What’s The Big Deal About Brynn Cameron Having Two Baby Daddies?

September 26, 2013  |  

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You know it has been a slow news week when a woman with two baby daddies makes national headlines.

But in an TMZ exclusive,

“Former USC basketball star Brynn Cameron has an eye for athletic sp*erm.  You may recall she had a baby with NFL QB Matt Leinart.  Well guess whose baby she just had … that would be Clippers superstar Blake Griffin!

TMZ has learned … Brynn and Blake are now the proud parents of Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, who was born August 1st.  The birth certificate lists Brynn as the mother and Blake Austin Griffin as the daddy.

As for the child she had with her baby daddy Matt, 6-year-old Cole lives primarily with her and we’re told she’s getting a boatload of child support — we know she was getting $15k a month.

Brynn and Blake were dating, and apparently it went well for a while — or for at least one night.  And, we just found out … Brynn and Blake are NO LONGER TOGETHER.

Let’s just say … in the baby daddy sweepstakes, Brynn is a Hall of Famer.”

So is anybody else still waiting for the punchline?

Let me see if I have my comprehension glasses on: woman get’s pregnant and gives birth seven years ago – and does it again seven years later? Gasp, the horror! There certainly has to be more to this story, which I am missing here. Was it discovered that Griffin and Leinhart are actually long lost father and son? No, they don’t know each other? Okay, well was it discovered through a DNA revealed on Maury Povich show that the baby was part human, part Melmacian? It is a normal healthy baby without ALF-like features, you say? So what is it? Oh, her children have two different daddies. I get it now – or maybe I don’t get it all.

Certainly, Brynn is not the first woman on the face of this planet to procreate with two – or more – different men? In fact I know she is not. Some of you all reading this have siblings with different daddies. And if we are going to get really real about it; some of you have different daddies and don’t even know it. But we’ll keep that little secret until the next episode of Paternity Court.

Even without the family secrets, new statistics show that single moms account for precisely one-quarter of all U.S. Households and the birth rate for single mothers in 2007 was 80 percent higher than it was in 1980. Matter of fact, in 2011, 62 percent of women, between ages 20 and 24 who had recently given birth were unmarried. And while it may come as no surprise that black and Hispanic women lead the nation in single mothers with multiple baby dads, the number of white women in the “that’s just my baby daddies” – club is steadily on the rise. I guess all is not virtuous and pristine up on top of that pedestal of ideal womanhood.

And perhaps that’s a good thing. Perhaps it is time women of all stripes, pull back the curtain on what is family and how it has been defined over the years. I know society likes to place the burden of bastard children at the foot of the mothers for disobeying traditional marriage in favor of exercising her right to be pro-choice, but if we are to be honest here, tradition, for the most part, is overrated – or at the very least misrepresented. Traditionally, men used to have more than one wife, some of which taken when young and without her consent. Traditionally, men could be able to have multiple wives and a concubine – a harem of concubines, if he was really a big deal. And traditionally, despite the man being fruitful with all of his flock, he was not traditionally, or legally, obligated to take care of all of them. Therefore single motherhood is not a new concept by any means. Nor is the concept of a woman with multiple baby daddies. Heck some would even say it is biblical as even Mary, mother of Joseph, James, Jude, Simon and Jesus, is said to have had multiple fathers for her children. And I dare any of these self-righteous traditionalists to call Jesus’ mom anything less than the mother of God.

The good news is that while there are plenty men still roaming the planet (probably even God), spreading seed to multiple wives, girlfriends and acquaintances in the traditional way, at least in this country we have progress enough from our “traditional” roots to hold men financially accountable for all the children they create. And that includes the ones made by football and basketball players too.

Anyway, Brynn is not the only woman on the face of this planet to move on with her life, after the relationship with her the father of her child, or children, didn’t work out. As long as the children are being taken care of, including financially, there really shouldn’t be a problem. What I suspect too is probably most distressing to folks is the fact that Brynn has children by two famous professional athletes. Never mind she was once a major female athlete in her own right, and thus probably moves naturally in those circles. If Brynn’s baby fathers were a NBA player and a Hockey player, would that make things better? What about a NBA player and a dentist? Or an NFL player and maybe a magician? A magician baby dad might be nice -until the deadbeat disappears…

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  • torpedo

    LOL this has made my day.

