Meet Sarah Massey, The Proud Owner Of A 7 Foot-Wide Booty

January 2, 2014  |  


While most of us are creating New Year’s resolutions revolving around weight loss, 33-year-old Sarah Massey has other plans for her body.

Having a natural rump shaker that in circumference measures 7 feet, Massey receives $1,035 in disability due to her limited mobility.  Despite cracking a toilet bowl once, the mother of two confidently believes she has the biggest buttocks in the world and you can even have a seat on it.

Massey shares that she spends at least $500 on clothes because it’s hard to find attire in her size. She also complains of back pain, whether she is standing or sitting. Despite her big “flaw,” Massey receives additional income by posting underwear photos of herself for fans who love her backside. Not everyone loves her posterior, though. Her sons claim they do not like when people tease her or call her “Big Booty Judy,” although it makes no nevermind to Massey’s husband. He said he loves her curves and would appreciate if she lost a little bit of weight, but believes she would not be the same woman if she decreases from her 440 lbs frame.

Do you think Massey should seek help for her bootylicious situation?  Watch the video below to make your conclusion.

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  • jcextra

    i bet she can’t never lay on her back without smelling her rotten insides im sure. I mean, why would she but a couch knowing she is going to tear up the cotton in the seat, lol…How much does she spend on toilet paper. Could she ever get a size 12 waist before it goes to WASTE. i wonder does she walk into the grocery store smelling like HUMAN WASTE FECES, lol

  • D’Ebrar

    Thank you Binthlshamsa for your compassion and heart. I cannot believe that so many people are so judgemental and evil. None of us know this woman or what she’s had to deal with all of her life. If you really read the article you would see that she’s had an oversized behind all of her life and an oversized behind can no more be blamed on over eating than the woman with breast that weigh over 37 pounds each. It saddens me that we have turned into a culture that chooses to judge each other rather than get to know each others heart and real conditions. I get it, looking deep requires a heart; and today not many of us have one. How would you feel if this real woman were your mother, daughter or sister? Would you judge and condemn her the in the same way? Or are your relivties short comings and faults different. I think I’d rather have a mother, sister, daugter or friend with a oversized butt, than to have most of your vile thinking people in my life. Remember what goes around comes around and you or your loved ones will one day receive the same hate and evil you are shouting at others, it wont feel so good then with it? As you can see spelling is one of my short comings, we all have at least 5. However, her husband loves her big butt and now so does she…so why does it bother so many of you? Don’t eve get me started on the Disability thing, but I will say this; each state pay differenly, so don’t blame her, blame the state. People life is too short and there are too many serious real issues we need to be concerned about.

  • Andrew

    I think your beautiful just the way you are

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  • rockei

    her making money by posing in lingerie is considered a job…. therefore its bull that taxpayer money goes to her monthly as a form of disability! Good for her that she loves her body, and has found a way to entrepreneur her shape successfully, but that income needs to be reported srsly!

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    Sidenote: She would have a nice shape if she lost about 220lbs. She wouldn’t be rail thin, still on the thicky-thick side.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    Well after a month-long hiatus from the gym, this video has convinced me to go to BodyPump class tonight after work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Fair and Balanced

    Wow I am truly at a loss for words!

  • FromUR2UB

    I knew her husband would be an average sized guy. Her “fans” are just freaks with fetishes.

  • YoungAfrique

    That is unbelievably insensitive ..I ‘d like to imagine it’s because you are commenting online ..its prompts you to be so vile!

    • Meme Meemsicle Meemers

      Lmao n who the fck are you? Did we not read the same article. This is the sad state of america, THE HIME OF GROSSLY OBESE PEOPLE WHO OVERINDULGE IN EVERYTHING. Lmfao, and u commenting like this? Online balls yourself! Go get a fckn life, its freedom of opinion and speech. Keep scrolling if u ain’t likewhat I said! By hater.

      • YoungAfrique

        how is that lady’s life affecting you in any way or shape…You sound so bitter..shamefulness..trolling was so 2012!
        Just because its freedom of speech ..doesnt mean its warranted!!

