Keke Palmer Says She Used To Pray To Have Light Skin Until She Learned Better

September 20, 2013  |  


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  • Antajuan Grady

    lol and u show picture of her with blonde hair? i guess she stil ldoes what to be white

  • Nene

    The media is pushing this issue to me. Keke Palmer is gorgeous as everyone else no matter the skin/eye/hair color. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are all made in God’s image. At one time in life everyone was black with brown eyes and hair until we ventured off into colder climates and changed our diets and that’s when our skin/hair/eye color started to change. All life began in Africa. Black is beautiful and one day people will realize it more. This is why children need stability in a two parent home so that they will know their self worth. kids need love from both their mom and dad and they need guidance from both a man and a woman who will have different perspectives on things. I pray for the day when skin/hair/eye color doesn’t take preference over what’s in someones heart.

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  • lovely

    Growing up, I have never known this was a problem, and I thought that this was something new. I see that I am sadly mistaken. A majority of my friends was white, so the DarkvsLight was never an issue. I hope this feeling will not trickle down to my daughter. I let her know all the time how beautiful she is. and although she isn’t completely dark skin (more of a warm caramel complexion) she is far from “light skin”. rappers *hollywood in general* makes it seem that the only gorgeous females are “Redbones, and Yellowbones”. I would hate for anyone to make my daugher *or anyone for that matter* feel insecure because of their hangups. For most little girls growing up, with exploring their changing bodies and emotions , there are plenty of other things that they may feel insecure about, we do not need to add this to it.

  • lovely

    Growing up, i had majority white friends and they never looked as me as light skin or dark skin. They never tried to sub-categorize me, so i had no idea this was an issue. I have a little girl and i would hate for any one to make her feel inferior because of her skin tone.

  • enlightened one

    Black women are beautiful and the darker ones especially. This is coming from a lighter skinned brother that has dated every race. I have come to realize over time that I want to stay with my own. I would just prayhave that she is as confident about herself as I would be wanting to be with her. I wasn’t always this way for various reasons but with maturity have come to discover there is no other woman for me than a sister. Please know that I am not the only Black man that feels this way so go and find that man but know he will, like me, be looking at your self-confidence also so work on that. I wish you all well that feel you aren’t accepted because of the color that the LORD made you.

  • Maria

    I guess that’s y u got blonde hair

  • denaaathb

    I am dark skinned.I never in my entire life wanted to be lighter. I never bought into the white is better bull chit. I am 57 I look 38 year of age because I am totally fit. I don’t have any wrinkles. I don’t have to worry about getting botox, lip injection, butt implants. God made me dark and I will die dark. Some dark-skinned people don’t realized how good it is to be dark. You don’t look your age. That’s a gift from god. Accept it and live your life they way you were born. Black power!!!

  • I hate this racist. Look, just different skin color alone that they were mistreated stars? They also funnily enough talent. Sadly

  • scandalous7

    she learned better @ 13? , im still strugglin and im 22.

  • BlackDiamond

    she is beautiful the way she is.

    and asians, whites, latinos, pacific islanders can bleach their hair blond and its not an issue…but the black girl is not allowed to want to bleach her hair because she wants to? Save the melodrama.

  • kelis

    Her skin is gorgeous. I never had the time to wish to be lighter; didn’t even think about my complexion. I was too busy wishing to be skinny! lol #truestory

    • chanela

      being skinny is a whole nother story. now that this new ” thigh gap” thing has been huge on the internet, it’s been driving me nuts. i’ve always wanted small thighs that didn’t rub together, but i never knew that other people noticed rubbing thighs and i didn’t know that there was a term for it.

  • chanela

    younger? hell, i was wishing to be lighter last night. I realize that i’ve been brainwashed and it’s hard not to continue to feel like lighter skinned women are more beautiful when that’s all i see day in and day out.

    i’m 23 and i still walk into a room and feel beautiful until i see a light skinned, hispanic, or white woman. my confidence just plummets because i will never be able to compete with them. no one will ever choose me a dark skinned black girl over women with lighter skin, that’s just how the world works.

    i wish i could stop feeling like this.

    • Guest

      Hi. Im in the same boat. Would u mind posting your email?? Maybe we could work through this together.

    • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

      Love the skin you are in. That is why we are so unique because we come in so many beautiful shades of black. I have and never will walk in a room and become intimidated by a white or hispanic woman and you shouldn’t either. You own that black beauty and please let no one take it away.