  • BB

    If you cannot take care of children without the help of child support, then you shouldn’t be having them in the first place.. It’s a damn shame she gets at least 15K a month for the first kid. Not in my wildest dreams can I try and spend 15k a month to take care of a child..

  • Regina Hughes

    The interesting fact about this entire story is that she comes from a very rigid Mormon household. Her family has deep ties and leadership roles in the Mormon church, and that is a fact that definitely does create some surprise. Interesting, that none of the media has covered this angle

  • What’s the big deal, you ask? It’s that kids need a married mom and dad. Why are you trying to make excuses for having kids out of wedlock? You ask ANY kid born to unmarried parents (or for that matter, any kid whose parents got divorced) whether or not they wish their parents were married. THEN come back and say it’s just fine to create kids in non-families. It’s in all of us: we do best when we’re part of families, and no, families are not just haphazard, non-committed “situationships.” They’re founded on marriage and commitment. Look statistically at the kids who do best in life in terms of happiness, self-esteem, and prosperity and you’ll see it’s those from intact families. Just because someone CAN have a kid out of wedlock doesn’t mean they SHOULD. I’m really surprised and disappointed that you would go out of your way to defend a behavior that’s had such devastatingly bad results, particularly for communities of color. Use your position to advocate for something good, not something selfish and damaging. You know better–don’t you?

  • MarcB1969

    So Matt Leinart was paying her $15K so she spread her legs for NBA players and give birth to half-siblings of his own child? That is some major chump action! I wonder how much Blake G is paying her to raise his baby? Her womb has become a cottage industry.

  • Wayne

    Listen, this woman wanted to get paid for 18 years from two professional athletes! Period. Matt, however, is no longer getting paid, so I don’t know what he will do about child support, but Blake will be able to pay this woman because he is a marquee player with a VERY large NBA contract and not to mention, he gets paid millions for endorsements. She knew what she was doing!

  • Faith92

    The problem isn’t her having two baby daddies…it’s her having two pro athletes as her baby daddies…it’s like she wants to secure her economic future through her babies. Making a living out of it and that is not okay.

  • Eddie Coyle

    There is a word for women who sleep with men to get money….hmmm…what is it….

  • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

    as I guy here who is trying to further his life a lii bit I wish I can k Fed a broad… there’s some serious money in getting pregnant or in k feds case getting the right broad pregnant

  • LGS2012


  • James

    Idiotic. Single women raise more troubled criminal kids then 2 parent households. But screw it, don’t do what is best for the children.

  • R T

    Those are going to be some super athlete children with those genes from their mama and daddies! People talking BS on their mama now are going to be claiming they always loved her when her kids are playing and winning for their team in 12-18 years!

  • Truth

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. She had a child with 2 different well known athletes. That is why it is news. There is no race card. There is no attack on women. Confused on how people are justifying having 2 children out of wedlock like it is a normal thing now? It’s called birth control.

  • Soso

    It ain’t the fact she has two baby daddies. It’s the fact they’re both pro athletes. She’s a groupie with seeds. That’s the problem but I guess if u gon b ratchet u might as well make sure it’s worth it

  • Charley

    I’m shaking my head at Matt Leinart, Blake Griffin, AND Brynn Cameron. Have none of them heard of a freaking condom or birth control pills?!

  • Dee

    She knew what she was doing. Is rather have 2 rich baby daddies than 2 unemployed or incarcerated baby daddies, having to be on welfare. Ya’ll hoorars better smarten up. White women know how to play their cards.

    • LGS2012

      Black women lead the way!!!!!

  • ok

    Smh. Blake Griffin is stupid

  • Kenedy

    Who gives a shetaki mushrooms??

  • ijsthatswhatshedid

    Heck she hit the Child support payments for an entire childhood sweepstakes “jackpot!”

  • I don’t think its so much she’s has two babby daddies but WHO the baby daddies are. They are implying that she purposefully got pregnant by two multimillionaire athletes outside of a committed relationship so she could hit that child support gravy train.

  • Tayla

    Heck, it was TMZ. They are an entertainment “news”feed. I didn’t even know about the story until it was featured here, so was it really “national news”? I don’t really think the story was so much about her having 2 different fathers for her children as it was about their occupation. If anything they were lowkey calling her a gold digger. Is it a stupid story to begin with? YES! Was it done in poor taste? YES! But most stories by TMZ, Entertainment Weekly and the rest are.