        • Meme Meemsicle Meemers

          Lmfao and u sound stupid. You’re replying to me! How us what I’m saying affecting you? Move around clown and keep scrolling!

          • Mother9alwaysclaimingtheremine

            I would like to point out how your horrible grammer is affecting me please stop.

  • YoungAfrique

    “To each his own” if she is happy day in day out

  • lorranneb

    did i get that right?? she got a man???! shoot me now…WTF??

  • TheBigKing1

    Some men infact DO like it. Different men have different taste. If that was the case, she wouldn’t have a husband…if she really does have 1, because last time I talked to her, she said she was still single. Yeah, I know…women are liars. Lol

  • ryes

    This is nothing to be proud

  • Taryn Bryant

    It seems to me that she’s trying at least something. She has a personal trainer, but struggles with her eating habits. Her husband is no help it appears. If she would cut down on the processed food, it would help greatly.

  • blah

    She is a heart attack waiting to happen

    • bigdede

      and stroke

  • Courtney LovingMe First

    The only thing I have to say is her health and family should be a priority and as young as she is, how does she think that weight it’s going to hold up on her ankles, if she even makes it to live that long.

  • cb

    beyond ghetto?

  • khepra Bey

    Oh gawd!!! I almost threw up from lol so damn hard!!!

  • Christine

    For health reasons, she should definitely seek help to reduce the size of her posterior. I can’t imagine things getting any easier for her with age; it seems like it would be to tough on her body.

  • ConciousLady

    Sarah Baartman is all I have to say. She needs to keep it classy with the posterior she owns. Maybe learn some history while she is at it.

  • RealTalk

    Listen it doesn’t matter what assistance she’s getting, did you hear her next to the stove, her breathing is bad already. Husband he would not be able to make it if she doesn’t loose that weight, please stop this foolishness for your family sake. This is not a selling point the are teasing your children already. What is wrong with you woman!!!!!!!!!

  • writingmomma46

    Every week I get my paystub and look at how much FICA was taken out, I get an attitude. I get an attitude simply because I know that it is going to support people just like this woman. She needs to stop it! Just plain stop it, and anyone else collecting a check and don’t deserve it should too. There are people collecting these checks because they are obese, drug addicts and alcoholics. These are life choices, not disabilities people.

  • LiiSH

    Glorified obesity. Being a little heavy is one thing. Shoot I myself could stand to lose like 20lbs but this is just unhealthy. Just because the fat settles in a place that could be considered desirable, doesn’t mean its ok.

  • Chaz

    Yes lawd! THe true definition of a wide load. smh. Im going run ten laps after work because of this. smh

  • Bettye Neely


  • Honeybee703

    I guess she literally takes several seats….lol sorry i just had to!

  • Pamela Jones-Meadows

    Awe hell no!

  • Thomas Validation


  • motorfingaz

    Eeeew, no way she’s proud.

  • B S

    jesus… it’s like something out of lovecraft…

  • Renee

    I’m just saying this out of concern for her health-wise, but she needs to lose the weight. Obesity is NEVER sexay nor cute, it’s unhealthy and people have died due to obesity. I hope she changes her lifestyle for the better.

  • Treacle234

    The sad thing is she seems comfortable living off 1,035 a month, given the fact she has 2 mouths to feed. She and Kim K are the same age…….omg! She is too young to let herself go like that.

    • TheBigKing1

      She gets much more than that elsewhere…that’s all I’m going to say as far as that.

  • Detric Browneyez Mutti

    She needs to get liposuction or some type surgery….and get a jobby job!!! no one cares about a 7 ft a$$!!!! Ewe if anything…not like ppl are going to say wow I want an a$$ like that!

    • t_99

      Agreed, but at her current weight, she may not pass the pre operation examinations and they are definitely going to require her to lose weight first. A good friend of mine has weight loss surgery last year, and another died 2 years ago from complications. It’s nothing to play with. Her weight and overall health is nothing to play with either and I am shocked that her husband seems OK with it.

