10-Year-Old Texas Girl Arrested And Charged With Raping 4-Year-Old Boy

August 9, 2013  |  

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Note: The photo used in this post is a stock image and not a photo of the child in question with this news story.

I’m not really sure where to even start with this heartbreaking story.

A 10-year-old Houston, Texas girl was arrested and charged with raping a 4-year-old boy, KHOU 11 reports. While the details surrounding the incident are scarce, what we do know is that the alleged incident is said to have occurred in the courtyard of the girl’s apartment complex.

“She was just being a child, having fun and playing. She didn’t know she was doing any wrong,” the girl’s mother told KHOU.

The incident was first reported back in April, which is when a sex crimes investigator was assigned to the case. The child was arrested last week and taken to a juvenile detention center, where she was held for four days.

“Me and my mom was crying and then she took me to the police car. I didn’t want to get in,” the girl told reporters.

“Just to look and see her through those windows and bars, screaming and stuff, screaming for me to get her out… it was a nightmare,” the child’s mother added.

One can only imagine how frightening it was for the preteen to be fingerprinted, issued a prison jumpsuit and placed in cell.

“It was my first time being there and I was scared. I thought something was going to happen to me,” she said the experience.

Although she didn’t have an attorney, local community activist, Qunaell X, stepped in to defend her.

“This was nothing more than horseplay. That’s what this was. It has gone a little bit too far… criminalizing a 10-year-old child,” Quanell said.

The child’s mother won’t specify whether or not she believes her child did anything wrong, but she argues that investigators should consider the fact that they’re dealing with a child.

“I’m not saying she didn’t [do something wrong], I’m not saying that she did. I’m saying she’s still a child.”

If convicted, the girl may have to register as a sex offender.

Turn the page to watch news coverage on the case. 

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  • Kimberly Connell

    This story is woefully incomplete … the reader has no idea what really happened, just that they should feel sorry for the 10 year old and her mom. I guess no one needs to feel about the 4-year old boy or his folks.


    Why would you use an innocent little Black girls picture who had nothing to do with your article ?

    This is disgusting I immediately caught o to the image appearing to be a 5-6 year old. Your article is regarding child rape, well in Africa what you have done is called molestation. You molested this young girl image to push your damn story. I can’t even read your article because of it. I hope someone recognizes this little Black child and goes to an Attorney, this is despicable.

  • DisturbingStory

    If this were a 10yr old boy….. people would be off with his head….. but it’s a girl… and she’s confused… it’s not like music video’s are teaching them the proper way to live a life…. I mean it’s only show and tell…. fun and play…. all of this luxurious fun…. and excuse made moms…. I mean… I wouldn’t want to be in this position…. it’s sad and terrible…. but right is right…. investigate her parents and those that surround them….. all of the mom’s friends too…. everybody….


  • Traceyann ImaSurvivor Lumsden

    You ppl are arguing about the photo, while digressing about the bigger picture, which is; a little girl has obviously been molested here & she is in jail.
    She is now victimized twice. I empathize with this child.

  • Tony Williams

    WOW WTf black women are starting early this days.

  • childofjesusrose

    i think they should just scare the little girl! this will teach her and hopefully others in the same age gape a lesson not to do things like that! It will be too harsh for the 10 year old girl to be charged and registered as a sex offender.

  • Patricia

    It sounds like to me the mom is not even trying to defend her own child. She is saying that she didn’t and she is saying that she did. It is crazy how they are arresting black children at such a young age.



  • JennZ

    There is very little information provided here for one to really register any deep comment on the matter.

  • bizmark

    Every expert will tell you that sex play among children is very common. In the old days they used to call it “playing doctor”. Kids did everything they could do. Sure they got spanked if caught but many parents considered it normal. I just don’t think kid-on-kid sex play is anything to be upset about. And if she did something bad, say violent sex or something showing she is disturbed, then get a child shrink, for both kids. There is NO EXCUSE for police to arrest a 10 year old kid. This is a new thing in our society and a very disturbing trend.

    • Bits

      you probably don’t mean to come off like this but you sound like a really sick person. ‘sex play’ should NEVER be considered ‘normal’ when kids are involved. it doesn’t matter if the participants are all children or an adult with a child/children. sexual activity can be imposed on innocent children by other children and cause major damage. its the same as being molested by an adult because the child being violated is a victim of unwanted sexual activity. in this case a 10 year old violated a 4 year old that should definitely not be considered as just ‘playing doctor’. the age difference is just to vast to simply write it off as ‘horse’ play. I do agree that arresting her was probably inappropriate but counseling and being reprimanded is definitely needed. As far as so-called experts saying that its okay for kids to play with sex, in the past ‘experts’ have said a lot of things that have been proven to be untrue. the ‘experts’ opinion on kids and ‘sex play’ is definitely one of those untruths.