  • heyheynow

    it’s because she’s white and they think white women don’t do stuff like that

  • Hokiegirl87

    And I say wait for marriage because I do think it is better for the child. In just the sense that the parents can balance each other out emotionally and financially. Raising a child is a demanding job, and it is exhausting for one person to do alone. Marriage is not a guarantee that the other parent will play a more active part in the child life, but is a better guarantee than if the child is just getting a check from the other parent.

  • Hokiegirl87

    I think women should wait until marriage to have kids. Is it really fair for the rest of us to pay for your multiple children because you could not wait until you were finacially secure to have them? And I am talking every race. Everyone acts that as soon as they can have children they should. Um, NO! Wait until you are mature, and financially secure enough, to do so. And having a baby with a rich man just to get a child support check is lazy. Actually, having a child with a man without marrying him AND exepcting a check is lazy. You say you can do this “all by yourself”? Then earn your own darn money to support your kid then. If you cannot raise the baby as a “single” mother independently, then don’t be a “single” mother.

    • guest

      I have no idea who would give this two thumb downs. 0_o

      • mac

        perhaps because she was implying that all single mothers are welfare receiving moochers relying on taxpayer money (hence the “is it really fair for the rest of us to pay for your multiple children” line).

        But oh you know…that’s just a theory.

  • lola

    Blake ain’t nobody feeling u being a baby daddy this early. Lets not make this a habit cuz it ain’t cute. Dang did he even call her girlfriend at once. Smh another stereotype.

  • anonymouse

    the fact that the question has to even be asked shows what is so wrong today. Actually it’s twofold, the first is that people don’t view white women as ‘baby mamas’ and the second is….Blake Griffin is the baby daddy. I guess that people had that image of him as not being ‘that type of guy’.Since he looks mostly white and it clean cut, people figured that he would be involved in such a trifling situation. So it’s 2 stereotypes that based on the same thing.

  • stewwie

    First of all….She was getting $15,000 a month for a 6 year old? What is that boy eating… Diamond nuggets?

    She saw the writing on the wall. Baby Daddy one was not cutting it in the NFL and there was No Way In Hell she was going let it interfere with her spa days and shopping at the Beverly Center.

    • She’s trading in her gold plated shovel for that solid gold one now. Moving on up!!!

    • mac

      lmao you win the whole Internet.

  • stewwie

    marriage is a matrix of human relationships rooted in the spouses’ sexual complementarity and procreative possibilities, and in children’s need for sustained parental nurture and support…the sexually faithful union, intended for life, between one man and one woman, open to the begetting and rearing of children. Marriage is a unique, unitive, faithful, and life-long relationship between one man and one woman, one which unites the man and the woman at every level of life: sexual, biological, emotional, material, legal, and spiritual. In marriage, the biological complementarity between men and women.

    • Laine

      Because it’s only the woman’s fault when she has children out of wedlock, you are so right. So let’s only “punish” her and have her not be entitled to financial support…..Wow…

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    Why not make a big deal about this? Black women are shamed to the max for having multiple baby daddies so much, that it is a stereotype that have been unfairly attached to us. Every other race of women have some who have more than one baby daddy, but it seems to be acceptable, almost viewed as a minor indiscretion.

    Make her look like the harlot she is. Homely blonde haired, blue eyed women are supposed to be better than this.


    • Chey


    • Who?

      Omg, the stereotype is so real. Do you know how surprised people are when they learn that not only do I have a child, but I am married and on top of that, married to the man that fathered my child AND ON TOP OF THAT, neither of us have outside children? What?? Lol They look shocked. Black people aren’t supposed to be like that! It’s sad, but it is a mess that we have created. So many fit the stereotype that I can’t even get mad when people look surprised.

    • hellcat

      She DID know what she was doing. Race DOES play a factor in this, although it is not the main factor – the fact that both fathers are athletes is what the main factor is. Lastly, she IS NOT “homely” at all – she’s tall, athletic, and beautiful in the conventional sense. She is generally attractive.

