End Of The Road: Mitchell Solarek Sues Mary Mary For Commission Checks & Embarrassment!

September 1, 2013  |  

Source: We Tv

As fed up as they may look in the above picture with him, it seems as Mitchell Solarek is the one who officially had enough of the roller coast ride as Mary Mary’s manager.

Maximum Artist Group which is owned by Solarek filed a lawsuit against Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell, otherwise known as superstar gospel duo Mary Mary.

According to papers filed in a federal court in Tennessee and obtained by TMZ, Solarek says Max Art signed a deal with the group in 2011 that would have Mitchell Solarek serve as their manager. He says he reignited their musical career, obtaining over $3 million in various deals, one which includes their reality show Mary Mary on We Tv.

In turn, however, Solaek says he was pretty much shortchanged. He claims that Mary Mary stiffed him of more than $75,000 in commissions.  He also says that he was publicly fired on the television.

The lawsuit is asking that a judge rule he be paid in back commission as well as the loss of commission on future music, books, sponsorships and anything else you can think of.

Wow. During the last season of Mary Mary, we often saw the duo arguing with him and quite often, our readers would say, “When is Mitchell Solarek going to get enough of their actions? He is extremely patient.” Well, it looks like he hit his breaking point with them.

As an avid viewer of the show, I don’t recall Mitchell being fired on the show so one can only assume the firing he mentions in the lawsuit during season three of Mary Mary. That season will premiere in February 2014.


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  • Damon Craven

    Mitch WAS fired on the show. Either y’all just didn’t see it or y’all weren’t paying attention.

  • Mama

    What show were some of you watching!?

    Mitch was a condesending BULLY who acted as if they worked for HIM instead of the other way around. He was mean, spiteful and PETTY and I never liked him or his management style from DAY ONE.

    Like it or not, the gospel music business is a BUSINESS! And when business isn’t being handled to an artist’s satisfaction they have the right and option to do and take their business elsewhere.
    Mary Mary is not suing Mitch…he’s suing them, which is on par with how he treated them and their families during his tenure.

    As for you so-called perfect Christians…let he who is without fault cast the first stone.

    These women never acted as if they were better than anyone else or perfect. They simply gave us a snapshot of what it’s like to juggle home, career and celebrity…nothing more, nothing less.

  • Tisa

    I love Tina and Erica, but from what we saw on television it didn’t appear that they handled the business aspect of their relationship with Mitch, as their manager, in the most professional way. I agree with Mitch he was disrespected on numerous occasions professionally.

  • Natalie from Vegas

    Tina and Erica are backstabbers, I m soooo tired of them. I can not believe how horrible those two are. I hope Karma (and God) will get them. I wish nothing but heartache for those two vicious snakes.

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  • take a good look

    I don’t blame him either…they treated him like one of their kids… erica letting her husband get his fingers in too many pots.. your producing, writing, recording, on most of the songs, and they are on your label.. that’s too much…

  • Brian

    Who really cares; as supposed Christian’s,
    they have lost what they seem to have had at the beginning of their career. I lost
    the desire to listen to their music years ago, thieve become too worldly over the
    years in their appearance and their lyric’s. Now they’re just like the
    other reality TV monger’s, which is all about the money and fame; why else
    would anyone put their whole life on TV.

  • Dee

    This is gonna be juicy…

  • JRoc85

    I love Mary Mary, & I certainly enjoy their show!!!! As for Mitch, he WAS NOT fired on tv (unless the prducers edited it out). Hopefully, this foolishness will cease & both parties will come to a mutual understanding about this!

  • Matthew Charlery-Smith

    I said from day 1 this reality show was a bad idea. I couldn’t see any testimony or witness being displayed just a bunch of hype and drama. Their career started so well but their choices have lead them to a place far from the advice of mature, godly folk who would help steer this ship. God doesn’t reality shows to promote His Kingdom. Instead we should focus on His will and His work, that way our ministry will grow in His hands.

    • Laughing@Fools

      So sunday morning television preachers isnt that a form of “Reality TV” I can go as far back as the Bakers (Tammy Faye & Jim), Price, TD Jakes, etc.. So to say that “Reality TV” isnt needed to grow your ministry is a false claim when they’ve been on TV for years or are their sermons scripted??

