You Ain’t Ish: 15 Of The Worst Baby Daddy Moves Ever

October 23, 2013  |  
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Everyone loves to talk about baby mama drama, but there are a lot of shady baby daddy moves too. Let’s sit down and take a look at some of the classics. If we missed any, or you’ve got a wild story story to share, let us know in the comments.

Letting the Babies Meet the Popcorn Groupies

The baby shouldn’t meet all of daddy’s new “friends.” Kids need stability, not a list of the names of the women their father has been “dating” and using as baby sitters.

Fighting for “Spite” Custody

Usher Raymond, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are just a few of a long list of celebrities who were able to use their star status and celebrity paychecks to get custody of their kids. But a man doesn’t have to be a celebrity to try and hurt the mother of his children by filing for sole custody out of spite.

Bragging About Being A Good Dad

He’s behind in his child support and only sees his kid every once in a while. But he’ll tell anyone who’ll listen what a great dad he is.

Skimping on Child Support

He says he’s tapped out, but he’s driving around in a new ride. It’s a classic dead beat dad move, just ask Evander Holyfield. The boxing champ currently owes $327,858.36 in child support to six women for 12 kids.

The ‘I’ll Help Out’ Okie Doke

He convinced her not to take him to court by promising to help out. But now when she needs something, he tunes her all the way out. She can cry him a river. Raising a kid couldn’t possibly be that expensive anyway.

The Baby Momma Collector

He thinks he’s allergic to condoms and now she’s splitting that child support check with too many other women. The most famous collector in the world? Desmond Hatchett. This man is 33 with 30 children by 11 different women. Each of them gets around $1.50 per child per week.

Not Even Trying to Commit

Remember once upon a time when having a baby meant at least giving the relationship a shot?

Denying the Baby

Eddie Murphy was all the way wrong for having a hot and heavy affair with Mel B then pretending he barely knew her when she wound up pregnant. You always think a brother will be better than that, but sometimes you’re dead wrong.

Getting Ghost

This is the worst of the dead beat dad moves. He saw the paternity results then pulled a Houdini. Now his baby mother is doing it alone and his kids will have to grow up wondering what he looks like.

Picking Fights With Her New Man

We were all embarrassed for Halle when Gabriel Aubrey and Olivier Martinez took shots at each other at Thanksgiving with the baby around. When you have kids, everything should be copacetic for the baby’s sake.

He Acts Like He Can’t Help Out

Some men think taking care of a baby is part of a woman’s DNA. She had to learn how to change a diaper, he can too. Instead, he throws his hands up and dodges all the hard work so mom doesn’t get the breaks she deserves.

Calling Her a Bad Mom

He talks bad about his baby’s mother to anyone who’ll listen. Her major crime? Taking him to court for child support.

Moving Away

He’s moved too far to see the kids regularly. Now he complains that she won’t let him see his kids.

Playing Favorites

He’s got a new girlfriend and now the new kids get all the quality time that should be shared. It’s too bad so sad for his other kids. He’s got a new family now.

Withholding Child Support Checks

He does his part — until something happens that he doesn’t like. Get a new man or a new car and suddenly his support is a little lighter than before.

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