  • SisterTruth

    Hey MN, it’s okay to print a story without an accompanying photo. Many news outlets do it all the time! So many of your readers, including me, find it disturbing that you would use a stock photo of somebody’s child for such a horrific story. The disclaimer really does not help that much. Stock photos are great for the generic pieces you do on relationships, etc. Not for this. Please remove it. Thank you.

    • sorrybutno

      Don’t tell MN to remove pictures bc you don’t speak on everyone else’s behalf. i feel pix with stories is MN’s modus operandi.

      • SisterTruth

        1. I never said I was speaking for everyone else.
        2. Just because something is someone’s “modus operandi” doesn’t mean it’s right.

  • Kevin Elliott

    This is so wrong for yall to use this stock photo of this young lady. SMH.

  • that guy

    This article is on of the most disgusting sexist and biased thing i have ever read here.
    If this was a boy who did this you would have been screaming for his head.

  • unemotionalthinker01

    Oh God, some of you cant seem to wrap your minds around the idea that a 10 year old is mentally a child. No matter what they “know”, they dont have the emotional or psychological capacity to be held responsible for their actions, because they dont realize the ramifications. Get a clue. Yes, it is wrong whatever was done, clearly, but a 10 year old child needs to be given guidance and treatment and taught the error of their ways, not be thrown under the bus.Usually these kids have been abused themselves.

  • Human Touch

    This is a very sad reality that has to be an eye opener to all parents. Incidents like these keep happening as long as we keep entertaining sex & verbal obscenity on TV’s & everywhere. I see parent couples talking about sex and engaging in PDU in front of their own kids depicting it as a modern etiquette. MODESTY is found nowhere. Sorry to say but I am not sure how far sex education helps a preteen to understand the sex dynamics. I pity this 10 yr old. She is definitely a victim of abuse and had been acting out her frustration to demonstrate something that has been happening to her on a regular basis. The right action in this scenario must have been – taking this child into physical custody and put for therapy straight after examining her in a medical facility. She must be surely being abused physically and emotionally by someone that her mother must be well aware of. The way the woman talks appears too cold for this kind of incident. I don’t see any remorse feelings in this so-called ‘mother’ of this girl. Jail and behind bars are NOT for a 10 year old kid. She is too innocent to target someone as her prey to destroy. When kids are involved as sexual abusers / victims, they should be be handled well through psychotherapy and counseling rather than popularizing them as ‘sexual offenders’ in mugshots and all over the billboards around the nation. The 4 year old should be examined for any injuries and emotional scars as well. Western world has to realize that Jail rooms and bars are NOT the answer for everyone & everything. Children need love and affection from their parents, family and society to be emotionally matured and understand human relationships. Adults need to be better role models. Well…Where are those parents that really deserve to be called as ‘parents’. Pity what these kids have to go through in today’s world…being abused and neglected by immoral individuals – or else let’s call them ‘unworthy parents’??

    • Human Touch

      * PDA

    • mlw1924

      I agree with u 1000%

  • camron

    Take down that photo of that little girl. Awful.

  • camron

    I was 10 once and would have NEVER acted like this. Easy for you all to say she is only 10 but what about that poor little boy. This girl needs help. She is probably being abused herself.

  • Growth

    Why aren’t they saying what she allegedly did? This could be a number of things. 1.the girl is getting abused and is taking it out on others. 2. Someone lied to try and cause harm to the mother or the girl. 3. The boy is being abused at home and the abuser told him to say the girl is the one doing whatever allegedly happened to him. I’m confused as to why this story has no actual info in it. And I agree. The picture should be taken down.

  • Guest

    I have a 10 yr old cousin who is very wise beyond her years. She was telling her dad about little boys making sexual passes at her in the 4th grade. Luckily she told an adult before the situation got out of hand and could be handled. So I do believe this little girl knew exactly what she was doing. 10 year olds don’t just “play” anymore. They have social media and boyfriends now. Boyfriends that want sex. Her mother needs to do some investigating and talk to her child.

    • faith

      You do not know anything about this child to make that assumption. Stop projecting your life experiences on someone else!

