Polyamorous Relationship Ends In Brutal Beating Death

December 18, 2013  |  

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Three children will be forced to begin the new year without their mother, Sheryl Outerbridge, a 38-year-old Harlem resident who died at the hands of her jealousy-stricken lovers. According to the New York Times, for years Sheryl carried on a polyamorous relationship with Malik Wilkerson and his wife, Devonee Wilkerson. The three-way romance is said to have been filled with violence, rage and abuse—mostly at the hands of the Wilkersons.

“Initially she thought she was in control and this is one big party,” said the victim’s sister, Crystal Outerbridge. “My sister loved the fantasy; she didn’t want to see the reality behind it, the reality that she was with a predator with a smiling face.”

Fellow residents of Sheryl’s Harlem apartment building say that although she lived with the Wilkerson’s, she frequently fled their two-bedroom home, returning to her own apartment battered. However, her stays were never long because the couple would usually come to the apartment, demanding that she return to their Queens home.

“When she would come home, they would come and show up and knock on her door,” recalled Sheryl’s close friend, Nicole Irving.

Dec. 2 would be the last time that Sheryl would leave the couple. Friends and family members say that after she left Wilkerson’s home, Malik proceeded to call her family and friends in a rage, expressing that he believed Sheryl was seeing other men. Devonee later told police and that her and her husband eventually drove around Queens until they found Sheryl at a train station in Jamaica. She went on to say that they forced her back to their home, which is where the deadly beating began. Apparently the couple beat her in turns, but for two very different reasons. While Devonee was upset about a tattoo that Sheryl had gotten on her buttocks, which read: “Bish Baby,” a pet name that Devonee reserved for her husband, Malik’s rage stemmed from concerns about Sheryl seeing other men.

“There are boundaries not to cross,” Devonee later told police. “She should have never gotten that tattoo, because I am his wife and that kind of tattoo is reserved for me.”

The couple continuously pounded at Sheryl’s temples and battered her legs with paint rollers, ignoring her cries for help. At one point during her discussion with police, Devonee revealed that in her pleas for help, Sheryl called out to Malik, referring to him as “Daddy,” which angered her even more.

“I snapped again,” Devonee told detectives before confessing to throwing a beer bottle at the victims head and burning her with a lit cigarette. “That was another boundary not to cross.”

A hammer was also used to inflict pain upon Sheryl during the brutal attack. The next day, Devonee and another man carried Sheryl’s lifeless body into Jamaica Hospital Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. Though they initially claimed that they found her near-death body lying on Sutphin Blvd. Investigators eventually pealed back the  layers of their story to find a chilling tale of jealousy, rage and murder.

“I know Malik had fallen in love with Sheryl,” Devonee eventually confessed to detectives.

Devonee is being held without bail on kidnapping charges that resulted in death. She has also been charged with assault with the intent of causing physical injury with a weapon. She is scheduled to appear in court in Dec. 19. Malik was later picked up in Pittsburgh, where he awaited extradition to New York.


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  • Aquagirl

    Polyamorists are naturally very sick people so this is unsurprising.

  • PleaseDOBetter

    And this is why I don’t share.

  • Fair and Balanced

    Although she fully consented to the relationship, what they did to her is cold blooded murder HANG EM HIGH!

  • Doris Landor

    She talks about boundaries, her vows of marriage should have constituted some boundaries which should have immediately dismiss that idea from her head!


    for some strange reason this story seems really fake. some of the details just don’t make sense. how do you admit to stuff like this and not get charged with murder? I mean justice doesn’t seem to be served and then the crime seemed to be really brutal. no info on who’s who in the pic. it’s just very vague, but at the same time pretty detailed. sorry i know it’s possible but THIS one seems fake.

    • LDA

      I know, reading the story I wanted to believe the same thing. but the story was covered in the Dec 11th edition of the NYTimes. Sheryl Outerbridge had a history of being in bad relationships. A pattern continued from how her mother lived and eventually died from complications of AIDS. Sheryl’s children had left their mother and are all living with their paternal families because of her former unsavory boyfriends. Not fake, extremely sad to see how some women get caught up in relationship madness because the self esteem is so low.

