Toast To The Motherland! Celebrity Women Dating African Men

November 29, 2013  |  
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We often say there’s nothing like black love and we’re pretty sure the ladies on this list would completely agree because they’ve taken their love straight back to their roots. Here are 10 celebrity women who have found love dating African men.

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Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson named her last album “No Boys Allowed” but after meeting Oklahoma City Thunder’s Serge Ibaka, she changed her tune. Born in the Republic of the Congo, Ibaka played basketball in Spain before coming to the NBA. Hilson, who is normally very private about her dating life, was rumored to have a new man in her life and after months of speculation, they came out as a couple in late 2012. Still going strong, Hilson was sitting in the stands cheering her man on a couple of weeks ago when he got ejected from the game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Nia Long

Actress Nia Long was out of the headlines for a while before she re-emerged a few years ago pregnant and happy. By her side was her man Ime Udoka. The Nigerian-American played eight seasons in the NBA before landing a job as an assistant coach with the San Antonio Spurs. Long gave birth to their son Kez Sunday Udoka in November of 2011. She recently reprised her role as Jordan Armstrong for The Best Man Holiday.

WENN/Ivan Nikolov

Kenya Moore

Just when the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” show was getting a little boring, the good folks over at Bravo added former Miss USA winner Kenya Moore to spice things up. In her first season on the show, Moore took up, what some would call, an inappropriate relationship with fellow castmate Phaedra Parks’ husband. But Moore moved on to her own man. Over the summer, Moore was photographed with her new boo, the son of an African billionaire. In other words, he’s very rich.


Michelle Williams

Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams has kept a relatively low profile since the group went there separate ways. Along with releasing a few gospel albums, Williams has been romantically linked to former NFL player Adewale Ogunyele for several years. Things must be getting serious between the two. Last December, Williams traveled to Ogunyele’s native country Nigeria to sing the country’s national anthem at an event. Ogunyele, who played for the Chicago Bear and the Miami Dolphins, was with singer Kelis before he hooked up with Williams and he’s Sanaa Lathan’s ex man.


Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is having a great year. In addition to starring in the most talked about show of the season, the “Scandal” star surprised everyone when she up and married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in June. The current free agent, whose parents both hail from Nigeria, was considered one of the best corners in the league. A few weeks ago, Washington made headlines once again when it was revealed she was expecting their first child.


Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross may be best known for playing Dr. Joan on the hit sitcom “Girlfriends,” but it was her recent relationship with Bu Thaim that got the daughter of a famous diva back in the headlines. Ross was spotted around town on the arm of the music executive and brother of singer Akon. After dating for almost two years, Ross and Thaim reportedly broke up but we haven’t seen any proof yet.


Nicole Ari Parker

Nicole Ari Parker landed the role of her career when she was cast as Teri Joseph in Showtime’s hit show “Soul Food.” The role would change her life in more ways than one. It was on the show that she met the man who she would vow to spend the rest of her life with. Parker wed Boris Kodjoe, whose father is from Ghana, in a lavish, fairytale wedding in Germany in 2005. The couple has two children together.


Leila Lopes

Beauty queen Leila Lopes won the title of Miss Angora before winning the crown of Miss Universe in 2011. Becoming the first woman from her country to hold the position, the stunning beauty also won the heart of two-time Pro Bowler Osi Umenyoira. Earlier this year, Umenyoira popped the question and the two became engaged. The Atlanta Falcons player, who was born in London to Nigerian parents, won two Super Bowl rings as part of the New York Giants before taking his talents down south.


Naiyana Garth

You may not know her name but you probably know who her man is. Make-up artist Naiyana Garth probably makes a lot of women jealous when she steps out with actor Idris Alba. The British born actor gained prominence as the cutthroat second-in-command drug kingpin Stringer Bell on the hit HBO series “The Wire.” The happy couple has reason to celebrate; it was recently announced Garth is pregnant and we’re assuming he’s the father. Elba, whose father is from Sierra Leone and mother from Ghana, also has a daughter from his previous marriage.