  • Sydney Evans

    The might get off for the fact that it sounds like she doesn’t understand the situation and might have to go under mandatory therapy as well as the boy. And there is still some pieces missing from this story

  • FromUR2UB

    Can MN stop using the stock photos of children for these types of stories, because someone always thinks you’ve posted a picture of the actual child who’s involved. We can imagine children of those ages.

  • troubled…..

    I would really like to know where were both sets of parents while the alleged incident was taking place, a four year old is too young to be left left unattended outside.

  • AlienIlluminati

    Regardless of anything you think about whom knows what at 10, that is too young to be held accountable/culpable of a crime. Should the home be investigated? Yes. People in this high tech world forget that we are HUMAN & children are CURIOUS, & when you have commercials with sexual innuendos on network tv, that doesn’t help. What pisses ME off is, why is there an image of a child attached to this story? It doesn’t matter that it’s not her, not that there’s a “disclaimer”. That’s wrong to do. Many people may not read that disclaimer, nor the main story.

    • tonya

      exactly, you cant put no ten year old in jail! Adults have to be held accountable, not only parents, but communities as a whole. This is ridiculous putting that BABY in jail. It takes a village, I believe that. So sad for this little girl.

  • VickyB

    Sounds like more than playing “doctor.” I really want to know the details and has she done this more than once? Where are the parents of the 4 year old?

  • keepingitreal

    What about the little boy who was raped!10 year olds are a lot more advance these days them little girls be on maury acting crazy saying how they smoke weed have sex etc…A four year old was raped!When I was ten I knew right from wrong!If I was the mother of that poor 4year old boy I would be pressing charges too!

  • He who is without SIN

    dahell wrong with you MN? Take that pic of that little girl down.

  • Barbara Codner

    I’m thinking the absolute worst. What could she have done in order to be accused of RAPE?

    It may be time for schools to implement classes on appropriate behavior, ethics & values. Our kids are completely lost.

  • He who is without SIN

    Why are you all passing judgment on this child and you don’t even know all the details? This child need prayer instead of accusing her without hearing the whole story. You grown adults need to be praying for our children instead of condemning them. I was always told there are 3 sides to every story~yours, theirs and the truth. By no means am I condoning what happened to this child because if it was my child that this had happened to I would most definitely be pissed! I’m just saying have some compassion for this 10 yr old too. No one knows what is going on in her household to make her act like this. Father God help both of these babies.

    • Rashetta Michelle Archer

      If it WERE your child..would you say..oh let the girl get therapy…NO..fuck that.

      • Diane Thompson

        Yes, I would. And this also happened to my child and many other children growing up right here in the good old USA. They were raped or molested. Talk to some of your friends. You will find that probably more than half were raped or molested before the age of 18, many before the age of 12, both girls and boys. Many perpetuators of sexual abuse and molestation are children who are “acting out” (on what is happening in their lives), with their playmates. Sometime this is the only way to discover that these kids are being harmed. Now, suppose we put a child in jail, who is “acting out” on what is happening to him in his environment. There would be a lot of children from all social, and economic backgrounds in jail and no one would report the abuse for fear of going to jail, (as happens most often).
        I was a social worker for children of sexual and physical abuse and I don’t recall a case of a child this young being charged for sexual misconduct on another child. Now, teenagers have been charged for sexual abuse of young children…but this particular case seems to be an extreme situation and really needs to be investigated, not for punishment, but for some type of intervention and therapy. Our world is so messed up right now and America is as guilty as the countries are, that we hear the most heinous stories of child abuse. I could tell you some stories that would make you want to….

        • Nedrea

          But there must still be a penalty paid for such a horrifying act as this, carried out the 10 year-old girl. She needs at least visit Juvie Hall to see what its like to live there; a sort of wake up call and then on that same day of her visit, she needs serious psychotherapy. She also needs to spend one night at a Juvenile Hall. I am soon to be a certified Social Worker, but this does not matter. What matters is that we cannot slap people on the wrist regardless of age.

          • Diane Thompson

            Since there are virtually no details in this case, and we have have no history of the girl’s life, I can’t even begin to think about a case plan or a charges against her. Perhaps she has been raped much of her life, or prostituted like so many young children, as was the first case I received as a social worker of two sisters age 5 and 6. Eventually the one sister was caught molesting the other. But that was the life they knew. I ask, if indeed this little girl is found to have been abused, also, would not that be punishment enough? There needs to be some healing for our poor, damaged children. They can not be held responsible for the miserable lives they have been born into and attempt to replicate.

