not even date a guy who doesn’t do that because if we get intimate what else do I have to look for. Maybe it’s his age but I know some 40 year old men who don’t do it and they can’t keep a woman. If they do keep a woman she is older and takes care of him. They just want a man. I’m not that person.

      • Angie

        I won’t date one either!

    • louvres

      mouth don’t have a rubber tho

      • NVAdamzz

        It’s called a dental dam…

        • Jennifer

          LOL!! You took the words out of my mouth. #DentalDam

        • gg

          Teach him something!

      • bigdawgman

        Plastic wrap does the job too!

    • enlightenment

      If a man doesn’t want to go south on a woman…he BETTER not expect women to get down on their knees and bl*w his high & mighty d**k!

      • guest

        It’s what they expect. That whole ’68 and I owe you one’ mess don’t fly with most women.

    • Guestest


    • Brandy

      Well with the industry he is in I’m pretty sure he gets plenty without having to give anything. You can say that’s wrong but no one forces groupies to do what they do. That’s on them. He’s young anyway only 21 it’s not like he is 30. Young guys have to grow a little fall in love …..

      • NVAdamzz

        My comment wasn’t to say that women (groupies) won’t sleep with him without getting any head. It was saying that if you don’t think it’s clean enough to eat off of, why stick your thing in it? That makes no sense to me.

  • BabyBlue

    I like him and his music. I wish nothing but the best for this guy.

  • Reese

    Ugh such a turn off. I saw him perform recently and the THOTS were going crazy he isn’t cute to me at all too scrawny.

    • opinion

      Girl this guy is all types of fine to me lmao. I like the way he’s built. He’s tall and lean.

      • Tipster

        But he doesn’t give head sooooo he’s ugly. Lol!

        • Viviane


        • Reese

          Exactly! Dude is too grown not to lick a cat or two. But I bet he wants every chick that breathes in his face to go down on him.

          • Time

            Too grown he’s only 21 Years old. Not 30. That’s young too me and on top of that I’m pretty sure no one forces groupies to do what they do.

            • Catherine Gabriel

              BTW, I thought I heard him say he was 23? but like he said he’s young? He’s got time….

        • Amanda Williams Semple

          I am

      • Reese

        I like them tall and lean too but he could use a few good home cooked meals though. His accent is everything though.

        • KnowHow

          He is not skinny trust me he is a healthy weight.

      • NikkiSaMone

        You can say that again. I’d have that tenderoni doing all kinds of things he shouldn’t do!!!!!! Lol

    • BabyBlue

      The word thots is still popular? I’m done…..

    • Chey

      The That H** Over There’s were going crazy, huh? You see how that question didn’t make much sense? That’s how I feel when I see people use the word thot. It’s ridiculous and serves as more proof that people will repeat anything just to sound cool.

      • NVAdamzz

        Thank you…So much.
        That’s what I say each and every time I hear or see someone use that term. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while.

        • Define2

          Sigh it’s the same ones that invented “boo” and “ratchet”….

      • currvalicious

        I guess I’m old b/c I keep seeing the word, but never knew what it meant. At first I thought it was a misspelling of the word THAT. I’ve never really been into slang, so for my lifestyle it serves me well (not to be). I can not stand when people of a certain age are speaking slang, sounds so ridiculous.

        • sincerelyshan

          I’m his age and didn’t know what it meant either and didn’t care,I’m not really into slang either,not a bandwagon hopper.

          • KnowHow

            By refusing to follow a trend you are infact starting a trend

        • NikkiSaMone

          I’m 30 and I didn’t know what it was either until I asked someone. It’s just too much. Information, technology it’s all just overwhelming. Sometimes I miss the good ol days.

      • kiki j

        Say it again! I break it down like that all the time and know one gets it. Guess you have to be young or ignorant to understand it.

      • hollyw

        Lmbo you just intellectualized the h*ll out of the situation!!

        • Reese

          Right, I’m not saying it to sound cool nor am I ignorant or a bandwagon hopper. SMH, where I’m found the term is used interchangeably with h0e. But people want to have a whole intellectual discussion about what I said instead of what the article is about. SMH

      • Mitchell Mack

        lol no ur just stupid because u dont call a girl a ‘”that ho over there” because u literally are supposed to view her as a hoe…thats over there …meaning she could be across the street and u say “aye thot” but when u say u dont like fakes do u say it to one person calling them a “fakes person” or would that person fit with the plural form of the word fakes even tho its just one person ur calling fake? its not rocket science to understand the phrase thot like haha catch up ur not a “that ho over there” but u are A hoe over there theres a difference but it is stupid so i dont say it

    • Chas

      I’m with you I cant stand a skinny dude

      • Angie

        I MUST HAVE: Arms, shoulders and chest to hold on too and he lacks ALL of that! I don’t wanna feel no skinny dudes pelvic bone!

        • Chas

          AMEN!!! I’d even take chunky over boney

          • Angie

            Chuncky be THICK sometimes! HELLO!

            • SheDevilsRule


      • Guestest

        Me neither.. I like teddy bears haha

    • -14ME

      blacks men used to be concerned with being a man now they just wanna be a
      real n i g. and of course that’s what loved and promoted smh and his invisible beef with trey songz? *sigh*

      • acejack816

        Right I’m sick of this site giving pumped up and false into in their descriptions of their articles…he didn’t even mention trey songs negatively…losing respect for this blog site daily!!!!

      • Latoya Needsnobody Terry

        I’d rather have a grown man over a so called real n***a anyday

    • Gunnardah

      He is very scrawny, he turn around the wind will blow him away. He need to eat a little his weight will get up.

    • KnowHow

      You’re so use to seeing overweight men that when you see one in shape he looks scrawny to you lol