How To Grow Long African-American Hair Fast

February 16, 2011  |  

African-American women have asked the question for years: “How do I get my hair to grow faster?” While there are ways to speed up hair growth, unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to get one’s hair to grow fast. Healthy grows at an average rate of 1/2 of an inch per month; six inches of hair growth in a year isn’t much to sneeze at! However, damaged or over-processed hair doesn’t yield the same growth. If you want your African-American hair to grow as fast as it can, follow these tips to keep it healthy enough to do so.

1) Keep your ends trimmed and moisturized. African-American hair with split ends will break and cannot grow strong. Get hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks until ends are healthy.

2) Deep condition hair after each watching to prevent drying and breakage.

3) Avoid gels, mousses and other products that are heavy on alcohol and other drying chemicals. Select high quality products that are designed for African-American hair.

4)Don’t brush your hair often; brushing breaks African-American hair. Also, use a wide-tooth comb instead of a fine one, which will tear your tresses.

5) Take vitamins and eat healthy! Vitamin deficiency can contribute to slow hair growth. Hair and nail vitamins that claim to make hair grow super fast won’t make your hair grow much faster than it’s normal healthy rate, but they still contain much needed nutrients that support hair growth.

6) Reduce heat styling; the more heat you expose your African-American hair to, the more damage you will cause.

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  • Rae

    #3 What other products are you talking about? I use Marcel Curling Wax in my hair. Is that bad?

  • JamDiggety

    I dont care what anyone els says, trimming actually DOES work! It may will grow without a nice trim (for some people), but if your stuck trying to grow it… try trimming.

    My cousin’s hairs’ were short, and wouldent grow for nothing. Till my mom said trim it about every month. They wernt so sure about it at first, but then it went from the bottom of the head, to 2-3 inches below the sholders within a year (or 2…).

  • Gaga

    What do u think I think these tips actually helped me grow my hair faster and healthier

  • Gaga


  • Gaga

    This is so not true I tried it it doesn’t help

  • Gaga


  • Gram

    i dissagre because you air dry that causes breakage

  • Nicole

    I’ll share what it’s happening to me. My hair is by my shoulders and they never grow, I have a relaxed hair I guess that maybe is to dry, so now my hair is falling 🙁 I going cracy!!!! I want a long hair =) So now I will buy a vitamins named perfectil and try those oil treatment and protein (egg) I hope it works.

    Do you have an advise for me?

    I will like to know about your experiences.

    Sorry for my english I from dominican rep. 😀

    • lyly

      go to dominican beauty salon they will tell u what to do and they have good product.

    • none the less

      when you're at shoulder lenght, that's the critical point. you should wear your hair in pony tails, buns, and other protective hair styles. the hair is brusing up against the clothes and thats whats probably causing the breakage.

    • gee

      go to

  • Keep hairstyles fresh, prevent damage, HELP HAIR GROW LONGER, all while you sleep with 100% silk & satin pillowcases, hair wraps, silk scarves & more! Google ESSENCE OF SILK they have the best prices & selection.

  • I agree, my mom hardly ever trimmed her hair and it was about 4 inches past her shoulders.. massaging is also good for the scalp for healthy growth!!

  • I agree with all but #1 on trimming. Your hair can grow long without trimming. Yes your ends may be a little ragedy but it does not affect the GROWTH of your hair.

    My hair is currently about 15 inches from the scalp and I trim maybe once a year and keep the ends tucked under.

    • Rae

      #3 What other products are they talking about? I use Marcel Curling Wax in my hair. Is that good or bad? I agree with you. My hair is finally growing pass the neck.