      • chanela

        it’s so easy to just say ” love the skin you are in”. i’ve been trying to for years. it’s harder than i thought.

    • BlackDiamond

      dark skin is actually an attractive feature in many cultures.

      • chanela

        which ones? because from what i’ve seen, being darker skinned is considered ugly in india, eastern asian countries,the middle east,america,canada,polynesian countries and even in african countries.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Honey that is simply not true and I pray that you seek some guidance regarding your self esteem. There are too many beautiful dark skinned women who are married and are in relationships. Where do you think more dark skinned people keep coming from? The foolishness you see in the media is just that. Foolishness. “Real Men” will see your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty. I am just a few shades lighter than Naomi Cambell (so like a milk chocolate color) and I have dated men of all races. Black, white, Asian, Latino, French, light skin, dark skin, etc…so to think that no one will ever choose you is a very delusional way of thinking. I’m sure when you start to love yourself (and you might as well because your skin tone isn’t going to change just because you want it to) and you build up your self esteem and let your spirit shine, you will draw men (or women, I don’t judge) to you from left and right. God does not make mistakes. You are perfect exactly the way you are. Love you my sista

    • Yvonne Watkins

      If a man doesn’t want you because of your color, HE is the one with the problem. You are better off without someone who is color struck because that’s clear evidence that that person has a colonized mind and would take out his insecurities on you.

      He has been brainwashed to believe White is better so the closer you are to White, the better he thinks you look. He’s weak.

      Any “preference” in the real world is affected by history so “preferring” light skin has psychological reasons behind it. Especially if the women in his life are good women, he loves them and they are NOT light. Even if he has had bad experiences with darker Black women, that is no reason to reject all of them.

      That’s just like a White person who has a bad experience with a few Black people and deciding Black people in general are no good.

      You don’t need or want a man who is a colorist.

    • Lili

      Yo I seriously feel the same way… But the crazy part is that once you walk into the room, one of those other races if women you listed is thinking/feeling the same emotion ab you. So walk with your head high beautiful.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      I am Ethiopian, and I have Somali relatives let me tell you, if you think the color of their skin is it then you are wrong. I have seen light skinned West African descent women and in my honest opinion there is not much difference between you and them. Features is what determines beauty. I have facial features that even White men and women fawn over and I am dark skinned, hell whites try to claim my people.

      Having pride and believe in ones self is important, because honestly Euro-women age rapidly and are very bland looking. They reach their peek quicker than African and Asian women. They all somewhat look the same as well which is why they try to include other groups of people, because even they feel insecure about themselves.

  • Sheba

    Keke is a beautiful young lady. I admire her honestly and ability to share her story. I love her brown skin. I am a brown eyed brown diva and wouldn’t change a thing! I don’t admire the positive yet sly shady remarks from the posters regarding her weave. Hair is an individual choice…so it’s not cute to you, but obviously it’s GREAT for her and SHE pays – not y’all. All be blessed.

  • Wedlock4eva

    I just wish that we as AA s stop the hate PERIOD! Why not make a movement to just be kind to one another? It amazes me how we find it so easy to hold so much animosity, jealousy, ignorance, and hatred towards one another but yet it is so hard to just be kind and respectful to our fellow men/women.

  • amir bey

    Sad but she still got the blonde hair ……

    • Maria

      Thank you

  • Andrea

    I would hear the statement, “oh, you are pretty for a dark skin girl” mainly from males as I grew up. All I could do is shake my head at the ignorance but I never let it get to me. I’m glad my family taught me how to love my skin and I never grew up hating my complexion.

  • itsme

    light or dark…she looks a fool with that bleach blonde weave and so do most others even mariah! ugh!

    • sammi_lu

      Agree! That is great that she is in confident in her skin and speaking up on Blacks and colorism, but I can only take her so serious with that blonde weave. You can’t advocate just the piece that is convenient for you. Why do so many beautiful black women have to have the longest silkiest weaves of every hair texture but their own?

    • missloveontop

      yes now this i have to agree i was thinking the same thing black women should shun beach/platinum blonde hair. its not ok to want white girl skin but its ok to want their hair? smh and a weave that blends is not the same thing. some women want fuller or longer hair i would not consider that trying to look like another ethnicity.

