How YOU Doing? Celebrities Who’ve Publicly Slammed Wendy Williams Over The Years

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After the social media-based tongue lashing Evelyn Lozada gave Wendy Williams yesterday for referring to her newborn son as a cash register, and reading the different responses from our readers, it’s clear, Wendy is a polarizing figure. Folks either love her or hate her, but in celebrity land, there are quite a few people who can’t seem to stand her. Comments she has made on her talk show, and in the past on her radio show, have put her out there for criticism from many people, and now that social media is big, many of these celebrities have spoken against the talk show host and former shock jock online. Here are a “few” examples:

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Whitney Houston

Who could forget this interview? After years of speaking on Wendy and her drug use on her radio show, one day, back in 2003, Williams finally had the opportunity of a lifetime to chat with the Houston. However, it didn’t go well–for Wendy. The legendary singer went all the way in during the interview, calling Williams out about her comments about her and her family (she was still married to Bobby Brown at the time), and at one point told her, “If this were back in the day in Newark, I’d meet you outside” and “‘Im sure when you look in the mirror you have some reservations about your look, too … I’ve seen you! I KNOW how you look!”

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NeNe Leakes

Despite going on Wendy’s show multiple times and seeming quite chummy with the talk show host, NeNe Leakes was no longer having it with Wendy after she implied that NeNe’s marriage to Gregg seemed more like a friendship than anything. This was around the time that Leakes was planning her wedding and doing her spin-off show, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding. Before Wendy said that the couple didn’t really have chemistry, NeNe was saying that Wendy would be invited to her wedding. But after the fact? No dice.

“@WendyWilliams don’t know SHIT about my relationship! Have you seen her and Kevin kiss? Yuck”

NeNe hasn’t been to the show since and the two are no longer as chum-tastic as they once were.

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Method Man

Don’t speak about a man’s wife crazy, especially if that man is Method Man. Wendy knew some info about Method Man’s wife, including the fact that she was suffering from cancer. In 2006, she shared this information on her radio show, not knowing (or maybe caring) that his wife didn’t want people to know about her health issues, and just her personal business in general. The M-E-T-H-O-D Man didn’t appreciate Wendy spilling the beans, and in a long video response, basically called her quite a few harsh names (“You know how uncomfortable that makes somebody feel, especially somebody who’s going through chemo? Stupid a** b***h.”), and even issued a threat:

“I aint coming on your little show to bark at you about it. I’m a street n***a and that means it’ll be dealt with. You’ll be seeing me.”

Wendy later apologized on her radio show for putting their family business out there.

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Lil Kim

Wendy said what many people had been saying for years about Kim, but in front of an audience and the country, she spoke about the rapper being upset at photos that came out of her looking a LOT different, which she said were altered by the paps:

“Kim, in my mind, I know your goal was always to look like La Toya Jackson. You’ve out-La Toya’d La Toya in your new look, and don’t blame Photoshopping. Blame your plastic surgeon, girl.”

Lil Kim responded with quite a bit of vitriol, taking to Twitter to call her everything from a hating a** you know what, to claiming Wendy used to mess with the Notorious BIG: “Stop hating on me because U sucked Big’s d**k & he didn’t want nothing to do with yo a** after that.”

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Porsha Williams

Of course, this just happened last week. Wendy invited Porsha Williams on to her show in the past to talk to her about the drama going on in her life, and to her face, told her that she was “less than smart.” But after doing it behind Williams’ back on her talk show in front of an audience ready and willing to diss the RHOA star, she had enough, going off during an appearance on V-103:

“She’s calling me ‘less than smart’, she’s less than a woman. You shouldn’t do that…But this is the same woman who said that I should’ve had a baby by my ex to get cash. Really? Never. Never stoop that low…You know what, for her to have that type of platform she has, she should use it better than she does. I’m disappointed in her. I’m not even going to really insult her and go too low, I’m just disappointed in a woman like her to do what she does every single day.”

In the past, she pulled a move similar to Evelyn Lozada and put Wendy’s husband on blast: “Should you stay with your husband after he cheats? Or Should you judge everybody else and not want to be judged? @WendyWilliams”


Fantasia and Kandi Burruss

Tired of the talk show host talking crazy about them and their relationships on her program, during a chat on Watch What Happens Live, both women said that Wendy needed to mind her business and focus on her own ish. Kandi had this to say about Wendy’s negative influence on her mother and how that played into Mama Joyce’s beef with Todd:

“Every week Wendy was coming on, you know, saying negative things about my relationship with Todd and then my mom would come, ‘You know Wendy said … even Wendy said …’ Every week. I was like, I don’t care what Wendy said. Let’s ask Wendy about her relationship.”

As for Fantasia, she said, “Nobody’s asking her about hers. It’s not her business.”

