They Know They Got It: Celebrities Accused Of Being Cheap

September 5, 2013 ‐ By Iva Anthony

As a result of tough times, many people have become frugal with their money but while that is normal behavior for everyday folks, these cheap celebrities have been accused of having short arms regardless of their deep pockets.

"Madonna pf"



She may be a “Material Girl” but pop diva Madonna is stingy when it comes to tipping. Unfortunately, she’s been known to skip out on the bill without leaving a tip and when she does, sometimes Madonna’s math is a little off. According to one British tabloid, Madonna and her then-husband Guy Ritchie went out for a bite to eat. The bill for the duo came up to about $400 but Madonna, who is worth a reported $300 million, only left a tip of a measly $18, well short of the recommended 20% gratuity.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Loki

    Y’all realized for party of 5 there is a mandatory 20% gratuity added already so why would people add to that again like seriously .

  • hiswomanandlovingit

    Tyra Banks, Harrison Ford, Teri Hatcher….i commend all of them. there is nothing wrong with pinching a penny. if i were rich people would have all types of jokes on me because i would still be shopping at discount stores. but the others, that is just rude. if you cant afford to tip decently or at all, dont go to a sit down restaurant. when you go there you arent paying just for the food, you are paying for the experience as well. the food being made to your liking, the drinks on refill, the ambiance the whole she-bang.

  • Yaiyo50

    NOT one of those celebs look African-American….REALLY NOW

  • Majorly_Mojo

    it can also be due to the kind of service they were given ya know…case by case scenario does not necessarily mean they’re cheap but ok….

  • S. Kiara Williams

    In Tyra’s case and Harrison Ford’s there is nothing wrong with saving habits. Movies cost too damn much and toilet paper runs out too soon (where does it go?!?!? do we really use that much in a day lol). The tipping thing is too much like dang you can’t help people out. There is no way I would wait on my favorite celebrity just to find out that he/she is a self-absorbing rude snob and leave no tip. I would remove every facet of them out of my life and post on every blog and social media I could lol

  • CC

    I believe people who make less money will probably give u a better tip because they truly have penny pinched before…those with money may believe it is their money they worked for and shouldn’t have to share it… I see many on here say waiters live off of tips, I would really try to find another job so I wouldn’t have to live, worrying about if someone will leave a tip or not…and restaurants need to pay their employees more if they are working this hard!!!

  • Ytip

    If a works for tips, that’s between the server and their employer. There is no need for the customer to suffer. Meals aren’t priced lower to adjust for tips. The person who cooks the meal doesn’t work for tips, and the quality of service shouldn’t be based on a presumed tip (if you provide bad service then you will be fired). Working for tips is a bad job to take because no customer owes you anything because you are doing a job that you agreed to perform. Also, if a person’s bill is $20 or $200 why does a server feel that they should be paid more? A $20 meal can take the same amount of time to carry to the table and weigh the same as a $200 meal. The only difference is that the owner decided to price one item at $20 and another at $200. The server’s effort has not increased or decreased. The reason why many people with money tip little or nothing is because many of them have worked hard for their money, and this is not to say that being a server is easy work but many people attribute reward to effort. And honestly, it is not difficult to bring food to a table or refill a beverage. The server did not cook the meal (the cook doesn’t work for tips), the server does essentially the same thing that the counter person at Wendy’s, Burger King, or McDonalds does and none of them work for tips. So the problem isn’t that people are cheap or don’t tip. The issue is that servers let someone convince them to work for less than minimum wage on the hope that patrons that consume food that they did not prepare will reward them financially for ferrying food from the kitchen to a table and doing the same thing that the kid at In & Out gets $10 an hour to do. Yup, the problem isn’t the customer, it’s the owner and server. Just giving out game.

    • Ladylove223

      I see your point and have always thought that the salary of wait staff in restaurants should be revisited and increased because not everyone will tip what they should, if anything at all. However, typically when the bill is high there are multiple people to serve, which does increase the wait staff’s efforts a bit.

  • Ladylove223

    Must be nice to have a 10 year old car with only 100k miles on it. Mine is only 5 years old and I’m pushing 115k. Smh.

    • PolkaDots

      Yeah, I use to drive thee HECK out of my cars. Now not so much.

  • cynmac

    I don’t have a problem with the drive old cars or use less toilet paper stories. I do that and it affects no one but me. But the tipping thing (or lack thereof) is douchey.

  • Just saying!!

    Wow….I’m in disbelief. I mean I knew some celebs were full of themselves but this is just hard to belief. My mind doesn’t want to believe that there are really people that vain. How disgusting. (I don’t think Tyra’s was bad though, she’s just trying to be resourceful—that’s different from being disrespectful and putting people through madness and stealing someone’s hard earned money smdh)

    • PolkaDots

      No Tyra’s was THE WORSE. Peeling off 1 ply of the 2 ply toilet paper dude? Crazy.

      • KS

        What’s wrong with that? She’s saving the environment…1 ply at a time

  • Ouch*Dee*Thats*Bottom!

    Could someone please explain to me again why they feel entitled to someone else’s hard earned money?

    • cynmac

      The servers are generally paid less than minimum wage and survive from tips. Obviously you have never had a job like that our you wouldn’t need to ask. If the restaurants paid their staff what they were worth, the food would cost more. Some people feel like the system is fair because tips keep the wait staff working harder. But it only works if everyone who goes to a sit down restaurant tips. I used to tell my ex (who hated to tip) to eat fast food if he didn’t like the reward system. There folks generally get paid a little more than minimum because there are no tips. Oh, and I won’t frequent a restaurant if I hear that the owners take the tips.

      • CC

        get a different job

        • DTJ

          If everyone could “get a different job” then there would be no need for restaurants then now would there? You would no longer be able to eat out at your favorite restaurant because everyone took your advice and got a different job. Some people actually love waiting on people because they are excellent in customer service and they actually LIKE making other peoples day.

          • CC

            Then the restaurant needs to pay them more so they wouldn’t have to worry about tips…I mean who wants to worry about how many tips they are going to get tonight…for example if they need gas money, etc…

  • Dominique Cox-Harris

    JT that was a D****move my
    man, that was a D**** move . I kinda dislike him a little bit now, now I have to Reevaluate the way I look at him now. Spoil little D****bag, he plays so sweet and cute sometimes, but he could be spoil little D****bag. That extra note from JC at the awards made so much more Sense now. Cuz Justin is a D***bag …..yup

  • ziggyzowh

    I used to work at H&M, my coworkers would tell me that Usher would come in and trying to ask for the manager so he can get the manager’s discount.

    • PolkaDots

      What the f^ck was Usher doing at H&M? Wow.

  • realadulttalk

    Nothing new–I waitressed in college and it was common knowledge that the businessmen would give you crappy tips but the college students (who were mostly broke) would tip quite well. It’s how the rich stay rich–by keeping the poor just that…poor.

  • Mia

    The self entitlement of these creatures is appalling. I can’t stand people like that.

  • CKT76