“Jus Cuz I Don’t Say Much Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Take Care Of Myself” Chilli Responds To Pebbles’ Daughter

November 6, 2013  |  

Earlier this week we told you about the messy, messy interview Pebbles’ daughter, Ashley Reid conducted. During the 30 something minute sit down, in an attempt to defend her mother, she called T-Boz and Chilli liars, said they needed to take responsibility for filing bankruptcy and even claimed, rather crassly, that Chilli had an affair with her father L.A. Reid. Forget whether or not her claims were true or false, the whole thing was deplorable and she literally looked every bit of crazy while doing it.

And though she was messy in her approach, Chilli responds with the class a woman of her age should have at this point in life. She didn’t attempt to mention Ashley on Twitter instead she just responded to fans who inquired about her reaction. See what she had to say in the screenshots below.

Source: Twitter

Ain’t that the truth. I don’t know what Ashley hoped to accomplish with all of this but something tells me she underestimated the TLC fanbase and just how tactless she was going appear.

Source: Twitter

Chilli’s response was not the juiciest but it was certainly appropriate.  It’s what I would expect from a woman of her age and experience in this industry. She let all parties know that she ain’t no punk but didn’t wallow in the mire. No sense in going back and forth or even Twitter beefing with someone so child-like.

What do you think of Chilli’s response?

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  • collinnyo145

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  • guest

    I love how my comments in support of Pebbles and family always need to “await moderation”. Nothing like one sided coverage of this situation. Moderate all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that there are two sides to a story and really TLC started it all with their biopic….nothing wrong with the daughter supporting her mother.

  • Amy Tate Palmer

    No need to battle with that girl. Heck, she should tell her mama to make a movie!

  • Fair and Balanced

    She should ignore Pebbles highly ignorant daughter, why on earth would a woman of class stoop to the level of something that should have gone down the toilet with the after birth. Great job in raising a lady Pebbles and L.A

  • unque43

    I think the greed for money made Pebbles do thing and she took advantage of those girls. Not thinking it would come back around and hit her in the face. Chilli always seemed to be a classy lady and I now I know she is thumb up Chilli. Ashley, we all agree that we probably would defend our parent, but in this case you should have left if to your parent (s) to speak on their own behalf. Did they sign contracts with you. When I saw your picture I could not believe it your veins were about to pop. You looked trashy.

  • CC

    We still have yet to hear Pebbles’s side of the story. She and her daughter keep calling them liars so why not prove it??? All of the childish accusations are irrelevant until she proves her alleged “innocence”.

  • Jayda Brown

    Well said Chilli, someone needs to teach that girl some manners ASAP.

  • cookies

    i meant to say pebbles married a dying women’s husband and took him from her.

  • cookies

    pebbles don’t care about nobody she married a dying women husband from her and married the man and when the women died her dumb husband gave pebbles his died wife brand new bentley money and jewerly and put pebble on the payroll at his job he was the boss and pebbles never work work a day at this job and when pebble meet L.A. Reid she cheated on george with antonio and got a record deal and then left george.

  • Ladybug94

    Why is Pebbles’ daughter even interjecting herself into this, it’s not her business it’s her mother’s. Stay out of grown folks business.

  • Lakysha Elliott

    With all the money her dad has and her mother stole, they still could not afford to buy this CHILD some class…she need to have a seat and shut her mouth because she sounds like an idiot!!!

  • Venny

    I like a lady with class. You go Chilli.

    As for Pebbles’s daughter she know her mother took advantage of them girls. This is why they put the 1st young lady out of the group and they ended up with Chilli. It wasn’t that the 1st young lady could not sing. The 1st young lady’s mother wanted to see the contract and Pebbles refuse to let her see it. So Pebbles put her out of the group stating she could not sing and this is when Chilli was added to the group. She mad because she knows her mother is a crook. I also blame TLC parents (who every was around) because they should have requested a copy of the contract. Sometimes money make you do stupid things like not thinking before you act.

    • Junie

      They were not Kids or Teenagers. According to T-Boz & Chilli, none of them (including their parents), were experienced in the industry and they had these Big Time hot shot lawyers handling and explaining things to them. Supposedly they would be taken cared if. It’s the nature of the business. New artist go through this Crap all the time; until they learn business and who to trust.

  • The Tara Effect

    Chilli is a MATURE Woman

  • Leslie Rene Anderson

    yeah Chilli keep it classy! that “lady” looks like a damn fool fighting with herself..

  • Shamira Godinme Banks

    Very Classy Chilli! Ashley (regardless of her many snide remarks about how rich her family is and how above average a person she is) proved that she lacks the tact necessary to be considered anything other than a spoiled brat who has temper tantrums when she can’t get her way. I’m sure I’d be just as determined to protect my mom but to threaten someone physically when all you know is hearsay, it’s a bit desperate.

  • Enjuli Bullock

    I think her reponse was classy.