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Bobbi Kristina

Like mother, like daughter. Just as Whitney had her issues with Wendy’s comments about her, Bobbi Kristina isn’t feeling what the talk show host has to say either. Wendy (or her people) posted on Facebook a question about whether or not there should be a delay in Bobbi Kristina receiving the inheritance left behind by Whitney Houston. In her own interesting way of posting things on Twitter, Bobbi Kristina said:

“TRUST ImNOTworriedNORthinkin abt @WendyWilliams#Ragedyass && all her accusations . Lol I laugh at clowns. I#OVERCOME. Expect nothinless”


Jennifer Hudson

During an interview back in January, Jennifer Hudson made a statement about being tired of hearing people talk about sex all the time in their music (“Ain’t you too old for that kind of thing? Can you talk about something else?”). On the Facebook page of Wendy Williams, it was implied that the statement was shade towards Beyoncé (“JHud may be throwing shade to Beyonce”). After that, and attacks by the Bey Hive, Hudson responded, tweeting, “if u took my general comment and YOU singled out someone to apply it it to , then that would mean that’s how u feel. Not me.” She also retweeted this statement by a fan: “Some people [@WendyWilliams] just like to stir the pot.”

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Janet Hubert

Nobody came for Wendy Williams like Janet Hubert, who is best known for her days playing Aunt Vivian on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She called Wendy out not just once (in an open letter that put Wendy on the spot for her words about Whitney Houston before and after the singer’s death), but twice. It seems after Wendy brought up Hubert’s name in an interview with Tatyana Ali, in response, Hubert called Wendy everything from a demon and big-footed to saying the host had big teeth and was evil. Yikes.


Tameka Raymond

Many people were looking at Tameka Raymond a little sideways after she fawned over a pretty hot shirtless photo of her ex-husband, Usher, whom she had just bitterly battled in court for custody of their sons. When Wendy called her out and said she couldn’t have it both ways (both drooling over the man and then trashing him in court), Raymond responded, going surprisingly easy on the talk show host:

“Man @WendyWilliams you’re making my real boos mad at me over a simple compliment. Sheesh..

Go to bed @WendyWilliams …. Let it burn. LOL …. Its never that deep. Promise.”


Chris Brown

These two went at it twice. The first time was after Brown was pissed at Wendy for talking about him and the domestic violence incident with Rihanna on her show. He called her a man in response and she snapped on him on her show. Somehow, he ended up on her couch soon after. But last year, he lashed out at her and Perez Hilton, who came on her show and said that Brown had “half a brain.” He called both of them out on Twitter as “Princess Perez and wicked witch Wendy.”

“can’t take advice from 2 buff chicks when one can’t stand to look at herself without plastic surgery and the other is forever on his period”

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Momma Dee

When Wendy called Love and Hip Hop ATL “disgusting,” “ratchet,” and said that it “makes me embarrassed to be black,” in an interview with RumorFix, Momma Dee (Lil Scrappy’s mother on the show) acted quite the fool over Wendy’s comments, calling her the b-word. She said that Wendy doesn’t know the cast enough to trash the show like that:

“A c***ker paid you to do your own show and you’re going to belittle us … Wendy you forgot where you came from!”

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Will Smith

Did you know about their issues? Wendy pissed the Fresh Prince off so bad with her criticisms of him on the radio that he actually put a diss about her in his song “Mr. Niceguy” from 2005, which also called out Larry Elder and Eminem too.

“Wendy Williams, you don’t know me
I’m not your punching bag
You gon blow me up girl you better leave me alone
Before I buy your radio station and send you home”

Oh Will, stick to acting.

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Gayle King

Gayle King actually had to call Wendy a liar in 2011. After King went to CBS to co-host the The Early Show, Wendy Williams claimed that Oprah wasn’t feeling that move and that the two had a falling out. However, soon after, Wendy read a letter on her show that she said was from Oprah, which refuted claims of issues between the two besties. However, King did an interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show soon after and said that Wendy never received any type of letter from Lady O:

“The letter that I heard Wendy read – I didn’t see it – I know Oprah never wrote a letter to Wendy. I said [to Winfrey] ‘I’m getting all these messages that you wrote a letter to Wendy,’ and she goes, ‘Gayle, you know more than anybody knows that that’s not true,’ number one. Number two, when Wendy was saying, ‘You know, I think it’s gonna put a dent in their friendship?’ When this opportunity was presented to me – and make no mistake; it is an opportunity – the first people I talked to were Oprah, my son and my daughter. And I said, ‘I don’t know; I don’t know. They approached me, but I don’t even know if I should entertain it,’ … [Winfrey} said, ‘Are you kidding? This is so what you do, the news is what you love … you would be crazy to pass it up!'”

