Towanda Braxton Breaks Silence On Kordell Relationship Rumors

January 13, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

A few weeks ago word got out that ex-NFLer Kordell Stewart may have rebounded from his recent divorce from his ex-wife, Porsha Williams, with “Braxton Family Values” star Towanda Braxton. As previously reported, rumors about their relationship began swirling after the two were spotted together at the “Grudge Match” premiere in Atlanta. Since our initial report, Porsha commented on the rumors about Kordell’s new relationship and offered nothing but well wishes.

“I’m happy for him. I like Towanda,” Porsha said. “I watch the Braxtons and I love Tamar. If it works for him, good.”

During her recent interview Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” Towanda responded to Porsha’s well wishes.

“I thought that was sweet,” she said. “We should have tea.”

Though she didn’t directly confirm whether or not she’s seeing Kordell romantically, her comments do seem to point to a budding relationship.

“We’ve been friends for a moment,” Towanda said. “The only thing I can confirm is that he’s a really nice guy.”

She also dodged questions about his sexuality.

“I don’t know about his sexuality at the moment. I’ve never been with a gay man in my life.”

Catch Towanda’s interview on the next page. What do you think of her comments?

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  • oj9561

    UGLY BUGGER !!!!!

  • hollywood71

    I don’t like Tawanda.. She’s such a B#tch!!

  • Truthordare

    No class, both of them!!

  • therealnumber1

    Towanda needs to sit her jealous hatin tamar a$$ down somewhere!!!

  • Brooklyn_Beauty_Danni

    Towanda ain’t nothing but a big ol’ tranny so they are the perfect fit! LOL

  • heyheynow

    the tea comment was #shade lol

  • nosrednakal

    If he is A Gay I don’t understand why he’s so determined to stay in the closet. It really would be OK. Being a liar is the worst.

    • Gwendolyn Parker

      Maybe, he’s staying in the closet, because of his son……..who knows. It would be OK if he came out…,.,living your truth is wholesome.

  • Bayou girl

    He’s gay, she looks transgender on her best day- Perfect Couple!!

  • Guest

    Their kids would like frightful..

    • Gwendolyn Parker

      Guest, you got that right. Towanda is one ugly woman, and Cordell looks special needs to me, and when I first saw him on TRH, I asked my girlfriend, if Porsha knew she was married to a gay man? Towanda looks like a horse. And what gets me, she is so jealous of Tamar. But back to Cordell, he is looking for the same thing Towanda is looking for…a man. They are both trying to stay relevant, and nobody cares about either.

      • mind_sayer

        I thought I was the only one who thought she was jealous of Tamar..glad I’m not.

        • Gert

          I peeped the jealousy too, she completely treats Tamara unfair and different than the rest. So it’s okay to tell the entire country that your sister’s husband is cheating and may have a child, but she can’t post her feelings on twitter. I’m still pissed Toni wasn’t more of a mediator and didn’t try to see Tamar’s side. I think they all are jealous in a way…including Toni. They are not being supportive and her career at all.

          • Kristen

            I agree. In my opinion, all of the sisters are quite immature. I believe their parents’ divorce has damaged them to a certain extent, because all of their marriages/divorces have been whack. They still act like kids and even though I love watching their show, they seriously need to grow’s like they aren’t living in the real world.

            • Gert

              Right, I’m still trying to figure out exactly what did Tawanda’s husband do…all she did was complain that he did not make enough money. As soon as she got 5 minutes on TV he wasn’t good enough anymore. But he never did anything else to her. I don’t care for Tawanda’s personality at all…She just doesn’t seem genuine to me.

