Fierce From Every Side! The 15 Most Androgynous Celebrities

August 29, 2013  |  
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Celebrities have been gender bending long before B. Scott hit the scene. Some men look like women, some women look like men. And they all made it big while pushing gender boundaries. Check out 15 of the fiercest androgynous celebrities.


Prince is so fabulous it’s like he’s a man and a woman at the same time. What other man can make women throw their panties on the stage while wearing lace and stiletto heels?

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Michael Jackson

How does the joke go?: “Only in America can a man go from a poor black boy to a rich white woman.” Too soon?

David Bowie

Prince’s only competition for king of the androgynous pop gods was David Bowie.

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B. Scott

BET was so wrong for asking B. Scott to change at their awards show this summer. He had his hair done, his face beat and then they made him put on a suit and wing tips. We’re supposed to be getting better at embracing the LGBT community. We bet they wouldn’t have made Prince change…

Boy George

The Karma Chameleon made his name as the boy who dresses like a woman. And we love that even though the androgynous ’80s are over, Boy George is still repping for gender benders with his fabulous blue eye shadow.

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Grace Jones

Nobody is fiercer than Grace Jones. This Jamaican sister turned a modeling contract into a recording deal and an acting career. We don’t know what it is about her, but the world can’t seem to get enough. She’s 65 and still packing houses when she performs.

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics topped the charts for decades. Annie is one of the most successful gender bending recording artists and the UK’s most successful female artist.

Milli Vanilli

We don’t know who’s better at gender bending: Milli or Vanilli. But we do know that neither one of them can sing.

Andrej Pejić

A lot of models are androgynous, but Andrej Pejić takes gender bending to a whole new level. He primarily models women’s clothes and looks better than most women doing it.


Whatever happened to Bahamadia? She’s one of our favorite female MCs. Her lyrics are butter-smooth and her voice is testosterone-deep.

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Carrot Top

Comedian Carrot Top has been going through some…interesting changes since his hey day in the 90s. And he looks more and more like a woman with each transformation.

Jaye Davidson

Remember actor Jaye Davidson from “The Crying Game”? He looks so much like a woman that he broke into the industry playing a transsexual. And that role made him the first black British actor to be nominated for an Academy Award.

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Jared Leto

Even with a beard, Jared Leto looks a lot like a woman.

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Tilda Swinton

Actress Tilda Swinton is so androgynous she almost looks out of this world. We’d love to see Tilda and Grace together in a photo shoot.

Terence Trent D’Arby

Remember “Wishing Well”? Unfortunately,Terence Trent D’Arby only had a couple of hits back in the day. We think he should have put his effort into modeling instead. His voice was OK, but we know women who’d kill for his look.

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  • Ceci

    The only one that appears androgynous to me is Pejic and maybe Davidson. To me androgynous is when you can’t tell the difference whether they are male or female. It’s in the looks, not necessarily whether or not they have masculine or feminine mannerisms.

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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    i have had a lady crush on tilda swinton since i first saw her in chronicles of narnia…i love her look so much

  • jason vorhees

    looking through this list the only 2 that fit the true definition of androgynous are david bowie and boy george. MN you need to do better with articles like these. transexuals and cross dressers are not androgynous.


    as a young dude its hard to understad but in 2002 i was 12 and watched his booty do vid with my cuz who was in her 20s and i asked if he was gay and she said the same thing..

  • Chanda

    Grace Jones and Annie Lennox are so bad-azz. Annie was like the white version of Grace Jones back then. And that was a really nice pic of Bahamdea but why do I feel as if there’s a few people missing from this list. Syvester, Jermaine Stewart? Maybe?

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      oh yeah jermaine stewart with the swingy wrap i always wanted lol

  • sw

    Come on…today is Michael Jackson’s birthday!!! Chill out

    • BButterfly

      I mean it’s the man’s birthday and he’s deceased…is it necessary that you disrespect the man and his legacy for a pointless article? We got to do better than this. Uplift our people please.

  • Indigo Skye

    You forgot Omahyra Moto

    • SHAWN101

      He also reminds me of Claudette Ortiz from, “R&B Divas: L.A.” Lol.

      • SHAWN101

        I’m sorry, this comment was supposed o be in reply to, “Dee”. :0)

  • joanwright325

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  • Dee

    Why do B.Scott and Rasheeda look soooooo much alike? LMAO

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas



    im sorry to offend but prince(ss) is too gay for me…when he caught patti labelle’s shoes at the 2010 bet awards then held it in the air as if it were a prize i was over it. im 23 and i dont understand why these chicks thirst for this flamboyant man but i guess as long as u got money u can be a flammer and chicks still want you

    • Meemo

      Ain’t nothing gay about Prince! He’s the only man who can wear lace, heels, and a bad hair style and not be gay! I bet there’s not a man walking this Earth who has been with Prince but there are some women sitting in a corner rocking like a baby after what he did to them.


        lol i guess…but i want you to know im sitting over here dying out of laughter because of how gay that 1st part just made him look lol

        • Meemo

          LOL – hey it’s Prince. He’s the only man who can get away with that.

          • PICA$$O BABY YEEZU$

            lol now i need to research the 80s…i was born in 1989 so u kno i basically kno nothing about the androgynous culture that went on so i find it questionable but it is what it is

    • Meemo

      Ain’t nothing gay about Prince! He’s the only man who can wear lace, heels, and a bad hair style and not be gay! I bet there’s not a man walking this Earth who has been with Prince but there are some women sitting in a corner rocking like a baby after what he did to them.

    • rita

      WTF are you kidding me?


        keepin it real

    • Chanda

      Oh you’re too young to understand anyway. A lot of men were “gay” in the 80’s if that’s the way you see it but they still pulled more women than you can count. What about all those hair metal bands from back in the day? Only thing is Prince stuck with it over the years. I guess for him if it broke don’t fix it.


        i will take that…because in this generation we think everything out side of the same 1 2 step we all do is gay…that just how it is

  • neka

    there’s a difference between androgynous and being transgender. B. Scott in my opinion appears more transgender than androgynous.

    • Raimi Nicte

      Transgender, although an umbrella term, generally refers to an individuals belief that their gender identity is different from that of their biological sex. B Scott does not consider himself a woman, and he always states that despite how he dresses, he is still a man.

      • neka

        ok but in My opinion meaning my own opinion he’s transgender because he dresses completely like a woman. but thanks for your opinion