Wendy would later say that she had no reason to lie and that she got the letter from someone in Oprah’s camp named Chelsea Hettrick.

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The late rapper didn’t have love for Wendy and her radio show back in the day. He was reportedly upset that Wendy said that during his stint in jail, he was raped. He talked quite crazy about her in his song “Why U Turn on Me,” even saying “I’m gonna put a $20,000 hit, through Jenny Craig, to come find your a** and put you in a fat farm, you fat b*tch.” Again: Yikes!

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  • Dinah

    Can I just point out that all the people that has beef with Wendy (because she tries to belittle them) are us African Americans. Like damn, she’s having laughs with the white folks (and the few black folks that she knows not to try to bad mouth), but every gossip/news about us is trash!! With her and the news berating, it’s no wonder we’re not banding together to at least help ourselves do better and get ahead. Not to say we have much power over celebrities, but it’s an obvious take away from the beefs Wendy’s made. This is the same ‘woman’ that clinks glass with Kathy Griffin who believed if she had made the joke referencing Zendaya’s hair to weed, it wouldn’t have been an uproar. Really!?!?

    I’m not saying she doesn’t have a right to speak her mind, but if she’s only gonna bash and trash, why continue to support such poison!!

  • spookym

    Surely the list doesn’t stop at 15!

  • Kai

    Now on the other hand Wendy does come across as a bit hypocritical at times and that is my issue with her. She sometimes gives advice that she herself doesn’t seem to follow or apply to her own life. Her husband cheated on her, which she was candid about. She took him back, but I have heard her tell other women that they should leave under similar circumstances. As business savvy as she appears to be I was shocked to hear that she didn’t have a prenup herself.. or so its been said.She also had plastic surgery. Those of us from NYC remember how she looked prior to the plastic surgery and weight loss..back when she was rocking the over sized sweat shirts and high ponytail. She was much bigger, not much of a shape, until she had her son and decided to change some things. She has always been very candid about the work she has had done unlike some in the industry who prefer to pretend that they are au but we know better… She had a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast implants, and botox. She was not unattractive prior to the surgery ,but far from the glamour chick she currently is in terms of style.. (my opinion) She has always been outspoken and unafraid to say what others shy away from talking about. The “how you doing phrase was one that she said on her radio show all the when she was emulating the way that her gay male friends and associates talked and dragged their speech when they said certain things. She still has a huge gay fanbase…I always thought of her as sort of a black valley girl.. from Ocean Township NJ.. who happened to hook up with a few hood dudes like her husband..who she made her manager. Don’t think he had any industry connections to entertainment prior to meeting her. He had quite a few rumors out about him also which leaves many to question why she spends so much time talking about other peoples relationships…

  • Kai

    Wendy Williams has been doing what she does for a very long time, as far as dishing dirt on celebs is concerned. She was infamous for this in NYC, during her radio career. People listened in as much for her juicy gossip as they did to hear the music..maybe even more so.She was kind of like a female “radio shock jock”.I can recall Wendy back in the day discussing on air the “gay rappers” when it was still very taboo and almost unheard of in hip hop. Yes she made many enemies, but make no mistake about it she also retained a loyal fan base, and ironically many of the names that she listed back then ..well many have been in a round about way revealed to infact be questionable. I don’t know where she got her info , but she seemed to have legitimate people leaking it to her. Her TV show is a very mild tamed down version of what she did on radio to be honest. The TV show naturally has given her a broader audience..aside from her syndicated radio show. She now has actors, actresses, and people other than just singers and rappers to interview. I do recall many of the above listed feuds, especially the one with Whitney Houston. I believe that it was around that time that she revealed that she too had been a coke addict, for yrs in the prime of her career, although people in the know pretty much knew this already. Whitney called the radio station and told Wendy off.I do remember that. I remember Judge Mathis telling her off after Wendy read on air a letter that she said was sent to her by a stripper that claimed to have slept with Judge Mathis. He denied it and apparently had done his homework on her, because he mentioned her drug use, prior abortions, etc. It got so bad that Wendy was asking her listeners to call in , as a show of support for her… I was at work cracking up. Puffy..Diddy whatever name he goes by at any given time was responsible for getting her fired from a station in the 90’s, for
    talking bad about him and claiming to know for a fact that he was a bisexual man..(which by the way I do believe). She lost her job because Bad Boy was major at the time, and Puffy had some clout. She ended up going to Philadelphia for yrs until I think WBLS brought her back to NYC area by offering her a show on 107.5 WBLS. She went right back to doing what she always did.. play music and dish dirt..
    Sometimes she did over step her boundaries by taking things too far, such as in the case of the Method Man and his wife having cancer situation, and quite a few others, but she was popular. She did that first TV show on VH1 or MTV one of them cable networks and basically it was just her in a radio station type environment doing what she does.I think it lasted for a little while before it was cancelled. Eventually she was offered the opportunity to do her current Talk Show..and the rest is as they say history.

