Who Was The Woman Killed In The Capitol Hill Shooting?

October 3, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter

Just a few hours ago, a woman in a car rammed into a barricade near the White House and then drove 16 blocks down to Capitol Hill where she was shot and killed by law enforcement.

In the midst of the melee, the woman, who has yet to be identified, hit a squad car and injured a police officer. She then made it to the steps of Capitol Hill where Congress was still in session. As she got out of her black sedan she was shot.

There was a child with her in the car who was retrieved, uninjured. She’s pictured above.

A lockdown was ordered at the Capitol, but was called off a little before 3pm.

It’s certainly premature for me to say this but I’m not law enforcement so don’t take my word for it, and I hope it’s not irresponsible.  But would it be such a stretch to assume that this woman was a disgruntled government employee attempting to dangerously and ineffectively express her frustration about the government shutdown? I’m not sure but it sounds very plausible at this point. Some are even suggesting that her hitting the gate and then the officer was a unintentional. Whoever she was, whether she meant to or not, she endangered the lives of officers, citizens, herself and even her child.

If she was a federal employee, this wasn’t the way to go about things. We’re sure information about her identity and possible motives will be released soon.

I don’t know about anyone else but the country seems to be in such disarray right now. Every other week, there’s a shooting and this week, Congress decided they didn’t need to pay federal employees for keeping this great nation of ours running. Is anyone else asking what the hell is going on right now?



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  • Soldier

    Murdered her to protect Barack Hitler. Barack Hitler is responsible for over 8 Million Abortions in America during his Presidency since he was such a big Abortion supporter. A large portion of those Abortions were from African American Women too. I guess President Barack Hitler is proud of himself pretending to be religious.

  • Bits

    I know this is wrong but I always cringe and wince when I find out that the person behind some crazy event like this is black. *Shrugs*

  • Just saying!!

    From my understanding she was unarmed and the secret service did the shooting?? But honestly since the government shut down, she could have been riding up there to make demands for her child. A lot of medical lists have been put on hold when the gov shut down. My dad mentioned to me that her kid may have been sick and couldn’t get the help she needed because of all of this. But…we’ll never know….

    • Janet

      they didn’t know she was unarmed and when you screw with the White House chances are you are going to be shot. They do not play.

      as for those saying why didn’t they know the child was in the car. They were focused on her when their first opened the door before she spun around and drove off. That could have been a sign she had a bomb and was going to do some serious damage.

      • writingmomma46

        There is no way that you can get a car around CONCRETE BARRIERS. That is the point for having them there. There are multiple barriers there for a reason. If she had a bomb, she couldn’t have gotten to the Capitol in a car through the barriers. Please, please watch the video and see how many cops surrounded her car when she was at the barriers. See who was standing at the side of her car with guns drawn. See that they had clear view of the child in the car. See that she was far away from the Capitol when she was shot.

  • party in the usa

    *Daughter in the car

  • party in the usa

    But, why the hell would she do what she did with her daughter in the car??? Smh that poor little girl (kinda looks like my baby). It saddens me, that she have to live the rest of her life without a mother that made the wrong decision

    • Nia

      She had to have been mentally ill. A sane person would never endanger their child like that.

  • Keland

    I wonder if she planned this or just had an urge to go off into the deep end.

  • M3G

    The child’s mother was a 34 year-old dental hygienist

  • FromUR2UB

    At first I figured it was some Tea Party nut, angry about the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare going into effect, but who knows? Sometimes stupid looks a whole lot like crazy.
    Poor baby. I hope she won’t have any memories, repressed or otherwise, about what she experienced.

  • Stacy B

    Please remove or blur out this child’s face. She is a minor.

    • KeepingItReal

      But…she’s also black….so…you know the rest….

  • kierah

    That poor child!

    • kj1986nyc

      that child’s better off than having a ghetto hairhat for a mother. she’ll realize it once she grows up

      • Marie Bano

        Get a life, the mother was suffering from post natal depression and mental health issues.

        • kj1986nyc

          Yep and her white daddy laid her a$$ down too. You see the white man doesn’t care about your post natal depression and mental health issues. He only saw a crazy n!gg3r b!tch causing mayhem in his city! And his bullet found a home!

      • lashon123

        some things are better left unsaid.. this could of been anybody or any race doing something like this. your hateful filled comment could’ve been kept to yourself, your just as ignorant and ghetto for your comment!

  • writingmomma46

    Thank God the child was not killed. But, what I don’t understand about this story is, after police walked up to her car to open the door, they noticed a child present, why did they open fire on the car? Has Marial Law really begun? Hmmmmmm?

    • writingmomma46

      What happened to, “aim for the tires?” Who’s training these cops?

      • Janet

        Did the car have run flats on it? if so they do not go flat. Plus if they shot out a tire and it blew what about pedestrians?

    • Michelle Nicole Charley

      They didn’t not say they opened fire on the car. It said she got out the car and made it to the steps and she was shot. And I’m sure if it was long range it was a sniper… They don’t usually just shoot up the car with bullets unless they are sure no one else is in the car.

      • writingmomma46

        Please go back and watch the video of the police trying to open her car doors, before she turned the car around. They cops opened fire on her vehicle, immediately!!! Then, when she was cornered, they opened fire on her when she got out of the car, UNARMED! She was shot in the back multiple times. There are several videos from any angle for you to see what happened.

    • Let It Be

      They are saying they didn’t know a child was in the car (which I don’t understand). As of right now, she was still alive when she was put on the gurney with chest compressions being performed by machine. I didn’t know her death has been confirmed.

      • Janet

        When they first opened her door they were focused on her. Then she spun the car around and drove off. They didn’t have time to access who was in the car if anyone else. Sorry, but she is at fault for putting her child in danger.

        • writingmomma46

          Mental illness is at fault. When a person is suffering mental illness, they are not responsible for their actions. That is why many are institutionalized.