Fashion/Beauty Trends Of The 80s & 90s That Needed To Die

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The ’80s and ’90s were full of fashion and beauty trends that, unfortunately, weren’t the best look when we really think about it. If you had a track suit, dated a guy with a hi-top fade or put a scrunchy in your hair then you know all to well the style of these two decades.

Look back on some of the trends you loved then and hate now.

Super Long Nails

As much as we loved SWV, the super long nails that Coko rocked during the ’90s, along with so many other women was one trend we could of done without.

Hammer Pants

MC Hammer made these colorful, oversized pants popular in the ’80s and ’90s. Hammer pants came in tons of colors and materials. They were some of the loudest pants to ever be worn.

Hi-Top Fade

No fade was complete unless it was a hi-top. Rapper Kid of all the “House Party” movies was known for his signature fade along with all the other guys from around the way.


The ultimate hair accessory was the scrunchy in the ’90s. No matter what you wore or where you were going there was a scrunchy to match with different colors, prints and fabrics.

Baby Hair

Baby hair became very popular in the ’90s. There were so many women — and even guys — that would gel down their edges, but some people took it overboard. People were walking around with swirled edges, dried gel edges, extended hairlines that included long pieces of hair not just the “baby hair.” Too many grown people were walking around with “baby hair.”


In the ’80s, everyone had a pair of jellies, from the kids to the adults. The cheap colorful shoes didn’t last very long, but they were comfy.



A fashion staple of the ’90s were the oversized overalls in denim and any other material or color. The boyish sex appeal that every woman embodied during this time included at least one pair of overalls.

Floppy Hats

The floppy hat is by far one of the worst trends of the ’90s. We all loved “Sister, Sister,” but these hats were terrible.  There was just too much patchwork going on. They didn’t really add anything to an outfit they were just an unnecessary accessory.


Track Suits

The fellas loved their track suits in the ’80s. You couldn’t go far without finding a guy and two of his close friends looking like they were in rap or dance group together. Track suits were just too much coordination.

Backwards Clothes

Kriss Kross single handedly made wearing your clothes backwards the thing to do. They had guys and girls rocking everything backwards from head to toe. As much as we loved these guys this was one fashion trend that we didn’t need.

Big Curly Hair

The ’80s screamed big curly hair! Everyone had big natural curls or permed hair to get curls. It seemed like the more curls the better, usually styled with straight bangs.

Gold Chains

Every rapper of the ’80s rocked a gold chain. From the chunky to skinny gold chains they could be found on guys all over the neighborhood. This is one gaudy fashion trend that doesn’t need a comeback.

Black Lip Liner Gold Lipstick

The ’90s was notorious for black lip liner and gold lipstick. Ladies loved this makeup combination for some reason. There was really no blending, just literally a black outline filled with gold. It was one of the tackiest beauty trends that doesn’t need to see the light of day ever again.


Tie-Dye made a comeback in the 90s. Anything that was wearable could be found in tie-dye, from shirts, jeans, sneakers, leggings, accessories and anything in between. It was a trend that could of stayed in the ’70s, hopefully that will be that last we see of the colorful pattern.

White Eyeliner

The ’90s loved some white eyeliner, no look was complete without it. It was a very popular beauty staple that every girl had in her purse.



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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    white eyeliner black lip liner i know some chicks still rocking it lol

  • Aicha

    first page: we could of done?!? congrats to the “author”….

  • Dee

    Um Meghan, you did NOT do a good job writing this article. You clearly forgot to do a lot of research. Perhaps these are trends YOU don’t/didn’t want to see come back, but they are back. You made some good points, for example the black lip liner and white eyeliner. However, teenagers and a good amount of guys in their early 20’s are rocking the high top fade, maybe not as high as the House Party era, but it’s back. Every natural black woman wants big curly hair. Shoot, I was sitting there wishing my hair texture was like Whitney’s in the picture you have. Next time, boo, do your research! 🙂

  • Pearl

    To the writer “could of” does not exist in English. Come on it’s “could have” not “could of”. Completely unacceptable.

  • Angela

    I enjoyed this article. Definitely brought back memories and gave me a few LOL moments.