  • ShebaBarb

    Wendy Williams is hilarious. I don’t do much TV watching but when I do and she is on I get a real hearty chuckle. It’s her job to put people on blast and trust me she has a staff that is working to get the information that she needs to do the job she does. Is it right? No, but it’s what she does. Others do it and aren’t getting paid but Wendy is.

  • saintm

    Porsha..really…you insult your own grandfather’s legacy (civil rights) by not even knowing about “the underground railroad” …she actually thought it was a railroad that ran underground (like the subway)..then she said the year has 362 days …what would you call such a person…clueless might be one word…but surely you have not proven yourself to be the sharpest or even a sharp tool in the shed…don’t blame Wendy…read instead …You are quite funny on dish nation …kudos

  • Arjay

    I guess other black folk don’t like it when Wendy speaks the truth about them.

  • Joseph Destimd

    Common, this Wendy is really too Ugly to be in TV, no Attraction no body shape.

  • Evelyn Jenkins

    They left Beyoncé off the list.

  • Dee

    The word “celebrity” continues to be used very loosely.

  • Lorraine Wilson

    I feel that wendy Williams is a total phony

  • BooBoo

    Looks like Momma Dee is a filthy Racist!

  • Doris Conner


  • ladyday forever

    most of the comments about wendy Williams happened when she was on the radio. I listened to her on the radio and I watched her tv show. I like wendy not always her comments but that’s her opinion. some really important ppl you didn’t even have on the list of not liking her, but I will not help you with that one. she can get the inside scoop because her man is from the streets and other sources (magazines). she tells you she read life & styles etc. so they don’t like her because she puts the real deal out there. she’s a big mouth everybody should know that by now, so why are you so surprised when she tells it? lol the white folks just take it on the chin, the black folks take it personal stating “she don’t know me”. she has an audience to appease ratings to keep high, so if it ain’t true, why you care?

  • mich

    Love you Wendy

  • Gena A

    who cares if they hate her.. I don’t like most of these celebs anyway. esp Portia, Nene & Kandi. Wendy tells it like it is – I agree with her most of the time. Few times I don’t but will always watch. There is no one we will agree with 100 percent. Some people just don’t like to hear the truth

  • Gena A

    many people hate her but can’t stop watching ….haha

  • zoo animal

    Wendy reports on gossip she’s heard, some factual some just speculation, than gives her opinion…. isn’t this America? I thought we were entitled to free speech and free thinking. I like her, she says what people are thinking but won’t say #howyoudoin

  • Charlene Lopez

    you all need to do your homework…WHERES her BEEF with JUDGE GREGG MATHIS??????

  • RDDD

    I look at Wendy’s show for two segments; the celebrities look alike and when people meet celebrities out and get to take photos with them. The don’t like the mean spirited gossiping that she does about other celebrities at all, that when I turn to another channel.
    I do understand why so many of them don’t like her, she’s a real piece of work. I hope she can take what she dishes out about them because sooner or later her day will com and maybe then she will realize how much it hurts when it you.

  • sinsin sin

    Ha ha Porsha Stewart what a complete idiot….she says she will not go that low and insult Wendy …..but she will on National TV. get angry and start swinging ghetto style at another woman drag her to the floor and fight over a comment she did not like…….also dumbo Porsha you proved Wendy’s point when she said you should have had a baby ……it falls perfectly in line with your ghetto attitude.

  • sinsin sin

    My take is I believe what Wendy says about Nene, as much as Wendy can be annoying she is very rarely wrong about what she sees…..I also have never seen the so called chemistry that loving couples display with each other, in Gregg and Nene. I go so far as to say I think Nene is gay.

  • PLA

    They are all Nigs! lol

  • Riot50000

    Are those Breasts hers? I mean, NATURAL?
    A SERIOUS face lift would have done her a world of good.
    I am sorry, but I would have to put a Sac over that face to fhok Wendy.

    • Micah

      Lmfao that is so true. Just don’t eat that lol

  • Ana Smith

    momma dee=racist

  • ChocolateHunnyB

    What will Wendy do when her much younger husband leaves her for a pretty much younger woman? Will she discuss it on Hot Topics?

  • dangkids

    Momma Dee, the N*G*a racist, can kiss MY WHITE @$$!!

  • Zippy&theCandles

    after my interest was piqued by the mariah carey song, I started watching her on youtube, and must admit I was addicted for a solid 2 weeks where I solely watched her because I really think she has an awesome personality that comes across on her show. but then I realised that she’s insipid, vapid and superficial, and moved on to something that was more solid. I have no issue with a sista making bank though, and all she really does is report the celeb news, so I have no issue with her because what she does is no different to E; but like E, she’s just not my type of entertainment. and the celebrities get even more publicity so they need to just chill and do what they do

  • jtrose

    Bobbie would look just like her mom if she got a nose job and close that gap. That bushy eyebrows hubby/stepbrother needs to go.