    • Sober

      I am tired of black people thinking they can pray everything away. This is a real issue that happened and will effect both children for a long time if not forever. Both children need a Psychologist and a lot of support.

  • Lena

    So nobody gives a crap about the toddler she molested and the psychological repercussions later in his life? I think the right question should be, WHO taught the girl that behavior??? Perhaps she’s being molested or raped herself on a regular basis and she thinks that’s normal behavior. They need to investigate the household, interrogate the girl and at the end, yeah, she may need to stay away from children until she gets the help she needs, she’s not acting normal so she shouldn’t be released near other children.

  • Sunshine

    Somebody’s messing withi that baby – the 10 year old – abused become abusers!

    • guest1002

      Yes it seems that someone probably older has raped or molested this little girl and now she has become the abuser. Her mother’s comment was very disturbing she needs to find out why her daughter would think this kind of behavior is ok. At 10 you should know its never ok to touch someone or let someone touch your private parts. Something had definitely happened to her and she needs help but its doesn’t take away from the fact that she hurt a little boy. I hope he get the help he needs as well praying for him as well as her.

  • Real Truths

    If it were a 10 y.o. boy and a 4 y.o .girl no one would be saying it’s all “horseplay or he didn’t know what he was doing”. I can’t see how it’s “innocent” when every 10 y.o. knows that it’s not to have people touching you like that. I don’t like to make assumptions, but could sexual abuse have been a result of this behavior? I hope the 4yo makes it through alright (since I don’t know what was done). It’s 100% unacceptable to have her do this again, or have the cycle perpetuated once he becomes old enough.

  • Face This

    Wait an effing minute-who is the child you have depicted on top of this awful article? That is beyond wrong.

    • JNic

      Its just a stock photo.

      • Ni

        It doesn’t matter. I was thinking the same thing..its still somebody’s child smh!

        • JNic

          A stock photo is taken intentionally to be used for various purposes, just like a stock photo of someone reading a book they will use it in many articles to illustrate reading or etc. Some are paid and some are taken for fee. The child is just “posing” with the intent to appear somber or sad.

          • JNic


          • Face This

            I know what a bloody stock photo is- the POINT is some parent allowed their child to be modeled for a photo not knowing the way it was to be manipulated by MN- this is insane!

      • Face This

        A stock photo of SOMEONE’S LITTLE GIRL -take it down!

        • Nedrea

          I so agree….that is wrong….whoever wrote this article should be sued based on what the law allowed for not telling individuals what the photo of their child would be used for. Poor Journalism at best because their is no story. You dont manipulate a photo and dont place a story until you have everything.

    • Ni

      My first thought!! smh

    • bvictorian

      Note: The photo used in this post is a stock image and not a photo of the child in question with this news story.

      • hollyw

        To be clear, I think the outrage comes from any child be used to depict sexually criminal acts, whether it be the victim or perpetrator. It’s considered indecent..? I think followers are already aware that it’s not actually anyone in this report…

      • Face This

        Is English your first language or is this a cognitive issue? We KNOW this child is not related to the piece-all the more outrage that SOMEONE’S child is the face of this horrible story. THINK!

    • ..

      that was my first thought the minute I clicked on the story. It’s very misleading and the photo should be taken down.

    • Sober

      Agreed. They should not have used any stock photo.

  • Rose

    UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE! From middle school to prison… That is their plan for all our children! smh

    • Nedrea

      Um, I’m having a hard time understanding how your comment applies to this story. Especially since the child did something wrong and the parent of this little girl is not really a parent. If you break the law, you pay the price. Plus the 10 year-old is a 5th Grader and that’s NOT Junior High.

      “That is their plan for all of our children?” Are you seriously kidding me? If your child breaks a law then they will face the penalty and if a parent has not reared their child or children correctly, then they will do things they shouldn’t do. “Their plans for all of the children – regardless of race (your presentation of the term ‘OUR’ asserts race, when race is clearly not the issue here)” is to be truly parented in an appropriate neighborhood free of drugs, alcohol, vulgar language use, lude acts by parents, and prostitution, as well as free of hoodrat parenting. If parents acted with God given morals, then we would not have articles like this (as horrible as it is).

  • hollyw

    What kind of lazy @$$ journalism is this?? WHERE is the story?!

  • Kenedy

    She may be just 10, but where is she learning this behavior from? Her parent’s household needs to be investigated. The boy is only 4 and I’m sure his parents want some answers as well.

