Hours After Rihanna Drops “Pour It Up” Clip, Teyana Taylor Shows The World How To Really Twerk

October 3, 2013  |  

You’re probably thinking that she needs to go sit down somewhere, but I’m trying to get Teyana Taylor to teach me some moves after she dropped an Instagram video of herself twerking to New Orleans bounce music last night. The 16-second clip (there’s actually two) came just a few hours after Rihanna released the video for “Pour It Up.” In those visuals, Rih Rih and her crew of talented pole dancers shake one butt cheek at a time, and as Ms. Fenty said, they even twerk on water: “I bet you never seen b***hes twerk on water!”

But out of the blue, Taylor decided to drop a couple of clips of her toned self dropping it low to some bounce music, as well as to some Drake. And say what you want, but the gal definitely can dance. I wouldn’t call it a “diss” against anyone, but she shows folks how twerking is really done. She even jokes about her own moves on Instagram by captioning one video with the hashtag, “#TuckDatLilButtIn.”

Check out the clips of the First Lady of G.O.O.D. Music shaking a leg with her friends and let us know what you think.  She definitely held it down for us ladies in the lil butt crew!

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  • discount jeans

    I mean Ciara tried to start beef to promote her album Riri recognized that and ignored her and her album flop.
    This one is doing the same and I hope Rihanna do the same to her too. Hard work is what pays off, not trying to ride others coat tail to make a dollar. Rihanna work hard and so should this girl.
    Never heard of her before but now many know. That’s enough

  • discount jeans

    huh who teaches Caribbean women how to twerk? African culture is deep in their blood from childhood. As a matter of fact African history is mandatory for them and if you view the African videos you will see the original twerkers from Africa.

  • Lizbeth Santos

    Too bad she doesn’t have a video of her own to twerk on!! She should concentrate harder on maybe releasing a song/ cd before she comes at someone that actually works every year!!

  • Elle Bee

    she got that!!! tee won! lol

  • Harlem Kenosha Nectar

    Teyana have been dancing for many years now! You better recognize her mult-talented self! love her. check T out on YoUTUBE! Madame!

  • that’s all me

    she cant twerk and smoke the blunt at the same damn time.

  • tikkit30

    I’m sick of all of them…go do something else, besides twerking…. this is foolery!

  • Chris

    I’m sure it’s easier for Teyana to twerk in those TENNIS SHOES LOL but I wanna see her try it in stripper heels

    • sunny

      It’s easier to twerk in heels than tennis shoes, LMAO!

      • Vetra

        No it is not go somewhere with your silly posts. You add nothing to this discussion. Laugh your butt off into a life.

  • unque43

    I feel sorry for them if this is what they have to do to make money (make a living).

  • tenisha charmin

    go teyana!!!!….she looked good

  • ZeroFuxGiven

    Messy, all of them, just, messy.

  • SNLHumes

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how in the world is making a TWERK video getting back at someone??? GROW UP!!

  • Age

    both of em whack

  • bluekissess

    I wonder who we blame more…. the media for saying it every five seconds during a segment or the celebrities twerking 101 via social media? Will it still be popular if people just ignored it? I’m tired of seeing it, talking about it and attempting to do it. Is this even considered dancing?

  • .:*whitneyeclectic*:.

    This current obsession with “twerking”: may it die a quick death. And SOON.

  • Kay-El

    Both these little girls need to have a seat and focus on their music. SMH

  • yonnie

    She actually did it because there was a tv show that premiered last night where they were showing you how you really are supposed to twerk…. It had NOTHING to do with Rihannas video, stop creating drama FOR NO REASON

    • Laycious

      Okay I thought I was the only ……

  • Kel

    Considering this so-called “twerking” originated in the Caribbean and dancehall music, they can have several seats. All of them are too skinny and too polite. Plus, Rihanna knows and she was making a VIDEO. #art WORK.

    • Jan

      twerking has no clear orgin or creator, I’ve been popping/ twerking since i was since. i am from the south and we have bounce music . so nobody can take real credit for it because people have been dancing like this since 90’s

      • ayalee

        Twerking is another word for wining! Which is VERY Caribbean! In fact we Trinis do it best!

        • Jan


        • Elle Bee

          wining is NOT the same as twerking. twerking orginiated in the strip clubs… ATL and Miami -__-

          • Ms. Kameria

            And New Orleans….

    • ayalee

      I agree with you!

    • Angel

      Actually it ORIGINATES from the mother land, AFRICA! It has been remixed to the point of sexual exploitation. The original dance was suggestive but not nearly what this mess is today. Google Mapouka dance.

  • Acococure

    All of this is so blanking meaningless!!!!!!

  • Mztisa

    (Slow clap)…. bravo…or whatever she was expecting to accomplish here smh

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      lol right!

  • MyssKim AdifferentMe

    erbody wanna twerk, oh the shade

  • Tweet

    She did good, Rih still that chick… NEXT!

  • Jan

    poor teyana…. lol

    • sunny

      Poor Rhianna… Rhianna don met her match… bet she won’t buck!

  • Trisha_B

    She was clearly doing this to go at Rihanna. The girl is making sure her 15 minutes are extended lol. She has to resort to twerking for some more attention lol.

    • Ms. Kameria

      She should have taught Rihanna how to do it then…..
      Not too much of a fan of either, but the difference in Teyana can actually dance.

      • Ms. Kameria

        Besides “twerking”…..

      • discount jeans

        huh who teaches Caribbean women how to twerk? don’t you know the African culture is original in them? hellooooooooo they teach the ones here0.

        • Ms. Kameria

          Oh, Ok…..

          I guess…..

  • Tonya

    Rihanna and Miley need to sit their flat cakes down and stop trying to twerk!!! Matter of fact that goes for every celebrity trying to twerk on tv, Vanessa Hudgens, etc. PLEASE STOP!!!

    • Ms. Kameria

      Celebrities such as Miley, Rihanna, and Vanessa are doing it now on tv, because it is the “it” thing to do now.

      • sunny

        It has always been the it thing since face down a$s up!

    • Trisha_B

      Rihanna is not flat. She has a butt that fits her body. A nice little bubble lol