Mistakes To Avoid Making In Your 20s

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Our 20s are bound to be full of life-long lessens, new experiences, and plenty of new adventures that will shape our futures — hopefully for the better. However, our 20s can also be full of mistakes, some of which can be huge setbacks that are hard to recover from. If you’re looking to get the best out of your 20s while also making way for a happy and successful future, there are definitely some things you don’t want to do. Here are 14 mistakes to avoid making in your 20s.

Putting a lot of effort into finding love

While your friends may be in long-term committed relationships and some may even be married, don’t spend your 20s desperately searching for love. When that one relationship is meant to happen, it’ll happen, so don’t hesitate to casually date. However, don’t let your quest for love bog you down mentally or emotionally.

Losing sight of family values

When people hit their 20s they’re grown. They want to distance themselves from their parents and their family and figure out things on their own. However, no matter your age, you should never lose sight of your family and the values you’ve been taught. Family should always come first, no matter where you end up in life.

Not caring much

The care-free and simple life can often extend into our 20s, but it really shouldn’t. Living your life without much care because you only live once won’t get you very far, and you quickly lose focus of the important things. Today’s YOLO attitude could very much mess you up in middle age and later years.

Getting lazy

You finally got the job you wanted, you’ve been working for a few months, and you’re ready for a week-long vacation. Though you’ve conquered a huge feat by getting your dream job, now isn’t the time to get comfortable and slow down. Instead, you need to continue pushing; continue challenging yourself to do more things and to do them better. Don’t let laziness start to set into your life.

Working just for the money

During your 20s, especially in today’s economy, a lot of young adults are working just to have an income to support their bills and to live their lives. However, if you live your 20s by working just for money instead of working to achieve your career dreams, you’re making a huge mistake. Your job(s) in your 20s should be all about challenging yourself, finding your path in the career world, and enjoying the journey. With enough hard work, the higher positions, and the money, will come.

Cutting yourself off from learning

Right now you already have a good education, you’ve found a steady job, and overall you’re content with where your life is going. However, instead of considering these achievements to be the end of the road, see them as mini victories that will lead to a bigger victory in the end. Don’t stop learning and growing. Take on more responsibilities, learn a new trade, and watch how much more content you become.

Following the crowd

Nowadays it’s all about following the latest and greatest trends and fads, and while they may have been cool to follow in your teenage years, in your 20s you want to do the complete opposite. Instead of going along with the crowd and looking for ways to blend in, now is the time to become a trendsetter; force against the crowd. You won’t succeed by following the footsteps of other people.

Sticking with poisonous friends

If you’ve got a big circle of friends, it’s likely that some of them are poisonous, to say the least. Those friends who contribute nothing to your life and waste your time and money are probably best to be cut off. The same goes for the pessimists and those people who don’t believe in your dreams and goals. In your 20s, and for the rest of your life, surround yourself with caring and genuine people.

Combining wants and needs

Your 20s should be the time when you’re deciding what you want out of life and what you need out of life. Though it may be nice to buy new shoes each week, have a new man each weekend, and go on a shopping spree every other month, these are not needs. Don’t let your wants become your needs, and don’t let your needs slip out of the picture. Priorities are a must.

Spending a lot of your money

You’re in your 20s, you’ve landed a pretty good job, so the income coming into your bank account is pretty nice, to say the least. If you’re like most people in their 20s, you’re probably spending more money than you are saving. Now is the best time to start packing in the dollars into the piggy bank. Open a savings account or find other ways to invest your money. It’ll be worth it years from now.

Relying on your parents

The 20s can be a hard time, especially financially. A lot of 20-somethings have student debt and other debt that can make it hard to find success. However, one of the worst things you can do is to rely on your parents to get you through this. If you’re living in your parent’s basement and eating their food, you’re so far from being the successful and independent person that you need to be.

Blaming all of your downfalls on others

You didn’t get a job because you didn’t do well in the interview and you didn’t get the apartment you wanted to rent in the city because you don’t make enough money. Instead of living your 20s by blaming everything on someone else, you’ll want to instead hold yourself accountable for everything that happens and every choice that you make.

Living in the fast lane

Today’s generation is all about living a fast-paced life that is full of technology and other distractions. Instead of living your life in the fast lane and rushing through things, take some time to apply the brakes and appreciate what you have and whats around you. Take pauses during the day and relax. Be mindful of your life, or else it’ll pass by way too quickly.

Not inspiring people around you

Friendships and relationships are great things, but they can be even better when there is some inspiration and energy flowing through them. Instead of allowing your social networks to become boring and talentless, find ways to encourage and drive those who are close to you. Tell stories and help people find their success in life. It’ll come back around to you.

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