  • chica

    omg, girl bye! it is not a good thing that most US households have single mothers. It is important to have a two parent household- preferably married! A marriage is so special because it seriously, truly joins a couple. Where are the days when a child, mom, and dad all had the same last name?!?. Girl, 7 years and u still a baby mama?? bye. coming from a 19y.o college student! gays are not allowed to marry, but the ones that are legally allowed to take it as some joke!

    • Chey

      So true!

    • Rachel Kerr

      Amen! You can’t tell me she had two kids out of relationships- not even just out of marriages, but no commitment whatsoever- and it’s just a coincidence. If the first one didn’t work out, fine, but twice? How is this acceptable?

  • FromUR2UB

    It is becoming rare for siblings to have the same mother and father. These days, you often see a familial resemblance between a person and their siblings in people fifty or older. The younger people and their siblings just look like random people who were put together, like kids in a foster home. Very sad. I don’t think the world understands what it’s losing with all these ‘everything goes’ attitudes.

    • R T

      Not all full siblings look alike. My parents are still together after 36 years if marriage and three children. I have two brothers, full siblings, who look NOTHING alike. One is 5’10 broad shouldered, stocky with black wavy hair, green eyes and full lips. The other brother is 6’3″ thin and fine boned with extremely curly strawberry blond hair, blue eyes and small lips. You would never know they were full brothers. We have other family members who they look more like than each other and who they share much less of the same DNA with.

  • Dreama41

    This is most definitely about race, at least to some degree. She does not fit the groupie baby momma stereotypical look. Blonde hair blue-eyed girls are expected to be wives to these ballplayers; not just merely having their babies and collecting child support.

    • mac

      honestly…it’s not about race. Like at all. An NBA superstar has a kid with a woman who just happened to already have one by a popular football player. It’s gossip gold. Of course the media jumped all over it. And they would have no matter what color she was.

      • Dreama41

        It is about race and you telling me it isn’t, won’t change my mind. The fact that you actually believe that it’s by mere coincidence that she has two children with famous athletes, shows your naivety. And you are very wrong, the media wouldn’t have jumped all over it, had it not been a white woman. It’s gossip gold because society don’t expect behavior like that from women that look like her. That’s what’s causing the buzz, that’s why everybody is talking. The deviation from societal norms is what makes good gossip and media sensationalism in this case. The commonly held view is that black women and other minorities are the ones with multiply baby daddies, there is no shock value that comes with that for the media to jump on. I hate to think that you could be so oblivious to this.

        • It’sMyOpinion

          Thank you! Halle Berry has two fathers , but no one cares! It’s because she is black and it’s not going to be exploited because it is expected. People are having a field day with this “all American white girl” with multiple out of wed-lock children. She is supposed to be married and settled. Not collecting child support from two men. Don’t forget to mention that she is getting paid from professional athletes. People are a trip. They act like it’s no “big deal” because people do it all of the time, but we know that this isn’t “appropriate” white girl “behavior. ” Therefore, the world is “shocked” that one of their own let this happen. We’ve always known that white women invented gold-digging, groupie status. But, they don’t want us to know the dirty little secrets of America’s sweethearts!

          • Rachel Kerr

            How does Halle Berry’s situation compare to this? She was married to both fathers, still with them when the kids were born, and could not possibly have been after their money. She can’t keep a relationship but she wasn’t sleeping with millionaire athletes for a check, so of course she didn’t come under as much scrunity.

            • hmm

              She was not married to both fathers. She is currently married to the 2nd baby’s father, but she was never married to the first child’s father.

              • Rachel Kerr

                Correction, weren’t married, just in a relationship for 5 years and living together, you’re right

        • mac

          If naivete is not grasping at straws to find a race issue in EVERYTHING, then I’m as naive as they come.
          The media was exposing her as a gold digger. Nothing more and nothing less. There’s no race issue here, reach as you may.

          • Dreama41

            It’s not reaching or grasping at straws. It’s called common sense and being aware of what goes on in the real world. And no EVERYTHING is not about race, i didn’t say that. But this is!!

        • Rachel Kerr

          Anyone who wouldn’t be calling a woman of ANY race a gold digger for this is the one with issues. I’m sure everyone is more surprised because it’s Blake Griffin and a white girl, but ANY woman who jumped into bed with two millionaire first-round draft picks and had their kids would/should get criticism. It’s not about race, or even having multiple baby daddies, because it’s not like a single mom’s whole life should stop after their first kid because their relationship didn’t work out. It’s about WHO the cash-cows…i mean dads…are.

