10 Easy To Miss Signs He’ll Never Commit

January 23, 2014 ‐ By Julia Austin
signs he'll never commit


There are the obvious signs you’re being strung along, like he’s dating somebody else, he only calls you to hang out at 2 am and he’s never introduced you to any of his friends. But some signs that a man will never commit aren’t so obvious—in fact, women will make excuses, saying the behavior is normal.

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  • ;^}

    I had 2 paragraphs typed on now wrong 95% of this article is. But that was just for the first 2 ‘reasons’. The person that the author of this article wrote is with somebody that has low confidence, and is almost guaranteed to be guilt tripped into anything that she wants done.

    This may sound as though, I’m judging her based on nothing, but the absurdity of this article has enough proof for it to be able to b used as court evidence.

    Ladies, I’m a guy, but please listen to me from a guy’s perspective, instead of an author that has biased, clouded misconceptions of real relationships.

    This article will destroy any relationship you are in, because it is filling your head with paranoia and GUARANTEED signs that he’ll or cheat on you.
    If you listen to this article, or are even concerned about commitment issues, then I swear on the grave of my grandfather that your relationship has already reached the point beyond repair, or that you will never be happy in a relationship.

    To put things simply, this article is basically yelling you that you shouldn’t trust your partner. It breeds paranoia and distrust, and because I was paranoid, jealous, and distrustful, I ultimately pushed away every one of my previous partners, until I realized that the root of the problem is trust.

    If you don’t feel complete trust with your partner, then end things, because your relationship is not, and will not EVER be real, as long as you can’t trust each other. An example from the article is the part with how he doesn’t get jealous. That means that he knows that no matter what, you’re still his. It means that he’s confident enough, and trusts you enough to not worry about you cheating. You provoking him by sitting on other guys’ laps is unacceptable, and if you do this to somebody you’re supposed to trust and care for, then I truly hope that he finds somebody else that wouldn’t put their selfish paranoias before their relationship.

    Trust is key, and with my current, sort-of, complicated partner, we’re both basically reserved for each other, but are currently just spending all our time hanging out, and building more trust for each other. If you jump into a relationship before you know that you can trust the other person, then you’ve doomed the relationship, and should either take things slow before committing t anything, or just not be in any relationship at all. If you don’t, then it means that you’re desperate, and that’s just one more nail on the coffin of relationships.

    I may have repeated myself as few times (typing this on iPad) and I know some parts sounded harsh, but please, please, believe what I’m saying. If you don’t, then I hope that somehow things will work out, but please remember everything I’ve said here so that things won’t prevent you from being happy.

    Also, it’s okay to be jealous or have worrying thoughts to some degree, but wit the girl that I’m ‘with’, we will talk to each other about anything, and every time there has been worry, or even a bit of an argument, we both talk calmly and genuinely listen to what the other says. Every time we’ve gone through that, our relationship grew exponentially stronger, as we built more trust, worked things out, learned more about each other, and most importantly, gave us the confidence that we can work through things together.

  • After reading some of these I find your way off the mark. why is it you think every relationship you get into is about commitment. It might be for the moment , it goes both ways to you know . Myself I tell the female straight up I’m not here to find a wife or a life partner. mainly because what’s going on right now is the moment ,Neither her I have any idea of what we are going to be feeling about each other next week, next month, next year, Two years in seems to be a good indicator if we should consider start getting real with it. . that might seem like a life time to some but at least you have a good idea of what your geting into.

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  • The Absolute Truth

    It is really the other way around, and most women that are single can’t Commit to only one man since many of them like dating different men all the time.

  • jim

    Mmmm, well after reading the first one about being jealous, I think most secure guys would not think that’s classy girlfriend material if they are going to sit on some guys lap or pass out drunk on a guy friends bed or so on. Seriously people who try to make there possible partner jealous are normally mostly single and never in a long term healthy relationship, .If a guy did that to you would you consider him relationship material?

  • ODWms

    They forgot #21: when he comes straight out and says he’s not looking for a serious relationship. It is amazing how many women seem to “miss” this one.

    • momsaysweremovingtoboston


  • Phoenix

    3 signs in this article are like me and committed like hell in a relationship.

    1) Arguing when you are in a bad mood (for both) doesn’t since you’re so piss off that if one of you is right, it will be ignored, so cool down and discuss later can help.

    2) I rather not invite my girlfriend to an activity with my friends only if they are ok with it, if it was me, I would invite her (and it’s hard for me to not invite), but it’s not my call. If they say no, but invite their girlfriend, it will piss me off like no tomorrow

    3) Sex, more like make love. Anyhow, I have a high sex drive, I need someone with one. It’s not a reason of self-control or anything, a “Aw, he can wait”, no he can’t. That’s the way God made me, I can’t do anything about it. I’m not pushy when I want it, but I will discuss it later.

    That’s another thing, although, I’m always cards on table, so no secret. That’s a sign of commitment. So be careful with some of these signs, this a guide not a recipe of relationship success.

