Tia Mowry On Going Crazy Over Men: “I’ve Only Had One Boyfriend And That’s My Husband”

September 10, 2013  |  

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Tia and Tamera’s relationship stories are so inspiring. In the midst of baby mama drama and secret lovers, it’s always refreshing to hear these two celebrity women speak so maturely about their dating and married life — until you piss them off, of course.

We caught up with Tia Mowry at the press junket for her upcoming flick, “Baggage Claim,” and looking at how well Tia plays the crazy, jealous girlfriend of Trey Songz in the movie, we had to ask Tia if her character Janine is based on any real-life moves she’s pulled on ex-boyfriends. That’s when the actress, mother, and reality TV star gave us an interesting answer:

“I’ve only had one boyfriend and that’s my husband. I haven’t dated a lot.”

Who would’ve thought?

Tia went on to say:

“My sister used to always say, ‘Tia, you don’t know what it’s like because you’ve never been out there, these guys are crazy, blah blah blah.’”

“Of course there’s times when you get upset and I’m yelling and screaming and having a little bit of impatience. Cursing him out? Of course. If you say you’ve never cursed anybody out I think you’re lying. But it stops there.”


If it surprises you to hear Tia’s cussed out her husband, Cory Hardrict, you’d probably be even more shocked to hear those words come out of Tia’s seemingly innocent half, Tamera. When we asked Tia how she feels about the way Tamera been labeled the prude of “The Real” talk show, Tia said this:

“They’re kind of labeling my sister as the goody two shoes. I don’t know these girls [on the show], so in comparison to [them], is she the goody two shoes? I don’t know. My sister is very traditional, she’s very religious. I don’t know if I would say that’s a goody goody two shoes. She’s a great role model for a lot of women and that should be praised.”

We agree.

Check out Tia’s full interview below. Are you surprised to learn Cory is her first and only boyfriend?

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  • PolkaDots

    Boring! I thought it would be interesting but I was deceived.

  • Sheila Hopkins

    No. Fortunately they have strong core values. I’ve raised 2 daughters the same way.

  • Deena

    Is it me or Tia always finds a way to bring Tamera down somehow? I can even see in her twitter that Tamera celebrates (retweets, comments, congratulates) her sister in her accomplishments, but I don’t see Tia do the same. Oh, well, I guess that’s why Tamera has Andrea.

  • bluekissess

    I admire these two women. I love how they value tradition and religion. I also admire them for being open.

  • bluekissess

    I admire these two women. I love how they value tradition and religion. I also admire them for being open.

  • LC

    I love Tia & Tamera! I feel like I can relate to them so much! I love that they’re vocal about living a wholesome life.

  • Kath

    Just one? Do you mean you have only acknowledged one? Well she may have a point, if he didn’t play a bf role, then he doesn’t deserve that acknowledgement.

  • Mercedes

    I love these two they are very well rounded woman there little brother Tahji hes a nice young man as well.

  • Dragon Senait

    You know I really can’t stand these two wanna be perfect chicks. Ok we get it Tia and tamera. Yall had a PERFECT childhood, a PERFECT job, A PERFECT adulthood and never had ANY struggles in life. We get it..So shut up and go live your damn perfect life.Sick of these two.

    • Bee

      Y’all are so used to train wrecks that it is quite disturbing. When women, especially of COLOR, are striving for positivity and better images of US, y’all get angry. It blows my mind! It is so contradicting and sad.

      • Bee

        * excuse me, I mean WE instead of y’all.

        • Yvonne Watkins

          WE don’t get angry. Some of us get angry. Not even most of us get angry.

    • therealnumber1

      Why you mad??? People post negative stuff all da y about black women, black people in general…it is refreshing to see some positivity for once within our commmunity. Too many girls are looking up to the likes of Rihanna that now a woman is labeled a “goody two shoes” or “perfect” (in a negative way) if they decide to take more of positive stance on life. We need more women like the Mowry Twins…theya re not perfect, no one is, but they are upstanding women…and it is ashame that there life style is taboo and looked down upon in this day and age….

    • noelle224

      This post is disturbing. Why are you hating on these women? Are you jealous? I don’t hear anybody saying they’re tired of all the crazy basketball wives and bad girls in this world. But two women on the straight and narrow decide to set goals for themselves professionally and personally and you say you’re sick of them. They aren’t perfect. But what they have is something that more young women of color should strive for

      • PolkaDots

        Negative. They do.

    • toyasg

      Da-mn u are a hater. When I got married my husband was my first and the bond I have with him will be 4ever. More black women should listen to them. If they don’t they will continue to be babymama’s not wives.

      • bluekissess


      • bluekissess


    • Anaia

      That’s how I feel about beyonce

    • Joe

      You just mad because you obviously a hoe

  • letjadda

    my mother…one boyfriend..now 38 years of marriage…that is lovely. but I never wanted the same…I think sheltered woman (and yes I do believe the twins had a sheltered personal life) are those that are interested in this walk, not that that is a bad thing. Personally I have dated alot, lived in different parts of the world, have reach the academic top of my career and made wonderful friends..the personal growth and knowledge about myself gained is invaluable. Different strokes for different strokes..

  • Meandmybish

    Love her hair

  • enlightenment

    Lol now why would you pick the most tired-looking picture of Tia? And why would I be surprised about Tia cursing out her husband? She’s human.