Bleaching In 2014: African Singer Dencia Blasted For Pushing Skin Lightening Cream, “Whitenicious”

January 16, 2014  |  

Before…and after

The product “Whitenicious” sounds like a defunct Blaxploitiation movie to me, but in reality, it’s a pretty popular skin lightening cream that according to reports, sold out within a day. A part of its success might also have a lot to do with the fact that it’s an extremely controversial product, and peddled by a famous singer who is catching major heat for endorsing it.

Dencia, a Cameroonian singer (who allegedly also reps Nigeria), is the face behind the product. She has done a lot of promotional photo shoots in damn near nothing at all in an effort to get people to try the product, and in every photo, her Nicki Minaj-esque body is covered by Casper the Friendly Ghost skin. Here’s what “Whitenicious” (with prices ranging from $50 to $150 based on the size) is supposed to do for you according to her official press release, courtesy of Bella Naija:

“Whitenicious by Dencia” for dark spots which clears dark spots caused by anything from acne, wounds, hyper-pigmentation bruises etc… on any part of the body. It works on all skin types including sensitive skin and “Whitenicious by Dencia” for dark knuckles, knees and elbows. A lot of people suffer from hyper-pigmentation on these areas and this product clears up the pigmentation to match the rest of your skin. It can be used on all skin types and everyone from white to black. 

You know, clearing up dark marks and scars is one thing (I think we all have some spots here and there we aren’t always so fond of), but trying to wash out your black skin to look like you’re the black bleached white Barbie is something else. And that’s what I’m getting from these “Whitenicious by Dencia” ads. Seriously, the singer appears about five shades lighter than she actually is in the ads (see pic above), often wearing huge curly wigs and bright green contacts. Whether she intended to or not, by having her skin totally morphed by the product or by simple Photoshop, she’s giving people the impression that white skin is preferred, and that “Whitenicious” is going to give folks that bright ivory look she has in these pictures. Considering that the product sold out in a day, it seems that that’s what people want. How heartbreaking.

However, there are people who have verbally slammed Dencia for her product, and many have done so on social media and sites promoting “Whitenicious”:

“you suck. this product sucks and unless its for discoloration due to medical issues…ALL OF YOU are only perpetuating the self hate so many blacks have and deepening wounds. Congrats #Aholes”

“Dencia’s bleached skin, surgically enhanced assets and photoshopped image is everything women should aspire to be. The name whitenicious? Genius. She ain’t subtle is she?”

“I have never understood our infatuation with bleaching away our natural skin colors besides being a major case of inferiority complex, sure you may look lighter on the outside but on the inside you are still who you are….”

Even crazy Kola Boof has lashed out at Dencia on Twitter, picking a Twitter fight with her about the product and getting some nasty digs in:

“Dencia used to be a dark luciously beautiful Black African Queen. But now she’s an imitation White woman. A bleached SCAB”

“You selling that Whitelicious s**t to African children. That makes you proud? You selling your soul. @IamDencia

But Dencia has found a way to take all of this criticism in stride, wiping her tears away with money. She says all of it has helped the product be such a major success so fast, that she even wants people in the States to try it:

“Damn I need to send media takeout a check .. Sales Up 1,000%! all Americans .. Can’t wait 4 u ladies & Gents 2 say Goodbye 2 Dark spots.”

“S/0 to everyone supporting whitenicious & s/0 to those indirectly supporting but thinking they’re hating with PHD worthy Essays. #FreePress”

“@toyeenb na I ain’t replying lol I’ll come back when I need more free publicity,had enough. sales skyrocketing while they Rant. #Biz101”

According to the World Health Organization, about 77 percent of Nigerian women regularly use skin lightening products, and with famous people who should know better pushing such foolishness, I can see why the numbers might be so high. Do what you want to yourself, but don’t peddle that s**t to your people and try to pretend like it’s solely for cleaning up spots here and there when people’s body parts are turning a completely different color (see below). It’s 2014, when will we stop with this?

Instagram Before…



Check out Dencia in action:


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  • LotusBud

    Because most males all over the world love fair skin on a woman, and it looks good on them.

  • LotusBud

    Her new complexion is so pretty. I like it on her.

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  • Niaa

    I don’t recommend this product but there are some people in the world that are so insecure to where they think having lighter skin is probably helpful. In this world, in this society, light-skins “supposedly”
    are the best. Especially in the young community. Some people are so insecure that they will actually go through skin whitening, along with Botox, implants, surgery, etc. To me, it don’t really matter what you do to yourself as long as you’re confident. As long as you can look in the mirror and be happy with your decision. Confidence is the most sexiest thing in a person, and if you have to go through all that just to have confidence then so be it. It shouldn’t matter to anyone what other people do with their skin. Its THEIR SKIN!!! Its their body, it’s their life. And I honestly think Dencia look beautiful dark and light.

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  • debinbrooklyn

    “Sold out” is relative. 10k units is not sensational among a population of millions, especially with some buying multiple units.

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  • denadiva

    she looks good in her before pic…so she put that stuff on her whole body? lol if it works for spots and blemishes OK but your whole body? lol smh what a joke…

  • She was beautiful with her dark skin. As a person that is in love with advertisement, “Whitenicious” ad for there product is just wrong. She did not only cover a dark spot, she covered her whole body. Its sad to say but some black woman just want to be lighter.

  • NativeNuYorker

    Much of our self-hate stems from years of oppression and being told that we are inferior. After years of ridicule in the media, advertisements and the butt of jokes as well as Jim Crow and segregation, we can understand the feelings of inferiority that exists with so many of us. We now have the rejection (you can call it whatever you want) from our own black men. Far too many would rather be with white rejects (over weight and uneducated) than be with beautiful intelligent black women. So yes, when you see more black men with white women or black men with anyone but a black women wherever you are, small or large city, south or north, than you see black men with black women and know that black women are the least married race in the universe than that has to cause psychological damage. So please don’t blame the victims. Black people need healing.

    • LotusBud

      Yeah, i always found it to be so odd that black women are the only women with virtually no options outside their race. Other women can move around a bit pretty freely. I think skin color has a lot to do with it. For BW, lightening/whitening their skin would improve those options because lighter skin signifies attractiveness on a subconscious level – even if it’s not really true. Men would be more open toward bw because they would be offering something that they really like. It’s not about psychological damage, it’s about being completive in the sexual/marriage market. BW need to do what they need to do.

  • jasa like fanpage facebook

    Like This 😀

  • Post Zoo

    Shame on you

  • Teresita

    Skin lightening is a trend and its the way to go 2014 so the sooner we come up with a Convention on the Use of Protective Skin Lightening products, the better.

  • hhuhu

    ygyufguyfuyfuyfuyfg ıugıug

  • poly2petro

    these products not only harm our environment but also endangers our health

  • Lee

    This goes on in India as well. Google Fair and Lovely skin cream. Suddenly, Sammy Sosa comes to mind. Damn shame.

  • Pruszkow Mowi


  • jmjg


  • Δ.Ιωακείμ

    white or black, we are all the same.

    Overmore, i dont think these pics are real..

  • Thomas Tuc


  • elektriktasarrufu

    nice article

  • Guest

    nice and beautiful

  • LiberalGilt

    Not so sure these pics are real. I went on the web site and all the after shots for all the models are very very lite. Like they were under exposed so the models appear way lighter than they are. Also, not sure the video attached on this site was pre or post but she seems to have a normal skin tone in it.

  • LiberalGilt

    May I clarify….she looks hot either way. Maybe she has vitilago and that’s why she did this.

  • LiberalGilt

    Who cares? She looks damn hot. I’m more interested in what happens if she stops using it and exactly how much of that goop does she use every day? Seems to me, she needs to be applying thousands of dollars a weeks to get that lite. I’d be afraid the results wouldn’t be even and I’d look freakish instead of hot like her.