  • Cha Cha

    It’s just sooo unhealthy… She can still be voluptuous and beautiful with a killer ba-donk-a-donk… but 440 lbs is not healthy. All that stress on your body and your heart. She’s already having back pains… she should lose some weight for health reasons.

  • Necie

    She said she is trying to work out! But at her weight she should cut time and get the Sleeve surgery to remove part of her stomach which is over stretch and she has to change her life style and move! If her butt was 7 foot her a@S would be way wider, Shaq is 7 ft. and her butt does not stretch that wide or long!!! This is a stunt to get people to go to her Web site…

  • A$AP

    This is why we need to eliminate health disparities and promote health equity/education for minorities. Forget that she has a big butt, her health and the welfare of her family are more important.

  • Bits

    complete and utter disgrace. things like this is just why other races believe that we (black folks) are the jokes of the human race. pathetic.

    • abdus

      So right.

  • guest

    This makes me so mad!..& she thinks she’s sexy!..girl boo!

  • Linda M McCuff

    She’s just Fst, and when her leggs go, I think she’ll feel differently about her huge butt.

  • ChiTown Princess

    She’s 33? I thought she was older than me when I saw this story on TV last night and I’m only 34. I’m sorry but this is NOT cute nor sexay at all. It’s unhealthy and I pray that she change her lifestyle for the better, for the sake of her health and her children.

  • Tiffany Shaw

    smh.. there is something severely wrong with this.. I’m just blown.. smh

  • Patricia

    Of course, the bigger you are the more your clothes will cost.

  • Chae

    This especially angers me since I am on SSD because of a physical disability that I was born with, which makes it very difficult for me to work. I receive nowhere near as much money as she does and I’m struggling right now. To top it off, I am sure she receives food benefits as well, which will keep her at a morbidly obese weight and milking the system. This is very unfair, but I guess it is the way of the world, right?


    Her husband is just in love with her booty not her if he doesn’t mind her taking pictures in underwear and getting money from it..

    • TheBigKing1

      I wonder if he knows about the other stuff she does too. Well if that was in fact her husband, I guess he has to know. Hmm.

  • ShebaBarb

    She was shown exercising so she is apparently trying to lose weight. She probably would need to have a special surgery to have some of the back side removed and it would be very dangerous. She might not make it through. I agree though, her personality is awesome. Life is more then likely painful for her carrying all of this load but she is making it better for herself by exhibiting confidence in spite of, and their is nothing wrong with it.

  • Guest

    IMO, this is not cute, it’s unhealthy and us black folks need to take better care of ourselves. Apparently her hubby doesn’t care about her overall health. I’m glad I lost 89 pounds 3 years ago and I was at my heaviest at 250lbs and my doctor told me to lose the weight or face health problems. I have 3 kids and I want to be around as long as I can for them to see them graduate high school and college, watch them get married and have my grandchildren. I kept the weight off. I also lost my mom due to diabetes complications a year ago, she wanted me not to go through the same thing she went through with hypertension, 10 strokes, had both legs amputated and bad heart.

  • Guest

    Somebody might like it, personally I rather stay healthy and fit over being obese and pleasing people who don’t give 2 craps about your health. Even my husband saw this story and thinks this is unhealthy and he’s a fitness instructor.

  • Miss D

    I just don’t understand what is so fun about having constant aches, pains or having a hard time walking. What’s worse, she is only 33 and has kids to look after. Her health will decline sooner than later and her family will pay the price.

  • Mahogany Graves

    hey somebody like least she tryna lose weight, i know thats not helathy to be that size. but her confidnece is impressive.

  • Alisha Dixon

    Be this big if you want to…don’t take “disability” because you wanna be wider than all outside. I’m all for looking however you want, but those taxes I get taken out of my check every week better not pay for you to sit around, posting pics of you in bedsheet size undies… Why don’t we all just get fat as &$% and collect unemployment. Makes no sense.