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith

        You’re misunderstanding. A televised, Bible-based sermon set to teach and encourage millions who NEED the Word of God is different from a half-scripted tv programme based on the personal lives of two Gospel singers who don’t seem to have things together. There’s nothing wrong with a camera following you around if you’re doing the will of God (see Joyce Meyer’s Hand of Hope), but a show that sets to draw people in through hype can never be a good thing. God doesn’t require this; this is the world’s way. The Bible says we are not to get our counsel from Egypt, this represents worldly methods of doing things. Mary Mary have done this and it’s torn their once wholesome image apart. Seeing them like this has been a major turn-off.

  • coot

    If they choose to further their careers, THEY must pay….Ladies, do not beat up on yourselves too hard or harshly. All of us go to similar trials and tribulations. We saw your “handling of Mitch.” Sorda unfair, would you not agree? BOYFRIEND of your sister exacerbated the downfall from many angles. I viewed him as seemingly, as one who suffers with a JEZEBEL’s spirit…you know: manipulative, selfish and using others for person gain. There are remaining issues in Tina’s life…which might help if she chooses to get counseling OFF the camera….and who would benefit from spending desperate time, with her MOM…who carries loads of answers/wisdom. Looking forward to seeing you in the future with a WORD!

  • Fair and Balanced

    They just came off as to messy I stopped watching the show. I do wish them the best of luck and hope Mitch receives his commission as I am sure he more than well deserves it.

  • YoNess

    It was a lot watching him having to deal with them and their family (or random boyfriends). Managers make money when you make money, but when you are late, unrehearsed, bringing your husband’s random family everywhere, threatening, insulting, complaining (about being tired but run around an amusement park) and unprofessional it is no wonder. I stopped watching.

  • currvalicious

    Though I love the show, I think maybe that wholesome image they’d enjoyed has taken a slight beating. Mitchell appeared to have worked hard for those girls. He endured alot from boyfriends, husbands & sisters along w/anyone else on the Mary Mary train. Can’t wait to see how this is resolved in the coming season. Also the Mary’s spent more time being pregnant than anything else career wise. Tina appeared to be the breadwinner for her immediate family, & more stressed out w/that winey husband of hers.

  • Pennylane22

    This pair, like Kelly Price, should NEVER have agreed to do this show. They come across as very “un-christian-like”, unprofessional, unhappy, miserable and just plain unlikable. The manager, came across as underhanded and over his head with these two. Dont get me started on their sister/stylist. Puhleeze!

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith

      The whole show is a shambles. I gave up once I saw the preview for Season Two had strippers in it. We tie God to gimmicks now? He needs a reality show to boost their careers? This was never about God, it was about them and now we know everything about them we shouldn’t! They’re obviously clueless on how to ignite their waning careers and that happens once you step out of God’s will.

  • unque43

    I don’t blame him. One wants to quite one wants to work they should have kept that to themselves and what ever decision they made., then made an announcement if they were quitting or not, no one needed the drama rather they were quitting or not. I don’t even need to know why. If they were going to quite then that’s what they should do. Not be back and forth with it nobody got time for that.

  • woman2woman

    Really sad to see it come to this. Mitch seemed very dedicated to the Mary’s almost more so than they were ( hence the extended break these two have taken from the group). I can imagine as Erica and Tina decided to go their separate ways after hiring Mitch to take them to the top, there were some hurt feelings and unrealized payoff from all the hard work. It seemed the girls were very used to working with family and perhaps and outsider, while useful, was more than they bargained for.

  • 20candycane13

    In defense of the Mary’s, there is a lot that we don’t see. Tina was pregnant and tired; Erica was the worker bee. I think Tina needed more of a break and was more than likely dealing with things at home. I don’t recall Mitch being fired last season. I can’t wait to see the new season.

  • ebony

    Stopped watching their show. They are both extremely unprofessional

  • Gabie Aldrich

    I don’t blame him! It seemed like Erica wanted to work and Tina was full of excuses!