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  • BambooJim

    We got ladies doing nearly everything to chase an image: anorexia, skin bleach, spray tans (can’t look too white, you know) and high colonics in low places. And guys doing nearly everything else to look like macho-jackasses.
    When will the madness stop? Never: It’s just human nature, live with it. Revel in the contradictions.

  • She is an adult. She can go do whatever she wants to do. People tan so why cant she whiten? Plastic surgery and hair coloring is acceptable so why not this?

  • Whites want tan… Dark-skinned people want to be white…
    People with straight hair want curls… curly-haired people want straight hair…

    What’s up, people?

  • edcvgyjm


  • edcvgyjm


  • bloop

    she looks gorgeous

  • Whizz Smith

    did she not know that she was Beautifull an famous what more did she want ,,,to be what she was not born to be

  • جمال_11

    الطيز ياكون معتديل

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  • Guest

    Could this be because black guys prefer white women?

    • LotusBud

      no, it’s because women look good lighter.

  • sunni_daze

    Self hate amongst black women has really sad. The idea of being anything other than the color you are born with breaks my heart. Not to mention the impressionable little girls who see this and think that “it’s white so it must be right” mentality. We really need to teach our daughters and sisters to love themselves more. Magazines have a sick twisted veiw of beauty.

  • MuskMuseMouse

    She just a fantasy product image in media world. She use ton of photoshop, makeup, lightning and much more to look like ancient demon. Remember guys. It’s only business. Best business is using people emotional, fear, hatred and die bodies. The two real colors is Red and Green. There’s a way to make this disappear. Love yourself and don’t feed the beast. Your hatred and attention is making her famous. She maybe right now drinking wine in Paris. Even you successful become bleach blonde black barbie. You’re still poor, black and everything negative in the world. You could still make black babies,too. The only beautiful black women on Earth is the smart and real ones. Once you light the skin up. Let me get you some head ups: vampire, missing sunlight, cover, pre-mature wrinkles, peeling, cancers and much more. Once you get old. Your skin become wet, ashy and grayish. She have professional doctors to take care of herself. While white people bathing in the sunlight with their family and friends. Bleach people still sitting at home broken and sad. My love to you is wisdom

  • Evelyn

    So sad….I pray that you one day will be able to love you for you …..women are AMAZINGLY beautiful . Everyone has beauty to show forth to themselves first. ..everyone else second …#blackisbeautiful

  • Netta

    I have been told mostly all my life that I am not beautiful. I don’t even think I heard it from my father or even a father figure in general that I am beautiful. You right, that IS her problem, but I can’t blame her for what she did to herself but I not condoning that she is trying to make others do the same. But this is the new norm now for us dark skinned women. I have been trying to find products online and at stores to this day to make my skin lighter just so I can not get picked on and be more attractive. I already hate my body as it, and sadly I look like my father in the face, small boobs, small butt and when i do try to rock what I have, I feel that its no use. It’s not good enough and on top of that black society and mainly black men are not accepting my beauty anymore and of course not other race of men either. Not one person can at least say “you look pretty” or anything just to make me know that someone likes my natural beauty. I hate that I am not in the standards of what society wants me to be. My mom has been the only constant black woman in my life that has told me I am beautiful but now I don’t even believe her or God that I was created beautifully. I have been put down so bad that I actually believe that I am ugly. And the sad part is that I might not never love myself and that I might change it to look better than what I look now. My 2 sisters look like my mom so they have guys finding them attractive, my mom is more attractive than me. But since I have the dark skin, with no curves and have a masculine look, I have the ugly face and body and its not fair. I want to love myself as a black dark skin woman but at the same time, famous people are showing me “in my opinion” that “the lighter the better” or “the thicker the better” and since I am not none of those things, I am being punished for how God has made me. You can’t really mad at us for hating ourselves, we have been told this for so long, even during slavery and now there is nothing I or anyone can do but change it. I’m not talking about the brown skin or caramel skin, I am talking about the dark dark skins, that is has been a personal issues for years and it is never going to stop….

  • AbigailTea

    “Unfortunately” this is her decision regarding something that she owns.

    She owns her skin right?

    In my personal opinion, she took it to the extreme by literally going too many shades lighter than what she was. I personally knew someone who has gotten 2 shades lighter than what she was and it suited her features.

  • Erin

    I want to be angry but all I feel is pity and despair that my beautiful sisters (AND brothers) feel so ashamed of themselves that they’ve developed this Bluest Eye (based on the Toni Morrison book) complex: everything will be OK if you’re white. Nothing bad can happen to you if you’re white. I want to feel angry but I just want to cry and seriously shake these people and tell them they are beautiful exactly as they are. Besides- the cream does NOT change your DNA: you can whiten your skin, marry Michael Fassbender and your kid may still come out looking just as beautifully dark as your original self.

  • Mrs C

    Please Please and Please, 77 percent of Nigerian woman do not bleach. I don’t know where all these organizations get their statistics from. There are over 40million women in Nigeria. Saying 77percent bleach is really not fair.There are a lot of naturally fair girls here.All Africans are not dark skinned.

  • rainbow

    Disgusting. She looked better dark

  • all I can say is


  • L.B.E.S

    you are beutiful

  • An Artist Too

    She is great…I love the video and she is very, very pretty…stop all the hate!.
    With an industry of loving “Light/white” skin,Black Men loving light/white skin, all which is wrong”because Black is beautiful, but it is what it is!, you got to do what you got to do!
    People are going to do what they want to do regardless if this cream is good for their health or not!
    I look forward seeing other things she is doing or gonna do!

  • Jena Perry

    She is a wack singer, promoting the most blatantly racist product, so why is she even still allowed out in public?

  • Captain Howdy

    “about 77 percent of Nigerian women regularly use skin lightening products, and with famous people who should know better pushing such foolishness,”

    Why should they know that? Because they’re famous and don’t automatically keep all their old insecurities and character flaws and whatever else? That’s a stupid assumption to make.

    • Captain Howdy

      I’m sorry, ‘stupid’ was harsh. But you get what I mean.

  • tamrachelle

    Sales are not up 1000% and they are not all Americans. She’s just trying to save face, nobody is stupid. When she gets a raging case of Leukemia I suggest she not beg anyone for money to help with her treatments either.

    • Katrina Anderson

      Hair relaxers have been linked to fibroid tumors. Would you be in favor of refusing medical attention to black women suffering from tumors if they used hair relaxers?

      • tamrachelle

        If you peddle a cancerous product, and its killing you, do not ask me for financial help to bring you back to health. As in donations. Nothing in my post said that doctors who have taken a Hippocratic oath should refuse TREATMENT to people with cancer. I’m saying, if you are the CEO of a Big Tobacco company, don’t ask for handouts if you get lung cancer. Same with this woman.

        • Katrina Anderson

          The Cameroonian singer, Dencia, isn’t the CEO of the company that makes the bleaching cream; she’s merely a spokeswoman.

          To say that Dencia shouldn’t ask for help if she develops cancer sounds as if you’re saying Dencia deserves cancer if it develops after using this product. Would you also say that black women who relax their hair and develop fibroid tumors deserve the tumors as well?

          • tamrachelle

            If you ARE A SPOKESWOMAN FOR A CANCEROUS PRODUCT, and you GIVE YOURSELF CANCER ALSO, I am not going to give you 50 cents, I’m not giving you a quarter, I’m not giving you a dime. Why you are comparing leukemia to fibroids is beyond me, fibroids are benign. You’re so hard up to get your point across you’ve lost it somewhere in your passion against relaxers. And yes, if you’re the spokesperson for cigarettes and you get cancer from it I hope you saved your coins, cause you not getting my money either. Nobody who willingly kill themselves and poses bikini pictures trying to get others to use that same cancerous product is getting my money for any kind of treatment when they start to DIE. They can get YOUR money, donate all you want. You can nurse her white a** back to health for all I care.