    • bigdede

      thank you

    • dj j

      I just wish more people complained like this when they give corporations like Exxon, who is making billions in profits, free government money….And they get so many tax loopholes they pay zero taxes Now THAT IS coming out of your paycheck, not her social security benefits she paid for.

  • Yoli

    I didn’t realize being morbidly obese was considered a disability…wow. She seems like a nice woman but if she wants to see her kids into adulthood she needs to make a 180 in her lifestyle. Also, that butt is NOT attractive!

    • papillon

      Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer was trying to get up to 300 lbs so he could go on disability? That’s how I learned about it, lol.

      But it’s actually not the obesity itself that qualifies you, but how if affects your mobility. Sarah can’t walk normally, and even sitting causes her pain. So if you can’t walk or sit who’s going to hire you?

    • TheMsmother

      Yes it is because no one will hire her. No one wants to take the risk of her having a heart attack on their property. Or some other accident caused by her morbid obesity and getting sued. She’s a liability.

  • Camilla D Lyons-Rasul

    I believe if she is happy with herself… who are we to judge.

    • bigdede

      We are the ones paying her disability! That’s why we can judge

      • Misha DeAngelo


      • khepra Bey

        Hello!!!you dont pay her disability.

        • bigdede

          “Everyone who works in the United States pays into Social Security, and a portion of these funds are allocated to Social Security’s disability benefit programs, namely, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)” Please do your research. You should know where the money from your taxes go.

          • bintalshamsa

            Please do YOUR research. You should know how these programs are paid for. The amount she’s receiving shows that she’s someone who worked and paid into the system. That’s the only way someone on disability gets that amount. If you haven’t been working and earning above a certain amount for the past 10 years, then you receive the minimum benefit. That is several hundred dollars less than she is getting. Her benefit amount is only because she had a significant work history prior to applying for disability. Because of her prior earnings and prior taxes paid, she gets over $1,000 a month. In other words, even the government acknowledges that she paid more than enough to cover what she’s receiving in benefits. To put it simply for those with poor comprehension: You’re not paying for her.

          • Nene


      • dj j

        SHE paid into the system…get over yourself. You are paying for GW’s wars and all his cronies who are making bank off us.

  • number1bigdaddy

    ooooooooooooooo hell naw she is a super hotmess

  • guest

    Didn’t you JUST have an article on how Black women are portrayed in the media?!?!?! Umm, do you realize, MN, that YOU are a part of that media?? People from all over the world visit your site, and THIS is what you choose to feature??!! smh . . .

  • Trisha_B

    Gross! She receives a check for disability, but she’s priding herself on being fat! If she would work out & lose weight, she wouldn’t have to live on that check. But she probably dont want to lose her money maker smh

    • Rebbekah

      Sometimes I feel like it’s not their fault because this dilemma began with their parents… she didn’t gain all that weight on her own, her parents overfed her and she carried the unhealthy habit into her adulthood.

      • guest

        Yes, but at some point, SHE (and all of us, really) has to take control. Her parents don’t control what she puts in her mouth today… maybe as a kid, but not now. And as a parent, it is now her responsibility to do better for her own kids and not allow them to overeat (if that’s an issue for them).

  • Christina K


  • Kristen



  • No MN. I will NOT be watching that video. The still shots are more than enough. thankyouverymuch!

    • Danielle

      Same thing I said. They look gross.

  • Kayshanye

    A check for being fat & nasty…wow! Thanks for working hard

    • TheMsmother

      Doesn’t that piss you off!! Don’t worry, her @$$ aint gon’ live much longer.

      • Trisha_B

        No pun intended, right? Lol

        • TheMsmother


      • Charisse A Hill

        That’s not nice to say that about her. She has children and a family. I don’t agree with her size and what not but I wouldn’t say that.

        • TheMsmother

          You know what, when I started gaining weight just because I was too damn lazy to get up and take a walk after dinner, I took a look at myself and did something about it. You know the main reason? My babies! Shouldn’t she care more about her kids than I do? And what I said is the truth and I’m quite sure she has been told that by medical professionals.