  • kim

    She needs to learn how to read properly, I cringe every time she starts to read from her cue cards also known as idiot cards. All she really does is use the gossip from the internet gossip blogs and repeat the stories via daytime television platform. She is harmless and will disappear with the trend of us being so involved in celebrity life as a distraction of our own reality (I’m no exception :).

  • Toosmart2bfooled

    Admittedly I do watch her when I am home. Long story short…she’s ghetto as hell. A trouble maker and a nosy heffa.

    • Marlane


  • Moe Grayson

    Wendy looks like DRAG QUEEN!

    • Marlane

      LOOKS like one?

  • LOLMan

    yeah, never liked her. She is very rude and disrespectful to a lot of people. I am glad I am in good company.

  • notconvincedgranny

    Wendy has no self-respect, so she has no respect for others. When she sat up and cried because her son wasn’t a “fan” of hers like Madonna’s son, I was done on both sides. Silly cow. And she needs to get those udders deflated.

  • kds0116

    Wendy, you have a lot of black viewers who enjoy watching your hot topics. Do you think you could speak more positive about the few black hot topics you talk about? Do the experiment yourself and go back and review your hot topic tapes. It’s not even close first of all how often you might even mention any news about black actors, singers, or shows; and when you have 95% of the story comes with a negative commentary from you. It’s really started to look like you have a problem with supporting black celebrities while wanting them and us to support you. We love you, but the streets are talking. Thank you

  • BlackBarbie2000

    But to keep it 100 Lil’ Kim gets notorious hate for nothing, Wendy will constantly find ANY WAY to bring Kim up then bash her.

  • Slim

    I’m sure Wendy doesn’t care who does/doesn’t like her. I’ve heard her say that she doesn’t make friends with celebrities, and doesn’t attend industry parties, so it’s not like she’s talking her best friend’s business on television. Also, she’s made a career that has spanned decades from spilling gossip. Any body who was a celebrity when Wendy had her radio show could expect her to talk about them, thus getting free promo because she mentioned their name to her large fan base, and anyone who’s a celebrity now should expect the same thing on her show. This is part of her brand, why would she stop now?

    • KjB

      She doesn’t attend industry parties because she CAN’T, after talking trash all day about people, she knows it may not be safe for her to be there. And if you believe she chooses to be on the outside looking in on the rich, famous and beautiful, your fooling yourself. Also it’s one thing to dish dirt about people but to be crude, judgmental, and overly opinionated.

      • patricia cyphers

        Truman Capote spilled a lot of trash about his celebrity friends and in the end he didnt have a single friend. it gets you in the end! she will learn this first hand. the sooner the better in my humble opinion.

    • Jacqueline Battle

      If you are in the limelight why do you let your business be know by anyone. Its not like Wendy is watching moves by the ones she talking about. Most of the stuff is on the internet the night before.

    • notconvincedgranny

      She doesn’t attend because she isn’t invited. Joan Rivers would get an ask before Wendell.

  • leftcoast13

    2pac record is classic ,go to youtube and listen to the original unedited he goes in on Wendy at the end of the song

  • candy cane

    Good comeback Chris Brown…!!

  • KjB

    There are a lot of distasteful, rude and ignorant things Windy Williams says on her show and I do notice that she’s one way when she’s talking and being opinionated during hot topics and when the artist is sitting on her couch. There are truly a few things I wonder about regarding her comments and opinions while sharing information. she’s always making comments about celebrities marriages, choices regarding marriage and what and who a young lady should marry, but people in glass houses…., her husband works for her, when she was younger why didn’t she marry an older man with money? And most importantly when her husband cheated we barely heard a whisper, yes she may mention it in passing but she decided to stay…I wonder why? Also, she’s always talking about the decisions young people in Hollywood make, especially when it comes to crimes committed in their youth, but she better be careful about the things she say, she has a young son (that’s only 13) and he has a long way to go, no one knows the choices he’ll make and the roads he’ll choose and most importantly where he’ll end up. You just don’t talk about nor dog anyone for their past. She talks about Chris Brown like he’s not human…all people make mistakes, some take longer than to grow than others, how long did it take her to quit drugs?

    • Marlane

      Wendy’s husband is a front. She’s a tranny.

  • guess

    Wendy did not call the child a cash register she called the baby daddy a cash register. Where is accurate reporting in the media?

    • Janelle

      Actually, Wendy said she GAVE BIRTH to a cash register.