  • Princess P.

    This is a horrendous story and it is sickening. However, why would we expect a different outcome. There is something wrong with the victim and the married couple. Why would a woman with a family let herself be used in such a manner. More importantly, why would a married couple engage in such debauchery. If I were the victim – I would have walked away at the beginning before she became emotionally involved. This is such a tragic story because it did not have to happen. Why is it so easy for humans to kill each now? It is so scary – this world in which we live. Just scary.

  • cherryla

    That was more of a BDSM relationship with abusive overtones used to control her (fear, intimidation, abuse)

  • Child_Puhleez

    Sodom & Gomorrah, all over again. smh. My heart goes out to the innocent children left behind. Totally unnecessary.

  • amir bey

    PS. Mean ‘chose’ in my earlier message. But anyway, there is no such thing as an open marriage. If you want to fly loose, then don’t get married.

  • amir bey

    It’s her fault for living the life she choose. What a disgusting life for a woman with children to live! I feel sorry for the children growing up these days. They don’t know what ‘real’ parents are.

  • KeepingItReal

    Women…stop being so desperate. It NEVER ends well.

  • Chaz

    First you agree to the situation, then over time become jealous because you feel as if your husband as fallen in love with the other woman that YOU allow to come into your home?!?!?
    ….. And the result is murder. Smh. People are sick.

  • Jess

    Wait a minute; why has this turned into a warning against polyandry (practiced by humans and animals AROUND the world) and not against domestic violence? Some people practice different sex lives, get over it, because that is NOT the issue here. The issue is, a battered woman returned to her abusive lover(s) and was killed. Let’s not sit here and pretend that the prevalence of domestic violence is not an issue in the African American community, because it is (right behind hiding mental illness and catching disease too late out of the fear of going to see a doctor). What we should NOT do is spew this “God made marriage between a man and a woman” because in reality, he didn’t, if anything, the rampant instances of polygamy in the bible (fully sanctioned by religion) are God’s way of saying, “I have no problem with polyandry, as long as it is done properly in the eyes of the Church”.

    Stop being so judgmental and find compassion in your heart for this broken family. My prayers go out to her children.

    • clwa0303

      As someone in a happy polygamous marriage…..thank you for your words

  • just me

    And why are they not both charged with aggravated murders as they tortured this woman until her last breath….some sick people in this world

  • letinstar

    i don’t care what consenting adults do with their lives as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else…but how is this not considered first degree murder?

  • smh

    “I know Malik had fallen in love with Sheryl,” Devonee eventually confessed to detectives.

    This is why you don’t invite other folks into your bed or relationship. The balance is going to shift; somebody is going to get left out. And that leads to jealousy. It is inevitable. The average person barely has the attention span to deal with one person, let alone two. They actually did a similar thing in an episode of one of those cop shows (CSI?) back in the day … This couple was swinging with others and one of the wives got mad when the husband began carrying on an affair with one of the women outside of the boundaries set. And she killed her. I mean to each his own, but this sort of thing just seems to risky and dramatic for my taste. I’ll stay by myself first.

  • Nya Jacobsen

    This article isn’t about the monogamy. It’s about domestic violence. The victim died at the hands of her abuser, not one but two perpetrators. Domestic violence breeds in our community because it is so easy to turn your back on Sheryl Outerbridge and talk about the dangers of threesomes than talk about why no one intervened.

    • smh

      I think it’s both though … because the construct of the relationship fed into the violence. In this particular story they are linked. It’s hard to get around that.

    • kimmel67

      totally agree!

    • marshefen

      She’s a grown woman and her family can’t stop her from going back. Her sister said she was living this fantasy life and thought she was in control. Maybe her family did try to tak her out of it, but you can’t help someone if they don’t admit they have a problem and need help.

  • Smh. Wow. This is really sad.