Chloé Alexis Jourdan

Rapper Wale has steadily built his fan base over the last several years with his poetic songs and non-stop work ethic. While the ladies love that the Nigerian American is in tune with his softer side, there’s been one very special lady in his life. Little did we know the DC native has been quietly dating model Chloé Alexis Jourdan for more than two years. The couple was outted when Jourdan shared a photo kissing her man on Instagram recently.

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  • Viviane

    Angola was a Portuguese colony until 1975.

    • MIMI

      Angola and Cape Verde are both former Portuguese colonies in Africa so yes she may have a cape verdian connection maybe from her grandparents or great granparents bottom line is she is African whether Angolan or Cape Verdian

  • Anon

    btw Iam Angolan and what do you mean lopes is not an Angolan name the President of Angola his last name is Dos Santos and I have people with the last name Lopes in my family. And she said it multiple that her parents are Angolans from Benguela. And I don’t believe that your Angolan because than you would know that many Angolans have portuguese last names because it was a portuguese colony. Educate yourself

  • ME

    umm huh Boris is German… please omg stop making up content so you can have 10 people

    • dude

      like it says in the verbiage. His father is from Ghana….his mother is German. Thus allowing him to say the N word without getting f’d up; thereby him being African.

  • AfricaChillin


  • Kesha

    Why is it that we still can’t seem to get past interracial dating and marriage…this is 2013 for crying out loud. We all have to stop crying out when we see people of different races mixing, where is the harm in finding love? Stop focusing on something as insignificant as the differences between our skin colors and start seeing people for who they really are. The best way to end racism is to do as Morgan Freeman says and simply stop talking about it. Can’t we all just be grown ups and respect each others cultures and learn from one another?

  • Show Me the Receipts


  • Lee

    The negativity here is exhausting. I feel like I’m trying to shout over a belligerent crowd that’s about to kill each other. I’m not a historian, but I think it’s safe to say there were so many daunting obstacles we (black men with black women) have overcome; it’s ironic that the one that’s still standing is ourselves. And all this does is feed every racist entity that wants to destroy us. It’s so crystal clear. Watch the Neo Nazi trolls that welcome themselves into these comment sections and voice their so-called two cents of information. I mean they basically spell it out for you who they are. And yet many of you don’t even care. Your beef with black men/black women is so juicy, you get tunnel vision and can’t let it go.

    • LDA

      love what you’ve stated Lee. I hear you and am PROUD of you saying it. as a middle age AAW engaged to a middle age AAM, I’m going to keep loving my people and as for the foolishness that is said by ourselves and others, I pray God grants me the insight to see, understand it and continue to stand in the light of LOVE

  • GymJunkie43

    What’s interesting, is that 80% of the women pictured are lightskinned with hazel eyes so what is that saying about the preference of african men, once they reach a certain income level? Except for Keri and Nia, none of these women have the features, skin tone or hair texture of most women in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria.
    I do love the middle class african men, they are all about getting married and working hard to be a provider for the home. You will NEVER catch an African man driving you to work in your car and goes back home to sit in your crib until you get off work.

    • Mia

      Where are the african men??

    • Happy

      Well the article is about famous black women. Most famous women happen to be fairer skin. There are PLENTY PLENTY PLENTY of highly successful African men with women who have ‘African features’. Mind you, not all Africans are dark, there are many who are light with hazel eyes but I do get your point

      • GymJunkie43

        If I were an African man, I would def want the darker women of the continent. Think of Alek Wek, Iman and Naomi Campbell. God gave them features women pay for: pearly white teeth that look like veneers, high cheekbones, the ability to turn heads and break necks at 40 and 50.

  • kinbuty

    My black people! what is wrong with you arguing over african men vs african-american men? this is stupid! you see ! this is just how divided we are!