  • Chanda

    I’m not that familiar with the white eyeliner “trend” worn like that but I’ve read in magazines about applying it in the inner corners of your eyes to “open them up”. The really long fingernail is so 80’s/early 90’s. Coko once said in an interview that she cut hers off because she had a baby. Another trend that needs to stay in the 90’s is fingerwaves/pincurls along with that black Pro-Style gel. Instead of washing that shyt out, sistas would just put more on when their hair was messing up.

  • Diego

    Madame Noire, your ads need to calm down. Every page in this article has been swallowed up by that Old Navy ad at the bottom, and I already have to silence my computer every time I come here because of your autoplay videos (that also slow down my computer as it’s not the only thing I’m doing).

    I’m trying hard to keep coming but this is really making me think twice.

    Advertisers won’t reach anyone if we just stop coming.

  • Rashida

    A lot of stuff on this list is the same stuff being worn today!

  • shoot

    Anything from the nineties and eighties looks better than anything out now.

  • DatPrettyBlaqueBtch

    I remember when girls would wear their hair in stacks like Salt-N-Pepa. People wore Cross Colors, Girbaud Jeans and 8 ball jackets. Ya’ll don’t know nuthin bout that.

  • DatPrettyBlaqueBtch

    I remember when girls would wear their hair in stacks like Salt-N-Pepa. People wore Cross Colors, Girbaud Jeans and 8 ball jackets. Ya’ll don’t know nuthin bout that.

  • kaf

    Hey, im sorry but i still Love the look of hammer pants with a tight looking shoes and a fitted leather jacket!! WHAT MN you know you wrong to include this right lol

  • Guest360

    The long nails grossed me out. To this day I’ve always wondered “how did you wipe?” So unsanitary lol

  • Yes,That Sed

    A baby hair hater is one without baby hair…lol


      Including the big fade hair cut. That was become a huge trend for guys this year.

  • Cali.Beauty

    Big curly hair & Overalls are DEFINITELY back….smh who wrote this article?

  • MsLadyE

    I used to wear oversized tie dye shirts that had fake jewels, glitter, appliques, beads, tassels, etc., with matching leggings or stirrup pants. Also big shirts with stirrup pants. And at least one suit with those big shoulder pads that made everybody look like linebackers (this wasn’t on the list, but I’m sure EVERYBODY had at least one). I didn’t wear black lip liner with gold lipstick or white eyeliner. But I wore scrunchies back then because my hair was shoulder length and I couldn’t stand having hair on my neck during those hot and humid Florida summers.

  • Biscuits&Gravy

    Personally, I don’t see what was so wrong with the floppy hats of that Sister Sister period, the scrunchies, or white eyeliner. History just repeats itself, that’s the way it goes.People still rockin afros so Candacey Doris, I couldn’t agree more.

  • Gabie Aldrich


    • mandy

      They made my feet stink and somehow my feet got black and dirty on the bottom….I never understood how my feet turned black in those things. .

      • Alexis Morris

        so nmany ppls feet were stinking in jellies

      • Losh

        LMAO!!! I totally remember that! It used to piss my mom off sooooo bad!

      • Gabie Aldrich

        Dr Scholls and Hair spray I worked in the shoe biz for 8 yrs and it always worked for me:)

  • Alexis Morris

    I’m dying because ppl were making baby hair out of their real hair and had those long pieces hanging down.

  • unque43

    This list is silly, because the baby hair one, Her hair was the type of hair that laid down around the edge. Not many people wore the long nails back then, The people who like the nails are still rocking the long nails. The hammer pants were not done in my area. Everyone did not wear the hi top fade and the one’s who did not all wore them that high. This article sucks.

  • IllyPhilly

    In 2 years these will all be the fad again.

  • bigbootyjudy

    Who is still wearing these styles another unnecessary list ijs

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    Not only they gelled up the baby hair, they gelled up the sideburns too, you know when the girls have their hair in an up do and then they put little fingerwaves in their sideburns, some men were doing that too. Plus I’m guilty of overalls, scrunchies, and the lipstick with the black lipliner throughout elementary and high school (grades 7-12).

    • nicki_d

      I still rock my scrunchies. Especially since my hair is in micros. Different colors to go with my different shirts.

  • Candacey Doris

    How about we just wear what looks good and not make lists like this?