      • anonymouse

        natural blondes are a rarity. most of the white ‘blondes’ that you see get it from a bottle.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    Keke looks better with the skin complextion she already has and I’m glad she grew out that insecurity. Love the skin you in people. #BlackAndBeautiful

  • Jane

    I’m brown skinned and color never came up in our household ever…. It wasn’t until elementary school that I found out what skintone was and the commentary from school kids and let me just say kids on the play-yard are cruel point blank period. You’ve got to prep your child for the wars on the play-yard from the children. I remember it made me look in the mirror one day and cry. I wished I looked like my classmates. It really affected me.
    Now I grew out of it and discovered
    That I am beautiful, but seriously, prepare your children, tell them often their shade is lovely .

    • Rosa

      i, too, did not experience colorism until grade school. parents need to condition their kids in the area of self-confidence. we have to believe that we are fine just the way we are despite the opinions of others.

  • L-Boogie


  • Christina

    I’m 26 years old and I just want to say I love my dark skin I always embraced it. I just wish people would just embraced their features and skin stop trying to live up to others idea of beauty

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      It is weird because most people look at facial structure and features, African-American people look at skin and attribute it to beauty. I mean I have seen some ugly African-American women who believe if their skin was lighter they would be pretty. If your facial structure and the features are ugly it would not matter how light your skin is, because ugly is ugly no matter the skin color. I have seen some flawless African-American women who are brown and have features that are to die for like Keke. She does not need to be light skin, because she is a beautiful complexion and it compliments her features.

  • beauty84

    It’s sad to keep hearing things like this. I’m brown-skinned and I never had to experience things like this. I wish the black people who are color struck would really deal with their issues, because a lot if the time these people are dark-skinned themselves and they hate themselves so they want everyone else to feel bad.. At the same time why are people so weak in their minds, that they would believe that their skin should be a different color, it speaks volumes about our race! The strongest physically, the weakest mentally!!!!!

    • nick

      “At the same time why are people so weak in their minds, that they would believe that their skin should be a different color”

      Took the words right out my mouth! IDK Whats wrong with ppl or what their parents are teaching them. Be proud of yourself and live your damn life!! I wouldnt want to be anyone else or any other color, if you dont like me thats your business.

    • Christina

      Love your comment and I agree i’m a dark skinned girl and I never experience what half of these people celebs come out and say. I just want to say not all dark skinned and brown skinned people hate their complexion or want to be light skin. My parents taught me to love the skin I am in and never think negative about myself

      • DallasGal80

        I have overheard people say such things to my best friend who is a beautiful brown skinned woman (‘you’re pretty for a ….”). I think that it may not happen as often with us ‘regular folk’, but in Hollywood I’m certain that it is much more common. BTW, I was just re-watching some old movies (‘Harlem Nights’) and I realized that Jasmine Guy and is not as pretty as people once thought… she was just mixed, light skinned with long hair. It really continues to remain an issue in our community.

      • missloveontop

        you need to stop. maybe you are comfortable totally but i have been told i am pretty for a darskin girl, i would be better lighter all types of things. you must dont even hear it when rappers says crazy things to you about your dark skin in their lyrics. bad brown chic/ i bet she look better red…tho hes an absolute clown lil wayne says it often and its shown in magazines and film and look at keke she beyond gorgeous and so are many of us we know we are but anyone will be annoyed and fed up at the constant pointing out or mentioning of being something they are. What about the parents of the fools making these comments?!

    • unque43

      Well I never wanted any color skin except the skin I was born with, but I always wanted flawless skin, you know no blackheads. even toned. But I can understand how some have gone through phrases like this. I mean look around, When you look at television who represent beauty, white women or light skinned black women. I recalled hearing about a cousin who father was bi-racial, she was born light skinned, with blue eyes, as I grew up I always heard how beautiful she was when she was born, so when I finally met her I was not impressed with her as far as beauty is concerned she was average looking beauty. But because her skin was lighter some of my family would speak of her beauty. It is an learned behavior, as parents we have to let our children know they are beautiful. For instance I don’t wear makeup everyday, but I do wear it to enhance the beauty I am. I tell my sons how handsome they are, and I compliment them on their successes. We have to lift our children up. Because it is up to us. Because of our circumstances that we were born into. We must lift ourselves and stop waiting for others to do it. When you look at television who do you see mostly. I mean look at cartoons what color is sponge bob eyes. He’s a sponge and he has blue eyes. Our children sees this. No need to see comments like this and turn your nose up at the person because, this is what they see. The successful people always seem to be other people. No fault of our own, but we contribute.