  • Deveree Greenwood

    Wendy Williams is a black woman who learned what her best assets were for a dying industry and took all her skill-sets to re-invent a televised avenue from her own personal roots. No one should have the right to tear down the legal achievements of any person who they have witnessed toiling. We are talking about pure change from their personal life and career decisions. Generally, Wendy Williams provides information about people each public citizen pays for by their endorsements of purchasing products that establish and keep the career of every known celebrity. The good, the bad and the evil of life are more prominent, when a person grows beyond poverty to wealth and fame. HATERS will be haters…but life continues. It is always best to be positive and evaluate all aspects of a situation, before YOU judge with repercussions to another persons life. Especially, since this is NOT a perfect world….and we have the bad and evil elements which could harm a person because of what YOUR words manifest. If the English language was NOT powerful…..we wouldn’t be using the internet … WOULD WE ?

    • Jacqueline Battle

      She often mentions her addiction as well. She keeps it as real as tv gets. Would like to hear about her personal life but that is personal.


    Smh losers getting at an even bigger one…windell needs to stop talking about ppl anyway…how u gone talk when your show is being taped in an abandoned highschool auditorium

  • Bianca Williams

    Oh please, look at this list! It gets funnier and funnier! Chris Brown,.Evelyn Lozada, Bobbi Kristina, Janet Hubert, Whitney Houston, Momma Dee?! BOFL looking at these people that “so-called” clapped back at Wendy only makes me think this article was done SOLELY because somebody at MN don’t personally care for her. These people only got at Wendy because she commented on THEIR OWN public humiliation! The only exception is Janet Hubert who is just forever bitter about her abrupt exit from The Fresh Prince.

  • Tea Bailey

    That all they go! An interview with the late n gone Whitney…. She speaks her mind. Everyone have haters. I like Wendy. She keeps it real! Now if u got some shade to hide under. Then thats ur fault. At least she lets u get it out. Good or bad. But this ad is a joke. Go after somebody thats closer for the media to destroy..

  • Bianca Williams

    If it weren’t for Wendy Williams there would be NO madame noire, or radio gossip segments, etc. People love to hate on Wendy, but let’s face it: she pioneered celebrity gossip… Before Wendy, every and anything you wanted to hear about celebs you had to wait and watch Entertainment Tonight… Before Wendy, there weren’t slot of gossip mags either other than the National Inquirer and Star (I guess)… If thnoere were no Wendy these gossip blogs and celebrity journalists (ie: Madame Noire, PEREZ Hilton, TMZ,etc.) wouldn’t be here today. You can hate on Wendy all you want to, but FIRST be real! Had it not been for WENDY pushing the envelope in celebrity gossip and getting down to the nitty-gritty and talking about what she seen/heard celebrity gossip wouldn’t be at the plateau it is now. Hate her or love her Madame Noire, but ask yourself one thing If there were no Wendy Williams, where would celebrity entertainment be? Where would YOU be?

    • disqus_ApdHvDcdNP

      O.K. SISTER!!!!! TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!! MAN! I LIKE THAT!!!!!! GOooooo BIANCA!!!!!!

    • rob

      I do not hate her, but I think she want so badly to have the wealth and fame of those she always dissing. I’am also sure that the kardashians thank her every day for all the attention she gives to them. She may not like them but they’re more entertaining than Wendy by a long shot. You may not like them but they make serious bank.

      • Bianca Williams

        Well, if that’s what she wanted, SHE HAS IT! Tell me, who doesn’t know of Wendy Williams? And I’m sure the Kardashians thank her everyday as well, being that EVERYTHING they do they WANT someone to talk about it because everything they do IS for money, I mean, HELLO? Kim won’t even wear the same outfit throughout a day because the paparazzi won’t photograph her twice in the same outfit, HELLO?! Kardashian fans love to use “well, they got ‘bank”…. AND, SO? Apparently that’s ALL they have IS money! I couldn’t imagine being born into a family where it’s all about money, money, money, money, money. Cameras CONSTANTLY in your face, in the streets AND at home, my mother belittling me if I’m not skinny enough or pretty enough to fit the “family brand”, seems like everyday life is a FULL TIME JOB. So, if that along with “their bank” paints a happy picture for you, then YOU continue to love em, by all means! As for me, I’d rather keep my normal, boring but happy, middle classed family! We may not have the “bank” of the Kardashians, but we CERTAINLY are not poor and struggling either! I don’t envy them, at all! I’d keep my LOVING average American family over a depressing wealthy one, any day!

  • guest

    Love you wendy- all haters can go jump off a bridge!

    • Guest25

      Says the “hater” (((rolls eyes)))

      It’s 2014 and it’s time to come up with a new term to attack people with whose opinions are different from yours. Grow up!