    • Herm Cain

      What the black American woman fails to realize is these African brothers don’t want her either they stick to their own they know American women are tainted combative and can’t spell submission we don’t even need to mention the baggage or ready made family she comes with

      • da truth

        I am a black american woman and my African husband loves me to death!! Plenty of African men like black women. They make way better husbands and fathers. My husband treats my daughter like a princess.

  • Show Me the Receipts

    Well I just say they have the largest penises on the planet and know how to use them well.

  • Great research, I haven’t the knowledge of it, thanks for sharing.

  • pretty girl

    I’m married to a Kenyan!!!!!

  • SINderella

    That’s because black women are not self loathing Toms like black men. We’re strong we don’t need white validation the way they do. And black men are totally colorstruck. The last thing a lot of them want to do is have dark skinned little girl. God forbid their daughters look like their mothers and sisters.

    • Lee

      For the love of all that is holy, stop painting black men with a broad brush. What is so difficult about being intellectually honest, instead of going with uncontrollable emotion. Ok, you’re angry. But you know it can’t possibly true that all black men are as you say “Toms”. You’re making such broad generalizations, it’s almost as if you’re just trying to pick a fight. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some black women make fun of a black man for being “too dark” or swooned about dating a Latin guy and having a child with “good hair”. Yes, there are some really shallow black men as you have described, but it goes both ways. We all need help.

      • badtodibone

        if you feel that way I suggest you let your voice be heard and those who think like you as well.ppl dont comprehend the power of silence. its more dangerous than the crime committed and the truth is a lot of bla ck males are exuding those ignorant characters but the guys who think like you are silent

  • Jay Effkay

    With America getting more Indians and Asians I think the day when people ask black people to return to Africa is coming soon

    We actually like Indians and Asians because they’re not worthless losers who commit crime then cry about racism lol

    They’re smart family loving people who look good and actually contribute to this country

    That’s why nobody profiles them or anything because we actually like them, unlike black people

    • Show Me the Receipts

      India and Asia are the same place. Doesn’t really matter because you have no power in this country anymore.

      • Jay Effkay

        Lol blacks are still the biggest losers in America even after all these years

        Just wait till there’s an Indian or Chinese president they’ll send you idiots back to Africa

    • Ali

      Indians are the least liked. They thought they were accepted because of that movie slum dog millionaire. They tried to bring in those stupid bollywood movies and promptly got kicked back where they belong, in the shadows.

      No one is trying to emulate indian culture. No way!!!!

      • Jay Effkay


        So the ugly African women buying Indian hair weave doesn’t count?

        Nor the 20 million Americans who do yoga?

        You black’s are even dumber than advertised

        You’re jealous because Indians and Asians are liked and accepted and everyone avoids black’s lol

      • Jay Effkay

        Um Black’s have been trying to get accepted for years

        But your still profiled and hated by most

        You’re ugly, violent monkey looking pieces of sht lol

        Yoga, karma and meditation is all Indian… Get an education you worthless black

  • Jay Effkay

    Lol now if only we could get some of the Africans in America to return to their motherland

    Wouldn’t that be a treat

    • Show Me the Receipts

      You go first by going back to wherever you can’t from. Seems like that would be hell.

  • Laide Shadelola

    I’m proud of my Black African men. Most of them wouldn’t take a White woman home. I’m Nigerian and proud of being the ORIGINAL WOMAN! No respectable African man would dare take a White woman home! None!

    • truthbetold

      Because most are dumb. it is a fact hat the most married out group of people are subsahran African women, no other groups of people marriages white people more than blk African women.

      • Viviane

        Can I please have your sources? Because as a black African young woman who has lived and grown up in both Europe and North and South America, from what I have seen it is the black (African or of African descent) men who date most outside of their race. And that in itself is not a problem whatsoever. It becomes an issue when these men try to justify their dating choices by belittling black women and dragging us as an entire group through the mud. And this is insane to me because black women as a group have supported black men since the beginning of time and continue to do it to this day despite being told and showed by some that we are no longer good enough.