          • bintalshamsa

            You are ridiculous. You clearly have no understanding of science. If you did, you’d know that you’re just spouting ignorance. I’m 37 years old, weigh 115 lbs., eat like a horse and I don’t exercise at all. I’ve even given birth and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 3 weeks. I’ve ALWAYS been thin. It isn’t because I exercise or avoid fatty foods. In fact, I LOSE weight when I eat many types of high-fat foods. I’m not the only one. My child is the same way.

            Thankfully, I know better than to listen to your nonsense or else I’d be dead. If you ACTUALLY talked to the proper medical professional, they’d explain that weight is mostly genetic. Because of my genetics, I’m lactose intolerant. If I eat those yummy foods that supposedly make sedentary people fat–stuff like macaroni and cheese, whole milk, huge bowls of ice cream–I will lose weight. My body can’t process it and gets rid of it before it has a chance to cause weight gain. Because of my genetics, I have lupus. As a result of that lupus, I sometimes deal with dumping syndrome. Look it up if you want to know what that causes, but I’ll summarize by stating that regardless of what I eat during those periods of intestinal flare-ups, I will lose weight.

            My 18 year old child doesn’t even have any of my health conditions and even still it’s impossible for hir to get above 110 lbs. We’re just skinny people. Just like there are folks who just can’t gain weight, there are folks who just can’t lose weight. You can’t look at someone and know why they weigh what they do. You may THINK you can, but you’re wrong. Leave it to the REAL medical professionals to diagnose whether someone can or needs to change something about their habits.

            • Harris Caroline

              Wow, i hope to God you aren’t going around giving people advice, because you are crazy ignorant. You can be genetically predispositioned to gain more weight than another person but diet and lifestyle have a lot to do with it as well. Did you not miss the blogs and tv shows and documentaires of people who diet and lose weight nd change their life. You have to be some kind of moron to be like ‘eat what you want and be sedentary” .Lupus has nothing to do with weight or food, wtf are you even talking about? Lupus is inflammation, foods can trigger it but food doesn’t cause it. I have food allergies too, their are plenty enough food in the world that you can skip a food and still have a full belly. speaking of, you sound like you need to go to the doctor for either intestinal parasites or some intestinal issues if you are eating like a cow and not gaining weight, something is desperatly wrong.

              • Mother9alwaysclaimingtheremine

                I was following you until you began to speak about parasites like your a doctor. stfu please!!!

      • SMH

        Wow!!!! How cruel and insensitive are you.

        • bintalshamsa

          Some people just have no home training. I feel sorry for Msmother. It’s obvious she didn’t have a mother to teach her about empathy (or science).

    • Guest

      This especially angers me since I am on SSD because of a physical disability that I was born with, which makes it very difficult for me to work. I receive nowhere near as much money as she does and I’m struggling right now. To top it off, I am sure she receives food benefits as well, which will keep her at a morbidly obese weight and milking the system. This is very unfair, but I guess it is the way of the world, right?

      • TheMsmother

        If she has children, she certainly does receive food stamps. But someone like you has to struggle because you don’t qualify for them. SMH

        • Savanna Blessed Bryson

          she don’t get no food stamps you don’t know stop judging cause you will be judge just like how you judging

        • Nene

          Agreed, being over weight shouldn’t count as a disability. This is one of the many reasons why some of the government wants to do away with certain programs.

        • Mother9alwaysclaimingtheremine

          I would like to point out that not all mothers receive food stamps, it is an income based program for everyone who meets the income requirements.

      • bintalshamsa

        You do realize that some people receive more because they WORKED more and paid more into Social Security, right? If she’s getting more than you do, it’s because she has a better work history than you. It’s hypocritical of you to complain about this woman, because there are MANY MANY people who would make similar complaints about you. For example, you’re able to sit here and type. That means, in theory, you could work. If you could work, but you’re sitting around getting disability, then it’s just as valid to complain about the fact that you get a check. After all, I have an incurable cancer (chondrosarcoma) AND lupus–plus the asthma and chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis that goes with these conditions–and I manage to work. Do you really think your health condition is worse than mine? If so, I’d love to hear about it. I tried to get food benefits and they told me the most I could receive was $28 worth of food stamps. Do you see me whining about the fact that you could work, but don’t? Nope! If anything, I’m glad that folks like Massey AND YOU can get Social Security. Instead of complaining, why not use your spare time trying to do like I do and make some money for yourself?