  • BaybeK8s

    There are many more celebrities who have ill feelings towards Wendy. People are not going to just sit by and take her insults for long. People don’t mind doing a Porsha on that butt. In the words of Chris Rock, “I don’t condone it but I understand”. LOL

  • Bubbah

    Folks need to kick Sandra Rose’s a-zz next. She’s a mean, bitter, jealous west indian!!

  • Samantha

    Well when you talk sh!t about people everyday you can’t expect that people won’t talk sh!t about you. That’s life!

  • Suchalady

    Method Man is married?!

  • Meelah

    I said it before and I’ll say it again.Wendy is caking of this gossip game..and she has a huge platform to do so..these other chicks only got Twitter and 2¢..they get a little hype for a hour..and back to being not mentioned..The Method Man and Whitney Houston thing was wrong I will agree,but they made her famous..If notice her guest list on her show has gotten a lot better,Halle Berry,Kerry Washington,Kevin Heart,Idris Elba,etc, she winning,why address a dead issues,once she say it,she done..she not making THOTS famous for beefin with them

    • Jacqueline Battle

      I agree with most you said but I did not hear the Method Man story but was working listening to the Whitney Houston interview and it was what it was.

    • KeepinItGorgeous

      No matter how long her guest list is, or who it is, it’s not a factor. She talks about everyone. Sometimes, she throws in a short diss between two compliments so many won’t catch it. Everyone you had listed, were verbally attacked at one point or another. She’s just rude. If I were famous, I wouldn’t be on her show at all, only because I know how I would react.

      • Micah

        Me neither, cuz I’d punch Wendell in his hidden Adam’s apple

        • patricia cyphers

          her guest list is rarely anyone from the “A” list. once in a while someone from the “A” list appears but i believe they dont watch her show and dont know how she is. they are usually there to promote something they are doing and dont really care how they do it anyway. she will walk over anyone to get where she believes she deserves to be. the bottom line is she thinks she is on top and what she doesnt know is what she is on top of is landfill!



    • Calvin375

      And going straight to Hell for it!!!

    • Hot Medusa

      Good for her; perhaps she’ll take comfort in her money when that’s all she has to turn to…life and happiness is so much more than just having money…and if you look into her eyes, you can see that she’s not “happy”.

    • patricia cyphers

      who cares if she has money. i sure dont. it makes absolutely no difference to me how much she has. she is turning into a sociopath right in front of us all. she simply will not feel guity for what she says. i think her husband is a thug and in some ways she is as well. in fact he looks like shug night! lol

  • Shaina Smith

    Charlamagne the god does the same thing and he getting famous! When guys does it it’s ok? NOT!!!!

    • Kai

      He was Wendy’s side kick for a number of years on her NY radio show yrs ago.

  • Thaddaus Perkins

    whoa i didn’t know that about method man….she was definitely out of line for that.

  • always right

    The thing is that she isn’t saying anything that most other people aren’t saying about these people. Who wasn’t talking about Whitney’s drug addictions? Who doesn’t think that Mama Dee is ghetto beyond reproach? Who hasn’t wondered what Lil Kim is doing to her face? Wendy just talks about it in front of a national audience. The only one I really just don’t agree with was that whole Method Man situation. That was going too far. But the rest of them, if we’re all being honest with ourselves we’ve said to think some of the same things that Wendy has said about these people.

    • Lisa Tate

      That was wrong. She shouldn’t have told the world that his wife was suffering from cancer.

    • Joseph Destimd

      She should say something about herself……..She is really Ugly.

  • eisha0417

    I love her! She says what we all think!

    • Suuzie

      She dogs black, but you seldom hear her say anything about white people other than Lindsay Lohan.

      • louise_1

        She’s definitely an uncle Tom when it comed to whites.

      • Guest

        I never thought of that. I always assumed she dealt with the celebrities that she/her target audience is interested in hearing about.

      • eisha0417

        You must not watch the show. That woman talks noise about EVERYONE.

        • Calvin375

          She’s really not worth watching anymore. She’s jealous hearted and mean spirited and she looks like a man!!!

      • RDDD

        I thought I was the only one that notice that. But what she forgets is she’s black also and her day will come sooner or later and I

    • Jacqueline Battle

      She is doing her job which calls for media talking. Hey I am not mad at her for making those dollars. She knows that is part of the game. She has her conscience to live with too. I remember when I was working staying after work to hear on radio. She is similar to that woman the one had too many face lifts, Joan somebody. They have a job to make money and in the entainment world people do not take it all that serious.

      • Calvin375

        So she sold her soul for thirty(30) pieces of silver!!! What profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?!

      • folamix

        I always said she is similar to Joan Rivers. People love her or they hate her.

    • Guestu

      Except she does,’t reveal being born MALE!

