‘Preachers Of LA’ Star Deitrick Haddon Gets Exposed By Alleged Mistress–Nude Pics And ALL

October 17, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

Speaking of Preachers of LA, there seems to be yet another scandal brewing. In case you somehow missed it, prior to Deitrick Haddon’s current marriage, he was married to another gospel artist for close to 15 years. One day, seemingly out of the blue, Deitrick announced that he and his now ex-wife had parted ways and that he was engaged to be married to the mother of his infant daughter. The circumstances behind the quiet split remained unconfirmed. Now it appears that a little more insight is being offered as to why the couple may have called it quits.

A woman who claims that her name is Simone Lewis contacted popular Atlanta-based blogger Funky Dineva, claiming that she tons of tea to spill about the Preachers of LA star. Once Dineva and the woman got to texting back and forth, the woman revealed her identity.

“Simone the woman he cheated on his first wife with,” the woman said, identifying herself.

She proceeded to send Dineva screenshots of email conversations between she and Deitrick. She even shared nude pics of the gospel recording artist. In one email, Deitrick allegedly wrote:

“Simone!! This letter touched my heart. I forgive you for hanging up on me. You are my girl :-). Can’t wait to see you mama!!!”

In another email, the reality star allegedly writes.

“My phone was tripping last night. I was walking around and didn’t realize you were trying to catch me. The last text I got was GUESS WHAT! I said what’s up! Simone if I don’t respond, trust me there’s a good reason. It ain’t like I don’t want to talk to my woman crazy!!! I’m the one that’s been begging you to get a webcam right? 🙂 Anyway hmmmmmmmm baby you look so good. I can’t wait to see you!”

And then, there are the nudie pics, which for obvious reasons, we can’t show here. However, if you’re just that curious, you can view the x-rated images here.

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  • Melissa

    How can this kind of negtive move, help anybody come to know the Lord Jesus, as Savior. I thought
    Deitrick was a better person then this, I know that everyone is not perfect, but as Christians we are to strive toward perfection, we don’t have time to keep sliding backward, we need to get the flesh under control. The souls that haven’t come to Jesus yet, they are looking at our behavior, and not only Deitrick, but a lot of Christian are loosing their witness, to win souls.

  • not judging ……..BUT

    All this time he was saying that Damita cheated on him. He didn’t tell the truth until it was leaked out of the darkness. Meanwhile, Damita hasn’t said a word. My father always says a hurt dog will holler everytime. Go sat down somwhere. Stop trying to be a celebrity and BE ANOINTED.

  • Say_No_Go

    Here we go…

  • CommonSense

    Just goes to show ya, people with HUGE egos are easy targets!! You can play them. I can pay them. Hollywood can play them. It’s hard to find sympathy for the ones who get stung by their own actions. You want to laugh. I find sympathy for their congregations, good people.
    What was this Deitrick Haddon thinking?? If I had nudie pix on an iphone, I would have to tell Hollywood ‘not interested.’ Then just hold my breath and wait for one of the jump offs to get mad, oops!

  • Knoxeema


  • Dragonlady

    I don’t get why people are so shocked though. That’s what men do…cheat. And yes I do believe most men can’t be faithful. Men are just dawgs. It is what it is.

  • Dragonlady

    I wish they’d cancel this show. It’s all kinds of wrong. Smh.

  • Juicy

    Y’all act like stuff like this is new, this has happened for ages, the only reason they are speaking out is because of money. Obviously all has been forgiven and looks to me he is BLESSED in more than one way. So live with it, people kill me always wanting to hang out folks dirty laundry.

  • Kay

    Here is the thing, Deitrick seems to have some things he needs to still sort out. I am not judging the man or condeming him, but its wise that when you have these kind of issues, you deal with them in the privacy of your own home. I am confused because alot of people are saying it nice to see pastors as humans…..really? I think we all know pastors are humans and as a result are subject to weaknesses and pesonal demons. I do not agree with the format for which they are displaying thier issues.
    I think instead of airing all thier dirty laundry they need to seriously seek guidance and handle home and personal before getting on tv and showcasing the dramam that we are now seeing front row,
    The problem is not they have flaws, its the way in which they are displaying them.

  • JRoc85

    “Clutching my pearls,” Hahahahaha

  • Ann

    People just refuse to learn the lesson of stop sending naked/half pictures, private body parts of themselves. They just simply refuse and don’t want to learn the lesson.

  • Ann

    I wonder what Deidrick’s reaction to this? It is a shame if this is true, this is a embarrasment to God.

  • Kay

    D***** Dietrick packing! Oh sorry forgive me lord! But ummmm I forgot what I was gonna say LOL

  • Barbara Codner


  • moniqhar

    he’s very angry and confrontational must be hard to dragging that “pkg” around…

  • phenomenal88

    Preachers are humans…. just like you and I. They were sent to deliver God’s word. You are the one who expect them to be perfect. Jesus is the only perfect man. but I thank God that he is the judge and he forgives us and not continue to bring it up. The bible speaks about the heart, only God knows the heart. LET him without sin cast the first stone. This woman who is now revealing everything is just as bad as Deitrick.