            • Katrina Anderson

              It’s true. Fibroid tumors aren’t cancerous but they can cause prolonged heavy periods and severe stomach pain. Some women opt to have them surgically removed because of the constant pain from fibroids. They may not cause cancer but it’s fair to say they can greatly reduce one’s quality of life.

              It’s your right to do with your money as you wish but I would hope that others be more empathetic when it comes to helping others. It’s this kind of malicious payback that women, minorities, and the poor are constantly fighting. “Had sex a teen? Well, you deserve to have your life burdened with a child and we’ll make sure that happens by restricting access to birth control.” “Have a felony on your record? Well, you deserve to have your voting rights restricted forever and don’t even think about applying to college because you won’t qualify for federal assistance.” Those in power systematically restrict access to social aid and civil rights because they feel those who are disadvantaged deserve to be punished as much as possible.

              I may not agree with you on how you feel about this woman and her skin-bleaching but that wouldn’t play a role on my decision to help you if you needed it. That’s called humanity; people helping people regardless of how they feel on issues and regardless of how they got there.

            • Katrina Anderson

              Fibroids cause a lot of pain and heavy periods for some women to the point that they have to be surgically removed. They’re not cancerous but they can be a major disupter to a woman’s life.

              My point is that part of humanity is helping those who are suffering regardless of how they got there. It’s bad enough that our culture is regressing towards an attitude of self-righteousness and an inability to empathize with someone just because they’re human. No matter how you and I may disagree on a matter, your stance would have nothing to do with whether or not I helped you in your time of need. Whether or not you believe in a god, the ability to empathize with other humans is universal.

              • tamrachelle

                Give her your whole paycheck I don’t care. It’s obvious you are just trolling. I am not interested feeding you anymore.

  • zina

    If it’s gonna get rid of dark spots and blemishes, I would use it as well. However I don’t want light spots all over either. I just can’t see it working that way. In the 2nd picture above, her hand gets lighter but her knuckles are still darker than the hand. 3 pic, there is no pigment at all.

  • Katrina Anderson

    I’m going to take a nuanced approach to this topic. I do see skin-lightening as sad but is it so different from 99.9% of black American women straightening their hair, praying to God that their babies will keep their “good hair”? I’m not sure if there is such a difference. Personally, I don’t relax or straighten my hair but I’m no longer outraged by those who do. It’s a losing battle so now my stance is “to each her own.” Hair relaxers are just a part of life for black women and I actually do like a lot of the styles.

    We (black Americans) are outraged by this practice because skin lightening isn’t something we see every day. We aren’t subjected to the marketing for skin-lightening products that those in Cameroon are. It’s unheard of in the US and would be extremely taboo. But if there is a difference between skin-lightening and hair-relaxing, I’d like to know what it is.

    • Captain Howdy

      Because with the latter, you don’t become Michael Jackson.

      • Katrina Anderson

        Beauty is subjective. Millions of women outside the US choose to bleach their skin to attain their measure of beauty, which is probably different from the beauty standards of women in the US. If skin-bleaching looked natural and allowed women to look like light-skinned black women rather than dark-skinned black women, would it be okay?

        • LotusBud

          Skin bleaching does make black women look black, they just end up looking sexier and fresher with the lighter skin tone. I think some of the backlash is that having lighter skin would significantly improve black women’s looks, and some people are afraid of that.

  • nosambo

    this is a travesty why, destroy yourself with this mess and more importantly what are the sise effects besides looking like Ronald McDonald. This clearly is a self hate system designed at its bes, just look at the caption, Say goodbye to pigmentation, then they add, and dark spots…..really is that what we are, dark spots…..smh I’d rather be a dark spot than a pale shadow of my true self.

  • Traffic news

    I hope she dies of cancer! Disgusting people! Africans are proud people and this idiot doesn’t represent a continent of 1 billion people. Isn’t she selling her products here in the USA? How many Africans can afford $50-$150? She’s selling her products to Black Americans!

    • Angela Denise Williams

      When she refers to her “Sales Up 1,000%! all Americans “…America encompasses a lot of countries that included both North America & South America. I’m a Black American in the USA, who shops for beauty products on a regular basis in one form or another(at least once a week I check out the local Beauty Supply Store), & I’ve never even heard of this product nor have I seen any advertisements in US Black publications for this product which the thing to do if you’re marketing it to Black consumers. I personally, thinks she’s exaggerating, because people are going in all hard on her.

  • ladyc

    I just have one question…what’s gonna happen when it’s time for her to have a child? If she’s with a black man (no matter how light he may be or unless some other genetics kicks in), the child will have brown skin. Will she bleach the baby too??

    • LotusBud

      Well, if the woman is really light, she may have more opportunities to have a child with fairer skinned males, so they child would be lighter naturally. But she’s with a black man, she may have to use the lighteners on her daughters around age 12 or so. Asian women start lightening/whitening their daughters around that time, so bw wouldn’t be alone.

  • Iya Eko

    Why does everyone ALWAYS find something to complain about? It’s HER body… HERS… If she wants to look like a busted out chicken head voodoo priestess reject, then shyt, LET HER FAWKING BE.

  • Izzysez

    I’m so confused, you call for the empowerment of black woman to love themselves, while calling Kola “crazy” as if you know anything about her mental state. What happened to loving ourselves, or is Kola outside of that range because she says things that don’t jive with you? That’s really offensive and degrading.

  • bitchsbrew

    And yet she was so hot before! Sad!

  • Sharelle D. Lowery

    The bad part is…you cant stop using this cream. Its like your skin becomes addicted to it, it has been known to cause cancer. Its soooo unfortunate that we are still dealing with this.

  • Megan

    Self hatred and drama aside… if this really works the way they say it does I want it for my knees. I tore them UP when I was little. UGH!

    • Katrina Anderson

      Products with hydroquinone might work for that.

  • scandalous7

    girl bye!

  • Samantha

    Like ants out of a hole, every time black people make progress, there is a bunch intent on holding us back. She can take her skin lightener and shove it up her butt.

  • Young African gal

    As an African woman, I see this all the time among young women in my African community. Hell, it’s going on in my own family. I have older cousins who are using these skin toners (as they would like to call it) to “correct” dark spots. Chile please….the whole family know they’re bleaching. I’m extremely dark skinned, I’m talking Lupita Nyong’o (beautiful Kenyan actress) dark & I LOVE my skin color. In my opinion, I think mainstream media has put into our heads (well not all of us) that lighter is better and that it looks better and is superior. That idea has many who are not educated on the dangers of these “skin toners” and lightening buying into this bullsh*t. She’s pathetic for preying on the insecurities of those who may have image issues to make money.

  • This is a stupid comment…beyonce is a light skinned woman. VERY
    LIGHT…you want to blame someone for the way that GOD made them?? did
    she ask god to be light or something. Some of you morons direct your
    anger at anything even tho you make no sense.

    • whatever

      I agree, while I do think this singer from she looks gross…I feel like if you going to look like white paper..which even not every white person is that white either…you either should be albino or born with a skin problem..such like Michael Jackson had..but that’s crazy..and beyonce is very I actually think the makeup she uses make her darker..she can’t help that she took after her mother when it comes to skin color..people kill me with beyonce bleach..why she already light skin..they act as if she was always dark skin..and when a camera flashes it makes you even lighter..we all should know…it’s crazy..

  • Brooke Sheraton

    Uuuuum in her video she is still her chocolate self..poor thing, lol. Wow!

  • LiiSH

    I would be terrified to touch anything that could do that to my skin in any amount of time, let alone between 7-30 days. Ick, I bet its packed with carcinogens.

    • Jessica Dailey

      I was thinking the same thing! The amount of poison you’re absorbing from that product is terrible!

  • what

    I have a lot of dark scars from eczema I wouldn’t mind using it to get all my skin one color but this chick isn’t getting rid of dark spots she’s changing he whole entire body. This is crazy

    • whatever

      yea I have eczema also and I have only used it where my skin did get darker because of the eczema…but I’m not trying to look like white paper..I mean she doesn’t even have natural shade in her skin..ex, cheek bone area, collar bone she is gross looking..

