Woah! Jay Z Sex Tape Featuring Two Women (Neither Of Whom Are Beyoncé) Surfaces

January 10, 2014  |  

So, we’re not even quite sure how to explain this, but we will try our best.

Back in the 90s—1997 to be exact—Uncle Luke joined forces with the creators of “Girls Gone Wild” to produce his own series of adult films. One film from the series titled “FreakShow” features Jay Z, who discussed his wild and crazy tour life that inspired his album “In My Lifetime, Vol. 1” with Uncle Luke. Sounds like a perfectly normal interview, right? Wrong. As Jay and Luke continue to discuss the music, there are two half-naked women positioned beside Jay engaging in an extremely graphic oral sex session. The women continue to go to town on each other as Jay and Luke try their best to continue with their conversation without being distracted by the action going on just inches away.

“She having a ball over there,” Jay says at one point, referencing one of the women engaged in the sex act.

During another part of the video, things got so intense between the women that one of them actually scooted over and rested her head on Jay as he continued the interview. To be honest, Jay looks like an innocent bystander that just got caught up in the middle of some mess, but this has got to be the most bizarre interview we’ve ever seen.  For obvious reasons we can’t show you the video here; however it can be found over at Reddit.

We’re dying to hear your thoughts on all of this, so do tell…

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  • Epic Failq

    Desperate for views and clicks MN… this is way old…like 90s old boo. But you posted this like its new and just in?? LOL bye….. MN= reaching hard. He
    is not on here as a participant, he is not participating and you can see he is
    uncomfortable. Bye MN go sit down. This site is supposed to be for the
    classy black woman. Stick to what you
    site aims for.

  • MJ

    This video is old and Im pretty sure it was way before they where even together.

  • NoNeedToKnow

    you have to have sex with someone in order for it to be considered a sex tape…I’m just saying..

  • Terrence Nelson

    Are you serious this has been on Youtube for years….reaching I hope Jay’s Illuminati lawyers read this

  • Shawndrea Rachelle


  • SHiNE

    a sextape? lol.



  • wow

    shaking my head people need to stop hating on jay z seriously lol he look so scared its crazy to dig this video up.from.1997 people grow up and change this man as a wife and child now, he very powerful in the music industry.why can”t just let things go?

  • rainbow

    I saw it before. It’s not that serious



  • TOI


  • YoungAfrique

    ofcourse it wouldn’t be beyonce…it was 1997 …SMH!

  • Babi Chellz S Fly

    lol he looks so uncomfortable

  • ok!

    Shoot. I want to see beyonce in action!

  • Candi

    SMH can you say “REACHING”!

  • TheZuluKing

    Old news! Who wasn’t on Uncle Luke Freak show. I saw one live in Cancun that was filmed. It was what all ballers did in the day. Pay homage to Uncle Luke!

  • Erica LadiiBug Divaa

    Wow…that’s the most uncomfortable p0rn0 I’ve ever seen…

  • Alicia Palmer White

    So what they wasn’t together than

  • nosrednakal

    This is so old. I’ve already seen it. It’s the Peep Show and everybody thought his episode was wack.

  • necie

    I agree with the majority of the community give it a rest!!! The man was young and now has a family!!! HOW FOUL to come for Jay like that with something that’s years old he was single Really!!! Everybody has a Past!!
    Now that’s shade!
    Pour some Real Tea:)

  • Guest

    Y’all are becoming the queens of misleading titles! LOL

  • Rebbekah

    Well they weren’t together yet right? So I guess it was just a man being a “man.”

  • Me

    Anything to taint someone’s character, huh? There is nothing that ties the TRUE story to the title you have given this story. And besides, this “story” isn’t NEW news. But it is the first time it’s been tied to such a lame title. Pitiful!

  • coolyfett

    REACHING….yall reaching. Destiny Child wasnt even out yet…

  • Trisha_B

    What I read & the title doesnt make sense smh. Why start a messy thing MN? SMH


    why in the hell would it be beyonce if it was years again

  • Truthtella

    OK if it’s before he even knew Beyonce I would assume neither woman would be her- sheesh.

  • Nyomi

    Beyonce dont seem like a freak. I know Jay probably got some sidechicks.

    • Erica LadiiBug Divaa

      What beyonce to you you pay attention to???



      • SharonRose

        Lol, yeah defo.

  • sasha

    clickbait, smh

  • Arasia Magnetic

    Yellow journalism at its finest. #wack

  • Zoe2133

    Really tho.this video been on the net for years. It’s not anything new worldstar posted this a couple years back.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    To the author, you usually write some pretty decent articles, but this misleading and very old story is beneath you and Madame Noire for “reporting”. . .

  • mikki21

    MN….Please you guys can be way better than this. This isn’t even news. I am starting to loose faith in your site.

    • BabyBlue

      My question is can they do better than this and when have they ever done better than this? I honestly can’t remember. Jay Z is now a married man with a child. This article should’ve been kept in the archives.

      • Trisha_B

        It seems like no one likes to see black celeb couples happy & together. Some dirt has to be dug up & put on the front page to try to break them up smh. This is unnecessarily messy! You know whats gonna happen? Other blogs will pick up this story, use the same bs headline & post this old a55 video. It will be everywhere. Talking about Jay Z past & character…again! smh

        • BabyBlue

          I know. It sucks and it’s sad.

      • SharonRose

        It’s no new thing, it ain’t a secret or anything, I’ve seen a gif off this last year, but I don’t know why this is now just getting posted, like there was no need.

  • DoinMe

    oh please! Jay looks scared!

  • Just saying!!

    This title is seriously misleading!! Like wtf?

  • sha

    National Enquirer wants to know when you are coming back to work! Get a life, really MN?! Anything for a hit I guess.

  • JaneDoe

    Can you say REACHING… MN now sounding like the National Enquirer

    • BabyBlue

      Haha yes they are

    • SharonRose

      I’ve seen this last year, but it was a gif on tumblr, how people got it, beats me.