Turn Down For What? 10 Ways To Keep Your Hair In Tact While Working Out

April 9, 2014  |  
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It’s officially “get that body tight” season. With swimsuits and vacations quickly approaching, hitting the gym is a priority for many women. Straight styles, especially on unrelaxed hair, usually succumb to the power of going hard on the elliptical while rocking out to a workout playlist, and can also have a big impact and big curls. Here are ways to keep your hair as smooth and fabulous as possible while getting your workout on.

Wear a wrap.

Hey, it’s not cute, but the only women trying to be cute in the gym are the ones that aren’t trying to work out. A doobie wrap, a du rag (don’t hate on the tail) or a wrap cap keeps hair taut and in place. Even Nicole Ari Parker’s Save Your Do Gymwrap is a winner! Just wait until you’ve cooled down to unwrap.


Use an anti-frizz smoothing product.

A dollop of an anti-frizz product like Smooth ‘N Shine Diamond Dazzle Glistening Conditioning Gel smooths ends, holding them in place to maintain your style while you exercise.


Slick those edges back.

If you refuse to rock the du rag-and-wrap combo, a high, tight ponytail with a bandanna or cute scarf around the hairline helps.

Show some restraint!

An arsenal of carefully placed Bobby pins and duckbill clips in various sizes will keep your hair from nudging and from reverting during your workout.

Perform double duty.

Kill two birds with one stone by applying an oil treatment like this Olive and Tea Tree Penetrating Treatment Oil by Smooth ‘N Shine.

Get a style.

Here’s a quirky solution: Put your hair in rollers while you work out (or if you sleep in them, don’t remove them before your morning workout). Large rollers when rolled with the right amount of pressure will hold your roots right, preventing waves and kinks at the root.


Let your hair dry.

Don’t hide a sweaty scalp underneath a hot hat–how about a nice scarf? Let your hair air dry under a silk scarf or use the cooling option on your hair dryer to keep your hair from frizzing up too much (and just to keep it from smelling a gross, sweaty mess).


Clean your scalp when you can’t wash your hair.

Not everyone has the time or even want to wash their hair after every sweaty workout, but when you feel your scalp getting dirty and want to keep your head clean and do so quickly, dry shampoos and moisture cleanse products/sprays go a long way. Part your hair in sections. Get a clean towel or wash cloth and dip it in warm water. Spray your scalp with the moisture cleanse product (Taliah Waajid’s is great) and then wipe your scalp clean with the towel. Let your hair dry and then it’s back to being fresh!



When your hair is fresh, focus on strength training.

You’ll sweat whether you like it or not if you work out hard enough, but if you recently did your hair, focus on less strenuous workouts that cause you to sweat profusely. Strength straining can help you tone up, decrease the sweat, and keep your hair together.

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  • Thank for share this article. It’s very useful with me.

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  • Take Care Those Edges/Hairline

    Most of these “gym hair solutions” will cause your edges to bald so be careful on the tightness of your hairstyle and how much gel you place on your edges to “look good” at the gym, cause when you leave the gym your edges may not be “looking good”.

  • Who’s that lady

    I also wear my hair pin curled when I’m at the gym

  • MuscleMansWoman

    MN needs better researchers and better writers. Strength training can make you sweat as much as you would from doing cardio if done correctly. Using gels and creams prior to working out can cause a woman to develop acne in the scalp from the mixture of sweat and extra junk. The pores need to be open to allow for better circulation as the body transitions. Wraps can restrict flow, nor do they keep one’s hair from getting wet from sweat. It just centralizes the location of sweat to area of the head that’s covered. The best thing to do is to plan to spend some time washing, conditioning, and styling your hair properly after a good workout. Your scalp, face, and hair will benefit better in the end.

    • OSHH

      ITA….. I was thinking applying all that product and mixing it with sweat and other products already on your hair is no bueno and yes strength training will have you perspiring. I either pin my hair up in a loose way or ponytail it or when it was shorter just let it hang.

  • D4ovey

    This list tho…..

  • AllNaturaal

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  • ohreally

    Stop the madness ..I’m working out not trying to be cute or checking to see of any one cares ill do my hair when I go out for real……smh

  • PuLLitYouWnt

    #10 is a good tip

  • SheDevilsRule

    I guess they hire folk’s who don’t have a high school diploma. * IN TACT * Really??
    LaKrishia Armour, you don’t have spell check?

  • Etover

    What grown woman would need a lesson on what to do with her hair at a gym? You made it all these years without that common sense.

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    “Intact” is one word.

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      They almost made it two whole sentences with out fuhkin up.

      I’m thinkin they should take baby steps and just try one sentence articles.

      • Jelly

        Yes! I had to read the third sentence three times. I wish they’d just write and stop trying to be witty. They really should invest in journalism and editorial classes.

        • SnowStormsinDetroit


          It definitely couldn’t hurt.

      • SheDevilsRule

        LOL I agree

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