  • pia

    Wendy ALWAYS comin for somebody and when they respond, she acts like addressing them on twitter is beneath her. I stopped watching her show when she had Toni Braxton on (who I love) and was d*mn near kissing her a*s, then a few days later talking about how broke she was and didn’t need to be buying a new house. Wendy Williams is sad. Her show will not have longevity as long as she keeps coming for the people that she has on there.

    • dammesansmerci

      Actually, her she does have longevity.. Her contract was extended to 2017 last year, they don’t do that for a lot of shows, she ain’t going anywhere lol

      • Entertainmentluvva

        preach wendy ain’t going anywhere it’s her damn job love wendy !

      • Merl

        I believe what @disqus_qUmCEta5o6:disqus is trying to say is that if she keeps making her guests irate, who will she bring to the show? They will refuse to make appearances.

        Soon she will have to narrow everything down to only the “Hot Topics” segment with no interviews at this rate. Bashing someone a few days after a cordial interview is just…. there are no words for how i would feel.

        There is a way to report the truth without being so mean about it. It’s all in delivery but hey then again it’s all about ratings since she is proudly “vilain to the stars”

        • Merl

          EDIT: I believe what “PIA” is trying to say…………….

        • ccbywayofdc

          It’s been 3mos since u posted this comment and you predicted it…
          Sometimes when I m home from work her shows are reduced to Hot topics and ask Wendy.

      • Hot Medusa

        So what? That means nothing as networks cancel shows and contracts everyday. Nothing is guaranteed in the entertainment industry. As the saying goes, “you’re only as good as your last show.” And if she continues to burn bridges, she’ll have no A-list guests, therefore, she’ll have no show.

        • dammesansmerci

          Um not, she doesn’t lack for A-listers on her show… she says it like she means it. She’d rather not be phony, it’s her way which is the honest way. She’s probably the only one bold enough to actually say what everyone else is thinking.. Clearly it’s working, cause her show has had a very successful run #proofisinthepudding #kanyeshrug

    • louise_1

      She’s so very two-faced. I don’t watch her anymore at all. She will talk really bad about someone then get them on the couch and kissing a$$ big time. I also hated how she goes over guests appearance. She’s so jealous hearted and thinks she looks good. She is so mistaken.

      • Calvin375

        She looks like RuPaul’s older brother!!!

        • DaTruf

          Older, unattractive brother at that! At least RuPaul can fool people into thinking he’s a woman. Wendy can’t convince me she’s NOT a man! #extraequipment

          • Micah

            Even Caitlyn Jenner looks better than Wendy ever will, and she’s 65!

    • djs

      Her show may have longevity but Wendy will not be blessed in life. You can do your job and what you love but you don’t have to be cruel/evil. You can not behave in any manner and not be dealt with. Wendy is going to reap what she sows and it’s not going to be nice. It may not be in 2, 3 or 5 years but it’s going to happen.

      • Guest

        Girl, Bye!!!!!

        • patricia cyphers

          she is constantly giving herself “priase”! when she praises a guest she invariably slips in some praise of herself as well. its my firm belief wendy is a very jealous woman. this is where many of her insults stem from. i too believe she will fall. not right away but eventually and it will be big! she will go after someone whose quiet power will destroy her. i cant wait!

  • Nathalie Jürgen


    • Ayalee

      Beyonce, JayZ, Kris Jenner to list a few

  • dagr8

    Uhmm this list should be longer

    • kiki j

      Right that’s what I was thinking because on her radio days celebs used to go in on her.

    • Calvin375

      MUCH LONGER!!!

  • Nya Jacobsen

    I love Wendy. She’s a loud mouth with a microphone. She can be mean spirited, but I don’t feel sorry for rich people’s problem.

    • guest

      Well donot expect rich people to feel sorry for poor and middle class problem

      • YourHonor

        So which one on the list are you? tell us why u mad

        • guest

          We all know which one you are. -the typical loud mouth who is hateful who sits your over weight butt down watching wendy williams and not having a care in the world because your living off on others money and hard work. The best part of it am sure wendy williams will talk about your dumb self to.

          • Nay Nay’s Twin

            BAM!! TY… LOL

    • cat b

      I am with you I absolutely love her. Does she take things too far? Maybe? But, she is giving her own personal opinion which is her G d given rights.

  • lashelle

    so surprised lil wayne aint’ on this list.

    • brownin329

      Surprised Diddy’s not on the list, too.

  • Monique Jackson

    I’ve never seen an episode of Wendy williams show and by the looks of the stories don’t plan on seeing one either

    • R.Thompson

      so true, I watch part of her show once because a foreign girl group was on it and she was so rude to them.

      • Punkandglamour

        I watched that too, ONLY because the wondergirls were going to be on there and she didn’t even talk to them or anything!

        • R.Thompson

          So true I never heard of her until wonder girls, dislike her right there. Then she tried to drag beyonce in ger stupid show and I wasn’thaving it