        Whatever, I’m good enough in my eyes and my God’s eyes. And I do believe that I have my black king waiting somewhere being molded by God. That’s my piece 🙂

        • truthbetold

          The U.S census is source it is a fact the only people who marry another race more than their own are blk African immigrant women marrying white males. Nothing wrong with it but just letting her know.

    • Show Me the Receipts

      You must have never been to the US or Europe. African men marry and have children with white women often. Even at least two of the men in this article are from white women. I guess in your opinion that wouldn’t make them respectable.

    • Nkeiru Ogbuokiri-Ojo Anjorin

      @Laide…must u be harsh 2 say no “respectable” African man would dare take a white woman home. That is an exaggerated comment because I’ve seen straight decent ones take their wives and also some that even live there… A man is going to be a man regardless good or bad, short or tall but is always good to pull from experiences and also see that a cup is always half full vs half empty.

  • smoinpour

    haha how cool

  • JTerry

    Tracee Ellis Ross’ character on ‘Girlfriends’ was a lawyer then a restaurateur, not a doctor. Not trying to nitpick, just saying.

  • Wemustdobetter

    African men and most black men from other countries are much more aware and respectful than African American men. Men in our country have too much self hate.

    • Laine

      I wish that was true, but it’s not….Like we say in my South American/Caribbean home country..different flies, same sht… ! Sorry! haha

      • Wemustdobetter

        I can only speak from my observations and experiences. Most of the foreign black men carry themselves with more dignity and respect. IMO

        • Valentine Joseph

          You’re generalizing mah friend

          • Wemustdobetter

            True. There are good and bad in every culture and race.

    • Katonia Iluvmesumhim Updite


    • chanela

      Dont men in africa have multiple wives tho?

      • Laide Shadelola

        No. Not all African men are polygamist. Some of the older ones may do but then Africa is a huge continent with multiple cultures, languages, customs etc. They’re not a monolithic group!

      • Wemustdobetter

        No! Maybe the Muslim ones but Muslims come in all colors.

    • Herm Cain

      Goes both ways black American women don’t give us much to respect between the bad attitudes and out of wedlock kids and its not only black men who feel this way nobody is checking for y’all brothers are not complaining about the dating climate

      • Show Me the Receipts

        Well people don’t have children by themselves. Most American black men prefer to impregnate and not marry or worst, take off. I think black men don’t see their own women as desirable so they miss that other races of men do. Black women are increasingly dating other races, but whatever. Everybody has to happy. I’m one that clearly gets it. You all don’t choose us, but life goes on sweetie.

        • Trisha_B

          A black man is not gonna impregnate someone whose not willing to open their legs for them. Your blame game is so flawed lol. A woman decides who she will lay down with. Why lay down w/ a dog & get mad you got fleas? Dont lay down w/ someone that makes it clear they dont want children or desire to be married. Ladies often put themselves in that predicament & be shocked hes acting the same way hes always been acting… you people plan on having black sons in America one day? B/c your already throwing them in the category of no good lol

          • Show Me the Receipts

            Honey I don’t need your advice on procreation. I have my degree and both my children were born in wedlock. The lol is not on me it’s on this issue. Sounds like u you got baby mama syndrome. I’m not one for making excuses for men when their wrongs have become encultrated.

            • Trisha_B

              Lol wasn’t giving advice, just leaving my opi ion like you were 🙂 & no im not a baby mama, dont have any kids & currently in school for a degree. Thanks for trying to read me tho lol

      • Wemustdobetter

        Out of wedlock kids is the result of a man and woman, genius. You do know that white America hates black men??? Just ask Trayvon Martin’s family.

