“Puffy Might Be The Destination For Anybody Going Nowhere”: 50 Cent Says Bad Boy Curse Is Real

April 7, 2014  |  


When he’s not dishing on his past relationships with famous women, 50 Cent is of course throwing shots at other people in hip-hop. Hey, he’s been doing it since the day he came out, no surprise there. But in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Fiddy decided to call out Diddy–excuse me, Puff Daddy, saying that the successful businessman and Bad Boy head curses the careers of the artists he signs.

“When he came out with the “Angels” record, I said ‘Naw man, that’s wack. You gotta stand next to something.’ And he knew exactly what I meant, cause he’s been standing next to something his entire career. He stood next to Biggie. He stood next to Mase. He stood next to Joc. Look, Puffy might be the destination for anybody going nowhere. Nobody survived him. Look at it.”

We’ve all heard this over the years, and it might not only be the case for Puffy and Bad Boy but many music groups put together over the years (how many Roc Nation artists aside from J.Cole and managed ones like Rihanna are really getting shine and support right now?). Some say that Puffy is currently ‘standing next to Rick Ross,’ while his current roster at Bad Boy (including MGK, Red Café and of course, French Montana) does so-so out here or sits on the bench waiting for a shot to put out an album.

Fiddy also pulled a Lord Jamar in the same interview and explained why he doesn’t fit in with today’s rappers, many of whom having an affinity for tight pants and dresses in his opinion:

“I ain’t with it. I asked it on a mix tape. Ni**as wear skinny jeans. I can’t fit in.

If you Google, ‘rapper in a dress’, do you know how many will pop? Young Thug is the one that actually said, ‘This is a dress’. The other ones will call it a kilt. What about that culture is making you choose to wear it for the evening?”

What do you think about what 50 had to say about Puff Daddy and the rest of today’s artists?

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  • simpleton

    funny 50 said …noone has ever survived him either….

  • Melanie Aurora Golden

    But did he lie? Nope!

  • DaMan

    Puffy gave all his artists life, where is GUnit? Where is 40 Glocc, where is Game, where is Lloyd Banks….50 is a hater who is salty that he’s watching his peers continue to build their brands and accumulate wealth. Puffy needs to stand with others cuz he’s not a rapper, but he helps his career and theirs by appearing on records. It’s up to the artists to then try and sustain some level of relevance by continuing to put out hot records. These artists also know the contracts they sign, since they’re all grown people. The LOX will still work with Puff to date, and so will a lot of his former artists. Because they understand that this man knows the business and knows the business of making money. You just have to use him to your full advantage and then understand that your time to be partners with him may come to an end abruptly if you don’t carry your own weight.

  • Fukyafukboyz

    50 stated the #FACTS….even though he a RAT…

  • Lagit

    This problem with Diddy is that he is the master of the ‘One Hit Wonder’. No one can deny that Diddy has made some serious bangerz but is just that. He constantly made 1 ARTIST 1 BANGER!! He has never been able to make an artist a complete ALBUM of consistently good songs.You take producers like Dr. Dre, didn’t make you a bangin song he made you a bangin ALBUM that’s the reason that so many of Diddy’s artists die off. They always have 1-2 awesome songs an a sorry a** album.

  • Joseph Reaves

    The same thing could be said about 50 and G Unit

  • David Cordova

    50 just said something that we’ve all known for years…..Diddy’s a modern-day Berry Gordy! even all the artists on Motown all had problems after they left, financially or their careers were never the same…..except for maybe the Jackson 5/Jacksons! they were the only ones that managed to survive!


  • RemyDelite

    ROTFL! Even though it coming from 50 snitches, he right. No one under BBE has a career on there own. They just vanish, like a fart in the wind!

  • Charisse A Hill

    Finally he hits the nail on the head.

  • Arreba Alicia Stafford

    He is right about Puff Daddy’s label…he does treat his artists horribly…why you think Faith and Mary J. Blige left him? The man only cares about his own i.flated ego…

  • CAliQueen

    50 spoke the truth on this one. I have been saying the same thing way back when Total disappeared.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    He’s once again telling the truth

  • He’s right with his old messy a**.