  • Jazz

    The dark spot that she needs to fix is on her self-esteem, and now on her soul for peddling this self-hate and race-hate cream. I feel sorry for her and other people who give into the pressure to look more European and who spread this message as she is doing. She obviously is going through something that even all that money she is talking about wont fix, but I have hope that things will change for the better.

  • Sagittarius81

    She look a hot whitewashed mess! Please love yourself and appreciate the skin you’re born with.

  • Maria

    Shelookslikeablodyvampire SMDH



  • naomi_foulds

    This is preposterous. Although, I would add that the
    comments on here directed at Beyonce and Nicki because of their hair as well as
    their skin are not helpful, hurtful and perpetuates certain attitudes toward
    black women, especially the darker ones of us. For example, I will never forget
    the time I went to get my natural hair done at highly reputed Paraguayan salon
    in Boston. My stylist and her coworkers kept gawking- “you’re so gorgeous”
    (yada yada yada, I wasn’t fishing for compliments), and “ you’re going to look
    so hooked up with some weave and you’re hair straightened.” To be fair, I had
    come to them for this very service (weave) I was 21 and had never tried it- it
    was exciting. What shocked me was once they were done and dizzy off their accomplishments
    (the banging weave job), I mentioned that I’d be interested in coloring the
    extensions. BOOM! The whole salon exploded in unanimous disgust and pointing to
    light, yellow skin women in the salon who “can hold color better”. Note, I only
    said “color” not blond, blue, purple, red, etc. Personally I found the incident
    funny despite the obnoxiousness of the situation; however I am grown woman
    without a boat load of insecurity issues. And I think it is one thing to push
    for artistry and media that shows black women and their natural beauty and another
    to obstruct that very process by loosing your nuts over what box of Clairol and
    yaki texture a black woman may have put in her hair regardless of skin color
    (beyonce, nene leakes, the slew of dark skin models I have seen with platinum
    blond fros)

  • wliu81

    some people don’t understand the phrase ‘beauty is only skin deep’. when i see and read asians and blacks saying they want to bleach their skin to look more white, i just shake my head.

  • marie

    This makes me want to vomit! Smh


    i buy it for a penny hahaaaaaa

  • YoNess

    God, we seem sometimes to have come so far as a people, then you realize that it is just surface progress when things like skin bleaching and colorism rears its ugly head. I just remember growing up looking at beautiful black people depicted on my grandmother’s walls; which made me so in love with black skin. What we despise about ourselves others love. I went to “white” schools (elementary, high, and college) and I can’t count how many times I have been told that they love my skin color. I am not light, in fact I am exactly the color of amber. This disheartens me so…

  • Demeatria MissTootie Brown Han

    what a white hot mess!

  • Taryn Bryant

    So,if it’s a dark spot remover and she’s using it all over, is she in esscence calling herself and other blacks, dark spots? Why would a Nigerian woman want to use that? They have some of the most beautiful skin in the world. Besides, look what skin bleaching did to Sammy Sosa. That was a horror. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of these freaking freckles but, using it all over. No thank you.

    • Youknowwhatiitis

      YES..she is highly antagonistic towards dark skin. She think’s we’re all a big dark spot, a scar, a mistake. Fvcking retarded b!tch, I wonder what she’ll say once she develops skin cancer. She better stay her n|gger a$$ in the alps. Yes, I said n|gger: an uneducated, ignorant, foolish, worthless, destructive human being.

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    It’s them West Indian and Haitian b!tches over here that will be buying this bullsh!t…The audacity of this retarded looking b!tch. People with mental issues like this need to stay the hell away from us normal folk. We don’t want them infecting our babies with their self-hatred.

  • Mambo GodisLove Awasum

    I say eh..Wheti na dis wahala? I’m from Cameroon and as sad as the bleaching epidemic is out there, there are still many of us Cameroonian/African women who wouldn’t touch bleaching cream with a long wooded spoon. I am one of them.

  • Tara

    There is no way some cream for “dark spots” created that abomination. If she really is so colourless now she did something much more major than apply some cream. IF the cream did that to her skin not only do I feel sorry for her for not loving her dark skin, I feel sorry for her when the corrosive effects of her actions start to show up in her other organs!

  • uhuh

    The hand picture looks so scary. By looking at the before and after shots I can assume whatever is in those products are dangerous.

    Years ago I used a beaching cream for an ance spot on my face. Eventually, a lighter circle appeared on my cheek. I was scared b/c I thought this is something too strong.

    Many of these products are produced in Europe; however, are illegal to be sold in Europe. The European companies that produce them only sale their products abroad.

  • Samantha

    Promoting the beauty of others while not seeing the value of your own. Hmmm….BOYCOTT! The message she is sending out to impressionable young people in her community doesn’t bear thinking about.

  • Bernice

    Now I know self hatred has reached an all time low when Africans are hating their beautiful black skin!!! Hell black is the majority there so who could possibly be hating on anybody because of skin tone???


  • misslee83

    LMFAO at that horrible video. And this is the saddest thing I’ve seen since crack.

  • Missy

    That song is terrible!

  • K.A.Livi

    If I want to look like Casper the friendly ghost then Imma need 3 bottles ASAP! But because I love the God-given chocolate complexion that I have…I’ll pass. I actually feel sorry for that singer…she will never get her rich chocolate complexion back. One of the side effects of a product like that is actual “blackening” of the skin, not “darkening” but blackening. She betta pray that she doesn’t succumb to that side effect….

  • Nicole Little

    Is that Lady Gaga?

  • Maria Kathleen Williams


  • misslee83

    VAMPIRES!!!! LOL…no but seriously.

  • justme

    Just sad…hell Im mixed with white and black and will never ever ever use this bs… hell i strive to be darker during the summer… love my african american hertiage… people over there need to learn to love the skin that god created for them..

  • Angela Denise Williams

    I can’t believe she would peddle this poison to her fellow Africans & then has the nerve to think she can peddle that crap to Black Americans too…just let her try, she’s not gonna be well received at all. That poison/product gonna sit on the shelves just like that hair relaxer rotting on the shelves cause no one will buy it!

  • ariesdollface

    George Schuyler published Black No More in 1931. D@mn if it isn’t still relevant in 2014. tragic.

  • kam

    But Dencia has a point, while we diatribing and hsshtagging its making the company money like crazy. If you commenting then leave the name out. No need to help them make more money off of people’s insecurities.

  • yu mad

    But she look ugly now….how has it helped her again. Im sorry maybe that was mean, but she aint EVEN cute now. im not sure why that crap is selling with the notion that you will look better with that Yorkshire terrier sitting on top of her head. now she givin casket realness…look like her makeup is cremation #5. No gawwd miss Denicia. or whoever she is. Ive never heard of her anyway and this aint gon help her relevancy.

  • Shane B.

    They touched on this subject in the documentary Dark Girls, but the internalized racism is real! Mainly in Africa.

    • Taryn Bryant

      It’s done its damage here too. School Daze was no lie. I’ve seen it first hand.

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    that’s that subliminal Beyonce image worship WORLD OVER!!!

    • yu mad

      Beyoncé is a naturally LIGHT SKINNED creole woman….a lot of people do want to look like her, which is sad because we are all made different and beautiful. But I wouldn’t blame her for that.

      • smdh

        Beyonce use to be light skinned but now she white skinned with horse blonde hair where you been? She look expired

    • Pink

      Beyonce has nothing to do with this,she is light skinned.And this woman wants to be white not light shinned.It is not Beyonce fault that this woman is stupid.

  • eegush

    Just look at her eyes, she doesn’t even appear confident or happy .

