Heeeeeey Ms. Carter! Beyoncé Posts Pics From Jay Z’s Birthday & More

January 29, 2014  |  
Source: Tumblr Source: Tumblr

Another day, another set of Beyoncé photos. This time these shots appear to be taken during Jay Z’s 44th birthday celebration. His birthday was December 4 by the way. You may remember, the day before his birthday, Jay announced that he and Beyoncé would be taking part in a 22 day Vegan challenge. And what better way to kick of a Vegan celebration and your 44th year than what looks like a very chill party with a few close friends. You can tell these people know Bey and Jay for real for real because they are completely unfazed by the playfulness most of would have gawked at. Check out more pictures of Jay’s party and other moments Bey Bey decided to share on the following pages.

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  • Ifuaskme2

    I’m starting to wonder about Blu Ivy. I mean with all the paparazzi out there why hasn’t anyone seen what she REALLY looks like? Hmmmmmm

  • Focused

    I just wanna know who took these pics? Because obviously they were pretty bored.

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  • amir b

    Someone is taking the pictures so well planned. Everything they do is well scripted.

  • Moira

    The fact that she travels with a professional photographer for these “candid” photos, speaks volumes.. Promotion constantly.. Nothing seems genuine

    • hollyw

      “Professional photographer”..? Huh lol? How are these different than regular Instagram photos with filters?

      If she IN the picture, why would you automatically assume a photographer over one of her friends? Ijs…

      • Mimsy

        Because she’s been traveling with one since she started her tour and “opening her life up”. She banned all photographers since the Super Bowl and wants to control the images of her. I’m sorry, but they try to give off a perfect vibe.. and it’s probably not

        • hollyw

          Ahhh…I see.

    • Perfect

      Agreed and for the record there several people she has filming and taking pictures of her constantly apart of her team.. Nothing with her is accidental. When people take a selfie its obvious but when you are having a photographer take pics its obvious as well. You think she asks her team to give her all the pics they take of her and she uploads them? You think that shot is a selfie. Come on …. LMAO. No that is someone’s job to take pictures and put them on tumblr, tweeter and etc she is involved in approving them or disapproving them. BYE……………….. I do not hate or detest Beyonce. Its not that deep. this is my opinion on a blog. Good day.

  • Pretty Problem

    Jay Z has been 44 since ’08! What’s his real age?

    • FeelsGood


    • Brooklyn Marie


    • Kels

      Jay is no damn 44.. Dude look lol he is pushing atleast 49

  • rockei

    oh good they brushed that babys hair a little bit finally 😛

  • Sha Har

    I Love the Carters!

  • kiki j

    I still don’t understand why they won’t do that babies hair. But she’s adorable and they are a cute family.

  • msvonnz

    I am not a Jay z fan but I love seeing him with Blue Ivy. You can tell she has him wrapped around her finger.

  • Ree

    Beautiful….its a shame how miserable lonely bitter people spin things.

  • BabyBlue

    Either Jay Z is really tall or Beyoncè is short but, appears to look six feet on TV

    • aye

      I think it’s a lil of both. Jayz is about 6’2-3″…Bey looks to be 5’6… in 6+ heels she’s just under him.

      • BabyBlue

        She looks like a little person compared to him.

  • guest

    Damage control for the grammy’s

    • Sha Har

      Beyoncé always post a lot of pics, especially family pics! Get your life!

      • Avril111

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