  • lilredfox525


  • Amir D-m Smoot

    this is the type of example most airheads would use for polygamy…this is the type of bullshit they will use as an argument against it simply because they are truly clueless

  • Caydence James

    They’re all idiots but that Devonee is a “special kind of idiot” because not only did she actually partake in this foolishness but she says crazy things to actually confirm that she’s dysfunctional! Like, how is it that you’re mad about what some other woman has put on her body (Because it’s supposed to be “reserved for you”?Really? A tattoo?) but had no
    problem with her husband having sex with another woman? How is it that things went too far
    THEN but not when this whole thing was even a concept??? And then unlike her
    husband, she’s actually TALKING about it while his a** left her and posted up
    in Pittsburgh? See, that’s that BS!!! SMH!

    • ShazzNem

      I am so telling you dwl!

  • SickStory

    stupid, stupid, stupid, how many women in that kinda relationship are reading this…

  • serena blackcat

    Unicorn hunters who literally did hunt and kill their unicorn.

    • moniqhar


    • cb

      unicorns??? seems there are crazies on this thread!

      • sunny568

        it’s a term in the poly community for a bi/pan female who seeks a couple. So called because of their alleged mythical status. Try asking someone to elaborate before you call them names, maybe?

  • MarriedMomOf2

    I was watching my local news the other day and they had this author on there talking about how her 20 year marriage to her husband survived: by him having a girlfriend and wanted other wives to let their husband have a girlfriend. I wanted to throw my cup of coffee at my TV with that bullcrap! There’s no way in hell I’m letting my husband bring another woman in our marriage. If he wants a girlfriend, divorce my a** first, then have the girlfriend. This is sad, now there are kids who’s gonna spend Christmas without their mother forever.

    • Kristen

      They may not have gotten a divorce but the marriage did NOT survive! Once they allowed others in that was the end!

  • anonymous

    this is awful

  • Tq

    Monogamy is not dead my friends. Jealousy is bad enough with two people.Terrible what they did to her but if people are beating you, why would you continue to return to them? Very bizarre story!

    • folamix

      And extreme case of BDSM….SMH

    • Me

      For me I think it’s hard enough dealing with one person and their emotions and feelings. I couldn’t even begin to try to deal with 2!

  • wanda

    Why should we expect logic or anything wholesome from this twisted and degrading relationship? Wrong from start to finish and it left destruction for a lot more folks than when this mess started. Sin humiliates!

  • Jenie

    Some folks are going to bust hell wide open smh…. what is wrong with folks ….. damn ……

  • okokkoskso

    This story has “Snapped” written all over it. I actually felt like I was watching an episode of Snapped while I was reading it. Gave me chills.

    • MarriedMomOf2

      Or Fatal Attraction on TV One.

    • Rebbekah

      same here

  • disqus_FSvIAkV7MG


  • CC

    This is why you don’t play with fire, you will get burned. Marriage was made for one woman and one man. I don’t see how any of these types of relationships work. Just sad because the bottom line is that men want their cake and to eat it too and the women should say NO!!

    • oooJASONooo

      Marriage wasn’t made for one man and one woman. The type of marriage you agree with was created for one man and one woman. There are many marriages that were created differently in other cultures, countries, and religions. The open marriage deal wasn’t the “playing with fire” part that burned them. The crazy couple in the marriage was the fire.

      • CC

        Regardless, all parties lost, so whatever type of marriage/relationship this was I wouldn’t want to be in, because it going to always be trouble. Jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins, that we can see all around us. No one will never admit to jealousy, but in so many people it is there and it causes so many problems!!!

    • Memedawn

      @ooojasonooo:disqus…The fire was jealously which usually occurs when someone feels entitlement. Jealousy is not always noticed and most don’t see when it is coming. It is easily hidden and disguised. Some women hid their emotions just to be pleasing to the man they are with so they can make the relationship work the best way they know how. If they could, they would rather have him to themselves, but if sharing is the only way, than they choose to share. There is also the feeling of someone else eventually may or has become the favorite one. Yes, any relationship or marriage can end just as badly because people are just screwed up and hide plenty about themselves, but when you enter a relationship that involves more than two parties, you never really know what buried emotions from the first partner you are going to end up with. That is what makes these type of relationships dangerous.

