You Ain’t Ish: 15 Of The Worst Baby Daddy Moves Ever

October 23, 2013  |  
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Everyone loves to talk about baby mama drama, but there are a lot of shady baby daddy moves too. Let’s sit down and take a look at some of the classics. If we missed any, or you’ve got a wild story story to share, let us know in the comments.

Letting the Babies Meet the Popcorn Groupies

The baby shouldn’t meet all of daddy’s new “friends.” Kids need stability, not a list of the names of the women their father has been “dating” and using as baby sitters.

Fighting for “Spite” Custody

Usher Raymond, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are just a few of a long list of celebrities who were able to use their star status and celebrity paychecks to get custody of their kids. But a man doesn’t have to be a celebrity to try and hurt the mother of his children by filing for sole custody out of spite.

Bragging About Being A Good Dad

He’s behind in his child support and only sees his kid every once in a while. But he’ll tell anyone who’ll listen what a great dad he is.

Skimping on Child Support

He says he’s tapped out, but he’s driving around in a new ride. It’s a classic dead beat dad move, just ask Evander Holyfield. The boxing champ currently owes $327,858.36 in child support to six women for 12 kids.

The ‘I’ll Help Out’ Okie Doke

He convinced her not to take him to court by promising to help out. But now when she needs something, he tunes her all the way out. She can cry him a river. Raising a kid couldn’t possibly be that expensive anyway.

The Baby Momma Collector

He thinks he’s allergic to condoms and now she’s splitting that child support check with too many other women. The most famous collector in the world? Desmond Hatchett. This man is 33 with 30 children by 11 different women. Each of them gets around $1.50 per child per week.

Not Even Trying to Commit

Remember once upon a time when having a baby meant at least giving the relationship a shot?

Denying the Baby

Eddie Murphy was all the way wrong for having a hot and heavy affair with Mel B then pretending he barely knew her when she wound up pregnant. You always think a brother will be better than that, but sometimes you’re dead wrong.

Getting Ghost

This is the worst of the dead beat dad moves. He saw the paternity results then pulled a Houdini. Now his baby mother is doing it alone and his kids will have to grow up wondering what he looks like.

Picking Fights With Her New Man

We were all embarrassed for Halle when Gabriel Aubrey and Olivier Martinez took shots at each other at Thanksgiving with the baby around. When you have kids, everything should be copacetic for the baby’s sake.

He Acts Like He Can’t Help Out

Some men think taking care of a baby is part of a woman’s DNA. She had to learn how to change a diaper, he can too. Instead, he throws his hands up and dodges all the hard work so mom doesn’t get the breaks she deserves.

Calling Her a Bad Mom

He talks bad about his baby’s mother to anyone who’ll listen. Her major crime? Taking him to court for child support.

Moving Away

He’s moved too far to see the kids regularly. Now he complains that she won’t let him see his kids.

Playing Favorites

He’s got a new girlfriend and now the new kids get all the quality time that should be shared. It’s too bad so sad for his other kids. He’s got a new family now.

Withholding Child Support Checks

He does his part — until something happens that he doesn’t like. Get a new man or a new car and suddenly his support is a little lighter than before.

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  • uniquefashionista

    That guy Desmond Hatchett is horrible to me. Why are women still sleeping around with this man? $1.50 child support is an insult to these mothers.

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  • TryThinking1956

    Ms Butler…why are you assuming that Usher – or anyone else, for that matter – sued for sole custody out of spite? Are mothers who want sole custody doing so out of spite, as well? Way to represent for all the bitter, unreasonable Black woman out there and falling for the stereotype. Trust me, no judge gives sole custody to a father simply because he has more money. In all of the cases you’ve cited, the mothers of the children were so focused on bleeding the fathers for ridiculous amounts of money that they ended up looking like they only gave birth for a paycheck. Who says that you need to get hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in child support just because you laid down with a rich athlete or musician? How about building a solid, secure home for your child that reflects YOUR values and standards? No judge will fault you for that!

  • TheZuluKing

    You are wrong about Usher, Bosh, and Wade. Wade and Usher definitely have children with women with diagnosed mental disorders. They won custody because their ex-wives were crazy. Bosh’s ex-girlfriend lost custody cause she was too dumb to spend the money Bosh put out on taking care of her kid. These were bad examples of custody out of spite. Don’t be so lazy.

    Usher Raymond, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade
    Usher Raymond, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade
    Usher Raymond, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade

    • Mattiemac Korbat

      Thank you! I don’t know who Bosh is but using Wade and Usher killed that argument. Tameka has kids with another man and never fought for custody of them – saying Usher fought for his kids out of spite ignores that Tameka clearly just wants the child support. Same with Wade’s ex who gets money and still demands more but doesn’t seem to care about the kids – it’s all about her.

      There are enough bad baby daddies out there without giving lame examples.

      • Beckster14

        Chris bosh plays nba basketball for the Miami heat

  • Black H0es are Bald and Ugly

    i like lil wayne, b/c he kept it real by putting red bones over nappy h0es

  • April Stewart

    Some of the traits that these men have, sometimes it is best that the man gets ghost as sad as that is. The way some of these dead dads are, the kids are better off without. I hate to say that but it’s true.

  • Tonyoardee

    We don’t get sex unless it’s given, implants, hormones, and female condoms are mass produced

  • TC

    Worst baby daddy move is making promises to their kids that they have no intention of keeping and leaving Mama to make it all better. Another one is pulling the “if we not together then Im not gonna be there to take care of the baby” card or vice versa with the women “if we not together then you cant see your baby” card. I can stand either one of them.

  • cryssi

    I love my daddy, financial support I have never and will never have to question…..

    But ugh, he is always bragging about being there for me and taking me on trips and what a great father he is…

    He always leaves out how when we had to stay in a hotel, he and my 15 year old brother slept in two nice comfy beds and made me an 8 year old girl sleep on the floor.

    Or when there was heavy winds outside and branches were falling on his camaro, hex sent his 13 year old daughter to cover his car to protect it. I got hit in the head with a fallen branch. My mother was pissed.

    Or if he peed on the toilet seat and I had to go to the bathroom he would tell me to clean on up, that’s what women are supposed to do.

    So no father of the year award for him. Money doesn’t make a good father… all 22 years of my life my father has never ever told me I was pretty….but he can tell me when I’m fat, skin messed up, or hair looks jacked

  • DoBetterYouCanComeOutofPoverty

    I feel like if a man knows he don’t want to be bothered with a woman, then he needs to not insert his body part in her period!!! Too many men are looking for sex and sex only creating children with women that they are either ashamed of or just don’t want to have a child with her. If a man feel this way, if sex excuse me “busting a nut” that important where your morals go out the window for 15 minutes or less of sex. It’s not worth it bring a child in this world to grow up without a father and not have the opportunity to have a both parents in the “same household.” As women and men we have to better! Quit relying on welfare, food stamps, medical assistance, section 8 and wic to step in where the father should be!!! Rely on your standards!!!! If you have any get some. It’s too many struggling mothers and too many fatherless children.

    • Wakeupsisters!

      Why blame it on only the men, and say they go around making babies? It takes two to tango! We women have to learn to put ourselves on a pedestal. We don’t have to open your legs just because the man wants to have sex. It’s sad to say but I know some women who use children as a means to an end. How can we stoop so low and turn our wombs into money-making/baby-making factories? This is a cycle that keeps going on and on. Break it!