  • lilrockdiva

    Having a baby with a man you are not married to is the one way to guarantee you will never be married to him.

  • sarah

    This list is exactly right & I learnt the hard way! Been out with a few guys like this in the past & they really are complete arseholes who would never commit to me or any girl. Anyone criticising it is probably in denial with a man who’s a commitment phobe or is a commitment phobe man themselves!

    • slbolfing

      I sympathize with your poor track record, and am sorry you have had such bad experience. But, the list is very flawed and one–sided. Any successful relationship takes concerted effort from both parties. And there will always be times when either one or the other (or both) may exhibit some of these “signs,” and the meaning is completely different than a commitment issue.
      Don’t give up – good people are out there. The easiest way is to do what you enjoy doing – then you are associating with people with whom you already have similar interests; don’t try to meet someone, let it happen!

  • kiki j

    Typically you can ask a man what they are looking for and they’ll tell you. It’s because women don’t LISTEN to the answer is why this happens. So many times women want more and the man told them from the beginning they were only looking for a friend .ie they wanna smash buddy but the woman always think they can change their minds…nope you can’t. They knew what they wanted and you didn’t accept it, You don’t need to look for signs when they told you from the beginning what they wanted.

  • honoriaglossop

    “He refuses to fight with you.”
    Uh… no. Refusing to engage with someone who is throwing a tantrum is healthy and grown-up behavior. The behaviors of screaming at someone, insulting them and crying your eyes out to manipulate a response is emotionally abusive. I would advise anyone to disengage.

  • slbolfing

    way out of line on the “won’t fight with you” one. Maybe he is just more mature than you!

  • JustMyOpinion

    I think the sex thing is a no starter, should be thrown out. My wife and I were married 43 years – it was the only thing we fought over. Sexual appetite is just like food appetite, everyone’s is different. Sometimes she ate when she wasn’t hungry, sometimes I went to bed with my stomach growling, that is life in a relationship. A good woman can straight up jerk the knot out of a good man. But not all men are good men. Ladies, you just have to learn the difference – and it is usually not based on looks.

  • IgnanzIzBlizz

    Because he won’t argue?! Are you for real? He has an excuse to pick up your stuff?! Maybe he has a late meeting or is stuck in traffic too. And he won’t leave you alone because you won’t give him any?! If he leaves you alone, then you have a problem.

  • Mztisa

    Wayment…how did MN take a list of 7 and spread the content over 15 pages GTFOH!!! SMH Somebody give me a recap lol!

    • Ms. Kameria

      Yes they did. They always do foolishness like this, but I think I figured out the trick to it. Click on every other slide. Usually the next slide is a long, drawn out explanation of the facts, signs, etc. For example, click on slide 2 for fact #1, click on side 4 for fact # 2, and so on…..I don’t click on all of the slides, because I don’t need the drawn out explanation of something that could easily be listed.

      • Mztisa

        Lol thanks! They are always doing the ABSOLUTE MOST!

    • kiki j

      Lol after the third “this is why” i stopped clicking lol

  • Rebbekah

    These are all true, great compilation. I know the one very well where he won’t bring you to his other activities… if a man doesn’t bring you around his friends or to other places he hangs, you are a booty call. I had to learn the hard way.

  • Sharese Hardaway

    This guy just sounds like a butthole…hopefully women can pick up on that kind of jerky behavior and not want him to commit!

    • ODWms

      Maybe you haven’t heard. Buttholes get the most attention, and are the most in demand. Nice guys? They get passed over.

  • MiaSara

    The list is kind of weird. Why would any woman make offers and put up with those behaviors from a guy who hasn’t shown his commitment in the first place? Especially the part abt your family trying to help him. Oh well

    • Rebbekah

      One word, DESPERATION. Some women out here (including myself until I learned) are thirsty for male attention. And there’s nothing wrong with that! We’re supposed to desire attention, but most of us grow up in homes where our fathers are absent or may be there physically, but EMOTIONALLY absent, so we seek it from men in the world. We put up with these behaviors because we want that attention more than we want to be treated right. I know this was true for me.

      • kiki j

        Very true and very well said. Most women don’t need signs because they don’t care. I’ve heard women say “I want you to make me feel like you love me even if it’s a lie” . It’s the attention that is craved and it becomed addictive especially if you have “daddy issues.” That’s why I don’t judge some of these ridiculous reality stars. Look into it and you’ll find out they are trying to fill some childhood void, usually daddy.

  • Auntieruckus

    This girl i know has been dating a guy on and iff for about 2 years now. He never introduced her to anyone,he has left her in her car while having lunch with his boys several times,he yelled at her one day and scared her so much she had to call for help,he forbids her to hang out with her friends unless they’re ratchet and has been “about to propose” for a minute bow,yet she picked out her wedding colors and everything,leaving her child with relatives running the streets like she is 21 when she is knocking on 30, i say all this to say,some women will never get happiness because their notion of happiness is to have someone,anyone. I ran far away from her and never came back,i heard she is still doing it…