  • YoNess

    The open marriage foolishness doesn’t work!

    • Superfox Mackin

      Thank you!!!

      • saintsday

        X’s 2!

    • Logic

      True that.Even Animals know love is between two hetrosexual humanbeings.

      • Jasmine Moore

        but there are animals that have sex with the same sex

        • guest

          and there are some animals that have sex with more than just one “partner”…there are some animals that eat their weakest young, their are some animals who kill their rivals to obtain a mate,etc…..Just sayin.

          • Rebbekah

            yea we can’t always look to animals for morals, lol

            • KeeKeeAlNatural

              LMBO! I know right lol

      • MzLearning Tofollowmyheart Jon

        I don’t think sexuality has ne thg to do wit the love btween two ppl. Ne way, n this case, sharing is not caring. Ijs

    • Annoyed@Idiots

      Actually, it does work for some. I personally know two couples who not only make it work but thrive that way. No one is forcing you to be poly so dont judge people who are.

      • Me

        Most black folks just don’t call it an open marriage but it happens all the time. My friends dad has a 10 year old and 2 year old with another woman but has been married to my friends mom for over 30 years.

        • Kristen

          Yikes!! How does the wife feel about that?

          • Me

            They’re still together.

    • James Wright

      That’s your opinion. Apparently all the people here have/has mental issues that would of probably been directed towards each other eventually.

    • Amarossa

      That’s true. It’s my observation that most times women agree to this open marriage nonsense to keep a bored husband from straying.

    • Rebbekah

      It;s becoming more and more popular. There are even reality shows now that star couples in polyamorous relationships.

    • oooJASONooo

      How do you know it doesn’t work? We see a negative story about 1 relationship right now. How many positive ones are we not seeing or reading about? If it were just a wife and husband and the husband killed his wife, would you state that this marriage thing doesn’t work? I don’t care one way or another about open marriages. I ain’t even married, but you can’t say open marriages don’t work because these fools killed the other woman.

  • dhgwen

    K-R-A-Z-Y and deranged; in that order! “that kinda tattoo is reserved for me”, but his sexual affection isn’t? These people will do ANYthing in the quest to get their freak on… and then defend their deviance (in this case, even the murder) like its normal and expected behavior. Between this husband and wife team there is not an ounce of morality; and sadly this is true too frequently in today’s society.

  • Jazmine

    If my man want to sleep with another woman, that b!tch can have him, I’m not sharing no man with no other woman! All these diseases out here, I want my man to be loyal to me and only me, no main chick, no side chick crap, I better be the ONLY chick he’s with.

    • Guest

      Thank you, I can’t stand it when some of these women out here calling themselves “main chick” as if it’s okay for their man to have a side chick too. If my husband even asks me to bring another female into our relationship I’m throwing a divorce in his face and he knows I DO NOT fawk with this open marriage/polyamorous BS and thank god he’s against this too. It’s sad that kids is without a mother, especially before Christmas, but she should have find her own man and not another woman’s husband. Plus how come these 2 aren’t charged with murder? The woman died, that charge should be upgraded!

      • Me

        Wait, so because she didn’t find her own man and not another woman’s husband she deserved to die? The wife and husband were down for this relationship. How about we blame the two people for killing her?

        • Guest

          I didn’t blame just the victim, I blamed all those involved, read the last part of my comment. The woman was 38 and a mother, she was old enough to have common sense to find a man who is AVAILABLE! As for the married couple, they were dumb enough to have an open marriage, so there I blamed all those involved, not just the victim, are you happy now?! Opinions are like a**holes, we’re all entitled to it.

          • Me

            They why even put in your comment about her finding her own man? And even in this comment you put her age, the fact that she was a mother and old enough to have common sense to find a man who is available. What does any of that have to do with her being killed?
            She was a victim of domestic abuse regardless of the situation.