          • Dreama41

            OMFG!!! While race may not be the only factor, as far as i’m concerned
            it is A factor. If you bothered to read my previous comments you would see that. My stance is not that it’s all about race. It’s obvious that she’s being called out for being a gold digger and having multiple baby daddies as well. However I refuse to believe that her race isn’t also a factor for all the criticism. Also I don’t see how anyone would be surprised that Blake Griffin was with a white girl. A lot black athletes are. So no one would be surprised by that. I said it once and i’ll say it again. This is IN PART because she’s white. Having multiple baby daddies and collecting child support isn’t stereotypical white girl behavior. We do not live in a post racial America. Racial stereotypes and profiling happens on a daily bases, so why is it such a far fetched notion to you and others like you that race played a part in this? Geesh!!

            • Rachel Kerr

              I never said that anyone would be surprised he was with a white girl, i said “everyone is more surprised because it’s blake griffin and a white girl,” as in no one expected this from him and the fact that a white girl would do this may have added to the surprise. Sure, you could say that race plays a part in this, but a very very small part compared to the other factors(two kids with two different millionaire dads and no commitment) and your original statement was that it was basically entirely about race. Any other woman of any other race would and has gotten the same ridicule, so as i said, this is not a racial issue. But I wasn’t saying this to get you to agree, because i’m aware it’s nearly impossible to get a race baiter to change his/her mind, i was only stating my own opinion.

              • Dreama41

                I’ve been saying from the beginning of this thread that this is in part due to race. My exact words starting out were, “This is most definitely about race, at least to some degree.” So don’t tell me my original argument said it was “basically entirely about race”. As to how much of it is about race Is simple a matter of personal opinion. You can call me all the names you want, because I don’t share your opinion, that only shows how small minded and intolerant you are of other people whose opinions are different from your own. Not a good look. Anyway, like I’ve been saying it is partly due to race, this white girl deviated from the perceived norm hence the backlash. Besides the other obvious reasons her race is a key contributing factor for all the hoopla. Everyone’s surprised that the blonde hair blue eyed girl from next door is nothing more than a gold digger with two different baby daddies. That’s my opinion to which i’m well entitled and i’m sticking to it. It doesn’t matter how many times you reply saying it’s not, it won’t change my mind. And if that makes me a “race baiter”, then so be it. A race baiter I am. I could resort to a few names for you, but I won’t stoop to your level.

  • mac

    I agree it shouldn’t be national news.
    But to act clueless as to why it is, or to pretend it’s about shaming single mothers, is disingenuous at best.

    We both know good and well what the punchline is. *cues a certain Kanye song*

    • Zettai

      EXACTLY! Maybe it’s a slow news week at MN…???? *side eye*

  • sula

    Its not a black or a white or an any color thing- its a woman thing…in this country and in many a womans sexuality, her choices aren’t really hers…why you think abortion is a constant battleground and welfare is under regular attack and domestic violence laws that protect women take forever to pass in Washington DC….this is that- wake up ladies.

    • James

      Don’t have kids you can’t afford to take care of solves the welfare isse and crime too. 2 birds

  • Sheena B

    Its because she is white and you know *sarcasm on* “they” don’t have children out of wedlock; thats a black woman thing. *eye roll* Bible thumpers haven’t even come for her.

    • stewwie

      So you are saying; Hide ya spirm black boys….. there is a blonde out there, looking for a cream. lol…..

    • ksmall

      omg was thinking the same thing! thank you for putting it out there girl!

  • hollyw

    I’m surprised the holier than thou bunch hasn’t come out yet……

    • mac

      sorry we’re late. Our high horses travel quite slow lol

      • cryssi

        Mine died, I’m waiting on the replacement to arrive. Darn post office.

        • mac

          if I wasn’t so morally superior to everyone, I would’ve suggested you just steal someone else’s.

        • hollyw

          Wow. I thought they’d be eternal; news to me. Should’ve known better than to mess with USPS.. o.O

      • hollyw

        It’s ok; better late than never 🙂

  • Clark Toni

    Who cares that’s her business!!!