Makeup Gestures We Need To Stop Letting Men Get Away With

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Men only do what you allow them to do. In this case, it still holds true. Men will continue with the same habits even after messing up because they know exactly what to say or do to get one over on you. Stop being a bend over buddy and tolerating their mess. Here is a list of things men do that we allow time and time again:

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Saying Sorry

Sometimes all he has to do is say he’s sorry and that’s the end of the argument. Nothing more needs to be done at this point because you are “impressed” that he maned up to his actions.


Buying Gifts

Buying us gifts is the easiest way to make us forgive and forget. Even Benzino said it to Kirk as he was already plotting to buy Rasheeda a new car, clothes and jewelry. I guess having new things makes us feel better about any situation.

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Responding To His Text/Calls

When he messes up badly, we are supposed to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately, we don’t follow through because we respond instantly to his messages. Leave him wondering a little. They are always keeping us at bay. Let him see how it feels.

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Taking Us Out

Taking us out to our favorite restaurant or somewhere we always wanted to go also makes a guy think they can pull a fast one on us. They know how much we’ve been dying to go to this special place so when he makes that happen for us, it takes our mind off the real issue.

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Getting His Family To Cosign

Being able to speak to his mom, sister or any close relative of his makes us feel significant to his life. Of course, having them justify his actions and making more excuses for him helps blow the situation over. Then everything is back to normal and you feel apart of his family.

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Accepting His Excuses

Accepting his excuses every time he gives you one is old and played out. You don’t question anything because you are trying to show him that you aren’t overly dramatic like most girls. So, you accept anything he tells you to avoid confrontation.


Makeup Sex

If you enjoy having sex with your man then that is one sure way to forget all the crap he feeds you. He knows that you enjoy each other sexually, so he knows all he has to do is put it down right. Don’t be dicmatized ladies!


Doing Chores

He knows he has to do something out of the ordinary to get back on your good side, so of course, he does something he should have already been doing which is picking up his share of the responsibilities. He will only do this for a limited amount of time. Afterwards, he will be back to his regular scheduled program.

Pay More Attention To You

Just like those chores, paying attention to your wants and needs will be for a limited amount of time. He will be more romantic and try to be all under you. We know it’s just to be on your good side but don’t fall for the shenanigans. If you decide to fall for it, at least milk him for all you can!


Get Upset With You

Some of these men know exactly how to play the game. Here is what we like to call, mind control. We all hate when our men are mad at us. Somehow they flip the script on us and we end up taking blame for what we know he did wrong. It’s easier for us to take on that guilt. Don’t be fooled. If you ever experienced this, you have a slick one on your hands.

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Being a cry baby

Here we go again with these sad stories and lame excuses to make you feel sorry for them and sorry that you were even mad at them in the first place. Everything that they’re supposedly going through makes you feel like you were too harsh. Tell him to man up! He can’t use this excuses forever. Eventually, he is going to have to take accountability for his actions.

Promising To Never Do It Again

We’re not saying you have to stay mad, but when it comes to most screw ups, it’s just not realistic that your man won’t make that mistake again. Politely tell him to stop making empty promises and instead think next time he’s about to do something stupid.

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  • hollyw

    Wow. This article was extremely negative and unrealistic. I mean, even got MN…

    • hollyw

      *for MN

  • Ladybug94

    People will treat you the way you allow them. You still have to have a level of respect that others need to adhere to.

  • kgreat

    I just love how boys puff out their chests and exclaim to be men but when it comes to giving a sincere apology, they revert to their 13 y/o selves

    • Drew

      Let us assume for one cotton-picking minute that these tactics are beig use in tandem with a sincere apology. You act as if women simply get over things after an apology has been given. This is your brain on logic…

  • Angela

    So…you’re supposed to never forgive him and stay mad at him for an extended amount of time to “show” him. Sounds like a great recipe for a successful relationship lmfao.

  • Taymar

    Is that LatoyaForever picture on page 7?

  • Drew

    You’ll accept one of these tactics, or the man will exit the relationship. Hello and good damn bye.

    • kgreat

      Don’t let the door hit your as on the way out! ^3^

      • Drew

        That should be “a s s.” You sure seem like a keeper…

    • Thank you! I was reading the article and thinking, well what the heck is he supposed to do to say sorry? Good grief.

      • hollyw

        Daaag I don’t even know what he said, MN deleted it lol, was it that bad??

        • No it wasn’t bad. Something along the lines of how else would somebody apologize and if you are that unforgiving expect to be alone. Something like that.

        • No it wasn’t bad. Something along the lines of how else would somebody apologize and if you are that unforgiving expect to be alone. Something like that.