              • Kristen

                I agree 100%. He’s not walking out on his kids or marriage and he seems to really care about her. He was there for her birthday and it seems like he’s fighting for her attention. I wonder when is she gonna learn that being so abrasive is going to hurt her in the long run. I read someone’s comment on another Braxton-related MN article and they said Towanda was on that show “Starting Over” years back and her issues at that time were with Toni. Now it seems to be with Tamar. I also wonder what happened with that business she was starting – Secret Squirrel or something? Where she was training people to be personal assistants to celebrities, like how she was to Toni. I guess that fell through. She really needs to get it together. I also wonder why the other sisters aren’t putting Towanda in her place (at least on the show they aren’t). It’s like they’re scared of getting on her bad side.

                And as far as last week’s episode, I wonder what kept them all from going to Tamar’s performance on the Arsenio Hall Show? I couldn’t believe she got up by herself to perform and they ALL stayed behind. Toni even had the nerve to say “tell Arsenio hi for me” Seriously??

                • Kristen

                  @gwendolynparker:disqus I saw your comment..dunno why it was moderated but you hit the nail on the head!!!!

          • therealnumber1


      • Cornell Ginger

        And you look like what? A model? Another internet thug, how “beautiful” of you.

        • Gwendolyn Parker

          Matter of fact I do look like a model, I look like myself Towanda looks like a horse/mule…………..yea I said it again. What makes Towanda unattractive, is her attitude towards Tamar. She is quick to point out all the weaknesses in others, but no so much of her own. And don’t call me an internet thug, heifer.

          • Kristen

            Gwendolyn I saw your comment that was moderated for some reason, about Toni holding the sisters back and how they wanted to make an album but she didn’t want to be apart of it. You hit the nail on the head!

          • Cornell Ginger

            Anybody can say they look like a model, but in connection with your attitude, I highly doubt it. The ugliest people are usually the most judgmental.

            • Gwendolyn Parker

              Not all models are beautiful, I look like myself, therefore, I am a model, and so are you. And I am far from being ugly, and yes, I am judgmental as if you are not….talking about calling the kettle black……

              • Cornell Ginger

                A classic case of the bully becoming the victim once she gets called out. Perhaps you should of used that sense of humility before you started showing your ugly colors.

                • Gwendolyn Parker

                  Cornell, I’ll be the bully, and you’re not? What is ugly about what I said? All of what I said is my point of view/opinion. You said what you wanted, so will I. Just saying…….call me what you like. And by the way beaut/model, is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Kristen

      And the attitude and cockiness the kids would have would be out of this world!

  • getyolife

    Did I miss something? Isn’t Towanda still married? I can’t see her stepping out like that but we all know anything is possible.

    • Nikki

      In season 1 of BFV she said her and Andre had an open marriage.

  • Sarena Watkins

    “He couldn’t deal with Porsha’s new found sense of independence, how is he going to handle Towanda Braxton?? She’s just as high profile as Porsha was being on reality TV.” –Some men SMH

  • HappilyMarriedSwirl

    What about her husband?

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Two people trying to be extra relevant…when neither of them are…ok…

    • Kristen

      Yup! And they are both extra bitter!

    • Cornell Ginger

      Riiiigghhhttt, because Kordell has his own reality t.v. show and Towanda is getting her own soon so they must stay in public eye.

      Listen to yourself, you’re not making any sense.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        Ok kordell

  • SisterTruth

    Towanda should know better than to hook up with Kordell!

  • mays

    by June he gonna be out embarrassing her just like he did with Porsha. Girl BYE

  • GirlSixx

    Everybody knows them two are not an item. who they tryin to fool?? !!!! Kordell ain’t checkin for no.damn Towards. ATL is small and they know each other and probably running in same social circles and took a photop Although he would be a major step up for Towanda against that no job having whining husband of hers.

    • keke

      Spell check issues? Smart phone doesn’t recognize ethnic names? Towanda becomes Towards? I feel your pain.


    Towanda really gets on my nerve but when I saw this, I wondered if she would date him knowing his controlling ways. I honestly think that Kordell is need of a beard to shoo attention away from all the gay comments being made on housewives. If that’s so I feel bad for him because everyone should be allowed or feel free to live life as themselves.

    • DooMm

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