    • GoddessSheba

      So true sister, I’m a beautiful Ethiopian sista and I have had all kinds of AA men try to wife me… My mum always told me they are the worst because they have no knowledge of their roots, like us Africans………. So I married my own kind and I was showered with gold and gifts on my wedding day, I love African men thank god there is an alternative and not all black men want WW….. I know for a fact even if I did become a single mum, an African man wouldn’t choose a WW over me….. If anything most biracial African men die to marry African women even though their mothers are W

      • Show Me the Receipts

        I’m sorry, but I’m not sure that you really have traveled much or you’re just in denial. I think that’s all I’m going to say because I’m not here to offend you with the truth about Africans and particularly Ethiopians.

    • Trisha_B

      Well whose raising these black american men?! Black American women are!! So blame mothers for raising their sons to not be upstanding men & choosing unresponsible men to be their childs father smh. My family is foreign & i think this comment is just plain ignorant!!! You guys get in your feelings when men lump all black women together, but will lump all black men together. I’ve come in contact w/ plenty of black american men that were raised right & respectful, & ive come in contact w/ African men that was disrespectful smh…women have just as much self hate as men. You can keep thinking every african family will accept a black american women, b/c they wont! Maybe black women should think who they reproduce w/and raise these boys to be MEN instead of lil mama boys, the outcome will be different. B/c like I said, these black men aren’t raisimg themselves, they learning it from somewhere; in the home.

      • Wemustdobetter

        The last time I checked it takes two to raise and make a child. My sex education teacher would be very disappointed with you. Both men and women need to be smart and until we realize this, there will always be broken black families.

        • Trisha_B

          So if both men & WOMEN need to realize this, why are you only downing the men? Isn’t it the women who is carrying these kids for 9 months? Isn’t it the women, in most traditional homes that are w/ the kids majority of the time? As a woman, you should pick a mate that will be a good example for your future sons. But these women are sleeping w/ bums, having sons for these bums, then go on bitter women rant about black men being no good when these choose the bum over the good guy. & the cycle continues b/c that child is just gonna see his mother talk trash about black men & feel that he too is no good

          • Wemustdobetter

            WRONG!!! If you were following me on other threads then you would have understood that I was correcting others that put 100% of out of wedlock children blame only on the shoulders of the black woman. It is not doing our culture any good by giving men a pass and shifting all the responsibility to the women. Both partied are EQUALLY responsible.

        • Herm Cain

          No we’ve realized there’s 5011 forms of birth control condoms etc the black American women will not only fail to protect herself but will not even require a man who is not her husband to strap up at the very least lets be logical when the f**k buddy relationship is over because sisters love those whose left with sole responsibility? the real issue is your promiscuity lack of morals the quality of African American women has diminished over time everyone seems to see this except black women

          • Wemustdobetter

            Oh I must’ve forgot how moral the black man and white people are. The last time I checked bw have not started any wars or participated in drive by shootings but we are the root of all evil. Right!

            • Herm Cain

              I’m not addressing white people I’m talking about our community stop deflecting and keep your legs closed

              • Wemustdobetter

                Is that what you had to tell your mother?

      • Africhic

        A woman can’t teach a man how to be a man.

      • badtodibone

        we tend to place far too much blame on mothers and give black women too much credit. where is black men’s absense figured into all of this. kanye had a black panther father and a lovely mother to instill great things in him and he still turned out to be a new slav3 to the white man and his white woman. men are going to become who they are regardless.

      • demi

        That is a copout, im tired of black men using their mothers as a scapegoat for bad behavior. Life is choices, u either choose to do right or you don’t. Your an adult now, u can’t blame mommy anymore…..that wouldnt hold up in court.

    • Courtney Banks

      That’s because they have a father in the home, and come from strong family structures.

  • yes

    This is nice. American black men are worthless.

    • Wemustdobetter

      They allowed the white men to destroy their family

      • YoRachetHouseGuest

        It was destroyed the moment we boarded the ship. Oh guess who sold us… African men… Bish please… pick up a history book. Just because yo daddy ain’t sh!t, don’t come here projecting.

        • Viviane

          Oh have a seat with that mess. You’re the one who should pick a pick a history book and not the one the white man sells because a hunter never accurately tells his victim’s side.