    • JenIsNoFollowerButILoveJesus

      The Bible delivers god’s word, anyone can be a vessel, the difference is, when you do things and you are a leader and folks consider you the person to learn from then that’s a different ball field…… Don’t think God want judge accordingly….. and these so called Charlatans will get it……… People need to quit following man and follow god……… The Church is tainted…… there is a spirit floating around …… and I want no parts of it……. read the bible for yourself……. quit being lazy….. understand you have to build your own personal intimate relationship with God…….

  • haylee

    Why after all this time she wants to share the emails, texts, and photos. This chic needs to sit her but down we all know he was divorced because he cheated on his first wife they both have cheated. Also we knew about the baby and the girlfriend so why is this news. I do not like thirsty females go sit down you are not getting any reality tv show so please have a seat just like his azz was wrong so was yours idiot.

  • niikkz

    Them pics tho yummm lol

  • Angel

    Deitrick Haddon says he and his wife broke up because SHE was unfaithful. He may have cheated as well, well I guess he did if he impregnated his current wife while going through the divorce to the first. This lady’s story isn’t very convincing though.

  • I mean no offense but i have learn to be wary of most “Christians”,”preachers”,pastors” and such… If you need God talk to him directly, cut the middle man.

    • Ladybug94

      The middle man is Jesus, at least he should be. It’s always good to discern things for yourself, you can always tell a tree by the fruit it bares.

      • I will agree to that, which is still making my point,One should talk to Jesus and God directly as opposed to letting these devils in disguise lead them to perdition.

        • Of course..if we’re going to believe the
          bible, we are to believe it ALL.. – How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? – Romans 10:14.. so this so-called middle man is needed according to the bible.

          • I truly don’t give a hoot.

            • and why is that not surprising? People like to “just judge” and keep it moving… you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. I too don’t give a hoot about you not giving a hoot Lol.

              • You wrote me first, sir i don’t know you 🙂

                • I actually didn’t “write” you. I replied on a public forum to a comment just like everyone else here. I don’t know you..especially since you do not use a real name or a real pic.. in fact.. no one likely knows the real you because of that. 🙂

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  • Machone

    No surprise. All men cheat….

    • ReleaseIt

      ALL men DO NOT CHEAT! hmmmmm sounds like someone has some hurt bottled up inside of them. I’m raying for you Machone!

    • trevon

      Not all men cheat, there are some men that live by a moral standard to be faithful to the Lord and there wife. People like this give the Christian men who are doing the right thing a bad name.

  • cryssi

    Okay I should’ve asked first is his face in the pics, if not that could’ve been anybody’s schlong.

    I don’t believe her, she needs better proof.

    Not saying he’s above it, I don’t know the man, no man is above reproach. Especially with the way he portrays himself not only on tv but also on social media, throwing random dirt on your ex-wife’s name and her rumored lover was not a good look sir.

    Alas, no face=no proof.

  • newgirl

    God will not be Mocked…

  • candy cane

    I personally believe this show was a bad idea. The ministry isn’t something that should be commercialized and with reality shows, your life becomes an open book by which you are judged. Would people be this concerned with Mr. Haddon and hi/s private life if he WASN’T on TV?

    • Ladybug94

      I agree. I personally think a lot of people will turn away from seeking Christ after watching this calamity.

      • realastheycome

        If people will turn away from CHRIST because of what man does then you have to wonder we’re they ever really dedicated to the faith in the first place. If you have over truly been touched by JESUS ain’t no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, no ocean deep enough, no river wide enough etc to turn you away. REAL TALK!!! IJS

    • Juicy

      It’s sad but they gone judge whether it’s a reality show or not.

    • realastheycome

      Plzzzzzz DON’T GET IT TWISTED!! GOD IS NOT MOCKED!!!! The Word (Scripture) is STILL going forth ….and to an audience that would never tune in to the Word Network or TBN, etc. I can see what GOD IS is doing in the midst of and inspite of….man. # TOGODBETHEGLORY #spiritualeyes

  • Let It Be

    WELL DAMN!!!!! Um yeah… Um…. Ok. I uh… Yeah…

    • Chey

      Did he come clean about his infidelity? I only heard him talk about his wife sleeping with another gospel singer…

      • Let It Be

        I read earlier today that at some point he did. I didn’t get to watch all of the show. I had to change the channel after a while.

      • Soffy Peart

        You remember what I said the last time? I guess I was right huh? Very messy I tell you. He really needs to find a rock and hide under it.

        • Chey

          I do indeed! I had no idea…smh.

    • Ms_Mara


  • KJ23