  • Rumando

    50 told the truth and nothing but the honest truth about Sean Combs. Ppl have been saying this about him for years nothing is new here. You can get mad or emotional about it but prove him wrong about Sean. Any Bad Boy artist that left either fell off, called him out or gotten into some legal trouble. Not saying G-Unit was any better but they didn’t have half the talent pool or hit records Bad Boy had. Kudos to 50 for calling him out and saying what others have already stated

  • Chandra Horton-Wright

    hell no! I do not think he is lying!!!!!! I have said this through the years….. Faith Evans left bad boy because of misrepresentation and bad business deals, 112 is nowhere to be found, Danity Kane disbanded, total is nowhere to be found, b5 were one hit wonders, day 26 finally came back out with new efforts, Cheri Dennis is nowhere to be found, I haven’t heard anything new from young jock since 2008, the only person were talking about from Boyz in the hood is Young Jeezy, he was supposedly responsible for new edition’s come back but the CD has mediocre reviews, and let’s not forget the Making the Band’s Da Band which went nowhere……if 50 doesn’t say anything else about anyone else, he told the truth on this subject!!!!

  • coolyfett

    The Death of Masculinity

  • MarriedMomOf2

    I’ve been saying this for years, I mean who remembers the white girl group Dream from the early 2000s? The Making The Band and the groups he made from that show, where are they now? And the other artists outside of MTB, where are they? I can’t stand 50 Cent either, but he’s right with this one.

    • ZoeSorry

      I know right? I remember Dream. Lol that was quick.

  • SHA


  • Moira

    LL said it best about Jay-Z when he was signed to Def Jam how you can promote talent, when you’re too busy trying promote yourself and spending the budget on your videos, tours and projects.

    And look at G-Unit, Aftermath.. no one is still standing except Eminem and 50.
    R Kelly’s label: Sparkle put out one album.. now it’s just R Kelly
    Roc Nation: Only Jay-Z.. Rihanna doesn’t count.. Sony owns that tail!
    MJJ (Michael Jackson) label: Brownstone, 3T.. no one left

    • Zion Noir

      not even MJ himself …

    • Anthony Beach

      LL is just bitter and resenting that he didn’t use his money or influence wisely in the earlier part of his career. And a shame, because he’s only a year older than Jay-Z, but 11 years ahead in terms of being in the game.

      That being said, artists putting out imprints/boutique labels is a bad move.

  • Kiki

    I see no lies. Glad someone had the balls to question Diddy’s motives. I’ve got a book called Dancing with The Devil by Mark Curry (used to work with Diddy) and he said Puff used to swindle everyone at Bad Boy. He’d tell his artists they have to have a certain look in their video, offer his material possessions to use, then take a cut out of their cheque for using the Bentley/House/Helicopter. If he inserted one word into someone’s bars he’d put his name on the credits. When Big died he jumped on the 1st thing smoking back to New York. Didn’t even go to the hospital. He forced Faith to make the “Missing You” song only to get sued by Sting and The Police for not asking for permission first. I’ll be surprised if he can sleep at night.

    • coolyfett

      But Sting performed the song with Puff on an award show right after the song was released. I never heard The Police sued for that sample….

      • Kiki

        Sting never heard the song until it reached number 1. The Police had a dispute with Sting because he sampled his guitar for the song and never paid him. Puff “forgot” to ask Sting for permission which lead Sting to sue for 100% of royalties to “Every breath you take & i’ll be missing you.” He will make $2,000 a day off of the song until 2053.

    • Chandra Horton-Wright


  • Nic TheDragonslayer

    Wasn’t Mary J Blige on his label for a while and was, and still is, very successful?! And lets not forget Janelle Monae.

    There is no curse. Diddy just produces crappy music. Get some quality music, a quality producer and a quality writer and he’ll be fine.

    • belle

      lol.. okay.. 2 artists out of how many? That’s still closer to 0% than 100!