        • chilid856

          I have everything that you have except the cancer. And I wish i could have continued to work. But my Lupus attack my heart and now I’m weak, can’t walk without having to puff on my inhaler, pain to walk most times, no foeld trips with my youngest due to the this. Memory lapses. I also suffer form memory loss and depression due to the Lupus. I use to have the memory of an elephant. have to write everything down, set alarms sometimes. Before I had to stop working. I had co-workers tell me that they know people with Lupus and it don’t do them like that. They don’t realize that this illness treats everyone who has it differently.

          • Christian Saddiq Brown

            say whatever makes you feel better.

          • dj j

            This woman didn’t have the chance to say all of her health problems and you already judged her. I bet if she lost weight her butt would still be huge. I couldn’t imagine trying to sit on that. You couldn’t sit back on a chair because of that shelf.
            I just think as humans we are all in here together, and we shouldn’t judge others disabilities, because there is always someone that is in worse shape than you.
            You assumed she got food stamps, why? She is married, I’m sure her husband works,, why would she need food stamps? And if she has kids that get food stamps, so what, they need nourishment then

      • Guest

        My mother is also disabled with a heart condition where she can’t stand for long periods of time and she only receive a QUARTER of what this lady gets. And guess what? She can’t get food stamps. Smh. But I also know that for some people it is hard for them to lose weight because of genetics. I don’t know the whole story on this but with her getting that much and making her own money on the side, her benefits should be reevaluated. My mom would have had her benefits cut off if she did something like this.

      • dj j

        I don’t get why people get so mad at people “milking” the system. She paid into it You aren’t. Get mad at the BILLIONS spent on unnecessary wars, billions giving as corporate welfare to companies that pay NO income taxes and pay their employees less than 9 dollars an hour. How these rich billionaires got us all to turn on EACH OTHER rather than the ones who are really raping the system is beyond me. Billions spent on the psychology of it and using media to promote this thinking.

    • guest

      This makes me mad!..shed not even trying!

    • chilid856

      If she’s getting disability then she had to have worked. Unless the article made a mistake and it’s SSI because that’s for those who had never worked and can’t due to a illness or disability. SSI is not nearly that much it’s about half of that. So it must be disability from her working but can’t now. and they look at the last 10 yrs you have worked and how much you paid into it.

      • Taryn Bryant

        My litte niece gets SSI and she has never worked a day in her life. You don’t have to have worked to get it. All you have to do is be classified as diabled under their guidelines and be persistent. Sometimes, it’s even harder to get it if you have worked.
        – ex Social Services worker

        • bintalshamsa

          Well, it’s not quite that simple. If someone like your niece never worked and was disabled before she reached the age when she could legally work, then IF approved for the program, the government will give her a basic benefit amount based on the idea that she was never able to have the opportunity to gain a work history. They have a calculation for how much the average working person in this country could expect to earn in the amount of time that they’re alive. However, the amount this woman is receiving is above that amount. This means that her benefit amount is based on a work history where she actually earned more than the amount the government calculated as the average earned income.

          In other words, she paid into the system and now she’s getting the services that her tax money paid for.

        • Nene

          Agreed. If she get two checks one on the first and one on the third then that means at onetime she had a job but retired through disability. She gets a lot of money. But yet she looks well enough to go and get a job. Well at least she is married, so her husband probably work.

        • chilid856

          SSI and SSD are two different things and if your niece continues to get SSI and never worked whenever she tries to apply for SSD(disability), when she comes of age. She will not get SSD(disability). She will have to continue with SSI if they will allow it. I should know because I get SSD(disability). I didn’t qualify for SSI because I worked 20+ yrs and a second job off and on. SSI was nowhere near the amount of my SSD.