  • guest

    I agree with the police on this one so far. She must have done
    something, she was probably fondling this little boy or sticking stuff
    up this boys you know what or something. This girl knew she was wrong!
    what 10 year old doesn’t know not to touch other peoples private areas(
    unless she herself has gone through some type of sexual abuse). If this
    headline read “10 year old boy rapes 4 year old girl” All this she is”
    just a child” stuff wouldn’t even be seriously considered. I want to know what this girl actually did, if she did what i assume she did, off to juvie with her or some psychiatric therapy. 10 years old is to young
    to be a pedophile…I read an article a few years back that said
    pedophilia might be a rare sexual orientation…Man i hope that’s not

    • hollyw

      It’s not. As someone with a degree in child clinical psych, I can tell you that there are virtually no cases where a person becomes attracted to children without a history of abuse…unless you’re talking about psychopathy, which has nothing to do with attraction…




      Can I just say that the A GOOD REASON why this 10 year old may have “raped” this 4-year-old boy is because the 10-year-old girl herself may have been raped or sexually assaulted? I study psychology and there are MANY children, who have been a victim of unwanted sex experiences, who fondle OTHER people because 1. they’re just emulating what someone else did to them. 2. they want to project the hurt that they’ve felt to someone else.

      I’m just saying there’s MORE to the issue than “OH SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH ABOUT SEX” How many of us knew way too much about sex for our age and didn’t end up raping another child? Think about it. Something WENT WRONG in this child’s upbringing and I bet you EVERYTHING this 10 year old girl has been sexually assaulted. In many cases, I’m glad the authorities caught up to her; psychiatric help, not juvie, is DEFINITELY needed.

      • guest

        I agree, i stated that in my original comment. She probably has experienced some form of sexual abuse herself.

  • Soothsayer

    As another poster stated, 10 y/os know a lot more than we givthem credit for. I listen to kids and pay attention. A 10 y/o shouldn’t even be playing with a 4 y/o in the first place. And what exactly could be fun about touching someone or taking off your clothes? At the age of four most responsible parents have taught their kids that no one should touch them in certain places or they shouldn’t doing certain things. So, I don’t know how any of this could be looked innocently. She is well old enough to know what she is doing. i don’t expect her to thoroughly understand but she knows. If she doesn’t know I blame the parents. am a victim of rape as a child and I don’t know what makes people think tha tyou have to be a certain agae to do sexual harm to someone, I would guess that the little girl has either witnessed people having sex or someone has been touching her. These kids tend to bgin thinking ti is normal and start to “share” heir knowledge with other kids. I can’t say she shuld be charged, but something certainly needs to be done.

    • Bits

      Thank you! I was molested at the age of 7 by my 9 and 10 year old cousins. Children sexually violate other children all of the time but the violators are ignored because their ‘just kids messing around’. NO I have had to deal with some real emotional issues because of what happened to me. Like the other readers said the action by the 10 year old in this case must have been serious enough to cause alarm in the 4 year old and his parents. i think locking her up and putting her in jail may have been a little much but she definitely needs to be reprimanded and counseled in some way. i feel sorry for everyone involved.

  • Shellybelly

    I would like to know what actually happened. If it were a 10 year old boy and a 4 year old girl, this conversation wouldn’t even be happening.

    • nicki_d

      Thank you!!! I thought I was the only one thinking that. So far I’ve seen a lot of sympathy for the girl being arrested but nothing for the young boy. Apparently the young boy was bothered enough to tell an adult about it and that adult was worried enough to press charges. Where is the sympathy for this young boy???

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  • Trisha_B

    What did she do to him? I mean, I understand she’s 10 & probably didnt know what she was doing. But I couldn’t imagine being that boys parents. Like whatever she did to him could mess him psychologically. Her home needs to be investigated & see where she learned that from. The mothers statement saying she was just being a child & having fun, makes me uncomfortable. Something that is being viewed as rape could not be fun for a 10 yr old, especially for a 4 yr old. This isnt 2 10 yr olds who were messing around, its a toddler. The 4 yr old don’t understand anything. Smh

    • hmmm

      Idk, I feel like 10 year olds know a lot these days, especially about sexual information. I mean by 5th grade you are going through sexual education. I really feel sorry for both parents, but I think that little girl is still culpable for whatever she did.