  • guest


  • eegush

    White people are so overrated and I can say this with conviction as I’m white. She looks strange. Its the same thing with weaves and wigs. I have many AA coworkers who have beautiful, shiny natural hair and wear silly wigs trying to appear more white I guess. Black is beautiful!! Why is she doing this??? She is a disgrace to herself and her heritage.

    • Rayjulian85

      Honestly, sometimes a wig is just for versatility and sometimes it’s because you didn’t have time to do your hair so you needed a quick fix. Not everything is an attempt to be white.

      • s

        You know white people don’t understand that blacks are so versatile with there hair. I understand where this lady is coming from it can be confusing at times when you see long black/brown shiny beautiful hair then they come in the office with a 32 piece. LOL! I wear a fade and they still don’t understand that but I’m not confusing them.

  • SGKM

    I would think that is would be really strange to see your skin color change before your eyes like that. :(…

  • Kellie

    My BFF is from Cameroon and find this disgusting and she the one that show this to me this past Monday. She looked better before she put that stuff on her.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Wow i’m just like wow!…i keep looking at the before & after pics like damn is the lightened version of her photoshop? or did she really bleach her whole body…i know its possible we’ve seen this before with other celebrities but it’s still unbelievable…it’s sad & it’s sickening…but as long as the terms black & ugly are part of our vocabulary people will continue to bleach their skin

  • Jessica Dailey

    Yikes!!! She is sick and needs immediate help!

    • Jessy Ann

      I thought the same thing….this person has a serious problem.

  • ld

    should just join a circus and do flips and other tricks with the fling of ringmaster’s
    whip! Someone who obviously have no knowledge, no concept and no appreciation and
    no respect for their own culture and history!! There is no amount of money to
    be paid to change my appearance and who I am. BEST BELIEVE, with that kind of
    drastic change to one’s appearance also changes personality, values, attitude
    and a host of other things I’m sure I haven’t nor can I even think of! WHAT A
    SHAME!!! As a parent, I would be DEVASTATED!!!

  • Wanda Simpson

    Wow just wow

  • R LongPig

    Truly truly sad 🙁

  • MarriedMomOf2

    She was more prettier before she put that crap on her body. Glad I was raised to love the skin God blessed me with.

    • AbigailTea

      I agree. But some people do look better lighter. Not this chick obviously. She took it to the extreme but at the end of the day no one should have the right to dictate her choice regarding her own skin. That is her skin.

      • Guest

        Well opinions are like a55holes, everyone has one, so get over it sweetheart! It’s HER opinion if she doesn’t like what this woman looks like with skin bleaching on her skin. Yeah this woman has a right to do whatever with her own skin, but not everyone is gonna support and I agree with others saying that she looked better before changing her skin tone, by hey it’s MY opinion.

  • DoBetter

    I blame Beyonce and Nicki ….. self hate is real …. they rather try imitate someone else smh

    • yu mad

      This is a stupid comment…beyonce is a light skinned woman. VERY LIGHT…you want to blame someone for the way that GOD made them?? did she ask god to be light or something. Some of you morons direct your anger at anything even tho you make no sense.

      • Youknowwhatiitis

        God didn’t make that blonde wig on her head. FOH, this is the fault of the American media. Nigeria is fvcking 95% black…how the fvck is this even a problem over there?

        • Trisha_B

          A country that is 95% black should have a stronger foundation on the beauty of blackness.. I can see where the western influence comes in at, you got Asians cutting up their eyelids to look more white. So I can understand how the U.S media is slightly responsible. But a country that is 95% black has a strong culture, but is the highest consumer of bleaching creams at 77%. We cant sit here & blame Beyonce & Nicki. B/c there is obviously a bigger factor than that in that country that is causing so much self hate

          • Youknowwhatiitis

            The men have shown a strong preference for lighter “half-caste” females, just like they do over here. And Tommy Sotomayor will sit his crunchy a$$ back and blame black women for their self image issues. If a woman does not see herself reflected in the eyes of the man she desires, she will do almost anything to become that woman.

            • Trisha_B

              So if the men of Nigeria have these preferences, how is that Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, & americans fault? Do they not have their own media that reflects their people? Wouldn’t that be a bigger influence on them?

              • damn shame

                Wow some ppl just dont get it huh how what a famous person anywhere in the world reflect the mindset of young ppl everywhere in the world. The western world did start with the self hatred among black ppl in America that ultimately expanded worldwide & sure they need to take ownership of it but of course they never would cause this is what they ultimately wanted.

              • Just saying!!

                I think this person is saying that celebrities reinforce these European standards of beauty, which are largely absorbed by people in Nigeria and the like. Trust me, these celebrities have more influence than their own do. When I was in Ghana they knew about all of our music and played it just as much if not more than their own.

                I still wouldn’t say that’s Beyonce or Nicki’s fault though, but I get the general idea lol. They are promoting European standards of beauty just like everyone else. If you look at all of Beyonce’s album covers, she gets lighter and lighter on each one. Can’t say this is epidemic is entirely her fault, but considering her very influential platform, it’s a little problematic.

          • Dodgesityballer

            You gotta think, in a country that is 95% black like you say it is everyone wants there own way of standing out and being different! African Americans bleach there skin here in America and we’re nowhere near 95% of our country’s population. So there desperate to be different. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And by no means do I support this, but at the same time I can very easily see how this would do so well there.

          • Tola

            I’m a Nigerian male, I just came across this Dancia woman for the first time cause she’s more of a cameroonian celeb than Nigerian. One of the factors responsible for this bleaching madness is the preference of many west African men for the lighter skin black women hence making the darker once feel less attractive. Bleaching is frowned upon in Nigeria and bleached women are even mocked, but this isn’t enuff 2 deter this women from altering their pigmentation because multi media seems 2 promote the light skin women more than the dark ones, it seems easier for light skin women 2 get movie roles or record deals than it is for dark women. West African women need to accept themselves the way God made them and stop the annoying contact lenses, bleaching, brazillian hair and all, thank God they are physically endowed naturally so cases like fake boobs and butt implants are rather rare.

        • guest_from_bklyn

          Right…America is the reason why 77% of Nigerian women bleach their skin.

          They obviously have no ability to think for themselves.

        • wveronica7

          Changing your hair color is not as serious as changing your skin. Women of ALL colors change their hair color. I wouldn’t go so far as to blame the American media either. Nigeria has their own media, stars, movies that influence them. The blame cannot be primarily on Americans. There are deeper issues at hand. Their perception of beauty is on them not the rest of the world.

          • Just saying!!

            Health wise no it isn’t as serious, but you’re still changing one of your features for another (particularly when it comes to changing the texture of your hair). Hair colors could be changed I suppose (although I’m getting really tired of black women’s obsession with blonde hair), but if you think about changing the texture of the hair, that is taking away a more African feature and adopting a more European one. Saying “it’s just hair” doesn’t mean anything and is just a crutch for people who don’t want to think its a reflection of self-hatred. Skin, hair, eyes, they are all “just” skin, hair and eyes, and yet people go through so much to change them…

        • Traffic news

          Nigeria is 100% Black and 99% of Nigerians are proud people and proud of their skin. I don’t believe the statistics that 77% of Nigerian women bleach. I visit Nigeria yearly for the past 15 years and I don’t see a lot of bleached women. I don’t even see a lot of women with weaves. Many women have their hair in braids.

        • Traffic news

          We cannot keep blaming American media. At some point, Blacks have to start taking responsibility for their own actions. Nobody forced her and millions of Blacks to bleach. That’s up to them but there are also MILLIONS OF BLACKS WHO DO NOT BLEACH!!!

  • kelly


  • Val

    I bet Sammy Sosa is out trying to buy some of that stuff as we speak.

    • R LongPig

      Shots fired

    • js

      buhahahaha that was funny!

  • pickneychile

    …They couldn’t come up with a better name? Whitenicious wth!? When they end up with all types of weird diseases down the line I wonder who they’ll blame. Your skin is your biggest organ and not something to be messed with. She looks translucent.

