¡Feliz Día De La Independencia! Our 9 Favorite Dominican Celebrities

February 27, 2014  |  
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If you’re wondering why Dominicans is trending on Twitter it’s because February 27 is the day the República Dominicana celebrates its independence from Haiti in 1844. In honor of this day of celebration — and no doubt good food — we’re counting down a list of our favorite Dominican celebrities.

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Hosea Chanchez

Our love for Hosea Chanchez is most certainly not a game. The Dominican actor stars as Malik on the hit BET show “The Game” and, let’s be real, he’s half the reason ladies watch the show.

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Dascha Polanco

Dascha Polanco is new on the scene, but has quickly become one of our favorite actresses thanks to her role as Dayanara in the hit series “Orange is the New Black.” We also love that the Latina actress proudly reps her Dominican and Puerto Rican roots.

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Zoe Saldana

Who would’ve thought the lead beauty in “Drumline” would go on to become one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Thanks to her role in “Avatar,” producers, directors, and audiences can’t get enough of Zoe on the big screen, and the best thing about that is she’s never had to water down her Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage to thrive in Tinseltown.

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Junot Diaz

Puliter Prize-winning author Junot Diaz grew up in Santo Domingo before his family emigrated to New Jersey. He’s written extensively about what it’s like for Latinas growing up in the Dominican Republic and migrating to the U.S. with their families and establishing a new way of life and is often lauded for it by the literary community.

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Tristan Wilds

Whether you’re calling him Tristan or Mack, the fact remains that Mr. Wilds is one cutie. The half-Irish, half-Dominican actor is now tearing up air waves as a Grammy-nominated singer and the ladies are so here for that.


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Tahiry José

At the very least, Tahiry deserves love for turning down Joe Budden’s proposal and finally deciding to be done with the Slaughter House rapper. Besides that, though, the Dominican beauty is truly a sweetheart, — a sweetheart that doesn’t take any mess — and for that we love her.



Brooklyn-bred rapper F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s is the son of Dominican and African American parents and his lady Emily Bustamente is Dominican and Puerto Rican.

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Arlenis Sosa

Clap for brown girls on the runway. Dominican model Arlenis Sosa has taken the Fashion world by storm. Not only did she appear in Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion show, she’s also the current spokesmodel for Lancôme.

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Juelz Santana

Dipset in the building! Even if you aren’t a fan of this Dominican-African American Harlem rapper, we’re pretty sure you’ve noticed he’s great on the eyes.

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  • sexyasstruth

    Honestly who cares really? Dominican can be black as tar and will proudly denounce being black. They think they are better than people. They are the dumbest that’s why they are duminican. They treat Haitians bad to this day in their country. Why are you even mentioning these people. If you go on latino gossip site they don’t say happy black history month or favorite blacks we love. Dominicans are the most sneaky, caniving, dumb and selfish ppl i live around them and cut off a few fake dominican associates off. I would trade a mexican over them anyday. Stop showing ppl love that think you are scrum and they are high class which they will never be a inch close to.

    • Espanol Guerra

      I have to agree Dominicans are pretty slimy people. 84% of Dominicans have African ancetry and when you tell them this they act like the Dominican Republic is a White Hispanic country like Spain. Jajajajajaja Truth is that Dominican Republic is an Afro Caribbean country like Haiti but they will deny it with a passion. People ask them if you say you are Hispanic why don’t you look Hispanic and then they make up another lie saying they are Taino. LOL Studies have showing that only 10% of the Dominican Population has Taino ancestry and 90% do not but they will still lie about it.

  • Guest

    eqeqweqweq qw eqwe

  • Dee

    That is a lie. Slanderous propaganda

  • Meena

    That not true

  • Tristan Wilds isn’t half Irish. His mother is half Irish. Whatever that means. His daddy is black.

  • Step

    Dominicans and Haitiians have been slaughtering each other for years…doesnt make it right…but it isnt one sided…

    • Dee

      Dominicans slaughter Haitians because they are Black. Point blank and the period.

      • Step

        Your comment makes no sense…Black as in color? The island is Afro Carribean …Dominicans and Haitians are of African descent, When the slaves were dropped off they were dropped off on the island of Hispaniola. The island that Dominicans and Haitians share…

      • Or Nah

        Dominicans are Black too

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Tristan Wilds??!?? *gasp*

  • Val

    It’s difficult to celebrate anything Dominican considering how the DR has been treating its citizens of recent Haitian decent. With that said, I’m a Juno Diaz fan. Love his work.

