9 Celebrities Who Walked Out On Popular Shows To Good And Bad Results For Their Career

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Celebrities Who Walked Out On Popular Shows

When I heard last week that Laura Prepon, who plays Alex Vause on Orange Is The New Black, was leaving the show because she hadn’t signed a contract to be tied down to the second season, I was heartbroken. Not literally, but you get my attempt to be over-dramatic. Of course, she’s not the main character, but she’s the main reason Piper is in prison, and the sexual tension between Piper and Alex was a big part of the whole shabang. So what is she going to do next? Who knows. But she’s not the first famous person to drop out of a popular television show at its peak thinking the show needs them more than they need it. Sometimes these stars move on to bigger and better things. And sometimes…well, their careers end up at a standstill. Here are a few folks who left their massive hit shows to good and bad results.

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  • MizMi

    Laura Prepon will be back full time for the 3rd season of OITNB. I guess she realized she didn’t want the money train to pull off without her.

  • seaMo

    Laura Prepon is a filthy scientologist. I refuse to support anything that helps one of them get paid.

  • fitzzz

    80% 8 out of 10 are BLACK, what’s that all about ?????

  • lean6

    Good Times: Florida and James hatin’ on J.J, claiming that it damaged their professional reputations having to play second fiddle to him. Make that THIRD fiddle…I was watching for Thelma putting a hurting on some jeans every week anyway!

  • sammi

    Isnt it funny that Charlie Sheen can snort C****, abuse women, use the N word, run a muck on set and he gets standing ovations on set, yet Isaiah said a word, not actually directed at the guy and he is blacklisted forever. I knew when this happened he never stood a chance. Its a shame cause as far as acting, I liked Isaiah Washington.

  • Zettai

    Ha ha on Katherine Heigl, perfect example of too big for her britches. Same for T.R. Knight. They both twisted the Isaiah Washington incident to turn Hollywood against him and further their own careers… for about a minute.

    I won’t deny that the man said a slur that shouldn’t have been said but it was never TO T.R. like T.R. and Katherine said and he apologized again and again, publicly, privately, to everyone and their mom. He is STILL paying for that, we can see it in his career. I had hoped Isaiah would one day make a reappearance on Grey’s but now that Sandra Oh is leaving I know he won’t.

    • sammi

      I heard TR and Isaiah had words, Patrick Dempsey stepped in and Isaiah said something to the affect “Im not no f@^^^, Im not scared of him” something to that affect. Its funny cause TR Knight was on an episode of SVU and I was thinking, wow, you thought that spinning the Isaiah sitch was gonna boost your career and aint nobody seen ya butt since lol

      • dragons3

        Actually, TR Knight returned to his stage career, which was thriving before Greys, and has since appeared in a number of plays, including on Broadway with Sir Patrick Stewart.

    • Mallory

      I read recently Washington is returning to Grey’s and it that’s the truth, I’m actually a bit offended. I thought the entire ordeal was a bit blown out of proportion ONLY because I knew it was for self servicing purposes…Shonda Rimes only got rid of Washington because the Media sided with TR Knight due to the Media’s increasing support for Gays, which is fine, but if you really believe that what Washington did was uncalled for, then stick to your guns, don’t suddenly have him make a grand return when you throw him under the bus to side along with popular opinion.

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  • Jada4610

    Do people actually watch Orange is the New Black? I have Netflix but I wasn’t interested before.

    • Troker

      It’s an awesome show. If you already have Netflix, you might as well jump in. I know not all shows are for everyone, but I’m yet to meet someone who didn’t like Orange is the New Black

      • Jada4610


      • Gabie Aldrich

        Such a GREAT show! My Hubs and I binged the whole season on a Saturday. That’s the true sign of a great show when you can Spend the whole day watching it. & wanting more.

      • Laila

        By far one of the better shows I’ve seen lately. Too bad it’s not on cable for all to enjoy. It’s well worth getting the $8/mo Netflix subscription. Can’t wait for season 2!

    • TT

      its a great show you should watch it!

    • MizMi

      The show is better than 90% of what’s currently shown on tv.

  • SimplyEllen

    What happened to the first Mother on the Fresh Prince of Belair???

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      its somewhere on the site, type her name in the search bar…im sure you’ll find it.

  • DeDee82388

    I think it’s safe to say that Reed between the lines isn’t coming back for a second season,besides it wasn’t all that great of a show I watch two episodes I just couldn’t get into it

  • Kat

    Tia Mowry Hardict didn’t really leave so much as BET downgraded her role on the show and she choose not to continue as a recurring cast member for a show that was founded on her character. And she is definitely winning….

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