  • Bebe

    So much hate towards ourselves.. This is really sad! She may have “erased” her skin tone, but what about her future children? Will she bleach them too? SMH

    • Youknowwhatiitis

      She didn’t want to be “light”, she wanted to be “white…” a huge difference. She hated every big of melanin her body produced. Damn, even white people aren’t that pale. Crazy simpleton b!tch, I cannot stand women like her.

    • Taryn Bryant

      I saw that on Tyra. I was horrified.

    • AbigailTea

      You don’t need to be worried over her future children who are also random strangers to you. Stop the fake self righteous “im outraged” crap.

  • Ash

    So this is what it has come down to, not loving the skin God has blessed you with. This is very very sad and I pray that this product will be removed from online stores and shelfs. African Americans and other people of color should show pride in their skin and support one another!

    • Taryn Bryant

      Ash, it’s only going to get worse.

    • hollyw

      Unfortunately, this is the way it has always been, both here and in Africa. It only became unpopular here when we got our self – love revolution in the 60s/70s, though the creams still clung on through the Jeri curl 80s…

    • AbigailTea

      It is not your skin she is lightening thus it is not a problem. That is her problem. You do not have ownership over another person’s skin. They are not your property.

  • Rosemary Davis

    Do these people realize that this is a continous dangerous process you can’t just bleach your skin without the color or pigmentation re-surfacing again that’s why dermotologist have linked this too skin cancer, you have to keep this regiment up it’s not a one time thing so I hope that people are not foolish enough to beleive this woman she wouldn’t have large sales if people were not force into buying this product over and over again to keep their skin lighter

    • kyrapfanatic .

      Im glad you clarified that. Im guessing they have to keep it up, wont it come back splotchy and spotty before they get their pigmentation back?

    • AbigailTea

      Tanning has been linked to skin cancer as well. Go whine to those who tan as well.

      • jmjg

        I don’t know many Black people who tan. Why must people like you always bring in the argument “White people do it too”. Dense and sad.

  • Cleveland Cutie

    Just shaking my head the entire time I’m reading the article…sad…and the “lightened” version of her is not attractive.

    • Jan

      if the goal was to appear more european, she forgot her nose and lips ….lol she looks stupid

      • LotusBud

        Obviously she didn’t want to look european. She just wanted to be a fair skin black woman. Just because she wanted pale skin, it doesn’t mean she wanted to change her whole essence and being. Skin tone is a major, major factor in how your beauty is perceived as a woman. It also has a strong impact on male attraction. This is a fact. I don’t knock her for taking things to a new level.

  • Trisha_B

    & she altered her nose smh

    • AbigailTea

      And if she did??? That harms you? Are you so concerned with a random stranger’s lifestyle or personal decision to the point them having to abide by your own subjective code is going to make yourself feel more morally superior or secure?

  • Trisha_B

    The thing is, these bleaching creams don’t make them look natural. The skin looks pale, like they could be apart of the walking dead or something ugh!!

    I remember coming across an Instagram page that was a Nigerian based company that was selling bleaching creams & injections. They had so many comments under all their pics asking how fast could they get their shipment, or how soon will they see results smh

    • Guest

      I know one prime example, Sammy Sosa

    • Katrina Anderson

      Is it really about “looking natural”? If the skin-lightening cream made her look like an average light-skinned black woman, would so many people still be upset?

  • Chaz

    Wow! Whatever happened to loving the skin you are in?!?

    • chanela

      just ask the women who see nothing wrong with this or plastic surgery. “as long as it makes you happy, nothing is wrong with it.” smh

      • Chaz

        And that’s the sad part. I love my dark skin. Love it. Love it. Love it! Lol

        • Katrina Anderson

          That’s great, Chaz, as everyone should love their skin no matter the shade. Even still, there really is a colorism problem within black culture. Darker girls have consistently been made to feel less beautiful when compared to lighter girls and the insecurities and discrimination can carry over into adulthood. I’m not surprised one bit that people in developing countries have resorted to skin-lightening. Getting to the root of the problem is the first step in correcting it.

      • eastenders

        That’s true. Plastic surgery is acceptable in oyr community but not this. Good point

    • Katrina Anderson

      When a black American woman relaxes her hair, do people ask “why don’t you love the hair you’re born with?” Does a woman have to keep her natural hair and skin chemical free in order to be acceptable?

      This is really just a question. I’m trying to figure out why we’re outraged by one process (skin-lightening) and not another (hair-relaxing).

      • LegallyAng

        I’m natural now, however I have had a perm when I was younger..a few differences between the comparative question you posed is, 1. People normally get perms at a young age at the discretion of their parents… and just continue with that process because it is all that they know. 2. While your permed hair can revert and your natural roots will come knocking abt every 2 months, this is irreversible it seems.

        In addition, if you asked a woman with a perm why she had a perm, she’d probably say “for manageability”….what do you think the one with the skin lightening cream would say….I cant even answer that…but probably something quite troubling…This just seems a bit extreme.

        • Katrina Anderson

          You’re right; most women will say they straighten their hair for manageability. I would imagine that women who bleach their skin probably do so for self-esteem. Just like there’s racism, there’s colorism. Dark-skinned blacks are made to feel less beautiful or less intelligent than lighter-skinned blacks. Those with very dark skin will be made fun of for being “too black.” It could be argued that bleaching one’s skin would allow for a more manageable life.

          • tamrachelle

            But that woman isn’t being made fun of, she’s not extremely darkskinned, (any extreme is made fun of) and she’s a Nigerian/Cameroonian star. It’s not known for it’s lightskinned people, it’s not like she lived in Egypt. She wasn’t singled out for being brown amongst other people who are just as brown as her, she lightened that skin to attain a European Standard of Beauty.

            • Katrina Anderson

              You’re right; the singer isn’t very dark-skinned herself but apparently, there are a lot of dark-skinned women in Cameroon and Nigeria who are in the market for this product. The singer is just the spokesperson just like Beyonce is for Loreal (or whatever makeup line). The issue is bigger than the singer; what about the women who have legitimate concerns because they’re being discriminated against based of the shade of their skin? I would never bleach my skin but that’s not to say I would berate those who do, especially when I can empathize with the reason behind it. To say colorism isn’t a problem is like saying racism isn’t a problem.

          • KB01191978

            There should not be any dark-skinned sisters feeling bad on any level because they are represented well in Hollywood and there are too many dark-skinned sisters that are actresses, models, singers, and famous for many other reasons. There are TOO MANY to list here, but I will give you a taste. Look at Tika Sumpter, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Beverly Johnson, Iman, Naomi Campbell, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burress, N’Bushe Wright, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill, Foxy Brown, Kelly Rowland, Maia Campbell, Tichina Arnold, Venus and Serena Williams, Jill Marie Jones, Alek Wek, Gabrielle Union, Kenya Moore, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Sharon Pierre-Louis, and the list goes on and on. Being dark-skinned should not lower their self-esteem because they are in company with a long list of beautiful women and they have nothing to be ashamed of any day of the week.

      • Chaz

        I honestly don’t believe you can compare those two. I can easily decide if I want to wear my hair in a natural state. I can wake up tomorrow and decide that. Hell, I can decide that at this very moment and decide to rock it. But when you speak of skin lightening, you take it to a whole new level. That’s something that isn’t reversible. And that shows me that you have a problem with your skin completion and want to be like the others just so society will accept you more.
        So comparing hair relaxing and skin lightening…. Skin lightening is far deeper than relaxing your hair.

        • Katrina Anderson

          I might agree that skin-lightening goes deeper than hair-relaxing but I wouldn’t base my argument on that. Getting a boob-job is more extreme than hair-relaxing but I see nothing wrong with boob-jobs.

          From what I read of the comments here (and I don’t know this for a fact), the product has to be used continuously to stay lightened. When the product is no longer used, the skin goes back to its normal shade, which makes sense considering that the skin continuously regenerates. The same happens when a woman stops using relaxers.