      • Larry Lump

        He is 0 for 100

    • Marley80

      Mary J. Blige started out on Uptown/MCA where Puffy was an A&R executive. He was heavily involved in the production of “What’s the 411?” and “My Life.” However, she was never signed to Bad Boy.

      • coolyfett

        Word up Mary & Jodeci were produced by Puff, but Andre Harrell and Heavy D were the check writers

    • Aaliyah Noelle

      I wish I could dislike your comment 100 times

    • Sandra

      …Sooooo, because he doesn’t have any of those things wouldn’t that make what 50 said true?

    • Si Fa

      Mary left Diddy’s camp and worked with Dr. Dre because she said her career would go no where once Diddy signed Faith. She says it on her “Behind The Music” episode

    • Anthony Beach

      …and Janelle Monae is pretty much her own person regarding production. It’s almost as if Puff isn’t in the building. Fortunately.

    • Larry Lump

      You’re wrong MJB has left P Diddy over 8-10 years ago she was fading out until she left. How do you think he made Forbes in the early 90s when it wasn’t a lot of money pump into rap , so he fucked his artist.

  • Curtis…

  • Chill

    R.I.P to the careers of Shyne, G-Dep, Loon, Mario Winans, 112, Faith Evans, B5, Day 26, Danity Kane, Carl thomas, Yung Joc, Ma$e, Donnie K, The LOX (Revived under D-Block
    ) Black Rob, Gorilla Zoe,and All Da Bandz…Soon to Follow: French Montana, MGK, and Cassie (Recurring role)…Janelle, leave while you still have revelancy.

    • Aaliyah Noelle

      Cot damn. That’s ALOT of people. I forgot all about gorilla Zoe. Damn.

    • Qubilah

      ha! dont forget Total

      • shante

        yes they were the stuff!!

    • MarriedMomOf2

      Don’t forget Dream.

    • CaramelDream

      And Mary J had to leave him or else she would be on that list too . . and let’s add Faith Evans.

    • Rikz Monique Smith

      Damn Puffy, fiddy just might be right on this one. I didn’t realize you was behind that many failures….

      • Serene

        That just means that he has a better and longer lasting career.

    • Special K

      Craig Mack

    • coolyfett

      You forgot, Craig Mack, Total, Biggie Smalls, Dream, The MAD Rapper & Mark Curry, He also flopped Eightball & MJG, New Edition & Boyz in the Hood.

      • Chill

        Def lacced on boyz in the hood smh…couldn’t get Jeezy tho! lol he knew better.

        • Si Fa

          Don’t forget Cassie!! She may be his girl now, and says she wants to focus on modeling, but her singing career went nowhere too!

      • David Cordova

        Biggie was the only one that had continued major success!

        • David Cordova

          He never had the chance to fall off

    • Chandra Horton-Wright

      Thank you!!!!! there were a few that I missed mentioning!!!!!

      • Tami

        Lil Kim

        • •.♥ღHARDCOREღ♥.•

          Kim was NEVER on BB she was on Undeas through Big Beat.

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      Oh no not Janelle…girl please save urself!

    • MarriedMomOf2

      *pours Hennesy on the ground*

  • soisaid

    he spoke what we all know. puffy is a curse.

    • Serene

      I actually took it more like a compliment to puff daddy’s career. I’m sure he didn’t mean it that way, though. He’s always been at the top of his game; it makes sense that diddy would end up at the top.

  • AllyCat

    50 is immature and messy. But he right on bad boy. Where is 112?

    • Black Male Privilege

      They had drug and internal issues no one is responsible for your success but yourself, it’s time for people to take responsibility for their own faults and stop blaming others.

      • Radiance Diabolito

        Puffy, is that you???

        • Black Male Privilege

          Naw Ra Digga…. I’m just someone who knows a little more about the music industry, than the average Joe. So in my Diddy … Take that, Take that…. Lol

          • Radiance Diabolito

            LMFAO, mad at Ra Digga. I agree to a certain extent with your original post but you can’t tell me that ALL of those people that Puffy signed had drug issues or just didn’t manage their success correctly. Puffy was notorious for signing young artist with crappy contract agreements that benefited him and not the artist.