        • smh

          @ me I agree with u . she didn’t deserve to die .that relation was a mutual agreement. his wife was OK with the other women .. an to add when they agree to that sick relation
          their is no line to cross.. she allow her husband to have another women in their life .. they need to be charge with man slaughter ..

          • Me

            Thank you!

        • Memedawn

          I read Guest’s post and I didn’t come out with what you did, Me. She did not say that the mother deserved to die because she didn’t find her own man. She is simply implying that having relations with another woman’s man (regardless if it is approved by her) will involve emotions and is wrong on so many levels. That she was old enough to make better decisions, but she instead allowed her fantasies to control her which allowed her to make irresponsible decisions that in return, ended her life. No she did not deserve to die, but we have to be careful in the decisions that we make in our lives less we suffer the consequences. There are always consequences. But if she was in a relationship with an unmarried man that abused and murdered her than the only one to blame would be him. It is not safe to get involved in other people’s devotions whether it is consensual or not, because jealousy will reveal it’s ugly head. There is always a sense of ownership, especially with the person that was involved first and/or took on a permanent title. That’s what people ignore when they get into a three-way relationship. I just wished she would had called family to get her and called the police, especially when she knew her lovers always came back.

          • Me

            Regardless she was a victim of domestic violence. Black women have a tendency to be holier than thou and love to blame the woman. No matter what she did to get involved with them, she did not deserve to be killed by them.

            • Davids Hair

              That’s women in general, not only black women.

      • James Wright

        The woman probably Loved her too. cant Judge Others on the way they choose to live there life. These people just happen to be psycho.

        • Guest

          But if you gonna get married to that person and spend the rest of your life with that ONE person, you’re only dedicating yourself to that person and not bring other people into your marriage. Also since this story made public, it opened the door for people to judge. We live in a judgmental world, hello!

          • Me

            But you don’t know what they said in their vows.

      • KeeKeeAlNatural

        I have seen plenty of people have open marriages & they ALL ended in DRAMA! It isn’t a healthy way of life & if people want to sleep with other people, than never get married.

    • Nestique

      You speak truth Jazmine. With all these diseases and sexually transmitted ish out there,…you can never be too careful in relationships. Being with one person is being vulnerable enough. Its sad that this woman didn’t the necessary help to really get away from tht couple. Just sad

  • How is this not murder? Manslaughter at the least? An assault is when someone is injured and is still ALIVE. This woman died from being beaten by those two lunatics.

    • Lost Soul

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  • Chas

    Wow that’s incredibly sad. I understand that there are different lifestyles for different people but you need to seriously check out who your dealing with and know when to walk away. RIP

    • Real Talk!

      HELLO ^^^^^^^ She tried to walk away, did you NOT read the article in its entirety? Fellow residents of Sheryl’s Harlem apartment building say that although she lived with the Wilkerson’s, she frequently fled their two-bedroom home, returning to her own apartment battered.

      • Caydence James

        I think they are talking about walking away when the situation first presented itself.

      • Rebbekah

        Yea, she didn’t mean literally walking away. The woman was obviously too emotionally attached to “walk away” from the situation, but you could see she was trying to. This is so sad. Stories like this let me know that satan is alive and real.

        • KeeKeeAlNatural

          This story did sound demonic. Crazy….I feel for the victims children. Very very sad story.

      • Chas

        Of course I did or I would not have commented. By walk away I mean from the situation completely. I don’t consider someone walking away from a situation if you walk away temporarily several times. Once the relationship proves to be dangerous and unhealthy…walk away. Do you get it NOW???

    • Me

      She was a victim of domestic abuse. Women are killed everyday because they don’t leave. It’s easy for us to say leave, but they have something else going on inside their head.

      • Chas

        I understand that completely. I was once in a physically abusive relationship myself. It takes effort but its possible.

  • heyheynow

    This is the craziest story I’ve heard in a while. It’s some sick people out here. The whole situation to begin with is sick and the way it ended is even sicker.