You Gone Learn Today: Universal Things That Make Women Mad Without Fail

January 27, 2014  |  

Give us some credit: we can be understanding about most things. But there are some behaviors that make the blood of even the coolest girlfriends boil.

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  • Troy_Davis

    Guys, I am more than CERTAIN that you have to do what she says in reverse. This article SHOULD really be called “You Gone Learn Today: Universal Things That Make Women Fall Madly In Love With You Without Fail” If you think I am clowning around then TRY IT and see. I am not kidding.

  • Kyle

    “When we are furious with you, point out something you clearly did wrong…” – Ummm…no? Usually what happens is this: woman gets mad, stays shit-faced, we ask “what’s wrong?” and they say “Nothing.”. Like we’re supposed to be omnicient.

  • Keland

    I didn’t make it through the rest of the slides because I was stuck on the ‘not responding when we yell’ thing. No one, woman or man or girl or boy likes to be yelled at.

  • Lisa

    Didn’t scroll through the whole list but the “I’ll stay out of it thing” got to me with my ex. I was clearly being bullied by two of my room mates and he didn’t think it was good to but in. We didn’t belong together but that really irked me, even now that I look back on it, it still does. Staying out of smaller situations is fine but your girl has to know you have her back when it comes down to it. I always had his even with smaller situations.

    I even told him someone sexually harassed me at work and he “stayed out if it” even though it wasn’t explicitly said by him. He actually said that sexual harassment was hard to prove, basically stearing me to not say anything about it.

  • KnowTheLedge

    This list convinces me the author is going to be single for a VERY long time. This list is astoundingly immature… Women please ignore 90% of this childish rant and make the decision of what works for you for yourself.