          • Chaz

            That may happen, ive never read about lightening creams before so im not really sure. I know you would have to use that lightening cream a whole lot to be as light (damn near white) as she is. It’s just when I see stuff like this, it makes me wonder you know. I mean, I have been teased before about being dark skin (kids can be cruel growing up). But as I grew up, I started to see nothing wrong with it. And I started to embrace the skin that I am. God intended for me to be this way so hey, why not embrace it. If you dont think your beautiful in the the way God created you, who else will?

            • Katrina Anderson

              I’d hope that most people grow out of childhood insecurities when they become adults, as you did, but even adults discriminate against those who are darker. A report was released this week showing that when someone is intelligent, people will often remember that the person is lighter skinned than they are in reality. That means we associate those who are dark with being less intelligent, which leads to fewer job opportunities. Of course the reality is that those who are dark-skinned are equal to those of any skin color but understand that even black culture doesn’t often see it that way. It’s a taboo that blacks don’t like to speak about, as I can see from all the “shock and awe” to the skin-lightening. At the very least, this article should bring the issue of colorism to the forefront.

              Another question, what if women bleached their skin to appear as light-skinned black women instead of attempting to look white; would that be okay?

              • Chaz

                You do raise a valid point. But I for one have never experienced it, or maybe I just never paid attention to it. And maybe darker complection women turn to skin lightening is because we recieve more discrimmination from within our own race. So not only is it battle with other races, but within our own as well. So they would feel more comfortable having lighter skin believing that would open more doors for them.
                I dont think it would be ok, but some people can’t take discrimmination and use it as motivation. If that mean working twice as hard to be better than good, then do it. But I have a problem with trying to fit in with what “society” believes is right or what they think we should look or act like. It

              • kat

                Katrina, I work in fashion, sometimes I like to wear my hair straight sometimes I like natural, sometimes I want a whole different look and don’t want to put my own hair through the process so its weave, wig or extension. some women of all colors change their hair simply because they enjoy it, want a drastic change or may have thinning hair that doesn’t look good natural or is not very versatile. It seems like when black women go natural every black woman that doesn’t they berate and become very critical of and it becomes about those women not liking who they are. So some of the most prominent strong champions of black women and black achievement out their don’t choose to wear their hair natural. Michelle Obama, Oprah, and many many more well known and not so well known but proud black women as well. the Creator of Black Girls Rock is NOT sporting a big afro. Katrina this is your choice and it looks good on you, it may not be the case with every other black woman and it is absolutely I repeat in the vast majority relaxing hair particularly to get a certain style that she may like is not a reflection of how she feels about her blackness. I love my
                hair and I love to do different things with it all the styles I like do not work well with hair in its natural state some do. Katrina, its not as talked about but it is just as popular for non black women to change their texture add extension or weave and super I mean super popular for brunettes to go blonde, curly to straight or straight to curly, some of them just like us may have some issues but for the most part like us they are just changing up their look and doing what they feel suits their face, their outfit an event etc. So please Black women who have decided to permanently rock natural more power to you (by the way this does not exclude you from issues with blackness BELIEVE ME!)
                kudos to all sistas who love themselves and the freedom to rock their coif in whatever style their in the mood for!

                • Katrina Anderson

                  You probably didn’t see my earlier (and later) comments stating that “…I’m not trying to convince all black women to go natural…But I would like for us to stop finger-pointing and look in the mirror…I leave my hair in it’s natural texture…but I can understand why others do.”

                  While you obviously feel comfortable enough to go from straight to natural to straight (which is great), most black women don’t. For them, going natural will never be an option because of the reasons listed.

          • PraiseMyBlackness

            I am a dark complected with natural hair and all of my life I have been made fun of for having dark skin. Starting with my mother who has very light skin. I was told you are cute for a dark skin girl I was also told that I wasn’t attractive because I was to black. But even with my experience with colorism I still dont empathise with anyone who would disgrace our ancestors by bleaching their skin. I have no respect for anyone who would shun our god given gift of natural youthfulness. Instead of bleaching their skin they should be learning to take care of their beautiful skin and teaching the world about their beauty.

            • Katrina Anderson

              “I was told you are cute for a dark skin girl.”

              Those are the kinds of back-handed compliments that dark-skinned women hear from black people all the time, and why it doesn’t surprise me that you would find women (in a different country where bleaching is acceptable) buying this cream by the bucketfuls. Chastising the singer over Twitter is like putting air in a tire that has a leak; you can fill the tire with air but since you haven’t fixed the leak, the problem will continue to resurface. The singer is just a symptom of a larger problem. There are millions of women just like her who are bleaching their skin every day. How do we get to the source of the problem.?

      • tamrachelle

        Because hair is trivial. You can shave your head and still survive. It’s also not a mark of your identity because it’s easily manipulated, you can curl it, braid it, dye it…..its decorative. Skin is the biggest organ on your body and serves a bigger purpose biologically, so manipulating it is considered more taboo.

        • Katrina Anderson

          You’re right about skin serving a bigger purpose than hair but we manipulate our skin through tattooing all the time. We manipulate our breasts, noses, waistlines, etc. through surgery and no one bats an eye. Personally, I have no problems with plastic surgery since people’s lives have been dramatically improved as a result. I just don’t buy the idea that women who lighten skin are trying to be white and should be scolded while those who straighten their hair are simply opting for a different hairstyle.

          • tamrachelle

            I didn’t say women who lighten their skin aren’t trying to be black. They are trying to give the appearance that they aren’t primarily of African descent. While relaxing your hair only makes you look like a wet African (or a wet cat). Hair is not a distinction of heritage as much as skin color is. I can dye my hair blue tomorrow and it will be a blue afro. I can flat iron my hair tomorrow and I will be a black girl with straightened styled hair. But white strangely pale skin is not a *style* and it gives the appearance of some sort of racial ambiguity.

      • Unapologetically African

        People have been outraged about chemically treated hair forever. Luckily a lot of African American women today are beginning to love their hair textures a lot more. Skin bleaching has not always been an issue, but with new technology comes new problems. Not to mention changing the texture of your hair chemically isn’t compareble to someone permanently damaging the melanin in a persons skin. Although I dont condone either act. Hair grows and you can cut it off and wear your hair naturally. The option isn’t the same for skin bleaching. Highly melanated skin is one of the major characteristics of people having a genetic connection to africa. If one takes that away then what?

        • Katrina Anderson

          Yes, skin color and hair texture are major characteristics of our connection to Africa and I think that’s at the heart of the issue for those outraged against skin-lightening. They’re upset that women are trying to look less like their African ancestors and more like the images they see on TV. But if you say that you’re against people changing what is so unique to their heritage, that should mean you’re against straightening hair too–or at least be against the strong social conditioning that compels women to straighten their hair by the tens of millions. If not, why not?

          • LotusBud

            Skin color and hair texture are not the only features that are linked to being african. Black people can be fair skinned naturally…we’re not all dark. Plus, fair skin makes women look beautiful and it’s expected for women to change according to current beauty standards, because they are on the market for selection. They need to look modern and hot for the times they’re in. Black men represent african heritage and features to most people and those features work better for them in a masculine sense. BW are not expected to look the same as they do.

      • YoungAfrique

        The two are incomparable!

        • Katrina Anderson

          Please elaborate. How are they incomparable?

          • YoungAfrique

            I imagine someone as myself straightening my hair ,it wouldnt be that much of a shock than coming out a few weeks with a light skin…lol

      • KB01191978

        What about the chemicals in the water that you bathe in or the chemicals and poisons in the food you eat and things you drink? Gatorade, Powerade, Fanta, Mountain Dew have flame retardants in them. High fructose corn sugar is poison, aspartame is poison (found in most gums and sugarless items go down the juice aisle and read the labels. There are chemicals, feces, and poison in all of the big brands in the grocery store (Kellogg, Uncle Ben, milk, Coke, Pepsi, Quaker, and many more. Get the Buycott app and start scanning the food and drinks in your grocery store, so you can see it for yourself, please don’t take my word. Look for yourself and start doing your research.