    • VeryTrue

      Ain’t that the truth.

    • Dee

      I’m glad you said it!!!!!!!!!!! It’s hard to celebrate a country who not only rarely ever recognizes their african ancestry but also treats their own neighbors inhumanely. Get it together DR!

      • Step

        Thats interesting yet “you” celebrate and partake in pagan holidays with a country that kills African American youth (that don’t identify as african), incarcerate African American men at rapid rates and continuosly disrespects the enitre African American Community/ Race…Question do you celebrate/recognize your African ancestry? Your comment is judgmental. There are many Domincans that celebrate their african ancestry sorry you havent had the opportunity to meet any. How easy to point fingers and identify flaws at others…maybe because you recognize the traits in yourself…We all have flaws and ignorant folks in our race dont condemn the whole is my point

        • Dee

          Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know we knew one another. Please, continue telling me about these pagan holidays I celebrate

          • Step

            Nice, you disregard the rest…deflection…lol, continue telling me how much you know so much about my countries history based on what you hear from your beloved Amerikkka…gtfoh. Please enlighten your self on the history of the Espaniola before you spew your western garbage. Wow it’s real…America has “you” hatin “yourselves” and your “brethrens”…instead of hate, celebrate with us the day of our independence.

            • Dee

              First of all, se ayisien mwen ye… In other words I am Haitian. So the subject matter is closer to my heart than you would know or would ever know. I have PERSONAL accounts of the very racists and biased treatment that myself and my family have suffered at the hands of Dominicans and their government.

              So while you are busy bad mouthing America and ASSuming I don’t know what I am talking about, take a sec to let it sink in that I may actually more more than you. And al chita sou yon bagay pike, k! 🙂

              • Step

                Well you more than anyone should know your history and speak truths. And though you may have suffered personal pain that shouldn’t cloud your judgement or your ability to reason.
                This is not one sided and never has been.
                And there are horrors committed against humanity not just Haitians but Dominicans as well.
                I’m not comparing my level of pain to yours because their is no measure to one’s pain but i do advise you to educate yourself and others around you and stop spreading falsehoods as to the atrocities that are being committed by BOTH Haitians and Dominicans.
                With that said: Se pou Bondye beni yo epi pwoteje ou ak fanmi ou.

                • Dee

                  I never claimed that Haitians have not committed crimes against Dominicans. What I did say is personally, as a Haitian American, I cannot support/celebrate a country that has and continues to commit egregious crimes against my people and country. That is all.

                  • Or Nah

                    Then I hope u never celebrate the 4th of July

        • sexyasstruth

          They don’t celebrate it they put on a act. Did you see the documentary Black in Latin America? Watch it. Brazil, Mexico, Cuba and some PR say they are black but the most obvious ones like Dominicans hate to be associated with them.

      • mightsoundcrazywhatimboutasay

        How do you know this?

        • Maggie

          I don’t know Dee, but they may have traveled to DR and Haiti and have witnessed the cruel behavior with their own eyes like mw.

          • step

            Is it much different than what’s goin on in America? Chicago? Detroit? Camden? Where in Dominican Republic did you visit that you personally witnessed cruel behavior? and what did you witness? Just wondering why such negativity in the forum towards Dominicans yet people continue to visit our country. Tourism is at an all time high. The atrocities committed are not one sided…I just wish people speak of what they know and not what they assume or hear…

            • Maggie

              The comparisons to the US cities may have validity but I have family in Haiti, not those other cities you mentioned. So it hits close to home. Atroocities may not be one-sided but it is lopsided. From Haitians trying to get work, going to school, receiving aid and traveling to and from DR–they go thru it! Its the truth, the ugly truth.

    • worldfamouslr

      well, people in this very country treat its citizens of African decent (black people) less than stellar, but i’m sure you have no issue “bigging” up the USA… Clearly you know very little of the history of Dominican Republic and Haiti. so with all due respect, do not make baseless comments like these because it makes you sound ignorant

      • Step

        Thank You!!! Argullosa soy yo!!!

      • Val

        Sorry but that makes no sense. Bringing up the “USA” is just a smokescreen to avoid dealing with the horrific way the DR is treating its citizens. I think you need to do some research and come back with facts rather than just your hurt feelings.

        • Woot

          A smoke screen? The way Blacks period were/are treated by Whites is worse than anything u guys are mentioning right now

          • Val

            That’s the smokescreen. To say something else is worse than what we’re talking about is just a way to obfuscate. Of course there are things that have happened that are worse but that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.