        • Laide Shadelola

          What an ignorant comment. I can imagine that you’ve been brainwashed by White schools and white history books. We, Africans did not sell anyone. We were not the ones who kidnapped your ancestors. we didn’t rape them, torture them nor enslave them. Our kings and our people fought to stop these vile Whities from taking our people. They came back and colonized our countries in Africa for years just to steal. You’re ignorant and a product of the White man. Read a real history book not a whitewashed one! Would you blame Iraqis too for having their country invaded by Whites? With all the evil atrocities that Whites have committed in this world and still committing and you’ll blame their victims (Africans) for their crimes? You’re really brainwashed.

          • be real


        • Wemustdobetter

          um…it’s 2013. Just saying

      • truthbetold

        You is one bitter b¥tch. Lol. Pain not having a man ah? But seeing you have so much to offer, how come no white man ain’t scooped you up? Lol. Stay bitter

        • Show Me the Receipts

          Your response is very ignorant.

        • Wemustdobetter

          My original comment was the truth – The black man allowed the white man to destroy the black family. Don’t get mad because I talked about your massa. Where your white woman at?

      • Jackie B.

        Nobody ALLOWS what they dont want, idiot

        • Wemustdobetter

          if this doesn’t apply to you then calm the fawk down, you cockroach

    • Alicia

      I won’t go that far to say American men are all worthless. There are some good ones out there. Even though, i didnt have my share of good ones. However, I’m married to a nigerian, Yoruba man and I have to say I have no regret. He’s more respectful, family oriented, and disciplined. He’s loving, caring and has exposed me to a different kind of love. I am so in love with him. He surprised my mom with a new house this thanksgiving and my mother couldn’t ask for a better son in law. Hes a citizen, so no he’s not using me. He came here to study and worked very hard e and landed a good job at a company that filed for him. While he was working there, I was doing an internship and that’s how we met. Prior to that, i thought i will marry a non black men bcos I felt i wasnt meeting the good black men and the ones i see around are either taken or into non black women. And i initially thought he was into non black women bcos he schooled in Germany, and was also around white people a lot here too. wo of my girlfriends are also with African men, so don’t be so close minded and don’t judge by negative stereotypes. I can’t wait to visit Nigeria again this christmas with his mom(I’m closer to her than my own mom).

      • Laide Shadelola

        I”m Nigerian and married to a Nigerian man so you’re my Sister-in-law (in spirit of course as we say back home). Welcome to our family of Nigerians. We welcome you!

        • Show Me the Receipts

          I wish I had family like you when I was married to my Ivorian husband. His family hated black Americans and Christians.

          • Dana Michele

            sounds like my Ivorian husband he hates black americans and christians the same way !

      • Laide Shadelola

        You will love Nigeria. The people are warm and welcoming and you’ll feel at home and won’t have anyone calling you a N…r or looking down on you! Enjoy yourself when you go.

        • Passion Pride

          Tell that to the Nigerians in America and in many parts of Nigeria! Nigerians I met are rude, Ghanaians are nice!

    • Kisses

      Either you don’t know how to pick them or you don’t know how to treat them…you and all the other bitter broads who upvoted this mess lol.

      A man is a man is a em–effing MAN. Straight from African doesn’t make him immune to being worthless…

    • Lee

      How do you come to the conclusion that all American black men are worthless? I mean what quantitative method did you use in your research?

      • demi


    • Jackie B.

      That statement just means that YOU just dont HAVE a man

    • Lee

      So now it’s not all black men – period. It’s just American black men. Ok, well… we’re making progress

  • Me

    Leila Lopes is from Angola.. (not Angora)… her parents are cape verdian… she’s african.. just thought u should know.

    • bvictorian

      Sorry about that, thanks for the correction!

    • anon

      No, leila Lopes is from Angola her parents are Angolans from Benguela which is in a Angola, she said it multiple times. Get your facts straight.