    • AbigailTea

      You can’t play dictator with someones skin. She has the right to lighten her skin.

  • MsTwix

    This whole thing gives me the sads. Forget what these products can do to one’s health later on. Le Sigh….

    • AbigailTea

      Some skin lightening products are actually not harmful. Some are. Try not to read biased one sided stories and do your own research.

      • sakafete

        really? name 1……how can the use of chemical to change ones’ skin color can “not be harmful”. There are natural ways to do it like constantly using lemon juice and even that takes it toll on your skin too, so you’re maybe defending the act because you engage in it…….. i’m not judging you at all but you too need to do your reserch.

        • Gert

          AbigailTea is just jumping from comment to comment reply with sacarcastic BS. I was thinking the same thing. Lol

    • nice to know your opinion

  • Gert

    This is a shame before God!

    • Carring3452

      мʏ ƈʟαѕѕмαтɛ’ѕ ѕιѕтɛʀ-ιɴ-ʟαա мαĸɛѕ $79 αɴ нօυʀ օɴ тнɛ ʟαքтօք. ѕнɛ нαѕ вɛɛɴ աιтнօυт α ʝօв ғօʀ 7 мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн нɛʀ քαʏƈнɛƈĸ աαѕ $20525 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ʟαքтօք ғօʀ α ғɛա нօυʀѕ. ɛхтʀα ʀɛѕօυʀƈɛѕ fox200&#46­com

    • AbigailTea

      It is? You think God is concerned with this mess? Do you call hair relaxers-the stripping of your natural hair texture and the depletion of its natural moisture a shame before God too? Tanning beds which strips the skin’s ability to protect itself and increases one’s chances of cancer a shame before God? Please stop the self righteous over dramatic fake outrage.

      • Gert

        Really, and your need to reply to my opinion isnt dramatic or fake, ok….lol

        • No no gert, should not fight on social site. All of we must to try understand to each other.

      • wa

        @AbigailTea:disqus: What you said, all
        makes lots of senses. There isn’t any way you can convince people that are
        naturally and moronically born with daft-minds. No matter how much you sang
        that song to their ears. You remember, even when Jesus told them that I am the
        one sent by the Father in heaven to save the world, I am the Messiah the
        saviour of your souls. Unfortunately, those trails of moronism from the generation long gone
        of Jesus Christ, still exist in today’s generation the unbelievers; it’s
        getting worse, believe it or not. There are people who have their skulls full
        of excrement, so they only think like shit, shit and shit. I mean what else
        would you like them to reason with? Whenever you tell these morons, ” Saying oh this
        thing isn’t good for your health blah blah blah;” in fact that is exactly where
        these morons will invest all their time, energy and money. What a
        shame, there should have been another planet
        with millions of light years away, for human species with absolutely no common sense.

    • Dark Halo

      I have a co-worker who suffers from vitiligo all over her body. If products like is are actually effective, it could really help people like her.

      • Gert

        I agree, if done properly. My cousin also suffers from the same condition. Unfortunately this product and those like it are not healthy in the manner advertised above and doctors dont recommend using products like this. I dont have issue with the product or bleaching creams in general. Correcting discoloration spots is one thing, advertising women not to be comfortable in their own skin and loving their natural complextion is another.

        • Katrina Anderson

          Are people really outraged over the skin-bleaching because it’s unhealthy? Hair relaxers have been linked to fibroid tumors, as reported by Madame Noire, and since the FDA doesn’t regulate relaxers, women don’t know the whole truth about which chemicals are going into their bodies. The objection to skin-bleaching has nothing to do with health. If it did, women wouldn’t use relaxers as much as they do.

          • Gert

            I do to an extent, there are some that believe its about health. To want to not love yourself image to the extreme that is being advertised is not mentally healthy. As far as relaxers i have not had a relaxer in over 20 years. Now from what i can tell from women who are now bwginning to wear their hair natural the number one reason posted has been health reasons. Ypu are right most dont know the health issues attributed to hair relaxers. To me to use tis product in which it is advertised is wrong and it is adding to the growing issues of people of color trying to distance themselves and not look like their heritage. That is what i find offensive.

            • Katrina Anderson

              My decision to go natural began as a challenge. After a lengthy discussion on how we’re embarrassed of our African heritage and how hair-relaxing was representative of that shame, I went natural. It wasn’t a health concern whatsoever. In my opinion, women who go natural for health reasons probably do so because their hair is falling out from over-processing. It was either go natural or go bald. There wasn’t much of a choice.

              As I keep saying, I’m not trying to convince all black women to go natural. Been there, done that, got the tshirt and it’s a losing battle. But I would like for us to stop finger-pointing and look in the mirror. Recognize that we (Cameroonians and black Americans) have the same insecurities that manifest themselves in different forms.

              • Gert

                I Agree

          • for man or women, basically bleaching strategies is powerful to make yourself stylist, popular and famous.

          • I think it is totally about health. If you want to look a certain way that’s your choice. I’m not going to judge someone for rejecting their natural color/texture because I don’t know what they’ve been through. Bottom line, you shouldn’t have to put your own health at risk for “beauty”, real or perceived. Period.

          • KB01191978

            The FDA cannot be trusted, there are so many products they say are healthy and that is a lie. They say all the chemicals they put in our food and drinks is healthy, it’s not. If you are going to complain about the skin bleach and relaxers make sure you include the meat (especially imported from China), the GMOs, and all of the other poisons and chemicals that are found in our food and drinks. Do you drink milk? If so, you shouldn’t the feces and antibiotics remain in the meat. Do you eat chicken? If, so there are feces and other poisons found in the chicken in the grocery stores. Do you eat pork, beef, TURKey, and all other meats that test positive for feces and chemicals. Do you eat McCannibals? There is human flesh, feces, and the left over parts from all other animals, like tendons, blood vessels, and the lining of the animal stomachs just to name a few. The water you bath in has fluoride in and that is not good either, there is nothing we can do to escape all of these poisons and chemicals because our government threw us under the bus decades ago when they let Monsanto to put poisons in our food and drinks. Now they have free reign all over America and beginning to put GMOs in everything and not putting it on the label. Guess who can hold them accountable? Wait for it……NO ONE because our idiotic elected officials voted yes on the bill that included the Monsanto protection act because they were too lazy to read the thousands of pages before the vote or they knew and did not give a sh!t about what we are being fed. There has been GMOs and poisons in children vitamins and baby milk for decades. Guess who is the ONLY species that consume milk after the baby stage? Humans, why don’t we just drink milk from a woman because calves stop drinking milk and begin to eat grass once they are no longer a baby. I buy local from my farmers market, I wish I could grow my own garden, so I would not have to read 10,000 labels, but now that they have created the Buycott app, it’s a little easier to scan products and find out if they use GMOs, poisons, and test on animals.

        • LiberalGilt

          There are people who don’t love their body types their hair color, their hair texture, their fingernails, their noses, etc etc. There are procedures for all of these, why is this any different?
          If there is a shallow personality, there is a doctor or product with a procedure to prey on them

      • I also agree, but I find it hard to believe that something like this actually works that fast while being safe. I have nothing against whitening creams in general, especially if they help alleviate the signs of a large condition like hyperpigmentation or vitiligo.

    • Mina

      Actually, anything concerning vanity and dressing immodestly is a shame before God. Eating me pork and shellfish is a shame before God too. If you want to make God proud, take care of your body but don’t be concerned with its outward appearance so much. Including–makeup, hair weaves, wearing loads of jewelry and flashy clothes, and eating foods that are poor for your health. Your body is a temple but that doesn’t mean you should worship it…otherwise, that’s idolatry.