      • With all of the innuendos and sex on television these days, who knows what she was doing. We must do something with all the SMUT that our children are being exposed to on television. I can remember parents fighting to remove cigarette and alcohol adds from television years ago. Now, there are these reality tv, soap operas, etc.. that are doing any and every thing. You even see the smut on commercials. I have even stopped my grand daughter from watching some of the cartoons because the things they are saying. I heard one cartoon character say, “what the hell?” I was through with that cartoon. The commission that is over the FCC should be ashamed for all of the garbage they are putting out there. There are no morals or respect in broadcasting anymore. Our society is dying quickly. So sad, but true.

        • Dee Klien

          If you dont like something on tv dont watch it change the channel why should adults have to not watch something they enjoy because you dont .

      • Trisha_B

        I get 10 year olds are more aware than people want to think, i have a 10 yr old nephew so i understand that, that kid watches all the crazy cartoons & is a great listener when he shouldn’t be listening lol. But why did she feel the need to pick out a toddler to do this. If this was about two 10 yr olds playing house or “doctor” (excluding anything sex related) i would understand. B/c they are the same age, understand the same things. 10 is the age where boys & girls bodies are going thru changes so they get curious. But why a 4 yr old tho? Why did she pick out someone smaller & younger than her? My nephew is around the 4 yr old little girl i take care of all the time, & i know for a fact he would never even think to do things w/ her. Plenty of 10 yr olds are around younger kids. This is why i’m saying investigate the home. There has got to be a reason why she choose someone younger than her to do this with, maybe b/c someone older than her did the same thing to her. Plus like i said, the mother’s comment rubbed my the right way. Like she’s fine w/ that kind of activity happening w/ her 10 yr old. Even tho it’s not stated what happened, it must be serious for them to call it rape & Want to charge her.

        • Nedrea

          You still need to watch that boy ma’am. He is still a male and male from as far as I can remember will do stuff too.

          • Trisha_B

            I’m not gonna treat & look at every male like a potential pedo. Just like i wont look at every woman like a pedo. Im aware, but I’m not gonna treat my nephew as such. He sees that lil girl as a sister. He’s a very open kid, he almost died when he saw hair growing on his private parts lol. He comes to his parents & I & grandma when it comes to things he dont understand about boys & girls. If more kids had the opportunity to be open w/ their family, im sure we wouldn’t have stories like these smh

        • flyjoc2


      • FromUR2UB

        Unless a child has been exposed to explicit sexuality, they often won’t know the mechanics of it. I don’t remember sexual education being more graphic than the display of body parts. Sexuality has been a part of music for decades, but the meanings and references usually went over children’s heads. When you see a child who has a knowledge of sex beyond their years, it’s usually not for an innocent reason. Either someone is molesting them, or they are seeing sexual acts in the home.

        • rainydaze80

          I was thinking the exact same thing! Children her age only imitate what they see, so if she did something that went beyond “humping” then, that’s probably a sign that she’s been molested. They should investigate where she learned the behavior from.

    • Moni K. Baby

      I TOTALLY AGREE!! That mothers comment rubbed me the wrong way

    • unque43

      Sex is part of our human nature. curiosity is what this is. See this is what happens when we let whatever become alright. The other day I saw an article in one of the sport magazines it was the cover a naked women was on the cover and people was calling it art some didn’t think it was appropriate. We have become a society of anything goes. Then when something like this happens we are alarmed. The way it is being handle by locking up the child is spot lighting it she needs to be told that her behavior was inappropriate, she may psychologically scared also. I can hardly believe the four years old will remember this unless others tell him. I can remember things from 10 but not from 4 unless someone is consistently telling and reminding me. I feel it will effect her

      • hollyw

        Even if they don’t remember (which it’s very likely that he may, depending on how traumatic the encounter), he
        may still just as well internalize the behaviors he learned and attempt to replicate them…

      • keepingitreal

        First off I remember things from when I was four,something that traumatizing would be remembered!Kelly Price was raped at 3 years old and she remembers

        • Nedrea

          First of all, you remember when……your statement followed…..you may have remembered when, but this is different for everyone….some have a way of repressing memory and things can still be traumatizing because of PTSD. The boy could very well suffer from that later without having remembered anything

          • Boom!

            True! I’ve had to deal with repressed memories and crap from a young age as well as rape as a young adult. It’s traumatic and can stunt even the strongest people. Hopefully they will get him help EARLY and allow him to process things naturally w/o making things worse. As for the little girl, some things are innocent while others need serious attention. Before jumping to conclusions, I’d rather wait for facts.